Lugansk's Notes


“Friends, I managed to get out of Lugansk. I traveled by car, with difficulty, of course, and on a tin, I would say, the road. I will tell everything later. There is practically no Internet here. How I will decide something with him, I will describe everything hell has turned Lugansk lately ...
So, friends, glad that I am again with you. Right now I will publish my earlier promised notes about what is really going on in Lugansk, and what I experienced personally with my wife and mother-in-law in the period from 3 to 11 in August, because after that I managed to break free and to the north ...

So, the promised memories and notes ...

3 August - 5 August. In reality, the reviews on paper began to write 07.08.2014, because to keep everything in memory until the lights are turned on, there are no forces anymore - you will forget something, you will miss something ...
Starting from 2 in August, the city lives in the most severe blockade. No water, no light, in fact, no garbage is taken out. People collect water from fire hydrants and wells, stand in lines at water intakes, and sometimes bring water to water carriers. The queue for water is just unreal! There is actually no normal food either. Prices for everything soared to an unrealistic level!
There is also no connection, the Internet. There is no connection any - neither the city telephone network, nor Kyivstar, nor MTS, etc. etc. Every day there are fierce battles somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Since I am in a complete information vacuum, I can’t say exactly where the battles are going, but it feels like somewhere in the area of ​​Bolshaya Vergunka or Krasny Yar.
People on the streets became angry and violent in their total mass. However, a lot of people remained in the city. Anyone who will tell you that Lugansk is a half-empty city - spit in his face! That's bullshit! A lot of children ...
And yes, in the city, armored vehicles and Grad installations are already driving around in the open. As always, shelling and real hell begin in the evenings and mornings ...

6 August. The city began to gradually sink into the abyss of a humanitarian catastrophe. Water began to carry on vodovozkah on schedule. Behind her, of course, kilometer queues. The queues are extremely aggressive and heated to the limit due to the lack of any information about what is happening in the city and beyond its borders. Everything is built on gossip and guesswork.
The militia, who are everywhere trying to reassure people that the National Guard is not in place, despite the constant rumors that it has already taken the city, controls the delivery of water in some places.
He spent the morning with the mother-in-law for the preservation of what was actually beginning to disappear from the products. I had to go to her in the city center, because, unfortunately, I don’t have gas at my house — an electric stove.
In the afternoon my wife and I decided to move forward in search of water for domestic needs. In the afternoon, the water intake consisted of approximately 2000 people. We turned around and left ... returned after 5 evenings, stood for about 1,5 hours and took the same life-giving food-grade moisture - as many as 24 liters! While standing in the queue, punching the mood of people, who what it is, while not particularly climbing "on the rampage." I found a huge number of supporters of the LC and Novorossia, but opponents of the LC of the LC were simply silent with displeased faces and stupidly waited for their turn. Almost at the very end the photographer came up and began to take pictures of the water intake and the queue near it. Immediately, the hi and the people's indignation rose ... What a surprise it was for me - when in the face of the photographer I saw a former classmate of Sergei Boychuk with my MOTHER! He was known at school as a supporter of the UNA-UNSO, UPA and other tramps, then under Yushchenko he headed the youth movement of some young Bandera in Lugansk, when Yanukovych he was hidden and heard nothing for him, and here he appeared again in “Freedom "it seems, and has even been seen on TV a couple of times. The result of his appearance in public is a battered camera, a destroyed memory card and notable cuffs from the people. I think on this, if still alive, the career of a photographer is over ... By the way, in the crowd, people still remain “suckers” in their common mass and were even ready to forgive him for his action, and what he did was a natural adjustment.
I took the water ... Night ... shelling ... answer "Gradami" ...

7 August. Heat ... people have everything, even the newest and most sophisticated, like your submissive servant, freezers. I have not yet seen such a number of products thrown out to the dump ... I am afraid that this may threaten some kind of epidemic, for rotting products is a tin!
In the morning my wife and my girlfriend did and rolled everything into the banks that could be saved from the freezer. Then, as always, in general, - to replenish water and home ...
The night passed under the most severe shelling from the natsmenov eastern quarters of Lugansk. They thrashed, judging by the sound, with all that they could ... from howitzers and hyacinths to "Acacias". The result - in 1: 30 nights woke up from the glow in the window and the buzz. He was blown up, as he learned in the morning already, a gas pipeline. Where - I do not know and do not want to lie.
By the way, I was able to send SMS to Germany from a German sim card and Kyivstar in roaming from an 100 attempt in a certain part of the city, where a crowd of people are trying to do the same. Someone is lucky, someone is not. The phone began to turn off - a portable battery with this mode of operation will not last long, and even the sense from it, if it does not catch the main network ...

8 August. But this is really, my friends, the night of tin!
They were shooting everywhere in such a way that I was already thinking of crawling under the bathroom and praying ... We survived! And thank God!
I write these lines in a notebook really (I'm not lying!) With two candles on the side table, sitting on the bed. My wife looks askance at me. But I do not care.
Today, my wife and my wife in private houses have a family with a generator that pumps water, and they give out water for free !!! By the way, if the militiamen find out that someone takes money for water, there should be a harsh punishment.
I found a point not far from home, where I catch the MTS and I can somehow call. With the 100 th attempt has already been able to reach his sister in Germany. Communication, by the way, struck by its quality, while people nearby shouted at the tubes like victims. Roaming is roaming, as well as the price for it ... At least I learned something new! I was surprised that they detained the mayor Sergey Kravchenko. And in general, the question is why did he move across the corridor of the National Guard under - for it was already clear to him that it was a prison! I have some thoughts on this subject, but I will voice them after I leave the information vacuum and clarify some details.
Well, nice news from the sister - South boiler is almost finished off! From the unpleasant - the next preparing storm of Donetsk and Lugansk. More from the pleasant - Putin's sanctions against the EU on products. Sister said that the owners of grocery enterprises in Germany in a panic! This is so, to the note ... Everything is hard to write with a candle, tomorrow, if everything goes well, I will continue!

9 August. The night was even worse than yesterday.
Caught in the next house in 10-th floor. The gunshot destroyed the slab of the balcony and poked the glass of the nearby floors. The wall of the house resembles the chronicles from the 90 of the Chechen war times ...
In the morning, a long-time acquaintance came to me, and until 3 hours we sat and drank moonshine until we were knocked out ...
He slept like a child, his wife said that he had not even heard of the powerful evening shelling.
The truth is already in 4 or 5 hours of the morning again heard the morning shelling, and again my quarters.
By the way, one day they didn’t replenish the water supply and already, the very next day, we encountered some problems with a sufficient amount of process water!

10 August. In a portable gas burner a gas cylinder ended (as I wrote earlier, in the house where I live there are only electric furnaces). It was actually held for more than a week. It is unreal to buy a new one, but for me, as the "happy owner" of an electric cooker, this is most welcome! Now even tea is only from a girlfriend with a thermos across the road 900 meters from the house ...
First of all, my wife and I in the morning replenished very successfully the water supply, though like mules, but this is already customary!
With great difficulty, I got through the roaming by German simka sister. Received information that you can sort of leave Lugansk through the Village of Lugansk and the village of Malinovka - Petrovka - Happiness. We thought at home, pissed off, in the evening collected the necessary things for the first cold weather and tomorrow, together with the mother-in-law and with God's help, we will try to break through to our parents to the north of the region, for it’s already becoming unbearable in Lugansk, and, probably, it’s already difficult without water, light, constant shelling.
I am writing these lines again under the candle.
God forbid to get to the parents without any problems and adventures, and finally to see a little boy whom I have not seen since the beginning of June, and I haven’t actually heard the last 3 weeks yet!
While writing these lines, standard evening-night shelling began ... "
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    1. +10
      18 August 2014 07: 39
      Hang on, pray for you.
      1. MSA
        18 August 2014 07: 54
        God will give it all over soon.
      2. +8
        18 August 2014 07: 58
        No matter how cynical it may sound, freedom and dependence are never easy, or else death or slavery, which is not acceptable for a Russian person.
        1. +5
          18 August 2014 11: 12
          How to drink moonshine with drugan, he is a master !!! And how to pick up a machine gun ...
          1. +1
            18 August 2014 17: 56
            And who would give it ??? The fact is that those who want to become militias are sent to the reserve with the words "If necessary, we will contact you." That's all ... By the way, here is a small part of what was happening at that time in Lugansk ...
        2. 0
          18 August 2014 16: 52
          ... freedom and non-dependence have never been given easily.
          And most importantly, they never came by themselves.
    2. +3
      18 August 2014 07: 42
      The policemen banged at the village of the Indians of the dark-skinned guy - so the curfew had to be imposed. And here ..... Fascism in dill under the roof of the Indians.
    3. +2
      18 August 2014 07: 46
      Blockade. 20th century - Leningrad. 21st century Lugansk.
      But then there were strangers, but now ours! Much more painful!
    4. +15
      18 August 2014 07: 46
      Such Luhansk men are suffering, worried, soul with Novorossiya, but they do not go to war. You cannot fight, health is not enough, you do not have enough spirit, go help the People's Army-swarm trenches, help the wounded, deliver humanitarian aid. It's better to sit out with us in Russia. , and in the meantime, zinc with our guys, who are dying in battle in Novorossii, are already going to the cities of Russia. These "men" who are experiencing shame ?!
      1. +2
        18 August 2014 08: 23
        exactly! Somehow does not knock out a tear.
      2. +2
        18 August 2014 11: 42
        I would probably agree, but I just want to ask a question then, both to myself and to you.
        Here, we, too, seem to be worried about Donbas and people, but we’re sitting in offices / at home on the Internet and scribbling scribbles (read the couch troops), and not going there. As a combat unit, I’m too bad, but I would be able to dig trenches, I can drive a car, which means I can take out the wounded, etc. theoretically I could, but I am not going, because my wife and 6-month-old son (although many who fight at all have three). In general, until you get into a situation like his, do not judge people.
        1. +2
          18 August 2014 12: 09
          Personally, I can say to myself that I have not yet gone to the militia precisely because I see among the refugees (in the news on TV and on the Internet) a crowd of healthy, sometimes well-fed men. If they do not want to protect their home and their land in any way, I have nothing more to do there. And indirectly, the fact that so many locals are still not eager to join the militia, but either poke around in the basements and wait for some reason or run to Russia (of course not all, but there are many), confirms one of my good friends who already managed to hit the road in the DPR and see everything with his own eyes. Well, he’s just a more ideological person than me, and sways faster in terms of serious decisions.
        2. +1
          18 August 2014 12: 18

          And how does his situation differ from the situation of other people (militias, for example) in the war zone?

          He is 80 years old and cannot stand up for himself and his family?

          Or maybe he is terminally ill with an unknown disease or his arms and legs are amputated?

          Or maybe he is a citizen of another country and he does not care what is happening in Ukraine?

          But his situation is simple: Natsik came to kill him and his family, but he scribbles notes on the social network and does not take nichrome except fleeing to a safe place.

          Nobody judges the author.
          And do not condemn, but simply are discussing...

          To understand the motives of such an ostrich behavior of a healthy, strong and young man ...
      3. 0
        18 August 2014 18: 03
        The question then to you, why are you not dreaming ??? To the question of the medical staff who are treating the wounded Militiamen, "Guys, will you announce mobilization?", The answer was "This is not your war. There is someone to fight for you ..."
    5. VICTOR-61
      18 August 2014 07: 47
      Here are the animals that Ukrofashists have done in their own country, all the houses bombed the Herods, how many civilian victims — you will get what you deserve - Petya Parash, and severe punishment awaits you from New Russia –– and the lobbly brave militias who protect civilians and their land
    6. 0
      18 August 2014 07: 58
      But Merkel requires explanation regarding Zakharchenko’s statement that LDNR received help from Russia .. Here they are ..
    7. +2
      18 August 2014 08: 03
      In the morning, a long-time acquaintance came to me, and until 3 hours we sat and drank moonshine until we were knocked out ...

      There is strength and health and desire for this.?
    8. 0
      18 August 2014 08: 22
      The time will come Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities of New Russia, we will restore, as we once restored Leningrad, Stalingrad, Minsk and thousands of other cities of the USSR after the Second World War. Volunteers from all over Russia and from Belarus will come again and restore everything, it will be even better than it was! Maybe even then at the construction sites will appear in large numbers the male population of Lugansk and Donetsk regions ?!
      1. 0
        18 August 2014 12: 14
        Nope. if in the war it is not visible in mass, then it will not be at construction sites. SPECIALif construction volunteers come to help them
    9. +1
      18 August 2014 09: 18
      Read, get in ... maybe very different people will write about it soon and the truth will just die ...
    10. +1
      18 August 2014 10: 07
      Everyday life of the civilian population. Few can take a rifle in their hands. And again, it’s hard for a person to understand that a war is already going on.
    11. +5
      18 August 2014 10: 36
      Good is not enough, but here is the remark that 2000 stood behind the water and most of it belonged to Novorosia, and the courage was enough to redeem some sort of Svidomo misery, it inspires thought!
      If the population more actively expressed their support: by deed, they would knock on all the media and, most importantly, by armed resistance ... and not like in Slavyansk, they came to Makarevich's concert in a crowd, then there would have been no war! And this stupid khokhlyatskaya position "my house is on the edge", very few people brought to good!
      I don’t want to write that he is lying, as an eyewitness, in principle he does a great job describing events from the inside, but indeed, it would be better if he signed up for militia, and built his wife in the dining room or laundry room ... Although we don’t know much about him and what it is he has a problem, but there are questions to the author!
    12. 0
      18 August 2014 11: 25
      God grant soon they will write the same from Kiev!
    13. +2
      18 August 2014 11: 49
      "They were shooting everywhere so that I was already thinking of going under the bathroom and praying ... We survived! And thank God!
      I write these lines in a notebook really (I’m not lying!) With two candles on a side table, sitting on the bed. My wife looks at me askance... But I do not care."

      Based on the above, I am I respect the wife of this "man in the street" more!

      Of course, everyone wants to live ...

      But is man really not ashamed?
      She also turns her cowardice before the people! ...
      Why the hell does he wear pants?
    14. HAM
      18 August 2014 14: 02
      And I can not blame him, from my sofa TOTAL IS NOT SEEN ....
      1. 0
        18 August 2014 16: 24

        What is your sofa in?

        In Russia or Ukraine?

        And which country passport do you have in your pocket?

        Russia, Ukraine or another power?

        The answer to your post will depend on the answer to these leading questions.
        1. HAM
          18 August 2014 16: 37
          Russia, and, what, should I indicate how he should live? The person was simply confused, twenty years of brainwashing did not pass without a trace, all the same.
          1. 0
            18 August 2014 17: 20

            Why should we indicate how he should live, if he does not know how to die for his family and land, he is cowardly?

            We do not blame this guy. We just record his reaction to what is happening.
            And she doesn’t paint it.

            And cowardice - it is in Africa and Ukraine - cowardice.
            Regardless of the place and time.

            Everyone wants to live.

            Only some fight for their lives to the last, while others like hares scatter to where it is quieter.
            1. HAM
              18 August 2014 18: 20
              You know, an understanding of how he will behave now will come to him, but now he’s just bewildered, panic bordering on cowardice, but if he loves his child, his wife, mother, I think he can handle it, and if not, only God will tell him judge, and even a child ..
    15. +3
      18 August 2014 17: 03
      I’m watching some heroes come together. Yes, if we had it, then I would, I would, I would. If we had this, it would be absolutely the same. Most couch heroes would think how not to get hit by bombs and to leave for a safe place with their family - and this is so. The militia goes either to those who have combat experience or ideological, or those who have no one, or those who have lost someone. The rest are stupidly busy with how to survive and save the family. If you want to send ordinary people to the army - declare mobilization. When I served, there was just the second Chechen war. If they sent me there, I would go and fight, but I didn’t have any desire to write requests for sending to the places of the database, although there were some who wrote. They will order me, if I don’t, then I don’t see any reason to try to come home with a load of 200. Watch the video of the guys in the burned columns, this is not the most pleasant prospect for an ordinary guy from the Donbass. In a civil war, on the other hand, those who are armed are more likely to survive. In general, you can instruct the cons, but I try to write, as I think, and not how everyone will approve. I absolutely have no complaints about civilians fleeing to Russia. It is their choice and not for me to judge them. But at the same time, I do not owe them anything, and my country, too, and all that it gives them is charity, not an obligation.
      1. 0
        18 August 2014 17: 38
        "If you want to send ordinary people to the army, announce mobilization."

        What is this?

        "The head of the Luhansk People's Republic Valery Bolotov stressed that military mobilization in the region is taking place on a voluntary basis.

        According to Bolotov, this is what distinguishes the LPR from the mobilization process in the Ukrainian army.

        "Mobilization has a voluntary basis. We do not drive or threaten anyone. Our mobilization is fundamentally different from the one conducted by the so-called Ukrainian army, where the army is drafted under the threat of criminal prosecution," the head of the LPR said.

        We add that Bolotov did not specify how many people have already managed to mobilize.

        As reported earlier, 22 May Valery Bolotov ordered the introduction of martial law on the territory of the LPR and a full mobilization. According to him, men from 18 to 45 years old should be mobilized. "

        ("", May 23, 2014)
    16. 0
      18 August 2014 17: 04
      "By the way, in the crowd people have so far remained in their general mass" suckers "and were even ready to forgive him for his action, but what he did was a natural correction."

      - I want to ask why photographing is an adjustment of fire?
      1. 0
        18 August 2014 17: 56
        I do not understand too.

        Knowing the address and having detailed city ​​map - it’s possible.

        And at the same time it is not necessary to photograph this place.
      2. 0
        19 August 2014 01: 46
        I do not know. Using the photo, you can accurately set the coordinates of the place, and the transfer of the image and analysis with normal equipment takes a minimum of time.
        A photo can be a cover.
        The photo can simply capture faces, with the comment "enemy of independence"
        A photo can serve as a source of truth, or maybe the basis of lies.
        etc. etc.
        The answer lies in a different plane: who is shooting? and the goal (motive) of the shooting is approaching.
        Perhaps the author rated it something like this.
    17. 0
      18 August 2014 20: 48
      Quote: MSA
      God will give it all over soon.

      How will it end?

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