"Russian tsars gave Finland statehood"

"Russian tsars gave Finland statehood"A coalition of northern European countries could fruitfully cooperate with us.

A party has appeared in Iceland that has set a goal to seek the unification of their country with Norway. So we can state that, against the background of centrifugal tendencies, there are centripetal forces in Europe.

Recognizing the crisis of the European Union, some analysts do not exclude the emergence of new economic associations that are alternative to the EU.

It is not the first time in the expert community that the topic of the Northern Union is raised, where the Scandinavian countries and the United Kingdom could enter. Such an organization could well establish trade cooperation with Russia, because with all the differences, there are quite a few common economic features between our countries.

Andrei Parshev, author of the book “Why Russia is not America,” assesses the likelihood of the emergence of the Northern Union, the unification of Iceland and Norway, as well as the possibility of cooperation between our country and the coalition of the northern countries of Europe.

The steps to bring together Iceland and Norway are well founded.

- We are accustomed to the current political configuration of northern Europe, when Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden exist separately from each other. But we must remember and know that this situation has developed not so long ago. For example, Sweden and Norway were divided into two countries as a result of a referendum only at the beginning of the 20th century. Just recently, just over a hundred years have passed. And if we dive into history, then it turns out that Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the eastern part of England, once called the Danish Law Area, were once part of the Great Danish Power.

It is believed that Icelanders initially consisted of those people who fled from the autocracy of the Norwegian king. He fought with the nobility and the disgruntled Norwegians boarded the ships and sailed to Iceland. That is, these are closely related peoples, languages ​​are not very different, there are no problems with understanding.

They have a single national epic and mythology, debating the question of whether the Vikings were: Norwegians or Icelanders. In addition, their economies are similar in their type of economy. The Norwegians and Icelanders have developed fishing, animal husbandry is also similar and quite specific. It is clear that it is beneficial for them to conduct a common foreign economic policy in comparison with the competition among themselves in the market of similar products. So the steps for cultural and economic rapprochement are quite reasonable.

The crisis in Iceland occurred under the influence of the advice of "progressive" liberal economists

Iceland is a small country, and they recently had a bank crash under the influence of the advice of "progressive" liberal economists. They get out of this collapse with great difficulty, and their cousins ​​(if not brothers) of the Norwegians have oil and gas dope. This is also an important incentive for rapprochement.

As for the prospects of the Northern Union, in a sense it already exists, although there are differences between the northern countries that seem to us not so important. Iceland is a republic, and the rest of Scandinavian countries are monarchies, a number of differences stem from this.

Separately, I want to say about Finland. Formally, this is not a Scandinavian country, but Swedish is still one of the state languages. Finland has been a province of Sweden for a very long time. That is, conditionally, it can still be called a Scandinavian country. But it gained independence after the collapse of the Russian Empire, and the autonomy, statehood was presented to it by the Russian tsars.

With this in mind, we can talk about the prospects for fruitful cooperation between Russia and the coalition of the northern countries of Europe, if such a Union ever emerges.
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  1. master 84
    19 August 2014 18: 39
    Russia only distributes and gives everything. Where thanks
    1. +10
      19 August 2014 18: 50
      Quote: master 84
      Russia only distributes and gives everything. Where thanks

      It’s the same truth - it’s not always good, they pay good .., especially when it comes to Russian .., it’s insulting, annoying, but okay. It’s necessary to become smarter.
      1. +5
        19 August 2014 19: 04
        By the Grace of God, We are Alexander the First, Emperor and Autocrat of All Russia, and so on. By the arbitrariness of the Almighty, having entered into the possession of the Grand Duchy of Finland, we recognized for the benefit of reaffirming and certifying the religion, fundamental laws, rights and advantages with which every state of this Principality in particular and all subjects who inhabit it, from small to large, according to their constitutions until now used, promising to keep them in inviolable and immutable their strength and action; in witness whereof and with this letter we have been favored to affirm ours with our own signature. In the city of Borgo. March 15th day of 1809.
        1. WKS
          19 August 2014 22: 43
          Some nonsense. What is the northern union? What is it for? Each of these countries is quite prosperous and without a union. And you can trade without entering into political unions.
          1. 0
            20 August 2014 19: 24
            And yet the thing is heading towards the fact that in twenty years all the northern countries will turn into an African-Asian caliphate.
      2. +5
        19 August 2014 19: 04
        there is a saying "do not do good, you will not get it." It's time for all the "brothers" on commercial rails
        1. +3
          19 August 2014 21: 51
          Right! Tady and will respect us! Free and someone else's - it was never appreciated and did not evoke gratitude. Only annoyance: "thanks" for the handout! And when it is bought with your own money, with your own labor, then it is a different matter. And yet - giving out your own for free is a sign of great stupidity and self-humiliation. You have to respect yourself, then others will do it too!
      3. +4
        19 August 2014 19: 05
        Hmm ... Gratitude is not worth the wait ... It is better to deal with your internal problems !!!! When they see the power of Russia ... Immediately change the tone ... !!!
        1. +13
          19 August 2014 19: 47
          Or just don’t give anything to anyone? The Soviet Union was also blessed with national elites, and the population of the Soviet Union was divided as serfs between landowners.
          All were given statehood. And what is the result? Remind the grateful "warm words" of the Baltic countries, Moldova, Ukraine? All these lands are abundantly watered with the blood of our soldiers. So such a donation - a fur coat from a master's shoulder - is an insult to their memory.
          And the betrayal of the state interests of our country.
        2. Oprychnyk
          19 August 2014 20: 33
          Oh my God! How tired of homegrown prophets! Northern Union! Damn it! I have no words.

          "This is not the first time the expert community has raised the topic of the Northern Union, which could include the Scandinavian countries and the UK. Such an organization could well establish trade cooperation with Russia, because despite all the differences, our countries have many common economic features."

          This is how Ukraine can return nuclear weapons. Or restore the USSR in its original form. Or see the flowering of apple trees on Mars. Phantasmagoria! Balabolam is paid more money for this. Moreover, probably more than me.
      4. MSA
        19 August 2014 19: 06
        Russia has a generous soul and not at all vindictive, and many use it. I believe that sometimes it is necessary to support and work while infringing on your interests with countries that will see and appreciate it, for example Cuba, and not those that are fed by the state whose monuments are desecrated and demolished in their country.
      5. -1
        19 August 2014 20: 30
        "They don't look for good from good." If you did good and expect to be given something in return, it means that it was not good ... You don't need to become smarter. Let the Russian Ivanushki fools continue to carry good things back without demanding anything. But on the other hand, only they - Ivanushki fools, are able to change the world and only thanks to them good will triumph over evil ...
      6. +2
        19 August 2014 21: 34
        It’s the same truth - it’s not always good, they pay good .., especially when it comes to Russians .., it’s insulting, annoying, but okay.
        Nothing is amiss, we will educate them. Where with rods, and where with neat sanctions.
    2. +4
      19 August 2014 19: 11
      In general, it is better to look to the future, not forgetting the past. Building good neighborly relations with neighboring countries, we will get only positive results, however, like our neighbors.
    3. +4
      19 August 2014 19: 15
      They give thanks when they depend. Are Finland, Poles, Bulgarians or Balts dependent on us (the economy does not count now)? In the present conditions "thank" = serve. Bulgarians are generally a separate issue. How many times has Russia saved brothers? And the brothers are in the service of the bald eagle today.
    4. +4
      19 August 2014 19: 35
      Russia has done so much good to different countries, but in response ...
      Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, but who knows, is there any sense in remembering? They feel good today, okay ...
    5. +2
      19 August 2014 19: 36
      "" "" On August 26, Vladimir Putin will visit Minsk

      August 19, 2014, 17:30

      On August 26, the President of Russia will visit Minsk (Republic of Belarus), where he will take part in a meeting of the heads of state of the Customs Union with the President of Ukraine, which will also be attended by representatives of the European Commission.

      A number of bilateral meetings will be held.
      1. 0
        19 August 2014 20: 56
        Poroshenko confirmed information about meeting with Putin in Minsk
        European Commission resident Jose Manuel Barroso supported Poroshenko’s initiative to invite the EU to participate in a high-level meeting. This was discussed during telephone consultations.

        Poroshenko thanked Barroso for his willingness to send three members of the European Commission at the same time (EU High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton, Vice President of the European Commission Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger and Commissioner for Trade Carl de Gucht). Such an unprecedented step is a confirmation of the solidarity and support of Ukraine from the European Union, the President noted.
        Poroshenko accepted the invitation of the President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy and the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso to pay a working visit to Brussels on August 30
        1. 0
          19 August 2014 22: 29
          how it interprets the Anglo-Saxon Air Force ..
    6. 0
      19 August 2014 23: 23
      Good deeds never go unpunished ... Have you heard?
  2. +6
    19 August 2014 18: 47
    If there wasn’t this gift, then in 1941. there was no famine in Leningrad and a million people would be alive and the military situation at the front would be different. soldier
  3. +1
    19 August 2014 18: 47
    The Grand Duchy of Finland is a state entity in the Russian Empire from 1809 to 1917, which occupied the territory of modern Finland. Until 1809, the province of Sweden.
    Apparently, Russia will not wait for gratitude for independence and its state.
    1. +3
      19 August 2014 19: 02
      Quote: Shveps
      Apparently, Russia will not wait for gratitude for independence and its state.
      We already got it in Finnish. West - from the root of the trap. By the way, Finnish in Finland received the status of the state only when it was included in Russia. The Swedes treated the Finns as the British Irish in the 18-19 centuries. hi
    2. Past_ Crocodile
      19 August 2014 19: 23
      Why are you all so crazy about gratitude that you are already sick. Who gave the Finns a state? Lenin, so that prosperous Suomi does not interfere with social experiments. None of us would give them freedom and would not give them. So stop flogging any hoyna here.
    3. +2
      19 August 2014 19: 58
      Quote: Shveps
      Apparently, Russia will not wait for gratitude for independence and its state.

      Although the Finns are now moving in the wake of the West, I would not say that Finland is anti-Russian, rather a common Western trend. The Finns clearly understand that without Russia, it will be difficult to put it mildly. My sister will come from Suomi, I’ll ask how they breathe there. And it strained this:
      "That is, conditionally, it can still be called a Scandinavian country."
      But what can be called a non-Scandinavian country located on the Scandinavian peninsula? request
      1. -2
        19 August 2014 21: 00
        Finland is not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Separated from it by the Gulf of Bothnia.
        1. +1
          19 August 2014 21: 41
          Quote: Basarev
          Finland is not located on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Separated from it by the Gulf of Bothnia.

          Yes? Is Russia an Asian or a European country? wink If you understand what I mean.
  4. +2
    19 August 2014 18: 47
    I would say in rhyme, but there are decent people here.
    Everything is as in advertising: Russia is a generous soul!
  5. +1
    19 August 2014 18: 50
    Let's start collecting stones that were once scattered.
  6. +2
    19 August 2014 18: 53
    The likelihood of Britain joining the Scandinavian countries in some kind of Northern Union is close to zero for one simple reason: the UK can only subjugate these countries to itself, but it will never give up even a millimeter with its sovereignty. Especially in favor of weaker countries.
  7. 0
    19 August 2014 18: 55
    Yeahhhhhhh !!!! We pulled them out of the garbage dump, laundered them and gave them statehood, and they are now scribbling us and writing sanctions with petitions !! So then make people from such ungrateful pigs !!
  8. Belisarios
    19 August 2014 18: 58
    As for small Britain, the author has bent. With their bends in the framework of the European Union, it is naive to expect a construct in any such association. More likely to be. Benelux and Germany in that alliance than the muddy inhabitants of foggy Albion. Rather, we will see a defensive alliance of the Swedes and the Finns if the population speaks categorically against NATO.
  9. +4
    19 August 2014 19: 06
    Speaking about the obtained autonomy of Finland from the kings, the thing was this: the Finns at some point were tired of being a Swedish colony, in the literal sense of the word .. The Finnish nobility turned to Russia, they say, can we, the surrender of fortresses in Finland, we guarantee but on certain conditions in the future .. in the sense of autonomy .. and thereafter, the last Russo-Swedish war, and the autonomy of Finland donated by Alexander I ... There was an interesting sovereign, he granted constitution and autonomy to anyone, Poland, Finland .. in the Baltic States abolished serfdom .. peasants received with rim, but not the land, but its ...
  10. +2
    19 August 2014 19: 32
    Nda laughing again this nonsense about "they built everything, gave everything to everyone. They washed the priest and tamed him to the toilet .."
    And about: "The Russian tsars gave Finland statehood" - the Finns themselves built their own statehood and defended their independence in arms. Thugs in obmem. good
    We put them as an example, in case of "returning to their native shores":
    It should be borne in mind that in our time, a war between states is too expensive to be long. Even the great powers are not ready for long-term hostilities. Therefore, the strategy of small countries can be based on the fact that in the event of aggression of any opponent hold out as long as possible. The most important thing is not to give up. Thus, those who resist, perhaps, will not win the war, but will significantly increase the costs for the attackers. In the end, this will give time to opponents of any aggressor from among the great powers. And such people in the conditions of geopolitical conflict of interests will always be found. They will be able to put pressure on the advancing side. If a small country gives up, then there will be no one to protect.

    A very revealing situation occurred in the 1940 year. Then, after the start of World War II in 1939, the USSR began to implement agreements reached with Germany on the division of zones of influence in Eastern Europe. As a result of Moscow’s pressure, the Baltic countries capitulated because the scale of the armed forces of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia was too incomparable. At the same time, the Finns, who were in a similar situation, began to resist. This initially seemed a hopeless struggle, but the Finnish commander Mannerheim said that it was necessary to fight for the sake of future generations.
    This is logical, because whoever resists, and in the end they agree, who simply gives up, he has no chance of independently determining his own destiny. So the Latvians with the Estonians ended up in the SS legions. Now they can talk as much as they want that they were called by the Germans and fought against the Soviet empire, but service in the SS left a black mark on their reputation. While the Finns twice fought with the Soviet Union, but after the war, despite the lost territories, they had no problems in relations with the USSR, and then with Russia. As for Latvians and Estonians, relations with Russia are not very good.
    1. 0
      19 August 2014 19: 42
      I do not agree with everything, but + set, in fact, true!
    2. 0
      19 August 2014 20: 01
      In general, you are right, the powers are resolving their issues, their small countries. But he who does not fight does not receive anything at all.
    3. Uttbert
      19 August 2014 20: 51
      Mannerheim is generally a large-scale personality. It is quite comparable with Lenin, Stalin, Roosevelt. He is carefully hushed up. The West, because it is closely connected with Russia, because, because it fought with us.
      1. Past_ Crocodile
        20 August 2014 00: 06
        Lenin, cheap bl_dina. Stalin, with many minuses above him. Do not put them near.
    4. Past_ Crocodile
      20 August 2014 00: 04
      Nice to meet the sane.
  11. 0
    19 August 2014 19: 32
    Let the Scandinavian countries cooperate with us
  12. +2
    19 August 2014 20: 13
    "This is not the first time the expert community has raised the topic of the Northern Union, which could include the Scandinavian countries and the UK. Such an organization could well establish trade cooperation with Russia, because despite all the differences, our countries have many common economic features."

    Author o.h.r.e.s.?!?
    Union with the Great Britain?!?
    This is the most consistent and hated enemy of Russia for centuries!
    Everything that has been done and is being done against our country is everything, everything has been exclusively invented and is being embodied under the leadership of this filthy, high school of the country.
    Pi.nd.do.S.S.T.A.N. - this is also the brainchild, generated precisely by the natives of this trash.
    And here the author calls for an alliance with the main enemy of Russia.
    A solid minus in the 10th degree ...
  13. +1
    19 August 2014 20: 24
    We do not need to seek rapprochement with anyone. let THEY all seek rapprochement with us!
  14. trojan74
    19 August 2014 20: 51
    "prospects for fruitful cooperation between Russia" and Britain? What can be a real fruitful relationship with those who do not consider you for people ......... Always have been ideological enemies as well. Say, what about the Entente, etc. - Yes, a screen of friendly relations, beneficial at a certain time. British jackals have always been the main opponents of Russia and we must not forget the story of flying in illusions.
  15. 0
    19 August 2014 22: 38
    there is a good joke about this!

    a Caucasian rides in one compartment with an attractive young lady and tries to get to know her.
    a young lady of type embarrassed -Oh you give such compliments to me already goosebumps!
    Caucasian with disappointment - 3 times three .. er, 2 times gono..ey, I just didn’t have enough of your goose bumps!

    and so - we only in the Northern Union did not have enough to get involved !!!
    It’s not necessary for nothing!
  16. Stump
    19 August 2014 23: 20
    Northern Union, abbreviated as SS
  17. +1
    20 August 2014 06: 29
    A weak country, entering into an alliance with a strong one, automatically acquires.
    And as for the Finns, they should say thank you to Lenin’s grandfather, let him go without a fight.
    1. -1
      20 August 2014 09: 55
      Quote: Barracuda
      And as for the Finns, they should say thank you to Lenin’s grandfather, let him go without a fight.
      Come on laughing
      There would be opportunities if Lenin had never let them go.
      And then the Bolsheviks were in a critical situation. Moreover, Mannerheim offered the white generals recognition of Finland's independence in exchange for help against the Reds. A direct blow to Petrograd was supposed. And at that moment the Finns would definitely take it. But the white movement advocated "one and indivisible." And then the leadership of the CPSU (b) decided not to risk it ..
      P.S. But actually there were fights. Remember the so-called Krasnofinns ...
  18. Serg7281
    20 August 2014 19: 39
    Where England snoops, there will soon be chaos and devastation. So it would be better if the Northern Union would be organized without them.

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