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Yegor Voronov: Notes of the Donbass Emigrant. Babylon on the Dnieper

Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk. Like twins. Two metropolis, almost a quarter of a century, desperately fighting with each other for the right to become the business capital of all Ukraine. With its ambitions, oligarchs and political criminal groups. And if such a comparison was true in August of 2013, then in the last summer month of 2014, it seems completely unacceptable.

One brother, who decided to go against the will of his father, Kiev, and express his opinion, turned into a disfigured cripple. The second one put on the embroidery and went against his brother, holding dreams about a “separate life” in the most secluded corners of the soul. Having stayed in the Dnipropetrovsk region for a week and a half, I had a rather vivid impression about this region, most accurately conveyed by a phrase from Mikhailov’s screen adaptation of Chekhov’s stories: “Our conscience is European! Education, however, is Asian ... ".

From Odessa to Dnepropetrovsk traveled by bus. At night. Almost all the way, I was accompanied by Ursa Major, which a month ago I so loved looking at the shelter near the Gorlovsky mine from the roof. Lenin. Under Kryvyi Rih the bus drove into a dense fog that stretched to Dnepropetrovsk. The metallurgical smell of Krivoi Rog immediately made me remember about the house. In the morning we got to the city of Petrovsky on the Dnieper. Being here at the concert of the Orgies of the Righteous five or six years ago, I remember Dnepropetrovsk as some kind of architectural association of the “mother of Russian cities”, the “first capital of Ukraine” and the “city of a million roses”. This Dnieper metropolis embodied the whole "street-front" flavor of the Left Bank. And I think that Karl Marx Street is one of the most beautiful centers in South-Eastern Ukraine.

But the spiritual essence of Dnepropetrovsk is reflected most vividly by the Parus Hotel. The monumental and unfinished Soviet megaproject, on the facade of which the Ukrainian coat of arms is proudly painted (over the old advertisement of Privat-Bank). That's the city itself. With all the abundance of modern glass-concrete towers and high-rise residential complexes, Dnipropetrovsk still remains unfinished by the end of an ambitious Soviet project. The Soviet (good and bad) is everywhere here - and under the advertisements of boutiques in the Central Department Store, and in the magnificent bridges near the quay embankment and in the sanctimonious youth, hung with yellow-blue ribbons. This could be Donetsk if it continued to live under the yoke of its oligarchs and the blue and white politicians. Dnepropetrovsk today is a non-coming Donetsk tomorrow. In the bosom of United Ukraine. Prices here are the same as with us six months ago. And people are plagued by domestic and communal problems rather than war. Only three changes testify to it: checkpoints of the National Guard under the entrance to the city; trolley volunteers asking for help for the army in supermarkets; helicopters flying to the airport and ambulance carriages traveling there with flashing lights. And looking at the number of the latter, Dnepropetrovsk dimly realize that the reports of the Ukrainian media about the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the ATO zone are somewhat ... underestimated.

Residents of Dnipropetrovsk do not just love their city, but are also proud of it, as the Donetsk residents in their time were the “mining capital”. In their conversations about their region, the painfully familiar arrogance is felt, they say, they are “not subsidized”, “self-sufficient” and “will protect their region and neighboring ones on occasion”. Everything, as in Donetsk - a year ago. With one difference - different national poles. I ask a friend: "Well, and how do you like the new governor?" “Yes, somehow it is not really felt. We have the world. This is his main achievement, ”he answers to me. And so many - they almost give half the wage to the needs of the army, send “humanitarian aid” to the National Guard and pray for the phrase “just so that we don’t have it”. Yes, as long as Kiev has not touched their “non-subsidized” region and has not encroached on the interests of Dnipropetrovsk itself, this will not happen to them. But when Kiev needs money, it will pump it out of the self-sufficient Dnepropetrovsk, and not Kherson or Rovno, which is not making ends meet. And any attempt to leave money in the region will lead to the “Donbass scenario”. Will proud Dnepropetrovsk be able to swallow the demands of its neighbor on the Dnieper? Will the status of "all defender" help him?

Already, in their yards, Dnipropetrovsk people are pouring out righteous indignation about raising utility tariffs. For example, in the Samara and Industrial districts of Dnepropetrovsk hot water reaches 26 with more than one hryvnia per cubic meter. And this is despite the fact that the Dnieper TPP located there discharges its hot water into a nearby river, which does not freeze even in winter. TPP, by the way, belongs to DTEK Akhmetovskaya company. Yes, and with the mobilization here, everything is not as colorful as the media describe it to us. I personally heard women tell each other on a bench that they secretly come from agendas from their husbands and sons, and then throw them into garbage cans. “Let, won, the male refugees from Donbass go to the front,” they exclaim. Nobody says openly that they don’t want to fight with the Pitmen, but ... But Dnipropetrovsk most fear that their husbands and sons will not return from the Donbass. Already, they, like many residents of the Southeast, who weakly identify themselves with the Ukrainian nation, are weighing the value of the lives of loved ones and the unity of Ukraine. But they do not forget to actively donate products, things and money to the ATO. If only others, but not they fought.

Another confirmation of this thought is my observations on Flag Day and Independence Day, which I spent just in Dnepropetrovsk. Represented 23 August on Naberezhnaya action most reminded me of the Soviet May Day parades. People with flags, children on their shoulders, ribbons (but not red bows, but yellow-blue “pages”) and everyone around are smiling. It would seem okay, but ... But then there is a column with Ukrainian two-sided and black and red flags. Ahead are marginal baleen grandfathers-nationalists and shouting “Ukraine ponad mustache!” (Yes, so heart-rending that the German Deutschland uber alles is heard rather). And behind these (descended on long-suffering Ukraine crazy still in dissident 70-e) all this smiling and cheerful crowd of ordinary people are following their grandfathers - guys in black T-shirts with white tridents and the inscription: "I am the Ukrainians", girls in wreaths, shirts and red beads , as well as managers who wore their weekend embroideries. Crowd with a smile supporting the slogan "Ukraine above all". Above humanity, love and other people's lives. Militant philistinism, unwilling to take real responsibility.

What I saw on the Dnepropetrvoskiy Embankment 23 of August caused me a huge number of questions to the so-called. patriots. Firstly, why aren't these young and patriotic football concessions at the front? Why, when Donbas and Dnipro volunteers die near Ilovaisk, and Semyon Semenchenko from the hospital cries out, “We need those who are ready to die for Ukraine,” are these homeland lovers beautifully stepping along the Dnieper Embankment? Is there a lot of heroism in wearing a yellow-blue ribbon in a safe Dnepropetrovsk ?. Secondly, why do girls dressed in foreign cosmetics wear wreaths in shirts, instead of getting pregnant and giving birth to a dozen children as soon as possible? Children who will work in the future and fight for Ukraine. Every young lady who proudly declares that she is a patriot should be ready to give birth and give birth to Ukrainians. This is precisely its main patriotic function in front of the 40-million country. Despite the scanty state support, the lack of housing and the risk of not making a career. After all ... "Ukraine ponad mustache!".

Thirdly, why was McDonald’s near Lenin Square crowded with people in embroidered clothes and "speed goggles" on Independence Day? Is it, my dear patriots, love of the Fatherland - to finance a foreign catering company? Why are you at the expense of your wallets not going to eat in more expensive, but domestic institutions? Why do not strengthen the domestic trade? Probably for the same reason that Ukrainian flags are being hung out from the balconies, but just lazy just to remove the garbage from this very balcony. This is what I observed very often in Dnepropetrovsk. Flags on the windows and plastic bags and plastic bottles in the thickets of house territories. Back in school, I was sick of this globular Ukrainian pseudo-patriotism, which the youth in Dnepropetrovsk raised on a trend shield today. All these hipster girls with backpacks who consider themselves to be profound intellectuals and at the same time enjoy the low-profile performances of local TIAs who have drunk the repertoire of Pavel Zibrov or Oksana Bilozir mummified back in Soviet times. And in a nightmare I could not imagine that young people would listen with a similar musical product with ecstasy. In Dnepropetrovsk, I saw it.

Why am I so prejudiced against all these "striit hero-Slavs"? From what I saw in Dnepropetrovsk soldiers-conscripts. 17 and 18-year-old boys. The commander brought them to the Varus supermarket - for what purpose, I do not know. Maybe help with shopping. And, maybe, and to take away "help" from the population (among which, by the way, toilet paper is very popular). So, in their eyes, I did not see self-confidence and ardent patriotism. In their eyes there was only doom and humility with fate. So why, tell me, are these guys supposed to die when the “chubaty” national Gopnik walk around the streets, boasting of their involvement in the state with their T-shirts and ribbons? I am sure that without thinking, these liberal patriots will tear a person on the street with the flag of Russia, but they are not going to go to the front. After all, marches at the weekend to the glory of the nation are safer than bullets from counteroffensive quilted jackets of Donbass. Only in a crowd do these patriots feel their power.

What I noticed during the celebration of Independence Day in the million-plus city of Dnepropetrovsk. Young people enjoy not so much from the process of “patriotisation” itself, but rather from belonging to the masses. Mass of like-minded people. For them, the main thing is to be “in the stream”, to wear fashionable wreaths (sometimes even whole funeral beds), shirtless patterns and, pulling their nose, to compete in the patriotism of their attire. As an old and irreconcilable informal, I have never been tempted by the desire to "be like everyone else" and follow the ideas of the majority. I would even say that the desire in people that “everything is like people’s” makes me rather worried than sympathetic. Dnepropetrovsk is striving in every way towards the capital, but all its attempts turn out to be nothing more than a beautiful facade - with several metro stations, the former building of the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and domestic twin towers.

I would say that Dnipropetrovsk is Babylon (not without reason one of its largest shopping centers on the Left Bank is called that). Only instead of Marduk / Moloch sacrifice to Ukraine here. The city, so passionately wanting to become Zion, eventually turned into the abode of merchants and warriors. Despite the similarities of Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk, the first has always been a city of production workers and administrators, and the second - merchants. Dnepropetrovsk could not bargain for a special status under the old regime, now it is the turn of the war. And the constant build-up of military potential in the Dnipropetrovsk region is a clear confirmation of this. Although, in the river is not so bad. There remained a lot of people who consider us, residents of Donbass, brothers. At the very least, I was pleased with the completely apolitical local informals. I would describe their attitude to the current situation with a quote from the novel “Confrontation” by the famous terrorist Stepis King’s belletrist, where the parent of one of the main characters says: “Do not trust the powerful people of the world, for they themselves and their governments will embarrass you, and so will The end of the century. You have to trust yourself. And let the mighty of this world roll their way along with the people who chose them. In most cases, this road is not too good, but everything is fine: they cost each other. "

Not done in Dnepropetrovsk, and without funny situations. Somehow I needed to get to Lenin Square from the railway station. The easiest way is to take the tram on route No. 1. And so I see him in front. The tram is modern, with a glued banner "Udina Ukraine". I run to him and am about to jump into him, as the doors close in front of me and the “horned” man leaves. Symbolism, however. Yegor Voronov did not have time to climb into the “One Ukraine”. I drove away as follows — a repaired Soviet-Czech tram that no less comfortably drove me to a stop — Lenin Square, where Vladimir Ilyich himself was deluged several months ago without asking the residents of the city about it.

And a few more words in the end. DniproVavilon, of course, shocked me with an abundance of an active minority of Ukrainian patriots. I was shocked by how capricious I began to wear embroidered shirts and plastic wreaths on my head. I was shocked that the young people listening to 60's music shout “Ukraine above all”, and not “Why do we need war - let's make children better”. Shocked that disillusioned with the Maidan, people continue to blindly believe Ukrainian politicians and authorities. But the number of good people in Dnepropetrovsk is still greater than those for whom the state is above all in this life. So ... remember another phrase from the film “Unfinished Piece for a Mechanical Piano”: “Mom, send me to the yellow house! I'm crazy. I still believe in love, honesty and friendship! ”.
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  1. Angro Magno
    Angro Magno 1 September 2014 08: 26
    Adapted to the regime of Prezik Parasha and Kagan Kahl, they will also be added to New Russia. You just need to help make the right choice.
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 1 September 2014 10: 51
      It is not known that they will sing when the army of New Russia approaches the city.
    2. sonarlunar
      sonarlunar 1 September 2014 11: 11
      Believe me, not everything is so bad, just the author did not take into account some specifics of Dnepropetrovsk:

      1) The Dnieper is the CENTER of the Kolomoisky empire (in fact, he is the owner of most of the city, together with Tymoshenko), so any speeches are crushing in the bud - there was only 1 major rally in Russian Spring.

      2) The Dnieper is a very rich and apathetic city. If you discard all trends and fashions, then really frank Svidomites here and a half got counted, many simply follow the herd instinct. There are a bit more people supporting the Russian Spring, the problem is that these are all busy people. Although if you recall in the Dnieper in the spring, NOT ONE administration building such as the RSA was not taken, although they tried more than once, the national defense squads did not allow it to be done. Passed the traitors from above. The police are still walking like a bruiser.

      3) As for the Parus Hotel, they painted a moronic coat of arms over advertisements, but during the Russian Spring, some young brave men hung the Soviet Red Banner and sang a couple of songs - you can search on YouTube, so take your time to judge.

      4) After the beginning of the flow of the 300s and 200s from Donbass, many began to think about what was really happening. At first, it was carefully hushed up, but when the stream went to hundreds of wounded and dead, even in the Ukrainian Media, data began to erupt, not to mention word of mouth.
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 1 September 2014 08: 30
    youth hung with yellow-blue ribbons.

    oh yes
    people continue to blindly believe Ukrainian politicians and authorities
  3. Rigla
    Rigla 1 September 2014 08: 37
    There are healthy forces in Dnepropetrovsk, and we will see them.
    1. Buran
      Buran 1 September 2014 08: 55
      ----- soldier -----

      Interested in: "Orgies of the Righteous"
      1. Buran
        Buran 1 September 2014 08: 58

        ----- hi -----
  4. svp67
    svp67 1 September 2014 08: 43
    And this despite the fact that the Dnieper TPP located there drains its hot water into a nearby river, which does not freeze even in winter.
    and that river is called Sura. And at the CHPP, three of the four "boilers" run on gas and only one, on coal ... This is what this CHPP will have in winter, and what will happen to the city ...
    And the author is well done, he saw the main thing that this well-being is imaginary, the city is full of wounded from the ATO zone, money is being pumped out of it, and the main enterprises were tied to work with Russia and what will happen now, when they themselves have stopped this work. .. Yes, when the Dnieper "bangs", then something tells me that Donetsk history will seem like an easy warm-up ...
    1. Tersky
      Tersky 1 September 2014 09: 05
      Quote: svp67
      And this despite the fact that the Dnieper TPP located there drains its hot water into a nearby river, which does not freeze even in winter.

      It’s not water that is drained in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine practically throughout Ukraine ... Sergey, hi !
  5. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 1 September 2014 08: 44
    You need to believe in love, honesty, friendship, there is no life without faith, a person constantly believes in something, that everything will be fine, that peace will come to the earth, that children will be happier than their parents and that there will never be a war.
  6. Starmos
    Starmos 1 September 2014 09: 01
    Well, Dnieper Babylon will end the same way as Babylon ... History is a tough thing. And if people come to their senses, then, as always, it's too late ... and, frankly, I don't feel sorry for them, it was said: "And according to your deeds, let it be rewarded to you." ...
  7. Egoza
    1 September 2014 09: 04
    People have forgotten how we used to live! Well, "we are not bombed, okay." After all, this whole nightmare is somewhere out there, far away ... When it touches them personally, then they will wake up. And they will immediately remember that they are Russian. Not all, of course, but most.
    1. Owl27
      Owl27 1 September 2014 10: 46
      When will the anti-war rallies begin ?! How many more deaths are needed to unite AGAINST WAR !!!
  8. Zomanus
    Zomanus 1 September 2014 09: 27
    Well described. The main thing is to be "in the stream". In fact, it has a very strong effect on a person, almost like a drug. And in this single impulse they are now continuing to destroy their country. More precisely, they have already destroyed it, now they dance on the rubble ... in embroidered shirts and wreaths. I will not say anything about winter, but if there is an offensive of Novorossiya towards the Dnieper, they will run like from Donetsk in their time.
  9. special
    special 1 September 2014 09: 47
    Cowardly opportunists ... At the approach of the militia forces, they will shove the yellow-black tape tapes deeper into the hollow and flaunt George’s tapes ... Eh, record a video of these bastards so that not a single female dog gets out ... sad
  10. dnepropetrovsk
    dnepropetrovsk 1 September 2014 09: 52
    Well, not Karl Marx Street, but avenue. And tech is all right. There is only one thing, but the author had to "hang out" in the working areas. The mood there is somewhat different. Plant them. Lenin is on the verge of closure, I will not say for the legendary "Petrovka", but judging by the fact that it belongs to Evraz, I also think there will be problems. Food and gasoline are becoming more expensive and dissatisfaction is growing rapidly. The Pridneprovskaya CHPP does not drain all the water, as most of the left bank uses hot water from there with boiler heating (they are less powerful than needed). But the most interesting thing is that in these areas water is the most expensive! Yes, still, the city is no longer a millionaire.
    1. Grbear
      Grbear 1 September 2014 10: 24
      People do not want to understand that they will not be able to sit out in any case. That Donetsk will come (although - unlikely), that some again "elected by the people" G (l) avnoUkr - the conflict of interests takes place and it is growing "by leaps and bounds." And if we take into account its internal nature (the enemy is not external), causing the bloodiest kind of war - civil and "frostbittenness" of the current helmsmen, then the prospects for maintaining "self-sufficiency" are very vague.

      Adding together: the economic situation, the mentality of the people and the conclusions that the SBU will make, as well as the example of Donetsk, which will move in a parallel but opposite direction (the Russian Federation will participate) - the forecast is negative for a long period.
  11. dmb
    dmb 1 September 2014 10: 05
    Try to replace Dnepropetrovsk with, say, Rostov, not to mention Moscow, and then, as they say, "find 10 differences." Anticipating the cries of hurray-patriots (the day is apparently like this: every article, then jubilant little-realized cries praising the authorities), I can only recommend that you go to the nearest McDonald's, find out what percentage of those who dodged the draft, and also ask how many of the activists, who waving flags at Seliger and Pyatigorsk devoted themselves to military service in general and outside the Arbat District in particular. it would be nice to give a list of real defenders of the Fatherland from among the children of deputies of the State Duma, the Government and the Guarantor Administration.
  12. mig31
    mig31 1 September 2014 10: 31
    Gauleiterism kalamoya will fall as well as a Boeing brought down with his help, a boomerang thing is inevitable ...
  13. Leonardo
    Leonardo 1 September 2014 10: 55
    The impression is that Ukraine (and Moldova too) has already aimed the sword in order to make itself hara-kiri. Some kind of violent insanity and hesitation from just one mention of "the European Union and NATO," and a complete lack of desire to reckon with the opinion of his people.
    1. Brandashmg
      Brandashmg 1 September 2014 11: 28
      Ukraine was stillborn, a dead suicide cannot wink
  14. Azovian
    Azovian 1 September 2014 14: 22
    Dnepropetrovsk, like the Titanic, still lives on. By inertia, but it will sink anyway. And I would not want the Army of New Russia to go further, to fight over dill. Are they happy? Let them live as they want, even jump, even embroider. New Russia has its problems - wow!
  15. nomad74
    nomad74 2 September 2014 00: 02
    Much has already been written, but I can’t understand how essentially the Russians of the East of Ukraine, specifically Dnepropetrovsk, became Svidomo Khokhlov, I don’t understand! How did self-identification disappear? I do not understand!