Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 12 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 12: 24

Report from the militia militia

The militia and the Ukrainian army exchanged prisoners between Thorez and Saur-Mogila.
11 August 2014, military commander, on the instructions of the militia headquarters, went to the place of the exchange of prisoners between the militia and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Among the prisoners of war was Andrei Panasyuk, a “crying paratrooper” who had already become famous. During the trip, his mother repeatedly thanked the militia for their dignified attitude to her son. The exchange took place without incident. However, the commander was convinced Svidomit and began a long story about how good the government in Ukraine. On the way back, our guys told them that they were systematically beaten at night, the reason was the punitive losses in the ongoing battles, they simply took out their anger for defeat.

Yesterday at 12: 27

The message of the City Council of Donetsk

"Information on 9.30. The night from 11 to 12 in August in Donetsk was intense, residents of all parts of the city heard the sounds of explosions and volleys.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a result of shells hit a private residential and extension at the address Klimashkina str., 30 and summer kitchen on the street. Lugovskogo, 30 in Petrovsky district, as well as non-residential premises - a shed - on Lesnaya Polyana St. in Kievsky district.

As a result of the shelling, the KhBC substation was de-energized; the 206 ТП remained without power supply. As of 7.00 12 August, 96 transformer substations were powered. In 9.00, emergency crews began repair work at the KhBC substation, so all 206 TPs are de-energized again.

As of 9.30, the situation in the city remains tense. Despite this, life support systems and public transport operate in a regular mode. All buses, taxis, trams and trolleybuses follow to the end points of their routes. "

Yesterday at 12: 38

Message from the militia

The Ukrainian army is trying to withdraw mercenaries from under Gorlovka, where local clashes between militias and Ukrainian military units continue.
They are trying to bring the mercenaries, because they are expensive, and they are very well hammered in all directions. Punishers incur heavy losses in both technology and manpower. Participation in battles take people from different countries: there are Poles and African Americans.
Ukrainian military are trying to regroup their units. Moreover, in the ranks of the punishers themselves, skirmishes and exchanges between the National Guard and Kolomoisky fighters often occur.

Yesterday at 12: 52

Message from the agency "Novorossiya"

"Two junta units have fallen into the boiler under the city of Anthracite.
Between the cities of Krasny Luch and Anthracite of the LC, the units of the 30 and 95 teams of the punishers were surrounded.

"Now these units of the Hunt are cut off from the rest of the forces, they are constantly subjected to shelling from SAU and Grad-based MLA, and also have serious food difficulties, although they do have some ammunition.

For all offers of the militia to surrender in exchange for security guarantees, so far they refuse. "

Yesterday at 13: 29

Morning report from the militia Prokhorov

"As everyone can see from the messages, the main shock power of dill is a gang, which they use massively, but stupidly.
Therefore, the last days the main emphasis was placed on the counter-battery struggle and the attacks of the positions of the Ukrope artillerymen - near Lugansk Grad LC and mortar gunners destroyed a whole battery (dill recognize the loss of 2 SAU).
With a. Uspenka (near the occupied city of Lutugino) from the artel covered the ZSU column.

The DNR is also actively attacking the invaders. Those declared shelling their positions in s. Ilyinka (west of Donetsk) is the rear of the 93 mechanized and PiCi, who attack Donetsk from the west.
At night, the area around Saur-Mogily was actively cultivated and the s. Stepanovka - judging by the reaction of ukrov, coverings were repeated.
In Andreevka, a checkpoint of occupants was shot at from mortars.
Between Miusinsky and Torez, parts of the 30 and 51 brigades are actually clamped - more than once or twice the command of the dill was asked to provide them with food.

Concerning the allegedly captured Ivanovka, Panfilovka, Kruglik, Krinichek, then they fled from there, declaring it “a raid on the rear”. They did not cause any real damage, but it was unpleasant.

Active partisan raids continue — in Starobeshevo (a small town in the rear of the invaders, south of Mospino), an ATO supply convoy was attacked, the convoy was completely destroyed. This is recognized as an adversary.

Guerrilla warfare continues in the occupied territories. The day before yesterday-yesterday, the attacks on the ukropsky roadblocks were in the area of ​​the Blue Lakes (Slavyansk-Krasny Liman). "

Yesterday at 15: 14

Report of the press service of the Lugansk city council

"The situation in Lugansk remains critical - 10 day is a city without electricity.
As of 12 August, the situation in Lugansk remains the same. During 10 days, a critical situation persists in the city, the regional center is completely de-energized: there is no light, water, mobile and fixed communications do not work.
Most subscribers have been disconnected from power supply for almost 3 weeks. Since the resurrection, 3 August, the entire city has remained without electricity.
According to residents, the territory of the regional center continues to fire.
In fact, Lugansk is in complete blockade: the city continues to be destroyed, while the supply of food, medicine and fuel has been stopped. About 250 thousands of people who have not left its limits, are forced to live in conditions of incessant armed clashes, without light and water. Also, for a long time social payments are not made, salaries and pensions are not paid.
Despite the lack of electricity, the city continues to bake bread. Most stores are closed, there is only the most necessary food for sale.
In Lugansk, there is a serious problem of removal of solid waste, however, despite the shelling, public service workers continue to scavenge from the streets of the city. "

Yesterday at 15: 18

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“With 6 in the morning, there is a battle at Uglegorsk (near Gorlovka and Enakievo), an artillery duel periodically takes place in Torez and near Marinka - the situation in the DPR is very tense. But judging by the lack of triumphant reports from ukrov, things are not very good for them.

I listened to Lysenko (press officer of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine) - it was like a peson. At least 3 has confirmed that Dill covers at Saur-Mohyla and the destruction of the national guards checkpoint in Uspenka (the occupied part of the DPR), said Starobeshevo casually.

He told about the new battles of Krasnaya Talovka (deep in the rear of the occupied territory) - mortars (they counted 40 shells) worked hard on the ukram, the border checkpoint was destroyed near the village of Kamyshne (between Stanitsa-Luhansk and Red Talovka) is an occupied part of the LC.

The post office "Uspenka" (the occupied part of the DPR east of Amvrosiyevka) was smashed into the trash.

Everyone was waiting for him a tearless tear about the village of Stepanovka (near Saur-Grave) - and was rewarded. Again Lysenko was pouring crocodile tears, reporting on the next (two) coverings of ZSU units there. "

Yesterday at 15: 23

The authorities of the DPR suspended the exchange of prisoners of war

The authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic suspended the exchange of prisoners of war due to the fact that the Ukrainian side is delaying the extradition of 4-5 people. This was announced today by ITAR-TASS, First Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR, Andrey Purgin.
"We have suspended the exchange of prisoners of war, which was agreed in Minsk. The reason for this is that the Ukrainian side does not give us 4-5 people from our list, where 20 people have been entered, and are trying to fob on us other people that we don’t even know "he said.
Purgin noted that “unprecedented pressure” is being exercised on the authorities of the DPR by relatives of prisoners of war and Ukrainian security officials. He also stated that prisoners of war, who the security forces do not want to give, suffered during the torture.
"Of the twenty listed, five people do not return to us, and we know that they were tortured by security forces," Purgin said, noting that the 20 captured by the Ukrainian military are ready for extradition, but so far the territory of the DNI.
On the exchange of prisoners of war "20 to 20" the parties agreed in the framework of the negotiations of the trilateral contact group on Ukraine, which took place on August 1 in Minsk.

Yesterday at 15: 39

Militia Herald. Reports from the front

The situation at the front is difficult, but difficult for both sides. On the eastern front there were fierce battles for n. n. Red Beam and Miusinsk. The situation was changing all the time, in the 2nd half of the day the enemy wedged between n. n. Gorlovka and Makeevka. Punishers there yesterday established positions and tried to immediately enter Makiivka, but their attack was repelled. There the punitive lost 2 tank, and 1 infantry fighting militia captured. And just yesterday the enemy lost 10 tanks, 4 units of light armored vehicles at the front. Our gunners yesterday destroyed a whole battery of hail of punitive forces - these are 4 installations with all the calculations. At the same time, the Tsar’s division distinguished itself - this is one of our best commanders, the guys again worked for the “five”.
In Ilovaisk, which the enemy has been trying to take for several days, it turned out to be an interesting situation. Punishers walked around the city from the north and, as it were, surrounded Ilovaysk. But, surrounding the city, they themselves were surrounded. The city is holding on confidently, but those who tried to surround it, fell into such a trap that they would probably not be able to get out of there.
The situation is, indeed, difficult for everyone, and it is clear that the Ukrainian army is now straining its last strength, as can be seen from everything, they have a crisis. They are attacking, but this offensive is already going out of the last forces.
That tactic is depressing, or rather, even the lack of tactics that they are currently using. The way in which Ukrainian troops conduct combat operations can be described in one word - a meat grinder. They absolutely do not pity people. It is evident that they go all-in at the expense of the lives of young soldiers. And it looks like this - they throw their infantry units under our artillery, we destroy them. They bring new ones to this place, we destroy them again, they again throw new ones. This is a meat grinder.
Mothers, fathers of these Ukrainian guys who are thrown under our artillery and machine guns, should understand what they are doing with their sons. In fact, the destruction of the Ukrainian people is underway. These are our people, after all, after all, civil war. From the other side, the Ukrainians, and from this side, the Ukrainians. On the other side are Russians, and from this side are Russians. One gets the impression that in Kiev they are trying to exsanguinate the country as much as possible.
The commanders of the opposing sides communicate with each other, and in these negotiations our commanders with the Ukrainian ones admit their colossal losses, and that they are in fact substituted, they do not regret and are simply thrown to the slaughter. In fact, there is a meat grinder for the self-destruction of the people. And many commanders of the Ukrainian army understand that in fact weapon time to turn the other way.
Commanders, turn the weapon in the other direction, you are officers. Have pity on your soldiers and take pity on the civilian population, which is actually destroyed here by your hails and howitzers. The sooner you do this, the faster this war will end.
This is the situation at the front. Now is a turning point for everyone, and for the Ukrainian army as well. Because she understands that a crisis has come for her, and tomorrow this whole army, despite its numerical and technical superiority, may collapse. These days will definitely be decisive.
Yesterday in Donetsk, at least 5 shells hit the correctional colony in the village of Lidiyivka, there were 1 dead, 3 injured, 1 wounded. As a result of the panic that arose during the shelling, a little more 100 prisoners left the colony. As of 15 hours of 11 August, more than 40 people were detained. The guard of the colony continues to bear its duties. Without a doubt, the shelling of the colony was planned in order to create panic among the population, but the enemy did not succeed, only one person died, most of the prisoners had already returned.
Yesterday in Donetsk shots from small arms were heard. The request to the residents to keep calm, it does not mean that there is a battle in the city. The fact is that at night the enemy uses drones, and militiamen open fire on them.

Yesterday at 17: 28

A summary of Donetsk from the head of the Information Center "South-Eastern Front" Konstantin Knyrik

Yesterday, starting with 23: 00, an active attack began on the Kievsky district of Donetsk, the Shiroky farm, the Budyonnovsky district. Several shells hit the territory of the Voroshilovsky market. The shelling continues with howitzers and installations Grad, and in a chaotic mode. In the morning the plane was heard. There are suspicions that airstrikes will be inflicted. Also on the outskirts of Donetsk in the area of ​​Nizhne-Krynska, Amvrosievsky district, a column of punitive troops moved forward as part of 16 howitzers, 31 tank and 16 Gradov. Yesterday, our militia took the fight, managed to destroy 3 BTR, 1 Grad and 2 howitzers. The shelling of Donetsk continues all the time, today it is more or less quiet, but explosions were heard in the area of ​​the railway station. Today, several thousand people are left without light.

Yesterday at 18: 15

Message from the militia

"In Uglegorsk there are real tank battles. From Enakievo reinforcements go there, from there - the wounded."

Yesterday at 18: 25

The captive Ukrainian gunner held a "tour" of the bombed Donetsk

The DPR militia videotaped another captive of the Ukrainian army, which is suspected of having corrected heavy artillery fire. The self-defense fighters decided to arrange a “guided tour” for the captive officer in the neighboring quarters that were under fire. The military led to a residential high-rise building, in which several shells hit the day before. Local residents met the prisoner, they did not hide their negative attitude towards the detainee.

"Do you see a hole in the wall of the house? I have a similar house next door, my wife lives there, a child. And because of you I jumped out into the staircase yesterday in my underwear and prayed to God. And then you are baptized," said one of the local residents.

According to the prisoner, he was mobilized into the army from the western city of Ivano-Frankivsk. In the National Guard, he served as a gunner. It was in his orientation, as the militia found out, that Ukrainian mortar gunners fired at a high-rise building on Panfilov Street. The lieutenant himself claims that he did not know about the real goal, allegedly he was sure that this was not a residential building, but the headquarters of the enemy.

“This war must be ended because people who are not guilty of anything are dying,” he said.

The prisoner repeated the same thing as the other fighters of the Ukrainian army who had fallen to the militia: they did not know that they had shot at civilians, that they were at the checkpoint and did not participate in the battles.

“I have three children, a sick mother. I do not want to fight, I want peace, I will not fight again, ”he said.

According to the militias, they regularly detain saboteurs and spies in Donetsk who correct the artillery fire and learn the positions of the militias.

Yesterday at 19: 03

Message from journalists

"The Kharkov partisans tried captured Javelins. In the Chuguev area, the partisans of the Kharkov People's Republic destroyed a large reservoir of fuel. Thousands of tons of fuel and lubricants burned. Smoke from the fire was visible ten kilometers from the place of fire.
According to some data, two Javelins from among those that were captured by partisans during the rout of the enemy convoy were used to set the tank on fire. Since the guerrillas do not have the experience of using a sample of armaments so unusual for our places, such a large and fixed target was chosen for the first attack.
The next goal of the partisans was one of the army trucks ZIL-131, transporting military personnel of the 24 brigade. The homing head seized the engine compartment of the car, and the ATGM crashed directly into the radiator. The surviving soldiers scattered, but three of them were left near the burning car with their hands held high. Without getting out of the green, the partisans commanded the surrender to move towards them. The soldiers who had surrendered explained that, having been surrounded, they decided to fight for the people, not against the people, and just waited for the right moment to go over to the side of the militias. "

Yesterday at 19: 57

Summary of the combat areas of the Headquarters MO DNR

The situation at the front remains difficult for both sides of the armed conflict. Fierce battles for the city of Krasny Luch and Miusinsk continue on the eastern front, control of this territory is constantly changing hands.

Under the city of the Snow Militia, by artillery fire, it won a victory in a local clash, breaking the enemy’s positions, which were hiding in a forest belt between Miusinsky and Red Ray. The security forces suffered significant losses. Destroyed command and staff vehicle, tank and armored personnel carrier. At the positions of the security forces detonated depots with ammunition and ammunition self-propelled artillery installation (SAU).

In the afternoon of August 11, units of Ukrainian punishers “squeezed” between the cities of Gorlovka and Makeyevka. They immediately attempted to immediately storm Makeevka. The DPR army stopped this attempt and inflicted heavy losses on this group. The 2 tank and the 1 BMP were captured by the militia.

In total for August 11, the losses of the Ukrainian security forces were: 10 tanks, 4 units of light armored vehicles, artillerymen of the DPR army destroyed the Ukrainian MLRS “Grad” battery (4 installations with all calculations).

The enemy’s attempts to seize the city of Ilovaysk continue. After several unsuccessful attempts to seize the city "in the forehead," Ukrainian troops managed to surround the city, but the situation was such that the Ukrainian units themselves were surrounded by the DNR army. Thus, the troops of the invaders were even worse off than the defenders of the city.

In the morning, the Ukrainian militants continued their attack on Donetsk, firing a volley from the 40 shells of the Grad installation in the Kievsky district of the city. Most of the ammunition fell into the green area, but several hit the private sector, where the houses of local residents.

There are no injured as a result of a state of emergency, the city is now deserted. According to local authorities, about half of the population left it, but probably the number of those who left is much higher. As a result of the attack on the city, the substations of the bakery and cotton plants were de-energized.

Yesterday at 20: 07

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"According to Uglegorsk (DNR), while such info is from the 6 to 9 in the morning, the suburbs of the city and the city itself were fired from artels and MLRS, then ukry came from Debaltseve with the support of armored vehicles. They didn’t need Uglegorsk for nothing - the group split on the outskirts:
part went towards Gorlovka (via Kalinovka)
Part of them were trying to break through in Enakievo, where the militia threw them away with the help of 3 tanks. Huntyat after embarrassment turned in Uglegorsk.
The small garrison took the fight, fighting went on the outskirts and on the streets (the school and the city department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were destroyed), but after lunch the militia left the city towards Yenakiyevo, blowing up a car crossing.
In principle - so far nothing terrible has happened - the junta’s wings hang (on the side of Gorlovka and Enakievo), if the militia have enough forces - you can arrange a second Miners.
It looks like the Starobeshevsky District of the DPR is becoming the center of the partisan movement - yesterday a supply convoy was destroyed there, today a punitive vehicle was blown up by a blower truck near the village of Kumachovo (1 - "200" and 1 "300") ".

Yesterday at 21: 25

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"Clarification on Pervomaisk - the Donbass battalion entered not the city itself, but the district of the city in 10 km from the main part. There are now gunfights. There is no ukrov in the city itself. It is already beginning to get dark, and there is a chance that ukry will escape."

According to Uglegorsk - in the city of the National Assembly and the ZSU, their tanks in the area of ​​the cafe "Voyage" fired a howitzer of the militia. While they are in place. "

Yesterday at 22: 26

Report of the militia militia. Humanitarian disaster in the Donbass

The military corps of the information corps took down the humanitarian catastrophe zones in Donetsk - basements, where people in monstrous conditions live without light and water for months due to uninterrupted bombing. Mostly women and children.

Yesterday at 22: 56

Answers to questions from the military division of Motorola Gennady Oak

There are questions about our unit. Here are the most common questions, here are the answers.
1. After leaving Seed, how did the division of Motorll change? Is there a large influx and goals of the task (if not a secret)?

The division has changed only quantitatively: it has been replenished with new fighters, for serving at the legendary Motorola is an honor that not everyone is honored. Qualitative morale is the same: by all means and against all odds win.

2. How morale fighters?

I will do without pathos and every day many times by our fighters of the repeating formula: "Anyway, we will reach Kiev, we will order it, and to Lvov." I will give an example. Fighter Topol, commander of the calculation of the AGS. His house in Krasnogorovka (near Donetsk) is bombed. Wife (militia) and two children exported to Russia. Nobody is going to give them an apartment. In the event of our defeat (if Russia accepts the survivors ...) Topol and such as he (and most of them!) Will have to start from scratch. What is Topol's morale? You have already received the answer. Fight to victory. Create a state in which he and his family will be a worthy place. In Ukraine, they have no place, they are subject to liquidation. In the quasi-state that the oligarchs are trying to build instead of the people's Novorossia, leaving only a sign-cover from the latter, Topol and other militiamen also have no place ... All the fighters understand this and therefore will fight to the death in the name of another — their country, Novorossia — in which, despite countless apologists of oligarch-parasitarism will be implemented the principle of social justice.

3. Is the enemy army progressing (in tactics and combat skills) at the new stage of hostilities, after entering Strelkov’s operational space?

Is progressing? Not. Within a few months of the punitive operation, ukry became a little better (in that time, the monkey learns a lot ...), but there can be no progress. And most importantly, the morale of ukrov undermined thoroughly and, I think, irreparably. To die for a conditional territorial unit, for a chimera designed by political technologists with the label "United Ukraine" they want more and more only in words. Therefore, the enemy: a) attracts more and more foreign mercenaries; b) where it is possible, it tries to crush the militia with equipment and destroy artillery of all types at its disposal from a safe distance by artillery; c) intentionally massively shelling residential areas in order to demoralize the population of the South-East.

4. If it is not difficult, then 1 - 2 is the brightest episode of the latest events on the front.

Nikolaevka. We with Small (the commander of the PTRS calculation) and Tofik (the second number) are waiting in the "Zelenka" ukrov column. Gone. But. Long away. From the PTRS do not get it ... Yes, and there are a lot of them there - 18 BTR, installation of MLRS, 3 tank, 5 LAZ and 3 Kamaz with infantry. If we strike, we will declassify, and use zero, and then we will not have time to leave. The column passed and ... as a steep jeep is rolling into the yard on the primer in the Zelenka green (to the very place where the suspicious grass picker flashed the day before, he is now clear that the scout did not declassify our ambushes). A jeep - then found out - with a representative of the Ukrainian General Staff ... Do not hesitate to cut a car out of "Kalash", and Malaya finishes it and burns it with an anti-tank rifle. And - backfire: it seemed that the bullets were squeezing right above Small's helmet, it seemed (or really the perception at such moments is extremely compacted and sharpened?) You see these bullets ... Then, under the crossfire of the PC and AGS, we departed, and when the mortar fire began, I confused, stuck in the branches in a narrow aisle, and behind my back - bang! bang! bang! - closer and closer, very close ... I remember Islam (the call sign of one of our best fighters, he is now in a Russian hospital), the only one who noticed this, stopped and - to me. I twitch in the branches, and Islam (he had eyes - out of descriptions, no, not scared, but full of the ultimate understanding: now we may not become, even fragments, moments, and we are in heaven) tz me for unloading and, glory to the Creator of Worlds , pulled, saved ...
Marinovka. We go to the sweep checkpoint ukrov. For a brief interval, mortar shelling stopped, and I, fleeing from the gunfire, dived for sandbags at a bus stop left by ukrami. I look: Ukrovskaya BMP is taxiing out, on the armor is our fighter Sailor, happily yelling: "Motor scouts have wrung out a bee-flashback, ours !!!" And immediately - right behind him, from the sunflowers behind the stop - vzhzhzhzhik, visibly and tangibly (me and Masya, our scout, he also rushed for the sandbags) doused with a hot wave - the projectile from PTRURA flew. The BMP braked a little further, scrambling on the armor and - again they squeezed out of the ATGM ... The sailor laughs: "To hell with you, freaks, you won't get!" Masya was stunned by the physique turning to me: "Well, did you see it? Insolently! Motorola said, let me grow my beard, the style of the division, and these almost burned it to me ..!" The armor rumbles, I almost crashing into a sharp turn (unlike the BTR, there is almost nothing to hold on to a bemapshke), frantically trying to take out the video camera ...
Such episodes have accumulated in abundance, but it is also clear from these two: you can kill us, you can never win.

5. What help is most needed to the militia from supporters?

It is clear what help we need most: military equipment, who know how to deal with this equipment by specialists, equipment, medicines and experienced front-line doctors. And also REAL assistance to families of militias in Russia fighting in the South-East of the former Ukraine. I also need the help of the special services of the Russian Federation and public organizations in the search and release of volunteers captured by Ukram ...

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 12 August 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 23: 03

Interview with Donetsk militias: how 12 militias near Donetsk defeated the Ukrainian column of armored vehicles

In the Donbas war. Artillery shells civilians, shells fall into residential areas, entire villages are turned into ruins - the mass graves of local residents.

Many yesterday, ordinary people themselves come to grips. Today we will tell about the 28-year-old resident of Donetsk, who recently worked as an orderly on an ambulance - a calm, smiling, medium height guy. Now he is a militiaman with the call sign "Alex", now he is undergoing treatment in one of the hospitals after being wounded.

In the militia "Alex" from the end of May:

The first "call" was after Odessa. It was unbearable to watch, I understood that something had to be done. And when there was a slaughter at the airport in Donetsk (I was then engaged in transporting the wounded), I realized that I could not sit back. Enrolled in the militia and took up arms. Parents were worried and dissuaded, but I did the right thing, I know that. ”

In the past two weeks, "Alex" was on the most difficult part of the front, he participated in the battle for Shakhtersk.

“To say that there were battles - it is impossible. National Guard simply destroyed the city. They didn’t care whether they were civilians or militias. They were beating directly on residential buildings from howitzers and hail. So in general it is impossible to do, well, the army should not do that, there are people in the same place, they have mothers and families. And we watched it every day. Evil were very. One day, the enemy decided to make a tank attack, went into the breakthrough. And the guys from my unit just recently got well equipped, got a lot of trophies, and we were like “cyborgs”. And with grenade launchers, and "unloading" all appeared at last, and helmets. In general, we feel invincible. And then this column.

As usual, to the 5 morning, go 6 tanks, 4 BTR, soldier decently, did not count, but by eye the man 100-120. And we are 12 people. With weapons order, but we are few and without armor. We already know that they are coming, our intelligence is not bad. In short, it is impossible to retreat, it’s necessary to hold the position, but there will be no reinforcement, we knew that. They decided to arrange a "horseshoe", there was no other way out. "Horseshoe" is when there is heavy fire from the flanks, and they also meet the enemy in front. Stuck is risky, you can easily hook your own ones, but it did not work out otherwise.

In general, they took positions, hid in "Zelenka", we meet. They had already arrived, meters in 30 from us, and we have to wait until the whole column passes, and hit the cars. And then one of the attackers launched a flare. And the guy who sat opposite us in ambush, nerves passed, he began to shoot. He put someone or not, but immediately in the wrong direction they began to pour such fire, I thought everything came. And from the machine guns, and from the “bater”, and from the grenade launchers, they simply began to pour fire, then they began to beat in all directions. I’ll say right away that we lost four of them right away in a few seconds. I see - everything, or we cover, or you have to sell yourself at a higher price. Well, we started to give them an answer. ”

About what happened next, tells the fighter, who was sitting next to our hero in ambush. He describes this moment of the battle as follows:

"Alex" rose to his full height, I thought he went to the roof. Shouted something and from the RPG made a shot at the tank. I thought he would carry the queue, but ukry, apparently, were taken aback, hid behind armor. "Alex" continues to shout something, snatched a grenade launcher from me, made a shot. I didn't hit the armor, but I laid several of them on the spot. Here and we "came to our senses". Started their grenades to throw, shoot from the grenade launchers. And on the opposite side, our two survived. They, too, with RPG fired, BTR immediately smoked, set it on fire. And everything went quickly, seconds 10 probably, maybe, 15. Here we see, the tanks are turning and now they will go in our direction - they will crush. Then "Alex" jumped up and ran out onto the road, right in the middle. Through the burning tank began to throw grenades. They burst, ukry retreat, we begin to water from Kalash. We look - “Alex” is already on that side, and is aiming from a grenade launcher. In short, I see the guy went into courage. And something that so cheered us up, we come and grenades, and machine guns, gave them a good tight fire "curtain".

We look - these are already 3 machines lost, and 200-x with 300-mi collected. We put their 12 people exactly, and there are many wounded. Under the guise of cars began to retreat. And our losses - four dead, and almost all injured: who firearms, someone shrapnel. And we must quickly retreat, they will depart, and the artillery will start working on us. In general, we retreated, these too. Attack repulsed. After that, they didn’t work in this direction for a long time, they worked.

I will say this, the fact that “Alex” did, you can only see this in a movie. Seriously, they'd just kill us. To stand in front of a tank in full growth, and then run in front of him and throw grenades - I don’t know what. I have not seen this.

Yesterday at 23: 25

Message from the militia

"From the airfield of Kramatorsk, dill launched the launch of a tactical rocket" Tochka-U ", the rocket followed the trail to Lugansk."

Today in 0: 56

Reports from places in the last hours

During the day in Donetsk, relatively quietly, for the first half of the day and the beginning of the evening, the junta fired at the Yasinovataya and Lidiyevsky mines, there was a battle near the airport.
19: 15 (MSC) The junta, according to Yasinovataya, has been hit by artillery, there is destruction, as far as two dead are known.
20: 25 (MSC) Voroshilovsky district - you can hear the gaps.
22: 00 (MSC) For the last hour and a half, shelling of the southern outskirts of Donetsk has continued, and battles are taking place in the area not far from Yelenovka. In Slavyansk this morning, announcements appeared with an appeal to residents of Slavyansk about repentance to participate in the referendum on the independence of the Donetsk People's Republic, indicating phone numbers (apparently, you need to repent on them and find out where to go for punishment) - clearly a creative class from the Maidan noted . The activity of the UAV has increased by this hour.
22: 50 (MSC). A tactical missile (point-y) was launched from the Kramatorsk airfield, the missile followed Luhansk on the trail.
23: 00 (MSC) Petrovka dill artillery struck with incendiary BP.
There was no contact of the missile warhead with the surface, at the height of 400 meters the rocket was destroyed (Perevalsk).

Today in 0: 59

Message from the militia of the battalion "Vostok"

“We are alive! Banderovites left death, and found new lives! I don’t know who ukry was“ crumbling ”there, but yesterday a column of equipment near Ilovaisk was destroyed, the village of Shirokoe - 4 BTR and everything on armor - burned down.
Ours are 4 "three hundredths". In ukrov about 60 "two hundredth".
Some units moved to Donetsk. Working RDG and artillery. And, while we only answer ... - Ukry kill innocent people! "

Today in 1: 44

Message from the militia

"Punishers attacked Ilovaysk with superior forces while overwhelming fire and technical power bypassed the city from the north to deprive a small supply garrison. However, trying to surround the city, the enemies themselves were surrounded in the villages of Zelenoy and Fedorovka, where they found the shameful death and captivity.
The talentless outcome of the Ilovai offensive was decided by the heroic strike of the ambush regiment of the militia in the village of Grabskoe. The supply of the enemy was disrupted, the village was completely cleansed of enemies. As a result of the fighting near Ilovaisk, the militia destroyed 10 tanks, 4 BMP and 1 installation of the MLRS Grad.
Recall that at the moment there are two more boilers in the territory of Novorossia: parts of the 24 and 51 brigades are blocked between the Red Ray and Anthracite, and parts of the 30 and 95 brigades are blocked in the Gorlovka-Enakievo area. "

Today in 2: 37

Message from the militia commander Yuri Yurchenko

Donetsk, hours 9 evenings.
On the side of the road stands a gazelle, the driver-militia talking to someone on the phone.

“... I am talking to you from his phone ... But there was nothing to come to our land! And tell all the mothers to quickly take their sons away! And Poroshenko, this nits, tell them not to send your boys here ... And your son, mother, will rot here now ... "(Turns off the phone)


“... Well, I told you: I don’t have your son anymore, I have his phone. That's it! .. (Having seen the commander approaching the car) Now I will hand over the tube to the commander. ”

“... Did you know where your son went? .. He was killed. Here is the war. Call this number anymore! .. ”

(returning the phone to the militia)

"... Woe to them ... And we have here - no sorrow ??"

Donetsk, 12 August. "
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  1. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 13 August 2014 08: 13
    Again, the Ukrainian army fell into the boiler fellows militias so their
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 13 August 2014 08: 14
      A couple of photos of a Georgian mercenary Doberman killed in the same bus

      1. PRN
        PRN 13 August 2014 08: 18
        As I understand it, the Doberman was neutered to their ears !!! Dogs (PSam) - dog death !!
      2. shaman-25rus
        shaman-25rus 13 August 2014 08: 19
        preloaded ...
      3. mirag2
        mirag2 13 August 2014 08: 19
        Looks like ...
        It would be great if the Georgian jealousy should wait for such a fate ... Otherwise, Saakashvili is also planning to return to Georgia!
        1. B.T.V.
          B.T.V. 13 August 2014 08: 28
          Roughly, but: "Bobik died and did not bark."
      4. Angro Magno
        Angro Magno 13 August 2014 08: 26
        The last photo is not enough. By the bus.
        1. Old Cynic
          Old Cynic 13 August 2014 08: 29
          Get ahead! Just wanted to write something like that ...
        2. Lord of the Sith
          Lord of the Sith 13 August 2014 08: 29
          Quote: Angro Magno
          The last photo is not enough. By the bus.

          Added winked
          1. Angro Magno
            Angro Magno 13 August 2014 08: 31
            Now just fine. In the evening I’ll troll the selection on the censor.
          2. Old Cynic
            Old Cynic 13 August 2014 10: 34
            Now - a finished masterpiece! hi
      5. s1н7т
        s1н7т 13 August 2014 08: 35
        ok ordinary, not a Doberman. To such - only the highest measure of social protection!
      6. SVAROGE
        SVAROGE 13 August 2014 08: 40
        Aaaaa, this is the dog that "defiled" on television ...?!
        Oh well! Laughs the one who .....!
      7. Kahlan amnell
        Kahlan amnell 13 August 2014 08: 54
      8. USSR-2.0
        USSR-2.0 13 August 2014 09: 27
        I would like to see the pointed-nosed face !!! Then it would have been calmer in my soul ...
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 13 August 2014 09: 25
      Help, Lord, the militias to defeat this fascist evil, so that there is peace in the land of New Russia.
  2. Drunya
    Drunya 13 August 2014 08: 18
    The commander of the Makeyevka company, the "East" brigade. TV "SV - DNR"
  3. shaman-25rus
    shaman-25rus 13 August 2014 08: 18
    a little off topic, but I think this is likely
  4. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 13 August 2014 08: 18
    Nits, under the guise of prisoners of war, are trying to cheat their zealots, the SBU squealed about this last week.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 13 August 2014 09: 53
      "" The SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine are working on the possibility of increasing "spies" in the ranks of the militia "- said today, August 6, the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs A. Gerashchenko" - htt: // 71035
      The exchange of prisoners for this is a very convenient case, but they wanted to palm off the 4 unknowns to the guys, so what is the minus ???
  5. Drunya
    Drunya 13 August 2014 08: 19
    Interview with the militia, call sign "Dry." TV "SV - DNR"
  6. Everest2014
    Everest2014 13 August 2014 08: 19
    Dill burned with napalm, ATO fighters destroyed a car with three separatists bully

    There is a suspicion that soon they will remove the tank that was shot from machine guns and pass it off as a downed Russian spy satellite.
  7. shishakova
    shishakova 13 August 2014 08: 20
    How tragic is the struggle for the freedom of the people ...
    Dear militias, we in Russia pray for your victory. God bless you
  8. zao74
    zao74 13 August 2014 08: 21
    One gets the impression that in Kiev they are trying to bleed the country as much as possible.
    Rather, it dawned on everyone that they were simply destroying you, setting you against each other. The usual tactics of mattress covers.
  9. Drunya
    Drunya 13 August 2014 08: 23
    DNR. Donetsk The soldiers honor the memory of the dead paratrooper. 12.08.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX
  10. MSA
    MSA 13 August 2014 08: 26
    Squeeze out these freaks, their fighting spirit they no longer have
  11. Drunya
    Drunya 13 August 2014 08: 27
    Self-defeated separatists (video from the enemy)
  12. Drunya
    Drunya 13 August 2014 08: 31
    enemy summary - Rechnik ATO Leonid Matyukhin. Digest in the ATO. evening (12.08.2014 p.)
  13. Signal
    Signal 13 August 2014 08: 32
    Relatively fresh map.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 13 August 2014 08: 57
      you need to wait for August 12, there the situation has changed - in three places the environment.
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 13 August 2014 17: 53
        What, is it really the end? If split in two ... I do not even want to think about it.
  14. pinecone
    pinecone 13 August 2014 08: 36
    It is not clear why the defenders of the Donbass do not use roadside mines.
  15. s1н7т
    s1н7т 13 August 2014 08: 37
    What about the consequences of starting from Point-U?
    1. fax66
      fax66 13 August 2014 08: 48
      So they kind of shot down her (ours or something?) ...
      "The missile warhead did not contact the surface, at an altitude of 400 meters the missile was destroyed (Perevalsk)."

      Or is it not about her?
  16. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 13 August 2014 08: 38
    Faster would have died dill already ... Normal people are tired of hearing from these subhuman. I wonder how Ukrainians will howl when the guys from the militia go for a walk in Kiev? I hope all of their most odious personalities are already documented? I think that the militias of the guys from the FSB of the Russian Federation will definitely be asked to look for someone later.
  17. fax66
    fax66 13 August 2014 08: 40
    Good luck, men! ... God grant ...
    Has anyone heard anything about yesterday’s attack on the airfield in Kramatorsk? Or is it a stuffing?
  18. bmv04636
    bmv04636 13 August 2014 08: 46
    They began to form a volunteer corps on the basis of the Right Sector, convoys with a large quantity of weapons appeared on the roads, - the Prime Minister of the unofficial republic of Subcarpathian Russia Petr Getsko told the newspaper VZGLYAD. Earlier it became known that Kiev had deployed 1,5 soldiers in Transcarpathia, probably fearing the appearance of a “second Donbass.” “There is such a range of Orekhov near Uzhgorod. So, there were two days of shooting. In the area of ​​Chop, they began to dig trenches on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border from the side of Transcarpathia. They also began to form a Ukrainian volunteer corps on the basis of the Right Sector, ”said Gretsko. According to him, on the road, local residents saw a convoy of the "Right Sector" with a large number of weapons - machine guns, machine guns, ammunition.
    “When such events occur within four days, something tells me that there are no coincidences here,” Getsko noted. - It is also necessary to consider that in the Ukrainian regional mass media there is a company against Hungary and Russia. This is even worse than hysteria. People are simply zombified, ”Getzko says indignantly.
  19. siberalt
    siberalt 13 August 2014 08: 51
    Donbass does not win. This is already obvious. APU is blown away. Ahead of Kharkov.
  20. Wolka
    Wolka 13 August 2014 09: 03
    A Doberman or a moron, no matter what, was a Nazi nit and perished with it, a dog’s death to a dog, and don’t mock the saint, which you don’t understand (these are comments on the posted photos) hi
  21. DPZ
    DPZ 13 August 2014 09: 06
    Now is a turning point for everyone, and for the Ukrainian army as well. Because she understands that a crisis has come for her, and tomorrow this whole army, despite its numerical and technical superiority, may collapse. These days will definitely be decisive.
    Well, sofa troops, since we can’t influence the course of events in any way, we must pray so that the tipping point is maximally in our favor!
  22. andrey56
    andrey56 13 August 2014 09: 28
    A war on two fronts for the junta is unbearable! Let them spray forces and means - they will run out faster.
  23. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 13 August 2014 11: 40
    He went not just to fight, but to kill Russians. He served as a "conscript" more than 25 years ago, and a similar expression in the eyes of some "Georgians" had a chance to see even then - an open hatred of all Russians.
  24. andrey56
    andrey56 13 August 2014 13: 36
    I consider it useful to familiarize yourself with the tactics of our soldiers in Stalingrad - the book by V.I. Chuikov "An Unparalleled Feat". Works great in urban combat.
  25. Rusin Dima
    Rusin Dima 13 August 2014 14: 26
    They have sorrow, but we don’t have sorrow here? What can we add with Ukraine sorrow is one for all, but I’m happy when fewer Novorossians die
  26. biznaw
    biznaw 13 August 2014 17: 02
    The last story with the call of the mother of the murdered punisher stabbed his heart, understanding what his mother now feels.
    Eh bastards all the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian deputies of all 23 years of "independence" of Ukraine, what ghouls you have done and are doing with people, when you are hanged by the legs, no one will regret your mothers ...
  27. shaman-25rus
    shaman-25rus 13 August 2014 23: 58
    but it occurred to me that it may be that the losses of the UKRAINIAN troops are not understated by Kiev. Is that light. and the difference between the data of the Militia and the junta is due to mercenaries. those. the mercenaries were laid REALLY BEFORE (X) RENA. look at the dates of issue of Ukrainian passports of ukrovoyak killed in the Donbass ...