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"Israel is a big pain in America’s ass"


On the last day of June, a fire broke out in one of the sections of the Ben-Gurion terminal. The fire affected the service of arriving flights and created an obstacle in the receipt of baggage by passengers. The Ynet website reported that the incident took place on the sidelines of the baggage claim area around 1 am. According to one of the versions, the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the electrical network, which occurred in one of the conveyors, which led to the ignition of the automatic conveyor belt. From the messages of one of the most popular radio "Kol Yisrael" it became known that immediately after the start of the fire in the airport hall, an automatic fire extinguishing system was activated. The fire was eliminated in a matter of minutes. Also, this situation led to serious delays in servicing arriving flights. Many passengers were unable to collect their luggage on time. The airport administration had to postpone boarding for some flights. So, for example, a flight from Kiev, carried out by Aerosvit, was supposed to be accepted by the airport in Israel at 05:3, and landed at 05:3, the flight from Rhodes landed at 20:XNUMX half an hour late, and also landed with a delay board "Arcia" from Berlin. The administration of the Ben-Gurion terminal did everything possible to return the luggage to passengers as soon as possible and restore the usual rhythm of the airport. By morning, all the consequences of the incident were eliminated. Leading one of news Radio Kol Yisrael announced that an investigation would be carried out to determine the causes of the fire in the baggage claim area of ​​the Israeli airport. He noted that at this stage of the investigation, the likelihood of sabotage is excluded.

In the United States Senate, amendments to the bill were approved, under which United States Palestinian Authority assistance will be completed, but only if Palestinians make every possible effort to get support from the United Nations and declare statehood in their country. unilaterally. Eighty-nine senators approved this bill, no one voted against. A similar bill is planned to be held in the Congress of the United States as soon as possible.

For a long time as Ambassador of the United States in Ecuador, Samuel Hart ignored the Department of State’s warning, saying that he would go to Gaza on one of the shipsFlotillas Freedom. "Hart emphasized that if he could get on the ship he would certainly get a prison term. In his statements, Hart claims that he does not support any terrorist convictions of Hamas and is not an enemy of the Israeli state. He says:" I’m sure that breaking the blockade will only for the benefit of both the Palestinian people and Israel. "Hart worked as a diplomat for 20 years and during his service he repeatedly became an adviser on economic issues in Israel. In an interview with a periodical, Hart shared his inter with real thoughts about Israel: "After the stay of Saudi Arabia, all love for the Arab world disappeared, frankly, it looks like hell. And the Israeli state, for a long time, in his opinion, remains a thorn in the ass of America. There is too much hype around a small country in which we have no important interests - but watch how we all get nervous if not only Jewish communities express their voices, but their trustees are not Jews! "

Enda Kenny, the Prime Minister of Ireland, calls on the State of Israel not to react against the "freedom flotilla" so that it could harm someone or cause injury to people participating in this action. He said that his country was against the methods used during the last campaign of the flotilla. He said that then, while the soldiers of the Israeli army were on the deck of the ship, people were injured. He added that he had respect for the people living in Gaza. Other participants of the Flotilla-2 talk about the imminent withdrawal of the participating ships. They claim that the Greek authorities, under pressure from Israel, create them a lot of bureaucratic delays. Now we are talking about about three hundred participants in this promotion. About ten ships should take part in it. All those who joined the action were offered a certain set of rules: not to respond to “provocations” and not to use electronic devices without need. The ships of the flotilla will be a few dozen foreign correspondents. Drugs and cement, and a specially established field hospital on one of the sides will be the cargo on ships. In order to avoid collisions en route, Egypt insisted on unloading assistance at the seaport of Al-Arish, not sailing to Gaza. Israel, in turn, offered to deliver cargo to Ashdod. But participants in the Flotilla-2 did not agree with this proposal.

The Israeli government posed a threat to the president of Syria, in which he promised his physical elimination, if his country begins active hostilities against Israel. According to the Kuwaiti edition of Al-Jarida, this threat was transmitted through Turkey. According to this publication, these statements were the result of Israel’s observation of launches of ballistic missiles in Syria. Israeli diplomatic mission representatives warn that the danger of a full-scale war with Syria exists. "Syria will be able to carry out an attack on Israeli targets, in the event that destabilization in Syria itself continues and there is a clear threat of overthrowing the Assad regime." At the same time, Israel is afraid of the possibility of exacerbation of the situation on the border with Libya and the possibility that Hezbollah will undertake sabotage, in particular, will try to kidnap the military. The state of Israel has begun the deployment of its missile defense system under the general name "Iron Dome" which will be located in the north of the country near the Haifa area. This was reported by Russian news agencies. According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, this is due to the need to protect the northern borders of the country from possible terrorist attacks by groups such as Hezbollah. Israel cites the 2006 situation of the year as an argument when squall fire was opened across the country, including in areas in Haifa. From the Lebanese side, hundreds of missiles were launched. The new “Iron Dome” missile defense systems are capable of destroying any missiles of various ranges and hitting them at a distance of 70 km. These systems have already been tested in the spring, and repelled several attacks on Jewish settlements.

The leaders of the extremist Hamas movement have accused Gerhard Conrad, a German mediator who participated in the negotiations on the release of Gilad Shalit, of aiding and accepting the Israeli side. In an interview with al-Hayat newspaper in London, Abu Marzouk, a Hamas spokesman, said that Conrad had previously been opposed to the Palestinians. Marzouk began blaming Conrad after Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said that Shalit could be exchanged for 1000 Palestinian prisoners.

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu officially denies the information of Turkish media Hürriyet that Netanyahu was ready to apologize to the Turkish side and give cash compensations to the relatives of the militants who died last spring in the process of stopping the Free Gaza flotilla. Hürriyet, claims that the Israeli Prime Minister several times changed his position on this issue because of the fear of breaking up the ruling coalition. According to media reports, Israel’s official apology to Turkey could have led to the complete withdrawal of the Our Israel House party from the government coalition. Articles in the newspaper that Netanyahu is going to apologize to Ankara and pay cash compensation to the victims in that action, but changed his decision because such a move could lead to the exit of Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman from the government is not true, - reads a note of protest from the office of the prime minister. According to Israeli television, about 2 weeks ago, Minister for Strategic Planning Moshe Yaalon participated in negotiations in a European country with high-ranking diplomats from Turkey. He told them that the State of Israel would not make any official apologies for the death of nine people aboard the Mavi Marmara, which was part of the Free Gaza flotilla, but ready to participate in the payment of compensation to the families of the victims. This situation does not suit Ankara, which seeks to achieve a public apology for the tragic events of that year. As reported by the IzRus news website, as a result of negotiations between Benjamin Netanyahu’s representative Yosef Chekhanovera and the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s administration, Feridin Sinirlioglu, a sketch was made of a declaration regarding the settlement of relations in return for Jerusalem’s public apologies and cash payments to the families of the victims. In the light of these events, the entourage of Lieberman stated that apologies to Turkey for the special operation of the Israeli army against the armed gangsters who were at that time on the ships participating in the action are equated with surrender to the terrorists themselves. The diplomat said that asking for an apology is more than just audacity. Turkey is obliged to apologize to the Israeli state. Not it all started and Turkish citizens can only be offended at themselves.

Ronald Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress, has harshly criticized Israel’s recent political prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. According to media reports, Lauder, considered one of the main sponsors of the election campaign of Benjamin Netanyahu, wished the Israeli prime minister to resume negotiations with Palestine. He said that this is the only right decision that will help Israel get out of international isolation. The president of the congress thinks that if Jerusalem gives a new political initiative, the main pressure of the international community will be on the Palestinians. According to him, the international community is not interested in nuances in the politics of Israel. After all, the 133 countries have planned to vote for the independence of Palestine in the UN, and every effort should be made to prevent this from happening, ”Lauder said. Experts notice that the relationship between Lauder and Netanyahu is seriously shaken. For the first time in many years, Bibi was absent from the annual meeting of the WJC held in Jerusalem last week. Netanyahu was supposed to speak at the congress, but at the last second postponed his speech. One of the reasons for this, many analysts have expressed the view that Lauder, the owner of the majority of the ITV television channel’s action, could not prevent the broadcast of Netanyahu’s “problem” trips abroad. Bibi saw this personal humiliation, after which relations with Lauder deteriorated sharply. Recall, Ronald Lauder is a fairly successful Jewish social activist and passionate art collector. A descendant of a notable family name Lauder, he is the son of businessman Joseph Lauder - the founder of Estée Lauder, a well-known company, a manufacturer of cosmetics.

The data of sociological polls indicate that among the residents of Palestine over 60% they do not quite believe that they can create their own country unilaterally and then achieve world recognition by voting in the United Nations. This was reported in the release of the radio station "Galey TSAHAL". According to this radio, the same percentage among the Israelis. They also do not believe in the independence of Palestine unilaterally. Salam Fayyad spoke with skepticism about the very possibility of proclaiming the independence of Palestine unilaterally in days. So the question arises: who generally believes in such a possibility? In connection with the ambiguous and critical situation that might respond to violent protests on the streets of Palestinian cities, the four co-sponsors of the "peace process" met recently in an emergency meeting, at which the main question was discussed: how to make Palestine and Israel once again sit down at the round table of negotiations. The need to sit at the negotiating table with Palestine, without any conditions, was supported by Ron Lauder himself.

A source from the entourage of government circles in Jordan said that an attempt to appeal the Palestinians to the United Nations to recognize Palestine as an independent state would likely harm the position of the Hashemite kingdom. Jordan in no way supports the decision of the Palestinians to apply to the United Nations with a request to recognize their independence in September, the Jordanian official said in an interview with the Al-Bian publishing house. According to him, it affects all the main interests of Jordan, including questions about refugees, disputes related to water resources. It is worth remembering that recently in one of the interviews that King Abdullah II gave to the Washington Post newspaper, he noted that the political situation in Israel is becoming too conservative and because of this, it loses the ability to make significant concessions that are necessary for peace. Abdullah II also said that 2011 will not be the best year for the peace process, but we will try to bring the two parties to the conflict to the negotiating table. He is a big pessimist in this matter - he had not had such a disgusting mood for many years, - concluded Abdullah II.

A large article was published in the Lebanese Daily Star newspaper about the technical rivalry between Hezbollah and Israel. In addition to the stated all past reports of the presence of several sophisticated Israeli spy machines on Lebanese territory, media also announces a new and very serious breakthrough of Hezbollah. Since last year, on the radars of the UNIFIL battalions, which are stationed in southern Lebanon, clear signals about launching missiles towards the Israelis began to be received. UNIFIL recorded the coordinates of missile launches, and immediately sent search groups there. But on arrival at the site, the groups did not find any launchers and even traces of their launch. Shells did not explode in Israel. UNIFIL thinks that Hezbollah’s specialists managed to create technology to generate false signals that confuse military radars. If this information is confirmed, it can complicate Israel’s anti-missile defense in the event of a war. With technological inventions "Hezbollah" must be considered. According to some Lebanese sources during the Hezbollah’s 2006 military conflict, they could have broken the Jewish radio code and transmitted messages from the Israeli military from the battlefield to their commanders. Then the efforts of the Israeli side to destroy the Hezbollah communications system were in vain, because its specialists were able to calculate the frequencies for which there was no suppression, and the militants were able to tune their radio stations to them. Hezbollah even seems to have sent coded messages in an offensive form on the IDF radio frequencies.

During the visit of Belarus’s Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich to Israel in the early summer of this year, he presented a document from the archives of the Nazi occupation of the BSSR as a gift to the President of the Israeli state. This document contained the execution list, which contained the names of relatives and friends of Shimon Peres. The document contains the names of the murdered Jews who lived in the Volozhin district, and among them were twenty-two relatives of Peres' parents - members of the Melzer and Persky families. In addition, after reading the list, the Israeli president, a native of the village of Vishnevo in Belarus, learned the names of some of his classmates. The Nazi documents also provide some details related to the ethnic cleansing of the Jews: a description of the mass execution in the ditches that they themselves had dug destroyed by the Nazis, as well as a report on the burning of four hundred Jews in the synagogue. In the purge, the grandfather of Shimon Peres, Rabbi Melzer, was killed. In addition to the donated documentation, Peres was presented with a jug with earth from the village of Vishnevo and an album with views of this village ..

During the explosion of the pipeline, which was laid from Eilat to Ashkelon, a large amount of fuel got into the Nahal Zin reserve in the Negev. According to some media reports, on June 29, representatives of KACA, which is responsible for operating this line, made repairs in the Qing Valley. During operation, a crack was formed in one of the pipes and a huge amount of oil began to flow from the tank to Nahal Qing. Because of this incident, the reserve can suffer greatly. Environmentalists are afraid that the fuel could get into natural sources containing fresh water. Experts are trying to calculate the extent of damage. In the Negev, the general director of the Office of National Parks and Reserves gathered leading experts. They want to prevent further contamination of Nahal Qing with heavy equipment. At the moment, access to the reserve is closed for tourists and travelers. It is necessary only to find out whether it was possible to eliminate the source of the leak or the fuel continues to flow from the pipeline into the environment.

26 June in the Knesset Finance Committee held an emergency meeting. The initiator was the Director General of Our House Israel, Faina Kirshenbaum. The main topic of the meeting was the requirement of the Ministry of Finance to raise the retirement age of women to 64 years. According to Kirshenbaum, the Ministry of Finance is trying to push through this survey, without the consent of the public commission set up to solve this problem. According to Kirshenbaum, the Ministry of Finance is rushing to resolve this issue because of concerns that with increasing life expectancy in Israel, the number of people who have reached retirement age also increases with longer life. Consequently, existing pension funds may run dry. To prevent this, the Ministry of Finance decided to raise the retirement threshold. In her opinion, a positive solution to this issue is also beneficial to the National Insurance Institute. The general director of Our House Israel declared that the position of Esther Dominisini (the general director of the National Ensign Institute) is unacceptable. The work of teachers, cashiers, medical staff is quite hard, and it will be difficult to work in these professions until 64 years. Kirshenbaum knows this not by hearsay, she herself worked as a nurse in the past. She noted that in this matter the Knesset Finance Commission is on its side and will not allow changes to be made by the public commission until this issue is resolved.

From January to May 2011, the flow of tourists from Israel to Turkey decreased by 59%. Such data provided the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey. Note that in the same period 2010, compared with 2009, the influx of Israelis into this country increased by 133%. So, if in 2010 in year 72.500 rested Israeli citizens in Turkey, in 2011 their number was only 30.000. The situation was especially difficult in May: 2010 Israelis rested at Turkish resorts in 18.295 that month, then in 2011, their number dropped to 6.417.

One of the main reasons for the loss of a large percentage of tourists from Israel can be called the deterioration of relations between Ankara and Jerusalem due to the fact that Islamists came to power in Turkey. However, the main starting point for cooling the tourist relations of the two countries was the departure of the Flotilla of Freedom by Turkey, and as an answer to this provocation, its interception by the Israeli side at the end of May 2010. This behavior on the part of Turkey caused the Israeli tourists to become a riot of this country.

Nevertheless, the tension created in the tourist relations of the two countries did not affect the economic relations. The volume of bilateral trade for the first quarter of 2011 of the year increased by 40% compared to the first quarter of 2010 of the year, then it amounted to 3bn. 44 million US dollars.
Note that there is currently a warming in the Israeli-Turkish relations, which may allow Turkey to restore the old tourist indicators. Thus, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu congratulated the Turkish Prime Minister on his victory in the election campaign. In addition, it should be said that Deputy Prime Minister Yaalon was appointed special emissary, his main task now is to revive the dialogue with a recent strategic partner.

The Israeli General Security Service (Shabak) reported that 20 Palestinians were arrested in East Jerusalem and Ramallah. They are suspected of planning attacks on Israeli citizens. All detainees belong to the organization of the NFPO ("Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine"). The arrested faction intended to kidnap a large Palestinian land dealer in order to finance its activities. According to the press service of the Israeli General Security Service, over the past 2 of the month, together with the police and the army, the Israeli General Security Service has managed to prevent the creation of a terrorist cell of NFP in the Ramallah region. The names of five of the arrested Polestians from 20 have been clarified, among them the alleged head of the group, Nasser Abu Hadir (40 years), with a rich list of terrorist activities. We will note that the majority of detainees already served time prison sentences for terrorism. As the press service of the department, the members of the group were arrested after they began preparations for the attack. Including they are actively engaged in recruiting new members and purchasing weapons. Their arrest prevented a series of terrorist acts.

The head of the northern wing of the Islamic Movement in Israel, Raed Salah, was arrested in Britain, where he was declared persona non grata. According to Alex Miller (Our Home Israel), the Knesser deputy, this situation will speed up the law banning the emergence of representatives of radical anti-Israeli parties in educational institutions in Israel. Miller hopes that the bill will be passed next week in preliminary reading, although initiatives of this kind are moving very slowly.

The MP considers it absurd that there is still no such bill in Israel, which allows Raed Salah and members of his party to try with impunity to speak in educational institutions of the country, while the United Kingdom, far from the Israeli-Polish conflict, does not want to see this person on its territory .

The Knesser parliamentarian believes that people inciting youth to violence should not have the right to speak.

With the support of the faction, Miller hopes to speed up the implementation of the law, with the help of which members of extremist organizations will be denied access to the country's higher education institutions, the law imposes imprisonment for attempting to play radicals at these sites. Already on this Sunday, the legislature is going to discuss this draft, then it will be sent for approval to the Knesset.

The deputy noted that over the course of 3 years he has been fighting to limit the activities of Salah, the last time Miller managed to thwart the speech of the head of the radical wing of the Islamic movement on Nakba Day at Haifa University.

In the Office of Civil aviation the inhabitants of the moshav Bnei Atarot turned. They ask the agency to provide them with temporary housing. The reason for this request was the noise from the take-off of aircraft at Ben Gurion Airport, disturbing the peace of citizens. According to Haaretz, aircraft take off from the airport’s emergency strip, the operation of which began before the sound insulation of houses located in the immediate vicinity of the airport was completed. According to the Ministry of Transport, the appeal of residents is being considered, an appropriate decision will be made according to professional criteria.

In the trial of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, a scandal erupted between the defense and prosecution parties, as a result of which the judges interrupted the meeting and left the courtroom as a protest. The public prosecutor at this meeting was the notorious prosecutor Uri Korb, who distinguished himself in the past year by negative remarks towards the judges in one of his lectures. This fact was widely reported in the media and online publications. Olmert's lawyer, Bleher, taking advantage of this biography of the prosecutor, provoked a scandal that escalated into mutual insults, which caused the termination of the hearing not at the right moment to defend. The prosecutor questioned the defense version about the relationship between the ex-prime minister and the American businessman Dr. Almaliyah. Recall, Almaliyah provided him with a loan of approximately 100 thousand US dollars, which Olmert hid from the Tax Administration and the State Controller (Wudier Eliezer Goldberg). The former prime minister again explained the information about the loan by the mistake of Shula Zaken, his clerk.

Olmert also denied that Almaliyah had business interests in Israel, which allegedly indicated that Olmert was not suspected of accepting a bribe or promoting Almaliyah with excess of his official position.

However, Olmert’s early testimony presented to the court by Uri Corbek testifies that at the beginning of the 90-s, Olmert, then Minister of Commerce and Industry, offered Almaliyah the position of Isramko’s General Director. It should be noted that the company was established to study oil and gas fields in the Israel region.

Last year, the Hebrew-speaking media said that Haim Perelman was a Jewish terrorist mob destroying peaceful Arabs. He spent a month in prison and 2 weeks under house arrest. As it turned out later, he was never charged. The case was not opened. Thus, an innocent man spent the month of 1,5 under arrest, while the press glorified him as a terrorist.

Note that Chaim Perelman is a native of Leningrad and belongs to the right camp. He was arrested by the police and Israel's General Security Service 13 on July 2010. Perelman was arrested as a suspect in the 2-3 assassinations and 7 assassination attempts on Arabs in Jerusalem in 1998. However, there was no direct evidence of his guilt: the attacker was wearing a mask, acted early in the morning and had no accomplices. Most of the attacks took place in Mea Shearim.

Perelman himself insistently refuted his involvement in these crimes, explaining his arrest by a kind of Shabak revenge for refusing to cooperate. The media for several weeks reported the details of the case with reference to the special services, despite the fact that the disclosure of data on this case was prohibited. Searches were conducted in the homes of relatives and friends of the detainee. According to Perelman, a month after his arrest, he was released under house arrest, and during that period he was summoned for interrogation, and after 2 weeks, everything stopped. Representatives of government agencies did not bother him anymore. After 10 months, he decided to find out his position, as a result of which he learned that no criminal cases were initiated against him and no charges were brought.

Pelmer says that the worst thing in his current situation is the lost reputation of an honest citizen: people avoid him, no one can believe that he is really not being accused of anything. In addition, Pelmer did not even receive an elementary apology for the fact that all this time he had been exposed as a murderer and a terrorist.

Currently, he is trying to restore his life to the previous course and restore his innocently lost reputation, because during the 1,5 months some of the Israeli media blamed him as a terrible criminal.

According to the data of the publication Globes, of the order of 2 weeks ago, the company Strauss raised prices for Danone brand yogurts in demand, the increase was about 25%. This price hike was made by the company without warning wholesalers. This caused a consumer biocot, which was announced on the social networking site Facebook in relation to cottage cheese products of the dairy monopolists cartels.

It is worth noting that the price increase more reminded of fraud on the part of the company. So the number of units of production was reduced (instead of 8 it became 6) and the packaging design was changed, while the cost remained the same. Yesterday, the company's management acknowledged “its oversight” and promised to eliminate the shortcomings of the pricing policy.

The Strauss press service stated that the company is not going to increase the value of its goods, including Danone products. Although earlier the company was talking about the intention to increase the cost of yogurt and dairy products with whipped cream by 14-21%. As in the above case, a new package design was prepared for masking.

It should be added that the number of dairy products, the cost of which was to increase from 1 July 2011, included the following products: vanilla and chocolate yogurts of the Dani brand, fruit yogurts, as well as a package of 2 jars with traditional cottage cheese.

At the conference of the Association of Israeli Industrialists, Minister of Industry and Trade Shalom Simhon said that food prices could be reduced by 7-10%. In addition, according to the newspaper TheMarker, the minister said that from 2012, it is necessary to lower the% VAT on basic services and products, including pharmaceuticals, the cost of public transport and more. Nevertheless, Simkhon noted that the measure to reduce prices will not apply to all goods and services, but only to a certain circle. This is necessary in order to support citizens belonging to socially weak segments of the population. The Minister stressed that the prices of dairy products can be reduced by more than 10%, while producers and retail chains will not suffer much.

Recall that on the eve of the owner of a controlling stake in one of the leading retail chains - Nohi Dankner, said that retailers need to reduce the retail price of basic dairy products on 20-30%. As an example, a businessman cited a product like “cottage”, noting that its value in retail is clearly overstated, the same can be said about most other dairy products.

The sales network "Supersal" announced a reduction in the price of cottage cheese ("cottage" with a picture of a house), and white cheese from the companies Tara, Tnuva and Strauss from the previous 7.5 to 5.9 shekel from 29 in June. At the same time, the network, as before, sells cheese on the system "1 + 1" at a discount, the cost of two packs of the product of different fat 10 shekels.

Recall that last week the Mega retail chain agreed to lower the price of cottage cheese to 5.5 shekels, while losing part of its own profits. Yesterday Nohi Dunkner, the owner of the SuperSal network, announced that the cost of essential goods in Israel is too high, it should be reduced by 20-30%. He believes that the government, together with retail chains and manufacturers, can distinguish a group of basic goods (of the order of 20 items), the cost of which will be reduced. Dankner also proposed to reduce the VAT on essential goods, which will significantly reduce the price of products for end users.

The head of the Ministry of Finance Steinitz reacted quite categorically to this statement by Dankner. He suggested that the owner of “Supersal” not interfere in public affairs and recommended the businessman to keep rational proposals with him. The head of the Ministry of Finance said he would not allow moral studies to the government. However, after Netanyahu’s election as prime minister, Steinitz met with Dankner to listen to his proposals for improving the food market.

According to the report on the state of the squadron of fire fighting aviation submitted to the Knesset for discussion, the situation there is not the best. Thus, government decisions that were thoughtlessly influenced by the public and the media were not the best. According to a report from 7 aircraft purchased by Israel from Spain, only 4 is serviceable, two more aircraft cause specialists to question their suitability as to technical conditions for working in Israel.

Water consumption in Israel from January to May 2011 of the year decreased by 2010% or 9 million cubic meters compared to the same period of 41. Such data was published by the company "Mekorot". Such a decline is due to more heavy rainfall compared with the same period last year.

The largest decrease in water consumption is observed in agriculture, so in the period under review there was a decrease by 15% or 33 million cubic meters, compared to 2010 year: fresh water consumption decreased by 18 million cubic meters, and treated wastewater by 14 million cubic meters. Household water consumption decreased by 6 million cubic meters or by 2% compared to last year’s figures. Note that last year there was almost no precipitation from March to May (these months were the driest in several years), while the same period of the 2011 year had more precipitation.

According to the company "Mekorot" from April to May 2011, water consumption decreased by 21% compared to 2010 year, which amounted to 56 million cubic meters compared to the same months last year. In agriculture, the decline was 29%, which is approximately 39 million cubic meters. In households, water consumption has decreased by 14% or 16 million cubic meters. Note that May 2011 of the year turned out to be colder and more rainy than usual, despite the fact that May last year was drier and hotter than in many respects and explains the difference in performance.
At this time, the company "Mekorot" is engaged in conducting a new infrastructure project "National water supply system", this project is considered the largest in the last ten years. The company has already invested over 3 billion shekels in changing the direction of the water supply lines in the country. It is assumed that the largest part of the water Israel will receive from five installations for the desalination of sea water. Installations are located from Ashkelon in the south to Hadera in the north. Desalination plants in Hadera, Ashkelon and Palmachim are already connected to the new system. In the future, they plan to connect installations in Sorek and Ashdod to the updated water supply system. It is planned that these installations will be made by a subsidiary of Mekorot - Mekorot pituah ve-izum. Thus, starting from the 2014 year, most of the inhabitants of Israel will drink desalinated salt water. According to the chairman of the board of directors of the company “Mekorot”, Alex Vizhnitser, the construction of a new national water supply should lead to a revolution in the management of the country's water resources.

According to Vizhnitsera, the National Waterway will be supplied with power besides classical sources - the Kinneret, aquifers and wells, from five desalination plants that are planned to be located along the entire coast, from Ashkelon to Hadera. Mekorot is ready to change the structure of water supply, create new control centers and develop new, modern ways of transporting water.

The activities of the medical tourism sector will be regulated, such information was provided by the general director of the Ministry of Health, Professor Roni Gamzu. According to TheMarker newspaper, the industry has still not been subject to state regulation: each medical institution built its work at its own discretion, in accordance with this, hospitals often received foreign citizens to the detriment of Israel. In recent months, this trend has intensified. According to statistics in medical institutions there is a shortage of beds, attendants, nurses, and also specialists of higher categories (doctors). To resolve this situation, the Ministry of Health, together with the public commission (the commission is headed by the deputy director of the Sheba Medical Center, Professor Arnon Afek), compiled a circular, the terms of which will apply to Israeli state medical institutions, as well as to the capital's Shaarey Tsedek and Hadassah hospitals ". Note that for the first time in stories countries will be set the upper limit, in accordance with which the provision of medical services to foreign nationals will not exceed 5% of the money turnover of the medical center. The ministry hopes that this will improve the quality and timeliness of providing services to Israelis. In addition, according to the circular, medical services for foreign tourists will include only certain services (except for complex cases that require intensive care), while services will be provided on condition that it does not delay the provision of the same service to the citizens of Israel. Treatment of tourists will be held after the end of the day in hospitals - in the afternoon. Some procedures can be carried out in the morning, if this does not infringe upon the rights of Israelis.

The circular also forbids giving preference to foreigners to the detriment of the citizens of Israel when determining the conditions of hospitalization, queuing, and the provision of rooms in hotels at hospitals. Also, tourists will not have the right to choose the attending physician, surgeon (except for private medical centers).

Now doctors will receive remuneration depending on the type of activity, and not on the patient’s citizenship.

With these restrictions, the Ministry of Health is trying to destroy the stimulus of a number of Israeli doctors - to treat foreigners to the detriment of the citizens of their own country.

The funds received from the treatment of tourists will be spent on the development of the infrastructure of medical centers, and will also be redistributed to the periphery.

Hospital directors will be required to appoint a manager who will monitor medical tourism on their behalf, and also collect the necessary data on the types of treatment (this information was previously confidential). According to the Ministry of Health, this will allow to systematize medical tourism in the country.

Note that, according to TheMarker, an average of about 30.000 foreigners are treated in Israel annually, due to which medical centers receive from 200 million to 500 million dollars.

The reason for the creation of the commission under the leadership of Professor Afeka was a journalistic investigation published in November 2010 by the newspaper Ha'aretz. The topic of the publication was Medical Tourism in Israel. In the article, in particular, it was noted that the maintenance of foreigners slows down the pace of medical care for Israeli citizens; they have to wait longer for their turn to check, procedure, research and operations.

The Knesset Finance Committee decided to lower the prices of medicines. So, medicines included in the medicinal basket will fall in price by about 33%. The Deputy Minister of Health, Yaakov Litsman (Yaadut ha-Torah), initiated the reduction in the cost of drugs, reports the Second Channel ITV. Voting of deputies in support of this proposal was unanimous. According to the adopted innovations, from August 1 the personal expenses of citizens on subsidized medicines will be reduced from 15% to 10%. Note that the cash departments of hospitals reacted negatively to the adopted innovations. They motivate their outrage by the fact that this policy will ultimately lead to the undermining of the financial position of medical centers. Nevertheless, the head of the financial commission, Moshe Hafnia, said that there is no point in the fact that sick citizens will not be able to provide themselves with the necessary medications.

Professor Erwin Weiss of the Jerusalem School of Dentistry with his colleagues has developed a new type of cementing compound for dental fillings. The development of Israeli scientists called RCS. Unlike analogues already existing in this area, dental cement, proposed by Israeli experts, contains microparticles that prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth opening.

The head of the Palestinian government, Salam Fayyad, who soon, as soon as Hamas and the Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine (Fatah) come to an agreement on the new head of state, leaves his post, expressed his attitude to the unilateral declaration of independence of the Palestinian state United Nations (UN) Assembly in September. Fayyad, unlike other representatives of the leadership of Palestine, is skeptical about this issue, in view of the upcoming resignation, he does not intend to engage in rhetoric. So, Salam Fayyad said in an interview with the news agency of Azerbaijan that recognition of the Palestinian state in the UN will not change the real situation and will be very conditional. As the current head of the Palestinian government has stated, no major changes will occur until Israel becomes part of this consensus. Because first of all it is about ending the Israeli occupation. Note that although Fayyad does not influence decisions on foreign policy issues, he has broad international support and a certain weight in political circles. For example, Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian National Authority, would like to leave Fayyad as prime minister of the transitional government of technocrats, created by Hamas and Fatah (the Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine). At the same time, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is categorically against the Fayyad figure in this post, since the Islamic Resistance Movement speaks of it as a "minion of Israel and the United States."

Fayad, aware of the support of the chairman of the Palestinian National Authority, is nevertheless ready to withdraw his candidacy if the parties cannot reach an agreement. In addition, the Palestinian Prime Minister stressed that if the Islamic Resistance Movement and Fatah continue to useless disputes regarding his candidacy, he will refuse to assume any functions and obligations in the Palestinian leadership. Moreover, as Fayyad said, he is not interested in the position of Palestinian Minister of Finance or in any other under the leadership of the new prime minister.
Note that the Palestinian leadership is extremely interested in the Fayyad figure and its services: he has a net reputation for donor countries and, therefore, without his assistance, the Palestinian Authority will not receive the financial assistance it counts on. Fayyad himself believes that his presence at the post of finance minister will not provide the expected inflow of funds, since the world community will understand the cunning of the Polestin leadership. "I am not an ATM for the Palestinian leadership," he stressed.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) officially acknowledged that the conciliation agreement concluded between the terrorist organization and the Palestine National Liberation Movement (Fatah) in Palestine was on the verge of collapse. Mahmud az-Saar - one of the leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement told reporters that the negotiations on the establishment of a national unity government had stopped and the parties could not come to an agreement.
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  1. berg
    berg 15 July 2011 20: 29
    "The Israeli government threatened the President of Syria, in which it promised to physically eliminate him if his country starts active hostilities against Israel." - then stopped reading the article :))