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Riots in China - twenty people died

Riots in China - twenty people diedTwenty people were killed in clashes with police in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, Agence France-Presse reports on July 19, citing a group of Uyghur activists in exile. All the dead are Uighurs, representatives of the Muslim nationality of China, reports

According to the WUC organization World Uyghur Congress (World Uygur Congress), the police beat 14 people to death and shot 6 more during the riots near the city of Hotan. The riots were related to the fact that the Uighurs demanded the release of their relatives from prison and tried to take police hostage. As a result, 70 people were still under arrest.

Official Chinese media reported that a group of terrorists attacked a police station in Khotan on Monday, killing four people, including one policeman and two civilians who were taken hostage by the perpetrators. The WUC is accusing the authorities of concealing information about the incident.

The Uigurs are the indigenous people of Eastern Turkestan, now the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the PRC. By religion - Sunni Muslims. Uigur language belongs to the Turkic language group of the Altai language family.

This is an ancient ethnos, since ancient times lived in the North of China, the main place of their residence is Xinjiang, but they also live in Hunan, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. The places of their main residence are mainly the districts of South Xinjiang: Kashi, Khotan, Aksu, as well as the city of Urumchi and the Ili District in North Xinjiang. Outside China, the Uigurs are very few.

The self-name "Uighurs" means "rallying", "unification". In ancient Chinese historical In the annals there are different variations of the name of the Uighurs: "Huihu", "Huihe", "Uygurs". The official name "Uighurs" was adopted by the government of Xinjiang province in 1935.

The confrontation between the Uighurs and the official Chinese government has a very long and bloody history.

So, in 2009, in Urumqi, the main city of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (XUAR) of the People's Republic of China, there was the most serious ethnic insurrection in recent years. The Uigurs, the indigenous people of this region, staged a demonstration that turned into bloody clashes with the Chinese and the police. Beijing claimed that the riots were provoked by separatists in the United States. Uyghur human rights activists denied the accusation.

The revolt lasted for several hours, up to three thousand people took to the streets and began throwing stones at the police, setting fire to cars and buses.

Then 140 people died, 828 were injured. However, according to Xinhua, the number of dead and wounded may be large. During the riot, 260 machines were set on fire, 203 was damaged at home.

The instigators of the riot were sentenced to death.
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  1. datur
    datur 19 July 2011 16: 18
  2. Superduck
    Superduck 19 July 2011 16: 55
    Perhaps this is so, and perhaps the Chinese have gone beyond the level of alignment of national composition.
  3. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 19 July 2011 21: 05
    China clearly lacks independent Ichkeria in its ass. And there are more leaders of the liberation movement like ... Khattab, Basayev, Umarov and others. Freedom to East China Turkestan ...
    1. Marat
      Marat 20 July 2011 00: 04
      Unfortunately, the passionarity of the Chinese is now high and an analogy with the Caucasus will not work here. The Chinese will not leave Turkestan - they have gotten lost, and they will not be expelled if they are settled.
      China is constantly growing - the great wall that protected them from the steppes is already far away in China, Tibet and Turkestan are also recent acquisitions.
      In AlmaAt, many people say - today the Uyghurs, and tomorrow us,
      Of course, you need to "be friends" with them and not fall for the bait of the Pindos dreaming of a conflict between Russia and China, but the gunpowder must be kept dry and the SAVO somehow restored over time. Huge wealth and lack of population make Kazakhstan provocatively attractive to China. I hope the integration will continue and the Slavic brothers will not hand over such a piece to the Chinese. China will no longer go into conflict with the union.
  4. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 20 July 2011 04: 39
    China has been recovering as a single state for a long time. The collapse of the country for the PRC is a national tragedy. Strengthening human resources in the territories "unjustly" torn away from the Celestial Empire, buying up almost everything in its path, China will not stand on ceremony with Mongolia and Kazakhstan for a long time. The only outstanding decision was made by Nazarbayev, not to quarrel with Russia under any circumstances. The rest is internal affairs of Kazakhstan. In the future, much depends on the country's leadership, their political will, diplomatic acumen, endurance, etc. But ..... trust in God, but do not make a mistake yourself.
  5. Ivan35
    Ivan35 20 July 2011 11: 18
    I am a fellow countryman of Marat, I agree with him and Pinocchio. Just add - Nazarbayev decided not just to not quarrel with Russia under any circumstances - but to go for full integration with Belarus and Russia - and the people support - not only Russians, but also the majority of Kazakhs whom I know. Everything now depends on Russia.
    1. Ragnarek
      Ragnarek 20 July 2011 12: 06
      finally wake up common sense, only together we are the strength, single-handedly
  6. Gur
    Gur 20 July 2011 12: 05
    All this is good that Marat, Pinocchio and Ivan35 wrote here (especially that they understand the situation, and do not shout like Ukrainians about their greatness) .. only then I don’t understand .. the situation with the Russian language .. I understand that the language is necessary and that Kazakhs are the more titular nation .. but this does not make Kazakhstan attractive for Russian, the Russian language was and should remain as the language of international communication .. now the situation is getting worse every year .. even in Russian-speaking schools (the topic of education is a separate issue) the teaching of the Russian language is reduced .. and sometimes there are situations that are negative, something like the Baltic states ... when the Kazakhs for a period refuse to speak Russian .. and some really don’t already know Russian. And the people are slowly falling down .. and not only Russians but also Kazakhs (those who are richer to bring down to America and Europe .. along the way pumping from their side everything that is possible, in principle, the Russian aligarchs do the same) and what is in the press They say that a large number of Russians are returning .. I personally do not know .. And this, as you know, doesn’t add to Kazakhstan in terms of the amount of violence.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 20 July 2011 17: 55
      I myself was straining - during perestroika in the 90s there was a lot of activity among "nationalists" - and the streets were renamed and it seems to me that many "activists" were paid for by Pindos through different grants.
      Personally, it seems to me such narrow-minded nationalists (the siblings of our Russian pseudo-nationalists are probably paid from the same pocket) are few now.
      Here's another problem - they like to arrange their relatives for work - are incorrigible! But there is no nationalism here - for some, if a Russian relative or friend is also satisfied. But it’s understandable that the Kazakh relatives are more often - now in state bodies there are more of them now.

      On the other hand, my friends, Kazakhs, many do not remember their language! This is normal? I think this is connected with a certain bias towards the restoration of the language.
      But in fact, as they spoke Russian, they continue - believe me, there is no inconvenience - the girl will help fill out any PSC if even there is no form in Russian and meetings are held mostly in Russian in any organization - and then the minutes can be translated into Kazakh for archive - maybe even this is not right.

      In general, there is no particular discomfort - although of course there may be tantrums that add fuel to the fire

      I watched on TV Nazarbayev boasted - 46 Russians returned to KZ in the last year or two - he didn’t remember

      I think that in general it’s normal - and it’s not worth discussing this topic - all the more so with the CES, it will go away by itself. There is now another danger - many Kazakhs are now afraid that the Kazakh people will dissolve in the 200 million single economic zones over time and Kazakhstan will disappear
      1. Superduck
        Superduck 20 July 2011 18: 30
        Quote: Ivan35
        I watched on TV Nazarbayev boasted - 46 Russians returned to KZ in the last year or two - he didn’t remember

        Nichrome yourself!
      2. Helmut
        Helmut 20 July 2011 21: 57
        There is now another danger - many Kazakhs are now afraid that the Kazakh people will dissolve in the 200 million single economic zones over time and Kazakhstan will disappear
        lol wink lol And in the two-billionth China they will not dissolve scared? Especially physically, they practically do not differ from the Chinese. wink (in no case no offense to the friendly comrades of the Kazakhs)
        1. Marat
          Marat 20 July 2011 22: 04
          To the point of commentary, scary !! Although outwardly we look like them we must admit tongue
          1. Helmut
            Helmut 20 July 2011 22: 31
            I am sure that this does not threaten you in a Slavic country. You can’t worry about it. Quite the contrary ... what
            1. Ivan35
              Ivan35 21 July 2011 10: 10
              Yes! This is the real "secret" reason why they want integration! wink (no offense to Marat and Kazakhs)
      3. SAVA
        SAVA 7 August 2011 14: 27
    2. Marat
      Marat 20 July 2011 20: 35
      I am forced to admit to GUR that there was some kind of inflection with the imposition of a tongue. I’m not making excuses - I’m just trying to analyze the reasons - the first is that the pendulum went back after the USSR (many Kazakhs forgot the Kazakh language, in the conditions of independence - albeit forced) it was necessary to strengthen the national consciousness. The second - while some were too much. The third - it’s all the same It didn’t lead to a decrease in the role of the Russian language - it was already declared the language of interethnic communication and everything is duplicated into Russian. Fourth - in life, Russian dominates anyway - and most Kazakhs speak Russian.

      But you compare with other republics - small linguistic inconveniences (besides come to naught) are not comparable with the real ethnic confrontation -
      I think that in Kazakhstan, Russians and Kazakhs live in friendship and harmony - in my life I have never seen anyone remember their nationality - except as a joke

      The population as a whole has been growing in recent years and the fact that the Russians are returning is a fact.

      To drive a wedge between nations and frustrate integration in the interests of enemies - let's not allow this. We have a chance to reunite and revive our common country.
  7. Mrsmithx
    Mrsmithx 23 February 2012 20: 41
    thanks informative

    thanks informative

    thanks informative