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“Fifth Column” Tactics: How Pro-Western Forces Try to Influence Russian Mass Consciousness

The further aggravation of the confrontation between the Kiev regime and the rebels of Novorossia inevitably affects the internal political situation in Russia. If initially the “fifth column”, controlled by the West, was limited mainly to peacekeeping statements, then recently it has finally dropped its masks and in fact opened the second, subversive front in the territory of the Russian Federation. It is not necessary that representatives of the “fifth column” participate, among whom there are people of very different political views, united only by hatred of Russia and the Russian world, in direct hostilities against the Russian authorities. It is enough that the “fifth column”: firstly, controls the Russian information space to a large extent; secondly, using the influence of media persons in its orbit influences public opinion, the perception of events in Novorossia by the Russian population; thirdly, organizes regular actions in support of the Kiev junta in Russia, which are also designed to create the illusion of support by a large part of the Russians of the Kiev regime and its actions in Novorossia. Consider the activities of the "fifth column" in the territory of the Russian Federation in more detail.

Mass media is the main resource of the “fifth column”

The information space of Russia since the last years of the existence of Soviet statehood has been largely controlled by “Westerners”. Quite a large part of the Moscow and St. Petersburg "elite of journalism" adheres to pro-Western and liberal convictions, sometimes not hiding their political convictions and attitudes towards modern Russian authorities, sometimes disguising themselves more or less carefully as "peacekeepers" and "opponents of war." There are several information resources that do not hide their opposition to the Russian political course and directly emphasize their loyal or even enthusiastic attitude towards the Kiev regime. A very large amount of information about a pro-Ukrainian character is supplied by such resources as Ekho Moskvy, Dozhd, Novaya Gazeta, as well as by specific information resources of the liberal opposition like (in this case, we are talking only about Russian information resources and there are also Russian-speaking, oriented to the Russian audience, representations of the Western media - American, English, German). However, consumers of information broadcast by these resources, are still a smaller part of the Russian audience of TV channels, newspapers and online media. The infiltration of the “fifth column” into those mass media that are considered “governmental” or “pro-governmental” is much more dangerous.

The impact of the “fifth column” on the Russian information space is, first of all, in the form of information being submitted. Firstly, most information resources constantly speak about events “in Ukraine”. Thus, the right of the peoples of the Donetsk and Luhansk republic to self-determination is denied, the results of referendums are not recognized. As a result, for the most part, consumers of information flows still perceive the conflict between the Novorossiysk republics and Ukraine as an internal conflict on the territory of the latter. Accordingly, the attitude of a part of the population to the events as an exclusively “Ukrainian problem” is being formed.

The next point of view stems from here - since this is the “internal Ukrainian problem”, then Russia has no need to interfere in its solution, let alone provide assistance and even accommodate refugees. Many people, either because of incompetence, or because of the zombie pro-Western media, are beginning to oppose the reception of refugees in Russia, arguing that refugees as Ukrainian citizens must flee to areas of Ukraine where there is no fighting. It does not take into account (or rather, it is not understood) that a significant part of the refugees are relatives of the militias fighting against Ukraine, most of them are Russians by ethnicity or, at least, by language and culture. The Rostov region, where the main stream of refugees is heading, generally has long-standing ties with the Donbas and Luhansk region. Historically - this is actually one region, with a very close population.

Most Russian information sources also avoid using the word "Novorossiya". If in Soviet times, this word was generally tabooed, then in the modern period, little has changed. Only a few (unfortunately) patriotic media in our country publish articles where things are called by their proper names. But the majority of the country's population is not readers of patriotic information resources, respectively, and does not encounter the positions of their authors, does not receive information about stories New Russia, its affiliation to the Russian civilization space. The absence of the use of the word “Novorossia” to designate lands in the east of the former Ukraine is combined in the mass media with the prefixes “self-proclaimed” or “unrecognized” to the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. This also has a serious impact on the perception of conflict by consumers of information flows. After all, this projected the attitude of society to the armed forces of Novorossia as at best rebels, or even simply separatists and even rebels, towards the leaders of the Novorossiysk republics — as political adventurers driven by material interest, tasks of the Russian authorities or personal ambitions.

Finally, the relationship to Petro Poroshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Arsen Avakov and other leaders of the Kiev junta as official leaders of the Ukrainian state is no less important. Although the legitimacy of these and other leaders of the regime is very doubtful. Liberals like to question the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin as president (although the third time he became president of the country not in a row, but after Dmitry Medvedev, that is, the requirements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation were met), but they do not doubt the “legitimacy” of Ukrainian leaders who came to power as a result of riots and insurrection. Every time the Poroshenko’s president is called in the media, the other instigators of the insurrection are ministers or deputies, the very idea of ​​the legitimacy of the authorities is crossed out, since all of these people have established themselves in Kiev, overthrowing the legitimately elected President Viktor Yanukovych. In fact, this Petro Poroshenko should be referred to as "self-proclaimed President of Ukraine." However, the Russian press (with the exception of patriotic resources) already sees him as the legitimate Ukrainian president - and the reason for this may not only be a direct indication from the representatives of the “sixth column” in the Russian leadership, but also personal political sympathies of the heads of television channels and newspapers that are in the liberal plane and expressed, including, in sympathy with the Kiev regime.

In the liberal-oriented media, the line of identification of “negative” moments from the point of view of Westerners in Russian foreign and domestic policy exclusively with the personality of President Vladimir Putin and his entourage also passes. It is assumed that a change in the ruling regime in Russia will also contribute to a change in its policy towards Kiev. Accordingly, the logical conclusion of this chain is the direct connection between the Kiev regime and the Russian “extra-parliamentary opposition”, first of all, the “belolentechniki” liberals and the more radical left and right organizations associated with them, who openly talk about the desirability of the “Russian Maidan”. Obviously, only outright traitors and enemies of their own homeland and their own people can wish their country the consequences to which the Maidan in Ukraine (and these consequences are inevitable in the event of the development of events according to the Ukrainian scenario).

In recent years, the Internet space has also become a powerful organizational and propaganda resource, the potential of which can be used against the Russian state and its interests. First of all, we are talking about social networks - Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, thanks to which not only information can be disseminated, but also communication between individual interest groups. At one time, M. McLuhan, the notorious precursor of the information revolution, argued that the emergence and introduction into social life of a new communication medium was inevitably accompanied by social upheavals and transformations. The emergence of the Internet and, in particular, social networks, has led to dramatic changes in the very nature of the political and social activity of the population.

The experience of the notorious “Arab Spring” in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya shows that, if necessary, the potential of social networking sites on the Internet is easily used by anti-state forces to consolidate actions and form like-minded groups. It is Runet that today is the main information space where pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian activists feel most at ease. There are hundreds of sites and pages in social networks that spread anti-Russian information. Unfortunately, the Russian government is not yet sufficiently regulating the information space of the Internet and is unable to track all information flows. At the same time, it is the Internet that turns out to be the information space in which citizens themselves can change the alignment and the balance of power, being actively involved in broadcasting their own opinions. Indeed, social networks allow every citizen to publish their position, replicate messages of interesting media. Correspondingly, here the forces of patriots and westerners can become even if patriotically-minded citizens set themselves the goal of enhancing the presence of patriotic content in the Internet space.

"Star disease" or sober calculation?

Next, we proceed to the second point - the impact on the public consciousness through media persons. It is known that a significant part of the figures, significant for an average Russian citizen, was promoted in the Yeltsin period. First of all, these are pop stars, some writers and top journalists. In the 1990s, they actively participated in supporting Boris Yeltsin, some of whom welcomed the shooting of the Supreme Council in October of 1993. Approval of Vladimir Putin at the presidential post, most of them initially perceived calmly, but from the second half of the 2000s. begins the gradual drift of the "creative elite" towards open opposition. Naturally, millionaires - "stars" due to material interests would never support the patriotic, socialist and nationally oriented opposition. Moreover, only thanks to the established social system, they were able to unwind and acquire their social status. Indeed, in the Soviet Union, despite decent fees and all sorts of preferences, artists and musicians, writers and artists, even the “top” level were not dollar-based millionaires living openly in “two countries” (and even in “three countries”) that have double citizenship, but at the same time preferring to earn money in the homeland, at the same time reproaching it for all mortal sins.

The liberals, that is, the open “fifth column”, which organizes all sorts of provocations like the “Pussy Rayot” antics, aroused sympathy of the Moscow-Petersburg Bohemia. The war of Ukraine and Novorossia finally dotted the “and” in defining the positions of the majority of liberally oriented “stars” in relation to Russia, Ukraine, the West, the United States. So, back in March, 2014, representatives of the “Russian creative elite”, among whom were such famous people as Andrei Makarevich, Yuri Shevchuk, Boris Grebenshchikov, Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Grigory Chkhartishvili (Boris Akunin), signed an appeal against Russia's invasion of Crimea. Today, when Crimea has long been incorporated into the Russian Federation, according to historical justice and the free will of the inhabitants of the peninsula, these figures are left to “bite their elbows”.
Recently, only the lazy does not discuss the actions of Andrei Makarevich. An elderly rocker, who actually openly supported the Ukrainian government, but then offended by a negative reaction in Russian society and for some reason wrote a letter to Vladimir Putin with a request to protect him from the attacks of outraged citizens, however not the only one in the list of Russian “stars” who supported enemies of their own people. Should we talk about the position of people like, say, Shenderovich or Ulitskaya? By the way, Ulitskaya has recently been actively distributing interviews to Ukrainian and Russian media, constantly returning to the topic of the imaginary “Sovietization” of modern Russian society, “the return of an era of stagnation”, and “kitchen talk”. Interestingly, all these statements of the writer can be read in free access, nobody arrests her in Russia, and even, oddly enough, does not show much interest in her person. No one is going to oppose and arrest, prohibit and oppress other members of the Russian bohemian even after they allow themselves to openly anti-Russian statements and balance on the verge of compliance with Russian legislation. But this freedom of speech is not the basis for the cessation of arguments about censorship and "totalitarian control in Putin's Russia," which are so loved by the media in Western countries.

For all that, pop stars, writers or top journalists enjoy a certain influence on Russian society. Even the same Makarevich, who on the whole met with a negative reaction of Russian citizens to their actions, is supported by many. At least based on the fact that he is an "outstanding musician" and therefore has the right to express his opinion. An analysis of numerous comments on articles and notes on various information resources devoted to the behavior of Makarevich makes it clear that many Russian citizens are set up as follows: “Yes, Makarevich is wrong, but he is Makarevich, and who are you?”. This position is fundamentally wrong. Without even going into the question of what Andrei Makarevich did in his sixty-year life, which gives him the right to be not just a musician, but a “spiritual mentor,” it’s obvious that most musicians understand about as much in politics as most politicians do. . Therefore, the “credibility” of Makarevich's judgments and cultural figures like him on the issue of events in the territory of Novorossia and Ukraine is very doubtful.

“Fifth Column” Tactics: How Pro-Western Forces Try to Influence Russian Mass Consciousness

However, Makarevich specifically, most likely, simply defends his interests - financial, political, social, if you like, which are connected not only and not so much with Ukraine, as with the liberal ideology, “Westernism”, the civilizational choice, which the United States is currently trying to impose on Ukraine, and New Russia, and Russia. Similar interests are driven by other well-known cultural figures who support the Kiev regime. Nevertheless, the Russian state and society should be concerned about the issues of bringing to justice frank Russophobes from among cultural figures. In this case, it is not necessary to talk about criminal or administrative liability. Sufficiently growing negative attitudes towards such figures in the society, which can manifest themselves in boycotting events organized by them, refusal to hold concerts, watch television films with them, buy their works or sell them in bookstores. As for representatives of the Ukrainian cultural sphere, openly speaking on the side of the Kiev regime, they should be taken sanctions measures prohibiting them from entering the territory of the Russian Federation before publicly apologizing to the Russian state and people for their Russophobic statements and actions. The most odious characters should be completely isolated from the possibility of coming to the territory of the Russian Federation and, moreover, organizing concerts and other events aimed at extracting material profits.

Provocative promotions

The third point is the organization of actions to support the Kiev junta and its policies on the territory of Russia itself. Initially, the “fifth column” tried to act on the territory of Russia solely with the help of the first two levers - its access to information resources and manipulation of public consciousness through the media, and influencing public opinion of iconic figures speaking in support of Kiev, threatening Russia with the prospects of the “third world” in the case of support of New Russia, etc. However, when it became clear that the majority of Russians are gradually “creeping out” from under the cap controlled by the liberals of the media, and the “stars” are beginning to be perceived not so much as stars, but as an obscene word that sounds similar, “fifth column” included a third resource - direct performances Representatives in Russia who are called upon to demonstrate mass opposition sentiments allegedly taking place in Russian society.

The first type of campaign is open support for the Kiev regime, which is called “Ukraine” in the liberal media. Thus, on August 20, the star on a high-rise on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment in Moscow was painted in the “yellow-blokyt” color of the Ukrainian flag. Law enforcement agencies were able to promptly detain four young men - two guys and two girls currently under house arrest. Then, in the center of Moscow, a group of five young people was detained by police officers, trying to hang out a “Yukto-0lakitnoe” cloth in front of the Kremlin. It is significant that despite the fact that these actions are carried out by four, five young people, who are not even necessarily supporters of the Kiev junta themselves, but may simply be “mercenaries” who commit hooligan actions for a certain amount, in the Western media, not to mention already on the Ukrainian propaganda machine, these actions are presented as an expression of pro-Ukrainian sentiments in Russian society. Another point is also remarkable - it is easy to imagine what they will do in Kiev with people hanging flags of the Donetsk or Lugansk Republic and even the Russian Federation. In the “terrible totalitarian” Russia, the detainees are unlikely to incur criminal penalties for posting “yellow-blakytny” cloth.

In addition to hanging flags, the Ukrainian special services with the help of the West use more dangerous and mass actions in Russia. Their goal is to show that in the Russian Federation not everything is calm, that it also has internal problems, including in terms of non-recognition of the right of individual territories to self-determination. Of course, Russia's internal problems, including with the separatists, have been known for a long time and to the entire population of the country. What is the situation in the North Caucasus, where the armed forces of separatists and extremists have been operating for the third decade? But the “fifth column” does not set as its goal to pay attention to the North Caucasus, since it will not cause the proper reaction either in the country or in the world. The task of the pro-Ukrainian elements in Russia was to simulate the presence of separatist movements in the regions and edges of the country inhabited by Russians. Indeed, in this case, the long-standing goal of the gradual disintegration of the Russian space, which began with the separation of Ukraine and Belarus and the continuing cultivation of centrifugal sentiments in the regions populated by the subethnos of the Russian people (Don, Kuban, Siberia and Ural, Far East, European North), is being realized.

So, 17 August in Novosibirsk was planned to hold a "March for the federalization of Siberia." It was organized by a group of artists led by Artem Loskutov. We see here also the use of “bohemia” for provocative purposes - the presence of artists and musicians among the organizers of such actions, in case of which, allows them to “move out” to the supposedly artistic, rather than political, meaning of such events, present them not as political, but “artistic and provocative” share. As soon as, for understandable reasons, the organizers of the event were denied permission by the local authorities, the media made a noise about the violation of the rights of Siberian citizens. Explaining the purpose of the march, the organizers called it a response to "Russian support for the separatists in the South-East of Ukraine." Although, in an effort to protect themselves from possible problems with law enforcement, the march organizers strongly emphasized that they were actually not carrying any separatist plans and were not going to call for the secession of Siberia from the Russian Federation, it is obvious that this event was planned if not directly aimed by Ukrainian special services it is clearly in their interest. In addition to Novosibirsk, some actions by supporters of the March for the federalization of Siberia took place in Yekaterinburg and Omsk.

One of the initiators of the March for the federalization of Siberia were the activists of the so-called. "National Bolshevik Platform", created by Mikhail Pulin. This former activist of Limonov's “Other Russia” left the party after Limonov and his associates officially supported Novorossia. Today, when many former party members of this man actively help the militia, he acts in the interests of the Kiev regime, organizing provocative actions in the Russian Federation. The support of Euromaidan and the actions of the Kiev regime in Novorossia constitute an important part of the political practice of this “platform”. Aggression against the civilian population of Novorossia is called by its representatives precisely as an “anti-terrorist operation”, that is, they fully associate themselves with the Kiev regime even in the terminological aspects of the coverage of hostilities. As for the domestic policy of Russia, the “platform” stands for the “real federalization” of the Russian state, which should be read as “for its collapse”, since the real federalization of the Russian state will only mean the intensification of separatist tendencies with the subsequent destruction of a united Russia along the lines and example of the Soviet Union.

Two days earlier, on August 15 2014, in Krasnodar, an attempt was made to conduct a march for the federalization of the Kuban. As is known, the Kuban was once settled, including by the Zaporozhye Cossacks, who were withdrawn from the territory of Little Russia by Catherine II. Modern Kuban Cossacks - descendants of Zaporozhian Cossacks - at the same time have a clear identity of their own and a pro-Russian political orientation, most of whom do not even think about separation from Russia. Naturally, in Krasnodar, local marginal opposition organizations became the organizers of the March for the federalization of Kuban. However, Krasnodar law enforcement agencies worked quickly, and their reaction was even tougher than that of Novosibirsk colleagues.

Even before the event, Daria Polyudova, an activist of the Rot Front party, was detained. According to information on social networks, this young woman is 25 for years, she is a lawyer by profession, and she has communist political convictions. She had once been in the Left Front Udaltsovo, but then became disillusioned with him. Apparently - in front of us is young and professional “opposition activist”. For many such people, protest is an end in itself and the raison d'etre, often they can act sincerely, not realizing that they are puppets, “pawns” in the hands of interested pro-Western structures.

In St. Petersburg, there is another group of “separatists” whose actions can be used in the interests of Ukraine and the West. This is the so-called. supporters of the "independent Ingermanland" or "Ingria". Although they are now perceived as marginal provocateurs or Internet trolls, in reality their public danger should not be minimized. Especially if you take into account the enormous potential of the social networks of the Internet, which can be used to massify the “Ingermanland propaganda” and recruit supporters among the romantic-minded youth. The activities of the Ingermanlanders, who advocate separating the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region from the Russian state, are often emphasized by liberal and foreign media, which are obviously tasked with gradually promoting such marginal groups in order to increase provocative political activity in Russia. Thus, the St. Petersburg media often write or show stories about the activities of the “Ingermanland separatists,” thereby directly contributing to their popularization in society and the transformation of odious marginal politicians into “media persons.”

It can be assumed that actions like “Marches for federalization”, flag hanging and painting architectural monuments in yellow-black colors will continue, because their main goal is not so much to influence the public consciousness of Russians (fortunately, the majority of citizens are negative evaluates the activities of such “professional revolutionaries”), how much to create in the global information space the illusion that there are powerful opposition sentiments in the Russian Federation, including separatist groups ana Therefore, you should not take such antics as harmless pranks of exalted youth or individual "professional revolutionaries." Each of these events causes specific harm to the image of the Russian state abroad, and the internal stability of the Russian state.

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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 August 2014 09: 33
    It is enough that the “fifth column”: firstly, to a large extent controls the Russian information space;

    And this is the worst.
    There are articles in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the Venediktovs, Shenderovichs, Nemtsovs and others like them. And don’t have to be crazy. The West must be beaten with its own weapons, adding to this Russian ingenuity.
    1. PPL
      PPL 29 August 2014 10: 03
      Quote: rotmistr60
      There are articles in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the Venediktovs, Shenderovichs, Nemtsovs and others like them.

      And I hope that they will soon find a decent hole for their tongue.
      Remember Makarevich, who, as soon as he was "pinned down" with the WORD, not yet imputed to him a worthy article, immediately crawled before the president with a request to protect, protect and leave titles with awards ... laughing
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 29 August 2014 10: 50
        In the post-war Soviet and current capitalist times, the anti-Stalinist partocracy, and later the liberal media, hammered into the brains of people that I.V. Stalin abused his power, "destroyed many innocent people in the GULAG" and most of the population, unfortunately, believed them, forgetting about the achievements that the USSR and the people had achieved under the leadership of I.V. Stalin, forgetting about where the Communist Party started, headed by Stalin, about the deadly conditions in which they worked.
        And now I look, since 1991, if you start to cleanse Russian society from the traitors of the 5th column, organized crime, oligarchs, thieves and corrupt officials in all branches of government, state structures: the Army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, security and defense, the media of corrupting people, provocateurs striving for authorities, then the "contingent of the GULAG" will be no less than in the time of Joseph Vissarionovich.
        1. Ka-52
          Ka-52 29 August 2014 12: 27
          And now I look, since 1991, if you start to cleanse Russian society from the traitors of the 5th column, organized crime, oligarchs, thieves and corrupt officials in all branches of government, state structures: the Army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, security and defense, the media of corrupting people, provocateurs striving for authorities, then the "contingent of the GULAG" will be no less than in the time of Joseph Vissarionovich.

          What kind of country are we with ?! am Alignment under one comb will not lead to anything. There will always be marginalized people, psychos and fools in society ..
          People can not be redone. Bastardism is enough in everyday life ..
          Why in Europe, everyone abides by the laws, even we, and in our country, foreigners who arrived, first of all learn the Russian Mat! And we still rejoice if some German thread starts drinking vodka with us and screaming obscene ditties ... That's what Culture is here !? No. The fact that I was cheated by a saleswoman in a store or pushed, and then sent in transport !?
          Why do we all need Stalin or Putin ?! No matter how great a person is, he is not immortal! We need a system! Moreover, strict observance of the laws! Since inner self-discipline is brought up from childhood, so that it becomes a habit! One has only to give yourself some slack, you immediately become obsessed. , I am an animal, and I survive this "Monkey" every day! Set up an experiment! It's stupid how much I go through pedestrian crossings near my work without running across in the wrong place! And ... I lasted a week, and then, as it were, the circumstances developed, and the company was cheerful (stupid excuses - I’m like everyone else), I broke it, I went over with them! sad And that’s all! Where are my principles ?! But if we were all fined for this for 3000 rubles, I think many would stop crossing the road to a nearby store, but again only at this intersection!
          In short, we need a clear system that you can’t cut down with an ax, even after changing the leader of the country !!!!
          Sorry for offtopic! hi
          1. vladimirZ
            vladimirZ 29 August 2014 15: 10
            Quote: Ka-52
            Why do we all need Stalin or Putin ?! No matter how great a man is, he is not immortal! Need a system!

            I agree with you.
            We need a system of a social, socialist state that will protect a person, the people as a whole from the tyranny of an oligarch, who is ready to start a war for profit, a corrupt official, for the unfastened% who is ready to sacrifice state and popular interests, organized crime, which actually seized economic and political power in the state , etc. etc.
            And in order to achieve this you need the TRUTH to the people, the TRUTH of history, which cannot be rewritten so that people understand the events that are happening.
            So that people know who Stalin, Putin or another politician is.
            So that every person understands, if today he shows a "hatakraney" position in relation to what is happening, lets "money bags" into power, as the people of Ukraine "elected" Poroshenko, then TOMORROW PERSONALLY THEY will be in trouble: unemployment due to the collapse of the national industry because of the impossibility of being treated in paid health care, in the end, a war with the death of relatives and friends, and possibly their own, as is the case in Ukraine.
            This system, which needs to be created, or rather recreated, I repeat, is called a people's socialist state that controls all people and does not allow them to be abused to the detriment of the interests of other people and the state as a whole.
            hi Less to you, not mine. hi
          2. Kir
            Kir 29 August 2014 16: 51
            You in vain idealize Western cattle, yes, yes, cattle, they are "people" only while in their "stall", as soon as outside of it something else ......, and everything from the fact that they are not brought up, but are trained by yourself! - fines and so on, this is not a substitute for upbringing !, then remember how the minke whales behave, you can't even plant them, just screams, threats and other delights, but democracy and "justice" flourish in all their glory when the matter concerns representatives of other states, especially if they do not share their views!
            Then let’s remember how We, or rather a part of ours (although it may be worthwhile to quote the "ashih"), speaks about our country and how the loyal subjects of the "free world" behave? What do you really think that these are consequences? Education? How much do I understand? Education implies Cultivation A Thinking and Correct Person, not a swaggering pseudo-patriotic nothing.
        2. Dart2027
          Dart2027 29 August 2014 16: 27
          Judging by the number of "all kinds of prisoners", some of whom have survived to the present day, we can say that, unfortunately, Stalin was a criminally gentle man.
      2. Shur
        Shur 29 August 2014 22: 56
        It is necessary to peel it off to the fullest, this geek constantly pours water on the West-ogre mill. Nevertheless, the count of aspen would not hurt him, then he certainly would not be able to bend under the Western world, and bend over too.
        WYCCTPUJIA 30 August 2014 04: 41
        Guys, let's just not talk about Mudakevich. Silence is worse than any punishment.
        PS E-eh, it would be nice to send such reptiles as Mudakevich to Siberia, to the Magadan beaches.
    2. sniper
      sniper 29 August 2014 12: 50
      Quote: rotmistr60
      And don’t have to be crazy

      Somehow we started to play democracy ... In the USSR, such issues were resolved easily and simply with the help of qualified medical personnel in psychiatric hospitals. Of course, it may not be entirely humane (from the point of view of Western universal people), but, damn it, it is effective !!!
      1. Vadim2013
        Vadim2013 29 August 2014 19: 03
        In the USSR, there were no qualified medical personnel in the PB.
        1. Kir
          Kir 29 August 2014 19: 19
          Where does this infa come from ?, and even if so then where was (in what kingdom of the state) qualified personnel in these medical institutions?
          And with regards to being inhumane, how can I take a look ...... if, by the principle of a baby’s tear ......, then yes, but if (Victims of mistakes have been and always will be afraid!) Health and well-being of the People and the State Priority, then why not?
          1. Vadim2013
            Vadim2013 29 August 2014 20: 00
            I observed this medical staff when in 1980, 1982, 1985. was forcibly placed in 13 PB. To this day, I cannot remove the deliberately wrong diagnosis of "sluggish schizophrenia."
    3. Valestine
      Valestine 29 August 2014 13: 05
      From Germany you know better! Repost from Germany from Elena Ch .: “Industrialists are suffering heavy losses and do not want to lose their established ties with Russia, they forced Merkel to change her tone, even offered € 500 million to rebuild the destroyed Donbass.
      Conclusion: unfortunately, politicians only understand the position of strength. It's sad. Another important reason for our Chancellor's change of tone is the German people. Every Monday in 14 cities of Germany, at exactly 18:00, demonstrations begin in support of Russia and its president, for peace. These demonstrations are organized by independent journalists such as Ken Jebsen, Jürgen Elzesser, Jacob Augstein - the son of the former editor-in-chief of the magazine Der Spiegel and many political scientists in Germany. Thousands of Germans gather for these demonstrations, and in their speeches they convey their feelings so vividly and colorfully in connection with the current events that they make me cry with pride for the country in which I now live. This is the Germany that gives me the strength to fight further and believe in the victory of common sense. Recently there was a real uprising at the building of the magazine "Der Spiegel", which has recently turned into a mouthpiece for the United States and a real boulevard to such an extent that the editorial board had to raise the issue of removing the editor-in-chief. the magazine was bought much less. And the tone on TV changes, slowly but surely. As I write these lines, my heart is overflowing with pride for Russia. The United States is still looking for opportunities for provocations, but they are losing along the entire line. I think this is not the end of the fascist rule in Ukraine, but this is the beginning of the end. ”I wonder if the Venediktovs, Nemtsovs and other Shelupon comment on such information in any way?
      1. RU-Officer
        RU-Officer 31 August 2014 13: 50
        "Interestingly, do the Venediktovs, Nemtsovs and other huskies comment on such information in any way?"

        So you yourself answered: they don’t comment because - shelupon.
        Glad for you, you know - for what. hi
    4. cat 1970
      cat 1970 29 August 2014 13: 48
      TV-ray must be crushed, wherever possible, otherwise they will crush us !!!!
    5. starshina78
      starshina78 29 August 2014 16: 47
      Why did they forget the actions of the authorities with dissenters in the USSR. In their nuthouse! On magnesia and so on! Make fools of them there, then let the flowers in the clearings collect and enjoy nature!
      1. Kir
        Kir 29 August 2014 16: 59
        Are you joking like that? If not, then ....., to put it simply, there is often inadequate one, so
        madhouse is their home !!!
        By the way, dissenters, as well as prisoners of conscience, are just verbiage to cover up their actions, partly, as I have already said about their home, and partly greedy abomination, by the way, it’s not a fact that exorbitant greed and ambition are not the same ” clinic".

        If, however, you are hinting that there are animals, then forgive me, then you yourself from which reserve wandered here?
    6. sinandju
      sinandju 29 August 2014 20: 50
      The article is a big minus. It is written by a provocateur and works for the Americans. Why? Will explain. The article inflates the topic of the "fifth column" to incredible proportions, including millions of people belonging to opposition parties and simply disagreeing with INTERNAL the policies of Putin and our government. All whom the author has listed in the article and plus a couple of thousand more people is the notorious "fifth column" bought with grants and simply for bribes throughout Russia. And the fact that someone from the media says about the events in Ukraine, and not in Novorossiya, and Putin also officially says that they say that the president of Ukraine, and not the pseudo-president Poroshenko, and Putin agreed with this and even met with him ... PEOPLEthink it over. Here they hate everyone who does not agree with what is happening now, including in Russia. But is it really so smooth and good here? Do citizens have no right to be indignant that housing and communal services are getting more expensive and more expensive, that educational reform has been going on for more than a decade, although the whole world recognized the Soviet school as the best, that Manturov ruins domestic aircraft manufacturing, promoting the assembly of Superjets, in which up to 80% of foreign spare parts that Chubais, about whom the whole country knows, that he was recruited by the CIA and everywhere they have already said this openly, still steers the state corporation, that Serdyukov was removed only under pressure from the military and public opinion and then only after a scandal and much more? ??? Thousands of examples, both federal and regional. Including Kushchevka and Manezhnaya, and Pikaleva and others. If people didn’t get it all so that they took to the streets, then all this would go on. All these crimes. Do not confuse the indignant, dissatisfied with the work of officials and government people with the fifth column and equate them with them. And all this goes.
  2. Vend
    Vend 29 August 2014 09: 35
    The enemy must be known in person. To give on this face a patriotic fist on occasion. In order not to be habituated. Do not like living in a decent country, go wherever you want. laughing
    1. Silkway0026
      Silkway0026 29 August 2014 09: 44
      we relaxed. very relaxed. but it is necessary to tear these lice tightly, close, hang up deadlines, add deadlines ... more everywhere
      1. zaz69
        zaz69 29 August 2014 11: 54
        I am almost "for", but our president says - now is not 37 years old. I understand that I do not have enough information, so I just trust the president for whom I voted.
    2. aszzz888
      aszzz888 29 August 2014 13: 21
      Do not like living in a decent country, go wherever you want. laughing

      I would say more precisely - go felling the forest with a two-handed saw. And there is a place for this.
  3. Igor80
    Igor80 29 August 2014 09: 39
    Crush them all while small !!!
    1. Ayujak
      Ayujak 29 August 2014 13: 02
      You can’t pass them all. It is necessary to increase the self-awareness of society. Patriotism. Spirituality.
      In general, this work is ongoing.
      But, a lot depends on us. Correctly the author says. We must all "work" (fight) on the Internet with these liberals together. More compromising evidence on them. Information reposts. Their connections, appearances, actions ... All this will help.
    2. Vadim2013
      Vadim2013 30 August 2014 11: 21
      All the worst are those who verbally support the policy of the central government, and under changed circumstances, betray the interests of the state. A vivid example of all the oligarchs who have become rich in Russia.
  4. Good cat
    Good cat 29 August 2014 09: 44
    Why not close completely "no rain" and "echo of matzo"?
    1. Roman_999
      Roman_999 29 August 2014 10: 48
      Because the Enemy needs to be known in person and kept at arm's length, and here they are also in one gadyushnik - a pattern and nothing more.
      It is impossible to destroy physically employees - humanism, if we close the institutions you mentioned - they creep into others - it is difficult to control. Now it’s easier for us to control everything they said, and immediately through the prism of anti-Russian and anti-patriotic, anti-people and immediately into the network. Understand all the employees have long been known, and how Russia will begin to tighten the screws - none of them will get away from the deserved punishment.
      1. sniper
        sniper 29 August 2014 13: 01
        Quote: Roman_999
        Because the Enemy needs to be known in person and held at arm's length
        So it seems like these faces have become familiar ... And they are not at a distance, but broadcast on the air ... That is. right in people's heads, a kind of inner voice is obtained. So gradually and they are poisoning, qualitatively, professionally ... It’s enough just to say nothing of the events, distorting the name of the army of New Russia as separatists and terrorists ... That’s how they are zombified. Quietly and imperceptibly ...
        1. Ryndabul
          Ryndabul 29 August 2014 14: 51
          Do not buy newspapers from such publishers, do not listen to the radio - switch to another wave, do not watch "Rain", etc., because it is known that they will write, say, show. Their audience, rating, earnings will begin to fall and they will become nobody not needed ... So, somehow ...
      2. Valestine
        Valestine 29 August 2014 13: 30
        Absolutely correct. Physical destruction will give national traitors an aura of "martyrdom" for "democratic values". But do not give them a pass, admonish, criticize, scandalize, widely disseminate incriminating evidence, "bother" with trifles, exhaust your nerves with trifles, start endless squabbles and courts (women can do this very well and only they can do it), i.e. it is quite possible to use their "weapon".
    2. Shur
      Shur 29 August 2014 23: 01
      I am also in favor. For freedom of speech not to turn into hostile propaganda. It is much more dangerous than the phantom of nationalism, as it carries pure European and pro-American fascism. This should be equated with the propaganda of Nazism and even more severely punished, you cannot indulge, not suppress evil, this increases it.
  5. La-5
    La-5 29 August 2014 09: 45
    People with Down Syndrome.
    1. kimanas
      kimanas 29 August 2014 10: 29
      West Down Syndrome
    2. Serzh73
      Serzh73 29 August 2014 15: 03
      It seems like one solid clinic.
  6. DartVerter
    DartVerter 29 August 2014 09: 46
    We (citizens of Russia), of course, can catch and beat all these traitors, but we need the support of the state. In the form of work to suppress their financing, pinch the tails of their media, make public the facts of their contacts with the ambassadors of Western countries and receive funding from them. Send these "artists" from a high-rise to paint fences, where the thread is in Vorkuta, for another month. And not in the colors of the ukroflag, but in those that are supposed to. Call it all correctional labor for hooliganism. No politics - shit in Moscow - get better in Vorkuta.
    1. muginov2015
      muginov2015 29 August 2014 10: 42
      Yeah, let's remember the experience of the Black Hundreds, although, I suspect, you haven't taught history. if everyone will "catch and beat", there will be a mess and anarchy. And why are all sorts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and other B ...? work gentlemen, work.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Ryndabul
        Ryndabul 29 August 2014 15: 09
        I agree, since these groups of fighters with dissenting will soon be headed by a thread Gapon, to whom Kalomoysha will roll a decent amount, and will lead all ultrapatriots to the left, and to the right, and all in a row ... It has already happened more than once in history when the righteous anger turned into an avalanche that didn’t recognize anything and crushed everything - into a crowd! Serve Russia with your soul and heart - and no one will lead it astray from the true path - the path of the Messiah! Sorry for the pathos ...
      3. Kir
        Kir 29 August 2014 16: 11
        History was just taught, and therefore there is nothing to add to the emergency, which in function was I apologize to the Russians, in some way compare to the structure from which the ss grew (our People's Druzhina in the USSR is somewhat similar, only the caliber of the tasks is smaller ) - the protection of the first person at mass events, formed from the Volunteers, although under the auspices of "Word and Deed", as I remember, they were supervised by Mordovians himself, and they were disbanded quite quickly, but what about the pogroms in someone's mother there ... ", so forgive yourself your own (Jews), and of course the audience of a certain quality, so .....
    2. Alex_Popovson
      Alex_Popovson 29 August 2014 10: 43
      It is necessary to arrange a riot. Yes, to destroy such a "red rooster", to let them in so that even Fergusson would know - we are for the truth. Khokhlov get out!
      1. sniper
        sniper 29 August 2014 14: 00
        Quote: Alex_Popovson
        Riot must be arranged
        My dear, who pays you something ??? Rebel , ...
  7. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 29 August 2014 10: 10
    The author of the rights, our media are mainly controlled by "liberal Westerners" although in recent years they seem to have quieted down (they pressed their tails), and yet this eternal malicious malice and ridicule is felt .. And you can’t forbid howling, Mama don’t cry!
    What is happening in Ukraine now is the work of the media above all. Thank God our Russian people are not (mostly) on all their snacks.
  8. Alexan
    Alexan 29 August 2014 10: 12
    A very wise article! In support of her, one can recall what situation preceded the Maidan. Only a few editions and TV channels supported the authorities. There was no pressure on the rest - they would say they were jamming the press. Now no one cares that a journalist's fingers in urine will be broken for a different opinion. The same thing in YUS - everyone will shout in one tune under the dictation of the State Department. It turns out that the most democratic and liberal country is the Russian Federation! And on the fig goat button accordion? There is only one explanation: in the Kremlin, the forces that allow Maksimovskaya to “speak” to maintain the image of pluralism are heating up the atmosphere of permissiveness among the hackers.
  9. saag
    saag 29 August 2014 10: 12
    the fifth column, the fifth column, and you wondered who created the image of the enemy - the fifth column and threw it into the media, here it is a damned fifth column and it’s to blame for everything, it reminds a trick of a magician who looks away before the rabbit is taken out of the hat turning their attention to something else?
  10. Million
    Million 29 August 2014 10: 17
    Now it’s not tolerant to speak, but Makarevich, Shenderovich, Ulitskaya and others like them have one common national roots
    1. KUOLEMA
      KUOLEMA 29 August 2014 13: 05
      Well, how could the nation of poets, musicians of scientists, persecuted everywhere, but by no means the steelworkers of collective farmers without it anywhere)))
  11. kimanas
    kimanas 29 August 2014 10: 27
    Correctional work for hooliganism, which pseudo-artists call art projects! Why Naomi Campbell sweeps the street on stiletto heels, and our thin bohemian woman has the right to crap on Red Square.
    1. doctor
      doctor 1 September 2014 16: 09
      I agree. You need to start gently. Attract for libel and hooliganism.
  12. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 29 August 2014 10: 32
    But I don’t understand, those "who are supposed to" are again busy knocking money out of businessmen? I can’t imagine, say, in 1956, a Moscow skyscraper was painted in the colors of the flag of Hungary or in 1968 in the colors of the flag of Czechoslovakia. What are we talking about? Houses are a mess and window dressing. All this pours water on the mill of liberals and Westernizers, and more abruptly than any propaganda. One case of Serdyukov is worth something.
  13. igor-pchelkin
    igor-pchelkin 29 August 2014 10: 49
    Friends, any stick has two ends. Tolerance has the same thing. Tolerance is a tolerant, respectful attitude towards someone else's, other opinion, religion, way of life. If I am a man and love a woman, then I will ask all homosexuals and lesbians to respect my sexual orientation, and not to arrange their gatherings with colorful flags under my windows. After all, I do not suit them in front of your windows. If I love my homeland and my people, then, liberals of all stripes, do not impose on me multiculturalism and love for African Americans. Respectfully and tolerantly treat my choice. If I believe that the Jews twice in the 20th century dragged my Motherland "with their muzzle on the asphalt", and intend to do it again, then there is no need to shout that I am a fascist. You have to be more tolerant, my dears, to the opinions of others, more tolerant and respectful. To my opinion!
    1. talot
      talot 29 August 2014 14: 21
      100% agree and support!
  14. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 29 August 2014 10: 57
    First of all, it is necessary to put things in order on the central TV channels. All this insanity with soap operas and all sorts of talk shows on which stupid people discuss others who put horns for whom or who walks without underwear (Malakhov and the like). TNT I would be the whole team. I sent it to the installation of the Novaya Zemlya polygon, moreover, on foot, so to speak, under its own power. ) for aligarh and everything is in shekolada !!!! The only thing that saves the Kultura channel, but no, no, and will give out some kind of pearl. With such success of Russian TV, we will catch up with the Outskirts by the amount of manure in our heads (just not to overtake)
    1. ilyaros
      29 August 2014 11: 11
      Television broadcasts and soap operas are one of the varieties of weapons of mass destruction aimed at debilitating the population, asserting worldview and behavioral values ​​alien to it. These programs destroy in the mass consciousness the images of family, normal family relations, sexual behavior, discredit a man (how many examples are there - talk shows where they tell how Africans or Asians differ in an advantageous way from "our drunks" - although why "drunks" created great country and flew into space, and "teetotalers" come here to sweep the streets, it is not reported).
  15. parusnik
    parusnik 29 August 2014 11: 01
    Remember the last 23 years .. Remember the history textbooks that children learn from .. And the companies on "de-Stalinization" of the Russian society that rolled around the country .. how they discredited the army .. We cultivated the soil .. and the grains fell, now we are reaping .. the harvest ..
  16. Eugenenl
    Eugenenl 29 August 2014 11: 13
    Until we think "What will the West think of us?" instead of attracting this scum for slander and anti-Russian propaganda, little will change. The state must be strong, must defend its honor and dignity!
  17. 123321
    123321 29 August 2014 11: 23
    Watch from 1 to 35 minutes
  18. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 29 August 2014 11: 25
    Isn't it easier to hammer in a huge "bolt" on the opinion of the West about us? It's time to answer them in full for their lies and slander (by the way, winter is just around the corner)! I personally don't care what they think of us in the West! The main thing is what the people of Russia will think about our leadership, and on this basis it is necessary to "soak in the toilet" all this liberal scum! How long can these New Vlasovites be tolerated, or has the article "On High Treason" been canceled?
  19. Roman_999
    Roman_999 29 August 2014 11: 25
    Quote: Igor80
    Crush them all while small !!!

    Who is the little one? anti-Russian 5 column? this is the Enemy, the enemy is a strong cunning dodgy enemy. This is an anti-Russian and anti-people’s mechanism brought to us from outside the 35-40 years ago with the virus of worship of the Western model of development, from economy to consciousness, but caught in fertile soil. This management mechanism has taken root in various sectors of the population. So strong that it is trying to kill the donor organism - Our Homeland with you, dismembering it into small principalities led by specific boyars. In order to, in their stupid opinion, make the world cleaner, fairer ... they don’t think that they are fed only while Russia is there, they will not be fed after them, and without Russia they will remain like earthworms on the asphalt that crawled out after a heavy financial rain The country that destroyed them was probably seen how they wriggle but can no longer hide back — they are then crushed or they dry out — but they almost never creep into the ground from the asphalt. Remember this example when the time comes.
  20. givigor71
    givigor71 29 August 2014 11: 25
    It’s time to end with these nonsense from the fifth and sixth columns, you need to remember the Soviet experience - to expel those who love the homeland from the country ... wink
  21. MIV999
    MIV999 29 August 2014 11: 45
    They won’t succeed) ...
    After all, even Ostap Bender, creating his "Union of Sword and Plowshare" was, in my opinion, more convincing than all these clowns from the fifth column)) ... If only because the members of this "union" brought him their money ...
    While the so-called "Russian oppositionists" on the contrary - as kept prostitutes entirely exist only on overseas "donations" ... Look, even Makarevich rushed to master the "budget" ... This character has always been greedy (read the book by Peter Podgorodetsky " A car with Jews "), but in his old age he also became unprincipled ...
    And in Russia, prostitutes didn’t like it for a long time ... Moreover, such prostitutes in life ...
  22. Patriot 1
    Patriot 1 29 August 2014 11: 46
    The media is a very powerful weapon. I know for myself. I myself against the backdrop of Serdyukov, then the Olympic construction site, succumbed to propaganda from the supply of the 5th column and took the wrong position for some time .... But the most important thing in this is to admit mistakes in time and draw the appropriate conclusions. But now I don’t know what should happen to change my current position.
  23. Tambov Wolf
    Tambov Wolf 29 August 2014 11: 50
    We have been writing for a long time when the whole gang of liberal traitors will start planting. In response there is a quiet silence. Why cling to them? He shouted against Russia, please come to Kitsch, about five years old. He yelled that the people were bad, there too. You can quickly beat the dope out of your head.
  24. Wolland
    Wolland 29 August 2014 11: 51
    When will Makarevich and Nemtsov see Sashko Bilogo then ??? .... How does such land carry .....
  25. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 29 August 2014 12: 16
    August 15, 2014, in Krasnodar, an attempt was made to hold a March for the federalization of the Kuban Well done, our law enforcement officers, although I do not live in Krasnodar itself, I just found out that we had such an action. Although on the other hand, if I had known in advance, maybe I would have rotten eggs.
  26. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 29 August 2014 12: 30
    practically all the leaders of the pro-Western pseudo-democratic groups defend not the rights of the Russian people, but their political ambitions and accounts in Western banks. If they do not "sing" properly, then the tail will pinch them, the one who gives them dollar handouts. The fools who take part in their "jumping off" for money are ready to sacrifice Russia to their masters. The essence of the matter is not reflected in words, but in deeds that either lead to progress or roll the country back into the past. as the Bible says "on business, you will know who they are"!
  27. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 29 August 2014 13: 00
    Makarevich made excuses that he did not speak before the fascists at all, adding what a wonderful impression he had on the view of Slavyansk in the central square of which children in small cars drove around. This is true, since while Makarevich was examining the children, the Nazis were busy far from this place, shooting other children, old men and women from cannons. It follows from this assumption that Makarevich, or a madman, or just a cunning beast, or an enemy. The first conclusion is incredible, because otherwise he could not have made an artistic career, to receive awards under all authorities, licking what they want - who needs it. From the improbability of the first assumption, it follows that he is hardly a cunning beast, since he hardly managed to calculate in advance the reaction of public opinion to his tricks. It remains a conclusion that Makarevich is an enemy who has worked out his fee on blood and should be treated as an enemy. and not sussyuk about the God's chosen artistic soul. It is ridiculous that having received impartiality for the deed, Makarevich, as a school dirty trickster going to complain to a teacher, went to complain to Putin. Well ...
  28. North Christmas Tree
    North Christmas Tree 29 August 2014 13: 10
    Just in topic:

    "V. Putin checked the Russian media for the involvement of traitors in the system of the 5th US column =
    onny-ssha-predatelej /
    On August 29, Vladimir Putin published an appeal to the Novorossiya militia on the Kremlin website. After which I began to observe which media would publish it correctly. On 3: 40 in Moscow time only Russia Today, t / c Zvezda and Interfax correctly published. The rest ... The rest either ignored the word Novorossia, or they lied, changing it to "southeast", "Ukrainian militias" or "Donbass militias."

    List of media that went against Vladimir Putin:
    - LifeNews
    - RIA News
    - Rambler
    - NTV
    - VGTRK (Russia24)
    - RBC

    For many, this will be a shock, especially about LifeNews, however - the result is obvious. It cannot be argued that all companies are the 5 column of the United States, it is entirely possible that only the journalists and / or editors of the articles that published it are elements of the 5 column of traitors of Russia. But how management of companies will deal with them is another story. It was corrupt journalists who brought Ukraine to the state in which it is now.

    ps Appeal on the Kremlin website:
    Attached to the message are screenshots from the Russian media, which distorted the address of Vladimir Putin. The screenshots were made at 3:40 Moscow time. "
  29. Dinko
    Dinko 29 August 2014 13: 16
    For such as Makarevich and Nemtsov suitcase station Galicia
  30. padded jacket
    padded jacket 29 August 2014 13: 23
    Films about the fifth column:

    How to fool our children:
  31. aszzz888
    aszzz888 29 August 2014 13: 24
    And to force these pro-Ukrainian s.k. to wash paint with nails, without chemicals and soap, so that they erase their playful pens to the ears. And others were not accustomed.
    1. Frisbee
      Frisbee 12 September 2014 11: 14
      The one who painted is well done! I was not afraid!
  32. bubla5
    bubla5 29 August 2014 13: 56
    Yes, we ourselves have created a huge number of the fifth column — all of them who studied in the United States and in the West, who have a second house behind the hill, citizenship, and who lives, shit here and again behind the hill — they inculcated there about the insignificance of Russia there, they do not believe in the future of the country, for them to grab a loot today and leave, because of this, banks and travel agencies, firms and enterprises are closed and bankrupt
  33. Azzzwer
    Azzzwer 29 August 2014 13: 56
    As a result, consumers of information flows, for the most part, still perceive the conflict between the New Russian republics and Ukraine as an internal conflict in the latter. Accordingly, the attitude of a part of the population towards current events is being formed as an exclusively “Ukrainian problem”.
    In all
  34. Valentine1990
    Valentine1990 29 August 2014 14: 17
    For a long time I thought about what to write, I rewrote three times - very much emotions are asking outside. I’ll just write that this fifth column is the usual selling sh ... wabra and I want to answer them only with my fist in the face soaked with dollar !!!
  35. provincial
    provincial 29 August 2014 14: 25
    How long can you tolerate this infection as the 'fifth column'? I propose to lease one of the islands in the north of the Russian Federation to these "skunks" and let them arrange their lives there, but they are there without a break.
  36. Karevik
    Karevik 29 August 2014 16: 13
    For more than a year I have been writing and saying, if there is a possibility that Rain Echo of Moscow is a new newspaper, etc. enemies of Russia! So it’s necessary to deal with them as with enemies, to the wall and the whole conversation! There is nothing to look back at someone! The majority of people will support such actions, and the West will start on them. They are the same enemies!
    I really regret that I’m already old and sick, after all 65. But I have a question for the real Russian patriots - why are they smashing us in the same Hohland (journalists, radio, TV channels, banks, gas stations, etc.) and we and them their accomplices in Russia sysyukay.
    Our authorities must understand that they cannot cope with these laws alone! They must be afraid of us patriots! Afraid at home, afraid at work, fear everywhere. The time has come to choose Russia or death.!
  37. Lyton
    Lyton 29 August 2014 16: 53
    With pleasure I would have punched Makarevich with a brick in his physiognomy, corrupt bastards, we must deal with them as enemies and monitor all this shell. In 17, Russia already missed the bastards, for which it paid for the lives of its people for many years, we do not need more revolutions and Maidan, we all saw what comes of it and we see now with the example of Ukraine, which means we must deal with these provocateurs accordingly, if they feel bad at home, a ticket, a train station, and let's say goodbye, especially zealous in jail, the Arctic should be mastered, forward and with a song.
    1. Kir
      Kir 29 August 2014 17: 12
      They blinked, as you wish to put it a lot earlier, and even freethinking got in the way, forgive not through mere mortals, but through children from the "elites", and by the way I advise you to look at the peaks of activity of representatives of "progressive thinking" here are just some of the events Murder (even more Parricide) of Emperor Paul I, I wanted to shrink this very elite, in 1, bombers (the same not from the People), etc., and in 1825 they paid for the same, but they could not keep the situation, and by the way they could not come STALIN, oh, how not the fact that the Real National Liberation Party would not have appeared against the abomination that was in sufficient numbers around and in power before the Leader, oh, by the way, the sponsors of this whole Sabbath are the same, that then, that Now-Morgan, rockefelers and other world svoloten !!!
  38. LCA
    LCA 29 August 2014 21: 25
    In the Western concept of civil society there is a defining attribute (the rest is its hypocritical, knowingly false, component): - its defining first attribute is called “the presence in society of free owners of the means of production”.

    Our ideas about civil society are alternative to Western, have long been known and understood without undue social and philosophical graphomania from the words of N. A. Nekrasova "you may not be a poet, but you must be a citizen."

    In accordance with this clarification, the concept of civil society N.A. Nekrasova - ideally:
    The state is all of us that presupposes the civil rights of each of us being determined by duties and a share of responsibility for the fate of all (i.e. responsibility for the fate of the Fatherland and Mankind) in line with the Providence, which it assumes in accordance with the principle of moral and ethical unity of all citizens .

    But reality is far from this ideal. And this is expressed in the fact that in Russia, in Russia:
    • There were and are citizens in the Nekrasov sense of this term, but they, as in the time of N.A. Nekrasov, constitute a minority of society.
    • And the majority are not citizens, but subjects of the state in which they live, and far from all of them are loyal subjects.

    The reason is that by their morality and psychology as a whole they are indifferent "grass on the battlefield" or serfs with lordly manners, a minority of whom managed to realize these manners while preserving the vile servile essence (they rule in accordance with the "constitution by concepts ”).

    Owing to the servitude of servility inherent in this category of the Russian population, they are incapable of conscientiously fulfilling their responsibilities (and, equally, those assigned to them at work or at work) of their duties and, as a result, evade responsibility for the fate of all, i.e. for the fate of the Fatherland and Mankind. This is characteristic of them, wherever they imitate labor activity: in the state apparatus, in industry, in agriculture, in science, in medicine, in education or in the service sector, etc.

    According to the above understanding, the essence of the civil society of Russian multinational civilization and the state as an organizational structure of conceptually powerful citizens.

    High treason is the activity of ordinary people, deputies and civil servants (civilians, as well as military personnel, special services and representatives of law enforcement agencies), directed against the internal priestly conceptual power of the state, in whatever concrete manifestations this activity is expressed.

    But high treason in the above sense is ineradicable by punitive measures: its eradication requires socio-political and cultural development.

    Russian law is the right of free will.
    1. RU-Officer
      RU-Officer 31 August 2014 14: 26
      "This I went well!" (Georges Miloslavsky, "Ivan Vasilievich Changes His Profession").
      I wanted to leave the page of this article already (I admit honestly - I’m tired of reading comments, although it’s interesting), but I read it up to this point and could not help but support it.
      Dear LCA (Sergey)! Have you thought about teaching, or at least enlightenment? If already - fine. Such material should be replicated as methodological material. With your permission, I copied the text - for future reposts - the information war for our future is only just beginning.
      And if you suddenly add an analysis of cause-and-effect relationships and put it in the "opinions" section - a worthy brick in the foundation of the future society.
      My "+1", plz. hi
  39. LCA
    LCA 29 August 2014 21: 48
    Only in the Russian language the word "freedom" can be interpreted as an abbreviation: With the name of the Government of God GOD.

    Justice is an expression of freedom as a dictatorship of conscience.
  40. Yuriy_K
    Yuriy_K 29 August 2014 23: 39
    Free media (even relatively free, as in Russia) interfere with the main factor in the development of fascism - ideological contamination - the so-called. "psychological induction", which is spread by means of communication and mass media. The essence of fascism
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 30 August 2014 04: 42
      "Russians forward" - sounds wild, and reminds of the first days of the Great Patriotic War, until Zhukov came, when the commissars (of the European Union? NATO?) pushed the soldiers in the frontal head on machine guns.

      By the way! And where does the Japanese tradition come from in Moscow in face dressings? By the way, aren’t the very Japanese contaminated the north of China with the smoke of coal-fired power plants, killing the indigenous population to please the profit centers on the coast?
    2. Kir
      Kir 30 August 2014 17: 18
      Listen to the free individual. everything that is written in this article already in 2006 is known a long time ago
      Mental infection- induction, etc. V.M.Bekhterev in his hands and study to ecstasy
      The criminal crowd, and in this respect there is a classic of Social Psychology and Psychiatry
      Lemings and whales, well, forgive me according to one version of this collective act, there is nothing more than the self-preservation of Species by means of "voluntary sacrifice" of some part, and an excessively intensive growth of the population leads to this in the absence of the proper amount of food supply, so. ...
      By the way, by reason, you are so superfluous on Mother Earth, maybe you should follow nature - the experience of lemings and whales, you will not get those stupid, and you are not smart enough and absolutely noble !!!
  41. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 30 August 2014 03: 56
    For the topic. I will share my observations. I read in English that the word "cherub" came from the Asyrian word "karabu", which simply translates into Russian as "great", "mighty".

    Perhaps this word served as a prototype for Alexei Nikolayevich Tolstoy to the name of the puppeteer Karabas-Barabas.

    What's interesting is that "how" in English is also called "carriage", and abas resembles a word from the children's fairy tale "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", which serves as the name of the evil lampshade. I won't argue about Australian Prime Minister Tony Abat. I do not think that such a respected person can lead a gang of terrorists who are killing civilians in Ukraine.

    But because the people call the AN-225 "Karabas Barabas", and the first turbine tank T-80, I will say. After all, I had a chance to work in the desert in Mumba, where the AN-225 was carried by the ch / 3 Queensland, as well as on the construction of a gas turbine in Perth.

    Here I will also note for the patriots of Moscow that, while working for the Santos company, I noticed that they were developing a new management system codenamed "MOS" - management of change. In polarity to the IOC, the letter "C" in mos, can mean a play of letters for the word CMOC. And here is what the legends write about this word:

    Tsmok is the most terrible beast in the world that jumps on the ground and flies through the air. It brings people grief and destruction. Therefore, Belarusians add to his name the epithets "damned", "". It is the size of a hut. It can have three, six, nine, twelve heads as big as tubs. Flames come from the nostrils. He has wings, arms and legs, on which claws are like swords. It accompanies its appearance with different sounds: hisses like a snake, roars like an animal. Tsmok destroys everything in its path.

    So who got into our tank of the Kharkov Tractor? And what clubs the Irish want to steal victory from us. So it goes, so soon all the inventions will be rewritten to stupid pygmies, and the atrocities of the rune Nazis on children who saved the world and German children from the brown plague of sadists and rapists.

    Yes, for especially gifted IQ: 1 desire of a half-woman / half-hour - slipped through, today - 2 "tram", when we will not perform the third?

    And for tech, how and who seeks to control our sky is a link from the wiki: on September 30, 1999, after studying judicial and investigative materials, the Main Military Prosecutor's Office overturned the verdict of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR and removed all political charges from Vasily Stalin.

    Photo: OKB and "/" m. O. K. Antonova:

    Slowly rockets float away
    Meet with them you do not wait.
    And although America is a little sorry
    Europe is ahead.

    A landmine flies, sways,
    Do not expect good from him,
    Even if you dig into the ground,
    Do not get away from the shock wave.

    Tablecloth, tablecloth Chlorcian * spreads
    And climbs under the gas mask.
    Everyone, everyone believes in the best.
    Falling, falling nuclear bomb.

    The sun shone over the earth suddenly
    And it’s raining overhead.
    A friend just walked beside you
    And now he is fried.

    The grass burned out by the hydrogen sun
    Kangaroos are dogs
    Aborigines regained their rights
    A red flag fluttered over Canberra.

    By the way, no one noticed a convergence between Vasily Stalin and Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolayevich? And you say Gru Zina the Satanists!
  42. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 30 August 2014 04: 29
    For linGuists who are keen on the history of the submarine forces of the Navy, as well as anti-submarine mining, it will be interesting to translate this paragraph from the history of ARC:

    It's a history to be proud of, punctuated by economic depression, war and takeovers. Ninety years helping to build the fabric of Australia, and growing with the nation to become a mature performer on the world stage.

    The address of the national office of the company resembles the name according to NATO classification of the place of permanent basing of the ships of the 4th Pacific Oceanographic Expedition Vilyuchinsk - a port city in Russia in the Kamchatka Territory, which has the status of ZATO:

    Level 5 380 Docklands Drive Docklands VIC 3008
    Ph: 03 9903 6200
    Fax: 03 9903 6222 ("Shemu psche nshgk afch")
  43. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 30 August 2014 09: 26
    On the one hand, all these liberals, like people, are uninteresting. On the other hand, simply treating them like ants (well, scurry, well, let) is a mistake, because harm unlike ants they bring huge. It’s time, it’s a great magnanimity towards traitors - stop! We all look back to the West - what will they say? And when did they say something good about us?
  44. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 30 August 2014 18: 03
    All this pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian information is easily guessed in these resources and there is no interest in swallowing it, all the more it is pure nonsense for the frostbitten.
  45. PWG
    PWG 31 August 2014 11: 06
    Makarevich-bitch and his whole Co. send to the mines in Magadan: let them at least do something useful for the country! And then they just whine and howl like jackals ...
  46. Dangasa
    Dangasa 31 August 2014 20: 05
    Five years ago, he respected Vadimovich Makarevich for his songs. emphasize-songs. I respect his opinion about Ukraine. I respect the opinion of my Friends from Ukraine. There is only one conclusion: Friends, watch less TV and listen more friends. There are not many. You can understand Sofya Mikhailovna Rotaru, but you cannot * understand the prostitute V. Zelensky! I am Against Warriors in Ukraine and in the East in Asia, because I have friends there living in Israel, and I live in an Islamic state. But! everything is quiet here, everything is calm!
  47. Jene4ka6012
    Jene4ka6012 31 August 2014 21: 25
    Well, Makarevich went public on his gray head under old age, what else can I say ... From a respected person he became hated by many fellow citizens. And most importantly, that we do not forget the actions of these "comrades" and nothing is forgotten
  48. renat.004
    renat.004 2 September 2014 09: 15
    to wet the liberals without leaving the box office
  49. Aleksandr777
    Aleksandr777 2 September 2014 15: 51
    “As for the representatives of the Ukrainian cultural sphere, who openly stand on the side of the Kiev regime, sanctions should be taken against them, prohibiting them from entering the territory of the Russian Federation until a public apology to the Russian state and people for their Russophobic statements and actions. The most odious characters should be completely isolated from the possibility of coming to the territory of the Russian Federation and, moreover, from organizing concerts and other events here aimed at extracting material profit. "-subscribe under each of these words.