By the end of 2016, the Black Sea Fleet will receive 6 diesel-electric submarines of a new project.

Management press services and information The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that the St. Petersburg-based Admiralty Shipyards will hold the ceremony of raising the naval flag of St. Andrew’s on the new diesel-electric submarine Novorossiysk.

By the end of 2016, the Black Sea Fleet will receive 6 diesel-electric submarines of a new project.

At the moment, the second stage of the state tests of the submarine in the Baltic Sea is underway.

On August 28, the launch of the Stary Oskol 636 submarine will take place. After the completion works, it is also subjected to a full range of tests.

In addition, the Admiralty Shipyards form the hull of the Krasnodar DPS and complete the Rostov-on-Don submarine. Works are carried out under the control of the main command of the Russian Navy. In October, construction of the 5 and 6 submarines of the 636 project, Veliky Novgorod and Kolpino, will begin.

All 6 submarines will be transferred to the Black Sea the fleet until the end of 2016. At the moment, the crews of new submarines are being trained at the Joint Training Center of the Russian Navy.
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  1. +9
    13 August 2014 09: 58
    According to the precepts of Admirals Ushakov and Nakhimov - the Black Sea Our Sea !!!!
    1. +7
      13 August 2014 10: 02
      Stiff English, but the Black Sea. No offense.
    2. jjj
      13 August 2014 10: 02
      The strengthening of Russian submarine forces in the Black Sea is a good sign. By the way, the base in Novorossiysk is connected by direct trains to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk
    3. +1
      13 August 2014 10: 21
      The Russian Navy is a reliable guarantor of our interests !!! Strengthening the power of the Navy, we are strengthening our influence in the Black Sea region !!!
    4. +1
      13 August 2014 10: 58
      Once the Black Sea was called the Russian Sea!
      1. 0
        13 August 2014 11: 21
        Oh how! and I thought of Tauride.
    5. +1
      13 August 2014 10: 58
      As soon as possible, it is necessary to replenish the Black Sea Fleet with submarines to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Black Sea Fleet, the situation requires this.
      1. 0
        13 August 2014 12: 37
        Quote: mig31
        According to the precepts of Admirals Ushakov and Nakhimov - the Black Sea Our Sea !!!!

        So it’s like that, but to call it new, a project that has been over twenty years old is not serious.
  2. Igor80
    13 August 2014 09: 59
    The ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury! The ice has broken ... Glory to the Russian Navy!
  3. +1
    13 August 2014 10: 04
    There are more means against democratization by the lights of this democracy, good and different.
  4. MSA
    13 August 2014 10: 08
    The process is in full swing - happy.
  5. +3
    13 August 2014 10: 10
    Strengthen all the fleets of the Russian Federation everything will be fine!
  6. Hawk2014
    13 August 2014 10: 23
    Good news! smile
  7. 0
    13 August 2014 10: 23
    Diesel-electric submarines are great for the Black and Mediterranean Seas.
  8. 0
    13 August 2014 10: 26
  9. 0
    13 August 2014 10: 30
    We still need surface ships of the Corvette and Frigate classes there (Black Sea Fleet) to deliver pieces of 8-10 each class. And in our project there are only 12-16 frigates, and then, engines for them were produced in Nikolaev. I'm afraid the program will shift in timing. One thing is good that later we will no longer be so dependent on imports.
  10. -1
    13 August 2014 10: 32
    I hope that after the 16 year, the issue will increase times in 2-3.
  11. 0
    13 August 2014 10: 45
    It would be interesting to read the statistics that they built for themselves in Ukraine. Well, like how many tanks, armored personnel carriers, airplanes, ships. Although it would be for 5 years that they transferred new ones to their army. Not for export, but inside Ukraine. There are such data sources?
  12. 0
    13 August 2014 10: 57
    Diesel-electric submarine "Varshavyanka" will have a lot to do there !!!
    There are berths where they are based, two or three seas, there is where to roam! The Black Sea should be covered by a full-fledged strike submarine fleet!
  13. 0
    13 August 2014 10: 57
    Quote: Matrosov
    . And we have in the project all 12-16 frigates and then, engines for them were produced in Nikolaev.

    But engines for ekranoplanes in Russia. Therefore, a group of 10-type ekranoplanes in the Black Sea would be quite relevant. Moreover, the ekranoplane has a sufficient range for working in the marine area. And they have less construction time than ships.
    Maybe that’s why they plan, according to another piece of news today, to analyze the feasibility of resuming production ...
    1. 0
      13 August 2014 11: 06
      I completely agree. Only there is nowhere and no one to do them.
  14. cvnco
    13 August 2014 11: 19
    accidentally stumbled upon a site that allows you to challenge fines online, at the beginning I didn’t believe it, I thought it was a divorce, but I decided to try and imagine it turned out: one of the 3 fines was canceled. Hooray, I saved almost 4000 rubles. try it yourself, maybe you can. here is the link to the service--
  15. +1
    13 August 2014 11: 27
    We are pleased and once again pleased with such news!
  16. calocha
    13 August 2014 11: 44
  17. +1
    13 August 2014 12: 22
    Well, good news
    So, today in the Black Sea Fleet we have:
    1 RRC pr. 1164 "Moscow" - flagship of the fleet;
    1 SKR pr. 01190 "Sharp-witted", modernized SKR pr. 61, armed with 8 X-35 "Uranus", "the last of the Mohicans", delivered to the Navy in 1969. Currently serving in the Mediterranean.

    1 TFR pr.1135M "Pytlivy"
    In August, the SKR pr. 1135 "Ladny", which has been under repair at 13 SRZ since May last year, and on May 29 was removed from the PD-30, should go to sea trials. It is planned to put it into operation by the end of the year.

    BOD pr. 1134B "Kerch" currently does not go out to sea, since it is under repair, which will last until the end of 2015, when the BOD "Kerch", as one of the two ships of the first rank in the Black Sea Fleet, will take over the duties of a flagship from the guards missile cruiser "Moskva", which will go to the ship repair center "Zvezdochka" in December 2015. Of course, one should not expect any special miracles from the announced repair of "Kerch". It will only be the restoration of the technical readiness of the ship with the previous composition of weapons, such as "Trumpet", "Storm" and "Wasp", which looks quite sour against the background of "Caliber", "Redut" and "Dirk", but which will allow it to come out in the sea (Black Sea) under the flag of the commander of the fleet at the head of the detachments of warships during assembly-campaigns to work out combat training tasks. At the same time, its main (daily) function will remain personnel training, but now as not a stationary, but a full-fledged seagoing training ship.

    Well, plus the first SKR pr. 11356 "Admiral Grigorovich", on which it is planned to begin mooring trials in the fall and a crew has already been formed. Let's hope that it will enter the fleet this year.

    The frigate of pr. 22350 "Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov", which was also planned to be transferred to the Black Sea Fleet, unfortunately, will not be transferred to the fleet this year.
    So, at present, the Black Sea Fleet has 3 ships of 1-2 ranks, by the end of the year 4 are planned (TFR "Ladny"), but if the "Admiral Grigorovich" is transferred, then 5, however, taking into account the transition to the Black Sea, it will still only be in 2015 year.
    1. 0
      13 August 2014 12: 55
      The fleet's strike forces are:
      4 MRK:
      2 projects 1239 "Bora" and "Samum" (8 anti-ship missiles "Moskit" on each);

      2 pr. 1234 "Mirage" and "Calm" (6 anti-ship missiles P-120 on each).

      5 RCA:
      4 RCA pr.12411 (4 anti-ship missiles "Moskit" on each);

      1 project 12417 (4 anti-ship missiles P-15) -R-71 is used as a training ship, in 2013-14. The "Kortik" air defense missile system was repaired and dismantled.

      launch of the P-15 missile from the P-71 boat during the parade on the day of the Navy in Sevastopol on 28 on July
      RCA R-60 pr.12411 was modernized in 2006 Modernization touched on weapons. Instead of two aft gun mounts AK-630, one ZRAK "Broadsword" module was delivered, consisting of two rapid-firing 30-mm six-barreled cannons (in a purely artillery version; with the possibility of installing two quadruple anti-aircraft missiles). In August last year, the R-60 took part in "Syrian express" escorting to the Mediterranean Sea BDK pr. 775 "Minsk" BF.

      RCA P-60 passes the Turkish straits
      1. +1
        13 August 2014 13: 35
        6 MPK pr.1124 (1- "Aleksandrovets" pr.1124, 5- pr. 1124M). MPK "Muromets", "Suzdalets", "Kasimov" pr.1124M in 2013 were morained. They are equipped with anti-sabotage OGAS MG-757 "Anapa-M" and GAS receiving signals from hydroacoustic buoys MGS-417K "Amga-N".

        1 MPK pr.11451 "Vladimir", is in a state of permanent repair, its current status is unknown, according to some data in repair, according to others in service.

        Minesweepers: 7МТЩ + 2 РТСЩ (2 МТЩ in repair and reserve)
        4 marine minesweepers pr. 266-M "Aquamarine", commissioned in the 70s.

        1 sea minesweeper of the modernized project 266ME "Aquamarine-ME" - "Valentin Pikul" - put into operation in 2001;

        1 sea minesweeper pr. 02668 "Agat" - "Vice-Admiral Zakharyin", commissioned in 2008, is the most modern minesweeper of our Navy.

        1 sea minesweeper pr. 1265 "Yakhont";
        2 road minesweepers pr. 1259 "Malachite";

        1 sea minesweeper pr. 12660 "Rubin" - "Lieutenant Ilyin" - is in the reserve of the 1st category and 1 sea minesweeper pr. 1265 "Zheleznyakov" is under repair.
        4 anti-sabotage boats, project 21980 "Grachonok". In August this year, the Black Sea Fleet received the P-355 P-XNUMX, originally planned for the KFL.

        1. +1
          13 August 2014 14: 23
          Landing craft:
          BDK- 5 (2 under repair)
          3 BDK Ave. 775.

          BDK pr. 775 "Caesar Kunnikov" in July last year went to Varna for repairs, it is assumed that the repair will last about 2 years, ie it will end next year.

          2 BDK pr.1171.

          The large landing craft "Orsk", previously listed in the 2nd category reserve, is currently being repaired at 13 shipyards with the aim of returning to service.

          DKA- 3
          1 project 1176 "Akula" (D-106) - transferred to the fleet in 2009

          2 Project 11770 "Serna". D-144 was transferred to the fleet in 2008, D-199 was transferred to the fleet in August of this year.

          Thus, the airborne capability of the 775 Ave. included in the BSF BFK: 10 medium / main tanks (up to 41 tons) and 340 people or 12 BTT and 340 people. or 3 medium / main tanks (up to 41 t), 3 self-propelled guns 2С9 "Nona-S", 5 MT-LB, 4 lorries and 313 people or 500 t cargo.

          And BDK Ave. 1171: 20 medium tanks and 440 people. or 47 units of BTT and 440 people or 52 trucks and 440 people or 1000 tons of cargo.

          Allows simultaneous transfer to short distances of the 810th Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet (number-1934 person)
          1. +1
            13 August 2014 14: 53
            Underwater forces of the Black Sea Fleet. Here it is still bad. Unfortunately, there are currently no operational diesel-electric submarines in the Black Sea.
            Diesel-electric submarine B-871 "Alrosa" of project 877B, under repair and modernization at 13 shipyards, until 2015.

            B-380 "Holy Prince George" pr. 641B "Som" is located in the captured German floating dock PD-16 in the South Bay of Sevastopol and it is impossible to withdraw it from there without destroying this very floating dock. At the end of 2009, it was decided to stop the repairs, transfer the ship to the OFI for dismantling and disposal. Later, it was decided to return to service, so that it would be easier to resolve the issue with the Ukrainians about basing the diesel-electric submarines of pr. 636.3 under construction in Sevastopol, however, due to the return of Crimea, the issue is no longer relevant, therefore, most likely "on pins and needles."

            There is also a floating charging station "PZS-50" - a former submarine of project 633, designed to charge storage batteries.

            The first diesel-electric submarine pr. 636.3 B-261 "Novorossiysk" is planned to enter the fleet on August 22 this year.

            Most likely, diesel-electric submarines will urgently move to the Black Sea to cover the vacuum formed there. According to some reports, the rescue tugboat Shakhtar, pr. 712, has already left Sevastopol for the Mediterranean Sea to meet Novorossiysk.

            Two other diesel-electric submarines: B-237 Rostov-on-Don (launched on June 26) and B-262 Stary Oskol (planned to be launched on August 28), which are planned to enter the fleet by the end of this year, will arrive to the Black Sea already in 2015 and after the B-871 "Alrosa" was out of repair, the Black Sea Fleet next year will have 4 diesel-electric submarines, i.e. the overall situation is already becoming bearable.
            1. +1
              13 August 2014 15: 42
              So to summarize all that has been said: surface coral-44, DEPL not.
              The average fleet age at 2013 year is 26 years.
              cumulative missile salvo-72 anti-ship missiles: 16 P-1000 "Vulkan" (anti-ship missile "Moskva") + 8 X-35 "Uran" (TFR "Smetlivy") + 16 anti-ship missiles "Mosquito" (MRK pr. 1239) + 12 anti-ship missiles -120 (MRK pr. 1234) +16 anti-ship missiles "Moskit" (RSA pr. 12411) +4 anti-ship missiles P-15 (RSA pr. 12417)
              Other ships in the Black Sea Fleet
              Reconnaissance Ships-4
              2 projects 864 ("Azov", "Equator"),

              2 projects 861M ("Kildin", "Liman"). On August 12, "Kildin" returned to Sevastopol from the Mediterranean Sea.

              Sea tanker-1 pr. 1159V "Ivan Bubnov" (commissioned to the fleet in 1974).

              Tanker of project 3228-1 "General Ryabikov" (commissioned to the fleet in 1978)
              The hospital ship of the 320А Yenisei project is in reserve (delivered to the fleet in the 1979 year.

              6 hydrographic vessels:
              1 hydrographic vessel pr.861 ("Cheleken")
              2 GS pr. 862 ("Stvor", "Donuzlav")
              1 MGS Ave. 870
              2 MGS Ave. 872
              1 rescue tugboat pr. 712 "Shakhtar"
              2 rescue tug ave. 733 (delivered in 1959 and 1963)
              1 tow boat Ave. 1606
              2 Diving Bots Ave. 522 (delivered in 1955 and 1958)
              1 fire boat ave. 364 (delivered in 1958 year)
              1 passenger boat ave. SK-620
              Of the new products: In 2007, 2 search and rescue boats, AKS171 Sokol Ave., were handed over.
              In 2012, the experimental vessel of pr. 11982 "Seliger" entered the Black Sea Fleet. This is the only vessel with dynamic positioning in the Black Sea. On August 7, the road tug "RB-412", project 90600, built at the Pella shipyard in St. Petersburg, arrived in Sevastopol. This is the third tug of this project in the Black Sea Fleet (2 previous ones were handed over in 2013).

              This year the Black Sea Fleet should include the communications boat, etc. 1388NZ, which has been tested in Novorossiysk since the end of last year.
  18. wladimir
    13 August 2014 12: 26
    it's time to strengthen the southern borders.
  19. +1
    13 August 2014 13: 14
    The pace is impressive !!!! but the reaction of not our friends impresses them too
  20. 0
    13 August 2014 15: 15
    Good news, if only the deadlines are kept. Recently I read that Ukraine delivered engines for three boats, but not for the next three. And this is a failure to transfer the Navy boats.

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