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Russian-Indian multipurpose aircraft will be assembled on Aviastar

In Ulyanovsk, a plenary meeting of MATF-2014 (“Transport Aircraft: World Trends, Russia's Future”) was held, at which topical issues of Russian aircraft manufacturing were discussed, reports Ulyanovskaya Pravda.

Russian-Indian multipurpose aircraft will be assembled on Aviastar

In his speech, the deputy general director of JSC UAC-TS Nikolai Sankov said: “In the next 20 years, the volume of world aviation freight traffic will double, which will require about 2300 new cargo aircraft. The Russian Federation, in theory, possessing all types of transporters - from the light Il-112 (carrying capacity 5 tons, range - 2 thousand km) to the super-heavy An-124-100 (120 tons and 5,5 thousand km), does not produce anything serially ( the civilian version of the Il-76MD-90A has not yet been certified) ".

According to the speakers, “the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory has the greatest competencies in the transport aircraft industry.” It was noted that it “went into the IL-76MD-90A series”, “built, and today, upgrades the Ruslans here, according to the plans of the UAC, starting from 2019, the Russian-Indian multi-purpose transport aircraft (MRTA , or IL-214), with a payload of 20 tons and a range of 2,5 thousands of km. "

The general director of Aviastar, Sergey Dementiev, said that at present "5 copies of IL-76MD-90А are in production (two will be handed over to the customer this year), in total 13 sets from 39-ti are laid down." He noted that on the basis of this aircraft "a project of a tanker (running name IL-78) was launched, which should take to the air at the end of next year."

Dementiev stressed that “modernization is in full swing at the enterprise: in 2008-2013, outdated equipment units 364 were brought out, 43 units of the newest were purchased, and 2014-2015 units should be 216 and 101, respectively.”

According to the head, among the company's projects are “super heavy aircraft (carrying capacity up to 180 tons, wing span 70,8 m, aircraft length - 69,4 m); aircraft with a tonnage of up to 80 tons with slightly smaller dimensions and engines in the tail; nizkoplan model with the ability to convert to the passenger version and back; a model with a carrier fuselage (spanning 80 m, length - 54,9 m) and, finally, a modular platform with a load on the external sling. "

Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies summed up at the meeting the results of the competition "Promising transport aircraft of the XXI century". In the nomination “Formation of the technical appearance of a promising transport aircraft of the 21st century”, the winners were unanimously recognized by graduates of the Moscow Aviation University Sergey Borovykh, Nikolay Turbin and Ilya Ageev with their project “Development of the concept of a heavy transport aircraft according to a new aerodynamic scheme”. The work contains “a description and calculations of the“ Mriya ”class An-225 transport plane“ triplane ”, performed according to a double-beam scheme with an external suspension of the transported“ oversized ”cargo under the center section of the wing between the fuselages.”

The main prize for the winners was an invitation to work in the Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies.

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  1. Rimsler2014
    Rimsler2014 29 August 2014 12: 43
    not bad, the most important thing is not to slow down production
    1. SS68SS
      SS68SS 29 August 2014 12: 47
      Quote: Rimsler2014
      not bad, the most important thing is not to slow down production

      And do not stop there. Today it is necessary to invent what our grandchildren will build and glorify. Invest in the prospect that our descendants are proud of us ... How today we use the achievements of the 50-80s and thank our fathers for the best planes and missiles in the world ....
      1. nils
        nils 29 August 2014 12: 53
        Prospects are good, reality is more complicated.

        On August 15, 2014, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuri Slyusar said that the Russian-Ukrainian project to resume production and modernization of the An-124 Ruslan heavy transport aircraft was no longer on the agenda due to the political situation, like other joint Russian-Ukrainian projects in aircraft manufacturing .
        According to the plans of the UAC, the Russian-Indian multi-purpose transport aircraft (MRTA, or IL-214) will be assembled starting from 2019 year.
        In the dry residue of 5 copies of IL-76MD-90A (two will be delivered to the customer this year), from the set of 13 sets and modernization of the old ones.

        Little, however. The consequences of bullying the country must be corrected for a long time.
      2. Koloradovatnik
        Koloradovatnik 29 August 2014 12: 56
        By the way, there has been such a project since Soviet times - EKIP (EKologiya I Progress). Carrying capacity - 550 t. Does not require runway. Made according to the "flying saucer" technology. So why reinvent the wheel when you have a motorcycle?
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 29 August 2014 13: 28
      We must continue to rebuild our aircraft industry, which will become a locomotive for our entire economy, only we need to beat our hands off the fifth column so that we don’t shove the sticks in the wheels.
    3. 1812 1945
      1812 1945 29 August 2014 13: 55
      Quote: Rimsler2014
      not bad, the most important thing is not to slow down production

      To know more: how much of this production is provided by domestic means of production - modern programmable machines? A question of strategic importance.
  2. Vend
    Vend 29 August 2014 12: 47
    Maybe it's really time to offer a more advanced airliner than a Boeing.
  3. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 29 August 2014 12: 48
    For 14 years the project "everyone develops" and now 2019 has dawned! laughing !!!
  4. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 29 August 2014 12: 49
    Yes, it’s time already enough to buy someone else’s
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 29 August 2014 12: 51
    Better than we cannot offer, Boeing has not mastered the technology of assembling large carbon fiber parts. Yes, and engines for civilian vehicles are slightly behind.
  6. Vita_vko
    Vita_vko 29 August 2014 12: 51
    It is time to ban Russian companies from buying and operating Boeing and Airbus, as well as regulating the access of foreign airlines to Russian airlines. Then everything will quickly get better in the civilian aircraft industry, including with ICAO certification.
      VOLCHOXURAL 29 August 2014 14: 33
      Quote: Vita_vko
      It is time to ban Russian companies from buying and operating Boeing and Airbus

      Yeah, and everyone ride the trains? Do you have that friday started wassat
      Here to rent, followed by return and replacement with our new one, yes.
  7. volodyk50
    volodyk50 29 August 2014 12: 51
    Promising 21st Century Transport Aircraft
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 29 August 2014 13: 01
      ... and a body full of fuel so that all engines have enough laughing
  8. Fear
    Fear 29 August 2014 12: 53
    Quote: volodyk50
    Promising 21st Century Transport Aircraft

    The picture is fake! he doesn’t have enough tank to accelerate.
    1. Koloradovatnik
      Koloradovatnik 29 August 2014 12: 58
      The plaque is a fly, so what, you can’t laugh anymore ???
    2. theadenter
      theadenter 29 August 2014 13: 47
      And then we did not know
  9. propolsky
    propolsky 29 August 2014 12: 58
    Oh, enough production capacity! The intentions are very good, but plants are needed, there is not enough Tashkent and Kiev ...
  10. Ryndabul
    Ryndabul 29 August 2014 12: 58
    I could be wrong, but, in my opinion, there is something similar in this arrangement - the Hercules triplane?
  11. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 29 August 2014 13: 02
    Good plans, God forbid time and opportunities for their implementation! How much can you use imported junk!
  12. bmv04636
    bmv04636 29 August 2014 13: 14

    Not in the subject of course but very interesting
    1. aleks 62
      aleks 62 29 August 2014 13: 25
      Also not in the subject: ..... That's what do ... And ours feed, dress, cherish them ... am
      A militiaman from the Motorola detachment said that on August 12 he was wounded in Miusinsk with a shot from an infantry fighting vehicle and was wounded in the legs and arm. Vodyaniy lost consciousness, and, waking up, was captured by the Ukrainian military.

      - One of the paramedics wanted to pull out the tendons from my wound to find out all the information about our squad. After beating, they tied me to a tree during a mortar attack. For an hour, shells flew over me, ”Vodyanoy said.

      According to the militia, an hour later scouts from the regular army of Ukraine came for him, whose paramedic had bandaged Vodyany’s wounds for two days. Subsequently, he was put in a BMP and taken to the steppe. The soldier said that the security forces of "some brigade" pulled him out of the combat vehicle and again began to torture him.

      In particular, he was forced to sing the anthem of Ukraine, which Vodyanoy does not know. The punishers also suggested tying the militia to an infantry fighting vehicle for fun. On August 19, scouts from the regular army came for the fighter and put him in a pit, where two deputies from Makeyevka and their driver also sat.

      - One of the invaders suggested putting on bulletproof vests and starting to shoot to check if they could withstand, but did not. However, they simply didn’t let me go, they beat me on the head with a metal rod, and then they poured salt over the wound, ”Vodyanoy said.

      On the same day, the militia and three prisoners were taken to a checkpoint and released. The fighter also said that the deputies carried him on a blanket, because after the wound he himself was not able to move. A day later, they reached Anthracite of the Luhansk region, where an operation was performed at Vodyanoy hospital.
  13. DMB-75
    DMB-75 29 August 2014 13: 23
    ... the first thing, the first thing is the planes, but then the girls, and the girls then ..., I was drawn to the songs, well, and where without the girls, without them nothing. good
  14. saag
    saag 29 August 2014 13: 58
    "... an aircraft with a carrying capacity of up to 80 tons with slightly smaller dimensions and engines in the tail" is it like they will raise the documentation for the IL-62 and on its basis will they invent something?
  15. rugor
    rugor 29 August 2014 14: 07
    It is clear that tomorrow there will be no result. To the same extent and quality, we still have to work and work, but the beginning is laid, that is already good news.