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About questions of patriotism. The birth of the monument


On one of the noisiest holidays in our calendar, 2 August, in Voronezh became one more monument. Unfortunately, I could not attend its opening. But it's better late than never. For many reasons.

As for the appearance of the monument, I talked about this topic with a man who did a lot to make this discovery happen.

Nikolai Vladimirovich Priymenko, Chairman of the Voronezh Regional Organization LLC IVA. "IVA" - are disabled war in Afghanistan

The monument was born. It was born, and was not built. I will not dwell on this, I will only say that it was not one year that he appeared. Agreements, permits, clarifications and other things. There is no need to talk about financing issues either.

I am glad that in the end both the city authorities in the person of the mayor of the city A.V. Gusev, and the regional ones in the person of the governor A.V. Gordeyev were able to find the means and come to a general agreement on the place and date of installation.

We madly wanted this monument to be opened for the 25 anniversary of the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. Did not work out. Sometimes circumstances are stronger than any desires.

But now there is a monument. Now we have a place where we can bring flowers, remember our friends who are no longer with us. This is an event of great significance.

That seems to be all. It would be possible to put an end, but in our conversation Nikolai Vladimirovich said something else.

Today they talk a lot about the need to foster patriotism. Only not many understand how to do it. Yes, we have lost more than one generation. But we must not start with the children. We must start with their parents. What is the point that we conduct classes in schools, if then the children return back to the world, where there is no place for the concepts about which we spoke so ardently to them?

I subscribe to every word.

Moreover. Probably, this is the way to start the revival of patriotism in our country - to erect monuments to soldiers who have done their duty to the end. I am not against the sculptures of single girls or cartoon characters. But the monument in honor of the soldier is definitely more important.

After all, this monument is not only in honor of those who died on the battlefield. It is set in honor of everyone who was on these fields and mountains. In honor of those who returned home, and in honor of those who stayed there. Honor - it is generally one for everyone, from private to marshal.

Beautiful monument. Familiar to many pain AK. "Afghan". And a twenty-year-old boy, in which each of us today can remember himself twenty or thirty years ago.

This is our past. Cruel and hot. Past someone flashed, just curling fiery whirlwind. Someone burned. Someone took with them forever. But this is our past. And it must be honored and remembered.

Time is often abusive to memory. Monuments and demolish, and sent to the smelter. We have already witnessed such events more than once.

I hope that in fifty, and in a hundred years, a young guy with a Kalashnikov will also be standing in this place. And let the concepts of “Afgan”, “Chechnya” and others become by that time something distant, as the Great Patriotic War becomes. This time, there's nothing to be done. But memory is something that time has no power over.

And this is in our hands.

I admire those people who helped give birth to a new symbol in my city. The symbol of the modern soldier of his country.
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  1. Zhenya
    Zhenya 13 August 2014 09: 24
    Bravo! Well done!
  2. Gray 43
    Gray 43 13 August 2014 09: 26
    A very important event, especially for relatives of the deceased
    1. sgazeev
      sgazeev 13 August 2014 16: 37
      Quote: Gray 43
      A very important event, especially for relatives of the deceased

      The main thing is that the names of these victims would be engraved in memory. soldier
  3. volot-voin
    volot-voin 13 August 2014 09: 30
    Glory to the Russian heroes! Eternal through death. Such monuments are necessary, so that the descendants would remember the heroes. All those who fought for Russia wherever there was from Afghanistan to Ukraine.
  4. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 13 August 2014 09: 31
    No one is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten! Eternal memory to the heroes!
  5. zao74
    zao74 13 August 2014 09: 38
    I hope that in fifty, and in a hundred years, a young guy with a Kalashnikov will also be standing in this place. And let the concepts of “Afgan”, “Chechnya” and others become by that time something distant, as the Great Patriotic War becomes. This time, there's nothing to be done. But memory is something that time has no power over.
    God grant that he should stand ... otherwise the history will be rewritten and ...
  6. mig31
    mig31 13 August 2014 09: 42
    Memory Above All !!!!!!!! A person without memory is disabled, and if a state is without memory, it’s the end of the state ...
  7. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 13 August 2014 09: 42
    On this occasion, I would like to say what, somehow, many have forgotten a long time ago - "this is not necessary for the dead, it is necessary for the living!"
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 13 August 2014 09: 52
    I completely agree with the author. This is the only way to educate a citizen and patriot. You can’t forget anything!
  10. Voinnet
    Voinnet 13 August 2014 10: 17
    A very good thing ... Only here is the view of the monument I did not like something
  11. mamont5
    mamont5 13 August 2014 10: 21
    We have a small mining town, but there is also a memorial to those who died in hot spots of the planet.
    1. Ka-52
      Ka-52 13 August 2014 11: 38
      Good idea, may everyone post pictures of the monuments to those who died in hot spots in their cities. hi I put +
      And then you can make a good article from these photos.
  12. Hope1960
    Hope1960 13 August 2014 10: 31
    Russia is alive !!!! How many heroes Mother Russia gives birth to !!! From the creation of the world to the present day !!!!! Do not get tired of teaching the unreasonable !!! Live the land of Voronezh, reborn after "democracy" !!!
  13. Rastas
    Rastas 13 August 2014 10: 47
    Eternal memory to the heroes who did not return to their native places !!!!!
  14. wax
    wax 13 August 2014 10: 47
    Russia, the country of the righteous and martyrs, the country of heroes, is squaring its shoulders. A people can go forward only relying on a solid foundation, which is its historical memory.
  15. Mad dok
    Mad dok 13 August 2014 11: 06
    I am proud to live in this city! soldier
  16. Vend
    Vend 13 August 2014 12: 16
    I agree you must remember. And not only starting from the Soviet period or World War I, it is necessary to remember and honor the entire military history of the Slavic people.
  17. Shaddie
    Shaddie 13 August 2014 12: 30
    In the second photograph, with a list of the dead, the names are repeated in the middle column.
  18. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 13 August 2014 12: 30
    So another one appeared OUR monument in the Russian city.
    Small and modest - but how much FORCE is in it ...

    I really hope that it will become a meeting center and a symbol of the present, and not ostentatious patriotism of the city of Voronezh.
    At the ECB, we succeeded ...
    THE WHOLE CITY comes to the Black Tulip.

    1. Cthulhu
      Cthulhu 13 August 2014 13: 30
      I am joining. Prominent Moscow region.

      Monument to the soldiers of the Afghans.

      To all who did not return home from the war.

      Cathedral of St. George, to the glory of the Russian army.
    2. urich
      urich 13 August 2014 21: 13
      a good idea is a monument. Architects never served in the army! That in Yekaterinburg a fighter holds an assault rifle by the neck of a butt, that in the photo in an article a fighter somehow holds an assault rifle by a muzzle brake compensator. Never so normal fighters hold weapons! Did anyone try to hold the machine by the neck of the butt?
      As I saw the monument, I tried it. If the author at least once tried, I would understand what it is.
      There is resentment. Like Stanislavsky - I DO NOT BELIEVE!
      So the guys come, everyone sees the cant and are silent. There is no other. It’s good that they set it up.
  19. rukarub
    rukarub 13 August 2014 12: 47
  20. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 13 August 2014 12: 52
    Quote: mamont5
    We have a small mining town,

    Quote: Aleks tv
    At the ECB, we succeeded ...

    Quote: rukarub

    Come on, guys, upload photos of the monuments in our cities.
    Let the men meet ...

    I have the honor.
  21. wulf66
    wulf66 13 August 2014 13: 48
    St. Petersburg, the park of the Internationalists.

    I have the honor.
  22. xorobr
    xorobr 13 August 2014 15: 29
    Surgut Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Ugra.
  23. xorobr
    xorobr 13 August 2014 15: 30
    Nizhnevartovsk Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Ugra
  24. xorobr
    xorobr 13 August 2014 15: 31
    Khanty-Mansiysk Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra
  25. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 13 August 2014 15: 45
    Thank you guys for being there. So in Russia everything will be fine soldier hi
  26. special
    special 13 August 2014 17: 05
    Honor and respect to people who do not forget! Guys honorably fulfilled their military duty! Glory to the living and eternal memory of the dead! soldier
  27. Gemini
    Gemini 13 August 2014 21: 11
    Penza .. Dead in local wars ... Eternal memory ..
    1. Gomel
      Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 11
      Mozyr, Gomel region Belarus

      Black Tulip
  28. Gomel
    Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 07
    Gomel monument to the internationalist wars
    1. Gomel
      Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 22
      general view of the monument
  29. Gomel
    Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 08
    General view of Gomel
  30. Gomel
    Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 10
    Mr. Mazyr, Black Tulip ....
  31. Gomel
    Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 10
    Gomel general view
  32. Lieutenant SA
    Lieutenant SA 13 August 2014 23: 20
    My brother fought in Afghanistan, an infantry machine gunner, but he always says why our monuments are too sad, we did our duty and it is mournful (about lost friends), but instilling sorrow in our children deliberately put their defeatist state, losses are inevitable , and the monument should embody pride in the homeland and the fortitude of the Russian Soldier.
  33. Gomel
    Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 22
    The eternal flame, in the city of Gomel.
    The memorial was reconstructed from the 60's already three times, each time adding granite slabs with the names of those who died in the battles for the liberation of Gomel, separately Vietnam, sailors, Afghanistan

    and note the St. George ribbon ... it’s also the guards, the color element was added to the last reconstruction in the 2009 year.
  34. Gomel
    Gomel 13 August 2014 23: 28
    I apologize for some kind of glitch with the connection
    I ask the moderators to remove the dubbing photo
  35. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 13 August 2014 23: 54
    Samara. Memorial complex to soldiers-internationalists.