Freedom plus conscience

Freedom plus conscience

New Russia. Everything that is happening now in the Russian soul is directed there. Russia in the ideological sense depends more on Novorossia than Novorossia on Russia ... They are our lights, our stars. They are an example to us, our hope.

Brain Alex, the leader of the national militia of Lugansk region says.

If we talk about the operations that happened to my unit, I personally, I’ll make a reservation that the word “operation” itself is too loud. The war is now mainly in the information field. And the fighting itself is simply an addition. Ukraine is more important information to crush the idea that we stand for. And with the help weapons already and destroy the people who have it in their heads.

We develop operations on the basis of contingent, from conditions. We used to be a battalion in terms of structure and personnel (and we have miners, taxi drivers, and collective farmers), now they have become a brigade.

Actually, what we develop and cannot be called operations. Although we work with maps, with intelligence, we work according to the staffing table, which should be in military units. We find out where the unit is located, where the goods, where some column moves.

We changed the original tactics. Our mistake was that we took this war as a pure struggle. And Ukraine is not purely to fight that is not able, and does not even want. What are they? There are rocket launchers, there are Grads, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, why not use them? They beat out of them. At the same time call their operation ATO - anti-terrorism. But where, in what country, would the whole front fight against terrorism?

I understand the fight against terrorism as a local event, a special operation. Terrorists destroyed-everything. And this war goes on for half a year, and as time goes on it gets harder, bloodier.

Here are a few situations in which my unit was involved. I'll start with the unsuccessful - the defense of Lysychansk. Ukraine threw 11 thousand people to suppress our forces. It was unsuccessful in the sense that at that time we had not yet been reformed, we did not change tactics. We put up a clean front, roadblocks. And that was a mistake. This war from ukrov is all built on deception: starting from News and ending in battle. And due to the fact that we were determined to fight fairly, we suffered losses. I take the loss of personnel very sharply. For me, the loss of a few people is a big blow.

Yes, we won some battles, we repelled our enemies, they retreated. But then they pulled up more and more weapons, more and more manpower. Here is a prime example. They had a checkpoint on Old Krasnyanka, it is between Kremenny and Rubezhnoy. We worked it out ten times. Today we destroy, and tomorrow morning there are new people there. Today we destroy - tomorrow morning - new people. Ukry taken out the corpses "Kamzami", immediately imported new personnel. And the next day they will be corpses. It seems that the personnel is not informed about what is happening. The new arrivals do not know where the people from this roadblock have gone. Come cheerful, not knowing what awaits them. What they think at that moment is incomprehensible. After all, there are clearly traces of the massacre: in the Kamaz, in which corpses are taken out, the blood flows, and everywhere there are traces of blood.

But these new forces are innocent people who are forced to go into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under threat: you will not go to war, you will sit down for seven years. They are not able to measure life and seven years in prison. Go to war in the hope of survival.

We take the checkpoint and back away because ukrov has long-range artillery, rocket launchers. If we stand in this place, from their side - a volley of "Grad" - and we are destroyed. And we at their checkpoint than beat? The maximum that is - one hundred and twentieth mortar.

Then there are observers, there remains intelligence, which is convinced that such and such a quantity of manpower has been destroyed, and the equipment has been destroyed.

The tactics of the Ukrainian troops is that they completely laid the burden of war on the artillery and rocket launchers. Personnel almost ceased to go on the battlefield. Previously, they had like? Personnel is accompanied by armored personnel carriers. Therefore, earlier it was easier for us to fight with the help of the weapons that we have. There was a war more or less pure. Now they first carry out a sweep of the territory with the help of "Grad", SAU.

They say: point strikes. But a point strike of a huge area is obtained, the entire territory is being cleared. Then pass Tanksif someone is left somewhere, finish off with tanks. Only then the personnel on the armored personnel carriers goes to cleanup.

It would seem that this tactic is overwhelming. But because we changed our tactics. Although we have increased the number of people, but I do not expose them in the frontal. There are reconnaissance groups, sabotage groups: they left, they saw, they worked, they returned. Everything. We work on their communications, work on deliveries and warehouses of weapons. They will not have warehouses of weapons, there will be no possibility of bombing.

Just yesterday, they sent me a report that a column of ten Uralov had been destroyed, which were delivering projectiles for Gradov in the direction of Donetsk. What can be more effective? Even if there are these installations, without projectiles, they will stand like a dead weight, a pile of iron. We beat the RPG, "Bumblebees".

We move mainly on the transport, which requisitioned. And having loaded with wearable equipment, which can be thrown over the shoulder, the same RPG, the same “Fly”, the same “Bumblebee”, people can reach a certain place on foot.

Convoys accompany. To date, the whole unit is at point A, let's say, from where it is necessary to transport to our point B. And vice versa. Now we are engaged in evacuation of civilians from point B, and the same unit accompanies evacuees to point A. This mobile group is also on wheels.

We are accused when we mobilized transport: gangsters, robbers. But excuse me, if the state could not withdraw them from an entrepreneur who did not pay taxes yesterday, we will withdraw these taxes in the form of a car.

A lot of people engaged in unclean business. The same mining regions. The mines are closing, but the cops (illegal mines of shallow depth) thrive because they work illegally. And the death rate there just rolls over.

By specialty I am an artistic director, conductor of brass bands, but before the war I did not work by profession. The builder worked as a foreman. Now I am directing the mortar battery - and also pipes. It happened.

Since childhood, he dreamed of becoming a soldier. We had the Minister of Defense Kuzmuk under Kuchma, the kingdom of corruption was gaining such momentum that it was terrible. And I did not succeed in either entering or graduating.

The main thing now is to survive the maximum number of personnel. Because it is these people who are now in the ranks who are the bearers of democracy. It is they who can become the basis of everything that we are fighting for. Therefore, they are now trying to destroy, that these people can build the power that is needed. And I try to take care of them.

With the construction of a model of the future power of Novorossia, everything is not quite smooth. Now the "yesterday's" climbers are building the authorities, who are not that they did not justify their presence in the leadership, but also compromised them. And it will be very difficult for us even after the hostilities, if not even harder.
I think Novorossia will be a republic — necessarily a part of Russia. I am in favor of creating on the territory of Novorossia a sample of the power that everyone needs. And already starting from what we have, it would be possible to regulate, direct, adjust, and further spread to other regions. Today, not only in Ukraine and in Russia, but throughout the world, there is a crisis of power.

But one thing is to dream about the ideal of power, sitting in a cafe and modeling this power from the books read, and another thing is to conquer it in battles, to get destroyed territory filled with God knows who and what, with a huge number of subfields undetected when the model of power It is postponed for tomorrow, and it comes into effect at the mobilization moment, military over-centralism ... It is not easy.

All the republics that preferred to be so, the Soviet or Cuban, Chinese revolution, they dreamed of democratic forms, and when confronted with monstrous resistance, they came to cruel centralism.

Commanders are consolidated among themselves. There is a coordinating center, staff work is underway. At the moment, all the puzzles are in one picture: there is a single headquarters, military council, there is a connection between the commanders. It extends to both regions - Lugansk and Donetsk, and at the military level they merged. There are meetings of the commanders of the divisions, and to collect the whole division in one place is fraught with consequences. People are now all dispersed in different garrisons. The more confusing we will behave, the less we will gather in one place, the more reliable, the more chances we will have to survive, and this is now the main thing.

There are no ranks in the brigade. There is a brigade commander, a Zombie brigade commander, there is a chief of staff, battalion commanders, there is a position of a section commander, a mortuary officer, a chief medical officer, a communications commander, a staff structure, it is filled with people. Most of it is yesterday's workers who sincerely want to fight. Even if only the staff remains, it will show a lot.

The dominant figure is Igor Strelkov. And it must be not only dominant, but one. I originally came to him and stood in his line. His idea fits with mine. And he really fights for the idea.

How to formulate this idea? For conscience. Conscience must first of all be with man, honor and dignity. Justice. Everything else - verbosity, ellipsis. The main thing is that a person has a conscience. And preferably clean.

She is constantly subject to trials. And war is generally a constant test of conscience. At the moment, there are a lot of selfish interests of some individuals and ambitions that are not related to anything that can help the victory, which will help democracy. Just ambition: we are the heads, and that's it!

War makes it possible to see all this. War - a litmus test. Every person shows up on it - from the rank and file to the general. Certain shakes for our society are useful, shocks are needed. But war is bad.

Here were the events on the Maidan, and there was talk that the Western Ukrainians are ardent people, passionate. And the Southeast is sleepy Russian people, sullen, the fire in them has gone out. But the South-East caught fire, a powerful flame flashed.

On the Maidan opposed the oligarchy, against corrupt officials. The idea is good. And when they danced there for truth, we went to work. Based on the result that they flooded, they changed the awl on the soap, and even worse. The authorities didn’t just change anything, but worsened: the same oligarchs, the same corrupt deputies and officials, the same people who trade in statehood and people in that state right-and-left. What has changed? And suddenly people go to protect them! It is amazing. Do not get tired of being surprised by our people. Now, after all, they should fight against those. who directs them to this war. But they die for them. Then what was the meaning of the Maidan? In what Why arrange this bloody performance, which only led to deterioration, and not to constructive actions? Such behavior is the result of total propaganda.

Politrukov canceled at the time. In the Ukrainian army, political instructors made tutors. Roughly speaking, no political issues were raised, simply the psychological state of a person was maintained at a certain level. And this is wrong. Even in the army, it turns out, blocked the path of patriotism. Even in the army! Although this is the only authority that should stand on patriotism.

Unfortunately, there are no political agencies in my brigade. It is difficult to create from a collective farmer and a worker a military unit in the form in which we are accustomed to see it. And even more so, to create exactly the structure that should be, to create everything step by step ... There are no specialists. All this basically falls on me.

There is a brigade information center, which deals with the supply of information to the brigade, and transmits information from the brigade to the “mainland,” so to speak.

Information we receive through the Internet. But gentlemen ukry trying to cut us off from the world. There is no connection for three days, then there is no Internet. The press does not reach us.

We are constantly changing dislocation. The area of ​​responsibility is as follows: in the cities, the front line is Pervomaisk, on the flanks it is Artyomovsk and Debaltseve, the route along which the ukry move down, and Merry - Tarasovka-Lutugino. It is on average from the point where we are - about 50 kilometers.

We have problems with food. Empty counters. But here we found warehouses in the city, where meat, fish, chicken ... But for some reason it did not hit the shelves. The warehouse belongs to one entrepreneur. We have withdrawn. This is all distributed in kindergartens, shelters and the poor. And for us, food is what the population will collect: ours and the population of Russia, individuals who say: I give, but you do not shine me. And any help is dear to us.

The struggle, of course, will continue, even if, for example, Lugansk, Donetsk fall. There is an opportunity, thanks to a change in our tactics, to move by volatile units. There is no forest for the classic partisan struggle. But enough proleskov. The most important thing is to have enough spirit. Spirit, aspirations and hopes for truth, for victory. If this all remains in our man, we will win. Yes, there is Lugansk, Donetsk, but the territory of New Russia is not only these two cities. The territory of New Russia is huge, I think it will help us very well

War fatigue is observed among civilians. They literally a week or two from the beginning of the war had already shouted: we were tired of it. I ask the question: how would you react if the war were now World War II? Your grandfathers fought, for years without getting out of the trenches. They are not tired? You only heard shots, found out in the news that someone was killed somewhere, you are already tired. Today, almost the same war, we are fighting with the same fascism.
And those who fight are not tired, sometimes they barely hold, we must hold it in order to avoid casualties and losses. Those who stand in the line of fire, ready to fight to the last.

Miners go to the militia weakly. There were talks that if the miners went up, there would be no Kiev. we cast hats ... For the period they are still going to work in the mines. When we stood near Lysychansky, an artillery strike was struck at one of the mines, it was called Kruvolyanskaya. It was night and night shift worked there. All the people there almost died. But the next day they went there to work!

The second case. Another territory, south - Sverdlovsk. A bus with miners: women, men - was shot from the checkpoint ukrov. Just shot! It is not known because ukram who goes, - shot. And people went to work. I have a question for these people: how, what is the person currently thinking about when he passes by the shooting, the warring? Does he think about work, about a piece of bacon? About what? There is a war, you are being killed! Civilians who go to work go like sheep to the slaughter, not even resisting!

Fear of losing your job? "And how will I feed my family?" But what are the families of the militias who protect you feed on, what are their children feeding on? Yes, now it is difficult, very difficult, but they understand that at the moment it is necessary to forget about a good soup, a well-laid table. At least something on the table is enough. The main thing is to survive and win, to prove that we are not a herd, as Tymoshenko says - biomass, and we are people, individuals. We are people who can demand from the government what it once promised us.

In the brigade there are heroes, there are heroically fallen. Heroism basically shows a generation that has found all these films old, books, stories of grandfathers and grandmothers. They have it in their blood: if not me, then who? I have to, and that's it.

Now in the Rostov hospital lies the commander of the first platoon Vladimir. Heroic personality, awarded the medal "For Military Merit." Thanks to his dedication, his platoon survived, another division survived, to which he gave the order to move away from the advancing tanks. And he remained alone. We had a makeshift armored car called the “battalion commander”, she sheathed her armor herself, put armament on her. Vladimir stayed in it, led the battle. One! Until other units left. Covered.

As a result, the projectile gets into this "battalion commander", it tears off his hand, he loses consciousness. During the strike, the rupture of the arm was burned. As a result of the explosion, the wound burned, the blood burned, and there was almost no bleeding.

After some time, Vladimir comes to his senses, sees that his hand is torn off, but hangs on the skin. He puts his hand in his tunic, fastened his buttons and walked. Day wading. One! Out of the environment. Passed all the posts! From the ammunition, he had only one cartridge left in the PM in case he was needed: his right hand was hanging in his jacket, in the left - the PM. Save the hand did not work.

Another episode of the courage of personnel. One of the first battles in Lysychansk. When were the roadblocks. We have a guy, Dima, at the very beginning of the fighting was killed. But thanks to his ingenuity, skill and dedication, many people survived. He took all the fire ukrov on himself. The whole. When the unit arrived from the march, they helped at the Yandovsky checkpoint - to defend, it was necessary to start the battle. At the moment, while everyone was just dispersed, Dima took the fire, hit the target. And the first was destroyed. But thanks to him the rest survived. They did not just continue the battle, they pushed aside ukrov, but destroyed the roadblock they occupied. All due to the fact that one person did not regret himself when it was necessary.

We must be such - heroes, heroes, because we are Russian, we are Slavs, we have no right to be others.

From weapons there are MANPADS and ZAU paired, we work on planes. But ukry, after they realized that we can work them out, changed tactics: they are not reduced to the height that can be taken by an anti-aircraft gun, but come from a great height and drop a decent square bomber diameter. Two or three dropped and flew away.

Near Lisichansk, two “dryings” came in to the patchwork part (this is part of the Emergencies Ministry, and the personnel went over to our side, ukry decided that we were all there, and decided to destroy the patchwork part). And so two "drying" went, one bombed out, we didn’t manage to capture it with our memory. And the second hooked. Not reaching the patchwork part. She is returning, and between Severodonetsk and Svatovo has begun to smoke, caught fire. The pilot ejected, the plane burned.

Ukry declare that they are fighting with terrorists, and at the same time they are bombing a peaceful, innocent population, they destroy entire neighborhoods of the city, infrastructure. Everything! How so? If you are fighting with us, fight with us. But they begin to bomb the cities, then declare that this is our own work ... How? There is evidence than bombed from which side. The flight path can be calculated by the same funnel. But brazen statements are coming that this is not them, but us.

Previously it was thought that this kind of war: with warlords, civil war - this element. It is difficult to organize, to create a common structure. Element of liberty, separatism is. Hard to hold in your hands. Yes, sometimes you have to shout when a person goes beyond the limits, punish, say, put in a punishment cell. Every military unit has always had a guardhouse, not without it.

But we have everything basically on the position of one idea: if we want to achieve something, discipline is needed. And it initially happened when there was only one platoon of us. Even before the outbreak of hostilities, I began to form a people's militia, because I saw that it was necessary for the people to be somehow prepared. And already then we decided that the main thing for us was to reach the final goal, that is, to win. And the rest - who was right, who is to blame - then we will decide. Lined up a certain structure, and all are subordinate to it.

When the fight began, such a category as Novorossia did not exist. This concept arose in the course of the battles and gradually grows more and more, and acquires more and more meanings. Now New Russia is not just a territory, it is primarily an idea. Freedom and conscience - this will be New Russia.

We have enough people of different beliefs. I think a completely new society will be formed, with a completely new thinking. I want, first of all, this thinking to appear, and secondly, that it is different from what it is today. New, productive. I want to create something deeply humane.

In our worldview, the religious component is strong. First of all, Orthodoxy. But many people from our militia are trying to return to the sources that were in Slavs before the baptism of Russia. This was not paganism, it is our Slavic roots. Yes, even if paganism? If it is built on conscience and honor, then I see nothing wrong with that. Now there should be a single road for all religions and religions. One road is to survive. An honest and conscientious person must survive, then something can happen to us.
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  1. Fuse
    26 August 2014 14: 04
    UKROSMI inform:
    For a day in the anti-terrorist operation zone 12 military personnel were lost, 19 are wounded
    Read more here:

    As a result of the battle at the border, 4 Ukrainian border guards perished, - the National Security and Defense Council
    Read more here:

    The harvest continues am
    1. +20
      26 August 2014 14: 09
      ... Now Novorossia is not just a territory, it is primarily an idea. Freedom and conscience-this will be New Russia ....


      But the truth will win anyway ... Sooner or later, but it will win. It has always been that way. It will always be so.
      GOD give us all .....
      1. +7
        26 August 2014 14: 15
        Though Orthodox, even pagans.
        Yes, even Muslims with the Communists!
        If only people had conscience and freedom.
        1. 0
          26 August 2014 16: 46
          Thank you, Katya, for a good article.
      2. +10
        26 August 2014 14: 31
        Thank you for being. God bless you.
        It’s a pity that Ukrainians do not understand this
    2. +2
      26 August 2014 14: 14
      Experience is built on mistakes, so what to do! The most important thing is the idea. The idea of ​​restoring the Russian state, a pan-Slavic, patriotic idea. And it doesn’t matter whether the person is Orthodox, whether a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Rodnover. The main thing is that he is a RUSSIAN man. Spirit is more important than religion. A person can accept religion, not accept, but what is in you from birth, from the most distant ancestors, you cannot choose whether you accept it or not. And this is fate. I am a fatalist in that sense. A person is not free to choose what he will die for, why he will live his life. He can understand it, but not change it.
    3. 0
      26 August 2014 14: 15
      Multiply by 10. The harvest is really decent.
    4. +1
      26 August 2014 16: 08
      May God grant military good luck to the militias fighting against the Nazis for the freedom of New Russia.
    5. +2
      26 August 2014 17: 36

      Yes, judging by Mozgova’s article, a strong man who is well aware that military victory is still very far away, and that after military victory there is still more difficult work to build a people's republic, power for a people without an oligarchy and speculators.
  2. master 84
    26 August 2014 14: 04
    God bless you Brothers Slavs
  3. calocha
    26 August 2014 14: 07
    GOD to you, Alexey. to the meeting! Good luck in the military business!
  4. +5
    26 August 2014 14: 08
    Low bow. For courage and dedication! The truth is behind you!
  5. 0
    26 August 2014 14: 12
    Hold on to Orthodoxy and you will always win! May God protect you!...
  6. +2
    26 August 2014 14: 12
    Thank you MUZHIK !!!!!! You are REAL !!!!
  7. +4
    26 August 2014 14: 13
    We believe in you men and try to help the whole world who can do what ...
    Break through good
  8. +1
    26 August 2014 14: 20
    Freedom can only be gained by deserving it. GOD to the rescue.
  9. +2
    26 August 2014 14: 21
    Quote: calocha
    GOD to you, Alexey. to the meeting! Good luck in the military business!
    join! Good luck!
  10. +3
    26 August 2014 14: 25
    The motivation is strong. A man is fighting for freedom. Not a kid, he knows everything, understands everything, but he still fights.
  11. APS
    26 August 2014 14: 27
    The idea of ​​New Russia is clean and bright, good luck to you guys!
  12. +1
    26 August 2014 14: 31
    As a military man in reserve, I just don’t understand the tactics of ukrovoins, because they have regular military personnel, and they are stupidly planning everything, well, God forbid. But the militia fellows are doing this, as in football, in counter attacks, and this gives the result. And this tactic is mostly winning. good
  13. +3
    26 August 2014 14: 44
    But the guy is right! After the long-awaited victory, it was always more difficult. It is more difficult to restore, rebuild, establish a just power. And how many will be willing to take advantage of other people's merits ?! Yes, then it will be more difficult. How much strength and patience are needed ?!
  14. +4
    26 August 2014 14: 44
    It’s a shame for miners what they will do after the war, how to look into the eyes of those who fought for a healthy bull who hid under the wife’s skirt. One regiment fights and then more likely fathers than sons.
    1. +4
      26 August 2014 16: 44
      Quote: shtanko.49
      It’s a shame for miners what they will do after the war, how to look into the eyes of those who fought for a healthy bull who hid under the wife’s skirt. One regiment fights and then more likely fathers than sons.

      Yes, the miners were upset. It seems they promised, they promised.
      Here are the comments:

      pro100ya wrote:

      Irina St. Petersburg, my neighbor Shakhtar gets 8 thousand UAH, will you pay him this money if he goes to the militia? You will feed his family and children, right now I specifically crush you and wait for a clear and distinct answer.

      No, I won’t pay. But it will calm my conscience regarding our help. I will sleep peacefully, and consider that calls for other help are exclusively provocations.

      I conclude: the miners wanted to spit that they were killing children, civilians, that they were destroying their cities while they were full and with money. You wanted to say that, right? In vain, the Ural miners were crucified, which, they say, the miners are a special caste
  15. 511
    26 August 2014 14: 51
    thoughts and desires of a simple person, God help them. Militia Glory!
  16. Starmos
    26 August 2014 15: 19
    Will, Justice, Conscience and Honor are the cornerstones of the Russian World. And the State built on such a foundation is irresistible by any enemy. This must be remembered to everyone who considers himself a Russian Man. What about freedom? And what is freedom? From what, or from whom? Freedom is the subject of slaves' dreams. Slaves will never be able to build anything worthwhile - for having received or won freedom - they will strive for power, for the enslavement of someone else. So freedom and democracy is the lot of the West ...
    I would like to believe that it is with such people as the Author of the article that the construction of the Russian World begins.
  17. natasha_kuzneczova
    26 August 2014 15: 31
    New Russia - our advice! What oligarch thieves don't have
  18. +3
    26 August 2014 16: 16
    An excellent commander, a real man with honor and conscience. These cannot lose. Victory will be theirs. God help them!
  19. +1
    26 August 2014 16: 56
    Maybe not in the subject but ..
    And yet Parashenko shook his hand .. Politics, the old woman ...
    1. +4
      26 August 2014 17: 30
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Maybe not in the subject but ..
      And yet Parashenko shook his hand .. Politics, the old woman ...

      Looking at these two handshakes, the thought involuntarily comes to them, do they both need Novorossia, a people's republic, in which they are going to build power without oligarchs and speculators, and this power will be defended by "cerebral" who already today say that having won they will not allow the oligarchy to come to power parasite speculators and bandit bankers.
      1. 0
        26 August 2014 17: 37
        Quote: Polar
        Quote: MIKHAN
        Maybe not in the subject but ..
        And yet Parashenko shook his hand .. Politics, the old woman ...

        Looking at these two handshakes, the thought involuntarily comes to them, do they both need Novorossia, a people's republic, in which they are going to build power without oligarchs and speculators, and this power will be defended by "cerebral" who already today say that having won they will not allow the oligarchy to come to power parasite speculators and bandit bankers.

        Alas, not everything is so simple .. Ukraine and Novorossia are geopolitics (what is happening there) and the war there is primarily for the Russian world!
        1. 0
          27 August 2014 01: 11
          Quote: MIKHAN
          the war there is primarily for the Russian world!

          The war is for the Russian Idea, for Russia - but not for the Russian oligarchs! And the political elite, which is forced to cover the economic, absolutely not interested in building the state, which Alexei Mozgovoy dreams of! ..
  20. +3
    26 August 2014 17: 05
    I wish you health and victory over the Nazis
  21. 0
    26 August 2014 22: 46
    New Russia.
    Everything that is happening now in the Russian soul is directed there.
    Russia, in an ideological sense, is more dependent on New Russia than New Russia on Russia ...
    You - our lights, our stars.
    You - an example to us, our hope.
  22. 0
    26 August 2014 23: 26
    Still changing! The people are aware!
  23. 0
    27 August 2014 00: 21
    New Russia is now the ideal of truth, conscience and honor!
  24. 0
    27 August 2014 02: 10
    Does he think about work, about a piece of fat? About what? There is a war, they’re killing you! Civilians who go to work go like sheep to a slaughterhouse, not even resisting!

    Indeed, when you look at how healthy men sit home, go to work in a mine (for whom?), They go to Russia with refugees, it becomes not very pleasant. At this time, others with weapons in their hands are fighting against the ukrofashists, protecting those who decided to sit out.
  25. 0
    27 August 2014 04: 16
    God forbid you survive and win, guys !!!

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