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Russian servicemen arrived in northern China to participate in the Peace Mission-2014 exercise

The last train with troops and military equipment for participation in the international military antiterrorist exercises of the SCO member states “Peace Mission-2014” arrived at the Zhuzhihe (Inner Mongolia, PRC) test site from Russia, Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Russian servicemen arrived in northern China to participate in the Peace Mission-2014 exercise

In total, about 1 of thousands of motorized riflemen from a unit of the Eastern District (VVO) located in the Trans-Baikal Territory, in the city of Borzya, arrived on the territory of the largest combined-arms training ground in Central Asia.

In addition, to the place of the exercise, the 8 helicopters MI-8 AMTSH of the VVO airbase located in the Primorsky Krai arrived. Their task is to fire the support of the battalion tactical group during the practical phase of the exercise.

Military contingents from China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan will also take part in the maneuvers.

“The Russian Armed Forces at the exercises will present a motorized rifle battalion on infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, reinforced tank a company on T-72 tanks, a self-propelled howitzer battery on an ACS 2S3 Akatsiya, an anti-aircraft platoon on a ZSU-23-4 Shilka, a BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems, a sniper platoon and a mortar battery. In total, about 100 units of weapons and military equipment will be involved in the exercise from the Russian side, including 4 Su-25 army attack aircraft, 8 Mi-8 AMTS helicopters ”- said the press service.
The exercise will last six days from 24 to August 29.
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 19 August 2014 17: 11
    I did not understand ... what, the whole world will arrange provocations against the Yankees and dill?
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 19 August 2014 17: 38
      Fighting cooperation of the SCO member states at a height. We are preparing to fight back enemies in any climatic conditions.
  2. Paradoxov
    Paradoxov 19 August 2014 17: 11
    And this is "Our answer to Curzon!" am
    If you recall that yesterday the armies of South Korea and the United States began large joint exercises.
    1. armageddon
      armageddon 19 August 2014 17: 41
      Just wanted to write !!! Here is the answer to the teachings of the USA and South Korea ... That's right !!! There is nothing to beat at the borders ... !!!
  3. portoc65
    portoc65 19 August 2014 17: 12
    Russia plus China ... I would see who trample on this tandem.
  4. Fidget
    Fidget 19 August 2014 17: 12
    learn guys envy of NATO =)
  5. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 19 August 2014 17: 13
    Well, very good ...

    1. portoc65
      portoc65 19 August 2014 17: 20
      Moscow Beijing. Moscow Beijing. Peoples are moving forward ... Moscow Beijing. Moscow Beijing is under the banner of freedom ...
  6. DMB87
    DMB87 19 August 2014 17: 15
    I liked the photo:

    1. RUSS
      RUSS 19 August 2014 21: 44
      Quote: DMB87
      I liked the photo:

      Cute chinese love
      1. DMB87
        DMB87 20 August 2014 05: 47
        Cute chinese love

  7. Dezinto
    Dezinto 19 August 2014 17: 20
    We must be friends. We have to train. Anglo-Saxons are greyhound and are getting closer. And with whom are we still friends and is learning to resist them. The Chinese are interested in stopping this machine of revolutions (usa) like us.
  8. Matrosov
    Matrosov 19 August 2014 17: 21
    Well, the scale of the exercises is relatively modest, but let them study, now a well-trained reinforced battalion will be more convenient than an average-trained division. As V.I. Lenin "Study, study and study again!"
  9. RusDV
    RusDV 19 August 2014 17: 23
    to participate in international military anti-terrorism exercises

    I keep smiling at the word "anti-terrorist". Pin.dosy is in a panic, and we are ... against terrorists .. smile This is how we show them who the terrorist really is? Well, the truth is, as soon as we have such exercises, the whole west comes out with saliva. Who do they consider themselves to be? Honest people have nothing to fear from such teachings. laughing
  10. midashko
    midashko 19 August 2014 17: 28
    Next time, when there will be exercises in the Kuril Islands, you need to invite the Chinese. Let them even land on Khabomai, practice. Something the eastern neighbor is painfully jealous of our teachings.
  11. netwalker
    netwalker 19 August 2014 17: 28
    A mutual muscle game began to determine who has white or black, and most importantly who has the longest smile In response to NATO exercises.
  12. Yellow white
    Yellow white 19 August 2014 17: 30
    Scha Psaka declares that at the borders of Urkaina Russians together with the Chinese stir up a provocation wassat
  13. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 19 August 2014 17: 30
    It’s good when armies learn, not fight. This means that friendship is growing, armies are spoiling military skills, and the United States should wind up such a SCO relationship.
  14. mig31
    mig31 19 August 2014 17: 30
    Russia always appeals to the world with peace, and God forbid the Amers with their mongrels to initiate a provocation against Russia, phishington will not think enough ...
  15. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 19 August 2014 17: 39
    Let them look closely and more attentively ... And then how it goes! We are now in these teachings (albeit modest) just right in political terms ...
  16. Zubrminsk
    Zubrminsk 19 August 2014 17: 42
    It's better to be friends with China! It is not yet clear who is the leader in the world. For me, as far as China is concerned, "still waters run deep"
  17. vigor1288
    vigor1288 19 August 2014 17: 45
    Politicking is a game, but not everything is so bad. It is necessary to work out with the allies - again, mutual understanding, and BRICS will now catch up, will also begin to carry out similar movements. At least after the last BRICS smith, Argentina has already taken up a pose, and in response a click on the nose did not sound. Goofy! So you can have Russia and allies to raise their heads, and even snap back uncle in strip-star panties. The alignment of forces is changing and far from in favor of Uncle Sam.
  18. Karasik
    Karasik 19 August 2014 17: 47
    Quote: "The teachings will last six days from August 24th to 29th."

    August 24 - Independence Day of Ukraine. I have always called this date "Independence Day from Common Sense". We have chosen the date for the start of the exercises. I can imagine how UkroSMI will sprinkle saliva on this matter!
  19. Berrick
    Berrick 19 August 2014 17: 48
    Calmly continue to further irritate the "partners" surrounding us
  20. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 19 August 2014 18: 02
    The main thing, not in the number of participants in the exercises, but in quality and time to show the Yankees that we are not sleeping but are watching them carefully.
  21. tabletkin73
    tabletkin73 19 August 2014 19: 01
    Pancake ! Psaka is upset again
  22. SIROP73
    SIROP73 19 August 2014 19: 02
    According to the State Department, the exercises conducted in Russia are a provocation. What to do? It is necessary to conduct exercises outside of Russia. First, in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, then in China, and then in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states. wink
  23. MSA
    MSA 19 August 2014 20: 16
    Russia - China is a powerful force.
  24. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 19 August 2014 22: 05
    Now it’s clear why the 36 team did not go to Mongolia.
    A greyhound was prepared for exercises with China.

    A very decent BTGr was sent to Zhuzhihe.
    Good luck on the exercises, Lozovskaya.
    "Beauty Greyhound" looks at you.
    1. Hius
      Hius 20 August 2014 05: 38
      He served in 272 SMEs, and now stumbled upon the following information:
      In June 2009, the regiment was disbanded and sent to equip 36 separate motorized rifle brigades of the 29th army with a deployment site in Borzya-3

      Can someone explain why they disbanded - is this a restructuring? I’m somehow not in the know.
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 20 August 2014 15: 48
        Quote: Hius
        Can someone explain why they disbanded - is this a restructuring?

        Good day, Victor.

        272 SMEs?
        You seem to be standing in Choira ...
        Then, like a regiment, it was part of the 2 Tatsinskaya TD ... The famous Choybolsanovskaya division ... it was taken to Bezrechnaya at the beginning of the 90 and cut in the beginning of the 2000, sending equipment to the 3742 CBRT.
        Your regiment was brought to Sherlovaya Gora, and then it was thrown into Mirnaya.
        In Yasnaya, meanwhile, the 131 PULAD was cut and planked ... this is what your regiment remembered, the men said that they removed 113 SMEs from the division and instead introduced your 272 SMEs.
        As a result, everyone was sent to the bathhouse at the CBRT and, on the basis of the 131th Guards Lozovo Red Banner Motor Rifle Division, they made the 36th Guards Lozovo Red Banner Motorized Rifle Brigade with the RPM in Borz.
        It seems that in addition to this brigade, some of the equipment remained in two parts on Yasnaya (13-I site).
        Here is such crap ...
        I wrote almost from memory, if I made a mistake somewhere, correct ...

        Good luck.
        1. Hius
          Hius 21 August 2014 05: 59
          Thanks for the answer. He served from 1999-2001, 272 SMEs were then in Borzoi.
  25. Seraphimamur
    Seraphimamur 20 August 2014 04: 00
    You need to be friends with the Chinese but not fraternize. They twist their movie.
    Everything is different with us except that we are humanoids.
  26. project sity
    project sity 20 August 2014 09: 15
    The show of the Forces to the whole world, and its united countries play no small importance. So someday this teaching will come in handy! It is worth considering the countries against whom they will go with the sword. (It is worth stocking up with pampers: -D)
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. ann8956
    ann8956 21 August 2014 19: 29
    I have a boyfriend there now! He likes!
    And today they had an emergency, our Russian tank exploded with two guys! (((