Reports from the militia of New Russia for 17 August 2014 of the year

16 August 2014 to 19: 29

Summary of the military actions of the A. Brain Ghost Mechanized Brigade for 14 and August 15

"Mortar and artillery fire near the village Sabovka destroyed: SAO 2C9" NONA-S "- 2 units, plus personnel.
A mortar strike by ATO forces was inflicted on the brigade checkpoint near the town of Zorinsky. All mine explosions occurred not on the territory of the roadblock, but on the outskirts of the village, there are casualties among the civilian population. Phosphoric ammunition was also used.
At the same roadblock, the convoy was stopped, including the armored vehicles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Destroyed: 2 a / m "Gazelle" with personnel. The column retreated to its position.
Artillery units of the brigade also struck enemy clusters in Debaltseve, Chernukhino, Kazakovo, Krasnaya Polyana. Losses of the enemy in technology and manpower are specified.
In the course of clashes in n. p. Novoivanovka destroyed 18 Ukrainian soldiers.
Losses among brigade personnel: 2 - killed, 3 - injured. "

16 August 2014 to 19: 44

Information on Lugansk from the militia and local residents

Lugansk. Short. They took a large group of punishers into the cauldron. Ukry went all in on the assault. Bogged down in the city. Now they are finished. Now outside the city on the outskirts of loose battles. In the city, everything seems to be quiet.
As for the fighting in Lugansk, residents, like the militia, report that there is no ukrov in the city itself. Eyewitnesses report that almost the entire east burns, large stores and a knitting factory in Lugansk.
Yesterday, the battalion "Aydar" was finished near Lugansk. The Natsik survivors took the local hostages.

16 August 2014 to 22: 13

Lugansk. Airport Exclusive Video

16 August 2014 to 22: 48

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

Today it was hot - in the evening the activity was reduced.

One of the directions is the Uspenk border crossing; there was a good rubilovo there this afternoon. If ukry will not send reinforcements there, the DNR will have a second border crossing. Also ukrov covered from mortars and hail from the grace (near Amvrosiyivka).

Happy ukrov crumbled at the checkpoint at s. Green (near Ilovaisk).

In the LC at. Green (near the village Metalist at Lugansk) attacked a roadblock of invaders.

Partizanen! Yesterday night in Kirovograd (Ukraine), unidentified people set fire to a cafe, the owner of which was collecting donations to support the Ukrainian army. Militiamen have already withdrawn records from video surveillance cameras, which show how two men in closed hoods are dousing the entrance to the cafe with some kind of flammable liquid, set it on fire and quickly leave the scene.
The owner of the affected institution said that the main version of the arson - his civil position in relation to the government of Kiev and the ATO.

On the issue that around Lugansk. A bomb was bombed, an oblast hospital was bombed, a Ukrainian flag was hung over the police station for 5 minutes in Vergunka, and Aydar and the 51 brigade were finished in the Gryashchevaty.

16 August 2014 to 23: 06

Reports from places in the last hours

In the morning there are battles near Zhdanovka, by noon and one o'clock (Mayor) the battles shifted to the streets of Zhdanovka. In Zhdanovka extremely difficult situation.
In the afternoon, while trying to repair the gas pipeline, which the Nazi artillery had broken on the eve, the repair team suffered; the punishers opened artillery fire on it, as a result, three repairmen died on the spot, one wounded man was taken to hospital.
In Lugansk junta attempts to enter the city ended in failure. Under Krasnodon dill suffered serious losses.
In the afternoon, also a small part of dill (17 people), abandoned by the command, went over to the Russian side, fleeing from the militia.
15: 50 (MSC) In the area of ​​Krasny Liman, heavy gaps are heard.
In the daytime, battles and shelling continued on the outskirts of Donetsk; there were gaps in the Yasinovataya side. Junta artillery bombarded the Lower Krynka, Kievsky district. Heavy fighting continues under Enakievo, near Yasinovka. The situation remains quite tense.
20: 15 (MSC) From the airport there are sounds of high-intensity combat, heard the gaps from the AGS, grenade launcher, machine guns and other small weapons.
21: 10 (MSC). Two columns of smoke rise in the airport area, fighting continues.

From the Zello channel:
21.00 (IST) Alchevsk, Stakhanov, Bryanka - strong breaks are heard. Krasnodon - quietly.
21.10 (IST) Alchevsk - all was quiet.
22: 00 (ISC) Shakhtersk - shelling started, after the shelling there was a fire near the Davydovka mine.
22:00 (MSK) Donetsk - enemy units began to work Drones, coming from Mariupol.
22.10 (MSC) Krasnodon - the fascists have bad weather over their heads - there is a hail.
22.55 (MSC) Kramatorsk. A helicopter flew from Kramatorsk to the side of Druzhkovka. Amvrosiyivka, Torez, Snezhnoye - at the moment time the situation is calm.

16 August 2014 to 23: 45

Summary of the headquarters of the Army of the South-East on the results of August 16: battles near Enakievo, Zhdanovka, Saur-Mogila

During the day, the militia fought the fiercest battles with punitive units in the Yenakiyevo and Zhdanovka (DPR) areas.

The stubborn and selfless actions of the people's militia made it possible to repel the attacks of much superior enemy forces on n. Enakievo and prevent the capture of its southern outskirts.

In the course of the ambush actions, the Dnipro territorial defense battalion suffered losses. During the fighting, 4 car and 12 punishers were destroyed.

As a result of the battle in the area of ​​Saur-Grave and. Petrovskoye was able to block enemy units and inflict significant casualties on manpower and equipment.

During the deposition of a fire raid on a stronghold in the Novosvetlovka area, the T-64, 2 BMP and the ammunition depot were destroyed, the losses in manpower are specified.

On the outskirts of n. The fertile rocket artillery, previously captured from the enemy, inflicted a fire attack on the area of ​​concentration of punitive reserves. Intelligence clarifies the results of the defeat.

During the implementation of raid operations in the rear of the enemy, the militia forces seized a food warehouse, including American dry rations.

Army headquarters decided to distribute the products among the residents of Lugansk.

Yesterday at 0: 07

Message from blogger shrek1:

"There will be no confirmations. Not yet.

Somewhere a big bear died, and the rain came on Thursday, all of the aforesaid occurred under the deafening whistle of a crustacean creature.

The above information was contemplated by itself, and then only the dream of the contused Shrek.
Believing / not is your business, but it will be the same as with the resignation of the Arrow. This message will be a bit ahead of official sources:

Decision is made. New Russia Be. I cannot even describe her borders in the description of a dream (but I liked them;))
The organization of the New Russia engaged those who can really do it.

Igor Ivanovich is alive and well, and that is what you want. At the moment, as was said, he went on increasing. We will hear soon;)))
Maybe an insider, maybe a dream - it's up to you;)))

P.S. any media would have broken for such dreams, and here - "do not cite and do not speak more than ..." Thank you, friend! "

Short message from summer56 blogger:

"Igor Ivanovich Strelkov is alive and well.
PS I hope that in the near future he will tell us all the details. "

Yesterday at 2: 53

Message from the militia Prokhorov

Today, again in Donetsk, in Marinka, anti-militia threw "meat" - the Shakhtersk battalion and the 20 battalion of the Terrorborns (Dnepropetrovsk) with the expected result - 2 officers and 2 wounded were killed at the Shakhtersk (criminal) meat "" Miner "no one ever believes).

Ukrainians are so funny, or "Right Sector" against the Interior Ministry. Chief pravosek Yarosh demands the release of his accomplices, whom they took for marauder and illegal arms trafficking, and punish the cops. Otherwise, it threatens to withdraw its troops from the front and lead them to Kiev.

Yesterday at 2: 59

Video from the military officer of Motorola division G. Dubovoy

- Clearing Miusinska Motorola detachment.

- Tanks New Russia are going to liberate Donetsk from the environment.

- Militias in the intervals between battles: childishness and pity for conscripts.

Yesterday at 3: 19

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

“Today everyone slept well -“ the soldier has a day off. ”We got to the laptop. Meanwhile, an impressive reinforcement arrived. Strange, but it pleases.
Ukry periodically bombard Donetsk and the suburbs of heavy artillery. People are dying.
I also forgot to say: ukry ceased to bury them. If earlier we found graves on the battlefield, now it’s just rotting bodies ... There is information that has not yet been confirmed that those who were missing and “deserted” have already burned into the crematorium.
According to the guys from Shakhtersk, there are already half a month the soldiers of the LC are on the road ... They can't even bury them in human terms. Ukry - fascists. "

Yesterday at 12: 20

Report of the press service of the City Council of Donetsk

Information on 9.30. Residential buildings in Petrovsky District and the city of Mospino suffered again, 10 civilians were killed, 8 was injured.

The night from 16 to 17 August was intense, the sounds of volleys and explosions were heard throughout the city. In Petrovsky District, as a result of massive shelling that lasted all night long, houses on 6 streets were damaged - Polukhina, Kirpichnozavodskaya, Klubnaya, Lieutenant Nikolenko, Kosareva, Dunaevskaya. The teams of the Ministry of Emergency Situations work at the site, the degree of damage is established. The city of Mospino was also shelled, and the 21 dwelling house in the private sector suffered.

In just one day on August 16, as a result of the fighting in Donetsk, 10 civilians died and 8 received injuries of varying degrees of severity.

As of 9.30, the situation in the city remains tense. According to residents in all areas, volleys of heavy guns are periodically heard.

50 transformer substations that serve consumers in the villages of the Abakumovo mine and the Trudovskaya mine are de-energized. Work on the restoration of power supply is underway.

Public transport is operating normally. The exception is made by trolleybuses on the route №7. Due to the unsafe situation in Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeyevka, the movement of trolley buses in this direction is not carried out.

Yesterday at 12: 40

Message from the representative of the press service of the DPR Vladislav Brig

“At Mospino tonight, Gradami destroyed more than fifty private houses. With Cattle-like, ukprovermaht ironed Yasinovataya.
These news you will not read in the Western mainstream media, just as you will never know - and who hit the Boeing? "

Yesterday at 13: 33

Summary from the headquarters of the Army of the Southeast for the night of August 17: battles near Lugansk, the enemy recaptured from Yasinovataya and suffered great losses from Nizhny Krynka

During the night, the main efforts of the Ukrainian punishers were focused on the Donetsk direction. The enemy made unsuccessful attempts to cut off the militia groups in the districts of Donetsk, Gorlovka, and Enakievo. On the positions of the militia and the infrastructure of these settlements, Ukrainian artillery made fire attacks, including with the use of multiple launch rocket systems.

From 17.30 16 in August, the enemy made fierce attempts to capture the enemy up to the company’s tactical group with the support of artillery from the direction of Avdiivka. P. Yasinovatoe. All enemy attacks successfully repulsed.

As a result of the fierce battle in the area of ​​Nizhnyaya Krynka, the national militia destroyed 32 units of military equipment, including 6 units of the BM-21 “Grad”.

Prevented enemy attempts to capture Ilovaysk. All attacks successfully repulsed, the losses of the units of the Ukrainian security forces amounted to 2 tank, 2 BMP, 1 BTR and before 30 manpower.

In the course of the fire attack, the militia’s artillery on enemy positions in the area of ​​Saur-Grave destroyed an 2 BTR.

In the Luhansk area, Ukrainian artillery using mortars and barreled artillery shelling residential areas and infrastructure in Lugansk, as well as Molodogvardeysk and Nikolayevka. There are civilian casualties

As a result of offensive actions by the units of the national militia is busy n. n. Chervony Zhovten (west of Pervomaysky). Enemy casualties made up the 14 man of personnel killed.

As a result of an artillery raid on the positions of the National Guard division in the area of ​​the compressor station north of n. n. Gryaschevately (LC) destroyed to 30 punishers.

During the battle in the area n. The village of Nizhny Nagolchik (south of Anthracite) destroyed the 2 BTR and 14 of the enemy military personnel, captured the D-30 gun and the Kamaz vehicle.

Based on reconnaissance data, a raid was conducted on an enemy convoy in the Novoannovka area (Krasnodon district of the LPR), 7 units of equipment were destroyed, including one Grad, one of the MLRS BM-21 and a field ammunition depot. Fire damage inflicted on the tank company and the enemy's mortar battery in the region of n. n. Thorn. Destroyed 2 tanker.

During the shelling of enemy positions in the area n. n. Peremozhnoe (Lutuginsky District, LC), a field ammunition depot was destroyed.

During the night, the reconnaissance units of the militia conducted active search actions.

Yesterday at 13: 36

Summary of the headquarters of the Army of the South-East of the losses of the Ukrainian occupation forces from 1 to August 15

Army headquarters summarized the losses of the Ukrainian occupation forces in manpower and equipment for the period from 1 to 15 of August.
During this period, the militia was disabled, destroyed or captured:
- 3 aircraft,
- 5 unmanned aerial vehicles,
- up to 86 multiple launch rocket systems, field artillery guns and mortars,
- 121 tank,
- 234 BMP and BTR,
- up to 345 cars.
Artillery strikes eliminated 57 storage sites for ammunition, fuel, and various types of materiel. Killed, wounded and captured before punitive 1450.

Yesterday at 16: 32

Donetsk Girl's Notes, 16 August

“Last night I saw 14 of August broken by the Ukraine, on Spas, houses and roads with holes from shells on Gladkovka.” A strange feeling, said local residents, as if there were no parts of houses. Where are the pieces? Just standing half a house, but there is no debris right away ... "
Immediately ran out a doctor - a local resident and went to check who needs help. "Imagine, I even prayed," he said in amazement. Well, yes, "there are no atheists in the trenches."
People react differently. After the shelling, a woman with terrible screams jumped out of the house, got behind the wheel and drove away. It turned out that everything is fine with her - screaming from fright. Another woman had a damaged eardrum after explosions. There was no time to hide - until the children sat down in the basement, while a special operation was carried out to descend into the basement of a fat huge dog - the shelling ended. Their home and neighbors are intact. "Probably, someone is praying here," the neighbors said.
One house, like the Titanic, gave a roll, the roof sloped. Grandma and Grandpa climbed out of the basement of the living and seemingly healthy. But later, as it turned out, the ambulance took them away, and they were in the hospital. They said that a young couple died in one of the houses, but there is no evidence - they do not report losses in order to avoid panic.
Youth Palace "Youth" badly beaten on the north side, next - almost slipped flower stalls made of white plastic into pieces. White planks everywhere.
Many cut trunks and branches of trees, last night on the ground lay a lot of wires - de-energized, obviously. This morning, the Emergency Situations Ministry and electricians worked in the area.
Today, like yesterday, for several hours there was no electricity in the central districts of Donetsk. But everything is quickly repaired - utilities and the MCH in the city work perfectly. The heat is incredible. "

Yesterday at 20: 42

Report of the Committee of Social Communications (DCC)

"Ukrainian artillery continues to bombard the city of Donetsk People's Republic.
Today, as a result of an artillery strike on Makeevka, the Yasinovsky coke-chemical plant was seriously injured, there is heavy smoke, there are victims.
The breakthrough of the Ukrainian forces from Yasinovataya to Makeyevka was stopped by forces of the commandant's office Makeevka, Oplota and the special subdivision Varyag.
Yesterday around 23: 00 “Grads” and howitzers standing in the village of pos. Clear, fired on Donetsk. After the shelling at the “Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya” mine, a coal warehouse burned, a boiler room was broken and a timber warehouse burned.
In addition, local residents report that in Telmanovsky district, pgt. Andreevka, Quran station, near 07: 30 17 August passed 5-6 MLRS Smerch, 5-6 tractors with missiles. Also, eyewitnesses claim that in the area of ​​the village Ignatievka in the direction of Elenovka there passed a column of installations “Tochka-U”.

Yesterday at 21: 09

Message from journalists

"How have today's events evolved in Yasinovataya 17.08.2014

The militia held and continue to hold the checkpoint Yasinovataya.

Bypassing the checkpoint, the Ukrainian punishers entered Yasinovataya and dispersed it. Local residents reported this to the militia. At the moment, the militia also entered Yasinovataya, there is a battle.

A column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the positions of the militia in the city, there are battles. As it seems to me, this situation in the last two weeks is typical for the settlements between Donetsk and Gorlovka. In particular, in a similar scenario, hostilities developed in Panteleimonovka and Enakievo. Both settlements are now behind the militia. By the way, in both cases, the statement that the corresponding locality was taken under control was. In conclusion, I present a map of the militia positions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 17 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 21: 42

Summary from the headquarters of the Army of the Southeast August 17: heavy positional battles are taking place, three punitive aircraft are shot down

During the day, the position of the junta’s troops did not change. Airborne artillery strikes were systematically carried out on the localities held by the militia.

The enemy made active attempts to dissect the grouping of the armed forces of Novorossia along the Debaltsevo-Krasny Luch line.

In the Donetsk direction, the main efforts of the Ukrainian security forces were focused on surrounding the village of Yenakiyevo and defeating the militia group defending the village. All attacks by militias were successfully repelled. The enemy suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment.

Artillery of the militia during the day fired blows at the positions of the Ukrainian security forces in the areas of settlements Latyshevo, Stepanovka, Voikovsky. Losses of the enemy are specified.

Zhdanovka (13.00 km northeast of Donetsk) and the southern part of Lower Krynka, captured by the National Guard units the day before, were liberated by the militia forces to 27. Fighting continues in the Saur-Mogila mound.

During the battle with radical extremists of the “Right Sector” near the village of Mandrykino (the southwestern suburb of Donetsk), the militia units of 7 were killed by militants and 13 was wounded. The enemy retreated to the north-east.

In the Luhansk area, the militia artillery attacked the enemy's strongholds in the areas of the settlements of Peremozhnoe, Novoannovka, Verkhnyaya Olkhovaya, and Shiroky. Intelligence clarifies the results of the defeat.

Around 14.00 p.m. in the course of repulsing an attack on the Cartilaginous (LPR) group of enemy tanks carried out with the support of aviation, militia units destroyed 3 tanks. During the battle one Su-25 aircraft of the enemy was shot down. In addition, the use of MANPADS in the Krasnodon area shot down two more aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force: MiG-29 and Su-25.

During the day, the enemy made repeated attacks on guard militia posts, providing control of the Snezhnoye-Rassypnoye and Rassypnoye-Dmitrovka sections of the highway. All attacks were successfully repelled.

According to intelligence data, the enemy regroups and pulls up reserves.

Yesterday at 21: 56

A brief message about Igor Ivanovich from the blogger summer56

“I already wrote that Igor Ivanovich is doing well, that he is alive and well. But today rumors have gone again that he is still seriously wounded and even killed. Moreover, these rumors were spread not only by dill, but also by our bloggers.
I declare responsibly that today (August 17) in the 20 area of ​​the 30 hours of minutes, I personally spoke with Igor Ivanovich on the phone.
Talked, of course, strongly said. In fact, exchanged a couple of phrases. Igor Ivanovich as always brief. But he once again confirmed that everything is in order with him.
Of course, I didn’t even ask about his new job. I don't need to know this. You too".

Yesterday at 22: 13

Message from eyewitnesses

"I phoned a friend from Novoaydar, according to him: they met humanitarian aid from Ukraine around 70 trucks, one was distributed to the camera in Lisichansk, the second in Starobelsk, there was a public relations agency Virigina, like our governor, the other trucks were immediately unloaded into the warehouse other cars were transported to retail outlets for sale. So much for the care of people from Kiev and the regional administration, but nothing came of Lugansk. Edynaukraina. "

Yesterday at 22: 26

Identified shot down today near Krasnodon MiG-29

Mig-29 No. 53 white (2960729047) 114 Tactical Aviation Brigade (military unit A-1349), Ivano-Frankivsk.
The last digits of the serial number (2960729047) are visible in the photograph of the ejection seat (photo 2).
"Digital" camouflage is noticeable on these screens (photo 3, 4).
Photos of this aircraft in April of this year at the airport of Dnepropetrovsk (as part of the duty team) were posted on one of the forums (photo 5, 6)

Yesterday at 22: 44

The situation in the Donbass in the evening 17.08.14

1. Yasinovataya currently junta not taken. As stated at the beginning of the offensive, Yasinovataya is one of the key goals for the junta in the battle for Donetsk. Therefore, when today the junta’s tanks rolled into Yasinovataya’s urban development, Poroshenko’s tweet reported that they had taken Yasinovataya, although in fact, to enter the city and take the city are slightly different things. Approximately the same thing about the “capture of Lugansk” was screamed a couple of days ago, when the junta’s infantry began to infiltrate into the city west of the hryashchevaty. In Yasinovataya, battles have now unfolded, the sides are tightening reserves, they actively use tanks and artillery.

2. The militia pushed the enemy under Novosvetlovka. The network has already appeared bravura militia reports about the full unblocking of the road, but in fact there still needs time, as part of the route is shot through, and it’s not yet necessary to talk about complete control over it. Attempts to push several trucks through it into Lugansk can end in tears.

3. Today, the militia shot down an 3 aircraft - the 1 MiG-29 and 2 Su-25. According to the MiG, there is a confirmation from the junta, according to one of the “dryers”, a video has already appeared (although there’s really some confusion in the video - more detailed fragments from the MiG-29 are really visible, so it could be the same aircraft ). That is, 2 is exactly shot down and 1 is not yet confirmed. In general, it can be stated that the junta’s attempts to use aviation in the area of ​​the punitive operation invariably entail losses, since the junta does not have the ability to suppress even such a focal air defense system from the old air defense missile systems and MANPADS.

4. Improving the situation at Miusinsky and Snezhny allowed to remove some of the forces and throw them to Donetsk, as well as developing an offensive to the west of the 2.0 South Boiler, to engage in battles on the outskirts of Saur-Tomb, the top of which remains drawn. Given the nature of the terrain and the significant forces of the artillery of the parties, the battles here will be protracted.

5. A column of "white trucks" stands near the border with Ukraine. There is no sign off yet. Apparently, they are waiting for the completion of the battles for Novosvetlovka and the clearing of the enemy DRG, which can attack the convoy on the highway.

In general, as mentioned earlier, the junta retains the initiative north of Donetsk, and while its offensive is not stopped there, one should not confuse the victories achieved at Ilovaisky, Miusinsky and Red Ray with the victory in the battle for Donetsk, the situation is still complicated.

Today in 0: 13

Shocking volunteer story about a fight for a hospital in Lugansk, 16.08.14

Film director Alexei Smirnov, creator of the society of volunteers "Podbodilom" tells the details of yesterday's battle for the hospital in Lugansk.

Today in 1: 21

Interview with Vladimir Rogov. Junta bears huge losses

The leader of the Slavic Guard, co-chairman of the Popular Front "Novorossiya" Vladimir Rogov spoke about the mass death of Ukrainian punishers.
According to Vladimir Rogov, the Ukrainian media constantly distort real facts. When it comes to Ukrainian casualties, pro-American puppets either bashfully silent or impudently lie.
Information about the situation at the front, which flows to Poroshenko, fell into the hands of Vladimir Rogov. According to these data, as of 15 August in the ranks of punishers 23498 200Hot and 300-hundredths, 158 prisoners, as well as a large number of deserters.
The junta has suffered enormous losses in recent days. But the terrible figures for mothers of Ukrainian soldiers remain unpublicized.
Only in the Southern boiler ukrofashistov killed much more than the claimed 4000. The total number of losses punitive terrifies, but the Nazis are not going to stop and again send live meat to New Russia for slaughter.
The junta also loses a lot of officers, although they can be called such a big stretch, because fratricide has not only erased their military appearance, but also their human form.
It should be said that in the Donbas hundreds of western mercenaries are dying. Although the facts of their presence on the territory of the former Ukraine are carefully ignored by the pro-American media, insurance payments for their death have to be paid. In addition, the New Russia Army constantly destroys the enemy’s military equipment in large numbers, and also captures it as a trophy.
Russian warriors will surely win, for after them God and His truth.

Today in 2: 36

The representative of the press center of the DPR from the city of Enakievo Igor Korovyakovsky spoke about the situation in the Donbass

According to Igor, fierce fighting is now under way in Yenakiyevo. Militias are trying to destroy from artillery and aircraft, trying to surround. The soldiers of the Army of New Russia are mortally fighting for their native land and do not allow neo-Nazis to implement an order from Washington to clean up the Donbass.
The mood of the inhabitants of the city is different. Someone supports the militia entirely, and someone looks at him wary, because war is a terrible thing and it is not easy to see people with weapons. But in general, of course, the local population is completely on the side of their defenders.
Recently in the city there was an incident of a shell falling into the hospital area. Why shoot at such places? Punishers that, shoot up until now, or simply mad and shoot anywhere. But, most likely, this is a deliberate extermination of the inhabitants of New Russia, which the Nazis ruthlessly carry out.
Manipulation and propaganda are the main policies of the Ukrainian media after the collapse of the USSR. Racially clean, Svidomo Ukrainians began to oppose the Russian "pigs". Agree, very similar to the events of 40 of the last century. And, unfortunately, this is not a nightmare, but a modern picture of our life.

Today in 2: 51

Message from the "Bad Soldier" (Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Intelligence)

"Hello, my friends. Sorry for the long silence - absolutely no time. Do not wait for daily reports, this is not in my style. In short, we have ALL THE BAD. Ukrov prisoners have nowhere to go - it's time to build a prisoner of war camp. A huge amount of abandoned and We were tired of restoring the captured Ukrainian equipment - they didn’t follow its technical condition at all. The day before yesterday a large group of servicemen were taken prisoner, including the deputy commander of the 30 mekhbrigad. The headquarters staff of the 30 Ombr went missing, leaving in memory of I’m my officer’s identity card. Most likely, I drowned while crossing the river. When I interrogated a zamkombriga, I tried not to crawl under laughter from the table. and walked on the navigator, then went straight to our checkpoint in Torez, where the 2s lost their cars and rolled back.Almost got to Amvrosiyivka, but managed to turn on one of them again and turn to Snow, where our next okpost struck column. A lieutenant colonel with a major hid in the henhouse until the morning, from where they were safely taken by our soldiers during the sweep operation.
Yasinovataya is completely ours - Petunchik hurried. Otherwise, the first and so far the only major general of the republic without changes is alive, almost healthy, full of humor with the utter lack of attention from the female.
Instead of Strelkov, the most militant and most successful of the combatants appointed by his recommendations is the Tsar, who is also the holder of the two DPR orders, Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Petrovich Kononov. It was his battalion that defended Semenovka and repulsed Ukrov Shakhtersk.
I wish that Strelkov would appear in reports and come back here to us as soon as possible. But the question is not for me.
Thank you so much for your help. At the moment, there is an acute issue with the winter form - first of all. "

- Bad Soldier, can you confirm the information that has appeared about the successful seizure of the tulips and the tornado / hurricane from the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

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      I think it's too early to talk about this. The turning point will come when Slavyansk is returned. In the meantime, it's just fuss. Settlements pass from hand to hand simply because the junta simply lacks soldiers. They have to transfer troops from one direction to another. This is used by militias. By the way, for some reason, the participation of heavy militia equipment in battle is not visible. Especially in the counterattack, if there was one, it should participate by definition. About the losses, some incredible numbers. Especially if you take into account the tactics of ukrovoyak copied from the Americans: first, massive art training with the bombardment of n. and only then the deployment of troops.
  5. sazhka4
    18 August 2014 07: 54
    Maybe I'm wrong.
    >> It should be said that hundreds of Western mercenaries are dying in the Donbas. Although the facts of their presence on the territory of the former Ukraine are diligently hushed up by the pro-American media, insurance payments for their death have to be paid. <
    If the junta is silent, will you show .. ?? Just show ... The words that they "barricaded" in the tank (from previous reports) are ridiculous. Uh-huh .. and the hatches were "welded" from the inside ..
  6. +1
    18 August 2014 07: 54
    Heading for VICTORY, keep it up ...
    1. +1
      18 August 2014 09: 42
      All is good but in two weeks - 121 tank, 324 armored personnel carrier and infantry fighting vehicles, more than 300 cars ... !!! Good ride on the ears ... or they consider getting? Like the fascist pilots during the Second World War, who "shot down" our planes by the hundreds?
      With such "indicators". the punishers already negative balance in armored vehicles, probably.
      1. +2
        18 August 2014 11: 07
        All this is good, but in two weeks - 121 tanks, 324 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, more than 300 cars ... !!! A good ride on the ears ... or do they consider hitting?

        In general, a tank on the battlefield in conditions of modern combined arms combat does not live very long. Large losses of BT dill became after the militia received MLRS and heavy artillery. And this suggests that a lot of blows are delivered to the places of concentration for the offensive (as near Ilovaisk) or on the march, as to the columns retreating from the Izvarinsky boiler. Which in turn indicates an extremely low preparation of dill on average. It should be said that there are units, the same 1st TBR, which operates very professionally (raid around Lugansk, a breakthrough from the north to Krasniy Luch). But for the most part, the same PS uses tanks and another BT stupidly as a battering ram. It is clear that in such conditions, especially in residential buildings, with untrained crews and untrained interaction with infantry fighting vehicles, BT losses will be very large. And one more aspect that should not be overlooked. Poor technical condition of BT dill. Especially again, this applies to BT of the same punitive battalions. But, as the events in the Crimea showed, even the combat units of dill have problems with the equipment. And this leads to unnecessary failures, especially in the battle at the limit regimes. Add weak logistics and we can safely say that half of the listed units self-destructed, or substituted under attack due to breakdowns.

        With such "indicators". the punishers already have a negative balance in armored vehicles, probably.

        This is not true, dill began to suffer serious losses only a month ago.
  7. 0
    18 August 2014 08: 00
    Continue in the same vein. expire soon.
  8. +3
    18 August 2014 08: 01
    I have always said that the current GPS-GLONASS system is good as long as there are satellites, and the majority of the command staff of the Armed Forces, judging by the message, are not able to use the map. I hope that in military schools in Russia, in addition to using GPS, they continue to teach orientation on the terrain with and without a map.
  9. +1
    18 August 2014 08: 05
    One feels a sharp turn in hostilities. War is always a mystery, but the smell of the Victory of New Russia is in the aura of consciousness of people who want you, dear militia, only Victory. God help you.
  10. 0
    18 August 2014 08: 10
    Beat Ukrov!
  11. +1
    18 August 2014 08: 11
    Wow .... It's gratifying. Feel better heart
    1. 0
      18 August 2014 11: 50
      Haha ... Azhno ... I said that before. Funny sounds winked
  12. +3
    18 August 2014 08: 17
    "In short, we have EVERYTHING BAD. There is nowhere to put the prisoners of Ukrov - it's time to build a prisoner of war camp. We are tired of restoring a huge amount of abandoned and captured Ukrainian equipment - they did not monitor its technical condition at all. The day before yesterday, a large group of servicemen was captured by us. , including the deputy commander of the 30th mechanized brigade. "

    Wow! Everyone would be so BAD. Thanks to all the militias of New Russia. Victory YOU guys!
  13. Alexander67
    18 August 2014 08: 21
    I’m proud that my brother, along with the militias with a knee iron, burns a stinking ulcer on the body of Donbass! Guys hammer them on and on and get ready for a trip to Kiev!
  14. Drunya
    18 August 2014 08: 29
    map overview - 2014 08 17.

    overview map 2014 08 17 22.24.22.

    map overview 2014 08 17 - 22.49.37.
    1. +2
      18 August 2014 08: 57
      Thanks for reviewing the map.
  15. 0
    18 August 2014 08: 51
    And why should prisoners of war be kept? To Russia or to chernozem. They will not stop killing even after liberation. In general, of course, you understand that war is not such a quick thing. Day after day, day after day ...
  16. +3
    18 August 2014 08: 53

    "In Kharkov. Around 21:00 in the" Horizon "area, two unknown young athletic athletes attacked four supporters of Euromaidan. According to one of the victims, this happened after one of the activists shouted “Glory to Ukraine” to two guys passing by, ” reports.
    Maidan activists were caught near the entrance. One of the four managed to escape, the other ran into the entrance. After the beating of two supporters of Euromaidan, unidentified persons ascended to the second floor, where they beat the third patriot of Ukraine.
    A similar reaction of the inhabitants of Ukraine has recently become not rare. So on July 30, the deputy mayor of Odessa, Maria Oleinik, wished that the sailors who shouted in response to the greeting “Glory to the Heroes!” Were washed overboard.
    And in Nikolaev on August 5 a member of VO "Freedom" was openly beaten for boorish behavior and propaganda of Nazi symbols.
  17. +2
    18 August 2014 08: 53
    Combat weekdays. The guys work well, calmly, professionally, they are not afraid to "shine" - the truth is behind them! Ukrainians using the Point-U signed their impotence.
  18. Aleksandr68
    18 August 2014 09: 14
    Yesterday, the battalion "Aydar" was finished near Lugansk. The Natsik survivors took the local hostages.If the best ukrovoyaki are fighting like that, what to expect from the worst.
  19. +1
    18 August 2014 09: 40
    Thanks for the review. Bulletins are encouraging. God grant that everything will be adjusted a little. Recently found a long-standing poem by I. Strelkov. It sounds like an appeal to all of us.
    On a polished table
    In the canvas of flowers and trinkets
    The bayonet on the frayed cloth -
    Another object among the toys ...

    He lost his meaning -
    Such debris - and not count:
    Here also, without consumption,
    Rust Honor!
  20. wanderer_032
    18 August 2014 10: 35
    Yesterday, the battalion "Aydar" was finished near Lugansk. The Natsik survivors took the local hostages.

    And who really are the terrorists?

    The owner of the affected institution said that the main version of the arson - his civil position in relation to the government of Kiev and the ATO.

    Financing terrorism is a punishable offense. Every family has its black sheep. Let him thank you for leaving them alive.

    In the afternoon, while trying to repair the gas pipeline, which the Nazi artillery had broken on the eve, the repair team suffered; the punishers opened artillery fire on it, as a result, three repairmen died on the spot, one wounded man was taken to hospital.

    Another fact of genocide and terrorism, in relation to the population of Donbass.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. 0
    18 August 2014 11: 04
    screen> ]
    Work on B.L.A through visual control glasses.
  24. 0
    18 August 2014 11: 40
    At the meeting, Avakov and Turchinov discussed with the commanders of volunteer battalions a new tactic for fighting with militias and a subsequent action plan.
    MOSCOW, Aug 18 - RIA News. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and Verkhovna Rada speaker Oleksandr Turchynov held a secret meeting with the commanders of volunteer battalions on the eve, TSN reports.

    According to the publication, at the meeting they discussed the new tactics of fighting with the militias and the subsequent plan of action.

    Only the battalion commanders knew about the place and time of the meeting.

    РИА Новости
    1. +1
      18 August 2014 11: 58
      It was a pity there was a briefcase with plastid under the table at this meeting. Where is Yarosh looking? Such an opportunity was ... Either he or him. Although it makes no difference to us in what order they are sent to hell? The main thing is to go there!
  25. 0
    18 August 2014 14: 23
    Soon the Ukrainian army will have no aviation. And the pilots will run with their arms outstretched depicting airplanes, as tankers do at the training grounds.

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