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OPK presents at the Oboronexpo-2014 an air defense control module based on Tiger

At the international exhibition "Oboronexpo-2014", the United Instrument-Making Corporation (part of the Rostec state corporation) presented the initiative development of its research and production enterprise Rubin, a mobile air defense control module for the commander of the anti-aircraft gunnery squad based on the Tigr armored car. The development has no analogues in Russia, the closest foreign analogue of the system in terms of functionality is one of the modules of the American tactical control system FAAD C2.

The automobile complex on the Tigr chassis is intended for the operational transfer of small units of anti-aircraft gunners, armed with man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), and automated control of their actions. The air defense control module provides for receiving commands from higher command posts, displaying them in the system, sending orders to subordinates, receiving and generating reports on the accomplishment of assigned tasks.

"Tiger" is equipped with a compact radar system that searches for and capture air targets. The air defense control module provides data on the trajectory of targets and the scenario of actions of anti-aircraft units, and also provides automatic distribution of targets between the arrows, taking into account their position, readiness and condition of the ammunition load.

The wheeled chassis of high traffic allows the "Tiger" to move both on public roads and in rough or mountainous areas, inaccessible to heavy machinery.

At the exhibition "Oboronexpo-2014" presented a prototype machine, which is now being tested by developers. Full-scale tests of the air defense complex are scheduled for 2015 year.

OAO United Instrument-Making Corporation, a Russian state corporation, was established in 2014 as part of Rostec State Corporation to organize high-tech production of competitive products in the field of communication systems and tools, automated control systems, electronic warfare and robotic systems for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other special formations, as well as competitive products of civil and dual use. The structure of the corporation includes the radio engineering concern “Vega”, the concern “Constellation”, the integrated structure “Management Systems” and the Central Research Institute for Economics, Informatics and Control Systems. The corporation unites 55 enterprises and scientific organizations of the radio-electronic industry of Russia with the total number of 39,5 operating thousands of people.

Rostec State Corporation is a Russian corporation established in 2007 to promote the development, production and export of high-tech industrial civilian and military products. It includes 663 organizations, of which 9 holding companies in the defense industry complex and 5 - in civilian industries are currently formed. Rostec organizations are located on the territory of 60 subjects of the Russian Federation and supply products to the markets of more than 70 countries. Rostec's revenue in 2013 amounted to 1,04 trillion rubles, net profit - 40 billion rubles. Tax deductions to budgets of all levels exceeded 138 billion rubles.
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  1. Stalevar
    Stalevar 13 August 2014 08: 19
    Mobile anti-aircraft missile special forces))) Not bad! They promptly advanced into the area, coordinated detachment, and escaped from retaliation. And they can appear anywhere. Moreover, exactly where the enemy’s intelligence did not find air defense systems.
    -You see the air defense.
    -And I do not, but it is wink
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 13 August 2014 08: 22
      This thing transmits the situation to air targets within a radius of 25 km to the "Needle" tablet. The tablet displays 4 targets.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 13 August 2014 09: 00
      Mobility is the main advantage of this module.
      1. Grenader
        Grenader 13 August 2014 10: 03
        Not a bad all the same platform "Tiger". You can put many modules on it and use it for different purposes. And why did you have to buy "Iveco" when they themselves have an excellent unit?
        1. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak 13 August 2014 11: 03
          Quote: Grenader
          And why did you have to buy "Iveco" ...?

          But all the same, those willows, or rather their set of components plus some technologies will come in handy. And no one will say that Russia stole. Not stolen, but bought. These are two big differences! Unlike China, he buys equipment, copies and with a cry: Our development! rushing off somewhere.
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 13 August 2014 08: 19
    Well done, the designers are impressive lately. Russian developers at the height thank you
    1. Very old
      Very old 13 August 2014 08: 31
      Saw a car on the go = one word: APPARATUS !!
      Constructors MO_LOD_TSY
      As it is with Leonid Bykov: we cannot "=== mogYom!
  3. Alexgs
    Alexgs 13 August 2014 08: 19
    All the same, it's nice to hear, see and observe the progress of our military-industrial complex, after humiliating stagnation. The flywheel spins up, and these are jobs, salaries, the country's security, confidence in the future.
  4. Wolka
    Wolka 13 August 2014 08: 23
    very worthy, zero gut, zero gut ... hi
  5. Hyperboreas
    Hyperboreas 13 August 2014 08: 35
    As a specialist in air defense systems and air defense systems (and this miracle belongs to this category) I can say that this is just a drop dead thing !!! Now the department of anti-aircraft gunners actually has its own decent radar, I think with a good detection radius and they have become much more mobile, I think the tiger is better than the armored personnel carrier. Inspires optimism !!!!!!!!!!!!! good
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 13 August 2014 09: 07
      And why is the "Tiger" better than the armored personnel carrier, and even more so the infantry fighting vehicles, which are now assigned to MANPADS in the state? Less cross-country ability?
  6. Ararat
    Ararat 13 August 2014 08: 37
    More such tigers with air defense, so that not a single rocket from the west flies to us.
  7. zheka
    zheka 13 August 2014 08: 40
    You are going the right way, comrades!))))
  8. Drunya
    Drunya 13 August 2014 08: 41
    almost off topic -
    Switzerland canceled the participation of "Russian Knights" in the air show
    Switzerland has withdrawn the invitation to the Russian Knights aerobatics group “Russian Knights” to participate in the air show, the federal defense department of the confederation said on Tuesday.
    1. Hyperboreas
      Hyperboreas 13 August 2014 08: 46
      Yes, and to hell with them !!!!!!!!! They are not worthy of the performance of our aces !!! The poor things got scared !!!!!!!!!!
    2. Very old
      Very old 13 August 2014 08: 52
      Well, and to whom from this, Dryun? Only by swd. ?
      Neutrals, it seems, but the ass lick on two fronts: the EU and the US
      Well, and figs with them. Letuny and in Kubinka, and in Tushino can, any city of the country will accept

      Tell me, is there such a nation: Swiss?
      (this is in a country with German, French and Italian ...)
  9. MolGro
    MolGro 13 August 2014 08: 46
    Small sabotage mobile air defense group!
  10. Lopatov
    Lopatov 13 August 2014 09: 02
    What for? Fortunately, we do not yet have motorized rifle brigades on the Tigers.

    And even if they were, why combine control and transport functions in one machine?
    Another useless miracle Yudo based on the "Tiger" of course
    1. olegff68
      olegff68 13 August 2014 10: 07
      Quote: Spade
      What for? Fortunately, we do not have motorized rifle brigades on the Tigers yet.

      There are special forces brigades manned by "Tigers" according to "I don't want to" ...
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 13 August 2014 20: 13
        But are special forces brigades equipped with anti-aircraft missile divisions, like infantry?

        Well, let's imagine an oil painting: the valiant motorized riflemen go on the attack. On their own BMP-3. The firing range of the damned AGM-114L "Helfair-Longbow" is 9 km. This means that the anti-aircraft gunners must be directly in the combat formations of motorized riflemen.

        So, the tanks, the BMP-3 and ... among them, a "goat" tucked in the virgin lands under the proud name "Tiger". Tellingly, with the radar in the stowed position, the car is original, it must simultaneously stand for the radar to work and drive in order to ensure the mobility of the anti-aircraft gunners.

        In short, this prodigy is absolutely unnecessary.

        It would be better to create a car for the commanders of anti-aircraft platoons. Otherwise, they are now horseless, and given their automation means, they will not be able to "fall on the tail" of one of the squads. Only on the basis of the BMP-BTR, and not this laughing stock.
  11. okroshka79
    okroshka79 13 August 2014 12: 00
    Specialists! Who will tell you which is more expensive, "Tiger" or armored personnel carrier (bmp)? And how much?
    1. MolGro
      MolGro 13 August 2014 16: 30
      A tiger is cheaper even if you take it stupidly by the weight of the metal !!
  12. CheByrashka
    CheByrashka 13 August 2014 13: 24
    Archi-necessary things, comrades !!! I suggest to test on dill. Who agrees?
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 13 August 2014 20: 15
      We don’t have much money to buy so highly specialized equipment that is applicable exclusively in defense.