Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 15 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 11: 39

Report of the military case corps. The defeat of the Ukrainian troops in Stepanovka

The military corps of the corps with the advanced parts of the DPR army entered the liberated Stepanovka 14 of August, which is of strategic strategic importance. In Stepanovka, the Ukrainian army left dozens of pieces of equipment, a large amount of ammunition, and secret materials. Locals say that Ukrainian officers were fattening when their soldiers were starving. Drunkenness and panic in the Ukrainian army flourish.

Yesterday at 12: 38

Morning report from the militia Prokhorov

Taken from Stepanovka (!!!) - in the DNI. The southern boiler is sealed!

At Lugansk, under the village of Khryashchevate, the battalion "Aydar" was crushed.
The punishers themselves report 22 - "200", 36 - "300", 4 unidentified.
That they have not yet considered all.

With a. Novokaterinovka (about Starobeshevo) destroyed the checkpoint punitive.

In Mariupol, a monument to Lenin was demolished at night.

At night, artillery bombarded the positions of the occupiers at Debaltseve. In response, the enemy began shelling residential areas of Gorlovka, leaving Enakievo alone (well, yes, after the defeat at Nekhoteyevka, which is near the city, they don’t want to go there).

In the evening, around 22: 00 punitive struck a massive artillery strike on Pervomaysk - beat in the area. D. station, Sokologorovka and Pavlovsk.

About the Ukrainian military units in Mariupol: Mariupol is the rear base of the entire southern group. Of the large formations, these are former Theodosian brigades (remnants), border guards and the Azov, 26 artillery brigade, part 17 tank and others. Nearby there is Krivbass. The latter have already 20 “200” (these are only those that were brought to Krivoy Rog).
By the way, in "Azov" there is a division "Storm", which consists of personal guards of Taruta and Baranov - Mariupol and Berdyans.
The “Tarutintsy” have already lost 2 (all in all the units of the invaders are fighting 20 Mariupol residents, compare with 50 in the Chechen squad during the stay of the militia in Mariupol).

As for the large losses in the "volunteer" battalions ukrov:

Maybe this is too optimistic, but all these facts tell me one thing - about the staffing "hunger" of the junta. Throwing terbbats into attacks is solely out of desperation. They were honed on the protection of roadblocks and communications. And only in their own regions (this is how they differ from mercenary battalions)
It is not surprising - the 79 and 72 brigades have already been destroyed, 24 and 25 with 95 suffered significant damage, in some - up to the loss of combat capability (24). Now 30 and 95 are destroyed.
Yes, and 93 near Donetsk lost most of the armored vehicles
What ukrov remains? Only throw under the bullets of the militia "meat" from terbatov.

Yesterday at 12: 55

Report of the press service of the City Council of Donetsk

"Information on 9.30. 11 civilians were killed in Donetsk in a day.

The night of August 15 in Donetsk was intense. Fighting in the evening and at night unfolded in the Petrovsky and Leninsky districts of the city. In 22.00, the residents of the Wide districts observed luminous flashes in the sky, presumably incendiary bombs, and then a glow in the area of ​​the Wide farm. Residents of the village of the mine "Trudovskaya" reported shelling from heavy guns and the destruction of the housing stock.

As a result of the August 14 hostilities, the 267 transformer substations supplying the Petrovsky, Kirovsky and Leninsky Districts were de-energized. In 21.50, the power engineers managed to restore the 25 TP operation in the Petrovsky district and the 25 TP, which serve consumers in the village of the Shakhtar mine. Abakumov.

Due to the lack of electricity, the Southern Water Unit does not work - there is no water supply for consumers in the Mirny, Blue, Star, and Solar microdistricts. The bakery No. 14 and the dairy plant in Kirovsky district are de-energized.

As a result of shelling in the city center 14 of August, the building of the Donetsk Regional Museum of Local Lore was damaged: the shells destroyed the roof and the floor was damaged, 75% of the glazing was broken. Museum exhibits were not affected. According to residents, the shells hit Kutuzov Street 28, on Livitsky Street 15 - the windows were broken.

From 11.00 to 18.00, August 14 carried out shelling of the city of Mospino, into whose territory more than 90 artillery shells were launched. As a result, 40% of the city suffered: 20 private residential buildings were completely or partially destroyed, the work of the Mospinskaya mine was stopped, 2 apartments of the dormitory of the mine were burnt down.

During a day in Donetsk, 8 civilians were injured; 11 civilian people were killed.

As of 9.30, the situation in the city remains tense. Despite this, the emergency services of utilities continue to eliminate the consequences of hostilities, restoring electricity and water supply. On the line went public transport, all dispatching stations and bus station "Yuzhny" work.

Yesterday at 13: 02

Report of the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR

"According to eyewitnesses, settlers from Western Ukraine appeared in Pisky (village near Donetsk), who began to move into abandoned houses."

Yesterday at 13: 15

The elusive "GHOST" Alexey Mozgovoy. Special Report 14.08.14

In a special report by Denis Arapov - shooting from the forward battalion "Ghost" and one day of a kind stay of the Commander of the Brain in Moscow.

Yesterday at 13: 43

Crimes of Ukrainian Nazis in Zugres, 13.08.14 18 +

This video was sent by the guys from the detachment of the city of Zugres. Killed by the Ukrainian Nazis civilians and children. Look, and do not say you have not seen.
In Zugres, 15 people were killed by the Ukrainian army as a result of the shelling of the city, including 3 children, and 19 civilians were injured.
That is why we must do everything possible so that the Ukrainian Nazis disappear after their German predecessors.

Yesterday at 13: 56

Summary from the headquarters of the Army of the Southeast for August 14-15

Over the past day the situation in Novorossia remained tense.

During the day, punishers repeatedly struck aviation and artillery in the peaceful quarters of the cities of Lugansk, Donetsk, Krasnyi Luch and Antratsit, as well as the settlements of Enakievo, Uglegorsk and Snezhnoye. The roads connecting Lugansk with checkpoints across the Russian border were subjected to intensive shelling, which did not allow refugees to leave the combat zones.

The main targets for defeat remained objects of social and communal infrastructure of settlements. Among the civilian population there are dead and wounded.

The main efforts of the National Guard and the Ukrainian army were focused on blocking Donetsk from the east, retaining the settlements of Krynychnaya, Monakhovo, Nizhnyaya Krynka, Zuevka and establishing control over the cities of Khartsyzk and Ilovaisk. To retain the settlements, Gryaschevate and Novosvetlovka, the enemy pulled up reserves.

Fierce fighting between the militias and junta units were conducted in the area of ​​Enakievo. The enemy subjected the town to intense shelling and airstrikes, during which the local hospital and about twenty-five apartment buildings were destroyed. Technical premises at the coke-chemical plant, which was not occupied by the militia, suffered significant damage, which indicates the targeted destruction of the residents and economy of Donbass.

Divisions of the National Guard with the support of tanks carried out repeated attacks on settlements Marinovka, Stepanovka, Pervomaysky. In the course of stubborn fighting, the enemy, possessing vastly superior forces, was thrown back to previous positions. Decisive counterattacks by the militia allowed the enemy to inflict considerable losses in personnel and material assets. Captured up to 30 units of military equipment, a large number weapons, ammunition and American dry rations.

According to the results of additional exploration of previously identified targets, the militia artillery attacked clusters of manpower reserves and equipment on the approaches to settlements Novoalekseevka, Velikiy Meshkovo, Miusinsk, Krasny Luch, Beloyrovka, Grabskoe.

1 MLRS, 2 SAU, 7 tanks, up to 21 BMP and BTR, up to 24 vehicles were disabled. 4 ammunition depot and around 135 punishers destroyed.

Yesterday at 14: 08

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

"We hold our positions! Zugres is under fire! The district of Shakhtersk and Ilovaisk too. There are battles. They are probably digging from the side of Pokrovka. The fields are mortars and" cloves "of the fascists. There ...
Today, under Yasinovataya, our fighters committed a heroic deed! I am proud of them! Three of them entered the post ukrov and took his hand-to-hand! The fighters had no support, and they decided to take the roadblock themselves! Without bp and help, they took two of them prisoner, and one was killed while trying to escape.
My friends died in the battles of Ilovaisk ... They took out the 3 two hundredth and 8 the three hundredth. In ukrov much more ... we take out, who is possible.
We have not moved anywhere! and not going! we feel this dead army of the Nazis! They do not know how to fight! - "iron" the artillery of the peaceful yes!
Glad to be free Artem! streamer from Donetsk. Wonderful man and friend! I still talked to him in April.
They put the old grandfather on armor, and he told me: "Son, and weapons ??" The grandfather was taken out, and not only ... they promised the veteran to protect the Russian land from fascism. He really hoped for us ... and we will do it! "

Yesterday at 14: 15

Report of the Committee of Social Communications of the DPR

"Ukrainian artillery has just fired at Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk. Details are being clarified."

Yesterday at 14: 22

Message from the militia

"Donbas militia destroyed the punitive battalion" Goryn ", formed in the Rivne region, there are enormous losses killed, wounded and prisoners, almost all the equipment was destroyed. Quantitative data are being specified. The Goryn battalion was shot from the RSZ" Grad "in one of the districts of the DPR very close to the border with Russia. "

Yesterday at 14: 58

Overview of the situation on the fronts of the South-East on 11.00 (MSK) 15 August

In general, every day it is more and more evident that the widely publicized offensive against Donetsk, as expected, turned out to be “zilch”. Well, no longer have the forces of the APU. NO. And that's it. Moreover, for the junta's troops, several local "catastrophes" are brewing at once, which can acquire operational-tactical and then strategic. So.


District Saur-Graves. The counterattack of the DPR troops launched on 11 on August led to the fact that on August 12 Stepanovka was occupied, and in the morning of 13, Marinovka. Happy 13-th checkpoint "Marinovka". Thus, the Southern boiler 2.0 was formed. As a result, three more BTG APU were surrounded. The desperate counterattack of the forces of the junta on Stepanovka 13-14 of August led to heavy fighting on the approaches and in the village itself, but it ended in the complete defeat of the attacking group. So far, the “role” of Saur-Grave herself is not particularly visible. It follows that the seizure of it is nothing more than a PR move of the junta (similarly to the arming of the German flag on Elbrus in 1942)

Snow-Miusinsky-Red Ray (DNR + LC). The situation is under the complete control of the militia. The group, though not lost until the end of its combat capability, was cut by the militia into parts and leads defensive battles. Given the importance of the value of the junction, this group will be destroyed priority. Control over Miusinsky fully restored. Red Ray is also firmly in the hands of the militia.

South of Donetsk. Fierce battles of the last days went in the area of ​​Ilovaisk. The importance of this area is that it is a convenient base for striking the rear of Amvrosievsky group. On the other hand, the attack planned by the junta with a view to surrounding Donetsk also demanded the capture of this city. That is why the militia held him with all his might. And kept. And even defeated the advancing group. The enemy is everywhere dropped and the last day of activity did not show. In this direction, it seems, the junta has no reserves (what was likely to be transferred to the South Boiler de-blockade. This gives the militia some opportunities).

West of Donetsk. In addition to the stupid destruction of the bus with the PS militants, nothing happened. But this is an episode. In general, there is a lull.

North of Donetsk-Gorlovka-Debaltsevo. Fierce battles all previous days. At first, the Kiev troops attacked the militia between Gorlovka and Yasinovataya on the Lower Krynka. Simultaneously, the second blow From Debaltseve to Uglegorsk. This is part of the operation on the encirclement and dissection of the Donetsk-Makeevsko-Gorlovskaya group of the DPR. In view of the lack of strength, the operation got stuck before reaching its goals. Yesterday the militia counter-offensive began. Yasinovataya again under the control of the DNI. The development of the attack on Panteleymonovka will cut off the strike force from the rest of the troops. Under Gorlovka, the enemy lost dozens of armored vehicles and, in fact, lost strike capabilities. Moreover, the group of the Brain was launched into the rear of Debaltseve. As of the morning, battles were fought on the outskirts of the city. The loss of Debalcevo threatens the junta with a new boiler. In this direction, there has been a radical change. The junta is no longer coming, but is trying not to get into the new "boilers".


South of Lugansk. A humanitarian convoy from Russia awakened from hibernation military operations on this front. An attempt to disrupt the advancement of the column prompted the junta's leadership to organize a strike on Novosvetlovka-Khryaschevately. The goal is to cut the remaining road along which the Lugansk garrison was supplied. The initial success (caused by a surprise throw) was replaced by defeat. As of the morning, units of the "Aydar" battalion were crushed in the Khryashchevaty district (the junta recognized 22 killed and 36 injured). In the area of ​​Novosvetlovki, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (to a company of tanks and a motorized infantry company) suffered significant losses (up to half of the tanks). Now there is a fire defeat of the entrenched group. A day or two, and everything will be over here.

Findings. As if someone did not belong to the last resignations (Strelkov, Bolotov), ​​but ..... it was after them that the headquarters of all the armed forces of the militia was created, which now would be more correct to call the army. Because the central command is the only thing the militia lacked for this. The result of these concerted actions is already visible. Moreover, by formally giving the leadership of the republics a purely "Ukrainian look" (according to the passport, everyone who appears on the screens, citizens of the former Ukraine), the army of the South-East can solve tasks outside the republics. Including "political". Simultaneously with the centralization of the management of the army, the remnants of the Makhnovshchina will be removed, which discredit the whole movement. So, a radical change in the war is not just soon. He is already visible to the naked eye.

In the junta's troops, the names of not regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but of all militarized "battalions", are increasingly flashed. This is a direct result of the losses of the last weeks and a consequence of the advancement of the “secondary units” to the first line, which immediately affected the losses and the advancement of the shock groupings (the example of Ilovaisk is very obvious). That is, the most combat-ready parts of the junta are either already dead (72, 79, 51, parts of the 24 brigade), or are now blocked in boilers (80, 95, 30 brigades and parts of the 24 th). And holding the front "battalions" for all their "patriotism" can not be compared with the regular army. That is, at the front, there is not only a quantitative (especially in the technique) equalization of forces, but also a qualitative one (in a qualitative already tangible preponderance of the army of the Southeast).

Yesterday at 15: 19

Comment Corr. Dmitry Steshin

In just one day, the Minister of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic managed to "seriously hurt," "send to Moscow, then to Sevastopol," and, finally, "dismiss from office." Rumors of injury denied quickly enough, within an hour the officials of the DPR spoke and called the news nonsense. The legendary commander of the militia of Donbass was under fire for stuffing.

It is not clear where the Strelkov. Igor Ivanovich, despite his dislike for the press, still regularly spoke with her, turning to the militia and the people through journalists. But in recent days there are no statements or summaries from him. And where it is geographically - it is not clear.

Finally, on Thursday evening, the DPR government officially announced that the Council of Ministers had complied with Igor Strelkov’s request to transfer to another job. What - did not explain. A certain Vladimir Kononov (call sign “Tsar”) is now appointed Minister of Defense of the DPR in the status of acting officer.

The correspondent of "KP" contacted the official representative of the DPR in Russia, Andrey Rodkin. He advised to wait for statements and explanations from Igor Strelkov himself. And he noted that now all the forces helping and working with Novorossia are engaged in providing security in anticipation of a humanitarian convoy.

At the same time, according to an anonymous source in the DPR government, Strelkov’s leaving (if so) can only be explained by the fact that somewhere in the rear of the Kiev junta another Slavyansk is brewing, and Igor Ivanovich cannot do without the first. However, it is possible that the key posts of the republican elite are precisely the natives of Donbass. To exclude accusations that the DNI led from Moscow.

Yesterday at 15: 39

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

"Igor Strelkov is not in the DPR, his return to the post of defense minister is not planned (his further steps are not known yet). For me this is sad news.

But the war continues and we need to work with the new command. Today I phoned to and. The Minister of Defense of the DPR, Vladimir Kononov, established contact, talked about the distribution of cargo and special equipment for the militia that came through us.

A report on the work done and future plans will be published soon. "

Yesterday at 16: 14

Militia Herald 22 Edition (15.08.2014)

Issue dedicated to the appointment of the new Minister of Defense of the DPR.

Yesterday at 17: 24

Summary from Vostok information press center for August 14

"14 August active hostilities in the Donbas continued in the cities of Donetsk, Enakievo, Ilovaisk (DPR)," an employee of the Vostok information press center with the call sign Pamir told REGNUM. Yesterday, as before, the main hostilities They passed near the town of Yenakiyevo and in the area of ​​the town of Ilovaysk. Ukrainian troops attempted a breakthrough. They were subjected to massive shelling. They have no chance to break through.

Punishers continue to bombard Donetsk, Mospino, Zugres. In Zugres, many civilians died. In Donetsk, they fired not only the outskirts, but also the central districts - Kalininsky, Leninsky, Voroshilovsky, Kievsky. The shells hit the First City Hospital, the building of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Voroshilovsky District, and the shells fell near the Donetsk City shopping and entertainment center. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are firing from the Gradov from the airport and Kurakhovo. "

Intelligence militia tries to detect and destroy the military warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yesterday there were no crucial or significant battles. The militia are conducting reconnaissance, a search is being conducted for stores with ammunition of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are trying to destroy weapons depots in order to deprive the enemy of the ability to conduct shelling at civilian targets.

Under the miners and in Ilovaysk, "ukry" are shelling settlements, but they cannot occupy cities. They conduct reconnaissance in battle, but do not engage in a protracted battle, try not to approach the distance of a possible defeat from MANPADS. However, yesterday, near Ilovaisk, our fighters destroyed a bit of enemy equipment. There are positional battles, the exchange of artillery strikes. We are sitting in the trenches and do not let them drive up. I think the situation will be aggravated the other day, because there is heavy shelling in Shakhtersk, Ilovaisk, Donetsk, Zugres. Our reporters don't even go there.

Information on the Luhansk region is small, there is no mobile communication and electricity ".

Yesterday at 17: 47

The militia captured the colonel of the APU

Under the Miners' detachment, the militia broke a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles near the village of Bolshaya Shyshovka under the Miners and captured several soldiers of the Ukrainian army. During the interrogation it turned out that one of them was the commander of the battalion with the rank of colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

- We moved out of Stepanovka, changed the place of deployment. “In the column in which I was, there were four armored vehicles,” the colonel said. According to him, the military moved from the location of his battalion, which is fully equipped. Under the command of the political officer, about 800 people fought.

The colonel said that the battalion is armed with “Grad” installations; during the fighting, some of them were damaged, but the military repaired them and used them again.

The militiamen asked the political officer why the Ukrainian military often show inexplicable cruelty: they shoot and kill civilians. Empty packs of narcotic drugs were found in the captured military.

The militiamen told the colonel that they once saw a woman with a child who were killed by the military with extreme cruelty. A woman was cut, and a seven-month-old baby, the murderer fired an automatic burst in the chest.

- I am personally the deputy commander of the battalion for educational work. I can only say that we do not inform the personnel that we must kill, cut ... You see, there are people who are already hard to re-educate at this time, ”the Ukrainian commander recognized.

Yesterday at 22: 26

Message from the militia - participant of the battle in the village of Grabskoe 12 - August 13

12.08.2014 in the village of Grabskoe, Ilovaisky district, by the ukrofashistami - the battalion "Azov" - was blocked and taken to the surroundings by a reconnaissance militia group. Grabskoe is in the south-east of the center of Donetsk, about 35 km.

Leading an unequal battle with superior enemy forces, the militia unit suffered heavy losses. The reinforcements arrived to the surrounded ones could not have a significant impact on the operational situation, due to the absence of heavy weapons and means of suppressing armored vehicles.

Surrounded militia unit saved the mortar calculation of the artillery battalion of the Don Cossacks.

As a result of the carefully conducted work of the artillery reconnaissance unit, the 12-ti gun-gun howitzer battery was found.
A competent choice of firing position and a coordinated calculation action decided the outcome of the battle. A series of 24-x 120 mm min, "flown" from the flank, was a complete surprise to ukrokrateley!

According to the confirmed data, 8 was destroyed from 12 of the punitive implements, around the Nazis 10 went to another world, and several dozen fascists left for “long-term treatment” in the hospital.

During the artillery strike of the militias, black clouds of smoke and yellow-orange sheaves of flame were clearly visible from the observation positions, which implies the defeat of fascist ammunition and the destruction of equipment. Locals report two detonation foci. "

Yesterday at 22: 30

Message from the 1-th UAE UAV Air Force Novorossia

“When the guys from the 1 Squadron were slightly fed up with the hunting excitement of the Ukrainians, they decided to teach the small reconnaissance multicopters to“ slightly snap ”. Even a small spoiler is not a disturbance, but the product with the 57-G-721 index is just that much and weighs .
Only there is one small nuance - this product has a time of deceleration of a fuse only up to four and a half seconds, and a copter flies at a height of 500-600 meters. And the product will work in vain at an altitude of two hundred meters ...
At first, several complex technical modifications of the product were tried. But they did not always work. Although the noise went.
Some brave Ukrainian paratroopers even laughed merrily, and then wept when grenades began to fall at their checkpoints in the middle of the night. "

Yesterday at 22: 38

Photos from eyewitnesses

"The Russian army is ready to ensure the unimpeded passage of a humanitarian convoy. Already in the customs control zone. The border has not yet been crossed."

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 15 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 22: 44

Summary from Headquarters MO DNI on 15 August 2014 of the year

"14 August Ukrainian punitive troops struck artillery strikes in the central districts of the city of Donetsk. In particular, the shells hit the neighborhood Gladkovka (Kiev region): Youth Palace" Youth "(no injuries), the private sector (according to preliminary information, no injuries).

On the night of 14 on 15 of August 2014, Ukrainian punishers bombarded the city of Donetsk with phosphorus bombs. The Khutor-Shiroky district was affected. The advance units of the DPR army entered the liberated Stepanovka 14 of August, which is of strategic importance.

On August 14, part of the punitive battalion "Aydar" was ambushed during the night near the settlement of the hryashchevaty Lugansk Republic, as a result of which the Ukrainian punishers lost at least 20 soldiers.

Militiamen of Novorossiya managed to knock out Ukrainian punishers from the villages of Stepanovka and Marinovka of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). Above the customs terminal Marinovka militia hoisted the flag of the DNI. Also, during the operation, the militia destroyed the punitive battalion "Goryn", formed in the Rivne region.

The armed forces of the LPR occupied the cities of Zimogorye and Rodakovo, and also set up a checkpoint between these cities.

In the occupied part of the Lugansk People's Republic, the people's liberation struggle and the guerrilla war against the Ukrainian invaders are growing. At the village of Krasnaya Talovka, a sabotage detachment operating behind enemy lines, organized a successful ambush. A column of Ukrainian troops was attacked with an RPG, two trucks with punitive exploded. It is difficult to estimate the exact losses of the enemy - the sabotage group had to retreat almost immediately because of the significant advantage of the enemy. Under the Miner's detachment, the militia commander with the call sign “Shahid” smashed a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles near the village of Bolshaya Shyshovka and captured several soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

Yesterday at 22: 59

Video from the militia

Another column of dill militias covered. This time the Lvov airmobile brigade suffered. The video is not for the faint of heart: mountains of burned equipment, charred skeletons, the horror of war.

On the second video, the artillery battery of dill under Marinovka destroyed (and partially captured) by the militia.

Yesterday at 23: 28

Video from the militia

One of the distinguishing features of the militia is ingenuity.

Yesterday at 23: 30

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

"On the fennel, which is north of Saur-Grave, the gang began to work - we are waiting for new pitiful stories.

Ukry attacked in with. Gracious (just north of Amvrosiyivka) and near Uspenka and Kuteynikovo (right next to Amvrosiyivka), mobile militia units “play up” at Starobeshevo and Olenovka (North of Volnovakhi) - sooner or later there will also be militia there.

Well, just information - in Lugansk, ukrov was crumbled in Sabovka, as well as in Nizhnyaya Olkhovka and Kolesnikovka (next to Stanitsa Luganskaya) - and the mortars were used in the latter case.

Ukrov lacks equipment, weapons and soldiers: another terbatalyon was transferred to Mariupol - 23-th Skif from Zaporozhye, armored vehicles are not enough, UNN are withdrawing 16 helicopters, from the NATO mission - their own specialists (the last 100 from Kosovo).

It will be only "meat". But the main thing - they do not want to fight. Across Nene attack on the military registration and enlistment offices. The economy is in a steep dive.
So in October may happen another Maydaun.

A mercenary from "Aidar" reports ukrov fights and a wrecked helicopter surrounded by Novosvetlovka. "

Today in 0: 16

Message from Bezler

"Just now, ours intercepted Poroshenko’s order to deliver a powerful blow to the 59.23 square,
Snail No. 8.
There is a mercury plant in this area.
The consequences can be terrifying. "

Today in 0: 53

Reports from the militia sites

"Throughout the day, art strikes are inflicted on Donetsk, an air strike was inflicted.
From the night, in addition to the Farms Wide, the Wide area (high-rise residential buildings) was also subjected to artillery; about noon (local) an air strike was struck on a military school at BOSS, the air strike was at the same time as an artillery strike - the DNZ territory was stung, and after a couple of hours in the Mospino area, fighting with armored vehicles and artillery, including the RSZO, began; after some time, in the Oktyabrskaya mine area, near Donetsk airport, there was a fierce high-intensity battle, after the battle thick smoke was rising over the airport, then another couple of strikes from the MLRS were struck on the dill positions, fires continued near the airport; during the day, shelling and armed clashes continued in the area of ​​Avdiivka and Yasinovataya. The city has an enemy DRG; a counter-sabotage struggle is being waged against them. The situation remains tense. By the evening over Donetsk, the UAV became more active. Shelling and armed clashes on the outskirts are still going on. From the good: they managed to capture the Pion artillery system and several large-caliber MLRS installations with a large number of ammunition. "

Today in 1: 29

Video from the military officer of Motorola G. Dubovoy

Neighborhood Snow. Motorola unit fighters nightmare ukrov, trying to lure them into an open battle.

Ukry, while they were still in Miusinsk, were afraid to stick out and did not dare to break through in this direction ... Although there were only a handful of Motorola ...

Today in 1: 53

Summary from Igor Bezler

"In short! August 15 2014, our group, almost at full strength, destroyed the 30th motorized rifle brigade of the punishers."

Today in 1: 58

Message Agency AnnaNews

The city of Irmino (LNR) was ruthlessly fired upon by the punitive forces. The whole city is on fire, only houses of burning ash and building frames remain from houses. Civilians died. Instead of a settlement on this place, only the area of ​​scorched earth and mountains of garbage ... That's what turns the cities inhuman Kiev junta, along with his henchmen. That is what they are trying to achieve - to turn the lands of Donbass into a desert.

Today in 2: 09

Press conference of Alexander Zakharchenko, during which he spoke about the humanitarian situation in the Republics, new appointments and the situation on the fronts

On August 15, the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, held a press conference at which he made several statements. The first statement concerned personnel changes in the Ministry of Defense. The prime minister reminded reporters that the DPR Supreme Council today supported the resignation of Igor Strelkov and approved Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Kononov as the Minister of Defense of the DPR, and as First Deputy Minister of Defense - Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Strelkov.
The following statement dealt with the difficult humanitarian situation in the republic. “The help that the Russian Federation sends us, and which we still cannot receive, is necessary for us like air. This assistance is needed to the people of the DPR, the poor layers of cities and villages, the wounded, the sick, the military, ”said Alexander Zakharchenko.
The prime minister noted that the infrastructure and the trading network were destroyed in the republic. It is impossible to organize the provision of the city, so it is necessary to convey to the world community the full importance of humanitarian supplies for the residents of the DPR. The Ukrainian leadership in every way prevents it.
Alexander Zakharchenko spoke about the successful counter-offensive of the militias, which allowed to provide a corridor between the DNR or the LC. Today, control is established over the Red Ray. In the near future Lugansk will be released. A strong link has been established between the armed forces of both republics, and in the near future they will continue the offensive. In the southern sector of the front, the militia occupied a number of localities through which refugees could freely travel to Russia. At the moment, the process of demining the liberated territory.


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      Quote: Pro100
      Children for what? Dill this blood!

      These are scumbags, outcasts of the human race!
      I never could have imagined that this could happen in Europe, in the Russian world in the 21st century.
      How they hate us that even children and women have become enemies for them!
      These crimes should not go unpunished.
      Rostov tribunal is waiting!

      Thanks for the bulletins, I always look forward to them. All the same, a turning point has not only been outlined, but is actually taking place.
      1. Sirocco
        Sirocco 16 August 2014 07: 52
        Quote: andj61
        How they hate us that even children and women have become enemies for them!
        This is no longer Ukraine, and not Ukrainians, there the Russians hate the Russians, standing applaud the European and American propagandists. Bred a new race ALIEN called.
        1. calocha
          calocha 16 August 2014 09: 24
          Ukrainians are RUSSIAN with BRAINS !!! a grown-up generation of Pepsi sided with the Nazis-Bendera. Adults remembering the USSR-IN FEAR !!!! A lot of people go missing ..
          1. Sirocco
            Sirocco 16 August 2014 11: 12
            Quote: calocha
            the grown-up generation of Pepsi sided with the Nazis-Bendera. Adults remembering the USSR-IN FEAR !!!!

            At the expense of the generation, Pepsi agrees with you, we also have such, thanks to the education system. But about adults who remember the USSR, you are deeply mistaken. I myself am from the Dnepropetrovsk region, there are many classmates and friends who don’t consider me as such, and many have been removed from my friends, one nugget near Slavyansk is fighting against the militia, is being poured with mud, they sent me links with songs about Putin, and so on. And these are the people who went to the 5th decade, and you say that only the Pepsi generation has stood up. There are, of course, adequate ones, but their minority. As one of the adequate said, about those who are in FEAR !!!

            the main biomass of poher who will capture them, like hi .. but they didn’t beat
            Here are the words (literally) of a person from Ukraine. And I will translate it into Russian, I don’t know anything my hut from the edge. Believe me, my whole attitude towards Ukraine has developed, not from the Internet, but from communicating with friends and relatives from Ukraine.
          2. Skif83
            Skif83 17 August 2014 13: 44
            Yes, there was no such nation — Ukrainians!
            In fact, a different rabble who lived in a certain territory was called Ukrainians (meaning the West of the outskirts). The Russians have nothing to do with this, tk. all of these were Russian lands, for their "transformation" into the outskirts "special thanks" must be said to the Jewish commissars and Khrushchev.

            And the army of the DNI and LC at a height!
            Keep it up!
            It has long been said, more videos with the defeated Ukrainians, this raises the morale of the army.
            He also said that it is necessary to work on communications and warehouses with b / p - it’s done! It is certainly far from the idea that someone listened to my words, there are enough of their heads. But it’s still nice that we think in unison!
      2. Cadet787
        Cadet787 16 August 2014 08: 33
        Hang on guys, God help you. OUR BUSINESS IS RIGHT, THE VICTORY WILL BE AFTER US!
    2. hommer
      hommer 16 August 2014 07: 35
      Quote: Pro100
      Children for what? Dill this blood!

      I am sitting, watching a video with the dead children in Zugres.
      Like an adult man, he has seen a lot in his life, worked for many years in intensive care, but I can’t hold back my tears ...
      Artillerymen not to be taken prisoner!
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 August 2014 07: 45
      That is, the most combat-ready parts of the junta have either died (72, 79, 51, parts of the 24th brigades), or are now blocked in boilers (80, 95, 30 brigades and parts of the 24th)
      That's all the video, photos of the crushed dill have already begun to respond UkroSMI, see began to understand what it could lead to lol

      Russian intelligence agencies launched an informational provocation regarding the rout of several parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the Saur-Mogil barrow, which was successfully picked up by the Russian propaganda machine.

      About it on the page on Facebook reports a press center of headquarters of anti-terrorist operation

      "Feeling the inevitable death of Ukrainian soldiers from weapons, they can hardly contain fear and hysteria and are ready to surrender to the mercy of the legitimate government of Ukraine. Also, the Russians still hope to sow seeds of doubt in the ranks of the Ukrainian military and the public. But all this is useless. The Ukrainian armed forces continue to win victories and are tightening the noose around the neck of terrorism, ”the press service said. Source:
      On the Censor, this rzhach is completely laughing
    4. Ramzaj99
      Ramzaj99 16 August 2014 18: 23
      Honor and praise to the guys !!!
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 16 August 2014 07: 00
    With how many events have happened in recent days, the junt scum just raids peaceful, as if by order of a bucket there are so many unfinished fascists but they will be rewarded for it - well done militias noticeable as they beat the fascist scum and by the last day it’s noticeable that the junta will soon the end of the army is demoralized, no one wants to fight -Militia good luck in this war against the American junta Bandero and smash it to smithereens
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 16 August 2014 07: 01
    Dear militias! Scary photo frames, and how terrible actually, and you are courageously going to Victory!
    God bless you.
    1. boris-1230
      boris-1230 17 August 2014 00: 37
  4. staryivoin
    staryivoin 16 August 2014 07: 17
    Blood shed with their own blood and get drunk, for the murder of children, mothers and the elderly let them burn in holy fire! They can not find peace neither on this earth, nor in the next world.
  5. Constanta
    Constanta 16 August 2014 08: 09
    My heartfelt thanks to the militia for their strength, honor and dignity, for their authenticity. Low bow.
  6. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 16 August 2014 08: 15
    I hope the departure of Strelkov and other "Muscovites" is preparation for the offensive, so as not to give any reason for talking about the "hand of Moscow"
  7. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 16 August 2014 08: 22
    God is not with those who have power, but with those who have truth! And no matter how the junta atrocities, its end is already predetermined! For the blood of children, women, the elderly, the destroyed cities and villages of Donbass, the junta must answer and their true owners should not be left out! Glory to the militia soldiers! Your cause is just! Victory will be yours!
  8. leglun
    leglun 16 August 2014 08: 37
    Glory to Novorossia and its defenders. The censor with their Psaks hang noodles to their Natsiks !!!
  9. Magadan
    Magadan 16 August 2014 09: 20
    It is precisely because they are such satanyugs that they can never be defeated. And all their insidious plans will be broken. There is a Lord and He will rule everything in the victory of New Russia
  10. Drunya
    Drunya 16 August 2014 09: 41
    add a summary for the full picture from the enemy
    15.08.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX evening

    I don’t understand - they (dill) have been saying for 3 days already: - that the ATO forces were attacked here and there, but about their "successes" silence.
    does it mean that their affairs are full of "F" (and this pleases) or does not give all the information?

    uk-ry in Avdeevka

    allegedly militias are shelling the city. They would have said about Slavyansk that allegedly the militiamen were beating it from the "grads" - the city was destroyed.
  11. Drunya
    Drunya 16 August 2014 09: 57
    The military courts will solve the problem with pseudo-militias in the DPR - August 15, 2014 22:53
    Real militias fight on the fronts, and do not walk around the city in a drunken state with weapons at the ready, scaring the population.
    Today, an official representative of the militia headquarters Igor Ivanov said that the Donetsk People’s Republic decided to fight looting pseudo-militias with the help of a system of military field courts. He explained that the DNR militia consists of two parts, most of which (about 80-90%) arrived in Donetsk from Slavyansk and is mainly located at the front. “And we had parts, there are a lot of them, with different names that either were never at the front or were represented by small groups. The local population has big complaints about these rear units — regarding looting, crime and various atrocities against the local population — which the front units have never allowed, ”said a representative of the militia, RIA Novosti informs. Ivanov admitted that there are groups in the DPR that only pretend to be a militia, but essentially "walk around the city, drive cars without license plates in a drunken state," squeeze "something there from the local population." Such “militias,” he said, have nothing to do with the DPR Ministry of Defense.
    Ivanov specified that the military field courts will not engage in petty hooliganism, but will fight against violators of military discipline, marauders and deserters. According to him, now there is a process of subordination of all military units to the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the DPR. The system of courts being created will be engaged in discipline in the militia: "so that our inhabitants do not shy away from people in camouflage." At the same time, units that do not want to obey the Ministry of Defense of the DPR will be disarmed. “There can’t be gangs during a war. They must be disarmed, disbanded, and dissolved in their homes. If you took weapons during the war, work for them at the front. And we don’t need rear fighters, ”the representative of the militia said.
  12. siberalt
    siberalt 16 August 2014 10: 28
    Two boilers are already there. The border with Russia will soon increase. Outlines the third towards Slavyansk.
  13. shaman-25rus
    shaman-25rus 16 August 2014 10: 45
    Ukrop airmobile troops are turning ... troops are turning ... into elegant "aerosol" ...
  14. Zomanus
    Zomanus 16 August 2014 10: 57
    Pancake. I read similar reports about the advance of the Nazis to Stalingrad in the summer of 42. There are also a lot of small settlements and constant battles for them. Let's hope that the problem with the airports near Donetsk and Lugansk will be closed soon. And of course we are waiting for news about the convoy. And the video with the victims is needed, this is the evidence base, so that there would be no question later, "and what for us?"
  15. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 16 August 2014 11: 02
    War War never changes.
    It's only the beginning. Hang on guys.
  16. tommy717
    tommy717 16 August 2014 13: 33
    You watch the dill video, they are quite sane, they listen to Vysotsky. And most importantly, they believe that they are on the side of the truth. Just some kind of panopticon.
  17. Evilcat
    Evilcat 16 August 2014 20: 30
    In Mariupol, a monument to Lenin was demolished at night.

    The monument stood for 27 years. Mariupolites needed this? Oh, I doubt it.
    The Dnepr battalion tried. They decided that everything will be forgiven them? Oh well.
  18. razin-stephan
    razin-stephan 16 August 2014 21: 48
    Alas, the slaughter has reached the Slavic World! "Uncle Sam" (the evil empire) managed to confront the fraternal peoples. And we, the Slavs, succumbed to this ... not! Brains should be "turned on" already. Otherwise, there will be no Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and people who think differently than "Sam". There will be no people with the names "Ivan da Maria" who speak Russian and think differently than the "Americans".
  19. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 16 August 2014 22: 14
    I remembered a moderator for hand grenades from a glass (when a glass is broken, the lever is released and then on as standard). Good luck to you guys!
  20. T-44
    T-44 18 August 2014 08: 34
    Hold on, men, you are fighting not only for yourself, for your home, but also for Russia.