Will the defense industry of Ukraine be able to survive?

This summer, the Ukrainian industry has shown some of its new developments. Nikolaev Armored Plant presented a so-called. a mobile checkpoint "Nikolayevets", which was a significantly reworked corps from the BRDM-2 armored vehicle, as well as the St. Nicholas medical car, made on the basis of the BTR-70 armored personnel carrier. The Nikolaev diesel locomotive repair plant commissioned a booking for two UAZ-3303 trucks and also modified several KamAZ vehicles in this way.

All these models of technology, which have an extremely strange and absurd appearance (with the exception of the medical machine), immediately became the subject of offensive jokes and comparisons. Indeed, such improvised armored vehicles, even if made on the production capacities of defense enterprises, are an indispensable attribute of recent local conflicts in the countries of Africa and Asia, but by no means Europe. However, all these samples of equipment can be not only a pretext for wit, but also evidence of the extremely poor state of the Ukrainian defense industry.

For example, the Nikolaev armored plant previously was engaged in repair of armored vehicles of various types. In addition, his staff have developed several options for upgrading existing equipment, as well as presented projects of various vehicles based on armored personnel carriers. Now, experienced workers and engineers have to perform specific orders that combine the desire to get new equipment and save on it due to limited capabilities.

The state of the technology of the Ukrainian armed forces (in particular, the machines remaining in the Crimea), as well as the appearance of the transferred samples (mobile checkpoint, etc.) speak not only about the limited capabilities of the military, but also about the extremely poor state of the defense industry. In the past two decades, Kiev has not paid due attention to the army and defense enterprises. The results of such an attitude towards them are perfectly visible in the reports from Novorossia.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, more than 3,5 thousand enterprises, institutes and design bureaus directly or indirectly associated with defense production remained on the territory of independent Ukraine. The total number of their employees exceeded 3 million people. The production of finished products for the needs of the army, as well as components supplied to other enterprises, was conducted at 700 plants, where almost 1,5 million people worked. In other words, Ukraine received a powerful industry that has mastered a large number of types of various products and has the potential for development. For example, about 140 organizations in the space industry became Ukrainian, and aircraft manufacturers sent their customers up to 300-350 aircraft per year.

The leadership of independent Ukraine did not use the available opportunities and develop the defense industry. As a result, in the first years of independence, the industry suffered serious losses. According to some reports, by the end of the nineties, the number of defense enterprises decreased by more than five times, in particular, several hundred design offices and institutes were closed. The share of defense products in the structure of all products of the Ukrainian industry collapsed from 30-35% to 5-6%. All this had the expected negative consequences of a social nature, since hundreds of thousands of people were left without work and were forced to look for new ways to earn money.

The reasons for the deterioration of the Ukrainian defense industry are simple and lie in the intentions of politicians. At first, the authorities of an independent state under ostentatiously pacifist slogans refused to develop enterprises and did not care about their preservation. Subsequently, numerous industrial ties with Russian enterprises struck the industry. Kiev headed for rapprochement with Western countries and expressed a desire to join NATO. As a result, joint Russian-Ukrainian projects and, as a result, organizations involved in them began to suffer. The cooling of relations between the two countries, which occurred during the reign of Viktor Yushchenko, struck again both on cooperation and on Ukrainian enterprises.

Despite all the problems, a number of Ukrainian enterprises still managed to maintain ties with their Russian colleagues. However, the political interests of those in power again affected their work. In June, the new Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko demanded an end to cooperation with Russia in the military-technical sphere. The risks associated with such a move were apparently not taken into account.

In response to the decision of the new Kiev authorities, official Moscow began the development of an import substitution program, the goal of which is to master the production of all the necessary products at Russian enterprises. According to domestic media reports, the program is expected to master the production of about 3 thousands of various parts and components, until recently purchased from Ukrainian enterprises. These products were manufactured and supplied by 160 enterprises of Ukraine and used in the production of about 200 types of weapons and equipment.

An additional problem is the fact that some Ukrainian enterprises produce not only individual parts, but also finished products. Thus, together with a factory supplying finished products to Russia (for example, aviation or ship engines) other enterprises that supply him with necessary components will suffer from a break in cooperation. As a result, the number of factories, production associations, etc., incurring losses due to a break in cooperation, may increase significantly: several hundred organizations will suffer from the Ukrainian side.

It should be noted that the gap in cooperation will deal a significant blow to the Russian defense industry. However, the leadership of the country and the industry, without waiting for the relevant decision of the official Kiev, began developing a plan designed to protect the industry from the unfriendly steps of the now former partners. As for the Kiev authorities, they do not seem to be going to take any measures to rescue their enterprises. At least, messages about finding new buyers of products, etc. news have not yet appeared.

Earlier, long before the latest events, Ukrainian officials and industrialists argued that the country's defense industry would be able to enter the international market, as well as get rid of the existing dependence on Russian colleagues. Indeed, some organizations of Ukraine managed to find foreign partners. For example, the Kiev Luch design bureau actively cooperates with the Belgian company Cockerill and develops guided weapons for it. However, such successes of “Ray” are still one of several isolated cases, since the vast majority of Ukrainian defense enterprises still depend on Russian ones.

Over the past few years, Ukraine has consistently been in the first places in the ranking of sellers of "used" military equipment. Several enterprises in the country were engaged in removing old equipment from storage, repairing it and equipping it with new equipment, after which it was sent to third countries. During the Soviet era, a powerful grouping of troops was stationed on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR, which was to take over the blow from the western direction. Due to this, independent Ukraine got a large number of various types of equipment.

For financial reasons, a considerable number of cars were mothballed and added to those already standing at the storage bases. The constant reduction of the armed forces allowed Ukraine to accumulate a sufficiently large number tanks, armored personnel carriers and other equipment, after some work suitable for sale. Export contracts were a real salvation for several factories that had to deal with the repair of sold equipment.

It is also necessary to note the attempts of some enterprises to develop new equipment and sell it to foreign military. So, the Kharkov engineering design bureau for them. A.A. Morozova presented the projects of armored personnel carriers BTR-3 and BTR-4. Machines of these types were built serially and delivered to various foreign countries. For example, the first order of Thailand meant the delivery of more than a hundred BTR-3, and Iraq once ordered more than 400 BTR-4. Even taking into account the problems of the BTR-4, because of which Iraq broke the contract, the projects of Kharkov-developed armored personnel carriers can be considered successful with a certain reservation.

Some enterprises that have connections not only with their Russian colleagues are less exposed to the risks associated with the decisions of the new authorities. For others, termination of cooperation may be fatal, since they will not be able to work with existing partners, and it will take time to find new ones. In the light of the structure of defense exports, this situation looks extremely dangerous and forces you to make unfavorable forecasts.

Because of the illiterate actions of the authorities, the defense industry of Ukraine in the nineties suffered heavy losses. Most of the enterprises switched to producing other products or ceased to exist at all. Now the industry is again hostage to the interests of high-ranking officials. It is already clear that due to the recent actions of the new Kiev authorities, the defense industry of Ukraine will suffer significant losses. What they will be and whether the industry will survive - time will tell.

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  1. +16
    22 August 2014 09: 26
    The patient is more likely dead than alive laughing
    1. +4
      22 August 2014 09: 32
      There he and the road to the dump of history, along with the owners
    2. +6
      22 August 2014 09: 49
      If the doctor said: to the morgue, then to the morgue.
      1. +4
        22 August 2014 10: 36
        Quote: xenod55
        If the doctor said: to the morgue, then to the morgue.

        And there is nothing to self-medicate.
    3. SergeyM
      22 August 2014 16: 22
      Nikolaev diesel locomotive repair plant. The "armor" on his products made me laugh. The flooring of field airfields during the Patriotic War, is able to protect against a slingshot and a shotgun.
      1. +5
        22 August 2014 16: 41
        When I see photographs of the “Facebook” Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Avakov in an embrace with a radio-controlled model of an airplane, which this ignoramus calls military vehicles on issues of military equipment, I’m bitter and funny.
        When I see incomprehensible "miracles of Judah" riveted in the factory workshops under the heading "Nikolaev shipbuilders gave the participants of the ATO an armored car based on the Loaf, I swallow Valerian extract.
        But when I hear that the Ukrainian army has nothing to fight, from the lips of the President of Ukraine ... I hear politicians from the Maidan beg NATO for weapons, I understand that the Ukrainian authorities have dangerous pests and usurpers who are ready to save their skins any humiliation of a country that produced and produces sophisticated machines and mechanisms, the best weapon in the world. Ukraine is a country of powerful, modern military industry. Recently. Six months ago. Now the "military girl" is being killed and pushed into the coffin. Did you not know? I'll tell you!

        About how Ukrainian industry died for the first time, people of my age remember, plus or minus five years. I am 45. And a quarter century ago, I worked as a radio installer at the Artyom factory in Kiev. This is the place where my father worked for almost 50 years. Most of the tenants in my house worked there. And my area. I’ve been living all my life in the house that Artyom’s factory built for his employees. And he built the whole area.
        The main profile of the plant "all Soviet power" was the "military". The design bureau in which the father worked gave complex, electronic guidance systems for air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles. Perestroika first destroyed the familiar profile of the plant. And it took a whole decade and a half for the old, Soviet partners to find each other again and restore their old ties. There is no policy here. Just the vacuum cleaners and kitchen utensils that the factory began to rivet according to the conversion program (it was once like that) turned out to be nobody needs. In the 90, the plant was a very sad sight, and the former engineers of the Luch design bureau, who designed the "brains" of the rockets, became regulars in flea markets, selling old, used things. Fleeing from poverty, his father went abroad, and the Ukrainian state sent him the last “forgive” in the form of a notification that he was deprived of his pension. And it worked for the state all his life!
        1. +3
          22 August 2014 16: 42
          At the beginning of the XXI century, clouds over the plant began to disperse. The leaders of the plant, departments, workshops, design bureaus and almost plots found a way out, having established contacts with old partners and allies. All of them were in Russia. And until our “cursed days", those who survived and survived as a factory worker work, fulfilling orders of the Russian Ministry of Defense. There is no one else to work: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine does not order anything to the plant. Yes, and can not order. No money. And all the blocks and devices that the plant collects are suitable only for the equipment that was in the USSR troops.
          As I understand it, now Artyom’s factory faces a second death. But I don’t know the details yet. But I know that the other day I read the headline of the news that the ZAZ plant announced the suspension and dismissal of employees. It was an expected event. In connection with the political crisis, unrest, the coup d'etat and the civil war, sales of new cars in Ukraine (in general, and not just ZAZ products) fell by half. The first victims of the disaster were domestic assembly lines, where even Daewoo or Chevrolet are now assembled. But ZAZ fell the first victim. The reason is simple: his cars completely stopped buying.
          The closure of the ZAZ plant is a plus of 21 thousand unemployed. Plus to 120 thousand state officials whom Yatsenyuk is going to dismiss. Plus to 20 thousand social workers from whom the fascist state is also going to get rid. The giants Turboatom and Motor Sich are also oriented towards Russia. Also - Yuzhmash. How many Soviet enterprises of Ukraine today have Russia as a customer?
          I have very bad news for a typical, average maydaun, who today supports this disgusting fascist regime with his stupid, wooden head. In 1991, the Ukrainian military-industrial complex included 3594 enterprises employing about 3 million people. 700 enterprises were involved in purely military production, including 205 production associations and 139 research and production associations with a total number of employed 1 million 450 thousand people. Ukraine inherited almost a third of the space industry of the former USSR. The space industry included 140 enterprises and institutes that provided 200 with thousands of people. Ukrainian factories annually produced 350 aircraft.

          Over the five years of independence, by 1997, the number of defense enterprises was reduced by five times. And the share of defense production in Ukrainian industry fell from 35 to 6%. About 550 defense-related enterprises and design bureaus self-destructed, were closed, redesigned. Specifically, KB “Luch” was preserved only due to the fact that the Artyom plant was declared a strategic enterprise, not subject to privatization. KB employees, who went to work for years according to the old habit, for a couple of hours, gradually found old allies. And earned their orders to this day. However, not all survived to this point (literally). This happened in the entire former defense sector. The number of jobs in the industry decreased by seven times. In 2010, according to the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, 143 enterprises worked in the interests of defense in the country. And in the 2011 year, Ukraine dropped out of dozens of the world's major arms suppliers, taking the 12 place.
          1. +3
            22 August 2014 16: 43
            Why and how could this happen? Since independence, the domestic defense industry has been sacrificed to politics. The dominant feature was the need to rid the defense industry of Russian customers. Particular damage, if not a fatal blow, was inflicted by the decisions of Kuchma and Yushchenko on integration with NATO with the aim of further joining this military alliance. Therefore, with unprecedented generosity and lightness, Ukrainian leaders began to trample Ukrainian-Russian projects. In 2008, during the Russian-Georgian eight-day war, President Yushchenko banned Russia from using the Crimean NITKA training ground. And in 2009, Moscow decided to build a similar training ground in Yeysk, which will be ready this year. However, now Crimea has become the territory of Russia. Previously, the Kremlin refused to use radar stations in Sevastopol and Mukachevo.

            Instead of military-technical cooperation with traditional partners, the Ukrainian side rushed to build castles in the air for joint projects with NATO and Western countries. One of the sad examples of such cooperation is the Ukrainian corvette, developed by the pilot design center for shipbuilding in Nikolaev. The construction of the corvette was supposed to start back in 2010, and they planned to put it into service this year. But the first ship was laid only on 17 on May 2011. But construction does not actually go. To save the project, the Azarov government planned to revise it and refuse to cooperate with Western companies, since Russian weapons and equipment would be cheaper. But "ideologists" joined in. In particular, Badrak, director of the Army, Conversion and Disarmament Research Center, said: “We must do the corvette with our Western partners, the helicopter with the French partners ... Russia cannot be a donor in matters of modernizing the military-industrial complex.”

            The situation with the attempt of cooperation of Antonov State Enterprise with the European Airbus office for the production of the A400M transport aircraft is no better. It all ended with the fact that the Europeans, having received technical documentation from the Antonov state enterprise, after some time produced their own, suspiciously similar to the Ukrainian prototype. Naturally, without the participation of the Ukrainian side.
            The reasons were revealed by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. "Grandfather" spoke funny Ukrainian. Everyone laughed. But few people listened to what he was saying. And he said this. He revealed that Airbus quite openly announced plans to hinder the promotion of the Ukrainian An-70 aircraft on the market: “I had a meeting with the French leadership and the leadership of the airline Airbus, and they told me that your plane is better than ours, but we will do all so that your plane does not find a sales market. "

            True, this was news to you? True, you were under the drugs that the Ukrainian media injected into you? After all, everything is fine with them - la-la-la-la, right? According to their version, NATO is almost ready right now to accept Ukraine into its ranks. And yesterday I read that Ukrainian goods have already entered European markets! I don’t know, however, which ones (the article spoke only about normative acts), but I think that it’s a duck. The crisis has not gone away; it is shaking the global economy and the flagships of the EU and the USA. Not a single country has money to subsidize the Ukrainian economy in a war-torn country.
            1. +7
              22 August 2014 16: 46
              Meanwhile, in Russia, without the participation of Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, the production of a new Topol-M ballistic missile and its marine counterpart, the Bulava, was launched. When creating a new Ka-60 helicopter, Russia abandoned helicopter engines manufactured by Motor Sich (nevertheless, the company's products are still sold to Russia to this day!). The Dnieper Machine-Building Plant, which once participated in the creation and production of the S-400, was not involved in the project to create the newest Russian S-300 air defense system. The intercontinental rail-based ballistic missile SS-24 Skalpel, created by the designers of Dnepropetrovsk Yuzhmash, also ceased to be needed by Russia. The Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering, which previously participated in the creation of the Bulava, Topol and Yars missiles, is developing a new military railway missile complex. Russia also acquired from Ukraine the rights to a military transport version of the An-140 aircraft, which are assembled by the Aviakor Samara plant. As part of the development program of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation at 2007 – 2010. and before 2015, it was decided to master the serial production of helicopter engines in Russia. This includes, among other things, the TV3-117 and VK-2500 engines manufactured by Motor Sich. Production is planned to be organized on the basis of St. Petersburg Klimov OJSC, which should reach its design capacity in 450 engines per year by 2015.

              The participation of Ukrainian enterprises in the technical equipment of Russian combat aircraft and air defense systems was also reduced. Information Satellite Systems (Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory), PO Polet (Omsk) and Progress Design Bureau (Samara) actually refused further cooperation with Kievpribor and began to place orders exclusively among compatriots.
              The factory where I once worked at, where my father worked all his life, faced a similar situation. HC "Artyom". Until recently, despite the disappointing exterior and interior appearance, my plant occupied a significant place in the Russian market of air-to-air missiles for fighters. But now Russian companies have begun manufacturing more modern modifications of the UR of this class P-77 with a complete closed production cycle.
              Even before the coup, economic analysts wrote that if Kiev does not make progress in military-technical cooperation with Russia, Russian enterprises will be able to independently produce the majority of Ukrainian components in two to three years, and the most complex in eight to ten years. But now everything is much worse. The coup took place, absolutely hostile to Russia politicians came to power in Kiev by criminal means. They declare that they are waging war against "Russian aggression", although they do not officially declare it. This means the death of the domestic defense industry, unemployment and poverty for workers in defense enterprises.

              Ukrainian TV journalist Maxim Ravreba.
              1. 0
                25 August 2014 00: 08
                and this is also the loss of scientific and engineering personnel and high-class specialists, the EU is getting rid of even small but competitors with their own hands, with the full support of the sale and puppet elite. Glory to the banana Ukraine, a country that has degraded from missiles to sahe (possibly also European in the future. Only drying and instant flies, and mirages? At the first Iraqi company could not, doesn’t Ukraine have disputes with Romania or Poland? And who will be Europa? It’s clear that it’s not for Ukraine .. Full pee.
  2. +3
    22 August 2014 09: 26
    The answer is more obvious than ever.
  3. +4
    22 August 2014 09: 33
    What is there to survive? Everything will be finally killed by the winter, but not by an insidious probable enemy but by the own hands of the idiotic Kiev authorities. As always, people who have lost their jobs do not care. Who does not jump .... In general, "we will all die to harm Putin."
    1. +3
      22 August 2014 10: 22
      Who did not die that? So it turns out.
  4. avt
    22 August 2014 09: 35
    "Can the defense industry of Ukraine survive?" ---- laughing laughing Another title of a science fiction novel, after about the Ukrainian Navy. Well, what a day of fiction, or the announcement of new strategy games.
  5. +2
    22 August 2014 09: 45
    The patient is more likely dead than alive. Prospects are the most pessimistic.
    Every day - another portion of land to the grave of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex.
  6. +2
    22 August 2014 09: 52
    Who will survive it ... well, except that ... the USA will help ... the Abrams order at the Kharkov plant will be issued ... for example ..
    1. +2
      22 August 2014 13: 41
      Quote: parusnik
      Who will survive it ... well, except that ... the USA will help ... the Abrams order at the Kharkov plant will be issued ... for example ..

      no, they support their manufacturer, especially since the abrams are no longer produced, but only modernized ...
    2. +2
      22 August 2014 16: 08
      Quote: parusnik
      Who will survive it ... well, except that ... the USA will help ... the Abrams order at the Kharkov plant will be issued ... for example ..

      Yeah, they’re sleeping and seeing in Detroit.
  7. +2
    22 August 2014 09: 55
    "After the collapse of the Soviet Union, more than 3,5 thousand enterprises, institutes and design bureaus remained on the territory of independent Ukraine, directly or indirectly related to defense production."
    All this worked under the Soviet Union, after 1992 it began to die slowly, "ragul" all this unnecessarily, they will not grow up for a long time.
    1. +2
      23 August 2014 22: 47
      "The neighbor's cow died - let's rejoice!"
      In Rostov, already in the middle of the two thousandth, the Electric Appliance died quietly. The last straw was the disruption of the deal with Iran for the supply of C300 - the federal government did not want to cover losses.

      Today, from the "proud" title of "merchant and craft city", until the 90s industrially developed Rostov-on-Don, there are only two enterprises: Rostvertol and Rostselmash. But they, once the city-forming enterprises, are still very far from the former production volumes.
  8. Crang
    22 August 2014 09: 56
    The BTR-4 has such wheels. With "elegant" caps. It looks drishchevo.
  9. +1
    22 August 2014 09: 58
    for the country's industry to survive, the country itself must survive. In the meantime, its citizens are only busy with parades of embroidered shirts and painting shops. Why do they need industry?
  10. +3
    22 August 2014 10: 02
    Well, what can I say ... "the neighbor's cow is dead, it seems to be all right, but everything is just pleasant!" Americans, Russians and all other countries are well - got rid of a competitor in the arms market. All in chocolate. But Ukraine put everything on everything, because she has a democracy and a fighting hopak laughing
  11. +6
    22 August 2014 10: 06
    Here he is the tomb of ukrovoenprom St. Nicholas laughing
    1. Chainyc
      22 August 2014 10: 16
      And how to load the wounded? Through the side hatches, but still narrow enough belay Or do they have an overhead retractable crane beam at the top for loading bedridden? MTLB or BMP for this purpose is better suited. Generally the agony of the mind on the face fool
      1. +1
        22 August 2014 13: 29
        Take a closer look and you will see a large hatch in the rear part above the engine.
        1. +3
          22 August 2014 13: 48
          I understand that more than two lying in this coffin will not fit.

          Anyway, as everyone already knows from the reports, Ukrainians either throw or shoot their wounded. This unit, like everything that travels in armor, will be used for soldiers still wanting to go into battle.
    2. +3
      22 August 2014 11: 06
      Quote: bionik
      tomb of ukrovoenprom St. Nicholas

      Why is Nikolay something? Santa Claus or what? Or the Miracle Worker - I can’t help it? Panteliimon would have been more correct - after all, he is responsible for the mourners, the healer ...

      Quote: bionik
      The GroMinistry of Defense of Ukraine has released the details of the transaction for the purchase of a new development of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex - the T-14P "Black Rogul" tank.
      “It will be a truly revolutionary tank,” said a source in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, “and the terms of reference for its development were given taking into account the revolutionary specifics.
      Representatives of the T-14P "Black Rogul" manufacturing plant confirmed the use of revolutionary technologies in the design of the tank.
      - As the main weapon, the Black Rogul will use a truly revolutionary weapon - the Maidan catapult, - said the general designer of the tank Y. Salozhrizhchuk, - we all remember that this is a weapon born of the revolution, which means that it is the most revolutionary of all possible ... In addition, the problem of a shortage of ammunition is immediately solved - a tank catapult can use cobblestones, and in the case of actions on soft ground, bricks shit by the crew.

      laughing Fully here: http://www.yaplakal.com/forum7/topic893075.html
      1. +2
        22 August 2014 11: 10
        At the expense of the name of the car there is my comment below read
    3. wanderer_032
      22 August 2014 11: 58
      Quote: bionik
      Here he is the tomb of ukrovoenprom

      I note that this is just a copy of the Russian model of this BMM-80 (GAZ-59039)
      1. +1
        22 August 2014 12: 18
        most likely also worthless
  12. +12
    22 August 2014 10: 14
    UAZ 3303 dill gantrak
    1. +3
      22 August 2014 10: 55
      Quote: bionik
      UAZ 3303 dill gantrak

      I imagine how this dill gantrak rumbles when a saiga jumps on potholes, who inside you will not envy laughing laughing laughing
    2. +2
      22 August 2014 11: 11
      Here, only by laughing at this creation can one die.
    3. +5
      22 August 2014 16: 37
      Quote: bionik
      UAZ 3303 dill gantrak

    4. 0
      28 August 2014 01: 27
      UAZ 3303 dill gantrak

  13. +4
    22 August 2014 10: 20
    But in the USSR, Ukrainian industry produced airplanes, rockets, aircraft carriers, and nothing about armored vehicles. Now what? Slid to the level of crafts from African feuds ...
  14. +2
    22 August 2014 10: 39
    Ukrofashists again rely on God's help, they called the honey machine the name of the revered saint (St. Nicholas), but God is not a fraer, all see a hundred Jesuit punishers who believed that only the US dollar is named after the son of God is already burning in hell am Hurray to the militias !!!!!
  15. +3
    22 August 2014 11: 10
    It's very simple, Ukraine entered ... in general, entered. And the ATO has a main goal, after which it will be possible to say: "Give the uncles European bourgeoisie to restore the economy, we have ruined it bad Putin." And the fact that the factories were plundered even before the Maidan is such a trifle, because all the most modern machines from Ukrainian enterprises are now working hard for the welfare of India, Turkey, etc., and those that were older and worse successfully emigrated to Europe in the form of scrap metal ...
    1. +2
      22 August 2014 11: 33
      Well yes. And uncles amicably lined up - to give money to Ukraine!
  16. +3
    22 August 2014 11: 35
    Why does Ukraine need industry? Moreover, "defensive". This territory was prepared by the European Union and the United States for barbaric mining, nuclear waste burial grounds, and a supplier of human material (at first). There can no longer and should not be any industry. There will only be one that is supported by the infrastructure for 5-6 (better less for better) million people and harmful industries that will be removed there, and on which they will work on a rotational basis. People living in this territory themselves wanted such a fate for themselves. This is their choice. Those who did not want to, either are fighting for their rights with the forces of international neo-fascism, or have become refugees.
  17. +1
    22 August 2014 11: 49
    what to comment if the subject of discussion in dill is simply gone, and it will be in the foreseeable future ...
  18. Rusty shark
    22 August 2014 11: 54
    in the 90s, under the strict guidance of the Americans, a bunch of armored vehicles were cut at a Lvov tank repair station.
  19. +1
    22 August 2014 11: 58
    There is a degradation of the once pride of the USSR-Ukrainian military. The trouble comes, with the rise to power of cooks and the ignoramus.
  20. Everest2014
    22 August 2014 12: 07
    Soon in the hands of invincible warriors from the Lviv pipe-rolling bully
  21. wanderer_032
    22 August 2014 12: 07
    All the so-called "samples" of equipment slagged in recent years (except for the BTR-3, BTR-4, MBT Bulat and Oplot, as well as some samples of BA) is work performed at the level of rural forges and MTS, but not at the national level in which has developed mechanical engineering.
    This is just a disgrace. A disgrace for a country which inherited a powerful military industry from the USSR. But there is a silver lining, it’s scary to imagine what would happen if the junta now had the most modern weapons.
  22. +2
    22 August 2014 12: 34
    It remains to remake all the electric locomotives into airplanes. There will be a sort of hohlolet ... I can’t think of a name.
    1. Rblipetsk
      22 August 2014 22: 09
      Quote: UNCLE
      There will be a sort of hohlolet ... I can’t think of a name.

  23. L.V. 1980
    22 August 2014 12: 35
    War is the continuation of politics by force. Politics-the continuation of the economy by constitutional means. The Ukrainian economy is a continuation of the robbery, dressed in lawful forms, at all levels of society.
  24. +3
    22 August 2014 13: 10
    The military-industrial complex of Ukraine was barely breathing under Yanukov at the expense of Russian cooperation. And now - HANA! Chernihiv ex. the CHEZARA aerospace plant halved the workers (several hundred remained on 2 days without a salary, while there were 15000 under the Union). So Maidanuli on UK. the economy is strong smile
  25. +3
    22 August 2014 13: 14
    It is strange that there is still at least something trying to produce (((
  26. Everest2014
    22 August 2014 13: 36
    Ferocious specimens flash among Ukrainian prodigies:
  27. +9
    22 August 2014 14: 03
    Why do you say that, only that a new operator of the Ukrainian BTR-4 has appeared - the "Islamic Caliphate". The Iraqi army is not only losing the Abrams. True, the evil M_Skal languages ​​say that the Iraqi army itself was glad that it was finally possible to get rid of such an advanced product, let the beards suffer with it now :)

    Batalien "Mosul" in the attack on Donetsk: the first Semenchenko, the second Yaytsenyuk, then Kolomoisky and Yarosh. We only sat out in the solarium
    1. 0
      22 August 2014 20: 09
      why on cochlobethers chicken coop instead of a tower?
      1. +1
        22 August 2014 20: 26
        Quote: PeaceByForce
        why on cochlobethers chicken coop instead of a tower?

        This is a combat module.

        But with such a pace, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon be left with just this (sooner).

  28. 0
    22 August 2014 20: 42
    It is already clear that due to the recent actions of the new Kiev authorities, the defense industry of Ukraine will suffer significant losses. What will they be and whether the industry can survive - time will tell.And the fig with them, they themselves came to this, let them bark fool
  29. +4
    23 August 2014 02: 32
    The defense industry of dill is simply unable to survive in the current conditions. However, dill itself is already a non-viable decaying corpse.
  30. +2
    23 August 2014 12: 57
    the fact that the suicidal policy of Kiev (as the yaats say they are ready to lose 7 billion each so as not to give the aggressor anything) is aimed at destroying Ukraine, that’s right.
    It is noted that all the Maidan (almost all) have long hidden that they stood on the Maidan.
    That is, Maidanism as such has long disappeared (there would still be a takeoff of housing and communal services products and other things, and finally mobilization and death)
    It’s just that if the Zombies would not have turned on the media ... and even the Crimea .. that would have been a terrible scourge for Kiev and others ..
    While the people are zombie and frightened, everything is OK for KIEV ... The problems were written off to the Russian Federation - Crimea was used, the anti-Maidanites were already recorded as terrorists (there are interesting stages at first anti-Maidan, then pro-Russian, then separatist, then terrorist, then Russian militant!)
    In general, the main problem in Ukraine is the Zombo media and Kiyev’s policy (in general, Kiyev and ZRADA)
    If you do not solve it, then we will not see it ...
  31. +1
    23 August 2014 13: 52
    They also ruined science. Applied including. They don’t give out money at all. Scientific articles in Ukrainian are a separate humor. In this language, just words are not enough, and those who write get out as they can.
  32. +1
    23 August 2014 18: 32
    One can definitely say about the Ukrainian industry: you can’t finish the dead.
  33. +1
    23 August 2014 20: 15
    the author forgot about the deliveries of t-84 to pakistan in spite of the shipment of t-90 to india
  34. +1
    24 August 2014 08: 32
    But there will be fewer competitors in the tanks, it’s for sure we will be in the queue, and we ourselves will choose to whom and for what merits and support, in what matters we will sell because this is also an argument and not weak.
  35. +1
    24 August 2014 16: 16
    It is a pity that at one time they did not cooperate more widely, probably due to the fault of the Ukrainian side. For example, in my opinion, we would be interested in the Kharkov BMP-55 and the possibility of its joint production in various versions for the ground forces of the Russian Federation (our BTR-T and BMO-T are not very successful lineup and small capacity). The Ukrainian BMP-55 required military interest and funding, and partially remained unfinished, even the BMP-55 photo shows a disgusting prefabricated mechanism for raising and lowering the aft ramp by means of cables and blocks.
  36. 0
    25 August 2014 18: 32
    The point of no return is passed ... Ukraine as a country is not needed by the West, enough territory ...

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