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Heroes of the Militia

Heroes of the Militia

On that day, July 28, at 18.00, when I was writing part of these lines, a battle was going on on the outskirts of Donetsk, in the northeast. From the side of the village of Yasinovatoe (about 10 km from the outskirts of Donetsk), they went to Donetsk to break through the Ukrtanka of the T-64 junta in the amount of more than 21 units with the support of the Natsik infantry. I was in the center of Donetsk and here I clearly heard shots tank guns. The militia fighters met a tank breakthrough and fought. At 21.00 the battle was over. Enemy tanks withdrew from the city. In the battle, the militia knocked out 2 units of Ukrtanks T-64, 3 units of armored personnel carriers, 1 unit of self-propelled artillery guns - self-propelled guns - and more than two dozen Nazis.

The next day, from the village of Avdiivka, this is 35 kilometers from the center of Donetsk, the Ukrainian tanks of the junta T-64 in the amount of 57 units broke through. At that moment I was in one of the militia headquarters in Donetsk and noticed that when this information arrived, none of the commanders were nervous, but were clearly performing their duty. Early headquarters (call Michael) clearly gave orders. In the direction of Avdiivka, a militia detachment with commander Batey moved forward and stopped this Natsik breakthrough. Several tanks were burned. The attack on the city choked.

I remember well my conversation with Igor Strelkov in Slavyansk May 15. Strelkov said to me: “I have no past, it is burned. Only the future. ” I realized that behind this commander many militiamen will go and will stand to the last. Go to a mortal combat. These words refer to the whole of New Russia.

Then, in June-July, being several times on the front line in Lysychansk and in Donetsk hospitals, I talked to many militiamen who had fought for real, drank soldiery valleys under mortar and howitzer attacks, and who were in fierce battles. I tried to understand. Why are these guys, different in nature and social status, fighting for Novorossia? What motivates them, why are they willing to give their lives for the victory?

Donbass hunter Batya from Slavyansk

At the end of June, 2014 in Donetsk hospitals contained many civilians and militias who were injured as a result of shelling and air raids on the cities of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Krasny Liman and other cities of New Russia.

In one of the wards of the Donetsk hospital section in 28 June, I met a militiaman undergoing treatment. The militia was wounded in the right leg as a result of a rupture of a projectile fired from a tank from a distance of two kilometers. At this moment, June 5, the militia was in combat guard.

Upon entering the ward, I found in a spacious, bright room that housed several beds, a pretty middle-aged woman with loose black hair in a white medical gown, standing near an overweight fifty-year-old man. The man was sitting on the bed, stretching out his right wounded, pulled into an iron chrome-plated medical corset, tied with a white bandage, leg.

The left healthy leg of the militia rested on the floor. He was in striped dark blue shorts, without a shirt and spoke in a deep voice with a woman, as it turned out, with his wife. On the miner's left shoulder was a dark blue tattoo of a beautiful epaulette epaulette. Strong hands of the Donbass miner, a loud voice — everything said that he was a native of Donbass and the master of the situation in any situation.

I asked him to tell about himself, where and how he fought and where he was wounded.

The miner introduced himself, thrusting me a big strong miner's hand:

- Dad, hunter. Was in Slavyansk. Ness service sniper in Semenovka.

Alexander Barkov. In Semenovka I have my good friend Igor Klekta. He stood with the miners near the RSA building since 10 April. He came every day in the evenings from the mine "Miners-Glubokaya" with his fellow miners to the square near the building of the State Administration of the RSA. They had barrels, near which the miners were heated, on which was named their mines. They were all in orange mining helmets. After May 25, Igor Klekta and his friends went to Slavyansk, Semenovka, with their friends. Have you seen him there?

Dad. Igor Klekt? I worked 17 years in the mine at the mine Skochinsky on the sixth section, I remember Klektu. But it was his father. He worked as a master site. No, we did not meet with Igor Klekta in Semenovka. In Slavyansk, at Strelkov I have been located since March. Was a sniper. SVD rifle. Wounded in the leg of 10 June, when Ukrtank hit our position from a distance of 2 kilometer.

Alexander Barkov. The village is located near Slavyansk. This is a heroic place, indicated in all front-line reports. Tell us what happened before and how the injury occurred?

Dad. In early May, we, the Strelkov militia, arrived at the position in the village of Semenovka. Digging trenches. We worked artillery, mortars, bombed aircraft. They bombed the entire building of the mental hospital - all six buildings. In early June, we began to bomb and shoot howitzers very often. Shelling of our positions in 5 began in the morning, and usually ended in 7 in the evening. They beat us with phosphorous shells.

Alexander Barkov. Tell us how you hurt?

Dad. We were on the position. At a distance of two kilometers near a country road, maneuvered and constantly fired a tank in our direction. We could not get it. From the sight of the SVD sniper rifle you can see this tank well, but you can not do anything. On that day, we stood in position and talked with the militia. I looked that way. Look, the flash is bright.

I shout to the guys: "Get down!" All fell to the ground in a trench. I fainted. Then I woke up. I hear the guys call me: "Dad, Dad! Alive?" Around me, near the legs, a pool of blood. Two leg bones are broken. Long ambulance did not come. In Slavyansk, a bandage was made in the hospital and afterwards was delivered here, to Donetsk.

If the projectile flew over the trench position and exploded behind us, then all the boys of my militia who were in the trench would have died.

And so we were lucky. Others then did not hurt. Here I will heal a leg - and I will go back to Slavyansk ...

His wife, hearing the words of the miner-hunter Bati about returning to Slavyansk, began to object. But Dad strictly looked at her: "Faith, and do not mind. I! He said! I need to beat them, dill, a little more."

I said goodbye to Batey, wished him good luck and went to another room.

Seedovka Burdey's Heavy

I opened the door of another chamber. A rifleman wounded in a hand, the commander of a machine-gun crew, was sitting on the bed by the window on the right. Call sign: "Burdey". The militia was wounded in a battle near Semenovka. He was a well-built and physically developed man aged 35-37 with calm eyes of an experienced fighter. The strong-willed outline of a courageous person inspired confidence. The strength of the militia was felt in his gestures.
Alexander Barkov. How did you get to Slavyansk?

Burdey. I lived with my wife in Krivoy Rog. He served in the Airborne Forces, military intelligence. When I learned in May that it was very bad in Slavyansk and that ukry was attacking, I took my wife to the Crimea, and I myself was going to go there. Quickly gathered. I drove to Lozovoi and set out on May 14 hike. It was about 200 kilometers to Slavyansk. 20 May was in Slavyansk.

Alexander Barkov. How did you get into the city itself? On all roads around Slavyansk there are roadblocks of the National Guard. When I went to Slavyansk and drove through the roadblock, there stood 4 Ukr-BMD. I was told that some fields around the city are mined. Snipers work in Zelenka.

Burdey. I am a paratrooper, the commander of the reconnaissance group with experience, was a senior sergeant in the army. If I had stepped onto a minefield, I would have smelled it. When he entered the city, he turned to the military enlistment office. There is a set of militia. I got acquainted with Chechen. Enrolled in the militia of Donbass. Appointed commander of machine-gun crew. Armed with a large-caliber machine gun and fully equipped with equipment. Then he left Slavyansk for Semenovka and took a position. The angle of shelling 180 degrees. Semenovka bombed and fired howitzers and tanks from morning to evening. 30 may have been shot in the arm.

Alexander Barkov. What are you going to do next when the hand heals?

Burdey. War is war. When I am in good health, I will return to Slavyansk. I will fight. I'm Russian. Okay, Alexander, if you are in Slavyansk, say hello to the poet. I'll go smoke.

Bourday, got out of bed, then opened the door of the bedside table, standing next to him. He pulled a round green RGD grenade out of his bed with his good hand and left the hospital ward to go outside to smoke.

Sergey, a taxi driver from Moscow.

12 July. Garrison Severodonetsk and Lisichansk.

At one of the roadblocks near the village of Rubezhnoye (on the outskirts of Lysychansk), they were introduced to the militia Sergey, a native of the Luhansk region, the city of Stakhanov. Sergey does not look like a pumped up guy. Medium height, 57 years old, with glasses, hair is greyish, plump. At first I treated him somehow frivolously.

Then I talked to him and realized: Sergey was a staunch militiaman, was in many serious battles. Commanders speak very well of him, as a disciplined brave fighter.

There is a real civil war in Novorossia, age, and even more, physique is not the main thing. The main thing is the strength of the spirit of the militia fighters.
And Sergey has great strength of mind!

Alexander Barkov. Tell me, why did you decide to go to the militia?

Sergey. I lived in the city of Stakhanov until 33 years. I was not bad here, pretty comfortable. Then he went to Moscow, as everyone went. Liked in Moscow, stayed. Got married He worked as a taxi driver near Rublevka, on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway.

May 20 on the Internet saw artillery firing at Slavyansk. I knew the local population. Himself local. I could not understand this: what is happening? They shot at civilians of the city. I went to the hometown of Stakhanov. I went to the militia.

Alexander Barkov. How were you taken to the militia?

Sergey. I was personally acquainted with the commander of the garrison of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk Pavel Leonidovich Dremov. He is my countryman according to Stakhanov. Came to him. He remembered me, he recognized me. Recorded in the militia. Issued weapon - SKS self-loading Simonov carbine model 1944 of the year. Prior to that, fired a weapon only three times. He served in the army in the construction battalion. Before taking the oath only three times shot. Never held a weapon again. Now learned and own. I shoot accurately.

(The first SKS samples were created by the end of the 1944 year. A box-shaped two-row carbine loaded with ten rounds - A. B.)

Alexander Barkov. What duties do you perform in the militia of New Russia?

Sergey. Now standing at the checkpoint. Check the car. He was in serious battles in Izvarino, was in Dyakovo. Seen how afraid of us. Although there were more. A lot more. Ukry-trained guys, young. Although at a personal meeting, the fear they appear. I saw it. I saw the stoned and crushed ukrov who are fighting with us. Although after the cuff something woke up in them.

Alexander Barkov. How did your relatives react to your decision to go to the militia?

Sergey. The wife is waiting. Son is waiting. Call up. Very worried about me.

Alexander Barkov. Tell us about the memorable combat episode.

Sergey. Detained one Ukra from the group "Aydar". I look at him - a very prepared guy. I tell him so and so - I do not want to understand anything. I gave him a clean slap like that of a man. Then he tore off the cross from his chest: "You have no right to carry the cross, you are at war with your people!"
Nothing. Heal up. Young still ukr. Well, he didn't seem to kill anyone. Maybe he will be fine.

Alexander Barkov. What do you want to wish Novorossia?

Sergey. I wish complete victory. No half contracts. I do not want more blood. People don't know what it is. I have seen.

Deputy Commerce Vasily

In the city of Severodonetsk on July 12, the garrison commander Pavel Dremov acquainted with the militia Vasily, who distinguished himself in recent battles near the settlement of Dyakovo. Basil is a native Northern Dnipro. After this 20 battle in June, Vasily helped two wounded militiamen get to the location of their unit. They traveled for two days under machine-gun fire, they were fired twice from helicopters. The junta's infantrymen repeatedly combed the landings. When Vasily left, he was fired from a "grenade launcher" and the machine-gun crew was destroyed.

Vasily tells.

When they went with the detachment, they were ambushed; there was no connection. To the border 600 meters. Near one of our Cossack enemy sniper killed right in the heart. A grenade exploded and a militiaman, a young lad, was wounded in the leg. At the same time, the foot was torn off his boot, and all the toes began to bleed. The whole leg is in small pieces. Move the militia could not. Further came from the rear BMP dill, two pieces. We began to retreat, retreat. Appeared two hundredths.

I took the wounded boy tightly on the waist belt, and we reached for the landing. The BMP began to shoot the landing. We lay down. After some time, the figure-eight “MI-8” ukrvertolet appeared over its heads and began to crush everything. I was in Transnistria. I looked at everyone there, but I don’t remember that.

No, I, San, did not recall my life and did not think about anything at this time, I just thought about how we could go out with our boy to ours. The brain is disconnected. They waited until they cleaned out all the "brilliant green". Ukrov technique went then. Our retreated. Here they are handsome. 20 units UKR-BMP. Going through two meters. BMP passed.

It got dark. Not far from us landed ukrvertolet. Two PKS earned.

(PKS - Kalashnikov machine-gun PKS on the Samozhenkov-AB machine-tool 6Т2). RPG (hand grenade launcher) threw. We cleaned Zelenka.
Smoke rose, soared MI-8 overhead. Right in the night he has a lantern shining. And so I wanted to kick it. Excitement played out. Bumblebee on the side, behind the back of the scs. (SKS - Simonov's self-loading carbine, model 1945; the bumblebee bombs and are currently in service with the Russian army and other law enforcement agencies — AB.)

Just stretched, wanted to hit. Hand straps tangled. Did not shoot. Unhook from the thigh. And so - lupanul, of course.

I did not fuss, I believed that everything would be fine. Sniper earned. We creep. Let's get out. The commander will call, the chieftain. I answer him: "We will get out!" Send in the middle of the field. Away from us, 250 meters, - they lupanuli tracers in the night, on the left side. According to the wheat.

Crawled over to him. The first grenade from a grenade laurer missed. The second grenade could see that it was in the calculation of the machine gun. Grenade exploded - a machine gun from the position thrown up to the left, raised by two meters. Then we crawled.

Further on, another boy from Volgograd jumped out with the lad. "I'm yours!" - quietly shouts to us. And his bullet punched his shoulder. Three began to get out.

Suddenly a white rocket launcher flew up in the dark. Whether our, or ukrov collected.

Mobile communications began to work. With Dyakov came. Along - the sniper shot. PKS thrashed.

I really wanted to smoke. From dry leaves rolled a cigarette. More feelings have sharpened, woke up love for a woman.

All the next night went. The bandana on my head is all wet. Stumbled upon a swamp. Next was another ambush. And Ukrpekhota, several ukrov, apparently, lingered. They let us in, then they saw us and started hitting after them, on their backs.

Then the sniper earned, but we have already left the zone. Passing meters 50, turned around - to each other in a whisper. I look-two ukrov rise go. Sadanul on them from AK. Both mowed. Forward, forward, and I want to smoke, like beast. Need more. Go-go. Good hello ...

Night. We got up for the night. I hear in a dream, the guy says: "Vasya, you snore!" Woke up in the morning. Hear 66-oh crawling along the track. UAZ can be shot was.

Second day. Further, our "hail" began to work on the Ukrainian column. The link is working again. They said on the radio that the chieftain went four times with the guys to our searches. I have no maps either, the terrain is unknown. Where are we? Binoculars would be. This is a landing. Night. Another night has come. I did not smoke for two days. Made a dry roll from dry leaves.

Ataman of communication says: "Vasya, we can not find you." And I want to "smoke a woman." At night, moving. The boy, who was injured with his leg, wanted to pull the pieces from his leg. But I dissuaded him: suddenly the blood can not be stopped.

Where are your, where are strangers? We were at the end of the landing. I stand, I wait.

Suddenly behind me, rustling and distinct steps - stupid, stupid, stupid ... Right behind my back. Here I am tensed - the soul, as they say, went to the heels. I turn around. The hand itself twitched. I wanted to cut. Turned sharply - I see, there is no one. Then looking down - on the ground there is a hefty ... Hedgehog ... itit ... Worth looking at me, smiling. I will never forget this hedgehog. Here it is - a hedgehog - has caught up with fear.

Thirty more minutes passed. Finally, our troops from the squadron appeared - Kostya and Yura. The first thing I asked my people was to smoke. Smoked, finally, almost two at once.

Took together dragged our wounded guys. Loaded into our car - "Lada-penny" - 6 people. Kostya got into the back of the trunk. And a bullet from here! We fly into Dyakovo. "Pasha, everything, I went out, everything is fine!" In the floor we drive over the border. We report: "Evacuated with two three-hundred." And here Sasha from our company struck me, says in his ear: “I have to step in to work by the evening, but I have no money!”

Arrived at the location. Finally we made our way, we went out to ours. As soon as he reached our unit, the garrison commander, chieftain Pavel Dremov, said: "Vasily, you are the last. We already wanted to leave here."


For three months, from May to July, I met militia from Donetsk and Lugansk, Stakhanov and Slavyansk, Dnepropetrovsk and Kiev, Tyumen and Odessa, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Saratov and Krasny Liman and many on military roads in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. cities. The national composition of the militia is different - Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians. I saw in the militia the Azerbaijani Fazil, the Chechen Hassan, the Jew Marat, Karel Nikolai and the Buryat Roman. Most of the militia, about 85%, are the indigenous people of Novorossia, people of the former territory of Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

These militiamen, about whom I wrote here, the hunter Batya, the machine gunner Bourdei, the deputy company of the company Vasily, the taxi driver Sergey, are mature thinking people. They could not sit at home with their wives and children when the Kiev junta shelled their home towns of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Lysychansk and others and killed civilians and their countrymen.

They are united by one thing - the desire to fight for their land, for their countrymen. Why were they in the militia? Because they took the misfortune in their homeland as their own misfortune, like a misfortune in their home. And further. Why did they join the ranks of the militia among the first? They had specific acquaintances and friends who were affected by this war.

According to all forecasts - the war will be long. This war is a continuation of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. In this war, the fate of civilizations and cultures is decided. I am sad to hear that sometimes some say that oligarchs run the ball in this war. No, the real issues of ordinary people are resolved in a real war. Questions of life and death. The first victory over the junta will be in Kiev. “And we will have to take Poland too!” Fyodor Berezin, deputy commander I. Strelkova, told me in early July.

Russia helps the New Russia. From Russia, the guys go to the militia and there is help.

Russians are not a nationality. This is a nation. A nation of people who do not abandon themselves.

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 29 August 2014 14: 32
    I realized that many militias would follow this commander and would stand to the last. They will go to a mortal battle.

    I agree ... for such a commander, and I will go to the end ... because I know .... HE WILL NEVER BETTER ME.
    1. Момент
      Момент 29 August 2014 14: 42
      Russians are not a nationality. This is a nation. A nation of people who do not abandon themselves.

      Six months ago, such words would have caused a smile. But now I'm proud to be Russian. And freaks can’t understand this.
      1. viktorrymar
        viktorrymar 29 August 2014 15: 46
        And now I'm proud to be Russian. And freaks can’t understand this.

        And before that, was it a shame? And I have always been proud, proud and will be proud that I am Russian!
        My grandfather is Ukrainian - Rymar, father - German Schnegelberger, grandmother of the Russian Siberian Kalashnikov
        It so happened that I bear the name of my grandfather, died near Stalingrad - Rymar, and according to the passport and to my liking RUSSIAN. I was always proud of my people!
        1. Valerik
          Valerik 29 August 2014 16: 48
          Died 3 years ago, my uncle Ryabchuk Valentin Viktorovich.
          386 battle spills,
          Almost half of them help Warsaw.
          At the end of the war, Berlin was bombed.
          Buried and proud.
        2. Момент
          Момент 29 August 2014 20: 21
          There is no shame, I just did not think that being Russian is a state of mind, and not just nationality.
          Something after Ukraine turned upside down and everything became different.
      2. andj61
        andj61 29 August 2014 15: 54
        Quote: Moment
        Six months ago, such words would have caused a smile. But now I'm proud to be Russian. And freaks can’t understand this.

        We are all proud!
      3. volot-voin
        volot-voin 29 August 2014 16: 23
        Quote: Moment
        Six months ago, such words would have caused a smile. But now I'm proud to be Russian. And freaks can’t understand this.

        Always, since childhood, he was proud to be a Russian, even more so, a Russe. We had many glorious ancestors who performed many glorious deeds. Even at the time of the disgrace in the 90s, I realized that it would be nice and cool to be a Russian. Anyone familiar with our Great Story-History will understand.
        Glory to the new heroes of Russia fighting for New Russia, I wish them victory, complete victory. They proved with honor that they are worthy of their great ancestors.
    2. nils
      nils 29 August 2014 14: 42
      "... From Russia guys go to the militia and help is coming.
      Russians are not a nationality. This is a nation. "

      "It is not enough to kill a Russian soldier, he must also be knocked down!"
      Frederick the Second Great
      1. 1812 1945
        1812 1945 29 August 2014 15: 43
        There is someone to write new pages in the annals of the Russian Military Glory!
    3. Koloradovatnik
      Koloradovatnik 29 August 2014 14: 46
      And we will say to our grandchildren: "Oh, there were people in our time ..."
    4. Fuse
      Fuse 29 August 2014 14: 50
      A fragment of the battle in Ilovaisk, when the Ukrainians last tried to break into the city
    5. Wels75
      Wels75 29 August 2014 14: 59
      Well done! Real heroes of their fatherland, their homeland, their young country!
      We are with you, God grant you health and good luck !!! soldier
    6. Giant thought
      Giant thought 29 August 2014 16: 05
      Real Russian men are fighting in the militia of New Russia, we are proud of them.
  2. DMB-88
    DMB-88 29 August 2014 14: 35
    The commander for the soldier is both Mother and Father and Teacher !!!
  3. vorobey
    vorobey 29 August 2014 14: 37
    Poland? tempting ....
  4. igor1981
    igor1981 29 August 2014 14: 45
    These are the real heroes. soldier
  5. Vend
    Vend 29 August 2014 14: 45
    When it's over, guys you will see so much gratitude. And in New Russia there will be another celebration of victory, with its own parade. And the veterans of this war will talk for a long time about how they defended and saved their homeland from the Nazis. Live to the victory of men!
  6. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 29 August 2014 14: 49
    According to all forecasts, the war will be long. This war is a continuation of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

    A bit of history:
    From the report of the Sovinformburo
    August 23, 1943:
    “... In the Donbass, in the area south of Izyum and southwest of Voroshilovgrad, our troops continued to conduct successful battles with the enemy. South-west of Voroshilovgrad, during the three-day battles, our troops advanced 30-35 kilometers and occupied more than 30 settlements, including the city and the railway station Donetsk-Amvrosievka ... ”

    The capture of Amvrosievka cut the 6th German army in two, making it vulnerable to flank attacks. The critical situation for the German troops on the Donbass bridgehead forced Hitler to fly to Vinnitsa urgently, where on August 27 a meeting was held with the command of the Army Group South. Hitler’s position with regard to the Donbass was softened: from the categorical “defend at all costs” to the more restrained. The reinforcements required by Manstein to keep Donbass were nowhere to take.
    Having not received support from the South-Western Front for encirclement of the enemy Donbass group, whose progress was severely inhibited by the Wehrmacht's desperately opposing units, the command of the Southern Front decided to suspend the attack to the west and change the direction of the attack to the south, where, in cooperation with the Azov Flotilla, encircle and defeat the Taganrog group the enemy.
    From the report of the Sovinformburo
    dated September 10, 1943:
    "... The troops of the Southern Front broke the stubborn resistance of the Germans on the Kalmius River and after fierce battles occupied the city and port of Mariupol ...".

    As history nevertheless repeats itself, the current authors of the BCH counter-offensive must have studied the experience of the Great Patriotic War. Well, the outcome of this counterattack will be the same as 70 years ago.
    When it became obvious that it would not be possible to keep even part of the Left-Bank Ukraine, the main task of the German command was to retreat with the least losses to the Dnieper, under the cover of a powerful defensive line - East Val.
  7. Loner_53
    Loner_53 29 August 2014 14: 50
    "Faith, and don't mind. I! Said! I need to beat them more, dill."
    With respect to YOUR aspiration!
    Glory to the Russian army!
  8. sever.56
    sever.56 29 August 2014 14: 56
    And these MUZHIKOV want to defeat scumbags pravoseki and natsgada? Never in my life! The power of faith, the power of spirit, the power of truth, the Lord and Russia are with them! And therefore they are invincible !!! hi hi hi
  9. andrei332809
    andrei332809 29 August 2014 15: 05
    thank you guys soldier
    and a little about the heroes according to the reports of the censor.
    Two heavily wounded Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners blew themselves up with 12 Russian paratroopers
  10. Tatarus
    Tatarus 29 August 2014 15: 09
    Even the most improper war gives rise to heroes.
    This war is not right, it is true. And there will be more heroes and heroes will be prettier drinks for heroes who are not heroes at all, just real men defending their homeland.
  11. AIR ZNAK
    AIR ZNAK 29 August 2014 15: 11
    With Russians in spirit who just did not fight. The result is still the same. The Westerners taught history poorly.
    1. Finist
      Finist 29 August 2014 15: 22
      Yes, they don’t know her at all.
  12. sever.56
    sever.56 29 August 2014 15: 12
    1. scutum
      scutum 29 August 2014 17: 34
      these are the words ... they really took the soul ... could, would plus 1000 times ...
  13. boomerang.
    boomerang. 29 August 2014 15: 17
    “Information about the breakthrough of the column from the side of Taganrog is not true. This column is not. Just an hour ago, I spoke with border guards, with the headquarters of the ATO — this convoy was not fixed. Nobody saw her, ”said Lysenko.
    Tomorrow Russia can calmly send troops - nobody will take it seriously already ... wassat
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 29 August 2014 15: 32
      Quote: bumerang.
      Tomorrow Russia can calmly send troops - nobody will take it seriously already ...

      Let it be so... laughing
      1. nvv
        nvv 29 August 2014 15: 35
        Quote: stalkerwalker
        Quote: bumerang.
        Tomorrow Russia can calmly send troops - nobody will take it seriously already ...

        Let it be so... laughing

        But it seems to me that everything is going to this. If so, then with God.
  14. Finist
    Finist 29 August 2014 15: 21
    The Power of the Spirit, the Power of Will, the Power to Victory - that is the most basic thing of the DPR army.
    Without such men there is no victory.
  15. Homo sapiens
    Homo sapiens 29 August 2014 15: 24
    One phrase touched me strongly. That, in fact, this is not a conflict in Ukraine, but a continuation of the Second World War. But this is so, 100% !!!! The philosophy of nationalism and racial superiority has become the basis of the current mass philosophy of the Ukrainian population. The core uniting the nation was the ideology of the "Right Sector", in fact the full-fledged successor of all Bender's scum, a loyal ally and accomplice in all the crimes of German fascism. This is called revenge. An attempt at revenge. All of Europe was brown! Even Bulgaria and Yugoslavia, dear to our hearts, were the Axis countries.
    On the side of Germany, in our territory, Spaniards, French, Slovaks, Italians, Albanians, Bosnians, Danes, Flemings, Dutch, Norwegians, Swedes, Hungarians, Croats, Finns, Romanians, Latvians, Estonians, Ukrainians, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Tatars fought , North Caucasians, Georgians, Cossacks, and even the Russians and Belarusians themselves ... Traitors were, are and will be ...
    And all the support of the Kiev authorities by Europe is simply Russia's revenge for the fear experienced then, in 45, the fear of "the countless hordes of Stalin's barbarians." Fear of small, fat, sleek Italian greyhounds before a wolfhound shepherd. In the old days they just squealed and sprinkled themselves ... And now they felt the "protection" of a hardened overseas wolf behind their backs. Believe, syavki, that they are for the gray native flock. Here is a little voice and cut through. They got out ... They don't know that for the wolf they are not even jackals, but just mongrels ... The food is sweet ... When the wolfhound is not dangerous ...
  16. Rigla
    Rigla 29 August 2014 15: 28
    And so it is. Victory over enemies!
  17. zzz
    zzz 29 August 2014 15: 40
    It was so interesting to read! Thanks to the author for such interesting details from the life of the defenders of New Russia.
  18. cosmos132
    cosmos132 29 August 2014 15: 50
    There is always a feat, a feat already if you are there in the war !! Thank you guys !!!
  19. wladimir
    wladimir 29 August 2014 16: 05
    These guys are heroes. They defend their and our freedom!
  20. Trevis
    Trevis 29 August 2014 16: 17
    I heard Ukrainian news about Hochma. As if two valiant Ukrainian officers blew themselves up together with 12 Russian paratroopers. wassat
    If there are no heroes, then they need to be invented. And the people are dumb!
  21. Everest2014
    Everest2014 29 August 2014 16: 19
    Ukraine applied secret developments of the terminator in the ATO - this is not for you the fiction of the 50 year old daughter of an officer from the Crimea, everything is very serious and unambiguous laughing
    1. Homo sapiens
      Homo sapiens 31 August 2014 03: 37
      Why be surprised? Maybe it's true. They didn’t write that the bullets were from "Kalash" .... What if the damned separatist terrorists shot him from the air? ))))
  22. delorian
    delorian 29 August 2014 16: 23
    The Prussian king Frederick the Great whom all of Europe feared after the battle with the Russians
    said the following "you can fight with anyone but NEVER touch a Russian bear in your den" they are fighting for their home and relatives, the future of their children !!!
    they really cannot be defeated !!!

    And German Chancellor Bismarck was firmly convinced that it was impossible to fight with the Russians — it was impossible to defeat !!!

    damn, they would listen to smart people until it’s postural !!!
  23. alien50
    alien50 29 August 2014 16: 41
    Guys, thanks!
    Beat this evil and scum!
  24. navara399
    navara399 29 August 2014 16: 46
    Here you watch the video from the fighting, the fighting itself, and you are surprised at the confidence and everyday state of fearlessness of the fighters of New Russia. For them, their daily heroism is natural, they live by it. It will be difficult for them to switch to peaceful life later, especially since they will get a destroyed country, and much more will have to be done. to live calmly and fully.
    "... Make nails out of these people ..."
  25. Belarus
    Belarus 29 August 2014 16: 54
    Last night, our brother died, one of the best fighters of the Motorola division.

    The call sign is “Hedgehog” ...

    He died while fulfilling the Commandment of Christ - “There is no longer that love, as if someone would lay down his soul for his friends” - he pulled out a wounded comrade from under the shelling and was (the body armor did not help ...) cut off by a sniper.
    Hero face

    Hedgehog was a very kind person, always reconciling quarreling fighters. I do not know the case when he refused to help anyone. Before that, in Nikolaevka, he was seriously injured, by a miracle he was taken out of the hospital right in front of the Nazis ... The kingdom of heaven, brother.

    We ask relatives to respond.

    link to the article:

    leniya-motoroly /
    1. scutum
      scutum 29 August 2014 17: 46
      Eternal Memory and Eternal Glory to the Hero ...
    2. Reasonable
      Reasonable 29 August 2014 17: 56
      Such is the Motherland Motherland.

      Mother Russia when you sometimes didn’t send such people to the World,
      The field of life has died out ...
  26. Valerik
    Valerik 29 August 2014 16: 59
    Guys, I love you all.
    Think, think, and think again.
    Today we hope for our president, and tomorrow?
    Think again.
    Homeland is higher than the president, parliament and
    all "avno
    so think.
  27. nik-karata
    nik-karata 29 August 2014 17: 21
    With the second grenade, it was clear that it was in the calculation of the machine gun. The grenade exploded - the machine gun from the position was thrown up to the left, raised by two meters. Damn, not a couch warrior, but TWO METERS !!! from the ARCHEST ??? Maybe from "SHMEL" ??? I have never seen anything like this in Chechnya. I really wanted to smoke. I rolled a roll of dry leaves. Question: "and where were the ukrosnayper at that time ???" I was in Chechnya, at the checkpoint I was just afraid to smoke, but here I’m a SCROLL FROM THE LEAVES !!! B ... th, is this, what kind of military ??? At least I am from the armies of the couch, but I do not understand something !!!
    1. saag
      saag 29 August 2014 17: 40
      There he not only wanted to smoke :-)
  28. ViRUS-007
    ViRUS-007 29 August 2014 17: 23
    But the captured Ukrainians in the village of Snezhnoye, even nothing to say ...

    Who are they fighting for? And how many people have ruined ... Ugh ..

  29. kr33sania
    kr33sania 29 August 2014 17: 32
    Bandera and the rest of the "schiryh" ukrov all policy is based on hatred, meanness and betrayal. Kiev over the years of "nezalezhnosti" ckypit and banded. Only in Crimea and in the South-East remained the bulk of people, Russians and Ukrainians, remembering what and against whom their grandfathers and fathers fought. And with them Faith, Conscience and Truth.
  30. Lyton
    Lyton 29 August 2014 17: 35
    About the hedgehog is very touching, there are two wounded around the war, and Vasily regrets God, as it is in Russian.
    About a guy with such a call sign, it’s a pity, let the earth rest in peace, the kingdom of heaven will be in forty days.
    MAXUZZZ 29 August 2014 17: 45
    By and large there are all the heroes there, all who with arms in their hands and the fire of justice in their hearts defend their homeland and the people living there. And those who died for a just cause have eternal peace and eternal memory.
  32. diz1975
    diz1975 29 August 2014 17: 50
    Real men. May God grant them health. The more such people, the closer the liberation of New Russia
  33. zvědavost
    zvědavost 29 August 2014 18: 04
    Please note that all "popular" demonstrations in Ukraine do not demand an end to the war. They criticize their government for poor organization in the armed forces, for poor supplies, lack of weapons and ammunition. What is it? Why are they pushing their men to war? Is it really just an installation driven into the subconscious that they are defending Ukraine from aggressive Russians? In Donbas, too, not everyone is unanimous in supporting the militias. From conversations at work, when people talk about their relatives living there, you can often hear such that the war and all the troubles because of the reluctance of the militia to lay down their arms. The militias are strong because they understand what they are fighting for, for the freedom of their fellow countrymen, for the right to have their own opinion and speak the language that is their native language. I respect them and am proud that our men are able to protect their homes. May God grant them luck and good luck, health and fortitude. They are real heroes.
    1. scutum
      scutum 29 August 2014 18: 24
      I agree completely. I think, if the ukrovoyak did not have problems with weapons, uniforms and food for these "citizens" (whose barefoot husbands without armored vehicles are fighting for independence that is indispensable laughing ) it would not matter how many civilians they put there ... the war is ...
  34. The comment was deleted.
  35. skifd
    skifd 29 August 2014 18: 32
    Hysteria .... Woe ... In what horror the generation that gave us LIFE lives on.