19-I motorized rifle brigade. Combat training


During the press tour of the Southern Military District 22 of June, we visited the 19 th motorized rifle brigade (Sputnik, Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia). In this part I was already at the end of April and did not expect to see anything new, but as it turned out, in vain.
First news It has become for me a new experimental training program that is implemented in the brigade since 1 this June. Since the service period was reduced to 1, there is not much time left for training a soldier. Instead of the previously used method of basic training, it was decided to introduce an accelerated three-month training course for six months. With two years of service, soldiers spent 1504 hours in 24 months of service in the classroom; when switching to 12-month service, the number of training hours per day was increased (8 hours per day, 5 days of classes per week), which at the output gave 1848 hours. Those. despite the reduced service life, the intensity of classes on the contrary increased. In the new three-month training course, the number of training hours has increased even more. Throughout the quarter, the soldiers will now be engaged on Saturdays - all the same full-time 8 hours (previously, Saturday was half a park on a business day, half a day off). Also, for three months, the soldier must work in addition to individual training and combat firing of sections, platoons, as well as company tactical exercises.

Approximate weekly occupations for a motorized rifle company:
1-3 hour - fire training
4 hour - physical training
5-6 hour - drill
7-8 hour - fire training (night firing from 20.00 to 23.00)

1-3 hour - fire training
4 hour - physical training
5-6 hour - nationwide training (UCP)
7-8 hour - fire training (night firing from 20.00 to 23.00)

1 hour - RCBZ
2-3 hour - fire training
4 hour - reconnaissance training
5-6 hour - engineering training
7-8 hour - physical training

1 hour - study of general military regulations
2 hour - physical training
3-4 hour - tactical training
5-6 hour - fire training
7 hour - physical training
8 hour - tactical training

1 hour - physical training
2-6 hour - tactical training
7-8 hour - physical training

1-2 hour - training on anti-terrorism activities
3 hour - radio training
4-5 hour - military medical training
6 hour - military topography
7-8 hour - physical training

Drivers are separately engaged in 8 hours per week driving (of which two hours at night). Branch commanders are also involved in driving instruction.

Day off

As you can see, the drill, the UCP, the study of regulations (5-6 hours per week from 48) are greatly reduced, more time is allocated for practical exercises - fire, tactics, and sports.
There are downsides. Firstly, the training program still has to be connected with the terms of the call, because the young recruits are admitted during May-June so that all soldiers can begin training at the same time. Secondly, a huge burden falls on the officers, because in fact, Sunday also turns into a working day - it is necessary to prepare classes for the next week.
Once again I remind you that this is an experimental course of study, on the basis of the run-in of which a decision will be made to introduce / not introduce it in all parts of the country.

This time, it was possible to examine in more detail the BMP-3 brigade and see that the cars come in slightly different modifications.
Here is a rangefinder above the gun


But there is no range finder, but there is a laser spotlight


And here it is not visible at all


If I am not mistaken, this is the BTR-80 Р166-05. Medium power station for communication between the brigade’s control and the higher command. New technology


But exclusive photos of the fresh (arrived three days before the shooting) of the June entry into the BTR-82A brigade


The machine is in service with intelligence units




Time was running out, so I made only a couple of shots inside



2А72 gun


Armored Ural intelligence




Armored louvers protecting the motor


Armor thickness in loopholes


I talked with a representative of the Omega technical center, engaged in the repair of machinery in the brigade under an agreement with ZAO Remdizel (one of the divisions of KamAZ). In an agreement with the Ministry of Defense, this organization states that even in the event of hostilities, the repair team of civil servants goes to the rear zone of one or another part and repairs equipment. Even now, when any equipment is on duty, a malfunction has arisen, representatives of the technical center leave directly to the place where it is currently located.
Since every brigade has a repair and restoration company, its soldiers are constantly close to the center's specialists and participate in the work in order to have an idea of ​​how this or other equipment is being repaired.

He took off some classes at the site "Shikhany", which is located directly next to the place of deployment of the brigade.
Rifle training. In the background, grenade throwers are preparing to fire.


Mortar gunners. In service is a mortar 2C12 "Sled"


Since the landfill does not allow firing of mine mines, they shoot lighting for training. Combat shooting is conducted at the site "Tarskoye"

Before traveling to Tarskoye, I photographed the machine gun 6P50 "Kord"


The machine gun is equipped with an IPP sniper machine gun sight (10P50)


At the Tarskoy training ground, first of all, we were shown driving military equipment.
Tankodam layout


BMP-3 company training equipment. It is on these machines that all driver mechanics learn so as not to waste the life of the combat group machines.






While preparing for shooting took off one of the BREM





If earlier there were two artillery divisions in the brigade: one on the 2C3 ACATIA "Akatsiya" and the other on 2C19 MSTA-S, then in May of this year the Acacia were replaced with the new MSTA-S, which were fitted immediately their participation in the Victory Parade in Moscow.


The shooting looked very spectacular.


Finally, we were shown shooting a motorized rifle platoon.


And tank platoon


The crew of the First channel on the background of a smoke screen set tanks T-90A using the "Cloud" system


Finally show the new pennant brigade
19-I motorized rifle brigade. Combat training


And this is a new brigade patch introduced in May of this year.

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