Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 29 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 8: 45

Message from the militia headquarters

"We support the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to create a humanitarian corridor for the withdrawal of surrounded soldiers and officers of the armed forces of Ukraine. We are ready to ensure the safety of leaving the Ukrainian military environment on one condition - they must leave without armament."

Yesterday at 8: 48

Analysis of the combat situation from the military analyst

"1. While there is no assault on Mariupol, and perhaps it will not be in a hurry with it. DRG militiamen walked around Mariupol, where the junta pulled together everything that was possible and started fighting on the Mariupol-Berdyansk highway and in the Zaporizhzhya region, which Kolomoysky is now crushing under him. Here the militia act in the actual operational emptiness, so only a lack of strength and mechanized connections does not make this progress even more rapid. Here, Novorossia still has a few days, during which they will build on the success achieved. Nowadays Mariupol is not very promising, although it is not excluded if the armored vehicles and artillery are promptly advanced to Mariupol It’s worth remembering that there are a lot of troops in Mariupol up to 3 000 people + a bit of technology, but their moral spirit leaves much to be desired.
2. The southern front is fragmented into a series of boilers that digest. The junta bears great losses, poking around the forces of the militia in order to find weakness there. This leads to bloody battles in which both sides suffer serious losses. The activity is quite understandable - a few more days, and the issues of supply will tie the surrounded to the immobilized equipment. At the same time, the militiamen do not lose hope of forming the Volnovakhsky Cauldron, while the junta is trying to save anyone — by unlocking those surrounded by Yelenovka, they also struck Yasinovataya, in order to deflect some of the militia’s forces from the Southern Front — the operational significance of this frontal attack was not It has.
In general, the battles north of Donetsk are now of secondary importance and, in essence, providing a character in relation to what is happening south of the capital of the DPR.
3. The junta hastily drives reserves, trying to stop the consequences of the defeat, through 2-3 the day south-west of Donetsk will begin to build a semblance of the front line in order to restore the coherence of the junta group cut in half in the Donbas.
The combat capability of the parts being put forward is highly questionable. Losses in technology to compensate for all the harder. According to integral estimates, in the event of the defeat of the surrounded parts of the southern front, the junta can retain only one-and-a-half superiority over people and two-fold in armored vehicles, which in the light of what is happening will be an irreparable catastrophe. Gradually, the junta loses its main trump card associated with overwhelming superiority in equipment and artillery, and the poor quality of the infantry comes to the fore. "

Yesterday at 8: 51

Video from Gennady Duboviy

Yesterday at 9: 40

Message from the militia

"After some lull, the attack of the LC troops began there, but it develops slowly, since the enemy’s defense is very strong here. The airport and Lutugino are confidently controlled by the junta, therefore it’s too early to talk about improving the situation near Lugansk. since the enemy is constantly disrupting the militia plans by its activity under the Village of Lugansk. The militia in general controls the Krasnodon-Lugansk route, but in some places the junta can still fire it sporadically. e lot of work. "

Yesterday at 12: 13

Message from the militia on the situation in the LC

"Lutugino is a city full of battles, militia troops entered the city as 2 of the day. They reached the television tower. The enemy destroyed it and killed 10 of our soldiers with mortar shells. The militia leads a difficult battle. The enemy breaks into the residents' apartments and arranges firing points there .
The situation in the North from Luhansk improved: with the strike from Stukalovaya Beam, the militia from 4 times could take the Privetnoye.
At the moment, information has been received that the militia positions are also storming the positions of the enemy in Shishkovo.
In Lugansk, the rumors went that they took Happiness, but in fact the LC troops only go to him.
There are bad news:
1) The enemy fired on Lugansk with 3 Hurricanes - the school and houses were destroyed.
2) Militia completely lost at night Rodakovo. It is planned to return this us. paragraph."

Yesterday at 12: 46

Summary of recent events from the militia

"150 policemen from the Kiev region were sent to the area of ​​the punitive operation. The next battalion sent to the east included district inspectors, employees of the patrol service, investigators and other police units of the region. The division was headed by the first deputy head of the regional department of the Interior Ministry Yury Kvyatkivsky.
Near the airport of Lugansk the column of the Ukrainian army is fired. According to preliminary data, there are wounded, as well as four units of equipment.
There is information that in the morning the mortars of the DPR army once again started to work in the direction of the Ilovaisky boiler for the Ukrainian units surrounded there.
The Ukrainian side says that the positions of the Ukrainian troops near the settlement were twice fired from mortars. Chervona Polyana, checkpoints near the settlement of Georgievsk, Stanitsa Luganskaya, for nearly four hours mortar shelling of checkpoints continued near the settlement of Lutugino and Gerasimovka. "

Yesterday at 12: 46

Message from journalists

"Semenchenko (the leader of the punitive battalion of Donbass) said that when trying to get out of the encirclement without waiting for help, the column of supporters of the junta was ambushed.
Also, Ukrainian journalists reported at least 1 destroyed tank Ukrainian army, the entrance of this breakthrough. "

Yesterday at 13: 14

Interview with Oleg Tsarev

"In Mariupol there are large warehouses of food, and in particular grain elevators. Given that the militia in the controlled cities did not find large food stores, the city could become the breadwinner of Donbass and Luhansk region for several winter months. Odessa. Having lost control over the main Ukrainian ports, Kiev actually loses access to the sea: the Ukrainian leadership will have nothing left but to enter into a dialogue with us with readiness to go to any Mortars. The capture of Mariupol by the forces of the DPR will mean the transfer of the initiative to the side of the militia and will be a turning point in the battle for Novorossia. "

Yesterday at 13: 36

Army Southeast Summary for August 29

“The destruction of the encircled and retreating enemy continues, and battles near Lugansk are taking place. During the night, the situation did not change much. The punishers continued artillery shelling of the northern and north-western suburbs of Donetsk, Ilovaisk and Mospino settlements. From the salvo systems BM-21“ Grad ” "Bandera fired on a column of refugees on the northern outskirts of the village. Angry. There are human casualties. The enemy concentrated his main efforts on holding his positions and unsuccessful attempts to unlock ruppirovki surrounded in Amvrosievsky boiler.

According to information received from local residents, the punishers in the cauldron everywhere are trying to seize civilian clothes and passenger vehicles belonging to civilians for escape from the neighborhood.

In the Donetsk direction, heavy bloody battles with the withdrawing enemy units were conducted in the areas of Debaltseve, Ilovaisk, Starobeshevo, Larino. Destroyed: 4 tank, to 8 BMP, to 4 armored personnel carriers, to 8 vehicles, 1 mortar. Captured: SAU, armored personnel carrier, 2 152-mm howitzers. Losses of the enemy in manpower made up to 60 people killed and wounded.

As a result of the attack of a raid on the punitive column retreating from Amvrosiyivka in the direction of Kuteynikovo, 2 infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed to 5 trucks. Losses in manpower are specified.

In the Luhansk area, clashes took place in the areas of the settlements of Illyria, Malonikolayevka, Krasny Luch, and Rodakovo.

Army of the South-East attacked and occupied Novosvetlovka. During the battle, the mortar was destroyed with the calculation. Captured 4 mortar, ammunition depot and a large number of small weapons.

The artillery of the militia struck an artillery strike against enemy positions in the region of n. n. Styl. A tank was disabled and up to 3 armored personnel carriers, 7 punishers killed. During the shelling of enemy positions southeast of Komsomolsk 1 BM-21, mortar with the calculation and to 10 punishers were destroyed.

According to intelligence data, the total losses of the punishers amounted to 5 tanks, 28 BMPs and BTRs, 7 guns and mortars, 22 vehicles, 2 MLRS (BM-21). Destroyed ammunition depot. Opponent lost to 95 people killed and wounded. "

Yesterday at 13: 48

Message from the militia headquarters

"According to intelligence, the total punitive losses for yesterday were up to 5 tanks, 28 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 7 guns and mortars, 22 vehicles, 2 MRLS (BM-21). The 1 ammunition depot was destroyed. killed and wounded. "

Yesterday at 13: 57

Message from CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Bordyuzha

"The CSTO peacekeeping forces are ready for any complex operations, including outside the territory of the participating countries, including Ukraine, but the decision to use them is in the competence of the Collective Security Council, which includes leaders of the participating countries. The CSTO peacekeeping forces have been formed for several years back, military coordination was carried out. The servicemen who are their members are well prepared individually, equipped with all the necessary armaments and technical equipment. tasks, including in the composition of collective forces, is at a high level. "

Yesterday at 14: 04

Video from the militia

Video testimony of the state of affairs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under Novoazovsk and on the approaches to Mariupol.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 29 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 14: 10

A fresh overview of the map of the fighting as of 11: 35

Yesterday at 14: 17

Message from the militia

"15 min. Ago, a Ukrainian convoy was fired upon by a peaceful convoy on the southern exit from Donetsk (near Mandrykin, on the Zaporizhzhya highway). Ukrainian saboteurs fired at the convoy were in the area of ​​Luganskoye village and fired from a 82 mm mortar (fired around 4 shots). Victims among civilians and fighters of the DPR is not. "

Yesterday at 14: 30

Photo from the militia

Selection of photographs from the height "Saur-Tomb".

Yesterday at 15: 07

A militiaman named Water from the Motorola squad told that on August 12 he was wounded in Miusinsk by a BMP shot and was wounded in the legs and arm. Voyechny lost consciousness, and, waking up, was captured by the Ukrainian military

"One of the paramedics wanted to stretch my tendons out of my wound to find out all the information about our squad. After the beating, they tied me to a tree during a mortar attack. For an hour, shells flew above me. They put me in the BMP and took me to the steppe. They made me sing the hymn Ukraine, which I don’t know and don’t want to know. They also offered to tie me to the BMP for a joke. One of the invaders offered to put on bullet-proof vests on us and start shooting to see if they would survive, but they did not. But it’s just that they didn't let me go a tin with a metal rod, and then the wound was covered with salt. On the same day, I and three prisoners were taken to the roadblock and released in exchange for someone. "

Yesterday at 15: 20

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

“When attempting to break out of the encirclement, our column (all battalions and reinforcement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) was ambushed. Now they have taken all-round defense and are fighting,” said Semenchenko. They run, despite the fact that reinforcements were sent to them. Now reinforcements can get into the environment.

In fact, in the last hours of ukry, they became somewhat more active - this is how they temporarily entered Komsomolskoye, south of Starobeshevo, in 20 km from the border with Russia. But then they were withdrawn to Mariupol to reinforce the garrison. In Mariupol itself, the engineering equipment of the area was started (concrete beams were brought in to the city and mining areas).
Regarding the lack of active actions (offensive) in the LC, then ukrov from mortars covered checkpoints at Georgievka and Lutugino. In the latter case, shelling went on for several hours. Fighting continues in the village of Lugansk.
A part of the wedged grouping near the town of Petrovsky — near Malonikolaevka and Chervona Polyana — was twice covered with mortars and Grads.

At the border of the LC and Russia, an outpost of the invaders at s. Gerasimovka (north of the Village of Lugansk).

Attacks on Debaltseve continue - the roadblock east of the city has been destroyed. And in the area of ​​Gradami airport, a column of dill was covered - those recognized as the destruction of 4 units. armored vehicles.

Ukry in a panic are trying to stabilize the situation using powerful weapons - so fired at Dots Makeevka. Missiles did not hit the target - they blew up on the outskirts. Also, these rockets fired at Snow - thank God, the rockets did not work. Fell around 18-th mine (see photo)
Gorlovka all morning again fired at the dots - from half past eight to half past nine there was an 2 launch - first 2, and then 3 rockets.

Under Dyakovo, a company tactical group and border guards entrenched themselves.
But regarding Novotroitsky and Olginka - ukry continue to hold. Fighting resumed there this morning. Yesterday, the militia entered Volnovakha, they did not find the enemy there and agreed that the cops would keep order in the city. In the evening, the natsgady entered the city. And then - gone. In general - the real "Wedding in Malinovka"

And still - Starobeshevo. Yesterday, drowning in delight, the media was freaking out about the arrival of parts of the national gadgets to Starobeshevo. They arrived - young, sleek, with new armored vehicles. And then they covered.

By the way, there is almost no information about the situation on the northwestern front of the LC. And there the situation is also quite interesting.
Despite the lack of strength, the militia not only firmly holds the line of defense, but also actively attacks enemy units. In particular - checkpoints at n. Zolotoe (north of the heroic Pervomaisk), Frunze (northeast of Kirovsk) and Rodakovo (northeast of Alchevsk).

Yesterday, the attack of ukrov as part of the battalion of mercenaries Lugansk-1 of the combined detachment of the Omega and Yaguar units (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) with the support of armored vehicles (BTR-3 and BR-4) in the area of ​​the villages of Crimea and Sokoliki (near Siversky Donets) was also repulsed. , the village of Crimean (north-west of Slavyanoserbsk) was generally beaten off by the enemy. Also, the areas near Kirovsk and Slavyanoserbsk were cleared from the enemy. What is most interesting is that a Serbian detachment participated in the sweep operation near Slavyanoserbsk.

Well, even on the positions of the natsgadov in Uglegorsk, almost a full package of Grad worked.

By the way, about getting armored vehicles to the new squadron of the 79 th aerogony brigade. Received 8 BTR-70.
Quote: "We received in the 79 brigade of the BTR-70, 8 units. No, well," got "it loudly said, because the platforms from Artyomovsk to Nikolaev were paid by us, the volunteers. But this is the technical details. The 2-I category, that is, as if “a little podshamanil and forward.” Uh ... Yes, the trouble is that for 30 (!!!) years of supposedly conservation - everything has rotted. All hoses and wires, all connectors and buttons. And also mice.
Someone would have given up, someone would have organized a picket. But we are not looking for easy ways, roll up our sleeves, we will raise the technique! If we coped with the plane, then we will master the BTR-70. From Monday we will begin. Part of the work will be performed by the Nikolaev BTRZ ".

Yesterday at 15: 22

Message from the militia

"In Mariupol, the panic situation remains, svidomye continue to flee, people are gradually removing Ukrainian symbols from prominent places. Ukrainian punitive divisions are building fortifications on the left bank near the Parallel filling station. Information is received about the mining of bridges and socially important infrastructure facilities by Ukraine.

Yesterday at 15: 39

Message from the Premier of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko

"We are ready to provide the surrounded corridors of the Ukrainian army with humanitarian corridors. With all due respect to Putin, the president of the stint that morally helps us, we are ready to provide Ukrainian units surrounded in the boilers near Ilovaisk with the opportunity to exit. Provided that the ammunition and heavy weapons so that these munitions will not be used against us in the future. "

Yesterday at 15: 44

Video from the militia

Yesterday, prisoners of punitive punishment were displayed in front of local residents in the town of Snezhnoe.

Yesterday at 15: 46

Ukrainian punishers bombarded a column of buses with refugees

"Passengers of transport were mainly women, children and old people.
Residents of the south-east of Ukraine said that on the way to Russia, they twice came under fire from the Ukrainian army.

According to the Southern Customs Administration, 100 refugees arrived at the Kuibyshevo checkpoint. When passing through the customs control zone, the refugees reported that they had been shot twice in the territory of Ukraine. According to the refugees, the convoy consisted of four buses, but aimed shooting was carried out on two vehicles.

“Among the passengers are mostly women and children, there are also people with disabilities,” says the spokesperson for the UTU, Ryan Farukshin. - Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Now 100 people from Donetsk, Ilovaisk, Makeyevka and Khartsyzsk are located at the temporary accommodation center in Matveyev-Kurgan district. People are given everything they need: clean clothes, baby food, medicines, food and water. "

Yesterday at 15: 57

Message from journalists

"Against the background of the third wave of mobilization, mass uprisings of Rusyns and Hungarians began in Transcarpathia. Residents block roads, stop cars and trains. The city of Mukachevo became the epicenter of unrest. People from the village of Rakoshino of the Mukachevo region blocked the international road route, demanding not to send Transcarpathian soldiers to the punitive operation zone in the east of Ukraine. Earlier on August 8, the Congress of the Ruthenian and Hungarian communities of Transcarpathia was held in Budapest. The Congress adopted an appeal to Russia, the European Union, Hungary, the UN and the USA with a demand to influence Ukraine so that it recognizes the results of the referendum on autonomy of the Carpathians in 1991 year. "

Yesterday at 16: 20

Message from bloggers

"The militia of the DPR took Yalta (not to be confused with the Crimean Yalta, this is the Persovnevny district) now they are in 12 km from the outskirts of Mariupol.
Today, in the morning, after a short battle with local militia, our militia took Yalta, a urban-type settlement in Pershotravnevom, Donetsk region, at the mouth of the Mokraya Belosarayka River, which flows into the Sea of ​​Azov.
When taking the village wounded one militia. Killed one of the local police officers. The rest of the unfortunate defenders in their own handcuffs were put in the cellar of one of the private houses, where they were waiting for the military court. The village administration fled Yalta the previous evening, taking with it all the available cash in the local branch of Privat-Bank.
Together with Yalta, the villages of Azov and Yuryevka also came under the control of the militia. The village of Yalta is located in 25 km from the railway station Mariupol and in 12 km from the south-western outskirts of the city. "

Yesterday at 16: 26

Summary from the Brain Brigade

"In the area of ​​the settlement Vergulevskoye, belonging to the Krasnoluchsky town council of the LPR (64 km south-west of Lugansk), the reconnaissance and sabotage group destroyed the convicts convoy, consisting of two KamAZ trucks loaded with ammunition for small arms and ZIL-130 escort, eight were destroyed man of the troops of the fascist junta're coming out. The Brain Brigade captured rounds would last for two weeks of continuous fighting. In addition, three prisoners of the 4 Company, the 42 Battalion, and the 4750 military unit were captured. The interrogation of prisoners was found to have left the scene of the battle, covering the BTR, which had been used by foreigners, leaving the object of protection. "

Yesterday at 16: 36

Message from the militia headquarters

"Novosvetlovka has been cleansed of the National Guard under forces. The assault convoy of the militia has just managed to take up this settlement in battle, in which fighting has been going on all last week."

Yesterday at 17: 01

Vladimir Putin: the meaning of the military-humanitarian operation of the militia - to move artillery from the cities

The meaning of the military-humanitarian operation, which is carried out by militias in the east of Ukraine, is to move the artillery from the cities and protect the civilian population. "I can fully understand the militia of the southeast, Donbass, Luhansk, that they made attempts - why they call this operation military-humanitarian, what is the meaning of today's actions - to move artillery and volley fire systems away from major cities so that they could not kill people “, - said Putin, speaking to the participants of the Seliger youth forum.

Yesterday at 17: 16

Photo from the militia

"Ukrainian prisoners in the service of society. They clean up the streets of Donetsk. A platoon of former punitive 39 territorial battalion from Dnepropetrovsk. They let Ukrainian prisoners call home, report that they are alive. In total, almost 200 prisoners were captured in Snezhniy. These prisoners will be allowed to go home with relatives. Zakharchenko I shook their hands and told them to come to visit. But if they come to fight again, they will not let go. These are 17 survivors from the unit in 150 people. "

Yesterday at 17: 27

Message from Alexander Kots

"Well, what can I tell you about Tochka-U? Well, they don’t fly, they fall, old ones. This one is under the Snow today."

PS Militiamen say that dill rockets do not fly to targets and do not detonate because their wiring is gnawed by mice, yet these products were 30 years old in warehouses that nobody served the last 2 for decades and didn’t properly guard .

Yesterday at 17: 54

V.V. comment Putin's appeal to the militia

"I saw the reaction of the mothers and wives of the Ukrainian army soldiers who were in this environment. This is a tragedy for them, which is why I turned to the Donbass militia to open humanitarian corridors so that people could get out. And small towns and large cities ( in the south-east of Ukraine) are surrounded by the Ukrainian army, which directs strikes at residential areas in order to destroy the infrastructure, suppress the will of those who resist, etc. Sadly, it reminds me of the events of World War II, when German -fascist occupiers, troops surrounded our cities, in particular, Leningrad, and shot at settlements and their inhabitants. You know what you came to? Terrible, disaster. So I can understand the militia of the southeast, then why they call this military-humanitarian operation. The meaning of today's actions is to move artillery and multiple rocket systems away from major cities so that they cannot kill people. And what do we hear from our Western partners? What can't they do? They must allow all to devour himself, to kill? And then they will be good? ".

Yesterday at 18: 13

Message from journalists

"In the Mariupol direction, the militia occupied the villages of Volodarskoe, Yalta, Azovskoye, Yuryevka. There are battles for Urzuf."

Local maps of a combat situation.

Yesterday at 18: 34

Summary from the fronts of the MOI Headquarters DNI on the morning of August 29

The Minister of Defense of the DPR, Vladimir Kononov, said that over the past 24 hours, about 250 of the Ukrainian military had surrendered to the militia. All of them are ready to cooperate with the authorities of the DPR, and some have expressed a desire to go to war on the side of the militia. In addition, another fire spotter was captured by the militia. Judging by the seized set of cards, she was preparing to shelling residential areas of the suburb of Donetsk.

During the last 24 hours, the surviving units of the punishers sought to hold their positions. Artillery shelling of social infrastructure facilities in Donetsk and Luhansk continued. Destroyed houses and ambulance station. In Donetsk, the Ukrainian security forces, surrounded in the Stepanovka-Amvrosiyivka-Stepano-Krynka area, unsuccessfully sought to break out of the ring and avoid defeat. The convoy of enemy reserves, discovered by the reconnaissance group, advanced to release the surrounded Amvrosiivka group, was crushed by artillery and multiple volley fire systems. Destroyed to 3 tanks, 12-ti armored personnel carriers, 2 SAU, 5 vehicles, wounded and killed before 50 punishers.

During the clashes with the retreating enemy units in the Novokaterinovka area, the militia destroyed up to 20 BMP and armored personnel carriers, to 15 vehicles. The loss of occupants in manpower made up to 150 people killed and wounded. As a result of artillery fire on the positions of the Ukrainian military in the area of ​​Zhdanovka, 1 tank, 5 armored personnel carriers, 4 vehicle with ammunition and fuel were destroyed, and up to 30 people were killed and wounded.

In the Luhansk area, separate clashes occurred near Khryaschevaty and Novosvetlovka, as a result of which both settlements were liberated by the militia forces. Reflected offensive units of the National Guard under the position of the militias, defending n. P. Metalist. During the battle, the enemy lost up to 25 people.

At the approaches to Novoazovsk, the settlements of Sedovo, Obryv, Kholodnoye were liberated. According to the intelligence of the army of the DPR, the special operations forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces received a tacit order from the country's top leadership to render all life support facilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics in an unsuitable state. From the information received, it became known that the enemy is showing interest in the Verkhnekalmiuskoe reservoir, which provides water to the residents of Donetsk, Mineral, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya and Yakovlevka. It is possible the poisoning of water, which will lead to an environmental disaster.

This information is taken into account and the government has taken additional measures to strengthen the protection and defense of life support facilities of the cities of the republic.

Yesterday at 19: 41

Message from the Committee of Social Communications DPR

"A special unit" Varyag "in Kalininsky district of Donetsk on one of the waste heaps was captured by a group of Ukrainian saboteurs with a mortar."

Yesterday at 19: 44

Message from the militia

"Partisans of the Kharkiv region ambushed the 92th mechanized brigade in the village of Klugino-Bashkirovka near Chuguev. The partisans fired at the supply column, which was carrying supplies for the 92 brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. trophy ATGMs. Two cars were hit, the third went in the direction of the part.
When the Ukrainian military, hiding behind the armor of wrecked vehicles, took up the defense, the partisans opened fire. Two soldiers APU were killed. After a large group with tanks advanced to the support of the 92 Brigade, the partisans left the battlefield. "

Yesterday at 19: 53

Message from journalists

“The authorities of the Ukrainian Sumy decided to send military equipment to the so-called ATO zone, located in different cities of the region as museum exhibits. The city’s leadership hopes to bring the individual fighting vehicles to a fully operational state and send the Ukrainian army to the combat zone in the southeast. in his address to local residents, Sumy mayor Alexander Lysenko said. Mayor Sumy also appealed to local entrepreneurs with a request to transfer to the authorities UAZ and other cars that can be converted for use Hania by the military. "

PS Ukry end with what the militia began.

Yesterday at 20: 12

Message from Dmitry Steshin

"Today, the prisoners were engaged all day, hundreds of them. They distributed all of their cigarettes, gave the phones a call. Nobody interrogated them, they themselves told everything."

Yesterday at 20: 18

Message from the militia

"There is information that the military enlistment office in Berdyansk is preparing for evacuation. There is also information about the escape of the executive committee’s employees with their families. In Ukry, in Mariupol, they continue to strengthen checkpoints. Our emergency lines are working on supply lines."

Yesterday at 20: 24

Photo from the militia

The Cossacks of the LPR this morning once again fired Ukrainian punishers with trophy barreled artillery.

Yesterday at 20: 35

Message from Alexey Brain

“The militia currently controls about 50% of the territory of the DPR and the LC. There are no front lines as such, today the militias control about the 50% of the territory. The key to the success of the militia is that there are people in their ranks who are the least worried about their skin. Initially, we stood up against tanks with some logs, pitchforks and axes, while the Ukrainian army had everything to wage war, but now we have powerful weapons and we fight with the punishers on an equal footing.
To date, per militia accounts for about 10 Ukrainian soldiers. The militia on 90% consists of the local population, and the remaining 10% are volunteers from all regions of Ukraine, as well as other countries. According to our estimates, about 80% of the people living in the territory of Novorossia took the side of the militia, and categorically against about 8%. "

Yesterday at 20: 43

Message from the agency ITAR-TASS

"During the day, servicemen of the army of the proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic shot down four Ukrainian attack aircraft Su-25 from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS).
In an attempt to launch an air strike against the positions of units of the DPR army in the Novokaterinovka area of ​​MANPADS, two Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft were shot down. In addition, a further two Su-25s were shot down near the Voikovo and Merezhka settlements by the air defense division of the militia from MANPADS.
At present, ITAR-TASS does not possess confirmation of this information from several sources. "

PS However, a week ago the capture of Novoazovsk and Saur-Graves also looked fantastic. We are waiting for confirmation.

Yesterday at 21: 30

Video from the Belarusian girl sniper Natasha

"The Belarusian girl-sniper, whom the junta declared dead the other day, trying to pass off another dead person for her, personally denied information about her own death."

Yesterday at 21: 34

Video captive with lieutenant colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

On the morning of August 29, the militia announced that they had succeeded in capturing many Ukrainian military who were trying to break free from the encirclement. An interview was recorded with one of the captured officers.

"Three or four days we were in Kuteynikovo, surrounded. Then we got out of it with a fight, because there was an order to go out the farther, the better. In all, we were a 150 man, I know only 17 survivors."

Yesterday at 22: 26

Message from the militia Prokhorov

South of Gorlovka from the village of Red Partizan knocked out natsadov. Gorlovsky guys - Respect.

From the media: "Today, the self-defense forces managed to bring down four Su-25 attack aircraft aviation Armed forces of Ukraine. One of them was shot down on the territory of the LPR, and three more - in the DPR. According to the Prime Minister of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, all planes were shot down at night from MANPADS. At the same time, two attack aircraft managed to escape from the positions of the militia and fall, crashed, not far from Mariupol, into territory that the DPR army does not control. "

At lunch, dill forces 2 attack aircraft and 1 Su-27 (used as a scout) tried to attack the militia in Starobeshevo. They also worked on them, so maybe ukrov also has damaged airplanes.

In Mariupol, more than 50 people were divided into two groups, which began work at roadblocks located at the entrances to the areas of the Vostochny and Vinogradnoye residential areas.

There everything is more banal - this action was organized by the local mayor Yuri Hotlubay, and the "volunteers" are the employees of the mayor's office and the public utilities.

Yesterday at 22: 37

Message press center DNR

"Alexander Karaman laid down the duties of the Foreign Minister to focus on social issues. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko satisfied the request of Alexander Karaman to release him from the duties of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPR, which he combined with the work of the republic’s social policy , due to the workload in the main direction of work.In a humanitarian catastrophe, the social sphere is of key importance, Alexander Akimov h decided to focus entirely on this activity. "

Yesterday at 22: 41

Summary from the fronts of the MO Headquarters of the DPR, 29 August 2014

“During the night from 28 to 29, the situation did not change much. The punishers continued artillery shelling of the northern and north-western outskirts of Donetsk, Ilovaisk and Mospino settlements. From the BM-21“ Grad ”rocket systems, Ukrainian fighters shelled a column of refugees on There are human casualties in the northern outskirts of the settlement. The enemy concentrated his main efforts on holding his positions and unsuccessful attempts to unblock the group surrounded in the Amvrosievsky cauldron. .

According to information received from local residents, the punishers in the cauldron everywhere are trying to seize civilian clothes and passenger vehicles belonging to civilians for escape from the neighborhood.

In the Donetsk direction, heavy bloody battles with the withdrawing enemy units were conducted in the areas of Debaltseve, Ilovaisk, Starobeshevo, Larino. Destroyed: 4 tank, to 8 BMP, to 4 armored personnel carriers, to 8 vehicles, 1 mortar. Captured: SAU, armored personnel carrier, 2 152-mm howitzers. Losses of the enemy in manpower made up to 60 people killed and wounded.

As a result of the attack of a raid on the punitive column retreating from Amvrosiyivka in the direction of Kuteynikovo, 2 infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed to 5 trucks. Losses in manpower are specified.

In the Luhansk area, clashes took place in the areas of the settlements of Illyria, Malonikolayevka, Krasny Luch, and Rodakovo. Army of the South-East attacked and occupied Novosvetlovka. During the battle, the mortar was destroyed with the calculation. Captured 4 mortar, ammunition depot and a large number of small arms.

The artillery of the militia struck an artillery strike against enemy positions in the region of n. n. Styl. The tank and up to three armored personnel carriers were destroyed, 7 punishers were killed. During the shelling of enemy positions southeast of Komsomolsk 1 BM-21, mortar with the calculation and to 10 punishers were destroyed.

According to intelligence data, the total losses of the punishers amounted to 5 tanks, 28 BMPs and BTRs, 7 guns and mortars, 22 vehicles, 2 MLRS (BM-21). Destroyed ammunition depot. Opponent lost to 95 people killed and wounded. The offensive operation of the militia continues in all directions. "

Yesterday at 23: 43

Photo-report from eyewitnesses:

"The consequences of the evening shelling of the Donetsk railway station. There are casualties among the civilian population. The number of victims is being clarified."

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Summary of the Army of the Southeast of August 29: 4 attack aircraft shot down, a number of settlements were freed

During August 29, the main efforts of the Ukrainian punishers focused on attempts to unblock surrounded groups.

Suburbs and outskirts of the cities of Donetsk, Lugansk and Alchevsk were subjected to intense artillery raids.

At Donetsk, the enemy carried out active attempts to get out of the boilers in the areas of Mnogopole, Agronomichnoe, Starobeshevo.

A group of punitive units consisting of up to two battalions reinforced with 15 tanks, attempted to break through from the encirclement in the Osykovo area. The fire of jet and barreled artillery of the DPR army on a retractable column was fired. The column was stopped and dispersed into separate groups. Destroyed to 20 units of armored and automotive vehicles.

An enemy grouping surrounded by Starobeshevo, numbering up to a battalion tactical group, made an unsuccessful attempt to break through Novokaterinovka. After the losses incurred, the punishers were forced to retreat in the direction of Leninsky. During the clashes, up to 5 armored vehicles were destroyed.

As a result of an unsuccessful enemy tank attack on the position of the DPR army near the village of Chumaky, 5 combat vehicles were destroyed.

When trying to launch an air strike against the positions of units of the DPR armed forces in the Novokaterinovka area, they were shot down by 2 of the Su-25 attack aircraft. In addition, the Novorossia air defense forces still shot down 2 Su-25 near the settlements of Voikovo and Merezhki.

In the Luhansk direction, the punishers of active offensive actions were not conducted, concentrating the main efforts on keeping the previously occupied lines.

As a result of the decisive actions of the Army of the South-East, Kirovsk, Slavyanoserbsk and Krymskoe were freed from the punitive occupiers.

Units of the national militia carried out a final sweep of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups in areas near Novosvetlovka and Khryaschevyaty.

In the Mariupol area, the militia forces hold positions in the Shcherbak, Luxemburg, Novoazovsk settlements. Sniper groups are involved in the defense of Mariupol with punishers.

According to intelligence data, the total losses of the enemy by the end of the day amounted to 9 tanks, 13 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 15 units of automotive vehicles, 1 MLRS (BM-21). Destroyed ammunition and fuel storage. Downed 4 attack aircraft Su-25. Punishers have lost to 65 people killed and wounded.

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A great interview with the Minister of Defense of the DPR, Vladimir Kononov

Today in 0: 43

Photo-report from CNN-accredited journalist Jonathan Alpeyrie about the burial of the heroes of Novorossia

Low bow to the fallen soldiers of Novorossia and eternal memory!

Today in 0: 48

The battalion "Donbass" under Amvrosiyivka surrenders

Message from ukroSMI: "Fighters of the volunteer battalions, who were surrounded by the village Chervonoselskoe (Amvrosiyevsky district), forced to surrender.
“We held the fight as long as we could. We have a lot of wounded. We give up to somehow survive,” said one of the soldiers of the second company of the Donbass battalion.
The same information was confirmed by the fighters from the first company.
In total, around 200-300 people retreating from Ilovaisk got into the entourage. "

Today in 1: 00

Video from the militia

The Kalmius militia battalion is firing from the guns 2С3 "Carnation".

Today in 1: 13

Comment from a friend I. I. Strelkov blogger "summer56"

Thinking out loud...
After Igor Ivanovich left the post of the Minister of Defense of the DPR, the new Prime Minister of the DPR, Zakharchenko, announced that Strelkov had transferred to another job. Rest for a month and start.

Since then, everyone wonders, and where the shooters?
And what is his new job? AND WHERE he will begin a new job!

I must say right away that I personally do not know about the new appointment Strelkova I.I.
And what's more, I DIDN'T ASK Igor Ivanovich himself about it. I do not know this to know!

But who will stop me from thinking about this? It seems to be no one. So I think.
But I emphasize that these are only my thoughts! :)
And they have nothing to do with reality! Those. this is my fantasy. No more. :)

So. What do we know and what do we see?

We know that 12 of April of this year, Igor Ivanovich, by invitation, arrived in the city of Slavyansk, where with a small handful of volunteers (from 20 to 60 people) captured the mountains. police department and the building of the SBU.

In a short time, Igor Ivanovich from the local population and a small number of Russian volunteers
created a real military unit of the militia, which successfully opposed the regular army of Ukraine.

During this confrontation, a large number of enemy aircraft, armored vehicles and manpower were destroyed. Having a minimum, I would even say a meager amount of weapons, the Strelkov militia held back a huge number of enemy troops!

It is clear that for an infinitely long time to restrain an enemy who has widely used long-range artillery, it is impossible
Especially, having NO ANY counterbattery with a range that allows you to effectively suppress
enemy artillery, which the enemy prudently placed on the distant approaches to Slavyansk.

After the Ukrainian troops took Nikolaevka and cut off the supply lines of the militia in Slavyansk, Strelkov took the militia out of the ring of encirclement and raided Donetsk.

He is no longer a 60 man! And several thousand trained militiamen with their own armored vehicles!

In Donetsk, his unit has grown and reached the number of 10.000 people. From now on, shooters
successfully fighting on all sectors of the front in the DNI. And we can safely say that it was exactly the shooters who formed the backbone of the future DNR Army!

Now let's ask. And why did Strelkov manage to do all this?
In a short time to create such a militia! The answer is simple and lies on the surface.
Igor Ivanovich is able and LOVES to do it!

Let me explain. But everyone knows (and this can not be hidden) that Igor Ivanovich is a FSB colonel (retired).
And, according to some reports, he is a very good specialist in the field of partisan (rebel)
and anti-partisan actions. They say that this was his specialization in Chechnya.

Even in his youth, he took part as a volunteer in the conflicts in Transnistria and
in Yugoslavia. That is, in other words, IIS already had experience of participating in rebel movements in
as a volunteer.

Those. what Strelkov Igor Ivanovich understands, we can with a high degree of probability guess.

Further. As the number of militias grew, the question arose that it was ALREADY not the militia, but the ARMY!
And for the leadership of the ARMY requires a completely different preparation. And Igor Ivanovich once wrote that he
pleasure will shift the task of planning ARMY operations to someone who is
very well versed on any general staff officer.

There was no general staff officer. But ... there was another Colonel Strelkov.
Strelkov Nikolai Vladimirovich. He was appointed head of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR. We read:

"Nikolai Vladimirovich Strelkov was born in 1970 in the Krasny Luch of Voroshilovograd Oblast of the Ukrainian SSR into a mining family. He graduated from two higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. He served in command and staff positions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, including in hot spots. state awards of the Russian Federation.It is characterized as a strong-willed purposeful highly organized professional military. It has the necessary organizational potential, is able to plan military operations of a front-line scale. etsya advocate of military reform, able to participate in its conduct in the present -. military retiree, military rank - colonel. "

May I highlight a few points?

The first. He graduated from TWO Min. Defense of the Russian Federation.
The second. He served in TEAM and STAFF MIN. Defense of the Russian Federation.
Third. It has the necessary organizational potential, is able to plan military operations of the front scale.

That is, this Colonel N. N. Strelkov is able to do what is required by the NPT at this stage!

And what about our Igor Ivanovich? Is no longer needed? Maybe he will appear again in Donetsk?
Maybe he will lead the capture of Mariupol?

I personally think it is unlikely. Mariupol will soon take without him. Slavyansk and Kramatorsk The DPR Army is also able to free. It is enough forces and means. I have such thoughts.

Let us recall that Novorossia MUST consist of eight regions of the former Ukraine:
Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Mykolayiv, Kherson, Odessa.

And now? So far it consists of two areas.

Is it necessary to help the patriots of Novorossia organize resistance of the Kiev junta on the territory of the other six regions? The answer is obvious. And who can do this better than anyone? The answer is also obvious.

Where can Igor Ivanovich INVITE?
Where can the militia commander with the call sign “First” appear?

Maybe in the Kharkiv region ... Maybe in Dnepropetrovsk ... Maybe in Zaporizhia ...
And maybe in the Odessa region ...

This is my fantasy is not enough. :)

Today in 2: 34

Interview with a captive lieutenant colonel, a pilot of a shot down SU-25 aircraft over Marinovka

19 August 2014 The militia forces in the suburb of the Red Ray detained a pilot of the downed 21 July in the vicinity of the settlement of Marinovka of the SU-25 aircraft. The pilot was taken to the headquarters of the Army of the Southeast. During the interrogation, the pilot’s identity was established — Lieutenant Colonel Shevtsov Yury Sergeevich, born 12.02.1982, born in Gorlovka, Donetsk region, lives in a hostel in a military town at the address: Nikolaev, ul. The airfield, the commander of the 299 squadron of the tactical aviation brigade of Ukraine, which inflicted air strikes on the Donbass, with a location in the city of Nikolaev.

Also, Yury Sergeevich Shevtsov gave the names, ranks and positions of 13 to his colleagues:
1 Colonel Brigade Commander Pomogailo Vladimir Anatolyevich
2 Colonel Deputy com brigade Samoilov Sergey Anatolyevich
3 Lieutenant Colonel Zam for flight work Vitaly Petrovich Volkov
4 Lieutenant Colonel Senior Navigator Alexander Yuryevich Dyakiv
5 Major Early. flight safety service Stromylo Igor Gennadyevich
6 Major Early. combat training Nikolaenko Artem Viktorovich
7 Major Deputy. Komeska Ovchinnikov Vyacheslav Yuryevich
8 Captain Flight Commander Zhukov Maksim Nikolaevich
9 Captain Commander Link Ilya Nikolayevich
10 Lieutenant Colonel Komesk Dzyubenko Vadim Valerievich
11 Major Deputy. Komeska Lagachev Vladimir Vladimirovich
12 Captain Flight Commander Voloshin Vladislav Valerievich
13 Colonel Early. brigade headquarters Matytsin Boris Nikolayevich

Three, from the list, 20 of June were presented to the state award “For personal courage and heroism shown in protecting state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath and invincibility of the spirit by the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree” from the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. And this award can also be called a payment to criminals for recklessly carrying out orders of unthinkable cruelty, for participating in the extermination of the civilian population and doing the dirty work of their leadership by the hands of subordinates. No matter how you call this award, one thing is clear, the Ukrainian government encourages genocide and the bloodshed of civilians.

And one more patriot of Ukraine. The name of this patriot is Nikolaenko Artem Viktorovich. He lives in the city of Nikolaev, Nikolaev region, has a beautiful wife and raises two lovely children. On its pages in social networks there are photos on which you can see a happy family of a loving father, mother and children. Almost perfect, complete family.

This man, most of his adult life spent in his hometown of Nikolaev. In 1996, I graduated from the 22 school and entered the flight department of the Kharkov University of the Air Force. Ivan Kozhedub. In 2003, he graduated from the university at the department "Combat use and control of aviation units" and entered the service of the VVSU. To date, Artem Viktorovich has the title of "Major" and is the chief of fire training for the flight personnel of the 299 squadron of the tactical aviation brigade of Ukraine, with a place of deployment in the city of Nikolaev.

It follows from the above that this patriot knows what friends and close people are, after all, what is a full-fledged family that is safe. And the question is how, how did this person accomplish what he did?

The 299 aircraft of the flight brigade of the tactical aviation of Ukraine carried out more than a dozen combat missions, during which they took the lives of dozens of civilians, women and children in Lugansk, Donetsk and a number of adjacent settlements. As a person who has a family and children, can so easily take away loved ones from innocent people ?! How does he participate in the preparation of such operations, and most importantly, how does he embrace his wife and children, knowing that someone’s mother, father or small child will not come home today ?! Thanks to him, they are dead.

Nikolaenko Artem Viktorovich - one of the few whose data on social networks are still available in the public domain.

All the people from the list presented have deleted their accounts and personal data from the Internet, either by receiving a command from the management, or by realizing the seriousness of the crime committed. After all, the murder of a peaceful person, and even more so a child, is a crime. And even if this crime justifies the leadership of the fighter, the answer remains in front of the relatives of those killed and, ultimately, in front of himself.

Dear warriors, an order is an order, but people's lives depend on each of your decisions. The selected life of a peaceful person due to incompetence of the leadership or due to blindly following orders cannot be justified by an extraordinary title. And it will not give peace to the soul of a person, unless of course you are a person who has a soul.

Today in 5: 11

Overview of the 1 Inter-Brigade of the South-East for 29.08.2014

The past day on the fronts of Novorossia was marked by heavy and productive battles, and the political background of all these events gives many reasons for reflection.

Let's start with the DPR and its capital.
The situation with the shelling of Donetsk is unchanged: after a night of lull in the morning 5 punitive again attacked the city (Budyonnovsky, Kalininsky Petrovsky districts). The shelling was conducted with the use of the MLRS "Grad" and incendiary ammunition.

Also, shelling was underway by n. Makeevka, Gorlovka and Snow. It is reported on the use of TRK "Point U" in these cities (in Gorlovka - no less than 5 missiles), some of which did not work. Sasha Kotz writes that the old missiles. Presumably, “U points” are based near the villages of Bakhmutskoe and Pokrovskoye (Artyomovsky District), but they constantly change their place of deployment. V. Kononov reported that the militia managed to capture two “Points U” (under Saur-Mogila and Ilovaisk).

The fighting today was productive: the army of New Russia has moved deep into the occupied territory and even (!) To go beyond the limits of the NPT and the LC.
Yasinovataya - bloody battles do not subside. Kiev invaders with a sense of purpose, worthy of better use, are trying to attack the positions of the militias, but to no avail. However, the punishers carry out one task: they detain the militia forces from the south.
Ilovaisk - the remnants of the surrounded punishers made a desperate attempt to escape from the environment, without help and cover. Of course, such a hopeless attack was repulsed; punitive hit by militia mortar fire and retreated to their positions. 1 tank destroyed, no personnel data available.
The militia forces managed to take control of the following settlements: Volodarskoe, Fighting and Starchenkovo ​​(Volodarsky district), Demyanovka and PGT Yalta (Pershotravnevyi district). Fighting for u.p.Urzuf.
In the Starobeshevsky district: under the np.Styla, the militia artillery bombarded the convoy of the nationalgroups (1 tank was destroyed, 3 armored personnel carriers and up to 7 punishers); in the village Komsomolskoye, where the ukrovermaht first entered and then was knocked out, during a clash, the punitive 10, 1 mortar and 1 BM-21 were destroyed.
The hardest fights were in the area of ​​settlement Debalcevo and Larino. Forces of the junta were subjected to a massive attack, during which the 4 tank, 12 BMP / BTR, 8 cars and 1 mortar were destroyed; Captured SAU, howitzers and 2 BTR. The position of the junta in the area of ​​Debaltseve remains, but it is known about the destruction of the 1 roadblock in the eastern part of the city.

In general, the counteroffensive on the territory of the DPR continues at the same pace. The statement made today by A. Zakharchenko regarding a “military-humanitarian” operation (in response to an appeal by VV Putin) clearly outlined the tactical goals of this counteroffensive — to push the artillery of the occupying Kiev troops away from the large DPR settlements.
By the way, about Putin’s address. The attention is not worth it in itself, as such, but in its wording: earlier, despite the proclamation of the DPR and the LPR, our officials persistently continued to speak about the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Last night - for the first time! - in his statement on the situation in the South-East, V.V. Putin did not use such names - they were replaced by the polycorrect generalizing Donbass. It would seem - a trifle, but in the global political game there are no trifles: the Southeast, as part of Ukraine, is perceived less and less.
Statement by V.V. Putin had one more meaning: the proposal on humanitarian corridors for exiting punitive "boilers" (remember, there are two in the DPR and one in the LPR), supported by the militia under certain conditions, was rejected by Kiev. He recalls the last days of the Third Reich (by the way, the decree on the creation of the Ukrainian “Hitler Youth”) Poroshenko signed the day before — detachments are created, where adolescents will be trained in military affairs.

We turn to the Lugansk People's Republic.
Lugansk is still under blockade and under shelling. Humanitarian aid arriving from Russia is being issued, but punitive shelling of the points of issue and other infrastructural facilities, therefore, its receipt is difficult. The militia is attempting to dislodge the punishers from the fortified area at the Lugansk airport: within a day, the 4 units of enemy armored vehicles were damaged and destroyed. Attempts ukrovermahta attack the forces of the militia in the villages. Metalist reflected (destroyed 25 punitive).
There is evidence of the shelling of Alchevsk (1 civilian killed, 9 injured).

Good news: punitive finally knocked out of the settlement. Novosvetlovka (captured 4 mortar, 1 destroyed, along with the calculation). In Gryaschevaty continue battles.
According to the settlement Lutugino received conflicting information: according to some data, the militia managed to enter the city and gain a foothold; according to others, the army of Novorossiya only surrounded the city and is preparing for an assault, which is complicated by large and quite combat-ready units of punishers here, which confidently control the settlement. There are fights on the approaches to the village. Georgievka.
N.P. Happiness is not taken yet - not enough reserves, because the militia forces are diverted to the provocations of the DRGs of the punishers in the area of ​​the stanitsa Luganskaya. But the junta didn’t relax either - the mortar shelling of the invaders ’checkpoint was taking an hour. Gerasimovka.
In the area of ​​settlement Vergulevskoe (Red Ray district) DRG militia destroyed a convicts convoy (2 KamAZ with ammunition and ZIL-130; eliminated 8 punitive, 3 taken prisoner).
The militiamen twice attacked the positions of the invaders in the area of ​​the settlement. Malonikolayevka and Chervona Polyana (Antratsitovsky district) with the help of mortars and the Grado. In addition, battles were fought in the area of ​​settlement Illyria and Shishkovo (the militia took the village by storm).
The militia is trying not only to attack, but also to hold previously occupied positions. Somewhere (n. N. Zolotoe - north of Pervomaisk; Frunze - northeast of Kirovsk) this is possible, however Rodakovo (north-east of Alchevsk), the militia were forced to leave. It is believed that Rodakovo was attacked by a large group of ukrovermaht from the area of ​​n. White
N.P. Bryanka was attacked by the superior forces of the junta; the attack was repulsed and the enemy suffered losses (destroyed by 12 punishers, 1 BTR, 1 BMP and captured by chargers; the national team of 4 surrendered to captivity).

Separately, I note the release of the militia beyond the borders of the DNI and the LC: it is reported that Chervone Polye and Malinovka (Zaporizhia region) and Zeleny Yar (Dnipropetrovsk region) are under the complete control of the militia.

All the activity of the army of Novorossia could not be ignored by the junta: both the serfs (P. Poroshenko) and the boyars (B. Obama) discussed the situation. The conclusions are diametrically opposite: the State Department, through the mouth of Miss Psaki, says that there is no evidence of the introduction of the Russian Armed Forces into the Ruins; Petro howls about the beginning of the invasion; Above all this, the mysterious chocolate-beige Barak Huseynovich is frightened by sanctions, but does not want to introduce NATO forces into the territory of Independence Square. Poor Ukraine: she is so eager that at least someone has introduced anything into her, but no one wants to be tied up with the whole of the Euro-Ukranians. And Kiev, inflating sponges, is building insidious plans for revenge against klyatym Muscovites - it is going to carry out de-Russification with the replacement of the Russian language with English.

For losses:
Civilians (killed / wounded): 1 / 9
Natsgady (killed / wounded / prisoners): 10 / 30 / 0 (according to the NSDC), 62 /? / 7 (according to the militia)
Militiamen (killed / wounded): 11 / 1
Technique (destroyed / captured): tanks 6 / 0, BTR and BMP - 22 / 2, cars 11 / 0, tools and mortars 2 / 7.

Thus, the situation on the territory of Novorossia is developing in accordance with the announced plans of the leadership of the DPR and the LPR. The counteroffensive continues. The militia forces are tied to Mariupol, but the city, which is concentrated before the 3000 punishers, is not easy to take - the militiamen do not storm head-on, but by tactically competent actions bypassed the front of the enemy from the west and north. The hysterical screams of Kiev about the “hordes of quilted jackets” are proof of this. The decision not to withdraw their encircled units through “humanitarian corridors” may mean that the junta went for broke. What reserves at the same time will use ukrofashisty - is unclear. As they say, we will see.

Summary prepared by agent Ryzhikov

Today in 6: 15

Comment of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPR B. Borisov

"About children: Stripping small enemy sabotage groups in the city goes every night with gunfire. When they were playing, my officer in the neighboring yard found a radio beacon set by the saboteur. To fire artillery. They passed the device to the authorities. The bodies explained that if Not kids, school and kindergarten neighborhoods would not be near. That's how we live.
Yes, those who put the lighthouses pay 1000 hryvnia. By local standards - a monthly pension. Those who wish to eat. "

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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 30 August 2014 07: 43
    Well done militia you are at the height of Kiev in a panic victory will be yours The news lately is just super
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 30 August 2014 07: 51
      The successes of the militias are encouraging, guys keep it up.
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 30 August 2014 10: 03
        Banderlets cannot be released from captivity. It is they who are just in front of the camera in captivity, meek and religious, they pretend to be incomprehensible and innocent "sheep". In fact, they are professional "wolves" devouring peaceful people.
        Judged by a military tribunal. And depending on the committed war crimes, to impose punishment up to the execution, so that other Banderlet would not be accustomed.
        The shown captive banderlet Shevtsov is a former Russian, a traitor to the Russian people, understands everything perfectly and deliberately kills civilians, and does not deserve condescension. Such should not survive. An eye for an eye. Death for the death of those killed.
        1. rubin6286
          rubin6286 30 August 2014 10: 51
          I also do not understand why the militias need this ostentatious humanity. These "defenders of Ukraine" are well aware of what they are doing. Another thing is that there are a lot of prisoners and they need to be kept somewhere and somehow, even to treat and occupy these "inmates" with something. All this requires the diversion of forces and means, and Novorossiya has certain difficulties in this matter. In my opinion, special attention should be paid to volunteer, so-called. "motivated" units, staffed by villains of all stripes. In no case should they be released, they are even more enraged with impunity. Humanism must also be answered for atrocities, torture and humiliation, pity is inappropriate here. I'm not talking about foreign mercenaries at all, how to deal with them in the DPR and LPR already know.
          1. Pilat2009
            Pilat2009 30 August 2014 12: 52
            Quote: rubin6286
            They can not be released in any case, from impunity they are even more animals.

            You can reason like that
            But some smart commanders deliberately left the opportunity for retreat, because a beast clamped into a corner will bite to the end, realizing hopelessness. Well, most of the armed forces are still forced
          2. Ramzaj99
            Ramzaj99 30 August 2014 13: 30
            Quote: rubin6286
            I don’t understand why the militias need this ostentatious humanity

            Quote: rubin6286
            You can not release banderlet from captivity.

            The thing is that a precedent has been created.
            For the first time, the President of Russia did not actually ask the DPR army to create a corridor for the Ukrop battalions, but ordered these same battalions to withdraw, despite the fact that there was a categorical order from Kiev: not a step back. And they departed, listening to the president of Russia and not the president of Independence!
            This is a precedent, and in the place of Parashka I would have already begun to nibble ties!)
          3. I do not care
            I do not care 31 August 2014 19: 11
            new video 18- how to live ...
            1. I do not care
              I do not care 31 August 2014 20: 23
              lan, I made a screen, tomorrow I go
        2. AnaBat
          AnaBat 30 August 2014 19: 32
          Together with the punishers in Mariupol, about 100 American military advisers were blocked, including the current officers of the CIA and the Pentagon !!!!!

          1. Alfer
            Alfer 31 August 2014 10: 37
            In general, Mariupol is somehow opposed to the militias. Why we fell in love with the Natsiks already. We forgot how quickly they were shot by the Natsiks. Well, the people are there .. I suspect that this is the case throughout Ukraine. In Odessa, too, they quickly forgot that they themselves burned their own alive. Nothing. Then they live and rejoice. They amuse and sing Ah Odessa a pearl by the sea ..
      2. Civil
        Civil 30 August 2014 11: 23
        Let go, don’t let go ... it’s up to the DPR and the RF Ministry of Defense themselves
        1. Sergei1982
          Sergei1982 31 August 2014 11: 57
          Каратели попавшие в плен.
      3. Cadet787
        Cadet787 30 August 2014 13: 08
        Russian-Caucasian Brotherhood
        30.08.2014 - 02: 01

        The war in New Russia has another dimension - the Russian-Caucasian one. Kiev screams about the clouds of Caucasian "mercenaries" that have flooded the "Ukrainian Donbas." Caucasians in the Donbass are fighting, but there are not so many of them, as Kiev says. More than 95% of the militia are locals.
        The Kiev junta hoped to light a fire of Russophobia not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia itself, including in the Caucasus. But the neuro-paralytic attempts of pedophile Lyashko to provoke a Russian-Circassian confrontation were unsuccessful.
        Instead, we see the cohesion with which Russians and Caucasians stand shoulder to shoulder against Ukrainian neo-Nazism. In the ranks of the militias are Chechens, Circassians, Abkhazians, Ossetians, Armenians, Karachais. Caucasians value in others the strength of spirit and perseverance of character, and it would be foolish to think that they would listen to the tales of the cowardly fagot Lyashko.
        Kiev wanted to push the Caucasus and Russia between their foreheads, but it itself ran into a Russian-Caucasian military fraternity. About the courage of this fraternity, Ukrainian punishers have already broken their foreheads and noses. The militia drives the junta farther and deeper into Ukraine. A complete victory is still far away, but the successes of the militia are already impressive.
        Kiev can lie about thousands of highlanders, as if abandoned in the Donbass, as if by order of Putin. Lies always remain lies. If in Novorossia there will be 1-2 thousand Caucasian volunteers, it would be good. But hardly so much. And what is 1-2 thousand people in the army of New Russia, numbering 10-15 thousand? What is 1-2 thousand people in comparison with the Ukrainian group in the Donbass, numbering more than 40 thousand people?
        The value of the presence of Caucasians in the ranks of the militia is not only in their ability to deftly fight, but also in the political and psychological effect of this fact. The junta realized that to quarrel Caucasians with Russians is now unrealistic. Rushing foolishly into an idiotic adventure, Kiev is reaping its fruits.
        Let me at least one fan of euromaidan now answer: what bad did Ossetians do to Ukraine in 2008? Let at least one Ukrainian patriot-inferior try to justify the presence of Ukrainian national punishers and Ukrainian personnel in the zone of the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict.
        How many of you, patriots of Ukraine, who scream heart-rendingly about the Kadyrov’s regiments in the Donbas, have the honesty and courage to admit: in 2008, Ukraine was the aggressor who attacked the peaceful Tskhinval?
        Ossetians fell victim to the first Ukrainian Maidan of 2004. Yushchenko and his satraps, the same scum as the satraps Poroshenko and Poroshenko himself, cynically dropped tons of missiles and bombs on sleeping Ossetians. Maidan 2004 bombed South Ossetia. Maidan 2014 bombing the Donbass. Continuation
        1. Cadet787
          Cadet787 30 August 2014 13: 10
          Read more.
          Now Ossetians return the Khokhlah tribute. And what do you think, gentlemen of Ukrainian Patriot: you will kill, but you will not? This does not happen. Now, several hundred Ossetian volunteers are fighting in New Russia. And the Kiev junta hiccups that same Maidan of 2004.
          Has Ukraine repented for complicity in the genocide of the Ossetian people? Did she repent for her insidious crime? Has conscience woken up in Ukraine? Was there enough moral courage to admit guilt?
          Where there! Ukraine continues to hammer its forehead against the wall, telling of treacherous neighbors and its own innocence. But Ossetians remember the bodies of their brothers, killed not without the help of Ukrainian military experts in the Georgian army. They remember the torn bodies of children and women on the streets of South Ossetian cities.
          Ukraine would like to forget about it. Too uncomfortable facts. But Ossetia remembers. Do not forget. And with each bullet in the head of the Ukrainian punisher in the Donbass, Ossetians return to Ukraine a forgotten bloody favor.
          Ukrainian grief-patriots do not even know how much they do not like Ukraine in Ossetia, to put it mildly. For her venality to the West, for her willingness to bend to any foreign owner, for her willingness to kill anyone who is pointed out from Washington for the sake of American handouts.
          Should I bombard peaceful Tskhinval? Please, helpful Ukrainian patriots are right there. Need to help American colonialists enslave Iraq? And here the Ukrainian warriors are ready. Need to level with the face of the earth Novorossia? And this will not be the case!
          Only the misfire came out. New Russia gave back. Ossetians recalled the crimes of Ukrainian punishers in South Ossetia. The Chechens also remembered this, because the Chechen battalions participated in that war on the side of Russia and South Ossetia.
          Abkhazians, Karachais, Circassians, etc. did not forget about the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists in Abkhazia during the Georgian-Abkhaz wars. UNA-UNSO and other Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations left an unkind memory in Abkhazia. This is remembered by hundreds of volunteers from all over the Caucasus who defended Abkhazia from Georgian aggression.
          Many of the Ukrainians who fought on the Georgian side were now occupying leading posts in nationalist organizations. Some are fighting in the Donbass. So Caucasians and Ukraine have their own scores. Therefore, the Russian-Caucasian fist clenched, and slammed the Kiev junta into a snotty bread. And this is just the beginning.
          The very fact of the Russian-Caucasian military fraternity shows us that the Caucasus respects and appreciates the strong. Weak Russia is not for Caucasians. For a strong Russia, they are ready to sacrifice their lives.
          And also Tatars, Chuvashs, Udmurts, Mordovians are fighting in the militia of New Russia. The Kiev junta managed to set everyone against itself. But this is a slightly different story.
          1. Talgat
            Talgat 31 August 2014 14: 43
            Interesting material from Tengri News - opinion poll in Kazakhstan
            This is about the attitude of different peoples to the Ukrainian conflict
            It seems that the majority in Eurasia are on the side of the militia and not the punitive
      4. Cadet787
        Cadet787 30 August 2014 19: 34
        The Russian Foreign Ministry is authorized to declare ...
        29.08.2014 - 16: 07

        Events in Ukraine are already taking on a rampant character. Vladimir Putin's night appeal, fruitless discussions in the UN Security Council, the destruction of Ukrainian punitive forces in the "boilers" in Novorossia ... Junta Prime Minister Yatsenyuk demands to consider the law on Ukraine's accession to NATO.
        The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a special statement, which is published on the website of the department.
        Statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry on events in Ukraine

        When we hear how fabrications about Russian aggression, the invasion of troops and armored vehicles and the like are brought to the fore in discussions around the Ukrainian crisis, a number of serious questions inevitably arise.
        Why are those who raise this hype, insisting on the immediate convening of the UN Security Council, consistently blocking all of our proposals to comprehensively discuss the genesis of the Ukrainian tragedy and together work out a collective solution in the interests of the entire Ukrainian people, and not for the implementation of unilateral geopolitical schemes, in which Ukraine play the role of a bargaining chip?
        Why are our partners in the UN Security Council, in the OSCE and in other international forums steadily evading the condemnation of air strikes and shelling from heavy weapons in cities and other settlements, where many residential quarters, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, orthodox churches are destroyed continues to die civilians?
        Why, instead of condemning these criminal acts from Western capitals, only exhortations to the Kiev authorities are heard calling for a "proportional" use of fire?
        In any other conflict, whether in the Middle East, in Africa or elsewhere, the West has consistently opposed actions that harm the civilian population and demands their cessation. And only in relation to the South-East of Ukraine it draws a diametrically opposite line, grossly violating the norms of international humanitarian law.
        Our partners cannot but understand that, from a military point of view, the purpose of the militia in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions is to drop the Ukrainian security forces from the positions where they can fire cities with heavy weapons, multiple launch rocket launchers and ballistic missiles, killing civilians and destroying the infrastructure of life support of the population.
        When Kiev declares that negotiations will begin only after the surrender of those whom they call "separatists", the militias have no choice but to protect their homes, their families.
        As for the detention in Ukraine of Russian troops. About how they ended up on Ukrainian territory, all clarifications have already been given. The Ukrainian military fell and still fall on our territory, including with armored vehicles. We provide them with the necessary medical and other care and release. We hope that the Ukrainian side will immediately act in a similar way.
        We also call for an end to provocations against Russian diplomatic institutions in Ukraine and our diplomatic staff. On August 28, another outrageous action was taken in Kiev against security officers of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, including the personal guard of the Ambassador. Despite the presentation of diplomatic passports, they were detained at the exit from the cafe under a frankly fictitious pretext: they allegedly found grenades. We insist on the immediate release of the Embassy staff and in the future to prevent any violations of international conventions on diplomatic immunities.
        The Address of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin of August 29 is aimed at this. We urge all Ukrainian parties, all Western partners to show the same good will to solve the accumulated problems exclusively by peaceful means.
      5. Artyom
        Artyom 31 August 2014 10: 57
        specially flipped through all the comments so that they would not be repeated, this video is not present, Darenko lights it up, please do not watch citizens with a weak psyche;)
        c560d "width =" 607 "height =" 360 "frameborder =" 0 ">
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 30 August 2014 08: 22
      It so happened that the liberation of Ukraine from the Nazis is going through the hard-working Donbass. The junta would still have "minced meat" removed at their own expense. hi
      1. AnaBat
        AnaBat 30 August 2014 16: 37
        Kharkov partisans captured ukrovsky armored belly soldier
    3. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 30 August 2014 10: 13
      Iron logic... bully
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 30 August 2014 11: 55
        The press service of the punitive battalion "Donbass" informs. Urgent message. Maximum distribution.
        Asked for maximum distribution, yes please! laughing

        On 29 of August, in the morning, an ultimatum was advanced by a group of anti-terrorist operation forces that were in Ilovaysk. Put down your weapons and hand over the equipment. And only under this condition is it free to leave the city.
        The command, led by General Khomchak, decided to ignore this ultimatum and go on a breakthrough to the main forces of the ATO.
        While advancing, one of the columns was attacked by Russian troops using armored vehicles, Grad multiple launch rocket systems, Howitzers and mortars.
        As a result of an unequal battle, the Ukrainian military destroyed five units of enemy armored vehicles and captured ten Russian soldiers.
        However, one of the columns was defeated by enemy attacks, which then took up a circular defense in CHERONOPOLIE. The fate of the other column is not yet known, as the connection is completely broken.
        As a result of many hours of battle, a group of our military received a second ultimatum - to surrender before 6 in the morning, otherwise everyone will be destroyed.
        Part of the military decided to go prisoner.
        This ultimatum was categorically rejected by the battalions "Donbass", "Kryvbas" and the Kirovograd special forces regiment.
        Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the know. But it is becoming more complicated every minute, through a significant number of wounded from the battalions by the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Armed Forces (about a hundred people).
        We appeal to the President of Ukraine with a request to do everything possible and impossible to save the lives of Ukrainian heroes and to implement as soon as possible all possible measures for this.

        Heroyski are now in captivity! Do not bring them to Russia! am
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 30 August 2014 12: 06
          Akhtung! Kharkov partisans! yes

          Partisans of the Kharkov region ambushed the 92-th mechanized brigade in the village of Klugino-Bashkirka near Chuguev. The partisans fired at a supply convoy that was carrying supplies for the 92th APU brigade. Reinforcements with three infantry fighting vehicles came to the aid of the convoy, however, partisans attacked Ukrainian punishers with captured ATGMs. Two cars were hit, the third went to the side of the unit.

          When the Ukrainian military, covered with armor of wrecked vehicles, took up defense, the partisans opened fire. Two punishers were killed. After a large group with tanks advanced to help the 92 Brigade, the partisans left the battle.

          NATO should launch bombing of Kiev to force Ukraine to peace

          The deputy of the Sejm of Lithuania from the faction of the party of the Electoral Action of the Poles of Lithuania Zbigniew Edinsky believes that NATO should intervene in the conflict in Ukraine, and in order to "force" the Ukrainian authorities to peace, "it should start bombing Kiev." As a REGNUM correspondent reports, Edinsky wrote about this yesterday, on August 29, on his page on the Facebook social network.

          “Putin is a criminal because he allowed bloodshed in the south-east of Ukraine. As the leader of a neighboring country, he immediately had to introduce a peacekeeping contingent between the warring parties. NATO should take the initiative and begin the bombing of Kiev in order to force peace, as it was when NATO bombed Belgrade, so that Serbia recognized Kosovo’s independence, ”Edinsky wrote.

          Since the last parliamentary elections, the Lithuanian Poles ’election faction has been in the ruling coalition and the Lithuanian government, but after an internal conflict with the leader of the Social Democrats, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius, has left the ruling coalition and is currently in opposition. The party’s chairman is Valdemar Tomaszewski, Member of the European Parliament from Lithuania. In Lithuania, the IAPL is accused of ties with Russia.

          Zbigniew Edinski was born in Grodno, Belarus. He is the deputy chairman of the IAPL. Prior to his political career, he held various leadership positions in the industrial sector. He began his political career at work in municipalities at the beginning of Vilnius district, later of Šalčininkai district. Elected to the Sejm according to the IAPL lists.

          What? NATO should bomb Kiev ??? wassat
      2. Aleksandr68
        Aleksandr68 30 August 2014 17: 03
        And I thought it was a Jewish trait - to answer a question with a question.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Znayka
      Znayka 31 August 2014 12: 34
      31.08.2014/64/XNUMX New trophy. T-XNUMXBM "Bulat" was thrown by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novosvetlovka settlement. The modern tank was found by the militia during the cleansing of the settlement, the militia initially mistook it for an ordinary tank, but there was a fan of tank equipment in the group, who immediately realized what kind of "bird" the guys had found.
  2. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 30 August 2014 07: 47
    Thank you for the article! Eternal memory to all those who died at the hands of Ukrainian fascists of the XNUMXst century! Hold on to New Russia, we are with you!
  3. Denis
    Denis 30 August 2014 07: 53
    The southern front is fragmented into a series of boilers that digest. The junta suffers heavy losses, poking the surrounded forces in the militia orders, trying to find the weakness there.
    Peter Pig, the logical ending
  4. Akvadra
    Akvadra 30 August 2014 07: 59
    Good review. Enough facts and some lyrics. Thanks to the authors.
  5. saag
    saag 30 August 2014 08: 00
    A radio intelligence unit wouldn’t hurt the militia, because today the kids found a beacon, and tomorrow they might not find it
  6. Cossack Ermak
    Cossack Ermak 30 August 2014 08: 01
    One of the paramedics wanted to pull the tendons out of my wound in order to find out all the information about our squad. After being beaten, they tied me to a tree during a mortar attack. For an hour, shells flew over me. They put me in an infantry fighting vehicle and took me to the steppe. They made me sing the anthem of Ukraine, which I don't know and don't want to know. Also, the punishers offered to tie me to the BMP for a joke. One of the invaders suggested that they put on bulletproof vests on us (the prisoners) and start shooting to see if they could withstand, but did not. However, they did not let me go so easily, they beat me on the head with a metal rod, and then they covered the wound with salt. On the same day, I and three prisoners were taken to the checkpoint and released in exchange for someone. "

    And you propose to let them go through humanitarian corridors? And you think the "parade" of captured punishers in Donetsk is "inhumane"?
    1. ermolai
      ermolai 30 August 2014 09: 45
      well, it’s not so frankly who is stopping you from dealing with dogs, National Guard, Banderlogs, and other fascists, the SS were not taken prisoner, but they did not do the advertisement either. short inquiry and more ....
  7. Bronik
    Bronik 30 August 2014 08: 12
    Everything is very good, many real victories, but the message is scary
    those who put lighthouses pay 1000 hryvnias. By local standards - a monthly pension. Those who want to eat

    And to forgive pilots from "rooks" who bombed peaceful neighborhoods too? No really, BY THE LAWS OF WAR TIME ..
  8. Drunya
    Drunya 30 August 2014 08: 16
    map overview from (Basketok) 2014 08 29 21 18
    1. archi-man
      archi-man 30 August 2014 17: 17
      What is this site called?
      1. sledgehammer
        sledgehammer 30 August 2014 19: 34
  9. Oleg merser
    Oleg merser 30 August 2014 08: 22
    the under-state of UkrAin does not have long to live, I think everyone will support me :)
  10. shishakova
    shishakova 30 August 2014 08: 32
    Reading the summaries of the fighting of the militias, the opinion of many politicians from other countries does not fit my head - Russia is waging war in Ukraine. Since this was true, Kiev would have won a long time ago. However, the people of New Russia are fighting for their land, for justice, for human dignity without the power of the oligarchs and the corrupt government that came dishonestly.
    Victory to you, dear militia! God help you.
  11. Leader
    Leader 30 August 2014 08: 38
    Lists of Ukrainian pilots and gunners "working" on areal targets in Novorossiya, murderers of defenseless children and women, should be posted on the Internet - with the caption "You will all die! And very soon!", Accompanying these lists with photographs of killed citizens of Donbass / Lugansk.
    Let everyone know what "feats" these someone's sons / husbands / dads performed!
    Full Lists - Name, Address!
    None of you punishers will be forgotten! We’ll find everyone - even after 50 years ...
  12. Drunya
    Drunya 30 August 2014 08: 47
    Donbass fighters surrender
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 30 August 2014 10: 45
      Quote: Dryuya
      Donbass fighters surrender

      Surrender, I do not understand only this joke. All Natsik on our paratroopers?

      “We held the battle as long as we could. We have a lot of wounded. We surrender in order to somehow survive,” - a soldier of the second company of the Donbass battalion.

      1. starpom
        starpom 30 August 2014 19: 55
        Here I dug info from cyber golden eagle about Seeds
  13. Lock
    Lock 30 August 2014 08: 47
    When will this war end?
  14. Oleg merser
    Oleg merser 30 August 2014 08: 49
    Quote: trava
    When will this war end?

    when Kuev surrenders
  15. Prussian
    Prussian 30 August 2014 09: 03
    “Two wounded officers of the 51st brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Majors Alexander Kandesyuk and Aleksey Shepelyuk, blew themselves up along with 12 Russian paratroopers.

    According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, eyewitnesses say that they saw wounded Ukrainian fighters surrounded by 12 Russian paratroopers, and, threatening with weapons, they tried to capture them. When the enemies, creating a ring, approached a distance of several meters, the wounded Ukrainian officers got up from the ground and raised their hands up. It was noticeable that they were holding something in their hands, and after a moment several powerful explosions were heard, similar to explosions of grenades. Obviously, officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Majors Alexander Kandesyuk and Oleksiy Shepelyuk, not wanting to surrender, blew themselves up together with a numerically superior enemy, "the Defense Ministry said.

    Now the ATO command is preparing a submission for the assignment of the dead to the title of hero of Ukraine.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 30 August 2014 11: 05
      Quote: PRUSSAC
      “Two wounded officers of the 51st brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Majors Alexander Kandesyuk and Aleksey Shepelyuk, blew themselves up along with 12 Russian paratroopers.

      Now the ATO command is preparing a submission for the assignment of the dead to the title of hero of Ukraine.

      On behalf of the residents of Donbass and the city of Shakhtyorsk in particular, I welcome the VO community, and I can not ignore the comment Prussian.

      Even (!!!!!) on the air of 112 TV channel territory this "news" had a rebuttal from a "volunteer" engaged in the exchange of prisoners.
      One of the captive officers is alive, the second died, so the "molding of HEROES" with a halo of "martyrs" did not succeed in ukropropaganda ...
      And the dying "power", although from scratch, needs its own Matrosovs, Gastello and Kosmodemyanskie, so agitprop attempts will continue ...
      1. Prussian
        Prussian 30 August 2014 11: 45
        I wanted to emphasize the absurdity of the situation.
      2. 222222
        222222 30 August 2014 12: 19
        all on this topic
        first video ..
        second video-story of the volunteer]
    2. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 30 August 2014 13: 40
      Quote: PRUSSAC
      Two wounded officers of the 51st brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine, majors Oleksandr Kandesyuk and Oleksiy Shepelyuk, blew themselves up with 12 Russian paratroopers.

      I don’t want to be rude to you, dear ..... but these "bearded" fakes have already got it ....
      There you are : Ukrorazoboblenie your nonsense !!
    3. tomket
      tomket 30 August 2014 13: 49
      Quote: PRUSSAC
      When the enemies, creating a ring, approached a distance of several meters,

      Yeah, straight oil painting. Slowly contracting ring of paratroopers with thrown machine guns around wounded heroes)))). Well, it’s easy to have fun. A maximum of 4 people would fit. One held, the other knitted, and the rest would have kept the heroes on the fly so that they would not twitch. The paratroopers must have also created a ring so as to get into each other’s crossfire)))) In general, something was still contracting for someone, but not the paratroopers’s ring, that's for sure )))
    4. Kamov
      Kamov 30 August 2014 14: 37
      "Having created a ring, we approached a distance of several meters (12 people), the wounded Ukrainian officers got up from the ground and raised their hands up" - wow ...
  16. Rigla
    Rigla 30 August 2014 09: 04
    They will reach the executioner pilots at New Russia.
  17. siberalt
    siberalt 30 August 2014 09: 24
    It was immediately clear that Mariupol is the main point of support. Taking this crucial point will already make Kuev crawl on his knees to negotiate. And they can end only with the recognition of New Russia in the most favorable variant for Kuev. Do not agree - then along the Dnieper and to the PMR.
  18. Gray 43
    Gray 43 30 August 2014 09: 48
    There has always been a "special" attitude towards the pilots, I think these, too, should not be an exception. Traitors who strike at their own friends and neighbors, or even relatives, must be punished.
    1. velikoros-xnumx
      velikoros-xnumx 31 August 2014 00: 36
      During the interrogation, the identity of the pilot was established - Lieutenant Colonel Shevtsov Yuri Sergeevich, born 12.02.1982/XNUMX/XNUMX, a native Gorlovka

      Yes, no words. Doubtedly guilty.
  19. kotev19
    kotev19 30 August 2014 09: 48
    God, how the train station in Donetsk looks like Berlin in May 1945 ....
    1. andj61
      andj61 30 August 2014 20: 51
      Quote: kotev19
      God, how the train station in Donetsk looks like Berlin in May 1945 ....

      If we go through associations, then to Stalingrad 1943.
  20. DOMINO100
    DOMINO100 30 August 2014 09: 58
  21. Zheka40
    Zheka40 30 August 2014 09: 59
    Article +++. In one breath!
  22. delorian
    delorian 30 August 2014 10: 03
    Do not worry about pilots with a rook !!!!! why do you think they cannot be found ????
  23. lukke
    lukke 30 August 2014 10: 11
    The first. He graduated from TWO Min. Defense of the Russian Federation.
    The second one. Served in TEAM and STAFF Min. Russian defense
    Well, probably the landlord graduated from some combined arms (tank, artillery, etc.), then the Academy. Frunze. But where did the excerpts from the characteristics that are stored in the personal file come from ?! Amusing, and the namesake of Girkin-Strelkov ?! Was there not enough imagination in the production of documents of the covering? or is it the other way around - the professional humor-banter of our GRUSHnikov: "Dill, one Shooter for the" nose "drove you like children for six months, now keep the second, more sophisticated in conducting military operations!"
  24. Drunya
    Drunya 30 August 2014 10: 15
    Ghost Brigade, a militia story
  25. mamont5
    mamont5 30 August 2014 10: 16
    "" The authorities of Ukrainian Sumy decided to send military equipment located in different cities of the region as museum exhibits to the zone of the so-called ATO. The city administration hopes to bring some combat vehicles into full working order and send the Ukrainian army to the combat zone in the southeast. "

    Well, at first the militia began from this. Now ukrohuntyata reached the point that they began to fight. All worthless scraps are collected. But if it didn’t work out with real technology, then with what was left - complete writing ... c.
  26. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 30 August 2014 10: 20
    It seems like a fresh photo of dill shinkanuli ...
  27. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 30 August 2014 10: 36
    Today, the DPR authorities proposed that the Ukrainian military freely leave the combat zone with arms folded

    Wake up Ukraine! Poroshenko (Valtsman) is simply destroying you ... If you think that it will be purely on the South-East, you are very mistaken (they made a really bloody mess out of civilians) How do you like the bombing of Kiev from the City of Tornadoes and "Tochka U"? civilians (I think everyone saw the photo) .. Many relatives are simply torn to pieces and mixed with bricks .. They will go to Kiev and no one can stop them .. Stop riding troupes .. they will soon come for your children!
  28. Russ69
    Russ69 30 August 2014 10: 50
    Another abandoned "Acacia" ...

    Vinnitsa. Natsgady returned home ... They say their own helicopters covered ...
  29. Russ69
    Russ69 30 August 2014 10: 53

    They write that the militias knocked down the advanced unit post of dill on the outskirts and that equipment has now gone there ...

    Panic in Mariupol ...
    1. Alekseev
      Alekseev 30 August 2014 12: 20
      [quote = russ69] Panic in Mariupol ... "Or someone lacks brains."
      Just guessed the morons?
      If there were brains, they wouldn’t fall under the banderlogs, they wouldn’t yell: a hutin pui, noskaley on knives, them on a gilyak, Bandera come, order in sight, etc. shit. Do not burn and kill those who disagree with your nationalist nonsense!
      Would not betray the memory of their grandfathers, who died in the fight against fascism.
      Well, instead of close friendship and cooperation with their great neighbor, they would not have gone to confrontation in economics and politics.
      A little more, then it will come to a military confrontation.
      They will fill you, the banderlogs and the Svidomo and the squirmy who joined them, back to the sore.
      You will take shit "povnoy", b .., ie bad people. lol
      can understand hu is hu ...
      1. K-50
        K-50 30 August 2014 14: 18
        Quote: Alekseev
        Bandera come, order in the form

        So far, they are being sent to Bandera, to restore order in hell. There soon the main criminal of the piglet will rush along with the rest of the gop company am
  30. DPZ
    DPZ 30 August 2014 11: 25
    Comment from a friend I. I. Strelkov blogger "summer56"
    the comment does not say: is AI alive? did he still communicate with him after his disappearance?
  31. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 30 August 2014 11: 42
    Syoma Semechkin knocks on drums and blows with fanfare that the punishers (convinced Nazis and not soldiers of the Wehrmacht of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) will come out of the Ilovaisk pot "with banners and weapons, blowing up heavy equipment" (c) OH HOW! Isn't there too much liberalism for the killers of the People of Novorossiya? Humanism must also have limits. What are the "agreements at the highest level" (s)? Only surrender and unarmed at the sight of video cameras (this time). With subsequent display in the media all over the world.
    1. Anper
      Anper 31 August 2014 12: 29
      Quote: chelovektapok
      Syoma Semechkin knocks on drums and blows fanfare

      From Ukraine. Judging by the hourly news, the main one who got into a "folding" situation is Semenchenko, who is lying in the hospital. A red thick thread in his hysterics runs the thought that they were all drained, especially the army. In general, this is a cliché "to blame everyone except me "defines the line of behavior of Svidomo Ukrainians, starting with the Maidana. In the current situation in the SE, all terbatalions accuse the army. Soldiers, in turn, accuse the command, starting with their immediate commanders. Komandiry nod at Russian tanks and higher commanders. The video sequence with paratroopers chasing that day. The fruits of general hysteria are deposited in Svidomo's brain in the form of the introduction of troops by the aggressor Putin.
  32. padded jacket
    padded jacket 30 August 2014 12: 03
    Thank you very informative article, a large number of photos and videos are pleasing.
  33. Russ69
    Russ69 30 August 2014 12: 29
    Ukrainian media: out of 500 people, 51 brigades escaped with battle 16 people, the rest died captive or scattered:
  34. I am Russian
    I am Russian 30 August 2014 12: 31
    Thank you for the article!

    From the censor (about the corridor from the environment)

    "The paradox! It turns out that in this particular case, the life and dignity of the fighters of the volunteer-nationalist battalions were guaranteed and preserved not by their own president, but by the president of the enemy."
  35. Drunya
    Drunya 30 August 2014 12: 47
    on the website
    Skype conference was held
    many questions were asked and very many answers were received .
    if anyone wants you can arrange as a separate topic. I'm not against .

  36. Iline
    Iline 30 August 2014 12: 49
    Based on my personal experience and on the analysis of the facts cited, I can say that the advance of the army of New Russia is still beginning to choke. I soberly face the truth and respect the heroism of the militias, but the facts are stubborn things. With a weak talent pool, it is impossible to develop an offensive indefinitely, especially in several directions. What they wanted to prove by this attack against the weak battalions of the nat. I can’t understand the bastards. The combat forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine constantly bombard Lugansk and Donetsk, and here the offensive to the south with seated splinters in the rear in the form of Lugansk and Donetsk airports. And the rest of the boilers tie their hands. Can they deal with them finally and irrevocably first and then launch another offensive? Otherwise, visible advancement may turn out to be subsequently a sensitive folding of the gained positions.
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 30 August 2014 13: 38
      At the expense of "choking", you are completely wrong. The offensive chokes when it is stopped by the enemy. Whereas the militias have every chance to stop themselves, so that, as you correctly said, clean the rear. But while they are moving in the operational void, there is little sense in stopping, since the rapid advance may well upset the enemy forces directed to this front and break them up in parts. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary NOW to gain a foothold in the territory of Zaporozhye. The raids of armored groups are quite enough, as the dill did.
    2. qQQQ
      qQQQ 30 August 2014 15: 22
      Quote: Iline
      What they wanted to prove by this attack against the weak battalions of the nat. reptiles I can not understand

      Actually, offensives are carried out in the weakest places; I will not even develop the idea why. The turn will reach the offensive in the northern direction, but war is not Euclidean geometry, there the shortest direction can be in the opposite direction.
      1. Alekseev
        Alekseev 31 August 2014 12: 14
        Quote: qqqq
        The turn will reach the offensive in a northerly direction, but war is not Euclidean geometry,

        That's right!
        an offensive in the South makes supply by sea possible, brings the Donbass closer to the Crimea, threatens Odessa and Nikolaev, but in the North there are no such opportunities.
        As for the elimination of boilers.
        As Comrade rightly remarked. 31231, some boilers, in the areas of airports in particular, for quite a long time and were well fortified. The militia in order to destroy the entrenched ukrovsk quickly and efficiently, there is not enough heavy artillery, there is no aircraft, and there are not so many infantry.
        There is only one way out - to kill the surrounded foodstuffs, cutting them off the supply and constantly shelling.
        High-precision weapons such as "Krasnoapol", 120-mm guided mines, ATGMs with a thermobaric warhead (and with a cumulative one too) can help a lot here. Trophy mortar Tulip - that's it!
        Not small dysentery, typhoid and "similar syphilis" may play a role.
    3. 31231
      31231 30 August 2014 17: 03
      Og. What are going to take well dug boilers?
      The militia is still much less likely.
      They do everything right. As long as there is an unstable front, it's time to use skills. To fight not by numbers, but by skill.
  37. Victor-M
    Victor-M 30 August 2014 12: 57
    "We support the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to create a humanitarian corridor for the withdrawal of surrounded soldiers and officers of the armed forces of Ukraine. We are ready to ensure the safety of leaving the Ukrainian military environment on one condition - they must leave without armament."

    Maybe I don’t understand something, but it seems to me that the kaklov artificially create greenhouse conditions for the killing of civilians and the subsequent, unpunished, safe exit through the humanitarian corridors created for them. One can only imagine what banderlogs would do against the inhabitants of New Russia, having exchanged places in this situation. Although it is not necessary to imagine, everything is clearly visible that even in the complete environment of the militias, they continue to kill innocent people.
  38. pahom54
    pahom54 30 August 2014 12: 59
    Militias well done!
    However, some factors, such as unexploded ordnance-mines-rockets from dill, evoke thoughts that it is necessary to revise our ammunition. The reason is that even our chemical plant, which previously produced gunpowder for shells, has not been functioning for 18 years. My wife worked as a master technologist in the production of gunpowder, and says that the guarantee on the gunpowder that they released last is already by-by-bye ... And I know that not one of our powder-mill was closed ... So what should I do conclusions, make practical practical fires and take measures to replace ammunition, if something goes wrong ...
  39. brn521
    brn521 30 August 2014 13: 21
    Quote: vladimirZ
    The shown captive banderlet Shevtsov is a former Russian, a traitor to the Russian people, understands everything perfectly and deliberately kills civilians, and does not deserve condescension. Such should not survive. An eye for an eye.

    Let those who wage war and who brought down this Shevtsov and captured him already decide this. As for me, there is nothing in the shit once again to mess and hatred escalate. Let all evil remain with the right-wingers and leave with them. Novorosy are not waging war for the sake of war, they need to defeat and build a peaceful life, and not have a hot spot for decades.
  40. 51064
    51064 30 August 2014 13: 36
    Excellent compilation of summaries from major sources. Thank!
  41. 51064
    51064 30 August 2014 13: 49
    Funny and instructive video
    1. Ayujak
      Ayujak 31 August 2014 02: 44
      Directed at 5 !!! ... bare facts.
  42. 51064
    51064 30 August 2014 13: 53
    A bit outdated video, maybe someone did not see what hell was going on there for more than a month.
  43. Drunya
    Drunya 30 August 2014 13: 53
    map overview 2014 08 30 13.43.
  44. 51064
    51064 30 August 2014 13: 57
    Is it really true? Rather editorial flaw (highlighted in bold)
    DONETSK, August 30. / ITAR-TASS /. Under the pressure of the militias Ukrainian military retreats from Donetsk towards Zaporozhye. Eyewitnesses reported about ITAR-TASS.
    According to residents of Donetsk, the transition to retreat occurs in droves, heavy equipment is taken away.
    As the "Novorossiya" agency reports, during the last battles the militiamen managed to destroy about 20 tanks and armored vehicles.
    In a southerly direction, the militias came close to the strategically important city of Mariupol. His assault has not yet begun, but reconnaissance groups of the proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic are already working in the vicinity. Eyewitnesses claim that the city is surrounded.
  45. DMB-75
    DMB-75 30 August 2014 14: 57
    ... I just want to scream loudly:
  46. uyakub92
    uyakub92 30 August 2014 16: 17
    I am more afraid of the sluggish suppression of boilers in the Lugansk people's republic. They still pose a huge danger
    1. Waterfowl
      Waterfowl 30 August 2014 18: 17
      You are absolutely right! How then can we talk about the imminent capture of Mariupol?
  47. reg_edit
    reg_edit 30 August 2014 16: 23
    News headline: "The defenders of Donbass beheaded the 28th mechanized brigade." Boshki tore them all, or what? smile
  48. Andrey Skokovsky
    Andrey Skokovsky 30 August 2014 16: 27
    a vacation to a sniper would not hurt a belarusian.
    to Crimea would have her for a week ...
  49. Vladimir-R
    Vladimir-R 30 August 2014 16: 41
    One can imagine how they are mumbling in the militia about the nonsense of our leaders about humanitarian corridors for punishers .. In the cabin that goes to Donbas. such gestures simply do not roll. Releasing troops already having combat experience is to step over the blood and pain of those who were able to drive these creatures who came to kill into boilers .. Only through the defeat of the Kiev warriors can Peace be returned .. there is no other way ..
    1. Dimych
      Dimych 31 August 2014 17: 13
      In my opinion, humanitarian corridors have one goal - the speedy elimination of these boilers and the release of their own forces and means for more important tasks. Let it not be possible to destroy the punishers physically located in them, but the fact that they will lose their heavy weapons already plays a significant role. Even if the released junta will again be sent to the Donbass, this will take some time. In addition, the punitive has problems with the supply of heavy weapons. At least now there is simply nowhere to take it. And the militia, meanwhile, can solve the problem of pushing the enemy away from Donetsk and Lugansk and preventing the mass death of civilians from artillery fire.
  50. Sharikov
    Sharikov 30 August 2014 17: 11
    Cerebral. The hard truth about the war. For refugees