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Sad and sorry for them

The situation here is this: all the actions of the ukroklopovaya army remind me of the actions of the disrespectful Grachev during the first Chechen period. After some time, Kiev, when it becomes absolutely bad, will go to reconciliation and negotiations, in order to prevent the "wave" to the Kiev oligarchs. Here the most important thing is not to succumb to this snag. Based on the nature of the conflicts of recent years in different parts of the world, it is necessary to conduct negotiations in which the Russian side will participate, and on the perimeter of Novorossia put up blocks of "grads" to suppress the "second Chechen". I think that they will understand me correctly, I am about strategy, and not about Chechens.

You can not trust the Nazis.

My father, born a month later than October 1917, grew up in a Ural village. And like all young people, by the mid-thirties he dreamed, if he was in the army, then a tankman (why not a pilot, this is his secret). In the 37th year, ascribing himself a year, he graduated from the MTS courses, and, of course, was drafted into the army, in the training of Krivoy Rog. Then he studied at the Odessa Military-Political School and took an active part in the war for the "liberation of Western Ukraine." So there Stalin and Hitler divided the territory of Austria and Poland. My father sparingly and with some shy smile told me how they “drenched” the German Tanks. He answered my question, since the border was approximate, so they competed who would take which town first.

“We go to the town first, beat the tedvushka at the entrance - it blocks the street with its“ on the ass. ”Meanwhile, we mark the border. The southern territories that were lost in this section (they are questionable), Poland’s territory ... different estimates .. somewhere around ten thousand.

Then, in the fortieth, my father completed a one-year political training course. About Odessa, he told me - the city in which I would like to live.

Then, at night, in the first hours of June 22, they were alarmed and they took up defensive positions. At three forty the first assault groups were flooded. I was very surprised by my father's passing phrase: "... we managed to bury our first dead only in eleven days."

Then, the uncontrollable retreat began, when will we fight for Lviv? - We will not. This is an architectural treasure of the whole world. Father drove into the city in the lorry, in order to collect food for his division. Robberies shops in full swing. We left the city - to meet Bethashka with a general who was foamed from a misunderstanding. “Guys,” he shouts, “I’m looking for my part, if you are going to the crossing, then don’t go there.” We shoved. And from some mound they saw how the fascist airplanes “ironed” the crossing. And on the crossing were only women with children. It is impossible to forget.

That's what a shame - when you're young, you think about girls (nature). Years pass and you start to think about justice. My father led the group to destroy the first bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper. Then Kharkov operations. Then Stalingrad, where my father "earned" in one battle and the Order, and BZ, and three wounds.

This whole situation in modern Ukraine is very, very sad ...

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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 28 August 2014 09: 00
    History tends to repeat.
    1. andj61
      andj61 28 August 2014 09: 24
      Quote: Giant thought
      History tends to repeat.

      This is Hegel's phrase quoted by K. Marx in his 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte: "All great world-historical events and personalities are repeated twice: the first time as a tragedy, and the second as a farce."
      Only in our case, this farce also turned into a tragedy!
      1. Cadet787
        Cadet787 28 August 2014 11: 47
        The DPR army claims to have reached the approaches to Mariupol
        28.08.2014 - 09: 54
        The DPR army claims to have reached the approaches to Mariupol. "We passed Novoazovsk, it is under our control, we went directly to Mariupol. I think that the liberation of the city is a matter of the coming days, we have everything ready for this," the army headquarters said.

        According to the source, all supporters of the Kiev regime are fleeing the city, Ridus writes.
      2. rodevaan
        rodevaan 28 August 2014 12: 20
        The situation here is this: all the actions of the ukroklop army resemble the actions of the unreasonable Grachev by me during the first Chechen period.

        - I always said - looking at Ukraine now - I see Russia 93-96. Kach dough that in Chechnya, that in the Donbass - nothing has changed. That Mercedes-Pasha, that Parasha - people always suffer.
    2. Predator
      Predator 28 August 2014 09: 39
      Quote: Giant thought
      History tends to repeat.

      He has. But I didn’t like the article. First of all, what did the author specifically want to say?! Some proposals were perplexing, and some angry. So, for example, they divided the territory? Poland. Who is involved in the funeral during the battle, when the enemy comes?! I can tell a lot about how many of our soldiers and the Wehrmacht lie in the fields and forests. And 1 years have passed. And this is not visible. We raise to 70-50 people a year. and in only one area, these are fighters. And if we find burials of civilians But there are from 120 to 500 people there at once, many children. Punishers worked, and some of them were from western Ukraine, the Baltic states. And here his words are embarrassing, about a 1000 hour delay in burial.
      1. Letun
        Letun 28 August 2014 09: 57
        Also did not understand what the article was about. Grandfather boast? What is the connection between the civil war in Ukraine and the beginning of the Second World War? In general, some kind of hash.
        1. Cadet787
          Cadet787 28 August 2014 11: 46
          Kiev justifies its failures by "military intervention of the Russian Federation"
          28.08.2014 - 09: 59
          The statements of the West and the authorities in Kiev about Russian "military intervention" in the Ukrainian conflict are made in order to justify the massive defeats of the Ukrainian troops and the National Guard during the battles with the army of Novorossiya.

          This, according to "Ridus", said the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko in a video message on the TV channel "Russia-24".
      2. Drednout
        Drednout 28 August 2014 12: 21
        Quote: Predator
        But I didn’t like the article

        Really messy and unclear meaning. Plus slapped for the picture.
      3. Skif83
        Skif83 28 August 2014 19: 11
        I didn't like it either. Pouring over Grachev (let's omit about the dead, either well or not ...) without knowing the person is "the height of objectivity." Grachev was my office in Afghanistan. Under Grachev, the 345th infantry regiment had the smallest losses, as, indeed, under other commanders (who do not know, the 9th company was precisely the 45th infantry regiment). Under Grachev there was an iron rule, if there is at least one shot from the village, before the landing party comes in, the artillery will iron it for half an hour. War is not a movie, the more rigidity, the less losses. In Chechnya, Grachev did not completely control the army (read his memoirs). The Eltsin had too many "commanders" who put sticks in their wheels. Read how Jewish commissars in the 30s of the last century "pacified" mountain villages in Chechnya and Ingushetia, you will be shocked! All the male population capable of holding a rifle in their hands was shot, aviation with total bombing was used in the recalcitrant auls, they did not disassemble - women, children, etc.
        You can’t so unambiguously evaluate a person without breaking away from the era ...
  2. unknown
    unknown 28 August 2014 09: 03
    The decree of P. Poroshenko approved the "Course of the Young Fighter" (KMB), which must pass the Ukrainian youth.
    The creation of youth self-defense units is supposed - in the image of the Hitler Youth, which were formed in 1945 ..
    Everyone makes mistakes, but only a strong person can recognize them!
  3. Alfizik
    Alfizik 28 August 2014 09: 13
    "... and along the perimeter of Novorossiya to put blocks of" hail "for suppression ..."
    And what will it give? Nothing but distraction and loss of time. The main thing is the economy and infrastructure. "Blocks" can also be placed under an imminent threat.
    And the fascists (Bandera, Nazis) really cannot be trusted. Never! What is the way of life in Ukraine today? Dictatorship. US dictatorship. Therefore, the most important thing for the near future is to neutralize their proteges. Neutralization does not mean deprivation of life, but, first of all, neutralization "moral" with deprivation of points of support and scope for activity. And everyone in Ukraine (including henchmen) should know and understand this.
  4. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 28 August 2014 09: 19
    Interestingly, and dill reward their pilots and artillerymen who kill civilians with state awards, or just pay them money?
    1. VICTOR-61
      VICTOR-61 28 August 2014 09: 31
      It’s as if they were awarded a saw transmission, or on the Internet, nothing of their reward will be posthumous, they will receive what they deserve for the massacre of their own people
    2. xenod55
      xenod55 28 August 2014 10: 04
      What difference does it make to us whether Kiev awards its killer flyers and gunners-killers to civilians of the DPR and LPR. The main thing is that the militias for each of them have a "reward" - "BIRCH CROSS" - a "lifetime" reward, not subject to return and exchange.
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 28 August 2014 13: 11
        There is another great award - a 14,5 mm caliber bullet.
    LEVIAFAN 28 August 2014 09: 34
    Quote: Mama_Cholli
    Interestingly, and dill reward their pilots and artillerymen who kill civilians with state awards, or just pay them money?

    have no doubt.
  6. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 28 August 2014 09: 46
    Interestingly, what is written on the medals? For multiple murders, or a better killer?
    1. saigon
      saigon 28 August 2014 10: 47
      Well, whatever be on the move, Glory to the executioner or the murderer. May God grant them to die antelerist foul.
  7. Nestor Petrovich
    Nestor Petrovich 28 August 2014 10: 02
    Yes, they are afraid! Fascists are afraid! Payback is inevitable for peaceful people, all the same the truth is for Novorossia, no matter how much you would like the opposite.
  8. Jurassic
    Jurassic 28 August 2014 10: 03
    Fascism must be finished to the end. If negotiations, then about complete dill surrender. And then the indicative trial of the Nazis with the most severe sentences. Otherwise it will smolder for a very long time ..
  9. Boombarash
    Boombarash 28 August 2014 10: 06
    Reminded of Grachev .. even the teeth gritted. The analogy is clear in the 95th and in the 99th Chechens, as now the United States uses Svidomo as meat. It is a pity the people of conscripts especially, because he himself was.
  10. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 28 August 2014 10: 35
    Quote: Mama_Cholli
    Interestingly, and dill reward their pilots and artillerymen who kill civilians with state awards, or just pay them money?

    Order of the psaki with bow and beads. am
    1. Old Cynic
      Old Cynic 28 August 2014 12: 02
      Have you forgotten about thongs? Well, about those that ukrovoyaki forgot during the retreat.
      But this is a magnificent Ukrainian analogue of the Garter Ordell, isn't it?
  11. delorian
    delorian 28 August 2014 11: 04
    sad article, but we must believe that Ukrainians will ever come to their senses
  12. skeptic2999
    skeptic2999 28 August 2014 11: 12
    It seems a little early, it seems to me, to talk about the courts and graves for the Nazis. Although, without a doubt, this should end. Only not in The Hague or in Kiev, but in Donetsk and Lugansk, so that the bastards could look into the eyes of those who were deprived of their homes and relatives.
  13. Signature
    Signature 28 August 2014 11: 30
    A successful article (in all standards, not only in meaning / context).
    The suspicions that they will no longer notice the fascist format of what is happening are also constantly alarming. They will leave "Ukraine" to itself. And he (Nazism) will slowly grow obese, pacify the dissatisfied, exterminate the disobedient (the process has been developing since February). And again, "conquer" and enchant the ignoramus, who are never destined to become people.
    In fact, the cult of the "child" has been established in "Ukraine": the status of "onyzhedey" is abused from the cradle to the last breath (in the case of the Nazis - gasp).
    This disgusting cult is a consequence of the abrupt breakdown of the late 80s and 90s, when universal values ​​began to be banished by "family values."
  14. Gomel
    Gomel 28 August 2014 11: 31
    better look at this:
    1. Signature
      Signature 28 August 2014 11: 46
      Link travel failed.
      And "relax" is the favorite verb of "children" and their favorite command, which they fulfill for life.
      You (as a distinct optimist) observe the view from the side.
  15. cap54
    cap54 28 August 2014 12: 00
    All events in this world are located on the coils of the spring, and we just jump from one coil to another! With minor deviations due to the adjustment for the time and development of civilization ...
  16. Signature
    Signature 28 August 2014 12: 26
    Under a single jumper (s), the spring must be solidified with a gravestone. Although under humanity - yes, it should spring.
    To this is the difference between the contemplative from the outside and the observer from the inside.
  17. Balbes_I
    Balbes_I 28 August 2014 15: 23
    No need to look for meaning where we tried to convey the emotions and worldview of their ancestors. Although the article is chaotic, it perfectly conveys the time to which it is devoted.
  18. Signature
    Signature 28 August 2014 16: 23
    I agree, but with the "democratic" amendment: let the one who wants to seek it seek meaning, let the one who does not want it not seek meaning.
    The article makes sense.
    There is equal - quite tangible, and as a philosophical - deep emotional component / background / specificity / content / note, etc.