Sergei Shoigu awarded the 76 Guards Airborne Assault Division with the Order of Suvorov

On August 22, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu presented the 76 Guards Air Assault Forces of Chernigov Red Banner Airborne Division with the Order of Suvorov.

Sergei Shoigu awarded the 76 Guards Airborne Assault Division with the Order of Suvorov

"On this solemn day, I want to note that over the years, the division’s servicemen have been exemplary in serving the Fatherland, demonstrating loyalty to the best traditions of the Russian army," the minister said. Press Service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, Shoigu recalled that the military personnel of the division helped to contain interethnic conflicts on the territory of Armenia, Ossetia, Azerbaijan and Kosovo. In addition, he separately singled out the counter-terrorist operation of paratroopers in the North Caucasus.

“This year, you also honorably fulfilled special tasks for the return of the Republic of Crimea to Russia,” the minister stressed.

According to him, it is symbolic that the union was awarded the Order of Suvorov.

“Service in the Airborne Forces initially implies the highest professionalism and loyalty to the science of Suvorov to win, not by number, but by reduction. The recent exercises clearly showed that Russia can continue to rely on you in solving responsible tasks in protecting national interests, ”noted Shoigu.

The army general thanked the guardsmen for military work for the benefit of Russia, wishing good health and new successes in the field of service to the Fatherland, and laid flowers at the monument to the paratroopers.

The 76 Guards Chernigov Red Banner Division formed the 1 of September 1938 of the year near Novorossiysk. Initially it was the 157-Infantry Division, whose personnel went through the whole war: defended Odessa, participated in the battles for the Crimea, the Battle of Stalingrad, liberated Ukraine, Poland and Belarus.

1 March 1943 of the Year The People's Commissar of Defense of the Soviet Union ordered that the unit be transformed into an 76 Guards Rifle Division for showing courage and courage.
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  1. +7
    25 August 2014 10: 29
    Our army is reborn, traditions are reborn ... smile
    1. 0
      25 August 2014 10: 30
      There is a reason. Serve further than Russia. And let the enemy do not how much.
    2. +4
      25 August 2014 10: 31
      Quote: nikrandel
      Our army is reborn, traditions are reborn ...

      Not only the army is reborn. Production is rising. Such news is very encouraging.
    3. +1
      25 August 2014 10: 40
      Deserved - get a reward!
      1. 0
        25 August 2014 11: 08
        On the same day Shamanov V.A. participated in the opening of the monument to the Heroes of the First World War in Pskov.

    4. MSA
      25 August 2014 10: 42
      Congratulations to the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division on receiving such a high award. Guys deserve this with honor !!!
    5. 0
      25 August 2014 10: 55
      Deserved reward and recognition !!! Glory to the Airborne Forces !!! Glory to Margelov !!!
      1. -2
        25 August 2014 11: 02
        love Congratulations on the award! Keep it up!
    6. DMB-88
      25 August 2014 12: 46
      Quote: nikrandel
      Our army is reborn, traditions are reborn

      Congratulations to the Guardsmen of the paratroopers!
      I regret one thing, why did they replace the battle banners, fanned with great victories, with which they went through the whole war, with vague modern, Serdyukoff standards. Where are the traditions? Why are the "gentlemen" of the army reformers afraid of whose tune are you dancing? Nobody has the right to take the Red Battle Banner from units and formations - this glory was obtained in battles and the Banner is a symbol of the unit !!!
      1. 0
        25 August 2014 14: 11
        The Airborne Forces is the face of the Russian Army! The guys are worthily serving. I am sure that with the arrival of new weapons and communications kits, the Airborne Forces will increase even more.
  2. +4
    25 August 2014 10: 29
    these are real paratroopers, and not that an airmobile brigade .....
    1. 0
      25 August 2014 11: 42
      That is, the Kamyshin 56th Separate Guards Airborne Assault Order of the Patriotic War The Don Cossack Brigade is not paratroopers, but ...
      More careful with definitions.
      If they had not taken control of the Russian-Georgian border in 1999, it remains to be seen how the Second War would have passed. And they are practically the only Russian paratroopers, used for their intended purpose, as paratroopers, not infantry.
  3. +1
    25 August 2014 10: 29
    with a worthy award brothers !!! nobody except us! God bless you, and further successes in the military business!
  4. +3
    25 August 2014 10: 30
    Very nice to hear and joyfully for the paratroopers smile
  5. +1
    25 August 2014 10: 33
    Suvorov miraculous heroes
  6. +2
    25 August 2014 10: 34
    A 2-fold increase in airborne forces is great news. soldier drinks good
    1. 0
      25 August 2014 11: 45
      There are already more of them in the Western Military District than combined arms men. And events in Ukraine have shown that the predominant development of the airborne forces to the detriment of motorized rifles is a dead end.
  7. +3
    25 August 2014 10: 36
    I wish the guys only victories without loss, with the award of you, serve the Motherland honestly !!! drinks
  8. +4
    25 August 2014 10: 39
    hey, hey ... haven't thymchuk and lysenko defeated this division yet? belay
    1. +3
      25 August 2014 10: 43
      Quote: andrei332809
      Is Tymchuk and Lysenko not yet defeated this division?

      Her, they fled, throwing a bunch of berets into the BMD-2 field. smile
      1. +3
        25 August 2014 10: 52
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Her, they ran away

        that's what regular fitness means good
    2. 0
      25 August 2014 10: 56
      Wounds lick.) In the background, presumably, all the survivors of the aftermath gathered. Now they will be led to give a 100-year non-disclosure subscription, and then immediately to the Gulag.
  9. +2
    25 August 2014 10: 40
  10. +5
    25 August 2014 10: 41
    Sorry that off topic
    A report from the Information Bureau of the Army of the Southeast on the night of August 25. During the battle near Novoivanovka, an enemy convoy was destroyed and sixty-one Ukrainian soldiers were captured, of which eleven were wounded.
    In the battles for Ilovaisk the enemy lost 110 people killed and 75 wounded. 28 units of military equipment disabled, some of which are to be repaired.http: //
  11. +4
    25 August 2014 10: 48
    Some sources have good news. soldier
    I hope the news is true!
    Igor Ivanovich Strelkov returned from short-term leave from the Russian Federation. He returned not empty-handed. He now has a special mission. He will coordinate the counterattack of the militias of the LPR and DPR as a military adviser. At the moment, there is a joint special operation of the militia forces. Soon you will see for yourself!
  12. +1
    25 August 2014 10: 50
    Awards - 2. The first RVVDKU in 2013, by the way, it's not entirely clear why (for what), "for the common contribution"? And here, as it were, no questions. Who knows what piece for 888 awards?
  13. Andrey Ulyanovsky
    25 August 2014 11: 11
    Another news on the topic of our site (
    "The new Verba portable anti-aircraft missile system has begun to enter service with the Russian army." Apparently, the volumes and the number of recipients already exceed in July declared “About 30 of the latest Verba portable anti-aircraft missile systems entered service with the motorized rifle unit of the Eastern Military District deployed in the Khabarovsk Territory”.
  14. 0
    25 August 2014 11: 47
    Sergei Shoigu awarded the 76 Guards Airborne Assault Division with the Order of Suvorov

    Shoigu actually no one state. no awards He can only hand them.
  15. 0
    25 August 2014 11: 48
    QUESTION: Vladimir Vladimirovich, can I clarify? The people who carried out the blocking of units of the Ukrainian army in the Crimea were in uniform very similar to the Russian military uniform. Were these Russian soldiers, were they Russian military?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: And you look at the post-Soviet space. It’s full of form, which looks like a form ... Go to the store with us and you will buy any form there.

    QUESTION: But were they Russian soldiers or not?

    VLADIMIR PUTIN: These were local self-defense forces.

    “This year, you also honorably fulfilled special tasks for the return of the Republic of Crimea to Russia,” the minister stressed.

    it looks funny now
    1. 0
      25 August 2014 11: 52
      Even the Americans were silent. Most likely, these were still not army ones. Those appeared later, at the stage of disarmament and liquidation of ukrogarnizons. Together with special forces and local Russian marines.
  16. wladimir
    25 August 2014 12: 19
    Crimea freed it well, how to send it back to Kiev with humanitarian aid.
  17. 0
    25 August 2014 15: 03
    Congratulations, winged infantry !!!
  18. 0
    25 August 2014 15: 05
    real paratroopers
  19. ABV
    25 August 2014 15: 52
    beautiful. spitting in the face of the zapadents. bravo warriors!
    did not like slogans before .... had to!
  20. DONETS
    26 August 2014 18: 10
    The authors of "Voennaya Obozreniye" shouldn't call a division not a UNION, but a unit. For these include squads, platoons, companies and non-separate battalions.

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