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Washington's dubious "peacekeeping"


As a rule, all articles from Syria have to start with tragic reports of regular shelling, explosions or mass executions. Today I want to make an exception and start with joyful events.

A collective wedding took place in the seaside town of Latakia in the Officers House. Eight wounded soldiers immediately got married. Such ceremonies for soldiers and officers have recently been organized by the state and the Syrian public organizations to support and strengthen the morale of the soldiers. This time the organizer of the celebration was a women's volunteer group. Grooms were in uniform and brides were dressed in white wedding dresses adorned with Syrian symbolism.

In the city of Aleppo, there was a meeting of State Minister for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar with local leadership. He said that the situation in Aleppo had been set up to begin the process of national reconciliation, which would take place with the active participation of local residents. The governor of the province, Muhammad Wahid Akkad, noted that people have experienced a lot of suffering from terrorist groups, but continue to defend their homeland and are seeking to return all the Syrians, who were misled, to the true path.

Let me remind you that thanks to the processes of local pacification, which began after the international conference "Geneva-2", the battles in many settlements of the provinces of Damascus and Homs, as well as in most of the regions directly adjacent to the capital, have already stopped. Russian diplomacy supports the continuation of these processes, but the US is trying to prevent local reconciliation, continuing to help the militants and thus inspire them to continue the bloodshed. The situation is complicated by the presence in the ranks of terrorists of many foreign gangsters, mercenaries, with whom no reconciliation, of course, impossible. In the case, if such processes of pacification begin in the north of Syria, it will be a sensitive blow to those who have fought against the country all this time, despite all common sense helping the gangs.

In the province of Damascus, the authorities called on private business owners to resume work in the city of Yabrud. Previously, this city was ruled by terrorists, but a few months ago it was liberated, and now most of the infrastructure has been restored.
In general, it can be said that the process of restoring Syria goes along with the anti-terrorist struggle. In particular, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of 12 on August, it was decided to build a new cement plant.

Cement will really be needed by the country, as many residential buildings and important life-support objects have been destroyed. Of course, the recovery process will be long and difficult, but its very beginning indicates that Syria is confident in its future, and the people believe in the final victory over the terrorist gangs.

However, the alarming events have not gone away, they continue. On August 12, gunmen again fired mortar shells at the residential area of ​​Damascus Abbassiin, as well as the Al-Amara district. A woman was injured, great damage was done to citizens - apartments and cars were injured. In the province of Damascus, in a suburb of Harasta, another civilian was injured as a result of a similar crime. Four people were injured in the shelling of the city of Jaraman.

Syrians are forced to closely monitor the processes occurring in neighboring Iraq, because they directly affect the situation in the SAR. Yes, and the main enemies of both countries - the same - Washington and the radical organization "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIS). Both of these forces have already caused incalculable disasters to the peoples of the two countries. And this suffering continues.

On the one hand, the United States, it seems, remembered and even began to fight ISIS, which they themselves and nurtured. On the other hand, Washington is not a benefactor at the same time, but solves its own mercenary tasks. Thus, in Iraq, under pressure from the Americans, contrary to the Constitution, Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki was removed from his post. Once the United States themselves led him to power, but he dared to have his own opinion, in particular, about the situation in Syria. Al-Maliki advocated a political resolution of the Syrian crisis, he spoke out sharply against possible aggression against Damascus. Apparently, Washington is not forgiving.

And, with one hand, bombing with drones positions of ISIS, with the other hand, the White House renders a considerable service to the terrorists, removing Al-Maliki, the main political opponent of the radical Islamists, from his post. Despite the fact that the political bloc of the latter, "State and Law", is the majority in Parliament, Iraqi President Fuad Maasum appointed the former Deputy Speaker of Parliament Haidar Al-Abadi as the new prime minister, and this decision was immediately supported from nowhere. anything but straight from the White House. As for Al-Maliki, he does not recognize his resignation and intends to continue the fight. Now Iraq, forced to resist the terrorists, is facing a political crisis, and it is difficult to speak of a stabilization of the situation. It is difficult to imagine a better "gift" for Islamist radicals.

In the United States itself there is a grave struggle, in which the crisis that engulfs the Middle East region is used. In particular, according to the American edition of The Daily Beast, during a closed meeting of Obama with senators and congressmen, the group of the latter spoke in favor of stepping up aid to the Syrian militants, to which Obama responded very sharply, even using obscene language. Moreover, representatives of both the Republican and Democratic parties came out in support of the terrorists. It is clear that Obama is under severe pressure in this matter - in the USA there is a lobby in favor of unleashing a big war.

One of the most aggressive in this regard is the notorious Republican Senator John McCain, who has been "lit up" in all the recent bloody conflicts. It can be said with confidence: wherever the foot of this “Vietnamese captive” stepped in, the killer fire began to burn, killing tens of thousands of people.

Now McCain has stated that the United States must strike at the militants of the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” not only in Iraqi territory, but also in Syria. On CNN, he said that, in the absence of a UNSC mandate, it would have been possible to justify such a move by “extremists obliterating the borders between Iraq and Syria.”

How the USA “helped” Iraq - we clearly see: “at the sly” they changed the Prime Minister who became disagreeable to them. But if Iraq is a rather weak state that survived the barbaric American aggression of 2003 of the year and the subsequent ten-year occupation, he asked for help from the United States in the fight against ISIL (which Washington used rather insidiously and dishonestly), then Syria does not ask for help from overseas military forces. Its army independently and very successfully opposes terrorism, including the actions of ISIS. And the services of the dubious "peacemaker" McCain and others like him definitely do not need it.

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  1. Wiruz
    Wiruz 14 August 2014 09: 40
    In Afghanistan, the Yankees gave birth to the Taliban, with whom they then fought all their lives, in Iraq they gave birth to ISIS, which they are now bombing. What kind of plan do they have, constantly looking for reasons for war? Pull more money out of Congress? They are already ahead of the rest in terms of the sum of external and state debts. Then they will tire of fulfilling debts.
    1. Vik.Tor
      Vik.Tor 14 August 2014 10: 46
      Well, the more wars, the more rich the military monopolies of the West are getting richer — they directly benefit, so they are doing dirty tricks around the world, preferably away from their borders.
      1. insafufa
        insafufa 14 August 2014 10: 56
        When the Saudis flare up, Qatar and others will start to buy weapons. Americans think that everyone will rush to buy from them, like when that USSR was lending for gold to Hitler. Matrasiki was fed and even armed. now they want to emerge on this wave
    2. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 14 August 2014 11: 34
      Quote: Wiruz
      Then they will tire of fulfilling debts.

      And who told you that they were going to give them away. This is a classic money scam and those who believe that America will repay debts are just a sucker.
  2. A40263S
    A40263S 14 August 2014 09: 43
    Mattresses and the FRS need a war, otherwise their soap bubble from loans and rising stock prices will burst, new gains are needed, a new absorption of other people's property and values ​​is needed. The main enemy of the whole world is the fascist and consumerist regime of the United States. Syrians of a valiant and speedy victory!
  3. Veteran of the Red Army
    Veteran of the Red Army 14 August 2014 10: 03
    Now McCain has declared that the United States must strike at the militants of the “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” not only in Iraqi territory, but also in Syria.
    1. Igool
      Igool 15 August 2014 01: 36
      Not only march, but also go where they want, asking no one
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 August 2014 10: 05
    Syria does not ask any help from the overseas military. Its army independently and very successfully opposes terrorism, including ISIS. And he certainly does not need the services of the dubious “peacemaker” McCain and others like him.

    We must pay tribute to the President of Syria - a strong man. Syria will remember the help that Russia provided, especially on the foreign policy front.
  5. La-5
    La-5 14 August 2014 10: 08
    For the United States, war is the key to existence, therefore, they everywhere wage war and immediately rush to put out them. To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear?
    1. Russ69
      Russ69 14 August 2014 10: 17
      Quote: La-5
      For the United States, war is the key to existence, therefore, they everywhere wage war and immediately rush to put out them. To whom is war, and to whom is mother dear?

  6. kaa_andrey
    kaa_andrey 14 August 2014 11: 17
    The people of America know who to choose as leaders:

    In the USA, a farm dog was elected mayor of the village

    RBC 14.08.2014/09/55, Moscow 02:XNUMX:XNUMX Residents of the village of Cormorant in the state of Minnesota in the United States elected as their mayor a farm dog named Duke. At a vote held in the settlement, Duke bypassed the owner of the local store, Richard Sherbrooke, “with an overwhelming majority of votes,” according to WDAY News.

    The new mayor is personally acquainted with all 12 residents of the village and is very popular among them. He, like many of his voters, is a regular in the local beer house. Local residents believe that Duke makes a great contribution to ensuring their safety, as he meets them with a loud bark and makes them slow down cars passing by.

    The post of mayor of Cormorant is considered very honorable, duties are performed on a voluntary basis. The mayor is elected for a period of one year, and a contribution in the amount of a dollar is collected from candidates for participation in the elections, which then goes to charity.

    The inauguration of the new mayor of the village will take place on July 16. In preparation for her, Duke had already visited the hairdresser, where he was thoroughly combed. The owners also bought a cylinder hat and a special outfit for him. In addition, one of the manufacturers of pet food in commemoration of the victory gave Duke an annual supply of its products.

    Earlier in the United States, four-legged people already held official posts. So, in 1981-1994. the mayor of the village of Sanol in California was the Labrador Bosco, who later, in 1997. was also elected head of Talkitna in Alaska. Even earlier, in 1968, Pigasus the Immortal boar was nominated as a presidential candidate.
    1. Igool
      Igool 15 August 2014 01: 46
      It’s unfortunate that Pigasus the Immortal did not win the US presidential election. He was clearly smarter than the modern chosen one.
  7. Vend
    Vend 14 August 2014 11: 22
    What can be expected from a country that is capable of this?
    WASHINGTON, 14 AUGUST. / Corr. ITAR-TASS Andrey Shitov. A farm dog named Duke was elected mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. According to CBS, in the elections held there, he “with an overwhelming majority of votes” defeated the owner of a local store, Richard Sherbrooke.
    According to the program, the new mayor personally knows all the 12 residents of the village and is very popular among them. He, like many of his voters, is a regular in the local pub. Residents believe that Duke makes a great personal contribution to ensuring their safety, as he meets with a loud bark and makes them slow down the cars passing through the village.
  8. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 14 August 2014 14: 30
    Only on the side of Regular Syria!
  9. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 14 August 2014 16: 52
    My godfather died, "tortured" by his own refugees from Orenburg in Sweden. Maybe someone will take it under the roof, and then the wife saws that there is not enough money, but the "local Gestapo" have put me on the black lists, really stingy fraera - they regret all the money.

    The fact that I have a nuke hack for a dog, and a glac for zak for Eagle, and the fact that I can confirm a patriot:

    I just finished the game "Guys of War" "Fox Hunt", just after the "Arsenal" mission, there is a caricature of Putin VV, as in "The Economist". Take a closer look at the map below on the left, and you will see how Tripoli is stuck in Putin's Adomovo bull's-eye.

    And Putin’s nose sticks directly into Tunisia. In the background, Putin flies right into the eyes of an IL-2

    If you feel Rosenbaum's song "Victory Salute", then the Il-2, which "burned down" behind Prokhorovka, did not burn out, but made it to the base after a successful assault. And the shooter is fine. Well, who "shot" at us, I think he got a goal in the upper corner with his forehead - 9!

    As I wrote earlier, now the number on my car is "YuVF", or IL4. So I'm counting on the friendship of Ilf and Petrov!

    Yes, in the very first MOVV video there is a cart wheel with a sticking out pin. If, as in the anime, superimpose, on each other, then you can remember the parody of Robin Hood. Better the truth sounds "robing oud".

    All the same, it is an honorable job of "translating arrows", although it is even more satisfying to wind up digital devices.

    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian 15 August 2014 02: 05
      By the way, here you are, please, Westpack Bank in Adelaide. Maybe they know something about Tripoli.

      You need to ask Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot. He just looks like a political officer from the Brest Fortress, Mr. Fomin Yefim Moiseevich.

      I very much hope that no one wants to denigrate the surname of the Hero of our Republic, comparing it with the English word "Fomin" from biblical revelations! YES, "play fight" is much more harmless to read.

      I would suggest the correct, heroic-Bolshevik interpretation: For Minsk!

  10. AleXL-77
    AleXL-77 14 August 2014 21: 35
    Recruiting Volunteers!
  11. vodolaz
    vodolaz 15 August 2014 00: 43
    Yes, there’s never smelled of peacekeeping: everything is tied to dough, oil and US hegemony. It has just reached the point that the whole world hates them. And they are trying to intimidate all evil Russia.