Russia and the Caucasus

Propaganda of radical nationalism, which is one of the favorite "cards" of the enemies of Russia and the Russian people, led to the fact that a significant part of Russian citizens, including people who call themselves Russian patriots, are ready to be separated from the "Russian part" of Russia, so-called. “Bantustans” are national republics. The situation in the republics of the North Caucasus causes particular irritation.

But any person who knows Russian history, he knows that Russia-Russia has always been an empire, that is, a multinational power, where Russians-Rus were the core, the core. If the Russians themselves give up their Mission, responsibility for small nations that have entered, voluntarily or under pressure from external circumstances, into the structure of Russian civilization is a catastrophe, a signature under its incapacity and complete decomposition. In addition, it is clear that the “mine” in the form of national republics and regions was laid, at the direction of the “world behind the scenes”, by the revolutionaries “Trotskyists” (internationalists) with the aim of further crushing, dividing the Russian world. Therefore, a return to a normal division into administrative regions (without national color) should be one of the requirements of any organization, party, or movement that is oriented towards the welfare of the people.

The Russian people, in contrast to other European nations, by creating their own empires, did not turn representatives of other nationalities and races into second, third class people or "speaking instruments." It was even the opposite - the Russians carried the brunt of the construction of the state, developing the outskirts even to the detriment of the populated Russian regions, some people had a number of privileges, for example, did not carry military service. It is clear that only if the Russian people will be strong and healthy, only then will Russia be a powerful and prosperous power. And for this it is necessary to restore its national traditions, customs, Russian culture, which in recent decades has been replaced by some Russian-speaking culture, completely artificial and unviable, which cannot give a chance for survival in a rapidly changing world.

The problem of the Caucasus is just one of the mass of problems facing the Russian civilization. They can be listed for a long time, but it is clear that, for example, the disintegration of the country's political “elite”, its corruption, lack of will, greed, cause the state much more evil than the antics of young people from the Caucasian republics, “Islamic” terrorists, subsidizing these areas. Domestic policy, according to popular expression, has long been turned into a “circus”, where the most popular, although already old, “covert” is VV. Zhirinovsky.

There is an active propaganda of the cave nationalism itself, which will lead to the repetition of the scenario of the collapse of the USSR. Everyone needs to understand that we all have much more in common than differences - peaceful skies overhead, centralized electricity, working schools and kindergartens, gas in the stove or column, the army, ready to protect from those who want to profit from our territories and resources, more working enterprises, trains on the railways and the mass of everything that an ordinary person does not notice. And all this is possible, with our own hands, to destroy in an instant, when we will already think about where to get a piece of bread to the child or how to escape from the gang of “scumbags” who escaped from the useless prison. God forbid that Kazan or Ufa repeat the fate of the city of Grozny, and NATO and UN troops will conduct “peacekeeping”, “humanitarian” operations on our territory.

The methods of such a scenario were well-tested by our enemies in the twentieth century: the preparation of the Russophobic national intelligentsia, the preparation of the liberal Westernist intelligentsia, of whom "sweet France (Holland ...)" is nicer than the Motherland. Then the people are “swayed” by sharp jumps in the prices of food, gasoline, tariffs, “dry law”, they set off one religious group, nationality on the other. They create an “image of the enemy”: for nationalists of small nations, these are “Russian invaders” who are guilty literally “in everything”, for Russian ultranationalists - these are “snickering outskirts” who “devour” created by the labor of the Russian people. And the true enemies and thieves who have settled in the political "elite" of the entire state and the ethnic elite of the republics, are usually quite well settled on the ruins of a great power or molt abroad.

The main cause of instability in the North Caucasus is the disintegration of the political “elite”, its irresponsibility, lack of will and greed. As a result, the envoys of various kinds of radical external Islamist organizations, foreign special services (who work under the cover of radical Islamism) can successfully recruit young people into their ranks, playing on the feeling of social justice, when they rule the ethnocrats, and whoever is not with them, does not get his share "nishtyakov." As a result, the money allocated by the federal center, for which it is possible to restore and create new enterprises, jobs, are mostly stolen. Social stratification and hatred is growing, there are new clans of "princes", "bais", the country is slipping into the middle ages. And by force, “counter-terrorist operations” this problem is not solved. So, in the Soviet Union this problem was solved by the fact that when the country was reassured after the Civil War, at the same time with the power methods there was an active propaganda of the images of “New Life”, “New Reality”, and right there was the construction of this reality - housing, houses of creativity, museums, libraries, schools, medical facilities, etc.

Russian people should clearly realize that the Caucasus is the same Russian land as the Ryazan or Sakhalin regions, watered with the blood of thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands of our ancestors. And we will not leave from there ...

What should I do to make the Caucasus stay Russian?

-we must give the names of the traitors to the Motherland, who betrayed her and participated in her looting. A large public tribunal like Nuremberg is required. And these people must be publicly executed, so that Russians and other peoples see that Justice is there;

-the power needs a new Program and Purpose, created on the basis of Social Justice, which will preserve the best practices of the Soviet Union, the Russian Empire and revive the traditions of the Ancient Russian state, such as veche management (based on the development of modern communication media). The vector of development of Russia should change from the unjust to the fair, oriented to the welfare of its citizens, their prosperity, common sense, and not to the selfish aspirations of small strata of the population;

- a holistic program is needed for the revival of Russian culture, the Russian people as the core, the core of Russian civilization;

- necessary programs for the holistic development of all regions of Russia, including the North Caucasus;

- dismantling the “mines” received from the USSR in the form of national republics, the territorial division should be strictly administrative.

Russia and the Caucasus
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