Joint exercises of Russian and Indian Air Forces began in Lipetsk

Launched the 25 of August the Russian-Indian exercises "Aviaindra-2014" will continue until 5 of September, the agency reports Russian weapons With reference to the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Colonel Igor Klimov.

“From 25 August to 5 September 2014 of the year, under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force in the territory of the Russian Federation, a joint Russian-Indian exercise" Aviaindra-2014 "is held. The official start date of the exercise is 29 on August 2014. Until that time, the Indian pilots at the Lipetsk Aviation Center will study the areas of upcoming flights and develop piloting skills on modern simulators, and the air defense specialists will get acquainted with anti-aircraft missile systems at the training center of anti-aircraft missile forces in Gatchina. ”- told Klimov.

According to him, “the exercise scenario envisages joint flights of Russian-Indian crews on Su-30CM aircraft, Mi-35 and Mi-8 helicopters at the Pogonovo test sites in the Voronezh region and Ashuluk in the Astrakhan region. Also, the crews will refuel in the air on Su-30CM airplanes from the IL-78 air tanker. ”

In addition, according to the press service of the Ministry, at the Ashuluk training ground, “joint air defense calculations will repel the blow of a conditional enemy with C-400, C-300, Buc-M1 and Bart-NXXX missiles and Zrpk Pantsir-C1” missiles.

The technical information provided by the agency indicates: “The Su-30SM aircraft was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and is produced at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant, a branch of the Corporation Irkut. The Su-30SM double fighter has super-maneuverability, is equipped with a radar with a phased antenna array, thrust vector-controlled engines and front horizontal tail. The fighter is capable of using modern and advanced high-precision air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons. The aircraft can be used to prepare pilots for advanced multifunctional e supermaneuverability single fighter. "
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    1. +5
      26 August 2014 13: 33
      Oh, and why am I not there!? ... aged ...
      1. +6
        26 August 2014 13: 40
        Right. Military cooperation must also be developed in the non-bloc sphere. So the USSR had a bloc — the ATS, and what happened to it? 5 of the 6 Treaty countries are now members of NATO. Allies don't mean friends. And India is our old friend.
        1. net abortion
          26 August 2014 13: 54
          Quote: Colorado

          Rostislav Ischenko:
          “By introducing sanctions, US staged self-hanging act ”
          /// '' '

          Rostislav, how do you see the situation in Ukraine from the inside? How long is it left to wait for victory or defeat of one of the parties?

          The resources of the Ukrainian state are extremely limited. On the other hand, the West does not have the means to maintain Ukraine. Therefore, it seems to me, the active (military) phase of the conflict should end closer to January 2015, the defeat of the security forces, because if Kiev suddenly won the Donbass, then the United States will be asked where to take the resources for Ukraine.

          The defeat of Kiev removes responsibility from America. In Washington, everything will just fall on Putin. But if the Kiev regime wins, and then collapses under the weight of economic problems, then Washington, who has pity for the rescue of an ally, will definitely be guilty.

          '' '
          How big are the contradictions within Ukraine itself regarding the advisability of a military operation in the east of the country?

          So far, the controversy regarding the operation boils down to the fact that everyone wants a neighbor to fight, without questioning the expediency of a war as such. True anti-war tendencies began to manifest themselves, both in the east (Kharkiv) and in the West (Transcarpathia) of Ukraine. For the Kiev authorities, the internal competition of political groups fighting for control of rapidly diminishing resources, as well as the growing anti-war sentiment in the units of the regular army, is more dangerous today.

          In principle, any major defeat can lead to the fact that the remnants of the troops will move to Kiev along with the militia. I believe that the Kiev regime is on the verge of collapse in a political crisis. This failure, without exaggeration, can occur at any second.

          '' '
          How big is the threat of the spread of the "fascist plague" in Ukraine?

          What does the threat of proliferation mean? Ukraine has already been ruled by the Nazi regime, which came to power as a result of an armed coup, and threw the army against its own people, at least against the part that seems to be “wrong”. At the same time, the authorities very clearly determined that the main enemy is Russia. It is for this reason that an attack on Russian culture and on the interests of Russian citizens of the country has begun and is under way. Fascism in Ukraine has long creeped out. Now we have to wait for him to spread from Ukraine to the EU. It seems that the wait is not long.

          The West continues to tighten sanctions against Russia. Are they an effective tool for influencing Kremlin policy?

          No, they are not. The fact is that we are talking about the already mentioned crisis of the system, that is, Russia, and other states would still have to solve the problem of its deep reform, or create a new one. If it had not happened now, it would have happened five years later. In essence, the United States, trying to stop or slow down the creation of a new, alternative pax Americana system by Russia, accelerated its formation.

          While it is in its infancy (BRICS Bank, the beginning of the transition in calculations between many countries to national currencies, bypassing the dollar), but events are developing very quickly. Back in May, no one expected even what is already there now. In fact, the USA, with the help of the mechanism of anti-Russian sanctions, organized a “self-suspension”: if it were not for the traditional servility of the EU, Washington’s cold corpse would have been taken out of the loop.
        2. MSA
          26 August 2014 13: 55
          Joint exercises with a strategic partner are steps in the right direction.
          1. The comment was deleted.
        3. +1
          26 August 2014 14: 34
          That's right, old friend, better than the new two!
        4. 0
          26 August 2014 14: 39
          Correctly. We need to strengthen our further cooperation. good drinks soldier
      2. 0
        26 August 2014 15: 38
        It’s good that we attract Indians, trusting relationships mean a lot, you can’t buy them for money.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +3
      26 August 2014 13: 35
      Good! Our good old friend and partner India.
    4. +1
      26 August 2014 13: 36
      It would be nice to attract the T-50 for demonstration flights, or training fights.
    5. 0
      26 August 2014 13: 37
      A SU-35 BM, so definitely need to attract.
      1. +1
        26 August 2014 13: 54
        Su-35 BM ??? When did such a version of Su-35 appear? what
        1. -1
          26 August 2014 14: 05
          Designation Su-35s, used in the first time.
    6. +1
      26 August 2014 13: 42
      Great news. And then from far abroad, in my opinion, only with China we conduct joint exercises.
      1. +1
        26 August 2014 16: 29
        Hrenase is a far abroad ... We have a border with the Chinese from Edita Pieha to you go on ...
    7. 0
      26 August 2014 13: 44
      It is significant. Let the "partners" think about what it is for. And Drying is a beauty.
    8. 0
      26 August 2014 13: 46
      Great, let them be related to our technology!

      And there will be orders for many years to come ...
    9. StrateG
      26 August 2014 13: 54
      Unfortunately, the article was rejected, therefore, as promised, I am posting the full version of the article about Strelkov here. In order that this news would not go unnoticed. The question "On the topic or not on the topic", I will leave for the consideration of each participant independently.

      Actually the article itself:
      According to unconfirmed information, the former commander of the Donbass People’s Militia and the Minister of Defense of the DPR Igor Ivanovich Strelkov returned from short-term leave from the Russian Federation.
      “He returned not with empty hands. He now has a special mission. He will coordinate the counterattack of the militias of the LPR and DPR as a military adviser. At the moment, there is a joint special operation of the militia forces, ”a source in Novorossia said. - цинк

      Our sources in Novorossia cannot yet refute or confirm information about Strelkov’s return. Nevertheless, if the information is genuine and Strelkova is reintroduced into the game a little earlier than expected, then he will most likely appear in Krasnodon, where the coordination headquarters of New Russia has been working since the beginning of August, and Bezler traveled to Moscow to create it.

      Of course, we are not talking about returning to key command positions, since the reasons for the overthrow of Strelkov were purely political and no one will allow the upcoming victory to be associated with Strelkov's name (they did not shoot for this), so this of course will not be a pure position of "wedding general" "who trades in the previously gained authority, but the post is purely special-military, far from the political geshefts that can be obtained in case of a successful course of hostilities, which, incidentally, will probably suit Strelkov himself, who emphasized in every possible way. that he has no political ambitions. As a result, Strelkov will be able to continue to benefit, those who filmed Strelkov will have the opportunity to dampen the wave of accusations in the spirit of "Bastards, why did they remove Strelkov", "Putin, bring Strelkov back" and "Is Strelkov alive?"

      However. here it is advisable to wait for the photo-video evidence of Strelkov’s return to the front, I would not count on Strelkov himself or on his behalf to resume constant broadcasting.

      PS. Horrible Shooters in the form of a target for Ukrainian punishers. The most interesting thing is that among all the military leaders of New Russia, Strelkov for the junta was the most hated. It is no coincidence that in the open correspondence of the editor-in-chief Censor. No, the persecution of Strelkov was put among the top priorities for the junta.

      The Kurginyan sect, which precisely at that time was actively drowning Strelkova, is now trying in every possible way to wash itself off from direct aiding the Ukrainian fascists, but it will be impossible to do this for well-known reasons.
      1. 0
        26 August 2014 17: 22
        From this article I would like to receive the following points for myself (if the article is true):
        1) Igor Ivanovich is Alive and Healthy!
        2) He is not broken neither in spirit nor in body
        3) He is at work)

        And then, even if he secretly participates in everything, the main thing is that everything is fine with him! Good luck to him and all the militias!
    10. +4
      26 August 2014 13: 57
      Well x / s what kind of exercises there, but the second day at the airdrome silence.
      1. +1
        26 August 2014 16: 33
        Quote: RBLip
        Well x / s what kind of exercises there, but the second day at the airdrome silence.

        but no, no after 16-00 something rustled there. laughing
    11. Uttbert
      26 August 2014 13: 57
      It's good. It’s high time to transfer BRICS to military tracks. A long time ago.
      And drag Iran into BRICS. Now the Americans have changed their rhetoric, they will taunt the Persians.
      Oh, if the iPhone-pedril did not bend under the amers with the delivery of s-300 to Iran ....
    12. +1
      26 August 2014 14: 00
      India is our old and reliable defense partner. A regular customer of Russian military equipment. God himself tells us to teach them and, as a result, to conduct joint teachings.
      1. Uttbert
        26 August 2014 14: 13
        But in general it’s time to beg the Indians from the Navy base and start building the Red Banner Indo-Ocean Fleet))))) So to speak, realize the dream of Vladimir Volfych))))
    13. 0
      26 August 2014 14: 31
      Everything is logical: to see others and to show oneself. Hindus should not fluctuate between Russia and America!
    14. +1
      26 August 2014 15: 33
      India is an old friend of Russia since the days of Rajiv Gandhi, but recently this old friend began to look the other way, began to abandon our military equipment, that they did not hope that Russia would not withstand the blows of fate, where it would take spare parts, do not be afraid, Russia was , there is and will be forever and ever, and no Americans (cannibals) will eat Russia, they will choke.
    15. +3
      26 August 2014 15: 34
      Interestingly, Psaki has not yet "shown concern," it's almost "next to Ukraine."
      1. +1
        26 August 2014 16: 12
        She has not been informed yet ... laughing
    16. 0
      26 August 2014 17: 21
      Su-30cm is still raw as dough, although it is a "smart" plane, it is supplied in an Indian configuration, which does not please in winter, because. there are no heating of some units, in our VVO not a single flight without failure of some kind does not pass, a guarantee of 200 hours of flight, and 100 flew in a little more than half a year, someone strongly pushed him into the troops

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