Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 28 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 8: 09

Summary from 1 Inter-Brigade of the Southeast

“Heavy positional battles were fought for previously captured positions, the militia tried to strengthen their counter-offensive further. The past day was again marked by massive artillery and mortar shelling of Donetsk from positions of punitive in the area of ​​the airport. and Kirovsky, in the evening - Kalininsky districts. At least 8 civilians were killed. Shooting was heard in some areas of the city, at night a sniper was killed - saboteur you shoot at civilians from the roof of high-rise buildings. There were also eliminated 2 mortar DRG, the third managed to escape.
By the way, the situation in the Donetsk airport is incomprehensible to me - again the reinforced parts of the punishers who strike at the vulnerable point of the DPR are not knocked out and are not completely suppressed, because forces thrown into the counteroffensive. I hope, in the headquarters of the army of New Russia better.

For other settlements of the DPR:
- Avdiivka and Yasinovataya - a day passed in bloody battles. Militiamen squeeze punitive positions (2 BTR, 1 tank, ammunition depot and 25 punishers destroyed during battles); ukrovermaht, though with difficulty, but holds.
- Kuteynikovo (Amvrosievsky district) - here the “fennel thicket” turned out to be less common: the militia, squeezed in a vice and subjected to a thorough attack, were taken prisoner by the national guard of 94.
- Thieves' (Starobeshevsky district) - a swift attack by the militia unleashed a large accumulation of enemy forces, destroyed 11 units of armored vehicles, no data were available on personnel losses.
- Amvrosiyivka - junta positions are in full ring. Judging by the fact that official Kiev is moaning about the armored columns of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation that entered there (probably, now they are lost tankers), the punitive business is bad and soon they will be completed. To admit that the “quilted jackets” turned out to be so much prepared, and the punishers are absolutely stupid, the junta cannot — its prestige has long been lying below the plinth.
- Ilovaisk is completely free from the Nazi occupiers, but the surviving punitive units are dispersed in the adjacent forests, where now units of the Novorossiysk army are conducting sweeps. From here also was committed tank attack towards Mospino, but no details yet.
- Starobeshevo - after fierce fighting the day before, this morning the militia forces voluntarily surrendered to 129, the ideological sons of Bandera.
- Krasnogorovka (Mariinsky district) - there are concentrated parts of the ukrovermht, shelling Donetsk. Attempts by the militia to remove artillery from Donetsk were crowned with tactical success — the punishers lost the 4 MLRS Grad along with the calculations, the 2 tank and the 2 BMP.
- Novoazovsk - militia tanks entered the city and entrenched on the western outskirts. There is not very verified information that went further, the whole city was taken. In any case, the militia headquarters reported that the borders between Russia and the DPR were under the control of the militia forces along its entire length, and there were still battles in certain sections of the border.
- Enakievo - a metallurgical plant underwent a mortar attack.

Lugansk was fired using the Uragan MLRS, mortars and aviation. The loss data is extremely scarce, I can only say about one dead civilian. Destroyed the school and residential buildings. In hospitals, the wounded have nowhere to go.
Interesting information came that Lugansk Machine-Building Plant was evacuating production facilities (attention!) To Cheboksary.

In other localities of the LC:
- n.p.Gryashchevatoe and Novosvetlovka - at the approaches to the villages are the hardest fights. Undressed Bandera with the support of artillery trying to break out of the environment. There are reports that civilians are trying to use as a human shield. The assault is postponed, the militia think what to do in the situation with the hostages.
- the settlement of Valuyskoe during the clashes destroyed a column of armored vehicles (5 vehicles with ammunition) and 10 punishers.
- Krasnodon - headquarters reports large columns of armored vehicles of the militia, advancing towards the city.

There is very strange information from the "Goebbels mouthpiece", i.e. That the militia forces control a number of settlements that are not called them: Markino, Kovskoye, Shcherbak, Klimkion, Sedovo-Vasilyevka, Kuzitsy, Rosa Luxemburg (NOVAZOVSKY and nearby districts). in the list of punitive exempters, or the situation for the junta's forces has become so critical that they cannot hide their retreat (if not the flight).

In general, there are no significant changes on the front line. The counterattack is heading a slow but unavoidable wave in the direction of Mariupol (data have come that under the Mariupol in the direction of Novoazovsk the calculations of the MLRS "Uragan" are deployed)
Data on the activities of the partisans already came in the Sumy region - RVK and ATC buildings were fired at Sumy, two police cars were blown up.

For the losses inflicted by our junta team:
Punishers (killed / wounded / captured) - 13 / 36 / 0 (according to the NSDC), 35 /? / 223 (according to the militia)
Destroyed and captured armored vehicles - tanks - 3, cars - 5, BTR / BMP - 15, MLRS - 4. "

Yesterday at 8: 48

Message from the militia headquarters

"In the evening, in the area of ​​Starabeshevo, a tactical missile dropped (Tochka-y), local residents report a six-meter depth funnel. Yesterday, the Ukrainian punishers launched 10 launches of the Tochka-U tactical missile, of which only two missiles reached the battlefield. movements of tactical complexes, but the launch area has not yet been clarified. "

Yesterday at 8: 51

Message from journalists

"In Mariupol, the junta is preparing the mining of objects for the supply of electricity, gas, water, as well as large social objects and hospitals."

Yesterday at 11: 47

Message from the militia headquarters

“Over the past 5 days, the counterintelligence officers of the militia eliminated 20 by the sabotage and reconnaissance groups of the Ukrainian security forces who were shelling Donetsk from portable mortars. Fire saboteurs were often not targeted, but simply to defeat by passersby. Two of them were eliminated, one managed to escape. Two Ukrainian directors were detained in Makeyevka, and radio beacons were found with them, which they were going to install near an electrical substation Soviet district. There was also caught a fire spotter, who informed the security officials of the coordinates of bomb shelters. "

Yesterday at 11: 51

Summary of the Army of the South-East for the night of August 28: the enemy retreats and suffers heavy losses

"During the night, the punishers continued to subject infrastructure objects and residential areas of Donetsk, Lugansk, Makeyevka, Mospino and Ilovaisk to intensive shelling.

The armed forces of New Russia were active offensive and ambush in all directions.

Units of the National Guard "Cordon" in an attempt to exit the encirclement in the Amvrosiyivka area were ambushed and suffered significant losses. It was killed before 70 enemy troops.

Under the onslaught of the forces of Novorossia, the troops of the junta were forced to retreat from the settlements of Slavyanoserbsk, Krymskoye and Kirovsk.

In the course of the clashes in the area of ​​Starobeshevo, the DPR fighters captured 4 4-mm anti-tank guns “Rapira”, self-propelled artillery unit “Gvozdika”, I, I, and I, and I, and I, and, and 2014, I’Mo, 2014 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– local residents, as well as warehouses with ammunition and military-technical property.

In the Ulyanovsk region, having lost faith in the actions of the Ukrainian leadership and realizing the hopelessness of their position, the punisher led by the regiment commander Colonel S. Nakhotin surrendered to 61.

In the Luhansk direction, clashes took place in the area n. p. Fashchevka.

In the south of the DPR, the enemy hastily withdraws punitive units from the city of Novoazovsk in the direction of Mariupol. The militia forces seized checkpoints and strong points in the northern and eastern parts of the city, as well as a bridge over the Gruzsky Elanchik River.

During the fierce battle of n. p. Novokaterinovka Novorussia fighters destroyed 2 tank T-64, 9 BMP, to 10 cars, 24 man surrendered. Losses in manpower of the enemy are specified.

According to preliminary estimates, during the counteroffensive of the armies of the DPR and LPR, the punishers suffered significant casualties. The number of dead, wounded and captured exceeds 750 people.

Only during the night during fierce battles more than 130 Ukrainian invaders were captured. "

Yesterday at 11: 54

Map of the situation and a brief comment from the militia

“At the moment we are trying to create another boiler and surround the territory north of Donetsk. If the plan comes true, we will take the battalions of the punitive forces“ Dnepr ”and“ Azov ”into full circle.
Also on another part of the front, the militia comes from two sides: from Yelenovka and from Granite. If successful, the militia forces will meet in the city of Volnovakha. At the same time around a thousand Ukrainian military will be surrounded.
The "strategy of the boilers" was worked out by the militia during the last counterattack and it showed itself perfectly. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 28 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 12: 24

Interview with the militia "Batey" and captive captain Ukrainian punisher Fedosenko

Fedosenko: They treat me normally, they immediately had medical aid, they feed, they sing. I was given to contact my wife and father.
Our unit did not participate in attacks on the civilian population; we stood at roadblocks. About the death of the civilian population, I learned yesterday from the video. I was shocked.
Batya: I do not consider the commander of the 40 Battalion as an officer. I offered to exchange prisoners, he replied: "Do what you want, I don't care, you can shoot them."
Fedosenko: We were made puppets and cannon fodder. I did not know what was going on here. I realized that this war is senseless and fratricidal, that it should be ended rather. It's terrible when children die.

History testifies to who always wins such wars. Does anyone doubt the victory of the Slavic weapons over Nazism?

Yesterday at 12: 25

Message from journalists

"The grouping of Ukrainian punitive forces lost a single command. During the counterattack of the army of Novorossia, the security forces lost more than 750 people to the wounded, killed and captured people. republics lost a single management and ceased to exist as a whole. "

Yesterday at 12: 34

Post press service of the Donetsk City Council

"As of 10.00, the situation in the city is extremely tense, 11 civilians died, and 22 people were injured.

The night from 27 to August 28 passed uneasily. Three areas of the city were shelled. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Donetsk region as a result of hitting shells damaged apartment number 1 in the house 14 on the street. Rationalizers, destroyed the garage and outbuildings on the streets Kirpichno-Zavodskaya 1 and Postojkomovskaya 2 in Petrovsky district. In Leninsky district, the school building No. XXUMX was damaged - the roofing and floors in the 33m1800 square, as well as furniture, were destroyed. In addition, on the street. Kuibyshev 2 projectile hit the garage, Kamaz car burned down completely. In the Kuybyshevsky district, after the shell hit, the Aquarius store room caught fire, the roof, floors, materials and spare parts were destroyed by fire.

Over the past day, as a result of the shelling of the Donetsk regions, 11 civilians died, 22 people were injured of varying degrees of severity.

As of 10.00 in Donetsk extremely tense situation. In the morning of August 28, shelling in Petrovsky and Kievsky districts was again, after which more than 60 transformer substations were de-energized, as well as two water points - Central and Northern. In 9.30, the power supply of the Central Water Unit has been restored. Work on the repair of electrical networks are underway.

After the break of the contact network on the street. The generator does not carry out the movement of trolleybuses №11. Due to the lack of tension at the intersection of Bogdan Khmelnitsky Avenue and Universitetskaya Street there are trolleybuses №№10, 17 and 14. Since military operations are under way in the area of ​​the railway station, trolleybuses No. XXUMX and trams No. XXUMX do not run. "

Yesterday at 12: 41

Message from Bratislava Zivkovic, the commander of the Serbian Chetniks squad

“Serbian Chetniks are already in Slavyanoserbsk. The“ Jovan Shevich ”detachment eliminated about 19 Ukrainian punishers and several units of enemy armored vehicles during the attack, and also took rich trophies.”

In the photo is Bratislav Zivkovic (with a beard) and a Serbian chetnik in a combat position.

Yesterday at 12: 48

Message from journalists

“According to local residents, reconnaissance of UAVs preceded artillery strikes by Ukrainian troops on various social objects. A day before the hospital shelling, a drone stuck in the area saw the drone. The reconnaissance equipment was spotted the day before and over the Kalininsky district. On August and August 28 in the morning Ukrainian artillery shelled Donetsk again. No less than 16 people died in the city, it was not the first time that there were big problems with water supply. Ten people died in a fire in the Kalininsky Paradise House of Culture she.The fire resulted from a shell hit.The 23-year-old repairing lines of the TPPs worker was hit by the shelling and the Donetsk Regional Clinical Hospital fell under shelling of the Grad volley fire systems. From early morning, Ukrainian aviation again patrols over Donetsk. cargo security officials, blocked in the area of ​​the airport, and then circled the city for reconnaissance purposes.
Residents of Donetsk today expect new air strikes. According to their observations, the Ukrainian army is particularly brutal on Orthodox holidays, and on August 28 is the holiday Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. "

Yesterday at 13: 13

New data on CyberBerkut punishers captured by South-East armies (from 16 to August 23)

Despite loud statements by security and anti-people media, the military continues to “supply” the armies of the Southeast with military equipment.
From the new documents of the law enforcement officers of Ukraine, we learned that during the period from 16 to 23 in August the people's militia seized: T-64 14 units, BMP 25 units, BTR 18 units, BRDM 1 units, MLRS "Uragan "1 units, SAU 2C1" Carnation "2 units, D-30 4 units, mortars 82-mm 4 units, ZU-23-2 1 units, 33 units of cars.

Thus, only according to our data, from 20 June to 23 in August during the punitive operation, the defenders of the DPR and LPR captured from the Ukrainian army: T-64 79 units, BMP 94 units, BTR 57 units, BRDM 3 units, BMD 9 units., MLRS BM-21 "Grad" 24 units., MLRS "Hurricane" 3 units., ACS 2S4 "Tulip" 2 units., ACS 2S9 "Nona" 6 units., ACS 2S1 "Carnation" 27 units. , D-30 14 units, mortars 82-mm 36 units, ZU-23-2 19 units, cars 157 units

Judging by these figures, the defeat of the Ukrainian punishers in the South-East continues.

Yesterday at 13: 28

Freed from the captivity of the National Guard under: Ukrainian authorities use the military as "meat"

Alexei, released from the captivity of the National Guard under, said that the punishers had promised to liquidate the hostages if the army of the Donetsk People's Republic went on the offensive. At the same time, one of the soldiers told the prisoners that their families were threatened and used by the national guard as "meat", sending them to war with the militia.

“The siloviki said that they themselves were ready to reckon with Poroshenko and go to Kiev, but they would not be allowed to do this, as the families of the military were threatened with reprisal,” said Osipenko.

As reported by LifeNews, on the eve of the head of the Lugansk People's Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, said that the Ukrainian security forces were hiding behind hostages as a human shield during the storming of the militia of the village of Khrushchevatoy.

Yesterday at 13: 35

A fresh overview of the map of the fighting

Yesterday at 14: 00

Summary from the information press center "Vostok"

"In the APU reigns complete chaos and mess. 27 on August in the Donbas, the DPR army took control of the strategic height of the Saur-Grave and the city of Starobeshevo," an employee of the Vostok information center with the call sign Sever said to a REGNUM correspondent. The DPR army fought off the enemy Saur-Mogila (Miners' district, Donetsk region), the city of Starobeshevo, fighting takes place in the Skochinsky mine (Donetsk). Also on Wednesday, the militia struck a very serious blow with armored vehicles and artillery on Volnovakha. losses. At the moment, Volnovakha they left - it is now a draw. There are a lot of equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the district of the settlement. We conduct neat and tactically competent military actions aimed at achieving the most effective result. In the DPR army, order and centralization are established, we are reaching a higher level. DPR army dislodged Ilovaysk battalions National Guard under. The troops of the DPR strengthened under Novoazovsk and Amvrosiyivka. "

Yesterday at 14: 10

Photo from the militia

Flag of the DPR over Saur-Grave. We also bring to your attention a video story from journalists.

Yesterday at 14: 24

Message from the militia headquarters

“As a result of the Ukrainian 104 shelling, the miner was blocked in a mine in Donetsk. Zasyadko’s mine is completely de-energized, the workers there have no way to get out. It’s not yet possible to restore the coal plant’s power supply and raise the miners to the surface because of the incessant shelling.”

Yesterday at 14: 56

Message from Dmitry Babich

"The commander of the Wolf Hundreds of Cossack militia with the call sign Dingo fought in Slavyansk. He was constantly on the front line with his unit. And today he died."

From the militia:

"This is a real Cossack who lived and breathed ideas of the Cossacks. A real warrior, a loving father. The lives of his fighters for him have always been more important than his own.
Was merciless to enemies.

Eternal memory to the hero. "

Yesterday at 15: 19

Message from the militia headquarters

The headquarters of the DPR militia denied the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that allegedly "the introduction of Russian troops into Ukraine took place.

"There are no Russian troops on the territory of Novorossia, unless Poroshenko has in mind any other territories of Ukraine. In Kiev and in the West, they are repeating the Russian invasion in order to somehow explain the massive defeats of the Ukrainian troops in clashes with the militia. In the eyes of skeptics should explain as the DPR army has evolved from scattered semi-partisan units into a powerful military organization capable of not only resisting, but also defeating the Ukrainian army on the battlefield. "

Yesterday at 15: 21

Message from Dmitry Steshin

“For two hours, some horrific calibers were beating the airport, at night near our house in Zelenka they fired machine guns and other things - they caught mortar-saboteurs. The water wasn’t turned off, but they turned out the light in one of the districts. plugged everything into the sockets. "

Yesterday at 15: 25

Message from journalists

"The Kiev authorities acknowledged the loss of control over the Novoazovsk former Donetsk region. The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine confirms that the Ukrainian security forces lost control of the city of Novoazovsk in the Donetsk region. The NSDC report says that control was also lost over the settlements of Novoazovsk, Starobeshevsky, Amvrosievsky districts. Earlier today, the militia of Donetsk. People's Republic announced that they had taken control of roadblocks and strong points of the security forces on the outskirts of Novoazovsk. "

Yesterday at 15: 33

Message from the militia

"Over the past night, the forces of the army of Novorossia took the settlements of Starchenkovo, Respublika, Zeleny Yar, Fighting, Malinovka, Demianovka, Starodubkovka, Chervonoye Pole, Osipenko. Currently, the operational situation is as follows: divisions of Donbass defenders blocked the section of the route on the Mangush-Osipenko segment In Urzuf there are warheads. There is a high probability that already today the punishers will be blocked completely in the Mariupol "boiler".

Yesterday at 15: 34

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"It was reported that a tank attack of dill on Yasinovataya is underway. Hold on brothers!
By the way, yesterday there was a message from one of the comrades about the seizure by Dill of the Village of Lugansk. Thank God - not confirmed. On the contrary, yesterday, the mortar men were famous there on the Chernigov terrbat and the Ukrop border guards worked there. "

Yesterday at 15: 53

Photo from the militia

Administration of Novoazovsk, recently released by the militia.

Yesterday at 16: 00

Message from the militia headquarters

"The LNR fighters went on the offensive near Lugansk. Fights between militiamen and Ukrainian punishers are going in the villages of Krasny Yar and Vergunka near Lugansk. The militiamen are attacking and going to the counteroffensive, trying to push the enemy from positions in these settlements.
On the Luhansk direction there were fights near the village of Fashchevka. On the results of the battles so far there is no exact information. "

Yesterday at 16: 11

Message from Borisych

"Shakhtersk ... already somehow unusual ... people on bicycles, girls on the streets ... civil cars on the roads ... fascists, GET! Going along Shakhtersk ... the city really came to life! People clearly feel that the fascists reliably drove away. "

Yesterday at 16: 37

Message from the militia

"When trying to get out of the entourage near Amvrosiyivka, the National Guard under Ukr. Soldiers were ambushed and lost more than 30 200's and 300's people. There was information that under Yelenovka and from Amvrosievsky boiler they started to surrender en masse from yesterday evening to At present, several hundred soldiers have already surrendered (the exact number is unknown at the moment). And yesterday, a powerful shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Volnovakha was carried out, which forced the punishers to abandon their positions, leaving a fair amount of wounded and not very good equipment. In general, the Ukrainian army stupid under the onslaught of militants Donbas militia. "

Yesterday at 16: 41

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“No one is storming Gorlovka, ukry, as always, just firing into residential areas. The attack on Yasinovataya is on, but it looks like the attack has choked. There is no information on Debaltseve, but Avdeevka is now working.
Regarding reinforcements ukrov in Avdeevka and Debaltseve-and where is it? there is info that ukry left the first city school, fearing shelling, and dispersed around the city. "

Yesterday at 16: 44

Four soldiers of the Ukrainian army released on August 27 militias home

Four soldiers of the Ukrainian army, about a month ago taken prisoner by the militia of Novorossia, were handed over to parents on August 27. Former prisoners said that the Donbass freedom fighters who had detained them did not use violence and torture on them, fed them well and kept them in quite comfortable conditions.

The parents of former prisoners of war admitted that they had repeatedly appealed to the Kiev authorities to establish the whereabouts of their children mobilized for the war, but always received a formal response that the army leadership did not have such information. As a result, the former soldiers returned home only on the goodwill of the leadership of the Army of the Southeast.

“We do not keep boys who were taken to the army by force,” said Alexander, a militia spokesman. “If a soldier has not committed war crimes and surrendered, he will soon be at home.” He will either be released or exchanged for our soldiers, languishing in the dungeons of the punishers. Our enemies are not citizens of Ukraine, but members of the Kiev junta and the Right Sector. ”

“We call on all servicemen participating in the ATO to surrender their weapons and stop dying for the interests of people destroying their country,” the militia added.

Yesterday at 16: 45

Photo from the militia

"Another division of punitive suffered another collapse.
Here are fresh photos from the defeat site. "

Yesterday at 16: 51

Photo from the militia

"In Starobeshevo, the DPR militia seized a warehouse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a lot of captured ammunition was taken."

Photos from the place of taking trophies.

Yesterday at 16: 55

Message from Oleg Tsarev

“27 August around 15.00 Ukrainian army fired Kalininsky district of Donetsk, 500 meters from the Kalininsky market. It is practically the center of Donetsk. the mother, while burning, continued to embrace the child. The passengers of the other car, who had received fragmental wounds to the head, chest and other parts of the body, also suffered. Their daughter was saved only by the fact that she went to the store to buy lenses. Alla Muravkova, MP At our parliament, Novorossia, provided ambulance services to the victims along with the doctors who arrived. These are the everyday lives of the mining capital, where people continue to die. "

Yesterday at 17: 16

Victory and militia tactics. summary of large-scale losses of the Ukrainian army

Yesterday at 17: 25

Intelligence militias. Generals lead soldiers for slaughter

"For a week, Ukrainian troops lost 1400 people killed.
The legendary field commander, head of the Rapid Response Group (RRT) of Lugansk, gives his assessment of the professional level of the Ukrainian generals. There is no question of any strategic calculation. Parquet generals and colonels drive soldiers for slaughter. Their actions are beyond description. It is impossible to call this rational warfare. Not knowing how to fight, suffering heavy losses, the National Guard officers recoup on the fact that the residential quarters of the cities of New Russia are bombarding haphazardly. According to intelligence data from the State Security Bureau, in the last week of July alone, Ukrainian troops lost 1400 people killed. With the loss of the army of LC - 10 (ten) people. If at the beginning of the ATO the loss ratio is 1: 140. The third wave of mobilization is ground in the Donbas. Ukrainian authorities are forcibly mobilized. New fighters waiting for certain death. Therefore, they run at the first opportunity. "

Yesterday at 17: 45

Message from the militia

"That night, the DRG killed the militia in contact bout, according to various sources, from 10 and more punishers at one of the checkpoints in the north of the DPR. This checkpoint was particularly brutal and cynical towards the local residents. during active knife fighting. "

Yesterday at 18: 11

Interview with the Minister of Defense of the DPR V. Kononov. Over the past day in captivity of the DNI were 250 military of Ukraine

The Minister of Defense of the DPR, Vladimir Kononov (call sign "Tsar"), told LifeNews that over the past 24 hours, about the 250 of the Ukrainian military had surrendered to the militia. All of them are ready to cooperate with the authorities of the DPR, and some have expressed a desire to go to war on the side of the militia. In addition, another fire spotter was captured by the militia. Judging by the seized set of cards, she was preparing to shelling residential areas of the suburb of Donetsk.

25 on August, Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, assured the mothers and wives of the Ukrainian security forces that the authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic would do everything in their power so that those soldiers who refuse to participate in hostilities could return home unhindered.

- Your sons and husbands were in a hopeless situation. In order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, so that you would not become orphans and widows, the DPR leadership suggested that the soldiers and officers stop their resistance and leave their positions. Part of the military agreed to our conditions - said in a statement the head of the government of the DPR.

Yesterday at 19: 17

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"In Bezymyanny (near Mariupol) the heat has gone.

In Volnovakha, in view of the approach of the army of Novorossia, Ukraine hastily removes Ukrainian symbols.

In Starobeshevo, the abandoned ukrami Msta-S became a place for photo shoots.

40 terbat Kryvbas broadcasts:
“The pidmogas are not ma і ili not bulo, as if they were not going to fight, lie down, bagato two hundred” - Vadim, fighting the Krivbas battalion “by phone”.
Translation: there is no help, if there is no aviation, they will all fall down, many dead. "

Yesterday at 19: 50

Message from eyewitnesses. Mariupol now

"An anti-war rally is being held in Mariupol, the mayor of Hotlubey is being booed and not allowed to speak."

Yesterday at 20: 26

Message from Gennady Oak

"Our brother, one of the best fighters of the Motorola unit, died last night. The call sign is a Hedgehog ... He died, fulfilling Christ's commandment," There is no more that love as if someone laid down his soul for his friends "- pulled out a wounded comrade from the fire and was (body armor did not help ...) cut by a sniper. The hedgehog was a very kind man, always reconciled the quarreling fighters. I don’t know when he refused to help anyone. Before that, in Nikolayevka, he was seriously injured he was taken out of the local hospital right in front of the Nazis ... Kingdom of Heaven , Brother. Please respond relatives. "

Yesterday at 20: 31

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

“I’m listening to some people and I understand that there are things that, despite their triviality, should be spoken over and over,“ before they are fixed. ”The problem is that many are still embarrassed to call things by their names, and some vague characters introduce the public in error about the nature of the war in the territory of the so-called Ukraine.
I believe that we should be extremely specific in the wording and characterization of this war, which is nothing but the liberation of the South of Russia from the Ukrainian separatists. Point. All other approaches are either a conscious lie or a delusion. "

Yesterday at 22: 13

Message from the center "New Russia":

"Former DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov and former prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic Alexander Borodai tomorrow, August 29 plan to come to Yalta to participate in the International Conference" Russia, Ukraine, Novorossiya: Global Problems and Challenges. "

This information was confirmed in his LiveJournal blogger Colonel Cassad:

"We were invited to participate in a media event in Yalta. There will be a conference where Glazyev and Delyagin will give presentations, but what is most interesting is that they are expected to be live - Borodai, Brainstorming and ... drums with fanfare ... ARROWS!
Actually, given that there is less than an hour to Yalta, there is no reason not to go. So if there will be Shooters, we will try to take a photo and post it, for those who still doubt. "

Yesterday at 22: 15

Army Southeast Summary for August 28

The enemy is trying to hold positions and counterattack, the Ukrainian special forces are planning sabotage against the objects of life support

During the day, the surviving divisions of punitive sought to keep their positions. Artillery shelling of social infrastructure facilities in Donetsk and Luhansk continued. Destroyed houses and ambulance station.

In the Donetsk direction, the fascists, surrounded in the area of ​​Stepanovka - Amvrosievka - Stepano-Krynka, unsuccessfully sought to break out of the ring and avoid defeat.

The enemy’s reserve column discovered by the reconnaissance group, which was advanced to unlock the surrounded Amvrosi group, was crushed by artillery and multiple volley fire systems. Destroyed to 3 tanks, 12 armored personnel carriers, 2 SAU, 5 vehicles, wounded and killed before 50 punishers.

During the clash with the retreating enemy units in the Novokaterinovka area, the militia destroyed up to 20 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, to 15 vehicles. The loss of occupants in manpower made up to 150 people killed and wounded.

As a result of artillery fire, the enemy’s positions in the Zhdanovka area destroyed an 1 tank, 5 armored personnel carriers, an 4 vehicle with ammunition and fuel, and killed and wounded before 30 punitive.

In the Luhansk area, separate clashes occurred near Khryaschevaty and Novosvetlovka. Reflected offensive units of the National Guard under the position of the militias defending the village Metalist. During the battle, the enemy lost up to 25 people.

According to intelligence data, the Vinnitsa and Khortitsa territorial defense battalions stationed at the approaches to Novoazovsk, after shelling and suffering casualties and military equipment, randomly retreat in the direction of Mariupol. At the approaches to Novoazovsk, the settlements of Sedovo, Obryv, Kholodnoye were liberated.

According to the intelligence of the army of the DPR, the special operations forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces received a tacit order from the country's top leadership to render all life support facilities in the Donetsk and Lugansk republics in an unsuitable state.

From the information received, it became known that the enemy is showing interest in the Verkhnekalmiuskoe reservoir, which provides water to the residents of Donetsk, Mineral, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya and Yakovlevka. It is possible the poisoning of water, which will lead to an environmental disaster.

Yesterday at 22: 21

Summary from the headquarters of the MO of the DPR from the fronts of the last day, 28 August 2014

Today, 62 servicemen of the internal troops of Ukraine in the region of the Russian settlement Shramko, Matveyev-Kurgan district of the Rostov region appealed to the Russian border guards with a request to pass them on the territory of Russia in order to obtain shelter.

For the past night, the forces of the army of the republics took the settlements Starchenkovo, Republic, Green Yar, Battle, Malinovka, Demyanovka, Starodubkovka, Chervone Pole, Osipenko. Currently, the operational situation is as follows: divisions of the Donbass defenders blocked a section of the route in the Mangush-Osipenko segment. In Urzuf go fighting. It is likely that today the punishers will be blocked permanently in the Mariupol "boiler".

Gorlovka no one is storming, the Ukrainian artillery, as always, just fire at residential areas. The attack on Yasinovatuyu goes, but it seems that the attack is choked. The artillery of the DPR army began artillery preparation on the positions of Ukrainian punishers near the village of Avdiivka.

During the night, the punishers continued to subject infrastructure and residential areas of Donetsk, Lugansk, Makeevka, Mospino and Ilovaisk to intensive shelling.

The Armed Forces of the DPR and LPR conducted active offensive and ambush actions in all directions.

Units of the National Guard "Cordon" in an attempt to exit the encirclement in the Amvrosiyivka area were ambushed and suffered significant losses. It was killed before 70 enemy troops.

Under the onslaught of the militia forces, the troops of the junta were forced to retreat from the settlements of Slavyanoserbsk, Krymskoye and Kirovsk.

In the course of the clashes in the area of ​​Starobeshevo, the DPR fighters captured 4 4-mm anti-tank guns “Rapira”, self-propelled artillery unit “Gvozdika”, I, I, and I, and I, and I, and, and 2014, I’Mo, 2014 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– local residents, as well as warehouses with ammunition and military-technical property.

During the fierce battle of n. p. Novokaterinovka militia fighters destroyed 2 tank T-64, 9 BMP, to 10 cars, surrendered 24 man. Losses in manpower of the enemy are specified.

According to preliminary estimates, during the counteroffensive of the armies of the DPR and LPR, the punishers suffered significant casualties. The number of dead, wounded and captured exceeds 750 people. Only during the night, during the fierce battles, more than 130 Ukrainian invaders were captured.
Offensive operation continues.

Yesterday at 22: 33

Captive punitive staged a shock therapy showing them the results of their "work"

Yesterday at 22: 36

Report of the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR


Ukrainian militants, mercenaries of the punitive battalions continue the massive shelling of Donetsk. The main target - residential neighborhoods.

So, in the morning, around 07: 00 in the Petrovsky district as a result of shelling near 00: 00, a shell hit the 3-s floor building near the Petrovsky REGISTRY OFFICE. Around 11: 00, the Kirovsky district was subjected to mortar fire.

In the afternoon, the shelling was again carried out in Petrovsky, Kuibyshev and Kiev districts. As a result, residential and non-residential homes were destroyed. The Panfilov Avenue damaged houses 65 and 69. More than 10 people died, by the wounded goes to the dozens. The exact number of victims is specified. "

Yesterday at 22: 45

The commander of the regiment of the APU surrendered to the fighters of New Russia

"In the area of ​​the Ulyanovsk village of the Amvrosiyivsky district, the punitive fighters of the DPR Defense Ministry surrendered to 61 led by the regiment commander Colonel S. Nakhotin.
The village is located in the border area with Russia. The regiment of Nakhotin was part of the punitive group, whose task was to cover the border and stop the communications of the Donbass defenders. "

Yesterday at 23: 12

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"In the LC, they began an operation to eliminate the boiler - Aydar and ZSu were completely knocked out of Novosvetlovka and Gryaschevyaty.

Proukrovsky rally in Mariupol began today at 18: 00. Workers were brought directly from the factories. Picture made. But they immediately began to leave.
More about Mariupol - a photo when we went to the rally ourselves (8 March, 2014) Today - we drove everyone away. Buses today on the right are those who brought the hard workers to the rally.

But in general - people feel. Especially because at the turn to Sakhanka (between Novoazovsk and Mariupol), the dill checkpoint was discharged from Grad. Nameless ukry almost lost.

BBC issued the day before yesterday footage of the arrival of reinforcements of dill in Mariupol for a snapshot of Russia's invasion of dill.

Granitnoe village (west of Telmanovo). Abandoned positions ZSU (see photo) ".

Yesterday at 23: 28

Message from bloggers

"The militia cut Mariupol from the west, with the assistance of Zaporizhzhya partisans, the militia reached the sea from the Zaporizhia region. With the release of the militia in the Zaporizhzhya region, the war for the liberation of the DPR and the LPR turned into a war for the liberation of the entire historical New Russia. Novoazovsk will be followed by a frontal assault on Mariupol. However, the Militiamen acted smarter: they made a deep coverage of the enemy front and now Mariupol, which over the last two days has been flooded with the last reserves of the junta I was in the pot. "

We are waiting for official comments from the headquarters.

Visual map below:

Yesterday at 23: 34

A letter from Kharkov

IMPORTANT!!! Information verified through the head of regional military registration and enlistment office! 30 August all Kharkiv citizens eligible for conscription / mobilization, sent to the area of ​​the ATO. ALL !!!
All the talk about the rear service - crap!
When evading conscription during partial mobilization, no criminal liability can occur! Article 336 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (imprisonment from 2-x to 5-years) can be applied only with full mobilization, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national economy will go to martial law. In fact - this is when the war will be declared.
When evading conscription during partial mobilization, only administrative responsibility can occur: by destroying a military ID, you can receive an administrative penalty - a fine from 17 to 51 UAH. (Art. 211 AK Ukraine). By destroying or losing the registration certificate, you can also get a penalty from 17 to 51 hryvnia (Art. 211 AK Ukraine).
Failure to appear without good reason for the agenda in the military registration and enlistment office will also be an administrative violation, and a fine of up to 17 hryvnia (Art. 211 AK of Ukraine). So, oligarchs who came to power illegally and die for them - only conscripts, contract soldiers, “svdomy” volunteers and mercenaries can! It is illegal to force to fight against "separatist terrorists".
The most striking example of this is the refusal of Turchinov’s son from partial mobilization, for which no criminal responsibility was brought against him! I ask everyone to massively disseminate this information, who cares about the fate of the residents of Donbass !!!

Yesterday at 23: 54

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

"The wound makes itself felt, we will have to rest again. Everything is fine - we will live. Our doctors are the best!
Journalists A. Kots and D. Steshin - great! The first who confirmed taking height 277. Being a war correspondent is also a feat!
The situation at the fronts remains the same. Fights go under Ilovaisk. The battalions of Azov and Donbass squeezed in the tongs have already surrendered their all from nat. guard Well, technology, respectively, went to the whole army of New Russia.
In Donetsk, ukry, meanwhile, burned the school.
As for the punitive phosphate bombs, everything is found and stored from Slavyansk. Phosphoric bombs are attacked by aircraft ... the evidence is all gathered. "

Today in 0: 01

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“We have informed that the tank reserve of Ukraine was found - now the train is coming from Krivoy Rog - 47 cars with armored vehicles and 4 cars with personnel. Well, there is enough for a tank battalion. .

Today, by the way, they repelled a powerful attack by punishers on Petrovskoe (ukry, loyal to the principles, fired at the peacekeeper), and there they also organized a successful offensive in the north. "

Today in 0: 23

Ukrainian military cry from their atrocities

Today in 2: 44

Message from the militia

Abandoned dill equipment and ammunition in the village of Starobeshevo! How it all happened: after ukry threw all this stuff, units of Novorossia immediately came here, started all of this to get and ship the BC. Ukry, apparently, waited for this, began to fire mortars from 120, and such good volleys did not spare the BC! But they do not have everything well, as always, half missed, destroyed two houses of civilians and sheds themselves, in our case 1-300, easy!

Today in 2: 49

Specials from the headquarters of the Great Don Army

28 August 2014, approximately at 17 hours, a subdivision of the commandant's office of Bryanka Kazakov Vsevelikogo. Don Cossack troops fought in the village of Komissarovka LC with superior enemy forces. As a result of a successful operation to repel an attack, 12 personnel were destroyed, 1 BTR, 1 BMP and an anti-aircraft gun were captured, and Cossacks were captured by a soldier of the Ukrainian army, one of whom introduced himself as a resident of Dneprodzerzhinsk. Among our fighters one dead, no wounded.

As it was established by the investigative group of the Cossack National Guard troops, the attacking enemy forces were represented by a 42 battalion of territorial defense. Goals punitive remain unknown! You can not destroy the people of Novorossia, none of the defenders of Donbass will not bow before the junta, and anyone who came to us with a weapon will be destroyed.

Today in 3: 27

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

“Now there is an attack on the suburbs of Mariupol! Mariupol ... The DNI army is driving them! We will liberate the invaders from the East! We are ready to stand against any country! Stand up for the Russian world! I love and respect Russians! I consider myself Russian! Donbass are Russian people !!! "

Today in 3: 48

A brief summary of 28.08.2014 from the information center of ALEXEY BRAIN

In the area of ​​the settlement Vergulevskoye, the reconnaissance-sabotage group destroyed a convict's convoy, consisting of two KAMAZ trucks with a load of ammunition for small arms and ZIL-130 escorts, and also 8 people of the junta were destroyed.
In addition, three prisoners of the 4 th company (pictured), the 42 th battalion, the 4750 military unit were captured. During the preliminary interrogation of the prisoners, it was established that the carrier who was carrying the aliens, who was in the process of covering up, left the scene of the battle, leaving the object of protection.

Today in 5: 10

Meeting with a militia fighter who visited the Ukrainian captivity

The correspondent of the DPR news agency managed to meet with one of the militia fighters who had been in captivity with the National Guard for a month. We offer you a few key points that clearly describe the position of prisoners, provided by the forces of the so-called ATO.

“When we were taken prisoner, we sat in a hole for days, it was the army team, as I understand it. We sat for a day - they arranged for us a "carousel" - we did not sleep for a day. According to the interrogation technique, this was done, but these “interrogations” remained, most likely, with these army soldiers, because when we were transported to another point, everything started in a new way.

I immediately explained to the boys that if we were transferred to the SBU, they would be released immediately. We threw the weapon there on the spot, and the SS'y immediately took it away along with the clothes, instead of which they gave us civilian clothes. Well, that's all you can take from me ?! What to present? No proof!

In 3-4, the night of the guard changes as the camp site in which we were stationed around 1000 people, including those around. The guard every time a new one and comes every night to “get to know you”, and this happens differently: someone will talk - tell us what kind of freaks we are, someone does not talk about - “remind” that someone has sore ribs, a hand broken or head broken.

I personally asked the book Yarosh to read. They brought it, and I read “from cover to cover ... The main idea: not what is needed ... against all — there are no friends around, everyone wants to destroy Ukraine — we need to fight with everyone.

After 2 weeks, they gave us a swim, let them go to the river, distributed soap. We bought, calmed down, but in vain. People with rubber truncheons passed through the cordon and everyone was beaten, they were from the Donbass battalion. They crushed the Pravoseks guarding us and went to beat us.

Now we all know the Ukrainian national anthem, 3 times a week we were driven out to the parade ground and in front of all the captives were forced to sing the national anthem, and so it was ...

There were civilians who sat for a month and a half: the guy set up the antenna, and some grandmother had a fancy that he was a “separatist spotter”. He spent the month in the basement 1,5 - he was beaten every day. Nobody dealt with them, he just sat in prison, did not work - just sat. If you look at the criminal code, it is not legal. His car and phone were taken away, although he didn’t support anyone at all!

They asked, “Where are the Chechens?”, “How many Chechens?” They seriously clarified because of the beards that you were Chechen or not, then they said that they also have Chechens. In separs, they say the Kadyrovites are traitors to their people. ”

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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 29 August 2014 07: 36
    Well done, the militia will soon drive their fascists to Lviv
    1. Момент
      Момент 29 August 2014 08: 27
      Ukrainians, I don’t understand ... Explain to me ... WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING PUTIN WITH YOURSELF IN YOUR COUNTRY?!? Shouts “Putin wants to conquer Ukraine!” cause hysterical laughter in Russia. Guys, can you hear yourself?!? WHAT FOR?!? To rake your Maidan from tires? Do we need it? If you so wanted to Europe - you would do everything legally, why burn tires?!? Would choose a new president. They would quietly borrow from Russia $ 15 billion on credit. Would receive gas at a discount of 50% from Russia. Putin is our president, and we have the right to make a complaint to him if something goes wrong. But we do not show. We respect him, if we don’t love him, we respect him. And many are just proud of him now - that’s true. But what have you got to do with it? What side is he to you?
      One part of your people shouts, “Help, we are your brothers!” Another yells - "Do not meddle - we ourselves!" And the situation is getting worse and worse. Stop looking for enemies in Russia. THERE IS NOT THERE !!!
      From the site

      Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. But the truth is why ...
      1. Sunjar
        Sunjar 29 August 2014 09: 49
        Quote: Colonel Cassad
        So if there will be Strelkov, we will try to take a photo and put it out, for those who are still in doubt.

        Oh, come on ... Anyway, some will say that this is makeup and graphics. Even evidence will begin to show. Here you can see the make-up, here the nose shape is not that, here he uses speech turns that are unusual for him.

        And with the captive peasant, they are severely (from the 42 Territory. Baht (the terrorist battalion is not otherwise, if honestly called)). To a campaign to him a hatchet or a neck was cut a little with a knife.
      2. alicante11
        alicante11 29 August 2014 11: 55

        Because with the very GDP, and, therefore, fight with Russia ... scary.
    2. Civil
      Civil 29 August 2014 08: 38
      That is, on the part of the militias, 1 Cossack died? Maybe it's worth voicing all the losses?
      1. Arberes
        Arberes 29 August 2014 09: 10
        "Call sign - Hedgehog ... Killed."
        In memory of the fallen for their land, the soldiers of the army of NEW RUSSIA, is dedicated.

        Yellow leaf.

        My bullet found me.
        My body armor did not help.
        It entered easily into the heart
        Repaying my twenty years.

        And wallowing on the grass
        Leaving in impenetrable gloom
        Runs away like a train of thought
        How stupid and wrong.

        I couldn’t even close my eyes
        To the ground with dusty grass prostrate
        But I heard to catch up
        Thin twitter of funny birds.

        Here is such a whim of fate
        My locket in the grass is gone
        And from a birch in his native land
        The wind ripped off the yellow leaf.
        1. Prapor-527
          Prapor-527 29 August 2014 19: 12
          "Our brother, one of the best fighters of the Motorola unit, died last night. The call sign is a Hedgehog ... He died, fulfilling Christ's commandment," There is no more that love as if someone laid down his soul for his friends "- pulled out a wounded comrade from the fire and was (body armor did not help ...) cut by a sniper. The hedgehog was a very kind man, always reconciled the quarreling fighters. I don’t know when he refused to help anyone. Before that, in Nikolayevka, he was seriously injured he was taken out of the local hospital right in front of the Nazis ... Kingdom of Heaven , Brother. Please respond relatives. "... We bow our heads ... God rest his soul ...
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 29 August 2014 07: 39
    - Starobeshevo - after fierce fighting the day before, this morning the militia forces voluntarily surrendered to 129, the ideological sons of Bandera.
    I started to read the current, but I haven’t forgotten I'll post a photo
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 29 August 2014 07: 42
    The blessed memory of the fallen ...

    Dear defenders of New Russia, your struggle for Bright Ideals will necessarily end in Victory!
    God bless you.
  4. shaman-25rus
    shaman-25rus 29 August 2014 07: 43
    for a long time our Cossacks did not visit European drinking establishments. and European young ladies missed real men ... it's time to remind where the name "bistro" came from ...
    1. shaman-25rus
      shaman-25rus 29 August 2014 09: 45
      put a minus, so at least write for what.
  5. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 August 2014 07: 49
    Davie ukronatsikov guys.
    Soon everyone will win: both old and young in Nezalezhnaya, it looks like the war "reaches" the mothers of ukrosoldat.
  6. Listen grandfather
    Listen grandfather 29 August 2014 07: 52
    Eagles !!!!! I also need such a hat, winter is coming soon ....
  7. pomegranate
    pomegranate 29 August 2014 07: 54
    Spirits of ancestors to help brothers.
  8. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 29 August 2014 08: 00
    The junta's punitive operation failed miserably .... Now the main thing is not to lose the initiative of God to help the men!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 29 August 2014 08: 13
      BALTIC AU .... You said that by the end of August Novorossia would be crushed. I would like to listen to what you say now. Although you have nothing to say, yes lol
      1. muginov2015
        muginov2015 29 August 2014 08: 41
        And I said, even at the beginning, that in September the kuev will be ours, Maleha was also mistaken.
      2. Varyag_1973
        Varyag_1973 29 August 2014 09: 53
        For Romanov. Sasha, that the Baltics have been blown away recently, as it has subsided after August 24th! Did he take part in a picket there in St. Petersburg, along with the infuriated LGBT vagina, in support of the independence day of dill ?!
      3. Gomunkul
        Gomunkul 29 August 2014 12: 43
        BALTIC AU ....
        Yesterday, he wrote in a thread that he was visiting VO for the last time this year. Where it leaves before the beginning of next year. hi
      4. The comment was deleted.
  9. Drunya
    Drunya 29 August 2014 08: 00
    Map Overview 28.08.2014/23/05 at XNUMX:XNUMX
  10. fridge
    fridge 29 August 2014 08: 13
    Like being a little, I asked my Grandmother to tell about the Second World War. She said a lot of things, but the phrase - RESULT OF BATTLES RELEASED THE CITY OF MARIUPOL was very well remembered. History is likely to repeat itself soon. SALUTE!!! ARMY DNI-LC. soldier
  11. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 29 August 2014 08: 14
    People who have the idea of ​​not defeating ... good luck in the fight for freedom to all who are at war with the Nazis.
  12. Eugenenl
    Eugenenl 29 August 2014 08: 14
    "Soooo, where are the Russian troops?"
  13. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 29 August 2014 08: 17
    Mariupol and access to Zaporozhye - the key to victory. It is necessary to force the junta to defend itself, to completely lose the initiative.
    They do not have aviation, armor ends, artillery passes AYUV (Army of the Southeast). People are joining the UYE (reportedly up to 300 people a day), but they still need to be trained and run in. This is a long time. Three months later they will ripen. So, you need a corridor to the Crimea in the south and transfer forces to the north, squeeze boilers and drive to the west, as far as possible.
  14. Gray 43
    Gray 43 29 August 2014 08: 21
    New Russia rules !!!! Good reports, but losses among ours ...... It is a pity that such people are dying! If the junta had agreed to federalization then Donbass would have been safe, but most importantly, the people were alive, will Novorossia now decide what to do with Ukraine? What will it be called and what will its state structure be
  15. prishelec
    prishelec 29 August 2014 08: 24
    It would be good if the militias succeed in completely clearing the DPR and LPR from ukrovoyak before the onset of the cold weather, let us hope so, may the Most High help them.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 29 August 2014 10: 06
      Before the onset of cold weather will start a mess in Zaporozhye. They will punch the road to the Crimea. And before that, the boilers will be cleaned and a common defense line built.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. AIR ZNAK
    AIR ZNAK 29 August 2014 08: 39
    I expected a denouement by September 1, It seems almost the way it will be. But it’s no less difficult and costly to fix the devastation after the Civil War. The people of Kiev understand this and spit on elementary humanitarian norms of warfare.
  18. Drunya
    Drunya 29 August 2014 08: 40
    A fragment of the battle in Ilovaisk, when the Ukrainians last tried to break into the city
  19. tomket
    tomket 29 August 2014 08: 41
    What I don’t understand is about Donetsk Airport. It seems that there are already forces to eliminate it, and the enemy is still sitting.
  20. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 August 2014 08: 57
    By the way, the situation in the Donetsk airport is incomprehensible to me - again the reinforced parts of the punishers who strike at the vulnerable point of the DPR are not knocked out and are not completely suppressed, because forces thrown into the counteroffensive. I hope, in the headquarters of the army of New Russia better.

    Really not clear. If the airport is already blocked, if I’m not mistaken, for more than a month, then where are the ammunition (artillery and mortar strikes are constantly being carried out around the city).
    The rest of the reports are certainly pleasing.
    1. slavik_gross
      slavik_gross 29 August 2014 09: 14
      there are a lot of fortifications and do not forget that this is the airport, a lot of underground rooms ...
      1. K-50
        K-50 29 August 2014 13: 05
        Quote: slavik_gross
        there are a lot of fortifications and do not forget that this is the airport, a lot of underground rooms ...

        Put about a dozen snipers and let the morals crush, and do not let them sleep with mines and shells at night, after a week everyone will sleep there, exhaust them both physically and morally and give up. IMHO
    2. alicante11
      alicante11 29 August 2014 11: 59
      Really not clear. If the airport is already blocked, if I’m not mistaken, for more than a month, then where is the ammunition?

      Even when Strelkov was in Donetsk, dill was unlocked. You have outdated data. At what obsolete is very, very strong.
  21. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 29 August 2014 09: 14
    At 08.17, the operation began to destroy the Nazis located near the Lugansk airport with a settlement Lutugino.

    Now there is a battle going on.
  22. Veteran of the Red Army
    Veteran of the Red Army 29 August 2014 09: 31
    IMPORTANT!!! Information verified through the head of regional military registration and enlistment office! 30 August all Kharkiv citizens eligible for conscription / mobilization, sent to the area of ​​the ATO. ALL !!!
  23. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 29 August 2014 09: 34
    N.p. The cartilaginous near Lugansk is completely freed from the Nazis.
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. Russ69
    Russ69 29 August 2014 09: 37
    Freshly pressed trophies ...

  26. Rigla
    Rigla 29 August 2014 09: 54
    We must somehow tell them that how they relate to prisoners and they will relate to them. I really sympathize with our children prisoners. At first, it seemed very good news, but the text about our prisoners destroyed the whole mood, in short, it was necessary to destroy the Bandera creatures. Now about the strategy, we need to free Mariupol, go further to the Crimea, and in the meantime, deal with the boilers (it is better to kill the Bandera people who are there) and keep the front in the north. After the liberation of Mariupol and part of the Zaporizhzhya People’s Republic and the elimination of boilers, you need to free the north of the DPR and LPR and move to Kharkov (they are waiting for us there, I have a cousin there, they will not wait until they turn them on to Russia).
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 29 August 2014 17: 15
      Quote: Rigla
      tell them that how they relate to prisoners and will relate to them

      will not help. they each believe that he’s definitely not going to be taken prisoner — he’ll be blown up / run away / hide. yes they’ll only get in / sassa is undermined / they really run and hide. but not everyone succeeds.
  27. Eragon
    Eragon 29 August 2014 10: 07
    What thoughts are about why the army of Novorossia needed Mariupol now? I thought that the attack on Mariupol was distracting in order to draw back the reserves of ukrov from Donetsk and Lugansk, and the city seemed to be about to be liberated. I honestly don’t understand anything.
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 29 August 2014 12: 01
      Perhaps it was. On VK reports there was even a message that only DRG went there. But when the DRG fell into the operational emptiness, not meeting resistance from the dill, they apparently decided to finish off the disorganized southern group until it was put in order.
    2. K-50
      K-50 29 August 2014 13: 10
      Quote: Eragon
      What thoughts are about why the army of Novorossia needed Mariupol now?

      Port, sea gate. Any "junk" can be brought by sea, and it will be difficult for OSCE observers to check. Not to mention the fact that one steamer carries much more than a column of Kamaz trucks, and it’s safer all the same, I hope to bomb the ships the urks still don’t rush or inspect the Navy. True, what kind of Naval Forces are there, the inspectors themselves would not have drowned laughing
      1. Olegovi4
        Olegovi4 29 August 2014 17: 16
        Quote: K-50
        Port, sea gate

        this is good, but it is even better to push the artels away from Donetsk and Lugansk. But apparently those are so buried that it will not be possible to do without a "concrete cut."
  28. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 29 August 2014 10: 27
    In general, lately there is so much good news in the first place that there is no dangerous line for militias, and soon dill will be thrown away from the DPR and LPR, then it will become easier for civilians to die of starvation, Russia will not help humanitarian aid, and life will go at least basement and in the meantime, defeat on the fronts of Ukraine, this means for the parashen team of Tryndets Europe doesn’t have enough money, plus the cold they come to, their problems will start in Kiev and the growth of those outraged by this power only grows and grows noticeably at rallies at the beginning of weave then hundreds and soon thousands of people come not promise words are needed and specific actions and their stool undue plus the EU will put pressure to the gas issue reshili- so we hope that soon the time will maidan 3 here because the
  29. Sergius1977
    Sergius1977 29 August 2014 10: 33
    is it really impossible to handle the airport with hail?
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 29 August 2014 12: 02
      Process. The airport is a very large territory with developed communications. While you process one end, dill in the other teeth grin.
  30. Lawless
    Lawless 29 August 2014 10: 37
    Why did Yura stop ?!
  31. cloud
    cloud 29 August 2014 23: 02
    I watch videos and when I hear profanity from militias, my heart contracts with fear for them.
    Swear words are the same prayer to Satan, but he is ... just call him.
    Dear militia, take care, please.
    God bless you protectors of the native land.