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US Mission in Iraq ends with the creation of a Caliphate


The situation in Iraq is in full swing towards the collapse of the country and the isolation of the new state formations from the Republic of Iraq, which will bring war to the entire region - the Caliphate and Kurdistan. Much of this is helped by the war of elites in Baghdad itself, where the struggle broke out between the recently elected President Mohammed Fouad Masoum (Maasum) Hawrami, who commissioned the new Speaker of Iraq to form Deputy Prime Minister Heider al-Abadi and former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Al-Maliki does not want to give up power without a fight, although Masumah and al-Abadi were supported by the United States, France, Iran and Turkey.

In fact, it was the actions of the United States that destroyed the regime of "their son of a bitch" of Saddam Hussein and al-Maliki, who severely suppressed the Sunni community, and led to the current catastrophe. To this should be added the factor of support from the United States of Western and Eastern Allied Islamists. The US masters themselves designed and raised an “army of jihad,” which, according to their plans, should unleash a big war in the region and create one of the fronts of world war.

All this led Iraq to a catastrophe when only a few thousand militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant were able to seize the Sunni territories, taking advantage of the Sunni hatred of the central authorities. Even the Sunni militia, which previously supported the central authorities in the fight against the Islamists, eventually abandoned the fight against ISIL and took a neutral position, protecting only their territories. The Islamists are trying not to enter into conflict with them, solving more important tasks - seizing oil fields to create a stable source of income and fight Baghdad.

Internal conflict

The policy of al-Maliki led to a natural result - they are trying to overthrow him. On August 11, with great difficulty, elected new Iraqi President Mohammed Fuad Masum announced the appointment of Vice Speaker Heydar Al-Abadi, the new Prime Minister, and ordered him to form a new Iraqi government. However, al-Maliki said that the appointment of al-Abadi as head of the government of Iraq is contrary to the country's constitution. And this statement has a legal basis - the “State of Law” coalition led by al-Maliki won the majority of seats in the elections and, according to the Iraqi constitution, is entitled to represent the candidature for the post of prime minister. “The law is on our side,” said former Prime Minister Al-Maliki. - Our coalition is the largest, and we must nominate a candidate. I, as the head of the State of Coalition coalition and the leader of the Islamic Appeal Party, should lead the cabinet of ministers, and no one has the right to act without my consent. ” Moreover, Nuri al-Maliki blamed Washington on state television that the White House "did not condemn these unconstitutional steps." The United States, in his opinion, destabilizes Iraq, makes "its contribution to the events in the country and its overthrow." Previously, al-Maliki was a loyal ally of Washington.

After the appointment of al-Abadi by the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq, the United Nations, the European Union and the United States welcomed this decision and called for intensified efforts to create a new government of national unity that preserves the integrity of the state and can lead the country out of the current crisis. Earlier, Washington has already expressed dissatisfaction with the policies of al-Maliki, who, according to the American administration, was unable to consolidate the whole society. Although it is obvious that al-Maliki has caused dissatisfaction with the United States primarily because he established good relations with Iran and supported the legitimate government of Bashar Assad in Syria. Through Iraq, Iran has been able to build a powerful channel of aid to Syria, which is opposed to the various gangs, behind which stand the United States, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Therefore, Islamists Islamic State and made it their primary goal of Iraq. They cut the aid channels of Syria and created the core of the "Islamic state" (Caliphate). And the United States is killing Iraq with its policy. Instead of supporting the most powerful political force in Iraq, which, by imposing a dictatorship, could restore relative order in the country (the path of Saddam Hussein is the only way to preserve a secular state and the relatively peaceful life of various ethnic and religious groups), Washington brings it down. In fact, the United States deliberately maintain chaos in Iraq. Everything happens within the strategy of fomenting a big war and chaos in a huge region - from Central and North Africa to the borders of Europe, Russia, China and India.

However, al-Maliki is not going to give power. He retained the real levers of control and control over the power structures, which are controlled by his henchmen. They also do not want to lose warm places (and perhaps freedom and life, there are many sins behind them), and support the ex-premier. Recently, al-Maliki showed the whole country who is the real owner in the capital. On Monday night, army special forces loyal to the former prime minister (but de facto real), with the support of armored vehicles, blocked the entrances and exits from Baghdad, the bridge over the Tigris River, strategic facilities and the central streets of the Iraqi capital. The military occupied and so-called. “Green zone” - an area in the center of Baghdad, where government offices and diplomatic missions are located.

True, this demonstration of power did not allow Nuri al-Maliki to turn the tide in his favor. Al-Abadi was supported by leading politicians from the bloc of the Shiite National Alliance parties, which indicates a split in the Shiite camp. Al-Maliki continues to defend his position and does not want to cede power. “I urge all our fighters on the front line - the army, the police - to remain in the field and not to succumb to those who violated the constitution. We will correct the mistake, ”the former prime minister said. He is supported by part of the Iraqi Shiites from the parliamentary bloc "State of Law". Despite the loss of a number of positions, al-Maliki still retains a serious resource: over a period of long term in power, he established full control over the army, intelligence services, many high posts are held by his relatives or colleagues, and the personal units (guards) of the ex-premier are considered one of the best connections in the region. Some radical Shiite groups obey him. Al-Maliki has power in the country's judicial system. As a result, dual power was established in the country, and taking into account the fact that the Islamists control a significant part of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan headed for independence, that is, there is a high probability that Iraq is doomed to final collapse.

Al-Maliki may well carry out a coup d'état, good from the point of view of the law he has on this basis. There is a power resource for this. The offensive of the Islamists gives a reason to impose martial law and delay the formation of a new government for an indefinite period.

But there is the possibility of a peaceful solution to the conflict. The appointed new prime minister of Iraq, Khader al-Abadi, has already announced that al-Maliki will remain his "main political ally." "Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will remain my brother, friend and main ally in the political process, given his large role in building the state and fighting terrorism in our country," said al-Abadi. Thus, al-Abadi retains the “bridges” and gives al-Maliki the opportunity to retain his influence in the leadership of Iraq. In addition, Washington warned al-Maliki, making it clear that force cannot be used.

Iran, al-Maliki’s main external ally, also supported the new government. Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Secretary, Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani, said that in Tehran, they consider "the process of dismissal of Nuri al-Maliki from the post of prime minister" in accordance with the law. He supported the appointment of Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi and Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Apparently, Tehran is trying to solve two problems. First, defuse tensions and try to unite disparate political forces to fight the “Islamic State”. Second, there are signs of a temporary coincidence of interests of the United States and Iran (including the problem of the Iranian nuclear program).

Military intervention by the United States and other Western powers will only lead to the strengthening of the Caliphate

For the struggle of the elites, which takes place in Baghdad, the main threat has fallen into the shadow - the Caliphate offensive under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Currently, the Caliphate in northern Iraq is crowding the Kurds, trying to seize new oil fields, which should become the basis of the economy of a new state entity.

Islamists already have weapon to arm an entire army (captured during the flight of several Iraqi divisions). The number of "army of jihad" quickly increased from several thousand active militants to 100 thousand people. Weapons and financial resources, as well as recent victories have made ISIS a powerful advertisement, attracting thousands of new members to its ranks. The Caliphate has all the hallmarks of a new state - the leadership, the army, Sharia law, etc. In the occupied territories, there is a violent Islamization, reprisals against prisoners, non-believers and dissidents. Policy statements were made on expanding the borders of the Islamic State, primarily due to the remaining territories of Iraq and Syria, and the subsequent invasion of Kuwait and Lebanon (they will not be able to cope with such a threat on their own). ISIL militants have already encountered the Shiite Hezbollah military grouping in the Syrian-Lebanese border area.

It is obvious that the Caliphate will not remain in the current borders. Thousands of fighters, among whom there are hundreds of citizens of the EU, the CIS, Russia, countries of the Middle and Near East and even the Asia-Pacific region, will sooner or later continue their jihad in their places of residence. Fortunately, radical Islam already has a powerful social base in Europe, Russia and Central Asia. The future socio-political upheavals that await Eurasia will only strengthen the “army of jihad”. Jihadists make extensive use of social justice slogans and criticize Western values, leading to the disintegration of humanity. This is the power of the Islamists, people are fighting for the idea.

According to the Washington Post, American intelligence reports: Al-Qaeda militants in the Arabian Peninsula and Al-Qaida in the countries of the Islamic Maghreb are gradually adjoining the Islamic State. Actually, ISIS was also born from Al-Qaida, this is the former Al-Qaida in Mesopotamia (that is, in Iraq), which arose in response to American intervention. Now this is a real terrorist international that unites Islamists all over the world. And they are based on the development of the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department and the British MI-6, which, with the support of the security services of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, created terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and the Taliban. At first, they were necessary to fight the USSR, and then Russia, now with their help they kindle a big war, carrying an increasing threat to all mankind. Caliphate is needed by the owners of the Western project in order to blow up a huge region. Turn the whole of Eurasia into a battlefield.

The West, through its secret channels, supported the Islamists until very recently. A military diplomatic source told RIA on Tuesday "News”That Western intelligence services have been organizing the purchase and supply of weapons for ISIL militants in Iraq since 2013, which are now being attacked by the US Air Force. ISIS was the main ally of the United States in the fight against the government forces of Bashar al-Assad and the achievement of Islamic dominance in the region. Western intelligence agencies dealt with the selection of arms suppliers from Eastern European countries, the organization of money transfers, transportation and delivery of "humanitarian" goods. Since the beginning of 2013, weapons and ammunition have been bought in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine. In particular, they bought armored vehicles, grenade launchers, small arms and ammunition. The delivery of weapons was carried out through front-end day-to-day firms that were specially created for the implementation of 1-2 orders. Officially, goods were received by completely different organizations and countries.

In addition, the Americans “put” some of the weapons with the help of the quite expected collapse of the Iraqi army during the onset of ISIS. First, the United States stuffed the Iraqi armed forces with a variety of weapons, and during the offensive of the Islamists, it fell into the hands of the terrorist movement. Moreover, the United States did not supply Baghdad with the types of weapons that were necessary to fight the rebels - attack aircraft, attack helicopters, and heavy artillery systems. After the Islamist blitzkrieg, Russia began to supply them.

Washington extinguishes a fire with kerosene. He supports a weaker political force, driving the situation into a dead end. As a result, the US does not contribute to the unification of the opponents of the Caliphate, but to the aggravation of their opposition. The United States is destroying the most powerful force in Baghdad - al-Maliki, capable of forcing everyone to unity to fight the "Islamic state".

This is exactly what the US owners do not need. Therefore, Washington, on the one hand, splits the Iraqi elite, on the other hand, it is fueling the Islamists, inflicting painful, but militarily meaningless air strikes on them, since without good infantry, ISIS militants cannot be defeated.

At present, Baghdad’s promised assistance from American President Obama boils down to enhancing the protection of American diplomatic missions and institutions, the point bombardment of artillery positions, and the dumping of humanitarian supplies to refugees (mostly Yezidi Kurds and Christian Arabs) in mountainous areas. The UK decided to send several military Chinook helicopters to Iraq for use in humanitarian aid units (evacuation of people, cargo delivery), and also to organize the supply of weapons for Kurdish formations in the north of the Iraqi Republic. What weapons will deliver London, did not specify. There was news of a number of Tornado fighters-bomber being sent to Iraq. France will also supply military equipment to Iraq. President Francois Hollande decided to support the Kurds in the fight against the caliphate militants.

“Spot” air strikes, which, as the experience of Afghanistan and Pakistan shows, often kill civilians, causing hatred of the population and the influx of new fighters into the ranks of radical movements, cannot solve the problem of the Caliphate. Washington, London and Paris just add new fuel to the fire of the war. The Islamists will only earn new points in the information war, promoting the “war with the infidels” and “crusaders”. To defeat them, a serious land operation is necessary, and the United States will not accept this. In Washington, Iraq has long since been written off, making a bet on Kurdistan and the Caliphate. It was the masters of the West who created two new sources of instability that would lead the Middle East and then the neighboring regions to a big war.

If in Europe, Ukraine was the source of chaos (the “Ukrainian Front” of global confrontation, which plunges European countries and Russia into chaos), then in the Middle East two hotbeds of war were created at once. Kurdistan and the Caliphate challenge Saudi Arabia (it should strengthen the Caliphate), Turkey and Iran. After their involvement in the conflict, perhaps it will take the character of the Shiite-Sunni war, the whole region will be on fire. This is what the United States wants to achieve: the war should write off everything and deal a terrible blow to the main competitors of the West - the Islamic world, Russia and China.
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  1. neznakomez
    neznakomez 14 August 2014 09: 40 New
    Everywhere where the Americans are crawling with their “democratic principles,” there is ruin, war, the death of civilians!
    1. DVxa
      DVxa 14 August 2014 14: 38 New
      The Americans completely blown away because of money; they legalize “soft” drugs. This is done by a state that is trying to instill in the world the principles of morality, universal values, etc. They gladly allow everything that brings profit to corporations, and they don’t give a damn about the population. In addition, the addict does not need to provide a high standard of living, the addict is always happy if the weed is at hand. Here they are new democratic values.
      1. NAPOLEON
        NAPOLEON 15 August 2014 14: 21 New
        in the states, alcohol is a seller from the age of 21, and with us, weed is hardly more harmful than vodka.
    2. lav67
      lav67 14 August 2014 14: 41 New
      I completely agree. On their territory, they would be so mean.
    3. tripletrunk
      tripletrunk 14 August 2014 19: 38 New
      No need to smear the snot ... Muslims without the Americans "successfully" cut, each other ...
      Shiites, Sunnis, Alawites ....
      Muslim countries face disintegration on a religious basis.
      The civil war in Syria shows what hatred separates Sunnis, Shiites and Alawites.
      Lebanon will have the worst of all because of its important geostrategic position.
      Egypt should fall into 4 parts ..
      Such states as Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Oman will cease to exist ...
    4. Venier
      Venier 14 August 2014 23: 21 New
      Because they need both war and devastation. The more chaos, the better. Shuffle their deck.
  2. Giant thought
    Giant thought 14 August 2014 09: 48 New
    The United States is the enemy of the rest of humanity.
    1. mazhnikof.Niko
      mazhnikof.Niko 14 August 2014 16: 50 New
      Quote: Giant thought
      The United States is the enemy of the rest of humanity.

      Based on this thought, we acknowledge that the Great Leader is right: "The United States must be destroyed!"
      1. Neighbor from below
        Neighbor from below 14 August 2014 23: 00 New
        You would be better off shining with such a mind in the domestic arena than threatening everyone how cool they are! "" The United States must be destroyed "... The muzzle will not crack, as they say? Do you want to arrange a nuclear war? Such slogans in order to throw you need at least to be the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.
  3. Drunya
    Drunya 14 August 2014 09: 52 New
    Words by Muammar Al Gaddafi
  4. Same lech
    Same lech 14 August 2014 09: 56 New
    the whole region will be on fire

    Yes .... unfortunately the author is right ... analyzing many conflicts in the world, you come to the conclusion that behind their occurrence there is an experienced arsonist of war and the strings lead to the main democrat in the world ..... USA.
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 14 August 2014 10: 11 New
    The US is used to living "overseas." They are the problems of the Middle East to the bulb. Will there be Kurdistan, the Caliphate, Mordor ...
    While there is no strategic nuclear forces in the BV countries, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, in this chaos you can fish for a long time in troubled waters and arrange problems for everyone. And play the role of an older brother in all hands.
    1. father nikon
      father nikon 14 August 2014 10: 36 New
      The US is used to living "overseas" ...

      You are right, the Yankees kindling fire in the region are interested in including he will move to the peoples and countries adjacent to the fire, not particularly worrying that this fire can overtake them even through the "big puddle" And, in my opinion, they can be fought only by their own methods!
      1. Andrey82
        Andrey82 14 August 2014 12: 47 New
        So what prevents "our" elite from spending billions not for fun and games, but for penetrating into the underbelly of the USA - Center. America? You can bet on the arrival in Mexico of anti-American forces to power and support the return of Mexican lands captured by the Anglo-Saxons. Oh yes, it’s necessary to engage in politics, and not pump gas with oil, supplying them to our Western “partners”.
    2. insafufa
      insafufa 14 August 2014 10: 41 New
      yeah, you can catch a lot, because the Saudids, Qatar and others will start to buy weapons. Americans think that everyone will rush to buy them, but I think they will start buying from us. This is evidenced by the fact that recently these countries signed large contracts with dreams.
    3. tripletrunk
      tripletrunk 14 August 2014 19: 41 New
      And they’re doing it right - let them fight among themselves, otherwise they would dream about the Caliphate from India to Norway.
  6. Denis
    Denis 14 August 2014 10: 27 New
    The strength of the Jihad army rapidly increased from several thousand active militants to 100 thousand people.
    Enough and less. The clowns forgot how they fought for what, they ran into it. How did they re-engage with al-Qaeda
    Lighten the memory of the Hamburgers
  7. dojjdik
    dojjdik 14 August 2014 10: 49 New
    the invasion will be in Israel - that’s why the Americans began to bomb ISIS; it’s funny if they started it for the sake of some Lebanon, and especially Syria; gentlemen Jews do not contradict yourself
    1. tripletrunk
      tripletrunk 14 August 2014 19: 56 New
      Well, of course, to Israel ... otherwise the Muslims don’t know that they will be cut there "nut-wise", especially since with Egypt
      Israel has improved relations ... Kurds on the "approach" ..))
  8. mig31
    mig31 14 August 2014 10: 58 New
    The Arab world is so keen on the redistribution of power that it forgot about its people and completely surrendered to the games of the State Department. Bacchanalia will soon end in a place with the hegemony of America ...
    1. AstanaKZ
      AstanaKZ 14 August 2014 11: 31 New
      Arabs in history have never decided anything on their own! The British, French and now mattresses always decided for them. Maybe they deserve it ???
      1. tripletrunk
        tripletrunk 14 August 2014 19: 44 New
        It's simple - the colonialists set the boundaries, and now Muslims set the boundaries on a confessional basis.
  9. brn521
    brn521 14 August 2014 11: 52 New
    Military intervention by the United States and other Western powers will only lead to the strengthening of the Caliphate

    Well, so for this all the mess is brewed. To the United States no longer had to intervene directly with the army, spending a bunch of resources.
    Since the beginning of 2013, weapons and ammunition were bought in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine. In particular, they bought armored vehicles, grenade launchers, small arms and ammunition
    With such junk only internecine wars do. You can’t fight against this stable country with a normal army. Need a professional army with modern weapons.

    Washington puts out a fire with kerosene. He supports a weaker political force, driving the situation to a standstill. As a result, the United States does not contribute to the unification of the opponents of the Caliphate, but to exacerbate their confrontation.

    Clear business. The USA does not extinguish a fire, but kindles. This is precisely what is needed for the situation to become deadlocked. There is no threat now. The threat was when there was an independent Iraq, which had the opportunity to advance its interests at a more serious level than the nosed Caliphate. This includes national security, intelligence, and attempts to create a modern army with a full range of weapons. Gain economic independence, do not worry about the supply of food and weapons. And finally, start selling oil at its real price, putting the West almost on its knees. That was a real threat. It’s bad that the USSR was gone, there was no one left who could help that Iraq. Well, the nerdy Caliphate will drive oil to the West at a cheap price, exchanging for food and ammunition. Clashes paid for by green papers will not allow them to rise and gain strength. And if they succeed, they will once again be driven by democratizers, who will have nothing to oppose.
    It was the owners of the West who created two new sources of instability that would lead the Middle East, and then the neighboring regions to a big war.
    It is unlikely. Oil fields will shake one by one. So that the oil flow to the west does not dry out. Otherwise, the economy will grunt.
  10. Walking
    Walking 14 August 2014 12: 07 New
    America and Western Europe will try to send the Islamists towards Russia.
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 14 August 2014 19: 12 New
      Quote: Hiking
      send the Islamists towards Russia.

      If we imply a direct border crossing, then of those territories, there are only two roads to the territory of Russia. Through the Caucasus, and there lured Kadir Khan and Azerbaijan, quite loyal to Russia, but trying to flirt with the Turks as well.
      Therefore, this path is unlikely.
      Or through you, that is, Kazakhstan, then you either stand to death against this infection with the help of Russia or be destroyed and torn apart like today's Iraq.
      Thinking now and choosing later is entirely up to you ... hi drinks
      There is a third way - to drag and dig open the abscess inside Russia. And here it is up to us to decide and demand from the management an adequate response to, in fact, leaky borders and the almost complete absence of a clear structuring of (illegal) migration ... request
  11. red rocket
    red rocket 14 August 2014 13: 19 New
    I hope America will be responsible for all its crimes, and itself will fall apart soon!
  12. dmb
    dmb 14 August 2014 14: 20 New
    Everything is clear, except for the last paragraph. According to Samsonov, it turns out that Saudi Arabia is not a bulwark of the same orthodox Islamism, but a normal Muslim country (something like our Tatarstan), which is oppressed by the evil Kurds. For information, the USSR therefore supported them because they were an element of deterrence of Islamic expansion. Already most actively supported the Chechen gangs, if not the Saudis. And therefore, since they do not want to live in peace and respect someone else's worldview, let them cut each other up. The longer this continues, the less likely they are to switch back to the Caucasus and the Volga region once they finish at home.
    1. Ptah
      Ptah 14 August 2014 19: 17 New
      Muslim country, (something like our Tatarstan)

      Tatarstan is not a Muslim country ... tongue request
      1. dmb
        dmb 14 August 2014 19: 38 New
        Well, when did I call Tatarstan a country? And the fact that he is a public entity with his Constitution does not bother you?
      2. tripletrunk
        tripletrunk 14 August 2014 19: 59 New
        Yes, even with his President !!
        And until recently, in its Constitution - the subject of international law, i.e. was not part of the Russian Federation.
  13. AleXL-77
    AleXL-77 14 August 2014 21: 36 New
    Conscription in the draft board ...
  14. svd-xnumx
    svd-xnumx 14 August 2014 22: 13 New
    Mattresses were “laid” on Iraq because their companies were unable to clean up all Iraqi oil. They thought that after the overthrow of Hussein they would be thanked for giving oil fields, and the Iraqi government wouldn’t be fools to announce tenders for their development, which were won by manufacturers from different countries, including and Russia.
  15. vodolaz
    vodolaz 15 August 2014 00: 39 New
    Where Americans with their "crap" get in, so there is chaos and collapse. Yugoslavia was such a prosperous country.
  16. vovan50
    vovan50 15 August 2014 08: 02 New
    "US Mission in Iraq Ends with Caliphate"
    So they brought democratic values ​​to Iraq, but it looks like they care less, the main thing is oil.
    NAPOLEON 15 August 2014 14: 34 New
    Americans are convinced that the same principles work everywhere. There isn’t any difference between an Arab and a German. But the realization that this is not already starting to happen. In Europe, this is an example of the collapse of multiculturalism.
  18. waggish
    waggish 16 August 2014 17: 38 New
    Caliphate already exists in .......................... the North Caucasus!