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Militiaman from Serbia: Ukrainian security forces kill civilians, destroy villages

Online edition Mixednews cites the story of one of the Serbs who voluntarily came to the east of Ukraine to fight on the side of the militia.

“In Ukraine, money can buy everything, even human life. My cost was not cheap, but was saved. My friends raised money and paid the “old men” of the Ukrainian army. That's how they let me go. If they knew that I was a fighter of the pro-Russian troops "North Wind" and a sniper, I probably would never have seen freedom again ", Says Dejan Berik from the Serbian village of Putintsi near the city of Ruma.

Berik fought in the Donetsk militia. Last month, while escorting the wounded to Rostov-on-Don, he was captured by the Ukrainian army.

Berik is one of several dozen Serbian citizens participating in the civil war in the Donbas. According to him, he is not part of the Jovan Šević subunit formed from volunteer Serbs and participated in the war not for money.

“The pro-Russian troops have no money. There were days when we had nothing to eat. No military equipment, often no ammunition. Everything weapon and equipment we took from the Ukrainian army "- says a volunteer.

“I’m not a mercenary, and even if I’m a mercenary, I really don’t know who would pay me there”- says the former militia. Now he is in the Rostov region, where he rests about battles and is looking for work in order to settle accounts with friends for his release from captivity.

When he was taken prisoner, he was in a group of 18 unarmed militiamen dressed in civilian clothes. Closer to Lugansk, a Ukrainian tank went to meet them, after which everyone was arrested. They were not tortured in captivity, they were given water and food. The military simply did not know who they were holding. According to Berik, in the battalion with him served mainly "Russians from Ukraine." However, among them was another Serb and 2 Spaniard.

According to him, Ukrainians rarely attack openly and rarely shoot at positions. Their main objectives are civilian objects and civilians.

“In mid-July, my unit occupied the corridor passing through the villages of Stepanovka and Marinovka, Donetsk Region, which subsequently entered the Ukrainian army. Today these two villages do not exist. All the houses were destroyed, and all the inhabitants were killed. I lost two hundred and fifty colleagues from seven hundred who were in position. The losses of the Ukrainians were much greater, they lost more than a thousand soldiers. ”- recalls Berik.

He is not going to return home yet.

“I will look for work in Russia in order to return the money that my friends paid for my release from captivity. I also owe people in Serbia, that's why I went to work in Russia. I miss my family, especially my son, but I still do not plan to return home. Although I haven’t done anything wrong with my country, I am afraid that they will arrest me in Serbia. There are rumors that a special law is being prepared in Serbia. ”- Berik concluded in conclusion.
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  1. herruvim
    herruvim 25 August 2014 15: 21
    Yes, a story from the life of a simple man who was not afraid to defend a just cause with weapons in his hands +
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 August 2014 15: 25
      Good luck to this brave man.
    2. herruvim
      herruvim 25 August 2014 15: 26
      Picture from Serbia about Russia
      1. Bkmz
        Bkmz 25 August 2014 15: 42
        That's what the brothers do, not like some ...
      2. armageddon
        armageddon 25 August 2014 15: 45
        I think the revenge of Russia ... This is the last chance, Slavic and not only Slavic people ... Rise from his knees !!!
        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov 25 August 2014 15: 51
          Here they are our brothers Serbs!
          Exclusive photo. In the center with a beard, Bratislav Zivkovic is surrounded by one of the Chetnik fighting cells.

          1. vatnik.detekted
            vatnik.detekted 26 August 2014 04: 55
            the names of these thugs and mercenaries. Is it they who kill the Slavs-Ukrainians for the sake of rating the Tsar-Emperor of the Moscow Khanate?
            1. Dyatko Nebatko
              Dyatko Nebatko 26 August 2014 05: 49
              Honor and conscience are their names !!! Slavs-Ukrainians are Russian, and those who consider themselves Slavs-Ukrainians but "skipyut" those dill. And dill should be chopped and smaller!
        2. Sailor
          Sailor 25 August 2014 16: 44
          And this is revenge in Ukraine, if everyone quits and agrees to federalization, then in 2 years everything will happen again but worse for us. The enemies will take into account the mistakes.
        3. 1812 1945
          1812 1945 25 August 2014 17: 25
          Quote: Armagedon
          I think the revenge of Russia ... This is the last chance, Slavic and not only Slavic people ... Rise from his knees !!!

          Right. The United States and its satellites have put everything at stake. That is the historical moment. The self-destruction of Russia, infected with the virus of liberalism, did not take place, but there are signs of a revival of the Great State, in comparison with which the USA is an upstart nouveau riche without a clan without a tribe, but with a filthy pedigree of the felon. The revival of Great Russia was predicted by the prophets, and we should not only be witnesses to it, but also participants.
          1. kodxnumx
            kodxnumx 25 August 2014 18: 51
            Everything is right Serb you are a man, in Russia Serbs are respected and you are not a stranger!
        4. Irokez
          Irokez 25 August 2014 20: 16
          Quote: Armagedon
          I think the revenge of Russia ... This is the last chance, Slavic and not only Slavic people ... Rise from his knees !!!

          In general, there are many chances, as there is always a way out of a hopeless situation.
          Most likely - this is one of the long-awaited chances presented in the history of time.
        5. vatnik.detekted
          vatnik.detekted 26 August 2014 04: 57
          for the sake of this, the fascist junta of the Kremlin is ready to destroy the Slavs-Ukrainians? why did Russia kneel? Is it really Ukraine put her so? or poland? or czech republic? or some other Slavic state?
    3. DMB-88
      DMB-88 25 August 2014 19: 06
      Quote: herruvim
      In this he is all:

      "If you try to dissolve us in Russia, to carry out, so to speak, an Anschluss, then you will get such a guerrilla war, in comparison with which Chechnya will seem like a childish matinee to you." - about the possible accession of Belarus to Russia

      "We, as in 1941, are in an enemy ring. The enemies have settled in the leadership of a neighboring state with which we recently signed a community treaty."

      "Alexander Grigorievich Lukashenko"

      this is your quote mister TRAPLO !!!
      how do you manage to come up with such disgusting ?!
      You are Belarus! or again messed up ?!
      1. dld35057
        dld35057 25 August 2014 21: 07
        I want to convey to you. Yandex is an enemy voice. all the blizzard in announcements -in the news about Belarus and for us, Belarusians, this crap bears in monstrous proportions. Do not believe Yandex fouls. it’s 5column. and it’s impossible to find a search engine without prejudice. Besides the weather, it’s completely ignored. And you can’t even believe the weather. and everything is presented as darkness. and our white sites such as WU here are also polished. The voice of America on our land. do not tell them.
      2. gav6757
        gav6757 25 August 2014 22: 49
        Old Man, along the way, again gobbled up mushrooms !!!
      3. mkpu 73-77
        mkpu 73-77 26 August 2014 04: 36
        It seems like it's time for Old Man to separate a separate angle, or even send it to the settlements. He’s carrying some nonsense! fool
    4. gav6757
      gav6757 25 August 2014 22: 50
      God give you!
      MAN !!!
  2. propolsky
    propolsky 25 August 2014 15: 21
    Do not be afraid, Serbia, Russia is with you!
    1. Rusi dolaze
      Rusi dolaze 25 August 2014 15: 28
      Quote: propolsky
      Do not be afraid, Serbia, Russia is with you!

      As they say RUSI DOLAZE!
    2. zennon
      zennon 25 August 2014 15: 39
      Quote: propolsky
      Do not be afraid, Serbia, Russia is with you!

      Yes, sincerely! If it were not for the moron EBN drunk, then there would be no doubt!
    3. vatnik.detekted
      vatnik.detekted 26 August 2014 05: 18
      Serbia has not forgotten the 90s.
  3. mig31
    mig31 25 August 2014 15: 21
    Significantly, the village of Putintsi, and indeed - PRAISED TO THE BROTHERS OF THE SERBES !!!
  4. SS68SS
    SS68SS 25 August 2014 15: 22
    ... In Ukraine, you can buy everything for money, even human life ...

    Not to mention the honor and conscience of the nat.Geytsev ..... They sold offal ...

    And people like Dejan Berik should be helped. With work, with housing, with the psyche. They should feel that they took risks and put themselves under bullets. They must feel the warmth and gratitude of a great country and its people.
  5. nikrandel
    nikrandel 25 August 2014 15: 23
    Thanks to the Serb brothers, it’s a pity that very short-sighted people are in power in Serbia ...
  6. Yellow white
    Yellow white 25 August 2014 15: 24
    I saw a video with him, a month or two ago somewhere, here is fate, battles, captivity, ransom, job searches ...
  7. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 25 August 2014 15: 24
    Good luck soldier! Raise children, work, live comfortably! In your veins blood flows and not water.
  8. Vend
    Vend 25 August 2014 15: 27
    To transport your seven to Russia. and then the EU and the USA will end and will be able to calmly return to their homeland if they wish. Thanks to these guys, Novorossia is worth it. Low bow.
  9. Same lech
    Same lech 25 August 2014 15: 27
    Serbia is a very short-sighted people ...

    Not only in SERBIA but also in BULGARIA .... THE POLITICAL ELITES of these countries are firmly seated on a leash in the United States and even without its permission are not allowed to fart.

    Some citizens of these countries show independence and help the RUSSIAN PEOPLE whoever can ... MANY THANKS to them for this .... but they do not make the weather in the general policy of puppet countries in the United States ..... this is a sow.
  10. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 25 August 2014 15: 29
    Serbs we swami you brothers help beat Ukrainian Bandera-fascists
    1. vatnik.detekted
      vatnik.detekted 26 August 2014 05: 20
      Kremlin fascists approve of your comment

  11. bars280
    bars280 25 August 2014 15: 30
    the peasants are off topic, but interesting news in Rusvessign writes that Lyashko is blocked in Severodonetsk and cannot be washed off !!!
    1. Black
      Black 25 August 2014 16: 12
      Quote: bars280
      Lyashko blocked in Severodonetsk and can not be washed off !!!

      Urgently Unlock !!!! This pid..nok is needed alive and extremely free, because with its view it embodies the present and future of independence. In this sense, Muzychko is very sorry ... Sherochka with Masherochka ...
      1. skeket
        skeket 26 August 2014 01: 14
        Quote: Chen
        In this sense, Muzychko is very sorry ...

        No, no, no ... Muzychko would command the Natsgad battalion now, but he has experience, no experience whatsoever, so he needs to go there
    2. doctor
      doctor 25 August 2014 19: 20
      Very valuable prisoner. He will tell you a lot in court.
  12. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 25 August 2014 15: 33
    I remember the words of the song: "I left the hut, went to fight, so that the land to the peasants in Grenada was given."
    But he left his hut, went to fight, to help New Russia defend the right to life. A deep bow to all internationalists fighting on the side of our guys. hi
    It seems that there are good people who will help a person with employment.
    1. vatnik.detekted
      vatnik.detekted 26 August 2014 05: 24
      Worship the thug and the mercenary who went to kill the Slavs-Ukrainians?

  13. Same lech
    Same lech 25 August 2014 15: 34
    Lyashko blocked in Severodonetsk and can not be washed off !!!

    Let’s urgently soap the point .... the militia will not stand on ceremony with him.
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 25 August 2014 16: 11
      For SUCH A VETERAN with soap already without the thrill. Let the everyday brick prepare to bore the hollow.
      1. vatnik.detekted
        vatnik.detekted 26 August 2014 05: 26
        Judging by your own experience?
  14. DMB-75
    DMB-75 25 August 2014 15: 34
    So it should be with the brothers Slavs should help each other, respect for the guy. good
    RUSOIVAN 25 August 2014 15: 36
    Write where to send the money: you will collect without leaving the cash desk!
    And they won’t take it!
  16. dgm
    dgm 25 August 2014 15: 37
    1. Tima
      Tima 25 August 2014 15: 47
      We also thought about Belarus (Lukashenko) ....
      1. dld35057
        dld35057 25 August 2014 17: 56
        justify. I am a Belarusian. and I respect Luke. and ensign. and and and - and a lot and. present. justify the claim.
      2. dld35057
        dld35057 25 August 2014 19: 49
        I got lucky. I was lucky in life. I wanted to border troops, called in the Airborne Forces, lucky. Hit the company with Stvolov-lucky. Yes, I’m Stvolovets his cub. I’m lucky that Belarus is not at war. I’m lucky that Prezik is my Old Man. I was lucky that it’s hahol-beloruss. And do not blame me for this. all claims to Lukashenko.
  17. el.krokodil
    el.krokodil 25 August 2014 15: 53
    Quote: nikrandel
    Thanks to the Serb brothers, it’s a pity that very short-sighted people are in power in Serbia ...
    ..the leaders of the West are headed there..the own Serbian liberalists and accomplices of amers .. pull SERBIA from RUSSIA..there is hope that such Serbs will throw off the pro-Western rotten elite ..
  18. flSergius
    flSergius 25 August 2014 15: 54
    Offtop: natsigadiya escapes from Mariupol

    Mariupol hastily leave parts of the National Guard. This is reported by local residents. In the morning, trucks full of armed people left the city and drove in the direction of Mangush and Zaporizhzhya region, eyewitnesses say. According to the military experts of the DPR, this may be due to the success of the militias in the southern sector of the front.
  19. Rosom
    Rosom 25 August 2014 16: 01
    In fact, let the guy give details to Rusvesna - that we will not be reset for his family ?!
  20. Artybyrd
    Artybyrd 25 August 2014 16: 14
    Quote: rosom
    In fact, let the guy give details to Rusvesna - that we will not be reset for his family ?!

    Need to help a person, be sure! He himself is unlikely to seek help, but those who can contact him or get in touch, please contribute feedback!
  21. unknown
    unknown 25 August 2014 16: 23
    At a meeting with reporters, the representative of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Andriy Lysenko.
    According to him, in the direction of Mariupol, “a convoy under the flag of the DPR broke through” consisting of ten tanks, two infantry fighting vehicles and two KAMAZ trucks.
  22. mitar
    mitar 25 August 2014 16: 43
    Only ten tanks and two infantry fighting vehicles? But the hysteria in Ukrosaytay is like one hundred and two hundred, and the personnel in two divisions :)) and they are all from Russian territory :))
  23. patriot-rf
    patriot-rf 25 August 2014 16: 44
    In Amvrosiyivka, elderly people were going to go down to the cellar during the shelling, but 14 ukrosoldat broke into their house, threw the old men out onto the street and occupied their shelter. The mortar mine went straight to the cellar and became a grave for all 14 punishers. The old men were only stunned by the blast wave and scratched with slate from the destroyed roof of the outbuilding.
    The nurse in the emergency room, after listening to their story, briefly summed up: "There is a God!"
    1. cosmos132
      cosmos132 25 August 2014 17: 45
      A beacon was found in one of his pockets.
  24. tasey
    tasey 25 August 2014 17: 12
    Yes, we will help. And the guy and his family. Note - no one doubting that this is true information. And - as the nurse said - "GOD IS!"
    MAXUZZZ 25 August 2014 17: 35
    Yes, a long time ago there was no news from the Serbs, but this guy with a Slavic conscience really needs help, I would not want to disappoint him in the unity of fraternal peoples
  26. lesovik
    lesovik 25 August 2014 17: 39
    Requisites, please, you can not let a person despair when he is left alone with such a problem, and it is even better to help with a decent job.
  27. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 25 August 2014 17: 54
    Quote: dgm

    When Serbs are mentioned, a warm lump forms in the soul and a feeling of something close, dear. I think this is on a genetic level, we are one with them in essence, by blood, by faith. I had the opportunity to communicate closely with the Serbs at one time, only positive memories and a smile. Thank you bros, you are real, you are warriors, like Russians. We will still fight! KOSOVO-JE SERBIA! soldier
  28. Swetly
    Swetly 25 August 2014 18: 11
    Respect you Serbian brothers!
  29. SOF
    SOF 25 August 2014 19: 11

    ROSICHI ...
    really can not help ????
    The author of the article - let him respond here
    1. Siberian
      Siberian 25 August 2014 21: 51
      so you can get a card on which to fold. How much will he earn on this "debt". And those who paid are young. We need to help. This is not life, not health, but just money. Do not omit this topic.
      Yes, by the way: what is going on in the Serbian Kosovo, temporarily occupied by all sorts of rubbish? Is the NATO base stable? And then, maybe it's time to get out of Afghanistan.
  30. Lock
    Lock 25 August 2014 23: 18
    The fate of a soldier is difficult - in war he seeks death, in a civilian he cannot find peace.
  31. serct
    serct 26 August 2014 07: 46
    The Serbs help us, as we once did to them.
  32. vodolaz
    vodolaz 26 August 2014 15: 42
    This is a real Slav!