Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 26 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 26

Message from the militia

"The army of Novorossia is on the offensive. Nearly the entire border from Saur Mogila to the Sea of ​​Azov is ours. During the offensive operation, the military base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Sedovo was completely destroyed by the militia forces, a successful assault attack on the checkpoints around Sedovo and Novoazovsk. Ukrov roadblocks were eliminated."

Yesterday at 11: 11

Reporting from journalists

The militia continues to attack, collecting provisions, ammunition and abandoned self-propelled howitzers (on 1: 38) of the enemy along the roadsides.

Yesterday at 11: 16

Message from the militia

"APU units completely moved away from Ilovaisk, thereby exposing the rear of the group of punitive battalions stormed Ilovaisk. Ukrainian artillery was defeated by hail of militias and its remains were withdrawn, only mortars remained. Then the DPR army launched an assault strike tanks from the Mospino area. Another blow was also inflicted in the area of ​​Elenovka.
Thus, Starobeshevo and Kuteynikovo were blocked. Finally, another group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine departed and the rest of the ukrov group remained in the operational environment.
In Ilovaisk now are surrounded by parts of the punitive battalions of Donbass, Dnieper-1 (suffered serious losses), the battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kherson, the battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Svityaz and the battalion of Ministry of Internal Affairs Peacekeeper, as well as the consolidated company of 93 and 17 of the APU brigade. "

Yesterday at 11: 53

Message from the militia headquarters

“Now the fighting continues in the village of Nikolskoye, Volnovakhsky District, near the Holy Dormition Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery. Near the village of Aleksandrovka, Starobeshevsky District, the militia destroyed two T-64 Ukrainian punitive tanks.”

Yesterday at 11: 59

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"In Mariupol Poroshenko sent a tank reserve to the command and all units of the Dill Marines. Taruta fled from Marik."

Yesterday at 12: 10

Post press service of the Donetsk City Council

"Information on the situation in the city on 10.00. Killed 3 civilians.
The night from 25 to 26 in August was uneasy in the city, especially for residents of Petrovsky and Kiev districts.
As a result of the hostilities in the Petrovsky district, the houses of 14 and 16, as well as the outbuildings on ul. Resort, damaged house 30 on the street. Lieutenant Nikolenko and the premises of the Trudovskaya coal loading and unloading shop. Gladkovsky, Uglegorskaya, Radishcheva and Kirovogradskaya streets were also shelled. Unfortunately, three civilians were killed.
In the Kiev district, as a result of hitting shells, there is destruction of houses on ul. Orbits and Velozavodskoy.
As of 10 in the morning of August 26, the situation in Donetsk remains tense. But despite this, both public transport and public utilities operate in a regular mode.
Due to the shelling in Kiev, Petrovsky and part of the Kirov district there are damages on the power supply networks. Repair crews carry out restoration work. Total for the morning in the city 220 transformer substations are de-energized. "

Yesterday at 12: 14

Message from the militia headquarters

"The DPR militia this morning took control of the strategically important height of the Saur-Grave.

Earlier, Saur-Tomb, which is a mound, passed from hand to hand from the militia to the National Guard under and vice versa. Earlier, representatives of the Ukrainian army could control the movement of the militia from this highest point in the Donetsk region. Interception Saur-Graves can be considered a fracture during the fighting. Now the militia forces are watching from this point on the redeployment of the armed forces of Ukraine. In fact, this means that our troops won another victory in an attempt to take the National Guard under the encirclement. "

Yesterday at 12: 27

Map of the militia

In the direction of Mariupol, the enemy was driven out of the settlements of Granite, Solntsevo, Telmanovo and Uspenka.

In the video, a harsh tank battle (near Novoazovsk) militia with ukrami, filmed by civilians on camera mobile phones. The militia destroyed the technique of the enemy and won a decisive victory.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 26 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 12: 50

Summary of the Army of the Southeast: the movement towards Mariupol continues, the RDG militias are effective, the National Guard has great losses

During the night of 25 on 26 August, the situation did not change much. Punishers struck massive artillery strikes at settlements Khartsyzsk (DPR), Novosvetlovka (LPR).

At Donetsk, the enemy continued the retreat in the direction of Mariupol, was knocked out of the settlements of Granite, Solntsevo, Telmanovo and Uspenka.

In the area of ​​the village of Victory (55 km southeast of Donetsk), there was a clash between the National Guard under the unit of Ukraine and the forces of the national militia. Losses of Bandera were 4 killed and 6 injured.

During the fierce battles under Kuteynikovo, the units of the 51 th mechanized brigade of punitive suffered significant losses. Destroyed before 4 self-propelled artillery, 2 D-30 guns with the calculation and 1 armored tractor.

To the north of Novoazovsk, the intelligence group of the army of Novorossia captured the head of the department of the State Border Service of Ukraine "Novoazovsk", Major Podolyan O.I. and three military personnel of the special purpose unit of the border service of Ukraine.

In the Luhansk area, clashes between the forces of the army of the LPR and fascist units were noted in the areas of Georgievka, Lutugino, and Happiness.

As a result of the swift and sudden actions of the militia company in the Aleksandrovka area, 40 punishers from the 38 and 40 battalions of the territorial defense of the National Guard of Ukraine were captured.

During the fierce battle of the militia with units of the National Guard in the area of ​​Red Talovki Bandera suffered significant losses in manpower. Killed and injured before 55 militants. Destroyed 6 off-road vehicles.

According to intelligence data, the total losses of the Ukrainian punishers over the past day amounted to 5 tanks, up to 3 armored combat vehicles, up to 10 guns and mortars, up to 14 vehicles, 1 ammunition depot. Killed and injured before 80 people.

According to information received from the prisoners, the enemy’s forces are demoralized, the personnel are in a depressed state.

Yesterday at 12: 50

Photo from the militia

The militia smokes the remaining isolated groups of Ukrainian punishers from the suburbs of Novoazovsk. Soon the sweep will be over.
Lights near Sedov highway, where there was a group of nat. guard

Yesterday at 13: 00

Photo from the militia

The counterattack continues, new photo-testimonies of the successes of our militias continue.

Yesterday at 15: 11

A letter from an eyewitness about Lugansk

“What did I see in Lugansk? I saw a family car - a minivan after shelling. A woman was left in the front and a woman was left. 4 children's bodies were thrown out of the car. Two teenagers were girls, two boys were 12. The bodies were broken, deformed. there were shapeless pieces of flesh ... and there was blood everywhere, the twisted car was standing in pools of blood.

I saw other bodies on the streets. Nobody removes them anymore. No people. And people are afraid - at night saboteurs mine the bodies ...

I saw people meet and greet with a smile, like hugging, even without knowing each other - because in Lugansk every day is the last. This is a city without tomorrow. A city where there is only today and now. And now - this is powder fire and the roar of shelling. These are mortars, howitzers and multiple rocket systems.

I saw how on the sweep bridge a sniper chooses targets by priority, and transport with children is a priority. If the bus says "CHILDREN", then he - the goal. This transport is not reachable. Because it is - a priority for the Ukrainian sniper and mortar.

I saw how militiamen were brought to the hospital with wounds and burns. I heard them scream that they want to go to the front. They want to kill, kill and kill.

Why am I returning to New Russia? Because it is a cleansing. Only there can a man consider himself a man. Only there is a man truly alive. I come back, because with the camera, and with a notebook, with a machine gun and a rifle from me there is a sense. I come back because those who shoot at CHILDREN cannot be called people or animals. These are monsters. So, they should be KILLED, KILLED and KILLED. "

Yesterday at 16: 24

Message from the militia headquarters

"Up to seven thousand Ukrainian military, we surrounded in three boilers. Currently, we managed to drive the enemy into three boilers. One near Ilovaisk, the other in the Lutugino area and the third in the Stepanovka and Amvrosiivka areas. In total, there are up to 7 thousand of battalions "Dnepr", "Donbass", "Shakhtersk", "Kherson" and others. In the "boilers" a large number of Ukrainian vehicles are also trapped. This is more than 40 tanks, 100 BMP, and also BTR, installations "Grad", over 60 units of field artillery, including mortars. According to our data, some of them are trapped in "boilers" in Ukrainian Ain military are trying to escape. Many are fleeing, including to Russia, many just want to surrender. They are given a deadline until the evening, then we will begin massive attacks. Those who are captured will be kept in conditions that meet international standards for the detention of prisoners of war. to do with them further, we decide later. "

Yesterday at 16: 25

Summary of the LC militia

"The army of LNR fights in the center of Rodakovo, trying to free it from the punishers. Fights are also going near Hi.
With blows from Georgiyevka and Uspenka, now the LC is trying to take Lutugino - the enemy defends himself as best he can, because he has nowhere to retreat.
White is now also completely surrounded. Forces LC in the village of Metalist repulsed the attack on the position. The attack was from the village Shishkovo. The loss of the LC is about 20 people killed and wounded.
The militia is preparing to take this locality, as it is one of those that lies on the road to the city of Happiness and Merry Mountain hated by all Lugansk. "

Yesterday at 16: 53
Photo report from "Borisych"

"They arrived at Sadovoye when it was already getting dark, there was a battle. In the direction of the outskirts of Ilovaisk to Zelenoye, a militia unit from three companies tried to break through: Bachi company, Oplot, Miners. The infantry was supported by stronghold tank fire, I have video very nicely when the BMP hits the tracer in the dark, I will post it later. It is suicidal to step on a possibly fortified area (we did not know this yet), so it was decided to step back a little.
At night, the brilliant green around the Green strenuously fell down with phosphorus charges ... This was the first time I saw this, a really beautiful sight. We met dawn in motion with constant bending down, waiting, listening to and looking at. And then the advanced part of the group quietly approached a well-fortified place of the Ukrainian army in the Green area on the railway. In this place, several pillboxes and several armored vehicles were found, to go on bolstered. the area did not make sense, everything was clearly visible. The group crossed the brilliant green and left the line of possible shelling.
By this time, by the way, the tanks and infantry combat vehicles of the stronghold, which showed themselves well in this battle, reached the outskirts of Green across the field. Here on this field there are several tanks that fired on the armor of Ukrainian punishers. The punishers responded with both tank fire and mortar fire. In the end, the company Bachi, the guys from the stronghold and the miners went to the outskirts of Green. Hiding behind the armor of the stronghold, entered Green from the side opposite to Ukrainian fortification. district. Green has been cleared, the enemy is completely squeezed into his fortification. area on a piece of iron. Located in the courtyard ... In the basement are hiding a few local. Soon ukry began to cover us with mines, and in order not to expose the civilian population to danger, the militia came out of the Green. Despite this, at night, there was beaten with phosphorus.
After the heroic liberation of Miusinsky by the Mebelshchik division, about thirty units of serviceable armored vehicles remained - gifts from the Ukrainian army. It is already customary that with such two strips Ukrainians label their equipment in order to distinguish it from the equipment of the Army of New Russia ... It is necessary to paint. From there, from Miusinsk only the whole 53 unit came out ... and all because the Furniture Militiamen had nothing to thrash out on it. Today I listened to the detailed story by the Furniture maker about the release of Miusinsk, wrote on the recorder, I will process and make a report. Here are these tanks with upturned turrets from there. The furniture maker personally corrected the mortar fire on them. And how else he corrected - STANDING UNDER FIRE AND HANDS, POINTING THE DIRECTION, WHERE IT IS NECESSARY TO BEAT. You ask how many of them were there ... This is only near one of the Ukrainian dugouts. district near Miusinsky (see photo). And how much ammunition ... Nemer. Looking ahead, I will say that Bachi’s company, thus its trump cards, is also overwhelmed. Now they have a BMP! In general, give a couple of days, I will do a reportage and tell you in detail the story of the Furniture maker about the capture of Miusinsk. "

More photos in the album

Hiding behind the armor of the stronghold, entered Green from the side opposite to Ukrainian fortification. district.

Moving towards the Green ... here is Frost in the photo.

Good gifts from the Ukrainian army under Miusinsky.

serviceable gifts from the Ukrainian army under Miusinsky.

after the heroic release of Miusinsky by the Furniture maker's division, there were about thirty such gifts left.

after the heroic release of Miusinsky by the Furniture maker's division, there were about thirty such gifts left.

You ask how many of them were there ... this is only near one of the Ukrainian dugouts. district near Miusinsky.

and this millimeter beautiful 125, fully functional, was thrown in Miusinsk.

these tanks with upturned turrets from there ... The furniture maker personally corrected the mortar fire on them.

In general, give a couple of days, I will do a reportage and tell you in detail the story of the Furniture maker about the capture of Miusinsk.

Yesterday at 18: 57

Photo from the militia

The army of New Russia is moving south and smashing Ukrainian punishers.

Fresh photos from journalists accompanying the offensive of our troops.

Yesterday at 19: 01

Message from locals

"Dots-u shoot, but they don’t fly to Gorlovka ... To Donetsk or even further. Over the hour 5 missiles flew over Artyomovsky and Soledar. Now another 10 rocket flew seconds ago. I’m talking to a person on the phone, he he sees. A man in Soledar. He watches them right above himself. "

Yesterday at 19: 13

Report of the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR

Last night, a tactical missile of the Tochka-U system dropped a few dozen meters from a residential area in the Textile area of ​​Donetsk. The Committee of Social Communications (KSK) DNR collected evidence of the impact.
At the site of the fall, many fragments and rocket parts were found. Apartment buildings in a radius longer than 100 meters are riddled with shards. There are victims, but there is no information about their exact amount. "

Yesterday at 19: 55

Message correspondent LifeNews

"In Luhansk, the National Guard under fired at the queue at the point of issue of humanitarian aid. As a result of the shelling, no one was hurt, but the release of essential goods at one point was suspended.
Local residents receive humanitarian assistance under shelling. Today, in the 11 area, in the morning, a blow was struck at school No. 60, which is currently housed a humanitarian aid point. At that moment, there were about 500 people in the queue.
Apparently, they attacked from the Grad system, in which there were magnesium parts as destructive elements that heat up to a thousand degrees and fall from a height of 20 meters.
People were not injured as a result of the shelling, but several apartments in nearby apartment buildings caught fire. Some of them were extinguished by the residents on their own, but some of them were burned to the ground. "

Yesterday at 20: 05

A message from Dmitry Babich (@D_Babich)

“Ours are ready for a grand tank battle near Lugansk. Approximately 400 armored vehicles have been assembled from the militia. Dill has more 260.”

Yesterday at 20: 47

Message from the militia headquarters

"North of Novoazovsk, the intelligence group of the army of Novorossia captured the head of the department of the State Border Service of Ukraine" Novoazovsk "Major Oleg Podolyan and three servicemen of the Special Purpose Division of the Border Service of Ukraine"
The map of the combat situation for today. The militia slowly but surely liberates the territory of New Russia.

Yesterday at 20: 51

Photo from the militia

"N.P. Water, near the T-0509 route in 18.54 h. A battle with the Nazis began for the checkpoint installed in the field in the green. The militia won the victory."

Yesterday at 21: 45

Message from the militia headquarters

“Around 21: 00, the DPR militia recaptured a key regional center in the south-east of Donetsk - Starobeshevo settlement. Four MSTA-S self-propelled artillery mounts and a warehouse with a large amount of ammunition were captured. 12 armored vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers) were destroyed. manpower made up 19 people and more 40 injured. "

Yesterday at 22: 11

Post military leader militia Gennady Oak

"The militia drove the Ukrainian punishers from the outskirts of Ilovaisk.
The DPR fighters today drove the punitive battalions of the Donbass and Azov battalions from their last outpost — the Ilovaysk depot building, which is located on the outskirts of the city. The militia, including the Motorola unit, fired Ukrainian security officials with artillery during the day. In the evening, when the motor scouts entered the depot, they discovered a large number of bloodied bandages, medicines, unloadings, body armor. All this punitive thrown, and they ran away. According to preliminary information, they could have gone to the greenery near the city, which will also be cleaned in the near future, but, most likely, they were completely removed from the Ilovaysk suburb. "

Yesterday at 22: 51

Video from the militia

Assault column of the militia goes to the position. A month ago, the assault columns of the militia traveled around the Donbass, mostly on Twitter and public. A radical change in the situation is evident.
Please note that in the convoy are air defense systems that cover it from an attack from the air, even though there are almost no dill aviation. Fatten, brother-militias, fattened!)))

Yesterday at 22: 52

Message from bloggers

“Today, in the battle under Novoazovskiy, the creator of a large Russophobian public, Dmitro N., nicknamed“ The Führer ”, was destroyed.

Yesterday at 23: 02

Message from the militia

"10 of August near Ilovaysk eliminated the curator of the reserve battalion" Donbass "Yuriy Boyko
On August 15, the commander of the Kievan Rus battalion, Alexander Gumenyuk, was liquidated under Debaltseve.
On August 16, near Lugansk, Pylyp Slobodyanyuk, commander of the 1 Company of the Aydar battalion, was liquidated.
On August 19, in the battles for Ilovaysk, the commander of the reconnaissance company of the Donbass battalion, Alexander Romanenko, was eliminated.
On August 19, in the battles for Ilovaysk, the commander of the Donbass battalion, Semyon Semenchenko, was wounded (the stupid one sdrynul).
August 20 eliminated the commander of the Afghan company of the battalion of territorial defense "Aydar" Oleg Mikhnyuk.
On August 25, the commander of the Kherson Volunteer Battalion Ruslan Storcheus was eliminated. (Ambushed) "

Yesterday at 23: 06

Report of the Information Service of the Political Department of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR

In connection with the repeated signals of a violent conscription into the Ukrainian army in the city of Mariupol, for all those who do not wish to go to the slaughterhouse, we issued this instruction.

1) Do not open the door to the soldiers who came to pick you up. Do not pay attention to their threats. Immediately hide your passport, documents and money in a safe place.
2) In case you already knocked the door, in any case do not resist. Explain the lack of documents that they are in another city. Pretend to agree with the requirements. This way you save your life and health.
3) If you are given time to pack, wear comfortable clothes and shoes for running. Run away from the convoy is best on the street. Soldiers in ammunition - bad runners. Plus, on your side is surprise.
4) If you are immobilized before handing out (handcuffs, rope), then you must run by pulling up your bound hands as far as possible (pressing them to the top of your back or chest. Use your elbows for running to balance. Imagine that your arms end with elbows and you just run .
5) In case there is no opportunity to escape from the convoy. Escape can be carried out already in combat positions. It is best done at night. Throw weapon and make your way to your home. Or to the militia. There are no terrorists among them, they are just as simple inhabitants as you are. Explain the situation to them.
6) If you were taken away not for war, but for work (digging trenches, carrying bags), then it is best to run before going to work. In the evening you will not have the strength to run.

Remember, if you find yourself in the line of fire during our offensive, then join those who officially “went missing”.

Yesterday at 23: 13

Summary of the Army of the South-East for August 26: taken by Saur-Tomb and Starobeshevo

Punitives pressed in all directions carried out a regrouping and strengthening of their troops, trying to hold their previous positions.

Residential quarters and infrastructure facilities of Donetsk, Luhansk, Novosvetlovka and Khryashchevaty were subjected to intensive shelling by artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems.

In the areas of the environment, under the crushing blows of artillery of the Army of New Russia, suffering significant losses in manpower and armored vehicles, enemy units are hiding in the outbuildings of settlements and in forests.

In the area of ​​Amvrosiyivka, the blocked enemy grouping attempted to break through the encirclement in a southwesterly direction. As a result of the response, the Donbass defenders were thrown back, losing to the 45 fighters killed and wounded.

In the area n. n. Thieves reconnaissance army DNI opened accumulation of reserves of the enemy. As a result of the skillful actions of the gunners of Novorossia, about 10 units of armored vehicles of the punishers were destroyed.

In the course of fierce fighting, the troops of the Army of New Russia are busy n. Starobeshevo and Saur-Grave mound. The result of clashes in these areas was the seizure of 4 self-propelled artillery mSta-S and several armored vehicles. In repelling the enemy's attack from Leninsky, the 2 BTR-4 was shot down.

In the area of ​​the village Kuteynikovo 94 punitive surrendered.

Near Lugansk reconnaissance was carried out in the direction of Lutugino, preparing the offensive of the army of the LC of the USSR on the village of Happiness.

Yesterday at 23: 43

Message from the militia headquarters

“In the area of ​​the Kuteynikov settlement, demoralized punitive 94 were captured by the negotiations. In the area of ​​Vorovskoye settlement, south-west of Donetsk, a large concentration of the enemy was uncovered by the DPR army reconnaissance. X-NUMX armored vehicles, including T-11 tanks, were destroyed by artillery of the militia. Losses in manpower are specified. "

Yesterday at 23: 53

From the interview with Alexander Boroday:

“In the military operation in the east of Ukraine, the turn came in favor of the militia, and the security forces are psychologically broken and can no longer fight. In fact, the situation is in our favor, it is already obvious that the Ukrainian army and the military units cannot fight anymore. There is a psychological acceptable level of losses. There is a misunderstanding on the part of many Ukrainian military about what they are fighting for. Ukraine is a pseudo-state which did not exist. In fact, Ukraine did not exist these 23 of the year, it was pseudo-states Who had something similar in the state and that are now falling apart at the seams. We militias have clear plans as to liberate the entire territory that was once the Donetsk region of Ukraine. "

Today in 0: 02

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

“I said that the height of 277 will be ours? - it’s ours!” The order to move and knock out, fulfilled! ”- Zaur (com. Unit). The mound is plowed up from shells' tears. The“ Grave ”is not alone here. Ukry continue indiscriminate shelling from mortars and from kpvt.
It's hard to talk about losses now, but ours are known for sure - the two hundredth 5 and the three hundredth 17. Pieces ukrov lie on the slopes around.
Yesterday, the 2 tank and the 6 BTR were destroyed on the way. At night, the battery artillery. I can not know for sure. Our corners worked, so there will be a video.
In Donetsk, they work with “Point U” - this weapon breaks down the 5-storeyed building easily! ... imagine.
The clashes were particularly active in the settlements of the DPR: Petrovskoye, Ilovaisk, Amrovsiyevka! The height of 277 is kept. "

Today in 0: 50

Message from Pavel Gubarev

"The flow of volunteers to the militia has quadrupled. The number of people willing to join the army of Donbass makes it possible to continue the offensive. Recently, volunteers have become much younger: if earlier those who took 40 went to the militia, now the average age of people wanting to join the army DNR from 18 to 30 years. So we don’t intend to dwell on the successes that were achieved during the last days during the counteroffensive. We know that Kharkiv People’s Republic, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Od Soviet, Kherson, and Nikolaev people's republics, because the people of Ukraine also want to have people's power, not this junta, which is now driving people to slaughter. In recent days, we have managed to achieve significant success in the combat zone in south-eastern Ukraine. we conducted a mass counterattack on the forces of the Ukrainian army, and already today our militia took control of a strategically important point and a kind of symbol — the Saur-Mogila mound. "

Today in 1: 20

The first photo of the captured howitzer 2C19 MSTA-S APU

Today in 1: 29

Message from Gennady Oak

Appeal units Motorola to the Ukrainian military. 12 August 2014 of the year in the town of Miusinsk during the battle disappeared fighter units with the call sign "Rambo". He was injured, perhaps in captivity. The militia is ready to consider any options for the exchange of Rambo.
The name of the militia - Alexander Kokachev, born 1983.
You can contact the militia by phone: + 38093 445 90 93 and + 38093 442 34 52.

Today in 1: 31

Message from military leader A. Barkov

The shelling of Donetsk today 26 August continued military junta throughout the day. In the morning, the shell hit the temple, located on the outskirts of the city - in the Workers area. The temple burned down all.
In the evening I drove by car to the Kuibyshev district in the city center, where shells fell.
Three shells from the 152 mm howitzer, released by the Ukrainian military from the Sandy area, hit the courtyard of the Altcom base company, which deals with road surface. This is at: Radiant House 1. One shell hit the asphalt before entering the base. The base watchman, who apparently appeared for inspection, was killed on the spot by a shard in the head. The entrance iron gate and the road sign at the gate are twisted - all in tatters. Another shell struck the roof of the administrative building and exploded inside the premises.

I watched with pain as his dog came up to the killed watchman a few minutes ago, apparently, and in bewilderment stood near the body of an elderly man.

Ukrainian gunners should be responsible for these criminal shots at the city personally. The death of civilians is a murder committed by specific Ukrainian officers and soldiers of the art battery. No one should leave the answer. "

Today in 1: 50

Review of events from "Day-TV Donetsk":

- The army of the DNI came close to Mariupol,
- The release of Amvrosiivka,
- Details of the capture of a Ukrainian tank

On the flight of command of the so-called. "ATO" from Starobeshevsky district, our correspondents reported another 25 of August, but the enemy group continued to fiercely defend another day. 26 August village, after heavy fighting, came under the control of the DNI, told "Day-TV" in the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

Also, on the afternoon of August 25, the occupying Amvrosiyivka commandant's office on four trucks was hastily taken out of the city. However, it is reported from the site that, in the evening, the bloodied people returned to the city, which, apparently, was facilitated by detachments.
In the morning, the Ukrainian gangs left Amvrosiyivka. In the best fascist traditions, retreating, they set fire to their former headquarters - the building of the commandant's office.
During the Great Patriotic War, the fascists, too, twice occupied and left this town, reminds us sobkorr.
The advance units of the DPR army, having entered Amvrosiyivka, detained two sabotage groups of punishers left in the city. One group resisted and was destroyed. Another group surrendered, a car loaded with explosives was confiscated from saboteurs.

Fierce fighting took place near the walls of the Holy Assumption Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery (the village of Nikolskoe, Volnovakha District). Details are being clarified.

In Zaporozhye began a mass exodus of local residents. It is reported that local people leave mainly to Kiev and Moscow.

In Mariupol, on the night of August 26, gunfights were heard near the airport.
The punitive battalion "Dnepr-1" was fired upon by partisans from PTRS on the outskirts of Mariupol on Taganrog Street.

By the night of August 27, the army of Novorossia liberated Novoazovsk, Solntsevo, Granitnoye, Telmanovo and Uspenka.

At one of the checkpoints of the DPR, a clearly lost tank of the Ukrainian army jumped out. The crew didn’t really have time to do anything, to understand the situation, or to open fire, as it was “tapped” from the two “Cliffs”. The brave ukroekipazh immediately left the car through the lower hatch and rushed towards the forest, hiding behind the armor of his already former car. The man sitting on the site of the tank commander did not manage to escape on time and was accepted into the strong but not friendly embrace of the DPR fighters. It turned out that the head of the 40 battalion service of the battalion of the 2603 military unit, Captain Fedoseenko, was trying to command a tank. He commanded a short time and ingloriously, the crew did not suffer losses, but, alas, the Ukrainian army no longer belongs to the tank. It was decided to exchange Fedoseyenko for two fighters of the DPR army captured by the punishers.

Today in 2: 52

A note from a journalist:

On Monday, the Ukrainian media acknowledged without any “extra” details: for the first time since the beginning of the military company in Donbas, the punitive units are retreating, moreover, they are essentially fleeing in the south of Donetsk region. Ukrainian television channels for the first time showed abandoned equipment, lost soldiers and sophisticated swearing in the language of the "invaders" officers of the loyal junta army.
Chaos, panic and the flight of thousands of people in the direction of Zaporozhye: civilian roads full of cars and panic correspondence of field commanders of the Ukrainian units in social networks. Such a war appeared after the Sunday parade before yesterday awaiting the "capture" of Donetsk and Lugansk Svidomo Ukrainians.

Today in 4: 18

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

For some reason, the partisans in Krasnaya Talovka are dumb with the ukrop border guardsmen in Krasnaya Talovka. Ukry officially 4 "200" and several "300" transmitted.
And in general, the center of the partisan movement in the LPR is shifting to the north, even in those areas where there were no noticeable LNR activists and did not take part in the referendum - in particular, the frontier guard of the dill was attacked in the Markov district.

UkroSMI writes: "Yesterday, August 25, the 55-I artillery brigade came under fire in the Donetsk region. The deputy commissioner of the Zaporozhye region, Mikhail Logvinov, told 061 to the site.
Three soldiers, our countrymen, died. These are Viktor Katanov (1982, born), Yuri Dyachkov (1985, born) Victor Volkov (1969, born). All of them mobilized 31 July. Another 7 Cossacks injured varying degrees of severity. According to the military, the enemy fired at positions of fighters in the area of ​​the village of Starobeshevo at night from a mortar. "
The victims of the 3 th wave of mobilization went. However, Ukrainians give - after a week - to the war.
More on the national guilds - Zaporozhye "Hephart" worked out well - no less than 20 "200".

By the way, the battalion commander of the party Yuli "Batkivshchyna" slammed. But on the Donbass there is fresh party meat.

From UkroSMI: "26 August in Kiev, on Institutskaya Street, which is now called the street of the Heavenly Hundreds," in the celebration took the oath and was preparing to be sent to the ATO zone a new volunteer battalion - "Sich".
The battalion was formed with the active participation of the party of Ukrainian nationalists "Svoboda" and 2 of the month was trained at the training base of internal troops.
Now in the composition of the battalion - 50 fighters, led by an experienced commander, whose name is Alexander. He hid his face under the balaclava, like the commander of the Donbass battalion, but the Interior Ministry general told reporters that the battalion commander was an experienced officer who had passed the hot spots.
Together with the battalion, some deputies of the Freedom faction in the Ukrainian parliament are sent to the ATO zone to conduct campaign work there on the eve of special parliamentary elections to be held on October 26. "

Remember 72 in the first boiler? Gone, leaving the militia weapon. Crafty inhabitants of Odessa (28-i) arrived, but received by tinsel.

According to preliminary data, the battalion tactical group (BTG) of the 28 separate mekhbrigad managed to escape from the boiler in the area of ​​the village Starobeshevo, Donetsk region.
Sources of "Duma" in the command of the ATO report that now BTG, which has lost many fighters and almost all of its equipment, is moving towards Melitopol to re-form. At the same time, one of the subdivisions of 17 people remained in the environment.
Obviously, it was the 28 brigade that was meant by the commander of the Donbass battalion, Semyon Semenchenko, when he wrote about the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was supposed to provide the rear of the Ilovaisk liberation group, but “left the position without permission”.
“The artillery was broken by Grads, and the remnants were moved away, only mortars remained,” noted Semenchenko. “Then the enemy dealt another blow with tanks from the Mospino area.” They passed through Starobeshevo and were stopped through 15 km by a barrier of artillery and APU tanks (for some reason, they suddenly appeared from somewhere in the APU). Also was hit in the area Elenovki.
Thus, as a result of three blows (from Novoazovsk, a breakthrough from the D-sector, a breakthrough from the Mospino group), Starobeshevo and Kuteynikovo were blocked. Finally, another group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine departed and the whole group found itself in the operational environment.
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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 27 August 2014 06: 49 New
    The turning point came Ukrainian fascists retreat fellows militias
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 27 August 2014 07: 33 New
      Today in battle, the creator of the public Misanthropic Division, Dmitro N., nicknamed the "Führer", was destroyed:

      Left for Muzyka! am
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 27 August 2014 07: 44 New
        Due to the aggravation of the situation in the Donbass announced an additional mobilization

        Dnepropetrovsk, August 26 (Navigator, Victoria Litovchenko) - Due to the aggravation of the situation in the east of Ukraine, additional mobilization was announced in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

        It is reported by Radio Liberty, citing a source at the headquarters of the national defense of the Dnipropetrovsk region.

        "To strengthen the groups of troops in the Donetsk region, an additional mobilization of volunteers who are ready to fight for the freedom of their country in the east has been announced," the report said.

        As the "Navigator" reported, according to information on social networks, Ukrainian security officials are asking for reinforcements near Ilovaisk and Novoazovsk.

        And where are the previous host of voluntarily mobilized? what
      2. RUSOIVAN
        RUSOIVAN 27 August 2014 08: 55 New
        Fuhrer Kaput!
      3. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 27 August 2014 09: 54 New
        Right now, they and Bandera are putting things in order - they tremble in hell after bathing in boilers.
    2. insafufa
      insafufa 27 August 2014 07: 43 New
      good Good news, it’s too early to rejoice, things must be done to the guys. These bastards are beating Donetsk with Lugansk, so when they cannot beat them, it will be joy laughing
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 27 August 2014 09: 28 New
        All this is beautiful and wonderful!

        But I have only one question: if everything is so good, then who shells Lugansk and Donetsk every day?

        After all, the U.K.r.o.p.p. in the "boiler" and the ammunition haven’t been brought to them for a long time?
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 27 August 2014 09: 57 New
          Quote: aviamed90
          After all, the U.K.r.o.p.p. in the "boiler" and the ammunition haven’t been brought to them for a long time?

          They beat on the other hand, the offensive is going towards Mariupol!
          1. aviamed90
            aviamed90 27 August 2014 10: 30 New

            Which side?

            From the southern "boiler" (in relation to Lugansk)?

            Maximum firing range:

            howitzer D-30 - 15,3 km
            MLRS "Grad" (caliber 120 mm) - 40 km;
            MLRS "Hurricane" (caliber 220 mm) - 35,8 km;

            and only at MLRS "Smerch" (caliber 300 mm) - 120 km.

            Also, look at the combat map.
            Using the scale of the map, we see that shelling is possible only from the north of the city of Lugansk.
            But in reality, shelling is conducted not only from the north.
            And they fire not only MLRS, but also howitzers ... With firing range 15,3 km.
            A real bd card no one will ever publish (just because it's stupid!).

            It is problematic to bombard the city from the southern “cauldron” (there is no supply of ammunition), and it makes no sense - they need to save their own skin, and not “slaughter” the city.

            Clear business - there is no solid front line! Battles are fought in the "centers".
            But then the card is not correct (or not accurate).

            So, something is wrong here.
            Apparently, not everything is as optimistic as the media present to us, since the shelling of cities is also carried out by artillery (not only the MLRS).
        2. Vkill
          Vkill 27 August 2014 13: 30 New
          By the way, I do not catch up ...
          1. Sid.74
            Sid.74 27 August 2014 21: 50 New
            Quote: aviamed90
            Which side?

            The boiler is not alone, that of Lugansk, that of Donetsk! Multiple small boilers, mobile mortar groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there is no single front line!
            This is a war, inter-battery and sniper!

            Quote: aviamed90
            A real bd card no one will ever publish (just because it's stupid!).

            That's right! You know that, I suppose that, the enemy knows that!
            The map shows that from non-controlled territories you can get both in Donetsk and in Lugansk!
            1. aviamed90
              aviamed90 28 August 2014 09: 32 New

              Maybe you can get it.
              But from such a map it is difficult to determine the distance.

              But if for many days there is no supply of ammunition, then what do they shoot with?
  2. USSR 1971
    USSR 1971 27 August 2014 06: 50 New
    If you compare these reports with the reports of May-June, then everything becomes clear. A regular army appeared in New Russia. The time of unpunished executions of peaceful cities and towns has passed. The government of the wretched Poroshenko did not yet have time to realize where and what Ukraine had plunged into with its national idiots. So much blood was spilled for half a year that in truth "no one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten." At least liberation in the old borders of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The parade in Kiev is a tragicomic madhouse (I am silent about Odessa, it’s good that the only remaining trough with people was not drowned), the parade of prisoners in Donetsk is a true event from the heart. No streams of lies on the part of the authorities of the United States and the European Union can make the militia forget what the National Guard has done to the population of New Russia. You can give one advice to the Kiev authorities: give a command to ceasefire and run away until your own people strangle in the cold and hungry winter. The third wave of the militia is unlikely to win better than the first two. The end is getting closer and closer.
    1. Delink
      Delink 27 August 2014 06: 54 New
      What does this regular army get younger from 18-30 years old age.
    2. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 27 August 2014 07: 09 New
      Quote: USSR 1971
      A regular army appeared in New Russia.

      And the number of people who want to join the ranks of this army is also growing. good
    3. Zomanus
      Zomanus 27 August 2014 09: 07 New
      Donetsk and Lugansk are still being shot. Virtually with impunity. That's when these executions cease, then we can talk about victory. In the meantime, the sword is still at the throat ...
    4. sertar
      sertar 27 August 2014 13: 50 New
      And she appeared not just from nowhere
  3. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 27 August 2014 06: 52 New
    In recent days, the militarimep has been terribly slow and buggy :(, am I the only one so unhappy?
  4. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 27 August 2014 06: 54 New
    Great review. It is very pleasing that significant and more or less confirmed events are brought together in one place. And the time the article appeared is all the more good.
  5. Delink
    Delink 27 August 2014 06: 55 New
    Taki will reach Lviv !!!
    Well done !!! And only you guys will win.
    1. Predator
      Predator 27 August 2014 07: 29 New
      Quote: Delink
      Taki will reach Lviv !!!
      Well done !!! And only you guys will win.

      And the photo resembles Bagration’s operation, as if the Wehrmacht was being smashed (and the Nazis are here and there). It’s finished, the races don’t help.
  6. Egoza
    Egoza 27 August 2014 06: 57 New
    Unfortunately, articles on the Novorossiya Novosti website do not open. There is a page of the site, but articles do not open. But the most interesting headlines!

    Zaporizhzhya partisans attacked a convoy of national troops, retreating from Mariupol.

    Participants in the parade in Kiev rushed to the race
    Thanks to everyone who does a detailed review from other sites, otherwise in Ukraine we will soon try to block everything that only contradicts THEIR official messages.
  7. Pro100Igor
    Pro100Igor 27 August 2014 06: 57 New
    The review is very good! Keep it up guys!
  8. mig31
    mig31 27 August 2014 06: 59 New
    It’s wonderful, in front of Odessa, at the same time and Bucharest to take ...
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 27 August 2014 07: 24 New
      Quote: mig31
      , at the same time and take Bucharest ...

      What for us gypsies? There are enough of them, and even to mess with these. But the successes of New Russia are encouraging.
  9. andj61
    andj61 27 August 2014 07: 00 New
    Great review! The situation is changing very quickly, the army is already an army! - New Russia is successfully advancing. The enemy-occupied airports in both Donetsk and Lugansk cause concern. The civilian population is not there, maybe it is time to use artillery in a massive way?
    I am happy to put a bold plus! Good luck guys!
  10. Rigla
    Rigla 27 August 2014 07: 00 New
    Bandera already a whole battalion recruited volunteers ... numbering as many as 50 people wassat it was necessary that these unfortunate 1,5 platoons not be called a battalion but a whole army then yes
    1. Denis
      Denis 27 August 2014 07: 13 New
      Quote: Rigla
      Bandera already a whole battalion recruited volunteers ... numbering as many as 50 people

      Is it a man?
      More precisely will be a snout
      Here is the train
  11. shishakova
    shishakova 27 August 2014 07: 00 New
    The blessed memory of the fallen ...

    Scary shots - a heavy tragedy due to the fault of the junta that seized power.
    Pavel Gubarev is right - there will be many more new Republics in Ukraine.
    Victory to you, our dear defenders (I believe that the militias defend Russia as well).
    God bless you.
  12. Denis
    Denis 27 August 2014 07: 03 New
    Go to Kiev!
    Then strip off the galicia
    units of the Marines of Ukropia.
    And what kind of horse-drawn divers is there even one living landing ship?
    Only the analytical group Tsob-tobe is not enough
    1. yana532912
      yana532912 27 August 2014 07: 16 New
      Do not go to Galicia. Let the zapadentsy and the militia meet in Kiev and calmly agree. How and to whom to live further
      1. Denis
        Denis 27 August 2014 07: 26 New
        Quote: yana532912
        how and to whom to live further

        Bendera is not worth living (c) P. Sudoplatov
        The air will be cleaner and the world will lose nothing
    2. inkass_98
      inkass_98 27 August 2014 07: 26 New
      Quote: Denis
      what kind of horse divers

      It’s kind of like the Odessa battalion of marines from the world gathered again, they will be “elite” instead of the disgraced landing.
      1. Denis
        Denis 27 August 2014 07: 28 New
        Quote: inkass_98
        instead of being disgraced

        So these will be done, the tradition is
  13. DMB87
    DMB87 27 August 2014 07: 03 New
    26.08.2014 combat map overview (22: 30)
  14. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 27 August 2014 07: 07 New
    I’m also glad that 3 boilers were created and how much equipment and ammunition are there and to the militia, by the way, and the staff of dill, the main thing is that the goal was not only to liberate the DNI of the LPR and the entire power to sweep away the fascist in Kiev and the Kolomian in Dnepropetrovsk
  15. Hleb
    Hleb 27 August 2014 07: 09 New
    Chevron where it is clearly written the RF Armed Forces and even on the hill
    and do not sew it today, but why?
    1. spec.78
      spec.78 27 August 2014 07: 41 New
      Chevron is also sewn on the NATO model, with a slope. Ours are unlikely to do this
      1. abc_02
        abc_02 27 August 2014 09: 09 New
        in the army everything should be parallel and perpendicular. If the pocket is sewn crookedly, so the chevron to it will be crooked sewn.
    2. abc_02
      abc_02 27 August 2014 09: 07 New
      A former military man, he most likely served the term urgently. That shows his belonging to the specialty. A chevron and a slide can be bought at any Voentorg.
    3. Rock2
      Rock2 27 August 2014 09: 40 New
      Don’t sew our chevrons on the slides! This is either a setup or a show off! Nobody will go on a mission with a chevron !!!
    4. Russ69
      Russ69 27 August 2014 10: 50 New
      Quote: Gleb
      chevron where it is clearly written the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

      Chevron, not proof. Maybe he came, maybe the form was transferred from the Russian Federation, as help. Chevrons, bullshit all ...
  16. yana532912
    yana532912 27 August 2014 07: 11 New
    It is necessary to have time before the elections in BP, to take Kiev. Gallant guys who took part in the parade on the Maidan, massively flee from the march to the SE. No one wants to die.
  17. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 27 August 2014 07: 12 New
    Quote: VICTOR-61
    The turning point came Ukrainian fascists retreat fellows militias

    Yes, apparently they do not retreat, but they run, and very quickly !!!
  18. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 27 August 2014 07: 13 New
    militias are going great, well done ... and our commander in chief yesterday with a bucket handle ... ugh! I did not expect ...
    1. Delink
      Delink 27 August 2014 07: 17 New
      Neither is important, he was forced to do so. Although Ignor could arrange, I agree. But here Parasha needs to be thrust into the stall, where he belongs.
      1. nahalenok911
        nahalenok911 27 August 2014 08: 13 New
        Putin is not from kindergarten. He emphasized the stability of his position without unnecessary pathos.
    2. Owl27
      Owl27 27 August 2014 07: 25 New
      There is a protocol, it’s not a kindergarten. Our president and that president, well, let them start spitting at each other or get caught up in a fight .... This is the political restraint, and how they relate to each other is understandable.
    3. IOwTZ
      IOwTZ 27 August 2014 10: 16 New
      Dear, well then Putin and Obama should not say hello to the like. Unfortunately, you have Sharikov’s thinking.
  19. bronik
    bronik 27 August 2014 07: 14 New
    Impressed by the photo gallery, so much burnt equipment was not seen at once for a long time.
  20. Hleb
    Hleb 27 August 2014 07: 19 New
    how many banter appeared after this meeting)
    1. svp67
      svp67 27 August 2014 10: 02 New
      Something I did not understand who we have the Omnipresent and Almighty Putin or the Strelkov? Or maybe they WORK ON A PAIR that Poroshenko would "nightmare" with his junta ...
    SVAROGE 27 August 2014 07: 20 New
    Taruta on the news said that there is no need for panic, everything is calm in Mariupol ....
    Apparently already on suitcases gave an interview, a Jewish grandmother ...! )))
  22. Freeway_ 3007
    Freeway_ 3007 27 August 2014 07: 20 New
    Have you noticed a Russian military intelligence chevron?
    1. germka
      germka 27 August 2014 10: 11 New
      I sent my demobilization lump through aid collection points, though before that I had torn off chevrons and crap, but someone might have forgotten ...
  23. Denis
    Denis 27 August 2014 07: 21 New
    In connection with the repeated signals of forced enlistment in the Ukrainian army in the city of Mariupol, for those who do not want to go to the slaughter, we issued this instruction
    Nothing, soon!
  24. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 August 2014 07: 21 New
    Every day, reports from the militia are more and more pleasing. It is felt that the army is already at war, having formed and hardened in battle.
    Good luck to you guys.
  25. Dbnfkmtdbx
    Dbnfkmtdbx 27 August 2014 07: 22 New
    And we can free Geyrop at the same time so as not to ride 2 times angry
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 27 August 2014 07: 25 New
      Quote: Dbnfkmtdbx
      And we can free Geyrop at the same time so as not to ride 2 times angry

      who will "liberate" ??? the DNI or LNR army ???
    2. Magadan
      Magadan 27 August 2014 07: 50 New
      DO NOT!
      gay ropa let him further love himself in the ass.
      some impurities to us from this gay rope last years so 500.
      it’s better to let normal people get over to us from there, the Far East is empty, people are needed.
  26. Patriot 1
    Patriot 1 27 August 2014 07: 24 New
    Now the most important thing is not to allow any truces. It’s like a slide up the ice in a car. You can call in right away. It is worth stopping in the middle - everything, you will not pass a meter more.
  27. papont64
    papont64 27 August 2014 07: 24 New
    Good news of the soul pleases! Good luck to you Brothers and tanks to help you !!!)))
  28. DMB-75
    DMB-75 27 August 2014 07: 25 New
    ... Victory is not far off! good
  29. Alexander67
    Alexander67 27 August 2014 07: 30 New
    Judging by the reports, then in the surrounded cauldrons, the Natsik battalions (perfect scum), guys, make the world cleaner, take no prisoners. Let them eat the earth and guts, answer for everything that you scum created. am
  30. ALEXX.
    ALEXX. 27 August 2014 07: 33 New
    There are boilers, dill, too. It remains only to throw a little more light, and cook all this shushara.
  31. mamont5
    mamont5 27 August 2014 07: 37 New
    "these tanks with upturned towers from there ... The furniture maker personally adjusted mortar fire at them."

    Is it so mortar tanks gouging? 120 mm sure.
    Glory to the militia of New Russia!
  32. fisherman
    fisherman 27 August 2014 07: 38 New
    these summaries good good good
    compared to old -------
  33. Lyton
    Lyton 27 August 2014 07: 43 New
    Lord children, for that, bastards.
    1. Belopolyak
      Belopolyak 27 August 2014 10: 08 New
      Quote: Lyton
      Lord children, for that, bastards.

      So I read it .... I think what captivity? Which one to give up? Destroy like those in the pictures from the checkpoint.
  34. kopar
    kopar 27 August 2014 08: 09 New
    50-man battalion ?????????
    Then call the regiment .....
  35. The comment was deleted.
    MAXUZZZ 27 August 2014 08: 14 New
    Very positive news, here's a parashenka and a parade of independence
  37. fisherman
    fisherman 27 August 2014 08: 14 New
    Kiev, August 26 (Navigator, Mikhail Ryabov) - Mobilization for women will be introduced in Ukraine, following the example of Switzerland
    Yeah, Ruslana will pick up her battalion. JV Battalion - Shinning Train
  38. VadimL
    VadimL 27 August 2014 08: 20 New
    The junta seems to have specific problems. The 3rd mobilization failed, and those few who nevertheless managed to be raked are thrown into battle even without the minimum necessary training.
    Further more. According to unconfirmed reports, the junta is seriously discussing the issue of lowering the draft age. Well, they lived to see the new Hitler Youth.
  39. comm
    comm 27 August 2014 08: 39 New
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    ... and our commander in chief yesterday with a bucket handle ... pah! I did not expect ...

    This is a formal courtesy to all participants in the meeting. The protocol of polite people.

    The militia’s tactical superiority has not yet been fully realized. Foming of New Russia is not yet completed. Therefore, at the talks in Minsk, mainly economic issues were discussed.
  40. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 27 August 2014 09: 09 New
    Well, "gentlemen, all-companions," who merged the GDP? Yes, one column of humanitarian aid did more to raise the spirit of New Russia than directly participating in this massacre of our soldiers! And Vladimir Putin announced yet another column of humanitarian aid to the Southeast and was supported by our real friends from the CU. God is not with those who have power, but with those who have the TRUTH! May the Lord help the army of New Russia in the victory over the fascist junta! Glory to the DNI and LC!
  41. alexc.74
    alexc.74 27 August 2014 09: 29 New
    Why can’t they take an airport in Donetsk? It seems that there is artillery and hail, razed to the ground so that the city is no longer fired upon
    1. alicante11
      alicante11 27 August 2014 10: 28 New
      Because such a large area to "leveled" is quite problematic. In the meantime, they are equal on the one hand, the juntas are relocated to the other and continue their dirty business. So you just need to knock out the troops. But the troops from the other side of Donetsk are working ...
    2. saruman
      saruman 27 August 2014 12: 05 New
      Airports are strategic sites! As soon as the militia takes control of the airports, then we can talk about a serious victory.
      1. alicante11
        alicante11 27 August 2014 14: 23 New
        And what is their strategicity? Troops cannot be delivered there. Won 76th even with MANPADS removed at approach in Lugansk. And if there is Arrow-10, which are constantly shown in the video ...
  42. Newlod
    Newlod 27 August 2014 09: 43 New
    it’s pleasant to read such reports from the front, and how photographs with burnt dill technique are delivered soldier
  43. Weniamin
    Weniamin 27 August 2014 10: 00 New
    And what is there instead of a gun?
    And I did not understand the humor about the BMP picture. Dill now instead of guns on the BMP channel pieces put?
    1. germka
      germka 27 August 2014 10: 23 New
      The barrel is simply removed.
    2. kostik1301
      kostik1301 27 August 2014 11: 20 New
      rather, the units of the 2A-42 trunks were taken away with them for a long time, but they are heavy and lazy dill should be sought in the nearest ravines ...... and so from other machines that are not serviceable to be removed and into battle .....
  44. germka
    germka 27 August 2014 10: 19 New
    In the reports of the militia there is very little information about the losses of the Armed Forces of New Russia, this creates an atmosphere of imaginary total superiority and impunity for action.
  45. Sergius1977
    Sergius1977 27 August 2014 10: 20 New
    I just don’t understand how it is possible to carry out large-scale attacks to the south, when the threat to Donetsk and Lugansk in the north has not yet been removed, and which dill continues to bombard? Or is it such a distracting maneuver?
    1. Seraphimamur
      Seraphimamur 27 August 2014 11: 53 New
      I think the problem of complete border control is being solved here.
      with the Russian Federation. And if they take Mariupol, then this is the port. Help will go without problem.
  46. Russ69
    Russ69 27 August 2014 10: 57 New
    Quote: Sergius1977
    I just don’t understand how it is possible to carry out large-scale attacks to the south, when the threat to Donetsk and Lugansk in the north has not yet been removed, and which dill continues to bombard?

    Perhaps it makes sense to be surrounded by groups near Donetsk and Lugansk, and then slowly pressurize. Because, the assault will lead to heavy losses, there dill dug in well. Now the situation is different, that was at the first encirclement and it will already be possible to suppress in a siege ...
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 27 August 2014 11: 11 New

      While the militias are "squeezing" the u.k.d.o.v. in the "boilers" - in Lugansk and Donetsk, civilians are dying and infrastructure is being destroyed.
      And as you know, without food, water, medicine, replenishment, fuel, etc. you won’t get much.

      Who needs this? The militia is definitely not necessary!

      These cities are the main base of the militia. They will destroy the base, and the militia, except for cities of a district scale, will have nothing left. Everything rear support the militia is there. Where is the meaning?

      Therefore, it is more expedient, I think, from a military point of view, first to lift the blockade from the cities, and only then to clear the rest of the territory.

      Strategist and Kutuzov I am not and I could be wrong, but I have some military education.

      Maybe someone disagrees with me (and probably someone disagrees).
      I am pleased to hear your arguments.
      1. n0isy
        n0isy 27 August 2014 12: 06 New
        If the opponent holds tightly by the eggs, but does not cover his face, then he must be beaten in the face, and not in the hand. And as his hand reaches out to cover his face - then you can also knee over his balls.
        1. aviamed90
          aviamed90 27 August 2014 12: 19 New

          A receiver with eggs and a muzzle, of course, is very effective and tactically verified, but I would like to be more specific.
      2. g1v2
        g1v2 27 August 2014 14: 13 New
        This war is not about control of the territory, since neither 48 thousand warriors of Kiev, nor 20 thousand even fired soldiers of the BCH will be enough to take complete control of the territory or at least the front line. Therefore, there are only 3 cities that VSN cannot afford to lose - Donetsk, Lugansk and Gorlovka, as well as at least one segment of the border. The main objective of the database is not to control the territory, but to destroy the entire enemy. Both the VSN and the Armed Forces of Ukraine all combat-ready and equipped troops are known and finite. Given the extension of the fronts, a maneuverable armored group from both our and ukrov’s sides can break into the rear and occupy an empty village. Therefore, the goal was to break in no one. It’s not enough to simply break up the parts, because they simply move away and regroup, and then return. Therefore, it is necessary to surround them and deprive of armor, equipment and HP. Ukrainians can get out of the boilers and they can even let them out, but in exchange for equipment and resources. Most of the military personnel units are in full-time, that is, the most serviceable equipment is already either broken up or in boilers, which means they will be replaced by a mob mobilized with 30-40 year old storage equipment, and they will be opposed by a smaller regular army using standard equipment and with normal General Staff. As for the south - well, a breakthrough to the rear of the southern group allowed the entire southern front to collapse and could lead to the militia taking Mariupol on the shoulders of the retreating dill. Moreover, the loss in flight is always greater than the loss in battle. If the militia takes Mariupol, then there will be practically no southern front, and the BCH will gain a foothold there and transfer forces to other sectors. In general, each of the boilers and bowlers tears off forces from the BCH from the front, but not as large as those that are sitting there near the APU. According to my estimates, about 10-12 thousand soldiers out of 48 thousand sitting in boilers are sitting near boilers, and so it’s easy not to weld them. Airports are generally powerful fortified areas that can be taken for weeks and where 2–3 thousand APU soldiers can be chained 4 -5 thousand VSN soldiers, but dill has 48 thousand, while VSN has about 20-22 thousand and it is not so easy to select them for an assault. However, sooner or later the turn will reach them.
        1. aviamed90
          aviamed90 27 August 2014 17: 38 New

          You contradict yourself.
          So you write:

          "Therefore, there are only 3 cities that VSN cannot afford to lose - Donetsk, Lugansk, and Gorlovka, as well as at least one segment of the border."

          What is it if not control certain territory?
          That’s what I’m talking about.
          Indeed, it does not make sense to defend an empty piece of scorched steppe somewhere near Donetsk (unless you cut off the supply routes to the enemy or cover approaches to some important object).

          By the way, with the deblockade of cities, the task of destroying the APU is simultaneously being solved.

          And then add:

          "The main objective of the database is not to control the territory, but to destroy the entire enemy."

          The militia army without territory, which will be used as a support base, will not fight for a long time. For reasons of a pure rear nature.
          In addition, in order to destroy the APU fully militias will need to take the hero city of Kiev and reach Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.
          Do they need it?

          So what is the tactics and strategy of the army of militias?

          Kill as many Ukrainian Natsiks as possible or free your territory from them?

          I think the second.
          But the territory itself without population, infrastructure, etc., does not mean anything.
          It will be scorched earth. Who will need it? How to live on it?

          Conclusion: we must first lift the blockade from the cities, and then everything else.

          But this, for some reason, does not happen.
          1. g1v2
            g1v2 27 August 2014 18: 32 New
            Well, try to open my mind. Territory control, I mean, is an attempt to capture a bunch of non-critical NPs. For example, VSU likes to enter the city and hang up its flags thinking that they have won and the militia surrounds them and calmly digests them. The deblockade of cities is of course an important topic, but not having a top priority. Firstly, there is no threat of capturing Donetsk and Lugansk, the maximum that dill can fire at the city or send their drg, squeeze them out of their occupied positions - this is primarily a matter of weeks from airports and requires the removal of a significant number of combat units from the front. These are powerful fortified areas with significant reserves of fuel and lubricants and professional infantry reinforced with armor. And while BCH will take the airports, dill will increase its grouping and approach the cities from the other side. You can sit in the siege of the fortress for weeks, or you can leave a detachment to block it and move on, striking where it will be more painful. And finally, well, they’ll take the BCH airport for example, and what will it change in the war? One of the boilers, which are already 7 or 8, will simply disappear. But the liquidation of the main boiler in the south will protect the entire southern front and will allow the transfer of forces from the south to other directions. Almost all the forces of VSU and NG are now in the Donbass, and the destruction of each of the VSU or NG brigades is poorly compensated. As I already wrote, the replaced brigades using standard equipment will be replaced by civilians using 30-40 years of storage equipment. VSU cannot really compensate for losses in technology and personnel, even if Eastern Europe helps them. The effectiveness of the dill shelling from a military point of view is also not too great, and in order to exclude shelling the front must be moved very far away. The firing range of the city depending on the type of charge is 33-42 km, Msta-S is up to 29 km, so move the front in a fortified place it is so very difficult. In general, there is no complete blockade of the capitals, the conditions for their capture by dill, too, the VSN does not have the strength to destroy the fortified areas of dill, but the capture of Mariupol will make it possible to consolidate the southern front for months and completely secure New Russia from the south.
  47. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 27 August 2014 12: 04 New
    I wish the militias only one thing, push the banderlogs and hunters to where they belong.
    Like grandfathers and great-grandfathers in the 45th. Those who become Polish, Hungarian or Romanian refugees may consider themselves very lucky.
  48. Hitrovan07
    Hitrovan07 27 August 2014 21: 20 New
    I always was for the fact that “a bad world is better than a good war” - but now - “there are all boilers in cabbage - there’s a mine of artillery” - and besides video, photos and documents to open access to the Internet - let Western Ukraine see what their children turned into, husbands and brothers. "" Do not take prisoners. "