Grass feed for the Ukrainian army

Ukrainian "soldiers" continue to share information about how "wonderful" food supply of troops in the so-called "ATO" zone is established by official Kiev. Against the background of unceasing passions about the total sale of American dry rations in the open spaces of ukRONET, organized by members of the supply services of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, information about “substitutes” coming into ukroarmiya instead of American “snacks” began to appear.

Grass feed for the Ukrainian army

In addition to the moldy loaves of Ukrainian bread “high”, the command is fattened by expired sprat and stew. The shelf life of many canned food that goes into the punitive units operating in Novorossia expired more than three years ago.

This is taking into account the fact that Yatsenyuk, who calls himself the prime minister of the Ukrainian government, in June asked the United States for about 5 millions of dollars specifically for the supply of ukrovoyak food.

Paying attention to the overdue sprat and moldy bread, it would be interesting to know in whose pockets exactly these millions are deposited. In principle, this is not so difficult: as soon as one or another representative of the army supply service starts to grow the next floor of a country cottage in an elite area, it can be concluded, whose supply in this particular case was financed by Washington. This is the case if the allocated funds even reached the army services, and were not plundered at the level of “caring for the Ukrainian people” government.

To diversify their army "diet" ukrovoyaki go to search pasture. Judging by the commercials, which they themselves spread on the net, they already catch everything that jumps, crawls, swims or makes attempts to fly. One of the latest stories is about how the Ukrainian checkpoint is going to have dinner ... a viper. The "fighter" is carefully turned from a spontaneous "package" to a killed snake and tells in detail how the "serpent", its giblets and skin will be used. At the same time, arguments are being held that the servicemen do not have light, water, they speak of ending food:
We catch the viper. And you would (refer to another soldier - approx. "IN") already made a fire, and then the flies will stick (...) what I'm doing now.

By the way, this video can be used to judge the attitude towards your “mission”, at least by the state of the knife used.

In 2013, the power of the Ukrainian army cost the state budget 424 a million hryvnas (about 1,5 billion rubles at the rate of last year). This year, according to the most conservative estimates, the food component “ATO” alone takes away from the state budget about 700 millions of hryvnias. If the operation lasts until the end of the year, then according to the documents, the ATO fighters will be bribed to the amount of 1-1,1 billion hryvnias. But this is again solely on the documents. In fact, the situation is completely different: overdue sprat, moldy bread, viper caught in the grass, looting in the “liberated cities”.

According to one of the refugees from the Donbass, the first thing that the Nazi guards who entered Kramatorsk did was rush to host the local grocery stores, looking for what they could profit from. At the same time, one of the marauders cynically declared that they would take a little - a symbolic fee for “release” in the form of several boxes of canned food, sausage, cigarettes and cereals. For obvious reasons, no criminal cases against the “liberators” marauders of either the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, nor the Avakov’s department are initiated, in effect encouraging the search for food by the punishers.

It can also be said that the same punishers from the National Guard under do not obey anyone, and their groups are more like anarchist gangs, hiding behind the flag of protecting Ukraine from an imaginary enemy. The institution of criminal cases will be overlooked due to the fact that many of them have unserved deadlines for past exploits ... And how can some criminals in particular have criminal cases against others? Ukraine...
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  1. SVT
    15 August 2014 09: 25
    Regarding the video with the preparation of the viper, the guy is just kidding, making out the video, the kitchen, but at least he uses "fresh")))
    But the use of delay for feeding soldiers shows the actual attitude of the state towards its defenders.
    1. +1
      15 August 2014 10: 38
      Svt SU  Today, 09: 25And the use of the delay for feeding soldiers shows the actual attitude of the state towards its defenders

      ,, I don’t know how it is now with supplies in the army, but at one time when I was doing military service in the army, it was commonplace ,,,
      1. +5
        15 August 2014 17: 42
        Somehow I go into the steel room, the stench is creepy (it stinks of rotten meat) it became interesting, I go into the kitchen there is a little turner in the cold shop, they are cutting something, the mucus slides yellow-green from the table .... ????
        I ask what is it?
        The fish says.
        And who is such a fish?
        Like someone, us for lunch!
        I'm a little ah ... l, how are we?!?!?
        So we’ve been eating for almost a week ... says
        (I thought ... how good it is that I do not really like fish, and always gave it to the young)
        They ate ... belay And they were silent that something was wrong,
        Then I find out, this fish was given to us in the form of "help" by the local fish farm, It has expired, and this is a present for us.
        Somehow I went with the warehouse manager for purchases ... We went through some garages, bought any illiquid assets in private houses.
        In fairness, I must add that the bookkeeping in our battalion worked for five plus, the menu layout in the dining room was updated every day, I read it as a fantastic novel ... Ukrainian borsch with mushrooms with garlic, stewed potatoes with meat, chicken egg, etc. shorter varied balanced diet
        And all this is relatively prosperous in Ukraine 2002-2004 ... I lost weight from 88 to 74 kg, my mother came home and cried when she saw)))
        1. 52
          15 August 2014 18: 49
          Damn, I sympathize, I only gained 5 kg in the "partisan" training camp, and at the same time did not sleep or sunbathe, they drove, of course, but - feeding for slaughter, albeit without salads and pickles.
      2. +1
        15 August 2014 19: 46
        Yes, I, too, in the army did not particularly eat up. a cloth of rotten sauerkraut and a bit of unpeeled potato. Instead of tea, a drink of fried sugar with nifel. In the warhead 12801. 1987-1988. There was a farm, a pig farm, fields, etc ....
        Then they transferred to another part of 1988-1989 - there is a civil dining room, civilian cooks, current military outfits. There about paradise there !!!
    2. +6
      15 August 2014 13: 07
      These are not the defenders of their "state", but the punishers of their "state" and I personally feel gulkboko to my heart that they are eating there!
    3. +1
      15 August 2014 13: 30
      We are what we eat.
    4. +4
      15 August 2014 14: 07
      We had a grind in Chechnya, Glushko, so he managed to bring oats that people feed horses and rotted sprat Made in Ukraine and putasa in the bank, too, not the first freshness, and I don’t know the stew, where did he get it from, but when you open it it smelled of fowl sukhpaiki he also preferred to complete it here we were starving and didn’t eat this wash, but the fat was stuffed; the warehouses were breaking; since then, fat and pork I hate fat like rubber and pork vanilla with urine, so I came home with a weight of 68 kg with a height of 185 cm although I was leaving with a weight of 105
      when this skatina blew up in part, Aliyev came, white bread started, fresh watermelons and fresh vegetables, dry rations and extra rations were put down to chocolates and, most importantly, fresh local meat from the Caucasus and fat was stale in warehouses, so they hereditarily steal the others did not steal
      1. +3
        15 August 2014 16: 14
        Killed, as S. Semchenko showed the "trophies" repulsed from the militia:
        "citramone", adrenaline - "... a terrible drug ..." - in his words, in fact, in medicine, adrenaline is used most often for anti-shock therapy in order to "re-launch" all vital systems.
        Disposable syringes (humanitarian aid from the LDPR) "supplied by Russia for terrorists"
        canned food made in Russia-type is also a delivery from us, and then I saw how the ukrovoyaks themselves ate the carcass of "maid in rasha" of how they poured them out of the shops.
        In Donbass, there were no such actions "don't buy Russian"!
      2. +1
        15 August 2014 17: 03
        Thanks for the mood! You need to look for such balabol on the site, although there are enough of all)
        I don’t even want to dispute. Someone in the subject, he will understand after the first line what you gave out
      3. 0
        15 August 2014 22: 54
        Quote: insafufa
        We had a gluttony in Chechnya Glushko

        In Chechnya, we also got a rare crunch. They fed, though a little better. Sala really was piled up (you can’t sell it to the locals, you know the Quran) and it’s not bad enough, it went smartly with garlic. He really didn’t finish so sadly, grabbed the lyuley, was thrown into the pit, and from there returned to Russia. The next one was better, they really didn’t eat chocolates, but they obviously didn’t suffer from hunger.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. padonok.71
    15 August 2014 09: 43
    The guys are not sorry. Just like the SS men from the guards of the death camps, who later said: "We only carried out the order." You are human, there is always a choice.
    1. +2
      15 August 2014 09: 55
      I support. I have no friends who want to go shoot people from neighboring regions (even for money)
  4. +2
    15 August 2014 09: 54
    A gang of lumpen, not an army. Russia just needs to announce that they will feed everyone who surrenders and ukrov will not have a half of the army.
  5. +1
    15 August 2014 09: 58
    Well, what is beneficial for the Ukrainian politicians when this whole pack is sitting on the pasture, so it’s quite normal.
  6. +2
    15 August 2014 10: 00
    You can feed them, but this is not enough for them. They went to cash in. They loot, they get money for murders. And this "warrior" just jokes.
  7. +6
    15 August 2014 10: 01
    Reptiles eat reptiles, what can I say, bon appetit so that you enjoy!
  8. +10
    15 August 2014 10: 18
    Overdue sprat ... Overdue country.
    1. 0
      15 August 2014 16: 50
      I would rather say an artificial country stuffed with GMO products made in CSI.
  9. +2
    15 August 2014 10: 24
    Found someone to regret.
    Every nation deserves its leaders.
  10. +1
    15 August 2014 10: 26
    Yeah, liberators of stores from products.
  11. 0
    15 August 2014 10: 29
    Soon they will be completely "special" and will start eating each other. Well, let's wait until autumn! Fortunately, she is already close. :)
  12. +1
    15 August 2014 10: 37
    Let the U.S. generals and colonels steal as much as possible. Let the punishers starve. They dig for themselves. In winter, they will ask A. Merov for humanitarian aid and briquettes for bourgeois women.
    Guys will start higher and more often.
  13. +1
    15 August 2014 10: 58
    Quote: bubalik
    ,, I don’t know how it is now with supplies in the army, but at one time when I was doing military service in the army, it was commonplace ,,,

    It would not hurt to clarify: in which army and when was your time?
    1. +1
      15 August 2014 11: 02
      Veteran of the Red Army

      ,,, 1996-98g, Samara-Orenburg hi
  14. +2
    15 August 2014 11: 01
    This is taking into account the fact that Yatsenyuk, who calls himself the prime minister of the Ukrainian government, in June asked the United States of America for about 5 million dollars specifically to supply food to ukrovoyak

    ,,, and why do they need money request , in such a situation, as it is now, the EU can overwhelm them with food "Mama do not cry" laughing
    1. +4
      15 August 2014 15: 54
      Quote: bubalik
      The EU may overwhelm them with food "Mama Don't Cry"

      It is, of course, yes, but money is ahead, as the famous character said. And nothing personal, pure business.

      By the way, Europe will soon also be selling not the first freshness products. Here the punishers will gorge themselves on "sweets" ...
  15. +6
    15 August 2014 11: 06
    Personally, I served in the army in Ukraine 2000-2001, sometimes I was fed such junk that it’s disgusting to remember.
    By the way, snakes taste really nothing. After the army, they caught and cooked with friends for the sake of interest. True, not a viper, but a snake.
    1. 0
      15 August 2014 15: 20
      Quote: Brandashmg
      By the way, snakes taste really nothing.

      I agree. One trouble - mice are eaten. When in the 83rd in the area where we announced the epidemic of tularimia, the eaten snakes came to me more than once in nightmares ...
      1. 0
        16 August 2014 00: 16
        Quote: retired
        When in the 83rd in the area where we announced the epidemic of tularimia, the eaten snakes came to me more than once in nightmares ...

        Snakes do not tolerate tularemia, although mice and champ, cold-blooded, however.
  16. Old-Party3AH
    15 August 2014 11: 59
    Quote: Veteran of the Red Army
    Quote: bubalik
    ,, I don’t know how it is now with supplies in the army, but at one time when I was doing military service in the army, it was commonplace ,,,

    It would not hurt to clarify: in which army and when was your time?

    Have a good day, at 99 I served in Volgograd, it happened that I ate "broth" with one cabbage leaf, closer to demobilization fish began to appear laughing boiled herring, and if some holiday then the flounder is fried, or what survived.
  17. 0
    15 August 2014 12: 03
    While I looked at how the snake was being prepared, I almost ran out of saliva. All the same, damn it, when is he!
  18. Nina Zima
    15 August 2014 12: 19
    Are you still calm? Then we go to you...
  19. DPZ
    15 August 2014 12: 22
    the guy preparing the snake does not look like a hunger.
  20. 0
    15 August 2014 13: 11
    The same guy who threatened to kill Strelkov and with whom he then posted a fake photo of his capture by the DNR. So long while the smoking room is alive. I won’t say that I’m somehow bloodthirsty, but I would like to see such ideological ukrov either behind bars or in a hospital, it might at least come up there that the civil war is an abomination and not a tour trip.
  21. rukarub
    15 August 2014 13: 13
    Earth will soon begin, and then Snow
  22. 0
    15 August 2014 13: 22
    Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov Anton Gerashchenko proposed sending a humanitarian convoy from Kharkov to Moscow. “It was necessary to load a couple of KamAZs in Kharkov with stewed, condensed milk and lard, and send a humanitarian mission to Moscow residents who are experiencing a shortage of food,” suggested Gerashchenko. Here’s the attitude to GDLB.
  23. mjay44mjay
    15 August 2014 13: 26
    When you are in a desperate state, eat anything! I myself fell into such conditions ... they ate everything in the mountains ... and all this was going to be yummy!
  24. +3
    15 August 2014 13: 34
    Quote: bubalik
    ,,, 1996-98g, Samara-Orenburg

    Strange ... 1968-1971, the Leningrad Military District, they did not always eat everything.
  25. Aydar
    15 August 2014 13: 35
    In the video, the tattooed type who previously conveyed greetings to Strelkov, calling him pedophile-Girkin, showing the bullet which he was going to shoot him, as well as this person said Putin-hlo.
  26. +1
    15 August 2014 13: 42
    Quote: bubalik
    Svt SU  Today, 09: 25And the use of the delay for feeding soldiers shows the actual attitude of the state towards its defenders

    ,, I don’t know how it is now with supplies in the army, but at one time when I was doing military service in the army, it was commonplace ,,,

    +1 I went through a term at the beginning of 90, what we were given could hardly be called food, soup made of one beet, a "paste" of dry potatoes, a couple of kilka, two biscuits and half a mug of tea were normal. To be honest, the diet became better by the time of demobilization.
    1. +1
      15 August 2014 13: 46
      Veteran of the Red Army RU  Today, 13: 34Strange ...
      AlexGS SU  Today, 13: 42

      ,,, what can I say, 90-e, not in the best way affected the RF Armed Forces ,,, request
  27. 0
    15 August 2014 13: 43
    Winter is just around the corner ...
  28. 0
    15 August 2014 13: 48
    I'm sorry for the snake
  29. 0
    15 August 2014 14: 39
    The real picture of the events on the front line in Ukraine:
  30. 0
    15 August 2014 14: 51
    well, if you want to eat, it is highly recommended to jump urgently
  31. C2H5OH
    15 August 2014 14: 55
    and damn it! I recognized this Rimbaud ... there is still a video where the militia looked at them for lunch winked here it is
    1. C2H5OH
      15 August 2014 14: 57
      at the very beginning the one that prepared the snake
      1. 0
        15 August 2014 15: 03
        Quote: C2H5OH
        at the very beginning the one that prepared the snake

        The little boy climbed over the cherry.
        The branch snapped. Everything, damn it, ate! am
        1. C2H5OH
          15 August 2014 15: 06
          Igor Ivanycha smilegreat commander lol
  32. +2
    15 August 2014 15: 52
    Well, let all these fighting dill .... now they feed on vipers. They deserve it. Now this is their main course for a long time, oooh!
  33. 0
    15 August 2014 16: 29
    They have a lot of swans. Previously, baked pies from it. Nettle is also good, and linden-even chewing and eating is -normal food, and if you pour oil on a little post-wax, it’s beautiful .. Well, you can also drink some water from the peat bog, only peat, others don’t roll. And you can live like that, is it only necessary ???
  34. 0
    15 August 2014 16: 32
    And what about kiliks of a year overdue ???? So if you are not swollen then it’s generally a delicacy. You can soup-Zabatsat-Nettle, water and these sprats. Well, salt to taste. Well, then, and life was a success ..
  35. 0
    15 August 2014 17: 53
    In the video, by chance, not the area of ​​the Lugansk airfield, where all domestic amenities were turned off?

    Are the plates on the video not airfield plates?

  36. Vasily_81
    15 August 2014 20: 54
    it's like a clown viper, and canned food ... we were fed even worse in 1999-2001. crackers were 30 years old with mold and we ate them and begged each other and we were even older canned food) By the way, all the commanders and suppliers are Ukrainians ... maybe in both cases there were "legs"))) But there was order, everything shaved, clean even in the field. Once with an Uzbek somehow he fought and that's it (they didn't let him finish off, they separated the healthy and arrogant reptile). And the spirit was sure if the war would have fought to the end (they were not sent to Chechnya).

    but in the video ... a clown on a campaign and not in a war! some kind of mattress lies, dirt ... and most importantly, why does he have time for stupidity ?! we often could not stand there, we drove all the time, slept in the field for a couple of hours, and here it seems like the war is going on ...
  37. 0
    15 August 2014 21: 02
    Quote: mirag2
    in western Ukraine there was a sea of ​​goods from Russia

    how many tried to find food products from the Russian Federation in Odessa.
    In addition to soda ... well, and the products of Mars Russia (bars) Red October (ROTfront)
    neither the Russian Federation canned food nor other food ... never saw anything.
    Yes, and I think it is not competitive with the prices of our firms.
    And now the main thing is that every week firms (Odessa) give out 5 tons of food.
    In addition to this in fruit drink. base and military commissariats still food.
    All in all, pretty much. If one counts and believes that food will go to the military, then, in general, the country voluntarily (voluntarily forcibly) feeds the army.
    The layouts of the article do not take into account that the army now gets almost free of charge to the army.
    It will be necessary to requisition what is needed. Time is military.
  38. 0
    15 August 2014 22: 10
    Yes, in Termez, in 80, in the sapper battalion, the foreman was from Voroshilovgrad i.e. Lugansk and he fed us imagine those hedgehogs sprats musty crackers.
  39. +1
    16 August 2014 03: 30
    Yes, let them eat themselves, civilians will not be killed, and it will be easier for militias to drive this shushara
  40. special
    16 August 2014 11: 40
    If the dill on the video has time to deal with such nonsense, then this is either a deep rear or a ruling ... Some kind of picnic, not a database zone ... sad
  41. sega72
    16 August 2014 15: 39
    In the war, the rear troops always made gesheft is nothing new under the moon. Someone in Chechnya knew that. Do you want to eat fresh bread, meat, and so on.
  42. sega72
    16 August 2014 15: 42
    By the way, the gophers are very tasty about the snakes I do not know, have not tried, I will not lie.
  43. 0
    16 August 2014 22: 24
    Quote: sega72
    By the way, the gophers are very tasty about the snakes I do not know, have not tried, I will not lie.

    Gophers ... muscular ... you need to soak ... Its time: 1995-1997, there were three meals a day at the school - Mon, Wed, Fri. then it got a little better - he unloaded beef carcasses with the brand "Lend-Lease 1943"

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