It turns out that Russia is to blame for the fact that the Lithuanians killed Jews!

As it turned out, they made a historic “sensational discovery” in the Baltics.

From today, only Russia will be responsible not only for the “Soviet occupation” of these countries, but also for the “holocaust” of the Jews in the 1941 year, which, one can say, was done not so much by the Nazis as the Lithuanians themselves.

As the famous Lithuanian historian Arvydas Anushauskas claims today: “Lithuanian resistance to anti-Semitism was weakened by Soviet terror, which came in the first year of occupation, that is, from 1940 to 1941. In turn, society has ceased to be resistant to misanthropy, which negatively affected, namely, the spread of anti-Semitism and the justification of the German occupation. " And not only Arvydas Anushauskas does not see the guilt of the Lithuanians, but also the Lithuanian politician Irena Degutiene. It turns out that in extermination during the war, more than 95% of Jews, which is about two hundred thousand Jewish communities, are to blame for Germany, and maybe even the USSR, but not the Lithuanians themselves.

As the Lithuanians say, they only fought for their independence. However, their independence has cost thousands of Jewish lives!

We must now find out how everything actually happened! In Lithuania, the so-called events were held, which were devoted to the seventieth anniversary of the “June Uprising”, which occurred on June 23 in the 1941 year, as Vladas Lyubartas wrote on the pages of the Russian Unity portal. With the Lithuanian taxpayers' money, the film was shot: “The Rise of the Slaves”. And the most interesting is that the customers and “sponsors” were two budget organizations: the Lithuanian Sejm Office and the Lithuanian Center for Research on Genocide and Resistance. As the author recalls, the “June Uprising” became famous due to the fact that during the general confusion, that is, at that moment the Red Army left the city, due to the fact that Wehrmacht units were attacking, the high school students and students in Kaunas occupied the radio station there went on the air, declaring independence, as well as the fact that they create a "provisional government" and liberate their country from the Jews, according to the decision of the "Front of Lithuanian activists".

As it turned out, these same "volunteers" staged the most brutal massacre of the Jewish population, such that even the commander of the German group "North" issued an order to immediately stop this activity. But, despite the greeting telegram sent by the “interim government” to the Führer, that is, in gratitude for the liberation of Lithuania from Bolshevik oppression, the Germans did not recognize it. And 5 August 1941, the "interim government" was disbanded, and the very "independent" Lithuania was included in the Reich Commissariat of Ostland. And here is a conclusion: June 23 commemorated the Lithuanians in Raynaia, and the 26 gomen in Praveniškės, who were shot and arrested by the NKVD.

A scientific conference was held in the building of the Academy of Sciences in Lithuania, which was devoted to the seventieth anniversary of the “June Uprising”. In addition, an exhibition opened in Kaunas Polytechnic University, which is dedicated to the anniversary “Sacrifice and courage can not be forgotten.” In churches, and in our opinion in churches, mourning masses were served, the head of state and officials laid flowers at the memorials of the participants of the "June Uprising." An international conference was held in the meeting room of the Lithuanian Seym, which was devoted to the 70 anniversary of the outbreak of the war of the USSR with Germany, at which it was said that Lithuania paid 90% of the lives of Lithuanian Jews for its independence.

Of course, at all the past events we have not heard a single word about what the Lithuanian “fighters for independence” really did.

Giving an assessment to the event, which was organized on the occasion of the June Uprising anniversary, an eyewitness to those events, Larisa Filippovna Stradalova, told media reporters that she most often recalls “a machine gun that was installed on the top of the Kaunas church, from which this calculation shot the Red Army units and single fighters that retreated from the city on the bridge on the Nemunas. " Larisa Filippovna herself in those years was still a teenager (12 years) and went with her mother from Marijampolė through Kaunas in the direction of Panevėžys and further to Rezekna and Pskov. Father of Larisa Stradalova in the same years was an infantry lieutenant and served directly on the border with Germany in the town of Kalvariya, where after that he went missing.

“When, together with a large number of refugees, my mother and I reached Kaunas, the town where the families of the commanders of the Red Army were still not occupied by German troops, they saw a terrible picture: the tortured and tortured bodies of children and women were lying around. They were the families of the servicemen, over whom the “white visasists” from among those who rebelled committed the massacre, ”such were the memories of Larisa Stradalova.

“We did not see such a terrible picture even during the war years, although a large number of years lived with my mother under the German occupation not far from Pskov, in a village where we also saw a lot of war horrors,” says the witness of only one of the many fragments of the June Uprising. .

Algirdas Paleckis (Leader of the Lithuanian Socialist Popular Front) made a statement to the media that “you need to withdraw all the activities that are associated with the anniversary of the“ June Uprising ”, since it was not a manifestation of patriotism, but a cunning, planned sabotage that the special services of the German General Staff conceived ". In addition, the politician argues that "the uprising is just a joint sabotage of German Nazis and their Lithuanian aides and fans, whose purpose was to facilitate the promotion of the Wehrmacht in the USSR."

I advise the curious to read the book of Vigantas Vareikis and Ludas Truski The Preconditions for the Holocast: Anti-Semitism in Lithuania, Algirdas says that "the Lithuanian regime of betrayal, which is now only a parasite, wants to find heroes where they cannot be."

“Zoological anti-Semitism, which was demonstrated in those days in relation to the Jewish part of Lithuania, best of all points to the goals of the alleged rebels against the Red Army. It can be said that a considerable number of participants in the 22 and 23 events of June in Lithuania have their hands stained with blood. And this blood of defenseless, innocent, demoralized and unarmed people, who then simply could not somehow resist, "said Paleckis, calling for" the real Lithuanian patriots to resolutely repel the views of the ruling power now, who have nothing to do with history».

The damage caused by the “Soviet occupation”, the current official Lithuania estimated at $ 128 billion! And the Lithuanian authorities are ready to reimburse the Lithuanian Jewish community only 128 million litas (about $ 30 million), that is, 4000 is less than the required one! These calculations are nothing to say! However, in the light of the new historical “discoveries” made by Mrs. Degutene and Mr. Anushauskas, it becomes not clear who now has to pay the Jews - Russia or all the same, Lithuania.

But it’s not only the material claims of Lithuania and other Balts to Russia, due to the return of which these states, which managed to squander everything that they have gained during the years of “Soviet occupation” during the 20 years of independence, want to improve their affairs. By making this absurd demand (and putting their sins on Russia, which they themselves are guilty of), they want to absolve themselves of responsibility for the atrocities they have committed. And to turn Russia from a winning country in a war into a losing side, which is to blame, which will have to feed these parasites all its life.
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