Invisible ships become reality

In order to incapacitate a modern warship, the 1 of a successful missile hit is enough. With all this, even shoot down one anti-ship missile launched - it is difficult. And if the enemy makes a volley of several rocket launchers? There is no salvation, and everyone understands this a little bit in military affairs.

Throughout the past century, 60-80 tried to find a way out of the unsightly situation in the ship’s environment using a protective fire shield using super-fast mechanical guns and countless anti-missile systems, increasing their number on board. However, this led to the fact that there was virtually no room left on the warship to accommodate the main armament. In addition, the missiles that are in service today, say, Granit and Moskit, produced in Russia, pass through this fire shield without any problems.

Now, if the ship was like a ghost in the likeness of the fantastic "Flying Dutchman" - for radar and guidance systems! The first who thought about it were the US military designers during the 2 world war. To realize the idea, outstanding physicists of that time were invited, including Einstein. The result was the well-known “Philadelphia experience”, the essence of which was that the Eldridge combat destroyer was tried to be hidden under a strong electromagnetic field. The experience, as we know, did not succeed, but fantastic problems happened to the ship. There is nothing to be amazed about - scientists known by their own absent-mindedness, and came up with the idea to place an iron ship in the center of a similar field, which only eccentric Einstein could do. Naturally transformed into the core of a huge magnet, the Eldridge simply made a “leap” in space and time. Consequently, the idea was closed, and no attempts were made to return to it until now.

But another special technology, Stels, is absolutely safe for vehicles and ship crews, according to which overseas aircraft B-2 and F-117A are already made and fly. It involves giving the object a geometric shape that would contribute to the greatest dispersion of radar waves. In addition to this - the use of special materials, suction or scattering electromagnetic signals.

It is surprising that Stels was used in aviation much earlier than in shipbuilding, because creating an aircraft on it is much more difficult than a ship. A faceted, angular box flies considerably worse than it floats. But still better later than never!

As is known in the Russian Armed Forces, the adoption by the Navy of new corvettes is indicated. And perhaps it can be ships of the class “Haiduk”, in the construction of which elements of special technology Stels are used. The idea of ​​such a plan belongs to Sergey Vladimirovich Krivko, the main designer of the Nikolaev Shipbuilding Center, who remain unclaimed in Ukraine and may well serve Russia in creating a fleet of invisible ships.

Despite the fact that domestic shipbuilders have plans to build invisible ships, it is still very early to talk about the actual implementation of such design developments. The only ship that can be categorized as stealth is the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great. Ship's superstructures of this vessel are made in the shape of a pyramid, and there is not a single right angle on the whole hull. All buildings have an angle of inclination to the surface of the water at least 100 gr. Also, during the construction of the ship, a special paint was used, which, like a sponge, absorbs the rays of the enemy's sensors. All these properties together make the giant ship almost invisible to enemy radar. But unfortunately, this is only one example of the proper use of invisibility systems. At the same time, the world is actively implementing programs to create ships that will remain invisible while in the zone of the enemy’s radar surveillance.

The revolution in military shipbuilding raised a real boom - 10-ki states announced their intention to update their naval technical arsenals in the near future. According to forecasts, up to 2015, the military fleets of the world will acquire 1443 combat ships whose total value will be $ 271,5 billion. In the event Ukraine, whose shipbuilding potential proven over the years has not yet been completely destroyed by permanent reforms, will be able to tear off this expensive cake .

In the famous movie, staged on the game Street Fighter, the main characters try to arrive at the lair of the infamous Likhodey on a black boat equipped with special technology Stels. Apparently, someone in Sweden was inspired. Like it or not, you can find the answer on the pages of the publication The Inquirer which reported that the stealth ship already exists.

There is no reason to disbelieve this information. The company Kockums, a division of the German group of companies HDW, itself loudly announced to the world about the launching of its “Vessel Number Two” - a new invisible warship such as Visby. At the same time announced this a long time ago, in the middle of June 2003.

It is ridiculous that the form of the deck of the invisible ship demonstrated is similar to that shown on the picture posted on Kockums website and in The Inquirer and very much resembles the shape of an F-117A aircraft, and that stealth ship on which the hero Van Damme and his girlfriend in misfortune.

The shape of the body, in reality - the main point. The essence of the special technology is in the absence of right angles in the design of all the body assemblies, which ultimately provides the aircraft (or the ship) with partial invisibility, but not from all radars.

The main factor is the material that is used to manufacture the hull of an air vessel or vessel. As they say, referring to the attorneys of the Swedish side, the journalists of The Inquirer, the hull of an invisible warship built in Sweden is made entirely of carbon fiber.

Plus, there are hydro jet engines, and special technologies of oppression of radar and infrared (thermal) radiation. With good luck, 1-th stealth ships will be adopted by the army of the United States by 2005.

And here is a rather fascinating disposition. Before launching the Swedish invisible corvette Visby-2, the overseas Washington Times published a note that the Pentagon had already signed agreements with 3 by well-known companies - specifically General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Corp. - for the creation of completely new combat invisible ships.

In the USA there is a serious competition for leadership in the construction of invisible ships for the navy. The fact is, however, that the Swedes had already built a similar ship and did not calm down, and laid a series of regular Visby corvettes from the 14. The truth in its universal outlines is the familiar ship, which is familiar to us, this unusual clustering of corners with a triangular gun turret on the nose (the gun can be retracted inside if necessary) is surprising. Interestingly, their hull is made of carbon filaments that absorb electromagnetic radiation - and in less than 11 miles the corvette remains hidden to the radar, and if it turns on the high-power noise system, the distance will be reduced to 5-6 miles!

Keep up with the Swedes and the French. Last week, it was reported that the French military-industrial complex would offer in response to a tender announced at the beginning of the summer of the Brazilian Navy, a cumulative package of frigates, multi-purpose patrol ships and a tanker. Entering into a competition with shipbuilding companies from England and Italy, the French shipbuilders want to put up for sale their latest developments in the field of military shipbuilding, including surface ships, made with the extensive use of special technologies Stels.
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