Pakistani protests. Deja vu: former athlete and preacher want power

The situation in Pakistan continues to heat up. Thousands of rallies are held in the largest cities of the country, including the capital of the state - Islamabad. Opposition supporters demand that Pakistani parliamentarians vote for the resignation of Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of the country. Reports about it Kommersant.

Imran Khan, a former athlete (professional cricketer) and Tahir Kadri, an Islamic theologian, are leading the protest in Pakistan as leaders of the Tehrik-e-Insaf. Former athlete and preacher, rushing into power? Somewhere we have already seen and heard ...

A certain feeling of deja vu does not leave after the statements of the oppositionist Imran Khan that he is ready to go to any negotiations with the authorities only after the current head of state leaves his post.

Thousands of demonstrators led by Khan on the eve broke through the cordons of protection of the parliament building and surrounded it. At the same time, as noted, the news agencies of Pakistan, representatives of power structures did not offer any resistance to the protesters.

Pakistani protests. Deja vu: former athlete and preacher want power

According to Pakistani analysts, this suggests that the army is still trying to occupy neutrality. Such a thesis is confirmed by the fact that one of the country's high-ranking military, General Bajwa, called on the parties to a reasonable dialogue in the name of the state and the people.

It became known that due to the events in the country, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif canceled the planned speech in parliament today.

For reference: Nawaz Sharif is the multiple Prime Minister of Pakistan. The terms of his premiership are: 6 November 1990 - 18 April 1993, 26 May 1993 - 18 July 1993 (technical premiership), 17 February 1997 - 12 October 1999, from 5 June 2013 to the present. He heads the government and, concurrently, runs his own business.
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    1. +2
      21 August 2014 17: 46
      The hand of the United States is visible, because in principle, no matter in what place the war begins. The main thing is to start. And there already the USA will begin to write off its debts.
      1. MSA
        21 August 2014 17: 55
        As long as there is America, there will be wars - America must be destroyed !!!
      2. +1
        21 August 2014 17: 55
        Explain to me stupid. How can I reduce the state. duty of warfare?
        1. +4
          21 August 2014 18: 22
          the way out of the crisis, the elimination of the national debt and many, many problems of the United States solved in 2 world wars ....... remember what the United States was before the First World War - the deepest crisis and the Great Depression in which so many millions died of hunger that the Holodomor Ukrainian just like that, diet! The mass of military orders, the expansion of production, the elimination of unemployment, etc. As a result, the USA comes out of the war having solved all its internal problems, and after the Second World War they came out as Cap Leaders. peace ........ This is how the United States "simply" solved its internal problems, not taking an active part in the war (especially in the first one)
          1. +1
            21 August 2014 18: 50
            remember what was the USA before World War I - the deepest crisis and the Great Depression

            Great Depression (English Great Depression) - the global economic crisis, which began in 1929 and continued until 1939.
        2. +1
          21 August 2014 18: 22
          Why are you so about yourself? :)

          How can I reduce the state. debt of war?

          Any war allows the victorious state (though not always the victorious with its own hands) to withdraw considerable assets from the defeated state. For example, the war in Iraq allowed American companies to get direct access to Iraqi oil (this is just one example). And the more foreign assets that suddenly became American, the less, accordingly, the national debt. This, if you simplify everything, of course.
          1. +1
            21 August 2014 18: 57
            Quote: Volodin
            the more foreign assets that suddenly became American,

            all of a sudden: soon the assets of the UkrGTS will become American.
            Yaytsenyukh did his "homework" well.
            According to rumors: the pipe will soon be a bunch of color.
      3. 0
        21 August 2014 17: 56
        The article does not say, but the protesters are demanding the resignation of the current Prime Minister of the country, Nawaz Sharif, for falsifying election results and corruption.
        No matter how the election, the candidates ..... s.
        (Of course, a corrupt official .. you).

        "... as noted by the Pakistani news agencies, representatives of the security forces did not offer any resistance to the protesters."

        MOSCOW, 19 Aug - RAPSI. Police detained at least 147 protesters in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, demanding the resignation of the current government and the holding of elections, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Reuters.
      4. 0
        21 August 2014 17: 56
        In this case, everything is serious enough. Do not forget that Pakistan is a member of the "nuclear club".
      5. 0
        21 August 2014 18: 01
        Well, Pakistan got sick with "controlled house" .. ears stick out, we all know whose ..
      6. 0
        21 August 2014 20: 05
        As they say, the first question immediately arises: who benefits from this?
    2. +1
      21 August 2014 17: 47
      Dill number 2?
      1. +1
        21 August 2014 17: 51
        Well dill with elements of Syria))
    3. +1
      21 August 2014 17: 50
      Another country and its leaders, another sore spot on the planet, and guess all this behind who is standing right away !!! ??? ...
    4. +5
      21 August 2014 17: 53
      Somehow like this...
    5. +2
      21 August 2014 17: 55
      In fact, Pakistan is a project of arrogance, an artificial formation torn from India. Did it remind me of something? Bah, it’s dill, only a Muslim spill. It’s only a pity no one was able to pick up the loaf from these idiots. Well, it's like monkeys with a grenade ...
    6. 0
      21 August 2014 18: 24
      And there is dill winked
    7. 0
      21 August 2014 19: 43
      this is India’s main problem. In Pakistan, an adequate government and authority with its organs are necessary, only Islamic populists and fanatics will come to power, wait after some time for disasters. First, through increased terrorist activity, separatist forces, militants. It will not work with small force, another way mobilizing the economy for war by increasing military output and armed forces.

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