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"Dry" from Baranavichy can be put on parts

In 2015, Russia will begin the implementation of the arms contract signed with Angola, which provides for the supply of X-NUMX fighters Su-12K, the newspaper said Kommersant. Currently, 18 machines are located at the 558 aircraft repair plant in Belarusian Baranovichi, but 6 of them didn’t arouse the interest of foreign customers, so it is likely that they will be written off.

The fact that Rosoboronexport has not yet found buyers for the Su-30K was reported by a source close to the military-technical cooperation system. According to him, if the situation does not change in the near future, then six fighters will be allowed into spare parts.

"It would be logical if all planes of this type would go to Angola, story with Su-30K would be closed. But then the Angolans would go beyond the limits of the loan we issued, and they did not want to sacrifice other types of weapons for six aircraft, ”the source said.

The first confirmation of the delivery of Russian Su-30K fighters and the issuance of a loan for 1 a billion dollars for the purchase of ammunition and special equipment for Angola was announced by the CEO of Rosoboronexport January Anatoly Isaykin. Later, representatives of the corporation "Irkut", which owns the machines, clarified that the Angolan side will receive 27 from 12 aircraft.

The possibility of buying fighters was also considered by Belarus and Vietnam, but, as Isaikin noted, they had to be abandoned due to the high cost.

“Even after repair and modernization, their price is far from being within every country,” he said.

According to experts, the cost of 18 fighters without repair and upgrading is 180 million dollars, in the Su-30KN variant - 270 million.
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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 20 August 2014 13: 05
    Nefig to sell to everyone on credit !!!!!!!! Myself only for real money, and lousy Angola in which it is not known who will rule tomorrow we give a loan. A loan, which we then write off UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. In the BATH Angola and everyone else.
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 20 August 2014 13: 15
      Why immediately disassemble for parts, you can also put it in storage, it is still unknown what will happen tomorrow. And if it’s a war, God forbid, but then they would have come in handy, and in the 90s we learned how to break, we’ve broken so much firewood, and now where are the people who tear shirts on their chests, proving that the West we are not an enemy.
      1. armageddon
        armageddon 20 August 2014 13: 37
        Hmm ... Somehow sorry ... I hope it will cost !!!
      2. VAF
        VAF 20 August 2014 17: 01
        Quote: Thought Giant
        You can put it in storage,

        It costs so much on "storage" that .... until the end of the century ... "not to be repaired" wink , and you still .. want to "throw", and "import customs clearance at whose expense"? wassat

        In factories, so the queue ..,

        Do not forget that the current "airbase-air groups" were "created" by .. "successful reforming" during the reign of the Great Tandem ?? lol there were 3-5 regiments, but it became .. one BASE am

        And now they suddenly remembered ... "it is not known what will happen tomorrow" wassat
      3. VAF
        VAF 20 August 2014 17: 08
        Quote: Thought Giant
        and we learned how to break in the 90s, broke so much firewood, and now where are those figures who tore their shirts on their chests, proving that the West is not our enemy.

        Well, the main thing is that the "breaking" of the native Air Force began ... much later lol , and figures ask where belay zombie box do not look? lol

        Our Krasnodar ARZ soldier

    2. ViRUS-007
      ViRUS-007 20 August 2014 13: 41
      Selling on credit is quite a "common" situation, we win in almost any scenario

      1) We sell planes that for one reason or another are not needed for us (replacement with new models ...)
      2) We carry out modernization at our enterprises. Downloading and accumulating experience of our enterprises, + people work.
      3) You need to put money somewhere (you can, of course, come up with a better idea but ...) thereby "tying" those pertners to our weapons and promoting them, and, as always, global politics ...
      4) Weapons and spare parts, licensed maintenance, training obsl. technical staff

      Now the most important thing is that these loans are "paid" (even by barter) back, and not forgiven as always ... Let's hope ..
      1. KG_patriot_last
        KG_patriot_last 20 August 2014 13: 50
        Su-30 is an aircraft of the 4 + category, where is it much more modern?
    3. Civil
      Civil 20 August 2014 15: 37
      Pass to New Russia
    4. dkflbvbh
      dkflbvbh 20 August 2014 19: 20
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      In the BATH Angola and everyone else.

      Gold words. The authorities would have them in their ears ...
    5. m13urah1
      m13urah1 21 August 2014 03: 10
      This is such a form of support for its own manufacturer. It so happened that you simply can’t give money to the plant - how can we have a market economy, the WTO, tudes-syudy .... And so - they gave money, the plants work, thousands of people (and, most importantly, specialists) work and there seems to be no norm international trade is not violated. And the monkey will give a loan or will not give ... Well, what if)
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 20 August 2014 13: 07
    The first confirmation of the supply of Russian Su-30K fighters and the issuance of a loan of $ 1 billion for the purchase of ammunition and special equipment for Angola

    I don’t like ALL of it ..... then again we will forgive and write off these loans hehe heh fraternal ANGOLA .... and all at the expense of RUSSIA
    1. BOB044
      BOB044 20 August 2014 13: 19
      And write off the planes money will appear. With a black sheep, even a tuft of wool. drinks
  3. Roman1970
    Roman1970 20 August 2014 13: 08
    We must not sell, but give ... But only that which we do not need and only to the one we want to be friends with! laughing
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 20 August 2014 13: 08
    Enlighten, and what year of release do they need repair and modernization?
    1. VAF
      VAF 20 August 2014 15: 58
      Quote: Vladimirets
      but what year of manufacture do they need repair and modernization?

      "Officially" (according to the form) the very first Su-30K (airborne SB 001) is "dated" with the release of 19.03 1997,

      and the most "extreme" 18th (tail number SB 018) (according to the form "born") November 20.11, 1999

      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 20 August 2014 16: 09
        Thank you. hi In principle, they’re not so old, the MIG-31s ​​fly even more ancient.
    2. lelyk72
      lelyk72 20 August 2014 17: 47
      I THINK (!) That the version of the fighter that we sold in Angola does not suit anyone except Angola.
      And in order to get the version that suits someone else, the plane needs to be modernized.
      In any case, the price is ridiculous. Most likely, a typo somewhere.
  5. volot-voin
    volot-voin 20 August 2014 13: 08
    I hope that the SU-30 will find a more worthy application than for spare parts in any situation.
  6. 1-Patriot
    1-Patriot 20 August 2014 13: 08
    “Even after repair and modernization, not every country can afford their price,” -

    why us too?
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 20 August 2014 13: 52
      On export modifications of Su-30, foreign-made equipment is widely used - on-board computers, navigation equipment, etc.

      Therefore, they probably cannot be adopted by the Russian Air Force ... Most likely they want to sell ...
      1. VAF
        VAF 20 August 2014 16: 04
        Quote: KG_patriot_last
        Therefore, they probably cannot be adopted by the Russian Air Force ... Most likely they want to sell ...

        On these modifications of the Su-30K and Su-30MK 9t. e. 18 pieces of the first batch) everything .. from "extreme rivets to the extreme AZR" .. everything is OUR soldier
  7. Ayujak
    Ayujak 20 August 2014 13: 09
    180 million for 18 fighters. This is 10 million apiece. Cheaper than the new Mi-8. Good offer. I would buy one (spark) if I could.
    1. Altona
      Altona 20 August 2014 13: 17
      Quote: AYUJAK
      180 million for 18 fighters. This is 10 million apiece. Cheaper than the new Mi-8. Good offer. I would buy one (spark) if I could.

      By the way, I also looked at the declared price and was surprised, it's not 140 million for the F-35 ... Well, I’m so, figuratively ... It seems to me that it is very cheap ... One fighter for the price of a couple of tanks ...
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 20 August 2014 13: 29
        Are they completely impoverished, or what? Once they cannot buy an airplane for only 10 million. Okay, Angola, but Vietnam and Belarus are quite serious and wealthy countries. Since the Vietnamese have found money for a very expensive Galil as the main machine gun (they have disowned the much cheaper and superior AK-103), then money should be found for the Su-30K by definition. Or Belarus has set about creating its own air defense system "no worse than the S-300". And this is a very expensive business. So there is nothing to complain about here.
    2. VAF
      VAF 20 August 2014 16: 39
      Quote: AYUJAK
      This is 10 million apiece

      Not fully read the news wink - quote - ".. the cost of 18 fighters without repair and modernization".

      1.KVR engines.
      2. KVR of the aircraft (with the implementation of certain strength bulletins, some of them cost more than the KVR or KR).
      3. Modernization.

      so in the end we get lyamov 30 .. at least wink

      Quote: AYUJAK
      Cheaper than the new Mi-8

      Very incorrect comparison ... very hi
      1. Ustin
        Ustin 20 August 2014 19: 01
        Hello Veteran! You say everything in a "line". This is the first batch that went to the Indians for training, when I handed it over to them there was a lot of mistrust on the part of the Customer that what was declared could actually be done on this plane. And they did everything possible to make sure of this. Today there is a park of analogs for 300 pieces, so this party has fulfilled its mission. Modification for "KN" will increase the potential of the STA, and the sales figure is quite acceptable.
  8. volot-voin
    volot-voin 20 August 2014 13: 11
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Myself only for real money, and lousy Angola in which it is not known who will rule tomorrow we give a loan. A loan, which we then write off UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. In the BATH Angola and everyone else.

    I completely agree, unstable modes, only for an advance payment. How many people’s money have already been distributed, forgiving loans. Who just did not benefit.
    1. St Petrov
      St Petrov 20 August 2014 14: 20
      You can puff up standing still and waiting for the loan to return by freezing the relationship. In poor countries there is always little money, someone vryatli giving a loan to the banana republic - counts on its return, and even with%. Rather, they count more on the opposite - for when they cannot pay with money under an obligation - they pay with sovereignty, land or deposits. Money is a bargain - today there is a dollar, tomorrow it is not there, the ruble today costs one price, tomorrow another.

      And the deposit of gold or silver (oil, gas, diamonds - this is not the point) - it is always relevant and always tied to real money, relevant at a given time.

      + if we don’t give - our partners will give (sometimes both sides give) - it makes sense to put the client on long-term cooperation and service. We constantly need to repair planes, buy ammunition, send officers to study in the Russian Federation, and so on. In sum, I think a decent amount comes out + addiction

      So money in geopolitics is not always the most important aspect.
  9. DMB-88
    DMB-88 20 August 2014 13: 16
    Some garbage: to modernize the planes, try to give them away almost for nothing, and when they allegedly refused the gift, dispose of the planes. some kind of Serdyukovskaya scheme saw !!!
    1. KG_patriot_last
      KG_patriot_last 20 August 2014 13: 32
      in the light of the information about the S-300 and S30, Putin needs to start thinking a little that this kind of action harms his image, may displace these new "utilizers" from their posts.
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 20 August 2014 14: 31
        GDP has something to think about, more global. You write about the hustle and bustle at the ministry level
  10. kelevra
    kelevra 20 August 2014 13: 17
    It is a pity such aircraft and cut!
  11. siberko
    siberko 20 August 2014 13: 20
    and what can we not put in the RF Ministry of Defense? why write off? to give to Kubinka so that the "Russian Knights"
  12. Aleksandr12
    Aleksandr12 20 August 2014 13: 21
    It will be better for Belarus to lease out than let out for spare parts.
    1. Cosmos1987
      Cosmos1987 20 August 2014 13: 26
      We can also give)))
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 20 August 2014 13: 22
    Yes, the situation is unenviable for these aircraft. The strange position of Belarus, they rely only on our Air Force, even when protecting their skies. After all, you need to have your own something.
  14. Balamyt
    Balamyt 20 August 2014 13: 33
    The example of the Soviet Union, unfortunately, was not contagious! To Africa! To Angola! And on credit! They all went crazy there! I would also understand if the loan is for South Africa. But Angola, this is too much! The probability of a return is close to "0". Didn't we quietly write off debts?
  15. Rossiyanka
    Rossiyanka 20 August 2014 13: 53
    Just not on credit, it’s better on metal, otherwise you will have to write off loans again
  16. wladimir
    wladimir 20 August 2014 13: 59
    to give credit to Angola, if I correctly understood why not, let them pay with natural resources for no money, but she has a lot of things. And why for parts? The situation is such that they themselves may need drying
  17. muginov2015
    muginov2015 20 August 2014 14: 08
    which cut all minus?
    1. Alex20042004
      Alex20042004 20 August 2014 14: 35
      Only calm.
  18. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 20 August 2014 14: 17
    2 MiG-29 squadrons remained throughout Belarus. Over the past few years, the Belarusian Air Force has written off more than fifty units of military aircraft, not counting helicopters, having purchased at the same time absolutely zero airplanes.

    The nearest deliveries of the 2015 aircraft are the year when the 4 Yak-130 should be delivered under the contract with Russia from the 2010 year

    Currently, as part of the Belarusian Air Force according to Wiki:
    38 MiG-29 (18 MiG-29Б, 12 MiG-29БМ and 8 MiG-29UB);
    23 Su-25 (18 Su-25 and 5 Su-25UB). Also, about 20 Su-25 are in storage.
    The situation with the Belarusian Su-27 (21 unit of Su-27-17; Su-27UBM1-4), which were based at the airport in Baranovichi, is not clear. In December 2012, the year
    The official withdrawal of Su-27 fighters from the combat personnel of the Air Force and Republic Air Defense Forces. Equipped with the Su-27 fighters, the 1-I squadron of the 61-th fighter air base was disbanded on December 1 2012. However, in January this year it was decided to carry out major repairs and modernize the Su-27.

    All SU-24 bombers were withdrawn from the Air Force and sold to Sudan. In February 2012, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a decision to remove all Su-24M / MR aircraft from the air force and air defense of Belarus. Total for 2008-2013 Belarus supplied Sudan with 12 front-line bombers Su-24M and 13 attack aircraft Su-25 and two Su-25UB. The next batch of Su-2013 was delivered in the 25 year. A similar situation is observed with the Su-25 attack aircraft.
    And this is not counting the big problems due to the accident rate of worn-out aircraft:
    2009 crashed Su-27 two corpses. Materials are classified
    2010 crashed MiG-29 pilot managed to eject
    2010 crashed MiG-29 two corpses. Materials are classified
    2011 crashed helicopter of State Border Committee five corpses
    2011 crashed Mi-24 air force three corpses
    2012 crashed Su-25 corpse. Materials are classified
    Total: 4 of the year 6 machines.
    Slightly better condition of air defense of Belarus. Nevertheless, there are problems:
    1. Not so long ago, a plane flew from Lithuania to Belarus, flew to Minsk, circled around, scattered campaign materials and flew away. "Air Defense" of Belarus did not see him.
    2. At zero in Belarus there was a huge scandal connected with falsifications of internal checks of the air defense system. Nobody really tested or tested the system. Here is such a real level of air defense.
    True, there are shifts in the better direction. In 2005-2006, 2 divisions of the S-300 air defense missile systems were delivered from the RF Armed Forces, payment on barter with the eight-axle chassis MZKT-79221 for the RS-12M1 Topol-M missile systems. In 2014, Russia delivered 4 more S-300 divisions. All S-125 "Pechora" air defense systems were modernized, before the modification of "Pechora-2T". Plus, 2 divisions of 9K331MK Tor-M2E air defense missile systems on a wheeled chassis were delivered.
    Moreover, why Belarusians Su-30, when they abandoned their fleet Su-27, not because of wear and tear, but, first of all, because of the high cost of operation. Belarusians need MiG-29 or 35.
  19. Alex20042004
    Alex20042004 20 August 2014 14: 33
    In Angola, if my memory serves me right, large reserves of natural resources can be strategic (not too lazy from Wikipedia: From minerals, Angola is rich in oil, diamonds, iron ores, bauxite, phosphorites, gypsum, gold, ores of uranium, copper, titanium , manganese).
    I know that our air defense officers have been there, told me something.
  20. Ural guys
    Ural guys 20 August 2014 14: 48
    Pass them to a sports school. They are just not enough.
    And children must get used to small appliances and their maintenance.
  21. mig31
    mig31 20 August 2014 14: 55
    As my mother-in-law says - do not rush, or you will throw yourself !!!
  22. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 20 August 2014 15: 02
    Is there really no more countries wanting to buy airplanes, this is rather strange .. most likely the poor work of those who are responsible for the sale of military equipment is in the face.
  23. Crimea-nyash
    Crimea-nyash 20 August 2014 15: 04
    and donate, as humanitarian aid, to us in the Crimea .. we will come in handy, let them be. for every fireman ... we must be prepared with our neighbors ..
  24. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 20 August 2014 15: 33
    Well, if we talk about the Air Force of Angola, then their heyday fell on the 80 years, the war with South Africa and UNITA. About MiG-23 were delivered about 50 MiG-23 of various modifications: MiG-23MLD and MiG-23BN, as well as MiG-21, Su-20 / 22, Su-25 (12 Su-25Г, 2К) -25 (17), Mi-10, Mi-24. At the beginning of the 8's, the Angola Air Force was the most numerous in southern Africa, second only to South Africa.

    True, then the planes were piloted by the Cubans, and they own all the air victories over the combat aircraft of South Africa, and the Cuban and Soviet specialists were engaged in the aircraft maintenance.
    The intensity of the fighting and mastery of the Cubans, which forced the South African Air Force to abandon the support of the South African ground forces, which ultimately led to the defeat of South Africa in the 1987-1988 military campaign, is indicated by clear inscriptions in Afrikaans "MIK23 sak van die kart" (MiG-23-you broke our hearts) left by South African troops on the wall of the Ruacana-Kalueke Dam.

    Just 3 years after the withdrawal of Cuban troops in 1994, the Angolan Air Force was a rather pitiful sight. South African mercenaries from the military company noted the extremely poor condition of Angoltian aircraft and the extremely low training of crews and technical services. With the death of Savimbi and the end of the civil war in Angola, the "renaissance" of the Angolan Air Force began: the previously delivered Soviet aircraft were repaired and the purchase of new aircraft, both newly built and second-hand, began. Moreover, the emphasis, of course, was placed on the countries of the former USSR: so 10 Mi-35s were purchased in Russia, 10 An-72s in Ukraine, data on the purchase of 6 Su-24s in Belarus slipped through, but the biggest acquisition was the purchase of the Su-27 in Russia with delivery through Belarus. Currently in the Angolan Air Force: 6 Su-27SK, Su-27UBK, a total of 8 aircraft were purchased, one machine was shot down on 19.11.2000/XNUMX/XNUMX.

    And now the purchase of 12 Su-30.
  25. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 20 August 2014 15: 33
    s-300 cut drying disassembled and I thought that with the departure of the stool, this canoe stopped. I wouldn’t leave myself for my troops
    1. VAF
      VAF 20 August 2014 17: 29
      Quote: NOC-VVS
      but I thought that with the departure of the stool, this canoe stopped.

      And what do you still think that this is just a little he came, took a position and .. started to "steer" ???? belay
      Yeah ... well, what can I say wassat crying
  26. Iline
    Iline 20 August 2014 18: 20
    These aircraft were delivered at the time for temporary use by India instead of the Su-30MKI specified in the contract, because our industry did not have time to collect the latter at the time agreed upon in the contract.
    What is the supply of aircraft abroad? This is primarily a complete set of equipment at the whim of the customer. Another caveat - all the inscriptions on the devices and dashboard should be in the state language of the country where this equipment is delivered. In Angola, it is Portuguese. I myself worked at the time at the Baranavichy ARZ and I know what I'm talking about. At that time, it was true that they were repairing Su-17s of various modifications, but in addition to the USSR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic, Syria and Iraq also received repairs. The Czechs, among other things, supplied their engines to repair their aircraft. Where did they collect them there, to be honest, I did not go into such details.
    It is difficult to adapt to the whims of the customer and sometimes just not profitable. They would have presented these planes to Belarus and forgot about it as a nightmare.
    And it will be unprofitable to deliver to the Air Force, as will have to pay import duties for completely new aircraft. This is our legislation, and that is why these planes miraculously settled in Baranovichi, Belarus.
  27. pvv113
    pvv113 20 August 2014 19: 48
    Quote: Thought Giant
    can also be put in storage

    Comrades, tell me - is the storage base still operating in Chebenki?
  28. Evilcat
    Evilcat 20 August 2014 21: 17
    "Dry" from Baranavichy can be put on parts

    What kind of nonsense? Never in the Union, in the post-Soviet space did technology go to spare parts. To maintain combat effectiveness, only ZIPs were used. Often even with excess standards. I was shocked when I saw our spare parts in KapYar in a landfill. And the warriors only laughed. One set withstood three or four cycles.