Who benefits from the war in Syria?

Who benefits from the war in Syria?

As soon as the US State Department clearly realized that its operation, to seize Libyan oil and kill Gaddafi with the hands of European satellites, shamefully failed, a new victim was required for the American economy. They decided not to search for this sacrifice for a long time, an Arab country was again chosen, only now not in Africa, but in the Middle East.

Now Syria is a new victim of American "democracy"

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly stated that “the United States considers the current President of Syria, Bashar Assad, to be illegitimate”.
Interestingly, this statement was made only after the US embassy in Damascus was attacked by crowds of Syrians who were dissatisfied with the fact that the United States sent its diplomatic adviser to the city of Hama, which is a stronghold of Islamist unrest, in order to "support the opposition." Moreover, the attack could have been provocative, according to witnesses, the embassy was “handed over” to the attackers, in order to show the media pictures of “robbery and plunder of an angry mob.” It is strange that the French embassy was also attacked at the same time as the US, but the French the guards easily repulsed the attack, but the American could not ..

In fact, this means that America is open, recognizes its participation in the events taking place in Syria right now.

At the moment, the main center of all performances is the large Syrian city of Hama, with a population of about 700 thousand people. The city has become the real capital of the "opposition", which is based on people from the Islamic terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as just criminal elements trying to take advantage of the situation for their own selfish purposes. All this is happening against a general informational anti-government background created with the support of pro-American media.

Recall that against this country unleashed a powerful information war sponsored by the American administration. So in the Western media, there were reports of "hundreds of dead civilians" and "shootings of an unarmed opposition by Assad government forces using helicopters and tanks."

And through the American social network Facebook, spammers sent thousands of letters to Syrian netizens calling for them to go out on Day of Wrath and to support appearances against the current head of state.
Here is what one of the witnesses of the so-called “peaceful demonstrations”, which took place in the city of Hama in early June, tells:
- Young people came to our home and demanded that we take part in demonstrations against the government. Otherwise, they threatened to set fire to our house and shop ...
Many participants in these "peaceful" demonstrations, in face-to-face interviews, admitted that they received from interested parties from 10 to 50 dollars for participating in promotions.

If the position of the United States is already clear, then what about its allies - Israel and the NATO countries?

For example, a number of Israeli media have spoken out against any aggressive actions against Damascus, and
The official position of the Israeli leadership is that it is not interested in complicating the situation in the Middle East and in Syria in particular. However, according to many leading experts on the Middle East, this impression is very deceptive. On the contrary, there is information that the Israeli military secretly tightened troops to the border with Syria. And in the case of the beginning of military intervention of the West, they will take an active part in it. In fact, destabilization in this state is extremely beneficial for Israel for many reasons. One of them is that the ongoing processes in Syria will withdraw it from those countries that can play a significant role in the Middle East, and therefore Israel’s de facto will not have a counterweight in this region. Such a weakening of Syria is natural to Tel. Avivu.

Another reason is the status of Syria, as one of Iran’s most reliable allies.

The state, which is an implacable enemy of Israel, therefore, the elimination of Iran’s ally in the Middle East region will be most welcome for Israel.

The European allies of the United States, too, decided not to stay away from what is happening, trying with all their might to help the Americans "push through" the resolution on Syria, in the UN Security Council. In an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet strongly condemned the refusal of China, Russia and some other states to accept a resolution proposed by the West condemning the actions of the Syrian leadership.

When asked about the possibility of military intervention in the territory of Syria, Longu replies that "aerial bombardment of Syria is unpromising." Prior to this, Longué officially announced the completion of the “Libyan Operation”, which once again confirmed the view that, in terms of military operations, it is incapable of anything without the US-NATO. So far, all these attempts by the “Western democracies” have broken up against the resistance of Beijing and Moscow, the latter apparently do not really want to get a second diplomatic slap in the face, as was the case with Libya.

In addition, I would like to note that the action against Syria is an indirect blow to Russia, because Syria is one of the few countries that still buys Russian weapons in sufficient quantities to completely prevent the national weapons sector from disappearing into oblivion. "Surrender" of the second consecutive large arms importer country, Russian diplomacy, for all its present misery, cannot afford.

What would all this lead to? историяOne thing is clear, this entire performance is played out for a reason, as long as the forces behind the organizers need this war, everything will only come close to its beginning. If their plans change, we will see something else, created according to the original Hollywood scenarios.

So with confidence we can say that for the whole Western world there will be one truth regarding the Syrian events - and this is true, which is beneficial for America. And the fact that what is actually happening will not matter ...
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