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Russian Tu-95 forced the Japanese to fly fighter jets

The Japanese Ministry of Defense issued a statement that the Air Force fighters of the Land of the Rising Sun were urgently raised into the sky for the reason that two Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 were approaching the air border of the Japanese archipelago. Reports about it LifeNews.

It is reported that the Russian "strategists" did not violate the airspace of Japan, but flew from the air border of this state at a very close distance. The flight took place over the Sea of ​​Japan to its borders with the East China Sea, as well as along the east coast of Japan in the direction of the Kuril Ridge and Sakhalin.

In the Ministry of Defense of Japan, this caused alarm. The Japanese Foreign Ministry, as usual, prepares a note of protest in connection with the appearance of Russian strategic bombers in the immediate vicinity of the Japanese borders. Does this mean that spying Japanese submarines near the maritime borders of the Russian Federation (the Pacific Fleet seafarers recently discovered such a boat) for Tokyo is normal, and Russian “strategists” at Japan’s air borders are not? ..

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  1. MSA
    MSA 21 August 2014 18: 50
    Sassali our quick-eyed partners smile
    1. Renat
      Renat 21 August 2014 18: 56
      These samurai are still pushing their submarines in the east of the country. We introduce sanctions, and where will they get their right-handed cars ??
      1. Daniel
        Daniel 21 August 2014 18: 58
        Quote: Renat
        Our partners

        Partners? This is how to look. The peace treaty with them has not yet been signed ... wink
        Japan wants to soon sign a peace treaty with Russia
        1. Renat
          Renat 21 August 2014 19: 08
          Volfovich already offered to give them the islands, only on condition that the Japanese take Hakamada to their workload.
          1. family tree
            family tree 21 August 2014 20: 03
            Quote: Renat
            the Japanese will take Hakamada to themselves.
            Give it to Hakadam in Birobidzhan. Everywhere there a couple of Rabinovich remained. They will boil it to the Japanese instead of islands, and they will have a gesheft. winked
            1. Spati_fillum
              Spati_fillum 21 August 2014 20: 58
              / perepilka / Give Hakadam to Birobidzhan [

              right. Not an inch of land. Then you will return the figs. Long wait for the Maidan in Tokyo.
              1. crazyrom
                crazyrom 22 August 2014 03: 26
                It is necessary to organize a three-day patrol around Japan: during 72 hours around Japan, 3-5 Tu-95 should fly in a circle (like sharks in a cartoon), well, with periodic fuel supply and refueling in the air, possibly with a crew change (some will fly home, others step into the circle). And see how the Japs squeak hehehe

                (Syria and Obama have nothing to do with it, just in the picture what you need, sharks in a circle)
        2. dvina71
          dvina71 21 August 2014 19: 48
          What could be a peace treaty with a surrender? Well, it’s sucked from a finger. Japan is a losing country in World War II. Out of the war came out through surrender.
          Everything .. no peace treaty. They had to think about it in 41m.
        3. Spati_fillum
          Spati_fillum 21 August 2014 20: 52
          Let's not rush
        4. theadenter
          theadenter 22 August 2014 11: 39
          Quote: Daniel

          Japan wants to soon sign a peace treaty with Russia

          And this is after the State Department recognized the Kuril Islands as Japanese?
      2. INVESTOR
        INVESTOR 21 August 2014 20: 46
        Japanese are afraid of bombers. it’s probably in their blood ..
    2. Russian1974
      Russian1974 21 August 2014 19: 07
      Japanese death by commodity soldier
      1. enot73
        enot73 21 August 2014 19: 26
        Japam need to be reminded that the Russian bear is the master in the Far East.
        1. cap54
          cap54 21 August 2014 21: 33
          God, how like a boa constrictor nicknamed KAA from a fairy tale about Mowgli ... We should be careful about these banderlogs !!!
        2. kyznets
          kyznets 22 August 2014 01: 41
          It is unfortunate, but in fact we are not the master in the Far East. This is with all the possibilities available for this. Just recently, our industry and the military in Primorye began to rise a little.
    3. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 21 August 2014 19: 25
      Quote: MSA
      Sassali our quick-eyed partners

      The answer for the boat flew in, a thin hint, purely in oriental style.
    4. Performance
      Performance 21 August 2014 19: 36
      Well, the peace treaty with us is still not signed!
      1. Federal
        Federal 21 August 2014 21: 19
        Quote: Efficiency
        Well, the peace treaty with us is still not signed!

        Alexander, do we need him? I think that if I would have been needed I would have signed it a long time ago. And so no obligation, no love, purely business relationship.
    5. Giant thought
      Giant thought 21 August 2014 19: 58
      Let the Japs look at our muscles, and know that you should not rock the boat against us, but you need to be friends with us.
      1. sergkar
        sergkar 22 August 2014 03: 11
        Quote: Thought Giant
        Let the Japs look at our muscles, and know that you should not rock the boat against us, but you need to be friends with us.

        As in a joke about Chapaev and a samurai: Here you, he throws his bare heel on a saber! laughing
    6. pasha24
      pasha24 21 August 2014 20: 47
      tired of whining already
    7. Loginoff
      Loginoff 21 August 2014 21: 32
      They are partners of geyropov and the United States.
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 21 August 2014 22: 05
        Japan has driven itself into a corner by its pro-American policies (I mean international affairs). All neighbors are essentially enemies. Both Korea, China, Russia.
        Now anyone whose neighbors are forced to catch and react. It's time for them to do something. But under the fifth of the States they cannot turn. hi
        1. Zymran
          Zymran 21 August 2014 22: 27
          Quote: Kasym
          Japan has driven itself into a corner by its pro-American policies (I mean international affairs). All neighbors are essentially enemies. Both Korea, China, Russia.

          And South Korea, the partner of the USA, why the enemy of Japan? If not for pro-American politics, Japan would now be at the level of the DPRK or the Philippines.

          Japanese are not liked throughout Asia not because they are American partners, but because they worked with other nations during World War II.
          1. domiemon
            domiemon 22 August 2014 01: 02
            Koreans cannot forgive them for the annexation of the country in 1910, as well as the fact that Korean women were forced to work in the brothels of the imperial army, and much more they cannot forgive. Curiously, in Japan, many bosses and rank-and-file members of the Yakuza mafia clans are Koreans. For example, Jiro Yanagawa - the boss of the Yanagawa-gumi organized crime group, which thundered in the 60s as "korosiya gundan" ("killer syndicate"), was an ethnic Korean. Even, they say, a large part of the ultra-nationalist "uyoku" groups are ethnic Koreans and natives of the "Burakumin" regions. They are trying to become more Japanese than the Japanese themselves, in order to somehow fit into a society that rejects them.
            If we return to the article, then the rise of Japanese fighters for the training interception of our "strategists" is not the first time. We train, they train, nothing special
  2. sanja.grw
    sanja.grw 21 August 2014 18: 51
    You don’t understand them, they bark, but be afraid
  3. sever.56
    sever.56 21 August 2014 18: 51
    Let the samurai twitch, and ours train. Good deal !!!
    1. MSA
      MSA 21 August 2014 18: 55
      That's right, there’s nothing to relax, otherwise ...
      1. Myth
        Myth 21 August 2014 19: 35
        Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
    2. Vasek
      Vasek 21 August 2014 19: 08
      Quote: sever.56
      Let the samurai twitch, and ours train. Good deal !!!

      At the same time, we will train them to take off quickly!
      You look, we will learn how to interact seamlessly and in the TS we will tighten the Japanese. laughing
    3. tol100v
      tol100v 21 August 2014 19: 22
      Quote: sever.56
      Let the samurai twitch, and ours train. Good deal !!!

      Have you had any accidents at work? No, it means they will be !, with submarines!
  4. Reserve officer
    Reserve officer 21 August 2014 18: 51
    Let them train to accompany our TU-95 with an honorary escort.
  5. ded100
    ded100 21 August 2014 18: 52
    Quote: MSA
    Sassali our quick-eyed partners smile

    So there is a reason! Such a thing shies and Japan will drown laughing
  6. Crabio
    Crabio 21 August 2014 18: 54
    And this is good. For the enemy's submarines do not have to roam our shores. But there were interesting proposals to the Japanese for the development of the oil and gas resources of the Far East, but they preferred (or rather, they were forced) to join the camp of the "sanctioners". Well, don't be offended now ...
  7. aniza
    aniza 21 August 2014 18: 58
    But doesn’t escort of exterminators come to the bombers? Or were they?
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 21 August 2014 19: 50
      Why would a strategist cover fighters? He is not a bomb carrier ..x55 allows him to shoot outside the enemy’s air defense zone.
  8. mrDimkaP
    mrDimkaP 21 August 2014 19: 01
    Well, Japanese, but why aren't we still used to it?
  9. navy33
    navy33 21 August 2014 19: 03
    Quite narrow-mouthed, it is necessary to import sanctions against them, so as not to relax am
  10. izGOI
    izGOI 21 August 2014 19: 03
    Well, I don’t understand? What problems. Well, the Bears flew along the Japanese border, so they didn’t cross. And they did not violate international laws, they did not hooligans, they did not offend anyone. So why screech? The fact that "Bears" and "Swans" fly where possible, so that's why it is "possible". And, in general: it's time to learn: "Bear" was created for this purpose, to fly, and not stand idle at the base!
    1. Iline
      Iline 21 August 2014 19: 08
      Quote: izGOI
      Well, I do not understand? What problems.

      Very scary. Even sake doesn't help. They roar so much, not in vain they called Bears.
      Seryshev brothers (that’s why, damn it, grimace of fate: the garrison is called Ukrainian) Respect for the next patrol of Japan.
  11. samuil60
    samuil60 21 August 2014 19: 06
    Yes, they went to the train! American henchmen! It can be seen that they have few atomic bombings, everyone forgot and ... lick. But nothing, the mattresses will still please them!
  12. karskrin
    karskrin 21 August 2014 19: 11
    This is for them a submarine !!! That would not be exiled.
  13. special
    special 21 August 2014 19: 14
    so the peace treaty has not yet been signed! What are the Japanese "partners" questions? hi
  14. Barakuda
    Barakuda 21 August 2014 19: 20
    Only 2, 12 ballistic. Let them get used to it!
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 21 August 2014 19: 35
      Quote: Barracuda
      Only 2, 12 ballistic.

      The number of warheads is not specified!
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 21 August 2014 20: 21
        Quote: Tol100v
        The number of warheads is not specified!
        One tablet is enough (s)
    2. shuhartred
      shuhartred 22 August 2014 01: 04
      Quote: Barracuda
      12 ballistic.

      Ballistic? From the plane ????? Did I miss something????
  15. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 21 August 2014 19: 22
    Nice to look at the missile carrier! Terrible force that can enlighten the most reckless!
    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z 21 August 2014 20: 19
      An unusual angle of photography of an airplane.
      Slender handsome! Unlike the B-52, a shed with smoking engines!
      And probably the Americans called the bear a nasch because of the podkabinny radar, which made it similar to their Winnie the Pooh.
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 21 August 2014 22: 26
        Beautiful and powerful car ... I'm not talking about the TU-160 ...
  16. vasari2
    vasari2 21 August 2014 19: 30
    +3 Ребята-Герои!!!Простите за громкие слова,преемственность поколений!!!А насчёт сопровождения,так истребители НАТО всегда сопровождают...Они же Русские Медведи!!!
  17. raketnik
    raketnik 21 August 2014 19: 33
    "Ukraine wants peace," Poroshenko said and said that on August 26 he, together with a "powerful team" of 3 high EU representatives, "are going to Minsk to talk about peace."
    1. Hey
      Hey 21 August 2014 19: 52
      drunk, then drunk, but he wants it so that a truce would be on his terms and not otherwise. So this is still that fruit.
    2. PiP
      PiP 21 August 2014 22: 14
      Quote: raketnik
      "We are going to Minsk to talk about peace" by a "powerful team" of 3 high representatives of the EU.

      Who will he talk to, with "terrorists" or Russia, which "supposedly supports and supplies terrorists"? "Himself" is not funny to him?
  18. comrad74
    comrad74 21 August 2014 19: 37
    My dream is that the Russian Tu-95 would force the Japanese to fly into the air, and then rest at the bottom of the ocean.
    1. Loginoff
      Loginoff 21 August 2014 21: 36
      What a bloodthirsty you are. And who will draw the anime and manga? belay
      1. Gomel
        Gomel 22 August 2014 01: 40
        Koreans French and Chinese
    2. PiP
      PiP 21 August 2014 22: 40
      Quote: comrad74
      Detachment 731 must answer for the atrocities in relation

      Fascism and any manifestations of Nazism, I can't stand ... But think about the fact that: -A person (statistically average) without food, lives for about a month ... without water for three to five days ... This is not a laboratory result, this is torture and the suffering of people killed in the KZ "laboratories". If it were not for the results of these Inhuman experiments, modern medicine would have been at the level of 1943 (the discovery of penicillin). I honor the memory of the people who died for giving this knowledge to US (who eat antibiotics like bread). Yes, the "detachment" is evil (from the point of view of a person, not a doctor) as well as Doc Mengel, and whose cattle I would gladly strangle. BUT THE FACTS STRAIGHT EVEN!
  19. iiggi
    iiggi 21 August 2014 19: 40
    Yes, the whole world can do anything, Russia just can’t do anything (((It was necessary to conduct a training launch of missiles to precisely increase lol
  20. mch1950
    mch1950 21 August 2014 19: 41
    And what is the use of these fighters? After launch, fighters do not help. That the Japanese, that the Europeans think in terms of the second world, about dill and nothing to say.
  21. hunt
    hunt 21 August 2014 19: 44
    A bear will cover all of Japan with its shadow.
  22. padded jacket
    padded jacket 21 August 2014 19: 46
    TU-95 creation story and long life:

    Movie about TU-95:
    1. SeAl2014
      SeAl2014 21 August 2014 22: 39
      Krosaschiki our Bears !!!
      But do not forget about our Tu-142MP (Bear-F)!
  23. MilesAth
    MilesAth 21 August 2014 19: 49
    More often necessary! Let them be nervous ...
    1. I am
      I am 21 August 2014 20: 06
      And this is only two. One question, and if 5 pieces are sent, there is enough room for them to turn around and face their wings over Japan ???? And what will happen to the Japanese if they see 5 pieces ??
  24. vasari2
    vasari2 21 August 2014 19: 51
    +2 Ребята-Герои!!!
  25. skifo
    skifo 21 August 2014 19: 57
    ..ut when scared! How else are Americans silent ?! It is necessary to arrange such overflights more often!
  26. mole
    mole 21 August 2014 20: 00
    Today it’s fashionable to declare. Yes, at least charm. There was no violation of the borders of Japan - no! And even if it was, then international law has long been violated, something only Japanese squeals are not heard. Probably unprofitable! feel
  27. propolsky
    propolsky 21 August 2014 20: 04
    That's the pike, so that the crucian would not doze off!
  28. el.krokodil
    el.krokodil 21 August 2014 20: 05
    Quote: MSA
    Sassali our quick-eyed partners smile
    yeah zsatsali .. remember about Hiroshima from Nagasaki .. laughing
  29. Pro100Igor
    Pro100Igor 21 August 2014 20: 14
    Let the picture is not the topic, but there is still gunpowder in the powder flasks and berries in the buttocks! soldier
  30. Signaller
    Signaller 21 August 2014 20: 27
    For this, there is "Bear" in the forest, so that the quick-eyed "rats" do not doze.
  31. colonel manuch
    colonel manuch 21 August 2014 20: 50
    They flew and will fly! We simply bypass our ownership patrol, we look at it so that no one would want anything.
  32. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 21 August 2014 20: 52
    I’m changing a 3-room apartment in Chernobyl, to any in another state. Hiroshima and Nagasaki should not be offered. So I remembered something, but no japam, it's strange. winked
  33. Federal
    Federal 21 August 2014 21: 08
    Tremble Samurai! You can make yourself hara-kiri out of anger, give good.
  34. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
    Andrei from Chelyabinsk 21 August 2014 21: 30
    And as for me - and wonderful. The Japanese sent us a submarine to visit us, giving us the opportunity to train crews of ships and anti-submarine aircraft - and our guys are bored too! But debt, he is red by payment. They trained our sailors, and we - their pilots laughing
    And what is there all sorts of notes of protest - so it is such a politeness, it is not necessary to take seriously :)))
  35. Lock
    Lock 21 August 2014 21: 44
    The bear scared the monkeys. Do not be afraid, the bear does not need you, the bear needs a mattress.
  36. Accent
    Accent 21 August 2014 21: 49
    They trained our sailors, and we - their pilots

    Yes, we exchanged pleasantries! After such courtesies, the Japanese will now dry their pants! laughing
  37. Yugra
    Yugra 21 August 2014 21: 50
    Samurai should be friends with us, and not bark after Uncle Sam’s command. Here we read them with the help of bombers
  38. RUSLAT
    RUSLAT 21 August 2014 21: 52
    It's time to get used to, such flights will be permanent.
  39. Vladimirovna
    Vladimirovna 21 August 2014 22: 15
    These Japanese amaze me! When the United States used nuclear weapons against them, no one held an answer for this. Now they are on friendly terms with America! But if our planes fly near the borders (although not breaking them), then they have a panic! In my opinion, they are looking for a threat from the wrong side!
  40. Proud.
    Proud. 21 August 2014 22: 18
    From Russia with love!
  41. voliador
    voliador 21 August 2014 22: 21
    Let yapis squeak - and we must continue to fly.
  42. Makarych
    Makarych 21 August 2014 22: 23
    ".... It is reported that Russian" strategists "did not violate the airspace of Japan, but flew from the air border of this state at a very close distance ...."
    And because of what all the fuss. Normal practice. We are working on our tasks, the Japanese are working on theirs. When American planes approach our borders, the interceptors also rise into the air and no one is "guarding". Yes, fly and walk became bigger and further. I'm sorry. The Ministry of Defense does not seem to be obliged to coordinate its actions with other states. Norms of international law are not violated, borders too. A very close distance is a very relative thing. So it’s possible to agree to the point of absurdity - to coordinate with NATO every departure to the sea and departure to combat duty soldier
    1. Gomel
      Gomel 22 August 2014 01: 45
      The problem is that the departure of their fighters is more expensive than the flight of our strategists.
      plus on VO there was already infa about, for example, f22 with its super-duper coating, which after EACH flight must be checked and updated, and God forbid to get into rain or a dust trail - then the coating is destroyed irreversibly. and the vaunted "invisible" shines brightly on everything that can only receive a signal ...
  43. pvv113
    pvv113 21 August 2014 22: 24
    Russian "strategists" did not violate Japanese airspace

    Airspace is not violated - and the Japanese panic. And what would happen if they entered the airspace of Japan? Probably a popular hara-kiri.
    Since the Japanese are nervous, it means their conscience is not clear, it means they started some nasty thing about Russia
  44. ohotnik101
    ohotnik101 22 August 2014 03: 19
    19 numbers the other day I go out onto the balcony and hear (or rather not. I hear - and go out onto the balcony) an even such hum from childhood to the pain of the familiar NK-12 turboprop engines, the power of which is 15 thousand horsepower. The low bass of this drone cannot be confused with anything.
    Strategists. The Bears. Tu-95MS.
    I think to myself - "to Japan" ...
    I remember in my childhood they often flew over the city. Here they had a turning point. And they went not one by one, but whole caravans. There were 8 cars each. And if you looked at them through binoculars, you could even see a cruise missile under your belly - I thought then that they were carrying fighters. I didn’t even know the word “cruise missile” then. Naturally, in my environment there were no people who would know from where and where these air monsters fly. I did not know its characteristics or combat capabilities ... but at the age of seven I was proud of my country, in which there were these beautiful, confident, strong and echoing aircraft. That country no longer exists, and these cars are still in the sky.
    I also thought, standing on the balcony - it will be necessary to monitor the news in a couple of days - the Japs will surely howl again.
    And so it happened
  45. wild ensign
    wild ensign 22 August 2014 03: 42
    "This caused alarm in the Japanese Ministry of Defense. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as usual, is preparing a note of protest in connection with the appearance of Russian strategic bombers in the immediate vicinity of Japanese borders. Does this mean that spying Japanese submarines near the sea borders of the Russian Federation (such a boat was recently discovered by the military Pacific Fleet sailors) is normal for Tokyo, but Russian "strategists" near Japan's air borders are not? "
    This is rightly noticed !! I wonder what will happen if, say, a squadron of Tu-95 will cut circles around the Japanese island of 12 hours, they will send us the entire "score" of the protest laughing or still ...
  46. 66 Division IRA
    66 Division IRA 22 August 2014 04: 48
    And it would be so!
    ---- "Russian Tu-95s forced the Japanese to raise their HEADS INTO THE SKY"
  47. andreysolo
    andreysolo 22 August 2014 06: 38
    As always - double standards, they can, and as soon as the slightest movement on our part ----- immediately snot, screams and so on aaaaaaaa Russia attacks (Russia aggressor and generally bad people - even somehow offensively straightforward. Over the past few dozen For years, the Americans created a bunch of wars, they killed dofig to the people and there is nothing - they see democracy (and at the same time impose democracy), we almost had no conflicts during this time, but still we are aggressors and the threat of THEIR DEMOCRACY
  48. miv110
    miv110 22 August 2014 06: 42
    In general, it’s an ordinary fact that such overflights should be carried out regularly in order to keep the enemy in tension and constantly scan their air defense. In the 30s, the Japanese were put in place by the flight of the TB-3 squadron, but I just don’t remember for what reason.
  49. Babai34rus
    Babai34rus 22 August 2014 09: 03
    be afraid of the crested eyes !!!!!!! am