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A new military group will appear in Crimea

The annexation of Crimea to Russia led to a sharp change in the geopolitical situation in the Black Sea region. In this regard, all countries with interests in the Black Sea should reconsider their strategy in accordance with changes in the situation. Russia is ready to begin the transformation strategy associated with the annexation of the Crimea. A program for the creation and development of a military group in the Crimea has been developed and approved. This was August 14 reported by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the president, the program for the creation and development of a military group has already been approved by him. In addition, in other programs relating to the development of the armed forces, certain adjustments were made. The implementation of the approved program will allow creating a powerful grouping of the armed forces in Crimea, which will take over the protection of the borders of the new subject of the federation. Details of the program have not yet been announced. At the same time, V. Putin spoke about some features of the planned work. Thus, the program of development of troops in the Crimea will not be costly. In particular, the troops will not be saturated with excessive personnel and excessive armament. In this way, it is planned to create a combat-ready grouping without large additional costs.

Before the events of the spring of this year, Russia had in Crimea several military facilities operated by the Black Sea fleet. All other army bases belonged to the armed forces of Ukraine and were used only by them. According to reports, at the time of the referendum on the independence of Crimea, about 18 thousand Ukrainian military were serving on its territory. Most of them, about 16 thousand, later expressed a desire to continue serving in the old place, but as part of the Russian armed forces. In the future, the topic of construction and development of military infrastructure in Crimea was repeatedly raised.

Earlier, representatives of the Ministry of Defense have repeatedly spoken about plans for the development of the Black Sea Fleet and its infrastructure. It is planned to build the Novorossiysk naval base during the Federal Target Program for the development of the base system of the Black Sea Fleet. The scope of work was estimated at 90 billion rubles. To date, mastered about 40 billion rubles. After the annexation of the Crimea, some changes were made to plans regarding fleet infrastructure. It is planned to continue construction in Novorossiysk, as well as restore existing or build new facilities in Sevastopol.

In July, Rear Admiral Anatoly Dolgov, head of the naval administration of the headquarters of the Southern Military District, spoke about the command’s plans for updating the structure of the Black Sea Fleet. It is planned to restore several previously reduced connections. In addition, new units of the coastal forces will appear, including an artillery regiment and a coastal defense brigade. The marine will be modernized aviation. Previously, information appeared according to which the fleet of aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet and the Air Force deployed in the Crimea would be updated by 2016.

The Black Sea Fleet is the main Russian force in the Black Sea region and in the Mediterranean. For this reason, its development and renewal is the most important task, directly related to the security of the country and its interests abroad. This is probably why the Black Sea Fleet development program was changed in just a few months. The result will be the simultaneous development of facilities in Novorossiysk and Sevastopol. Thus, the Black Sea Fleet will retain its main base and receive a new one.

The former infrastructure of the Ukrainian Air Force will be upgraded and re-equipped for use by Russian aviation. Earlier it was reported that the Russian Air Force will use only a few Crimean airfields, primarily Belbek and Guards. Fighters and attack aircraft of the Russian Air Force will be based on the peninsula. In addition, in the future it is planned to strengthen the Crimean grouping of troops by long-range bomber. In a few years, Tu-22М3 aircraft will be transferred to the Guards base, the area of ​​responsibility of which will be the Black Sea region and the eastern regions of the Mediterranean.

The annexation of Crimea to Russia has already changed the balance of power in the region. The implementation of the existing plans to create a military group in Crimea will again affect the strategic situation, and this time the changes may affect not only the Black Sea and the states on its banks, but also more remote regions. The ships and submarines of the fleet are capable of displaying the Russian flag anywhere in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions, while long-range bombers allow you to control a significant part of Eastern Europe and even part of the Middle East.

Political and military instability in the Mediterranean region forces all interested countries to take the necessary measures. The annexation of the Crimea gives Russia a unique opportunity to strengthen its presence in strategic areas of the planet, as well as to modernize the Black Sea Fleet and a number of other compounds. Recent decisions of the military and political leadership of the country indicate that it understands the prospects and the importance of developing this area. This understanding led to the emergence of a program to create a Crimean military grouping.

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  1. Good cat
    Good cat 21 August 2014 09: 16
    Tu-22MZ-handsome, in the photo!
    1. kodxnumx
      kodxnumx 21 August 2014 10: 08
      Our Crimea and this is a big plus for Russia! The Black Sea will become the Russian Sea.
      1. insafufa
        insafufa 21 August 2014 11: 00
        From the edge of the whole Black Sea sweeps and you can even get to the objects of the European missile defense
      2. ADK57
        ADK57 21 August 2014 12: 39
        Sorry for the frankness, I am somewhat surprised at the kind of talkativeness of our officials and partly the military.
        On TV, in newspapers, in electronic media, you can only see:
        created new models of military equipment;
        will go into service;
        bases will be expanded;
        fortified air defense.
        When the media will prevail, not the words will and will be received, but received and are in service.
        Do not facilitate the work of foreign intelligence. And the rule must be one thing:
        two ears to hear, two eyes to see, one tongue to be silent.
        We were able to quietly create the REP "IRBIS" system (if only not mistaken in the name) and unexpectedly suppress the American IJIS. We didn’t pop the whole world in advance - we got the result.
        1. Lenar
          Lenar 22 August 2014 08: 22
          Exactly. Obviously, many are trying to prove themselves, raise ratings, swim on the new most popular wave of Crimea.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 21 August 2014 13: 25
      Who owns the Crimea, that controls the Black Sea, now again it is Russia.
  2. drop
    drop 21 August 2014 09: 24
    Dear Kirill, you made mistakes in the article. Airfields in Crimea have never been Ukrainian. By the nature of my work, I from industry (the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry) was responsible for their radio and light support. In Crimea, we had 5 airfields. Conducting military tests with Marshal Savitsky E.Ya., all our aviation was based in Belbek, we trained naval pilots in Sakki, and there we created the NIUTKA simulator. Now we will re-equip it. In Simferopol, the airfield, which is now in a bad condition (the Ukrainians have brought it up), we re-equipped as a spare for the ISS "Buran". It was increased by 3 km. The runway even built a bridge over the highway. We created a new control tower and equipped it. To increase the number of tourists, a number of airfields in Crimea can be made civilian. Investors will be found instantly, I have the honor.
    1. Silhouette
      Silhouette 21 August 2014 09: 31
      TU-22 until the collapse of the Union was always based in the Guards. Now they are only returning to their original location.
      1. FID
        FID 21 August 2014 09: 54
        Quote: Silhouette
        TU-22 until the collapse of the Union was always based in the Guards. Now they are only returning to their original location.

        Let me correct a little. In Guards there was a "court" regiment, such as fighters in Kubinka. Combat regiments were stationed in Oktyabrsky and Vesely. Vesely now has a poultry farm, and Oktyabrskoye is completely ruined ...
      2. VAF
        VAF 21 August 2014 11: 03
        Quote: Silhouette
        TU-22 until the collapse of the Union was always based in the Guards.

        Tu-22 was ALWAYS based only in SAKI !!! soldier and in 1988 the 30th ODRAP was relocated to Oktyabrskoe, where it was also "safely" reformed to a separate RAE soldier
        In Guards was the Headquarters of the 2nd Guards. mrad (guards naval missile carrier Sevastopol Aviation Division named after N. A. Tokarev (military unit 81235) soldier
        So the division included TWO regiment on the Tu-22M2 / M3 - it is the 943rd in October and the 5th in Vesyoloy.
        It was used as an airfield for relocation and a reserve. Therefore, they saw the Tu-22M there and then .. only until 1990 soldier

        So dear SSS in all RIGHTS, but here you are ... unfortunately .. NO! soldier
    2. VAF
      VAF 21 August 2014 10: 08
      Quote: Drop
      In Crimea, we had 5 airfields,

      Dear Yuri Grigoryevich! You also made mistakes.
      1. There were more aerodromes (we don't even take factory and helicopter ones), where, for example, did Novofedorovka "delimit" ???
      2. Spare for Buran is BAGEROVO, and in Guards they worked out precisely control and approach systems in automatic mode soldier
      1. FID
        FID 21 August 2014 11: 10
        I categorically welcome you !!! hi
        1. VAF
          VAF 21 August 2014 15: 10
          Quote: SSI
          I categorically welcome you !!!

          Hi Seryozha drinks "Rumor" went that today the A-100 was raised on the wing wink
          1. FID
            FID 21 August 2014 15: 33
            Quote: vaf
            "Rumor" went that today the A-100 was raised on the wing

            According to my information, only a prototype. "Sotka" is planned at the end of the 15th - 16th, not earlier ...
            1. VAF
              VAF 21 August 2014 15: 40
              Quote: SSI
              To my knowledge - only a prototype.

              So I meant it wink
      2. massad1
        massad1 21 August 2014 13: 42
        I'll add a little - plus a heavy runway in Dzhankoy, designed for "Ruslan" - there was always a regiment of the 76s, now it seems like an attack helicopter regiment will be based
        1. FID
          FID 21 August 2014 14: 02
          Quote: massad1
          plus a heavy runway in Dzhankoy, designed for "Ruslan" - there has always been a regiment of the 76s, now it seems like an attack helicopter regiment will be based

          It seems that the Dzhankoy strip is also broken. You have to do a lot ...
      3. drop
        drop 21 August 2014 15: 07
        Dear Sergey, I equipped and certified the 5 aerodromes in the Crimea, and in Simferopol and in Harol with the astronaut Wolf traveled around the runway to make sure that everything is in order. Then they analyzed how flying laboratories performed approaches. That's how we prepared everything for the Air Force and Cosmonautics. I have the honor.
        1. VAF
          VAF 21 August 2014 15: 31
          Quote: Drop
          I equipped and certified exactly 5 airfields in the Crimea, and in Simferopol and in Harol with the astronaut Wolf traveled around the runway to make sure that everything is in order. Then they analyzed how flying laboratories performed approaches.

          Dear Yuri .. I have nothing against, but .. just then you didn’t express your idea very correctly in your first comment hi
          So I just wrote that the Tu-134LL laboratory flew in Guards.

          PS I am "a little" lol "I know" bully "what are" the objects OIP-23 and OIP-24 and the Vympel complex soldier. yes and what work was carried out by MCI, MAP.
          the laboratory then flew on OIP-24, but on Khorol ... until March there was "silence", because. could not "launch" TRLK.

          I personally know Igor Petrovich soldier I know what "Wolf Pack" is and ... much more bully "Was present" during his "adaptive flights when checking physical and psychological functionality" after landing in July 1984 on the "T-12" and flights to the LII and back on the Tu-154LL and MiG-25LL soldier
          I have the honor! soldier
          1. drop
            drop 21 August 2014 16: 46
            Dear Sergey, you are right, I agree.
  3. Mihail29
    Mihail29 21 August 2014 09: 43
    Logical, very correct and good news.
  4. Kimblee
    Kimblee 21 August 2014 10: 09
    How much noise was that, Iskander, was located in Kaliningrad, but now in the west there’s one place oh, how it cooks))
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 22 August 2014 00: 08
      Quote: Kimblee
      ,, Iskander ,, we place in Kaliningrad, and now then in the west one place oh how it cooks))

      Iskander and TU-22M3 - a good combination! But the first will clear the way for the second, crushing the air defense and the base of IA. And the Kaliningrad Iskanders will scratch Poland and the Czech Republic behind EuroPRO.
  5. SIROP73
    SIROP73 21 August 2014 10: 36
    First you need to strengthen the coastal defense. Missiles should cover the entire water area of ​​the Black Sea. The Americans put them in the Black Sea, let them always be on the sight of coastal batteries. It will be great to put pressure on their nerves. (Russia: 3 complexes Bastion / 12 PU, all complexes accepted The 11th separate coastal missile and artillery brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation deployed in the Anapa region is also in service. It is also planned to deploy complexes on the Kuril Islands.)
    1. Ayujak
      Ayujak 21 August 2014 11: 21
      The bastions are good, but it would be necessary to strengthen the submarine fleet. The most formidable weapon of ships to this day. A pair of missile carriers in the Black Sea would not hurt.
  6. Wolka
    Wolka 21 August 2014 13: 31
    I read the comments of the participants, already, the soul rejoices, well done, veterans do not age with the soul ... bully
  7. kostya-petrov
    kostya-petrov 21 August 2014 14: 02
    The photo shows the head diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3 "Novorossiysk", tomorrow they will be accepted into the fleet!
    In total, we will have 247 DEPL in the 9 of a separate submarine division:
    1 - St. George (project 641Б)
    1 - Zaporozhye (project 641)
    6 DEPL project 636.3
    1 diesel-electric submarine of project 887 "Halibut".
    Nice so-and-so underwater group will be!
  8. Sailor
    Sailor 21 August 2014 14: 41
    More precisely, 7 diesel-electric submarines, 641 projects are not taken into account, they are not running.
    1. malikszh
      malikszh 21 August 2014 16: 49
      St. George (project 641B) needs a rehabilitator, while Ukrainian can be given to them or a museum can be made.
  9. Sevastopol
    Sevastopol 21 August 2014 16: 41
    The accession of Crimea to Russia has already changed the balance of power in the region.

    Well. And here some write here that, they say, did not find application to Crimea.
  10. Gray 43
    Gray 43 21 August 2014 17: 59
    I wonder how Ukrainians are served in our army? After all, there has not been a single article about this. An unenviable and inglorious fate awaited them in the punitive troops of Ukraine. Troops in Crimea should be equipped no worse than their neighbors in the region, including possible "guests"
    1. malikszh
      malikszh 21 August 2014 18: 15
  11. Leshka
    Leshka 21 August 2014 19: 04
    well, thank god good
  12. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa 22 August 2014 00: 25
    After the annexation of Crimea, some changes were made to plans related to the fleet infrastructure.

    It is necessary, first of all, to solve the problem of basing and comprehensive support of the submarine brigade. Moreover, the arrival of NAPL from VNU is expected.
    Well, it’s better to visualize the general picture of the infrastructure objects of the Black Sea Fleet. (Clickable)
  13. wild ensign
    wild ensign 22 August 2014 04: 25
    Rather, already, a regiment of these handsome men of the Tu-22M3M level with a new pc-x-32 is needed, and then the 6th fleet nervously smokes on the sidelines.
    I apologize, allow a small pun:

    This damn Russian scrap metal ...
    My beloved Mary! I'm sorry I didn't write you for a whole week. I took a course of psychological rehabilitation at our base in Romania. I must tell you that a terrible thing happened. And not only with me, but with the whole crew of our valiant destroyer Donald Cook. Our destroyer is armed with the best enemy destruction systems, there are no such planes, missiles or submarines that we could not intercept. Our Aegis system can even shoot down ballistic missiles. Only the best sailors, brave and despising death, like the buffalo of Arizona, can serve on this ship.

    So, my dear, when our “Donald Cook” entered the Black Sea to raise the flag of freedom and democracy high there, the captain built us on the deck and delivered a speech: “Guys, we have a particularly important mission - to demonstrate America’s fearlessness before an unbelted Russian a bear. You all know that the Russians took half of the territory in the form of Crimea from democratic Ukraine and are preparing to chop off its second half. This threatens our national interests, because we cannot allow anyone to chop off what we can chop off ourselves. The forces of freedom and democracy in Ukraine are still young, and we must show the Russians what reliable protection they are under. Do not doubt what the Russian bear will do in his pants when he sees such a weapon of retaliation, like our "Donald Cook". In this hour of trial, courage, coherence and discipline are required of you. ”
  14. wild ensign
    wild ensign 22 August 2014 04: 26
    We shouted “Hyp-Hyp Hurray” three times and began to prepare to show the Russians what was waiting for them if they raised their hand to the second half of Ukraine. The next day, when our ship was heading towards the Crimea, we found a Russian flying trough in the sky, called the SU-24 attack aircraft, and has been graduating since our parents still went to elementary school. Once upon a time at a military college, we studied this rarity and laughed at its characteristics. It is more suitable for irrigating fields with chemical fertilizers or for scattering children's toys from the air. Therefore, when we played the alarm, we fled to our battle posts, anticipating how to play cat and mouse with this messenger from the past. On the run, I even managed to bet with Ed that I could take this rusty iron under the gun more times than he did. Ed runs the same Falanks rapid-fire system as I do, and we thought there was no escape from her.

    ... We drove the Russian locator to his approach to the affected area, and then to cover it. However, when he entered this damn zone, mysticism began. Our locators were the first to go out, then the target designation of the Phalanxes turned off, and the whole Aegis was out of order. Our magnificent "Donald Cook" swayed in the waves like a dead turtle. It turns out that this damned Russian scrap metal, SU-24, turned on the electronic suppression equipment, and the pride of our fleet turned into our shame! And the Russian openly mocked us. He made twelve training attacks on us, rode on our locators with his belly, jammed us with the roar of the engine and generally showed us that on such a shitty trough only the crappiest team could fly ... When he flew away, he waved his wings, and Ed even imagined what he showed us the middle finger of the right hand. But I think Ed is composing, because at a military college we were taught that in such cases, Russians show cookies.

    Mary, you cannot imagine what happened to us! We have never experienced such a shame in our life. Some of our guys were crying like children, others were banging their heads against inactive devices, the senior assistant drank a bottle of whiskey from his throat in front of the crew and yelled at the whole ship: "These fucking Russian" Khibiny "" (Russian electronic warfare system. - D.S .), and the captain was green with anger. In this state, we were barely able to moor to the Romanian coast, and immediately after mooring, three dozen of our guys wrote a letter of resignation. They could not bear the thought that at the decisive moment our equipment could turn into, with which they would have to go to the bottom of the sea. I was hysterical and they took me to the hospital. Mary, I have always loved our America and wanted the Stars and Stripes to bring freedom to the whole world. But after this incident, the thought of dismissal began to haunt me. To hell with them, money, my dear. We'd rather buy a small farm in Arizona, grow celery for sale, and sing psalms in our church on Sundays. I think that America is better off not taking our brothers in democracy in Ukraine under its protection. If one old Russian trough was able to put our ultra-modern "Donald Cook" on its side, then imagine what their new planes can do! And if they are capable of suppressing not only the instruments, but also the brains of the crew? Think for yourself, why do you need me without brains? I kiss you hard, always your Johnny.
    1. kev
      kev 22 August 2014 07: 56
      Thank you! I have not received such moral pleasure from what I read for a long time drinks