Who defends Ukraine as part of the terrorist defense battalions (Channel 112 Ukraine)

Military operations in the Donbas have been going on for quite some time. However, the data on the warring parties is not so much. 112.ua decided to gather in one place all those who are fighting for Ukraine. Before you - the first part of a large material.
We note that we provided the materials of the Russian media for review so that the reader would know how much the battalion’s activity is monitored in the neighboring country.

Battalion Lugansk
photo from Facebook battalion "Lugansk"

In the middle of spring, April 14, then acting president Oleksandr Turchinov signed a decree on the start of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine. At the same time, the creation of the first volunteer battalion, Dnepr, was announced, followed by Donbass and Kiev, in May the list was added to the Azov and Aidar battalions. Below is about who went to defend the country in the ranks of volunteers, field commanders and military achievements, funding units, as well as the interest of world media in their activities.
Immediately, we note that not all voluntary battalions are represented here. Read about others later on 112.ua


Volunteer battalion "Dnepr" (special purpose battalion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Dnepr-1") was created on April 14. 2014, mainly from residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region. on the basis of the national defense regiment, which, in turn, was formed back in February 2014. The unit included people with experience of service, military operations and work in the police. The battalion commander became the head of the National Defense Headquarters, Yuri Bereza. In service with fighters weapon, including Kalashnikovs, they are dressed in black uniforms.

Yuri Bereza
Photo from open sources

Dnipro is subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior, but partially funded by the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, co-owner of the Privat group, Igor Kolomoisky. Due to sufficient funding and active participation of many entrepreneurs of the Dnepropetrovsk region, the fighters of the battalion are well equipped and equipped.

Soldiers have not yet received a salary. Officially from the Ministry of Interior for the rank and file, it is 4,5 thousand UAH. The regional state administration promises to pay extra. The accrual mechanism is not yet known, but the documents for the production of cards have already been filed, the battalion said.

Dnipro was originally created to protect law and order in the Dnipropetrovsk region. After activating the anti-terrorist operation forces, the battalion fighters were transferred to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions to fight terrorists.

"Dniprovtsy" together with another volunteer formation "Azov" cleaned Mariupol and ensured security during the presidential elections in Ukraine. As of today, "Dnepr" takes part in patrolling the coast of the Azov Sea.

May 30 battalion "Dnepr" and the battalion of the territorial defense of the Dnipropetrovsk region took control of the railway stations Prosyanaya, Slavyanka, Dobropol'e, Dachnoe and all border railway stations.

In the course of military operations in the ATO zone, the battalion fighters detained a group of DPR militants who were involved in the 5 events of July in Sedovo, when Ukrainian border guards were shot.

18 July after a long battle during the operation to neutralize the DPR group Oplot Special Forces, the Dnepr battalion in the vicinity of Mariupol captured a representative of the DPR, who confirmed during interrogation that the Malaysian passenger liner of the Malaysian Airlines was shot down by the DPR from Buk "imported from the Russian Federation.

11 August "Dnipro" detained the "people's mayor" of Alchevsk Nikolai Boyko.

The group of the battalion, together with the fighters of "Dnipro" and the 93 of the mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, take part in hostilities on the outskirts of Donetsk near the village of Peski.

During its existence, the Dnipro battalion has been repeatedly criticized and accused by officials. So, the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the "Party of Regions" Nikolay Levchenko called for the disbanding of this battalion. In his opinion, volunteers inadequately act in the East.

In May, Donetsk Governor Sergei Taruta accused the Dnepr battalion of destabilizing the situation in Donbas. And in early August, the press secretary of the Azov battalion, Igor Mosiychuk, accused the Dnipro fighters in the arms trade: "... what does Filatov and his owner Kolomoisky do now? Do you think they are fighting on the front line or personally driving around the ATO zone and helping the soldiers with food or No, these two gentlemen-oligarchs sit in Dnepropetrovsk and, puffing up their cheeks, teach Ukrainians how to protect Ukraine for their foreign money. I personally saw how the people whom these gentlemen-oligarchs teach the country to protect for money and then filed reports of withdrawal s ATO zone due to their low morale "- wrote on his Facebook page Mosiychuk.

In early August, the Zaporozhye unit of the battalion was liquidated by the DPR sabotage reconnaissance group. There is no accurate data on casualties in the battalion. In the Russian media, the Dnepr battalion is called the Kolomoisky’s “private army” and attribute to them various atrocities, including even the shelling of the Malaysian Boeing 777.


The Donbass battalion consists of the Donbass 24 territorial defense battalion, subordinated to the Ministry of Defense, and the National Guardia’s operational battalion, Donbass, subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Created in April 2014 in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The battalion consisted of volunteers from both the Dnipropetrovsk region and from other regions of Ukraine. The battalion commander was one of the initiators of its creation, Semen Semenchenko. The number of battalions ranges around 480-500 fighters. At the armament of the fighters at the moment Kalashnikov assault rifles and small arms, there is no unified camouflage.

Financing the battalion "Donbass", according to Semenchenko, comes from the charitable contributions of citizens. Those parts of the battalion that are subordinate to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs also receive salaries from the budget. "A messenger arrived from Kiev and brought a salary for the soldiers of the special forces battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine Donbass. We can afford almost everything for it. Monthly salary 989 UAH. Net of taxes," wrote Semenchenko on the battalion's official Facebook page.

Who defends Ukraine as part of the terrorist battalions ("Channel 112" Ukraine)
Semen Semenchenko

At the same time, Semenchenko categorically denies financial assistance to the battalion from Igor Kolomoisky and emphasizes that ammunition for the battalion’s fighters is purchased with funds raised by citizens. For the same funds, according to Semenchenko, it was possible to purchase 6 drones. But at the same time, Kolomoisky provided Semenchenko with the territory of the pioneer camp for the placement of volunteers.

The formation of the battalion and the recruitment of volunteers Semenchenko announced on his Facebook page, moreover, several times after the start of the active phase of the ATO, Semenchenko personally recruited volunteers directly on the Maidan.

Fighters of the battalion "Donbass" took part in defense and cleaning of Mariupol 9 of May. In Karlovka, the 23 of May, Donbass fighters were ambushed by militants. The battle lasted 4,5 hours. Later, this battle Semenchenko called "a turning point for the battalion" and "reconnaissance in force." According to Semenchenko, the losses of the Donbass battalion are 4 killed, 1 killed by wounds, about 20 injured, several captured. A few days later, the battalion command announced 11 dead.

July 18 battalion fighters participated in the battle of Popasna, where there were also casualties. Two soldiers were killed, six were wounded.

Donbassovtsy took an active part in the battles near Marinka. As a result, the ATO forces managed to occupy a strategic settlement on the outskirts of Donetsk.

10 August "Donbass" also participated in the battles of Ilovaisk, where he lost four fighters. 11 August killed the deputy commander of the battalion, Yuri Litvinsky.

To this day, the identity of the battalion commander remains a mystery. Semen Semenchenko appears in the media and in public only in a balaclava, which completely hides the face. In an interview, he also said that Semen Semenchenko is a pseudonym.

The administration of the Donetsk region did not approve the initiative to form an armed militia, but the battalion received the approval of Kolomoisky and the public. In addition, the battalion "Donbass" has become the object of attention of international media, it was visited by journalists from Reuters, the Associated Press, journalists from Denmark and the Netherlands.

In the Russian media, the battalion is referred to as an illegal armed group. And on June 12, State Duma Deputy Oleg Mikheyev sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office to review the activities and recognition of the Ukrainian Dnepr and Donbass battalions operating in Ukraine and under Ukrainian jurisdiction by terrorist formations.


The Kiev-1 battalion (a battalion of the special purpose police patrol service in the structure of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev) was formed in April 2014. Among the tasks of the battalion is the protection of law and order, including in the east of Ukraine. Initially, members of the Maidan joined the battalion, but in the course of further selection, some of them were eliminated, and volunteers were accepted into the battalion. Commanded by the battalion (curated by "Kiev-1") Eugenia Deidey. The number of battalions 423 man. In service with the fighters of the battalion, in addition to small arms, there is also a BRDM-2.

Yevgeny Dadey
Photo from open sources

Financing of the battalion is mainly due to the budget, as well as through charitable contributions.

In early May, after the tragic events in Odessa, the battalion was sent there to ensure the protection of public order and the fight against separatism. So the fighters of the battalion prevented an attempt of a possible assault on the building of the regional administration.

Since the beginning of June, Kyiv-1 has been guarding public order in the capital. During this time, the battalion fighters took an active part in the detention of armed men who attacked a cafe on Moscow's Shevchenko Boulevard. And also guarded the rule of law during the cleaning of tents from the Independence Square. During the first attempt to bring the center of the capital in the proper form, the battalion fighters seized a large number of firearms from "protesters", several law enforcement officers were injured.

1 July most of the battalion fighters went to the east of Ukraine to participate in the antiterrorist operation in the Donbas. The battalion fighters provide security for roadblocks and other objects. July 4 battalion as part of the ATO forces participated in the liberation of the city of Nikolaevka from the Donetsk region from terrorists.

July 6 fighters of the battalion announced a "hunt" for the leader of the terrorists Igor Girkin- "Strelka", in order to bring him to justice. Took part in the liberation of Slavyansk.

On July 15, the fighters of "Kiev" detained and provided transportation to the city of Izium of the secretary of the Slavic city council, Alexander Samsonov, who is charged with creating militarized or armed formations unforeseen by law.

Since the beginning of August, representatives of the battalion provide protection of public order in the city of Slavyansk, Donetsk region.

In the Russian press, the battalion "Kiev-1" is called mainly "Punishers", "Avakov Personal Guard" and "Black Hundred".

The battalion is served by the son of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov Alexander, who volunteered to fight in the East. When this became known, the "militia" announced a hunt for him.

The curator of the battalion, Yevgeny Dadey, also arouses keen interest among militants. He is called none other than a "former criminal" and spread information that Deidey was convicted of robbery attacks, and later, due to the fact that his father was a deputy in the city of Reni (Odessa region), he worked as an investigator in the Odessa police.


The "Aydar" battalion (24th Aydar territorial defense battalion) was established in May 2014 on the basis of the military unit AT 0624. The battalion consisted of volunteers from all over Ukraine, many of them were listed as part of the Maidan Self-Defense. The commander and initiator of the creation of the battalion Sergey Melnichuk. The number of battalions - about 500 fighters. Heavy weapons and camouflage of the same type of fighters yet.

Aydar is a river flowing in the Belgorod region of Russia and the Lugansk region of Ukraine, the left tributary of the Seversky Donets.

Aidar is officially subordinate to the Ministry of Defense. Financing the battalion officially lies with the state, with the soldiers of "Aydar" the Ministry of Defense signs contracts. However, this process does not go as fast as I would like. And today, not all fighters are formalized. At the same time, the battalion has its own charity account, to which all who care may transfer funds. Report on the use of charitable funds "Aydar" publishes on its official page on Facebook.

Among the tasks of the battalion are: patrolling the roads of the Luhansk region, operations to remove the civilian population from the occupied territories, reconnaissance, fire adjustment and other separate tasks, the liberation of populated areas from militants in cooperation with units of the Armed Forces.

During the presidential election, the battalion maintained order at the polling stations in the Starobelsky district.

Together with the armed forces "Aidar" liberated the city of Happiness in the Luhansk region. 14 June 2014 g. He completely came under the control of ATO forces. According to "Aydar", following the results of the special operation, 58 militants were eliminated. Since then, part of the battalion is based in Happiness and Polovinkino.

In battles under Metalist, the battalion fighters found a bunker with 18 militants from the Don special forces. 15 July at the dacha of the MP from the Communist Party of Ukraine Spiridon Kilinkarova, which is located in the village of Stukalova Beam near Lugansk, “aydarovtsami” was discovered an arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

At the end of July, Aydar entered Rubezhnoye and together with the 51 brigade in Severodonetsk. The battalion fighters took an active part in the battles for Lugansk airport.

"Aydarovtsy" cut off from the support of militants from the Donetsk-Debaltsevo-Alchevsk village of Aleksandrovsk and Yubileyny. During the battle of Lutugino, the battalion suffered serious losses. Then the 23 fighter died.

During July 20-27, the battalion fighters liberated five settlements, three highways and one railway line.

For your not long history The existence of the battalion was implicated in several scandals. Several times it was about his disbandment. However, this information has never been confirmed. Also, the militants have repeatedly stated the physical destruction of most of the fighters, but even these statements were not confirmed. Among the battalion fighters themselves growing discontent commander Melnichuk.

Sergey Melnichuk

As of July 27, the battalion lost its volunteers on the 30 battlefield.

On August 7, Defense Minister Valery Geletei announced the possibility of creating a regular unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine later on the basis of the Aidar Volunteer Battalion.

The Russian media speak of the battalion exclusively as “punishers” and “hired thugs”. Remarkably, some of the leading Russian media did not bother to figure out who was in command of “Aydar”: “Lyashko is the commander of the“ Aydar ”battalion assembled from notorious thugs, most of the former felons who are ready to go into the fire and into the water. with words alone, now, perhaps, absolutely impossible. "


The decision to establish a volunteer armed unit "Azov" was taken on 4 in May 2014 in Mariupol, later the battalion was relocated to Berdyansk. As part of the battalion is the company of the same name patrol service of the special purpose police. The battalion is formed mainly of activists of Avtomaydan and the ultra-right movement "Patriot of Ukraine" (essentially nationalists) from all over Ukraine. The structure of Azov also included Dynamo Ultra, four Swedish citizens, one Italian citizen, and Russian citizens. They all hold neo-fascist views. The total number of battalions around 300 people. The battalion commander is Andrei Biletsky. The battalion fighters are also known as "black men". Also involved in the creation of the battalion are the activist of Avtomaydan, deputy commander of the battalion Yaroslav Gonchar, people's deputy of Ukraine Oleg Lyashko and spokesman for the Social-National Assembly Igor Mosiychuk. The battalion is armed with small arms, including AKS-74 assault rifles, SVD sniper rifles and PKM machine guns.

Andrey Biletsky
Photo from open sources

Partially the battalion is financed from the budget (company of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), as well as from private donations and assistance from businessmen. On August 2, the deputy governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Boris Filatov, announced that the financing of the Azov and Shakhtersk battalions was discontinued due to the statements made by the “fascist Mosiychuk” and Oleg Lyashko’s self-promotion actions. Filatov suggested that the command of these battalions "decide" to continue to receive "allowances from us."

Already on May 6, battalion fighters in a battle in the Mangush region captured the “DPR” Defense Minister Igor Kakidzyanov. During the battle, one Azov fighter was wounded.

News Related: Tatiana Chornovol's husband died in the ATO zone
"Azov" took an active part during the liberation of Mariupol 9 in May. In particular, he took by storm the courtyard and the first floor of the city police department. At the same time, several fighters were detained by members of the Mariupol militia, whom Gonchar later declared traitors.

On May 26, the fighters of the battalion allegedly eliminated the separatist base in the territory of Lyudmila Yanukovych’s summer residence in the village of Urzuf, where, according to Oleg Lyashko, a warehouse with weapons of separatists was allegedly found. According to other sources, no weapons depot was found at Lyudmila Yanukovych’s country house, but instead the hostel’s farm manager was taken hostage and held for 24 hours.

In mid-June, the Azov fighters detained the “people's mayor” of Mariupol and took part in battles to liberate the city. 13 June in Mariupol Ukrainian flags were raised.

During the battles for Saur-Grave, according to unconfirmed data, “Azov” was actually crushed and taken to the rear for manning, but Mosiychuk denied this information. Since July 17 partially battalion participated in the battles for strategic heights. Only 9 August Ukrainian security officials managed to take it.

"Azov" also participated in the battles for Marinka and Donetsk. 10 August in the battles of Ilovaiskom killed the husband of the Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Policy Tatiana Chornovol, fighter "Azov" Nikolai Berezovoy.

Despite the obvious military merit of the battalion was fixed, to put it mildly, doubtful glory. According to Lyashko, the battalion is partially, "perhaps even half," consisting of people who have a criminal record. According to him, they were all unjustly convicted. The presence of persons with convictions affects the situation in the battalion. So, one of the former fighters of the battalion said that he was tortured for disagreeing with marauding actions and open support of national socialism in the battalion. However, the commander Biletsky himself, on charges of extremism and attempted murder, he spent in Kharkov SIZO 2,5 of the year and came out only thanks to the victory of Maidan.

"Azov" received wide coverage in the foreign press, primarily due to fighters from foreign countries.

As of the end of July, about two dozen foreigners are fighting in the battalion: from Russia, France, Italy, Belarus, Canada, Sweden and Slovenia. As the number of battalions increases, a separate brigade will be formed from them.

Official representatives of the battalion "Azov" argue that all volunteers from Russia who are fighting in the unit, took the citizenship of Ukraine, and citizens of other foreign countries are not assigned combat missions in order not to violate the laws of Ukraine.
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    1. 0
      20 August 2014 08: 27
      Somehow, he’ll probably fall through, work off a little drama according to Poroshenko, give a pendell to the running away Amundsen ...
  25. 0
    20 August 2014 08: 14
    How many different guests came to the Donbass ... okay - we will meet.

    Quote: K. Simonov
    The Germans were wearing hard hats,
    Numbered inside
    And on top painted with paint
    Concern "Farben Industry".

    And the population was silent
    Looked in silence every house.
    So they look at the enemies first,
    To take them by the throat later.
    (silence and patience of V.V. Putin)

    Found on the whole city only
    Five bitch children.
    With subservience, with feeling, really
    Met "dear" guests.
  26. +1
    20 August 2014 08: 16
    Of course, you need to know the enemy by sight, but you should look at these faces only through the slot of the sight!
  27. +1
    20 August 2014 08: 27
    Schaub won out ...
    1. 0
      20 August 2014 08: 49
      Unfortunately, they themselves will not die. Need help. Well, here’s a militia card in hand. They do a pretty good job.
  28. wladimir
    20 August 2014 08: 40
    This information is needed for the investigating authorities, why should these nasty faces be published in our press?
  29. +2
    20 August 2014 08: 45
    looking at the pagan symbols (Black sun and runes) of the "Azov" battalion, it was with regret that it was thought that again the next good symbols would rot ...
  30. 0
    20 August 2014 08: 53
    The emblems of the battalions copy the Nazi emblems, do not even hide their fascist orientation.
  31. 0
    20 August 2014 08: 58
    Time will put everything in its place and put all the executioners with cancer, and about a quarter it's too humane in relation to these non-humans.
  32. +1
    20 August 2014 09: 21
    On the "Aydar" stripe there is an inscription - "God is with us". This is an absolute copy of the inscription on the belt buckle in the Wehrmacht army - "Gott mit uns" - "God is with us."
  33. +5
    20 August 2014 09: 38
    There is a mistake in the title of the article. The letters "h" and "u" were confused.

    The name, in fact, sounds like this: "Who is behindчlooking for Ukraine as part of self-defense battalions "
  34. +1
    20 August 2014 09: 45
    However, there is not much data on the warring parties. 112.ua decided to gather in one place all who are fighting for Ukraine

    This "highly secret battalion" will never be shown!

  35. +1
    20 August 2014 10: 27
    Gentlemen, administrators, what are you, "collapsed from the oak" by providing ardent Russophobes with a tribune in VO! Or do you also agree with their nonsense that the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by militias using Russian air defense systems? Well, you at least study the materials before putting them on public display! But we, even if by chance, in our hearts something breaks out immediately "ban"! I demand that this Nazi propaganda be removed immediately!
    1. 0
      20 August 2014 11: 41
      I support. Absolutely inappropriate material.

      VO site became the mouthpiece of Ukrainian propaganda?
      On July 6, the battalion's fighters announced a "hunt" for the leader of the terrorists Igor Girkin - "Strelka", in order to bring him to justice.

      And everything else is in the same spirit. It is also said to be "the first part of a lot of material." Those. another foul-smelling pile is preparing.
    2. 0
      20 August 2014 13: 41

      kartalovkolya (4) Today, 10:27 ↓

      Gentlemen, administrators, what are you, "collapsed from the oak" by providing ardent Russophobes with a tribune in VO!

      That's right, the enemy needs to know in person.
  36. +1
    20 August 2014 10: 49
    I read in the reports of the militia how these scum can run. Moreover, it was just yesterday. As they gave them and ran the Dnieper and exposed the flank. They are afraid when they iron them with hail!
  37. +1
    20 August 2014 11: 04
    You need to know the face of the criminals in order to find and judge them later.
    1. +1
      20 August 2014 11: 59
      You need to know the face of the criminals in order to find and judge them later.

      If they were confident in their righteousness and victory, then their faces would not be hidden. Afraid that they will be judged, even Semyon Semenchenko walks in a balaclava, but he is also known and full of photos on the Internet, but he is afraid to be recognized.
  38. 0
    20 August 2014 13: 25
    they do not protect they strip
  39. 0
    20 August 2014 13: 33
    There would be more photos of the participants in punitive battalions, so that later it would be easier to look for them to fill the gallows on the Maidan ...
  40. special
    20 August 2014 13: 39
    The article is strange ... That's what. advertising punitive battalions? Article minus, definitely ... what
  41. +1
    20 August 2014 15: 03
    and in which battalions are the blacks fighting ?!! (FORGIVEN black-skinned Ukrainians) because, according to the logic of this article, only Ukrainians are fighting !!!
  42. 0
    20 August 2014 17: 53
    ". This is how the battalion fighters prevented a possible assault attempt." what A wonderful phrase! Dal, Ozhegov and Efron are children, they would never have thought of such a phrase! "It seems, it seems, probably very much, even maybe"
  43. 0
    20 August 2014 20: 43
    And why was the article written? Advertising of the national guard ukrov? Introduces us to the glorious combat path of these geeks? And is the Donbass battalion a battalion? Or is it a new invention of ukrov - a battalion consisting of two battalions? To confuse everyone? And why do they close their faces? From modesty? Unnamed heroes? Or converted to Islam, married the sheikhs, and they "watch over their wives"?
  44. 0
    20 August 2014 22: 07
    "Lyashko is the commander of the" Aydar "battalion, assembled from notorious thugs, in most of the former criminals, who are ready to fire and into the water for their boss.
    What kind of criminals are these commanded by ... dor. Did he collect some cocks?
    1. 0
      21 August 2014 00: 27
      This was an example of "a lie from a Russian article." Lyashko does not command anything. Runs around there with two bodyguards ... PR.
      The article is generally not bad, but a lot of blunders. For example, "Dnepr" is armed with small arms and suddenly "it was rumored to fire at Boeing."
  45. 0
    21 August 2014 20: 02
    Everyone is so fluffy, everyone on the liver ... in the end.

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