Moscow proposes a new utopia - the "merging" of two anti-missile systems

Moscow proposes a new utopia - the "merging" of two anti-missile systems

The Russian leadership continues to attempt to reach an agreement with Washington on the missile defense system. So Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov conducted 3-day negotiations in the US capital. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, in the framework of the Russia-NATO summit held in the city of Sochi, met with the leadership of NATO. And on July 21, large-scale negotiations on the missile defense issue started in the United States - Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov and Permanent Chairman of the Russian Federation to NATO Dmitry Rogozin arrived in the States accompanied by a Russian interdepartmental delegation to participate in them.

The head of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, actually buried Moscow’s initiative to create a joint sectoral missile defense system, clearly emphasizing that NATO’s principles do not allow "to outsource the security of its members to an external player." Nor does the head of NATO see any need for legal guarantees for Moscow that the missile defense system will not be directed against Russia. Although following the meeting, as is customary in diplomacy, it was stated that the positions of the parties are converging and a year later at the next summit in Chicago, concrete agreements can be reached.

During Lavrov’s visit to Washington and negotiations with the American side, several agreements were signed: this is an updated agreement whereby scientists from the United States and the Russian Federation will work together to study the effects of radiation, and especially on how it affects the number of cancers among people. An agreement was also signed on strengthening the exchange of information in the field of aviation; it is intended to make air travel between countries safer. In addition, an agreement was signed that crowned the long joint efforts of the parties to begin the elimination of 2018 tons of weapons-grade plutonium in the 34 year. S. Lavrov and H. Clinton also reported that they had completed the negotiations of the states on the agreement concerning business visas, but they said that it would take several more months to finalize the text of the agreement.

Another signed agreement is a new agreement on the adoption of Russian children by Americans. The Russian Federation is the second country after China in terms of the number of children adopted by US citizens. The new agreement tightens reporting, monitoring and transparency on the part of governments and families towards orphans before and after adoption. The agreement also prohibits adoption firms that have not received the approval of the Russian authorities from working in our state. Adopted Russian children now have the right to be able to maintain dual Russian-American citizenship until they reach the 18 anniversary.

On the issue of missile defense, Lavrov acknowledged that NATO is unlikely to accept Medvedev’s proposal to create a sectoral missile defense system. But our diplomats immediately gave birth to the idea of ​​a new utopia - gradually go in the direction of "merging" two missile defense systems - Russia and NATO. This idea implies the creation of a deeply integrated anti-missile system with a single center for information exchange and a single management system based on a common analysis of missile threats. In fact, with this step, Moscow once again shows that it is ready for “European integration” - for Russia's entry into European civilization, the creation of a common space from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Apparently, they do not remember Tyutchev's prophetic words:

Vain labor - no, you cannot expose them, -
The more liberal, the more vulgar,
Civilization is a fetish for them,
But their idea is not available to them.

As you bow down before her, gentlemen,
You do not get recognition from Europe:
In her eyes, you will always
They are not servants of enlightenment, but servants.
May 1867 years

All attempts to "cross" Russia and Western civilization are doomed to failure, Russia is a whole world, an original civilization. We can fruitfully cooperate with the countries and peoples of Europe, but to become one of the countries of Europe will not work. To do this, it is necessary to almost completely destroy the Russian, Russian culture and Russian language.

The idea of ​​creating a virtually unified missile defense system is actually the entry of the Russian Federation into NATO, a war on the side of the West with other civilizations. Is this a direct betrayal of the peoples of Russia, or is Moscow ready to go for it already? However the United States and the Anglo-Saxon elite are not dressed in the clothes of a “peacemaker”, a “guarantor of democracy”, their predatory essence cannot be hidden. You can scroll through the pages of the 20 wars of the century and the last decade - almost all wars and conflicts were unleashed with their direct participation, or hidden. Western civilization is a ghoul on the body of the planet and believe that it is possible to agree with it good foolishness, or a frank betrayal of their homeland. Although it is possible that such a diplomatic activity of our politicians is only a pre-election step - to score points in front of voters, and Washington supports this game. Then there is the possibility of “legal guarantees”, which will be declared “victory” of Russian diplomacy. For the US and NATO, they will be paper that does not cost anything. After all history winners write.

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