Army of North Korea

Army of North Korea

As I promised, I publish photos of the North Korean army. I think few people thought that I would be able to show something unique, because this is a country of prohibitions, it is closed even to residents, and even more so tourists will not be allowed to learn the secrets of this mysterious "power"

2. Our familiar security officer, accompanied us all the way to our junction

3. Army service for the people of Korea is honor and confidence in the future. After all, as you know, the power of a dictator in the army

4. Already from an early age, children are being vaccinated, that the army is an honor.

Army service lasts from 3 to 12 years, depending on the type of troops

Unfortunately or maybe for joy, but Valya Yudashkin does not sew uniforms for their army.

Girls also serve, for them the service is no less honorable

Pay attention to the portrait of Kim Jong-il (may Sena). Every resident and soldier has a portrait in his heart to always remember his leader. This is very useful, as their leader almost never goes to them. All the "know" and relatives of the leader lives in a separate area, where mere mortals enter is strictly prohibited.

The army is used not only for the sake of intimidation of citizens, but also for cleaning

Cellular communication is available only to management.

Photos, of course, not all troops and even not the majority, as I have already said, are doing everything possible for the army in Korea, this is a huge structure for suppression and propaganda. And, of course, this is a closed structure.

Generally, being there, I felt like a time traveler. I am very glad that I lived in the USSR for only two years, but what I read in books about those times reminds me very much of the way Koreans live. Total control, inconceivable brainwashing, all people are sure that they live in the best, richest country. This is very similar to life in our country during the Soviet Union.

I thought a lot that maybe this is the idyll of life. Not to know, and even more than that, to be sure that you live in the best society, that there is heaven on earth, and you yourself build it with your own hands.

To me, it resembles an analogy with a patient who can recover from the power of auto-suggestion. After all, sometimes a person himself invents problems and sores for himself, it’s worth changing the view on what is happening, how things will become completely different. Yes, they have a dictatorship, yes they are hungry and so on. But they are full of joy and happiness. Maybe this is not the best way of life, but, I do not see another way of government, which could give so much joy in people's lives.

Watch TV, murder, thieves, crime, everyone curses the power, everyone is unhappy and there is always little to everyone. Now imagine that all this is not. Not life, but a fairy tale :-)
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  1. Stefano
    13 July 2011 08: 43
    Maybe the author is right. "that all this is not. Not life, but a fairy tale :-)"
  2. Superduck
    13 July 2011 09: 38
    In the first photo, is that a kulak sawn-off shotgun?
    1. +1
      23 September 2017 07: 50
      Quote: SuperDuck
      Is that a kulak sawn-off shotgun?

      Judging by the absence of a widened slot on the barrel for extraction of the cartridge case, this is just a cut-off of a rifle, not even a 5,6 mm small caliber, but under the Flaubert cartridge, i.e. 4 mm caliber.
  3. Fedya
    13 July 2011 09: 47
    the author is a snotty fool ... It is so foolish to compare the USSR and North Korea only a person who has lived in the USSR for only 2 years can ..
    1. +1
      April 5 2013 18: 50
      The author is either male or left with his parents. Most likely to Israel. Well, on the other hand, he has the right to his opinion.
    2. +5
      20 September 2017 11: 01
      Quote: Fedya
      author -> author -> author snotty ... So it’s stupid to compare the USSR and North Korea only a person who lived in the USSR can only 2 years ..

      Well, he’s "read books about life in the USSR ....." !! This is not for you "khukh-mukhra" !!! Books are books - this is POWER !! Especially if they were written by modern liberal liberal shitmen (and this public is very fond of practicing in the epistolary genre (they actually do NOTHING ANYTHING!))
  4. Stiffmaister
    13 July 2011 10: 34
    It is foolish to build a state out of your fantasies without knowing the realities, because at one point foreign armies can come and crush with one blow, because your army lived according to your rules, according to your fantasies, and foreign armies were much better both in equipment and in technology and in fighting spirit and in quantity. And all your dreams of a better society will go nowhere at once. So I do not adhere to the opinion of the author, he still dreams of the revival of the USSR, which is stupid, because there will never be such a state again, since it was full of shortcomings and too stable (on the one hand it’s good, but on the other .... ), besides sitting on an oil needle, as we are now.
  5. Kavkaz
    13 July 2011 12: 06
    AUTHOR: "In general, being there, I felt like a time traveler. I am very glad that I lived in the USSR for only two years, but what I read in books about those times reminds me very much of the way of life of Koreans. Total control, inconceivable brainwashing, all people are sure that they live in the best, richest country. It is very similar to life in our country during the Soviet Union. "

    The author, I'm sorry but you fooled !!!!!!)) The unthinkable brainwashing, this is about the current eeeeRF, and compare the Union with the DPRK, just idiocy.
  6. +8
    13 July 2011 12: 15
    These are paramilitary fanatics. It would be nice for our people to brainwash not with beer, vodka, drugs, but patriotism and love for their homeland. It seems to me that CCCP was also strong because people had some kind of idea, there was unity, revenue and training The army was a model for a real man ...
    By the way, I look at these pictures, well, it is very licked from the Soviet form (where is the Korean ensign, or maybe he is not an ensign? winked ) ...
    1. Superduck
      13 July 2011 12: 22
      If you are in '79, you probably clearly remember the decline of the country, I’m not much older than you (76), but forgive me - I remember the popular idea only on TV, the army still had the idea for some time. I’m afraid that the idea died even under Brezhnev, since during my youth even pioneers were poorly aware of the meaning of their pioneering work, I’m generally silent for the Komsomol.
      But of course, the author saw or lived in a closed military camp or a youngster in general, it really does not look like much to the USSR, except perhaps to American films about the USSR.
      1. +2
        13 July 2011 12: 29
        SuperduckNaturally, I, too. According to the stories of the elders, it was exactly like that. This is from the 50s-70s. About pioneers and Komsomol members winked , in the 80s Western ideology had already begun and, accordingly, instead of films about Chapaev, everyone sought to watch Chuck Norris, Van Damme, etc.
        1. Superduck
          13 July 2011 12: 40
          :-) I'm not sure that Chuck and Bruce Lee were carrying some kind of ideology, as well as rambo. However, the fish began to rot from the head. My dad was the director of a research institute, and most of them were in Moscow. He told (and I myself have been there more than once) what ministers and generals live, then there wasn’t such a thing as washing and rolling back, but the whole point of their existence was to fill the house with video cameras and sharps, Italian clothes and ours with a piece of gold, send children to rest not in Artek (in Artek, stinks and children of workers met according to the words of the deputy minister’s son) but to Bulgaria, or the GDR, where the people were clean. And their children already talked about what a scoop was here, I didn’t understand at all what this means and what I must bring down from this country, elite tries ..
          And by the way, at school everyone was wondering why I live like everyone else, I don’t wear imported clothes and stuff, despite the fact that my dad is the director, that the head should be stolen, all the children in the school knew that another variation was already a violation of the pattern.
          Our society is not at all ready for temptations, and then and now, I think that the Russians in general would be the happiest in a country like the DPRK, as the era of Stalin proved.
          1. 0
            13 July 2011 12: 58
            SuperduckAnd I’m not saying that they carried it, they imposed it on us, and they continue to do it. I agree that yes, there really were no kickbacks, before there was only one currency - a vodka bubble. We were afraid to give kickbacks.
            I just want to say that there is no idea, accordingly there is no army. And let the Koreans live at home, and we must live at home not on the principle of the DPRK, but on partly the principle of the USSR. It was the DPRK that licked ideology, and not the USSR among them!
            1. Superduck
              13 July 2011 13: 35
              Quote: Max79
              I just want to say that there is no idea, accordingly there is no army. And let the Koreans live at home, and we should live at home not on the principle of the DPRK, but partly on the principle of the USSR.

              For myself, I still did not understand what principle we should live by, the USSR was also not an ideal country (at least because it died so stupidly), but I know for sure that it’s not American and I think that it’s not European. The problem is that the structure of society even under Peter was licked from Western Europe, and almost nothing remained of what gave our ancestors a sense of fullness and peace.
              1. +1
                13 July 2011 14: 30
                Superduck, I do not argue that it was perfect. It is necessary to take the pros from everywhere, from all systems. The communist, capitalist, etc., USSR collapsed, but not it fell apart. And here amers and corrupt officials from the apparatus of the USSR had a hand in it.
                It’s mainly now that we focus on the West, thanks to Dima and his mediocre rule. And if you take a little bit from the west, a little from China to connect your brains, take into account the mistakes of past years, I can think I have a decent army and live fine.
                Ever since the time of the Crusaders, they want to impress upon us that we are savages and do not live right.
                Therefore, an incomprehensible, confused country has an incomprehensible army.
                1. Superduck
                  13 July 2011 15: 11
                  I totally agree.
                  But as practice shows, in order to fundamentally break the social system, internal and external repression is needed. I don’t want to watch this. Well, of course it is necessary, necessary, much is needed, although I am a supporter of the evolutionary tactics of the development of society.
                  1. +3
                    13 July 2011 16: 56
                    Superduck, My personal opinion. Russia needs a tough hand! Otherwise it is impossible. Dima liberal snot dismissed and instead really plant it’s just scary in words. And how not to plant when, as if, for example, if the country's defenses were actually undermined in 2010! How many weren't put into the army? In the same vaunted United States, this would never have happened in your life or given 3 times in 50 ! Planting accordingly, you need not thoughtlessly, as under Stalin, but it is very necessary !!!

                    Superduck, Tell me, how can you have a carrot here? Here you need a hard whip and beat on corrupt hands! angry
                    1. Superduck
                      14 July 2011 09: 33
                      Well, I already said that somehow the Russians achieved something only under dictators, I personally don’t like the dictatorship, but this country does not know how differently, and they don’t choose their homeland.
                      1. 0
                        14 July 2011 09: 46
                        Superduck, That's right! Now I agree with every word!
                      2. +1
                        April 5 2013 18: 56
                        And England, developed due to the robbery of other countries. And the United States, due to slavery.
                    2. 0
                      14 July 2011 11: 16
                      In the same vaunted USA, this would never have happened in life or have been given 3 times in 50 years

                      gave 3 life terms ... (they do not give 3x50).
              2. 0
                21 September 2017 10: 34
                What kind of peace are we talking about? In the time of Ivan the Terrible, was it? Or then, in times of turmoil? Or to Ivan, when the invaders could come a game of a bit of eating and carving a village or city? The world is ruled by greed, from here troubles.
          2. 0
            25 September 2017 19: 44
            The era of Stalin killed millions in the camps, brought the agrarian country to starvation, took property from the "fists" and forced the people to work 7-6 days a week! Perfect damn society (sarcasm)
    2. 0
      21 September 2017 10: 30
      The USSR was strong in that there wasn’t such a huge difference between the rich and the poor, and officials and judges weren’t so boring as they are now. And everyone remembered what crap (called WWII) got out.
  7. Kavkaz
    13 July 2011 12: 25
    StiffMAISTER, and present-day Russia is even stronger on the needle ...

    As for the oil needle (I understand that in the history of the subjunctive mood), but if the labeled -removed curse- skillfully took advantage of the international situation, oil prices would rise by 300 dollars, if not more, and would be enough for reforms and all the dough ...
    Imagine that Saddam Hussein captured Kuwait, the next would be the Saudis, the army of Hussein was an order of magnitude stronger than the army of the Saudis, even if after some time Hussein would be defeated, but during this time the Union would cut down so much dough ...
    And instead, in order to provide passive help to Hussein, tagged-removed curse-, passed it, there is infa that he passed all information about the location to the Pindos
    real and inflatable aircraft and missile defense, because they were built by our specialists, and then the Pindos and their allies miraculously hit precisely real objects and not fake ....
    1. Stiffmaister
      13 July 2011 22: 03
      In general, all this turmoil over oil prices is the American plan to shake up the Soviet economy, which is heavily dependent on oil exports. The Americans offered the UAE, Saudi Arabia and some eastern countries consignments of weapons for a large number of billions of dollars, and in return demanded to lower oil prices to $ 15-20, and if they refuse, the Americans fill the market with their cheap oil, which is extremely unfavorable for the eastern countries. We all know the result: serious economic shocks, social upheavals, curtailment of reforms, the process of "restructuring" ...
    2. 0
      April 5 2013 18: 58
      Why would Saadam be defeated? Amyrikos would be afraid to stick in there if there is a second pole.
  8. Pinocchio
    13 July 2011 14: 04
    North Korea ...... this country can only be understood by those who find the Soviet Union from the beginning of the 60s, until the mid 80s. The heyday of diplomatic relations ..... The war and the partition of the country ...... a great tragedy for the entire Korean people ...... the people are one. and other people ...... the USSR helped Korea well .... With the advent of Gorbachev’s power, the situation began to change dramatically .... The collapse of the socialist camp became a historical inevitability. Many thought so ......, but North Korea did not disappear from the world map, as the West and the United States would like. So it’s just that the Americans won’t succeed .... they will pick up a hernia .... and it’s painful .. We have nothing to brag about by the way ..... we just have to see what we have achieved ...
  9. ns
    13 July 2011 16: 17
    The DPRK's Juche ideology is the Korean version of National Socialism. This is an example of how a resource-poor territory surrounded by enemies can live normally. we will get much better, the future belongs to national socialism !!!
    1. Stiffmaister
      13 July 2011 22: 05
      Before you say that the future lies with National Socialism, remember the third Reich, because it was precisely such an ideology!
      1. +2
        14 July 2011 11: 18
        But he achieved success ... (here are just the methods ...).
        1. Stiffmaister
          14 July 2011 12: 32
          This ideology will inevitably lead to war, since the territory of the state must constantly grow and use more and more resources.
    2. 0
      24 September 2017 13: 24
      Quote: ns
      This is an example of how a resource-poor territory surrounded by enemies can live normally.

      Do you think that people in North Korea live normally?
  10. +1
    14 July 2011 06: 29
    A poor but very proud country.
  11. SOLDIERru
    14 July 2011 08: 30
    It’s not very useful (it’s not for nothing that the Chekist eats folk bread), but still a funny (but no more) photo report.
  12. Igor
    14 July 2011 15: 31
    The system of healing by the method of auto-suggestion and prayer did not prove to be the best side if I am not mistaken in the Middle Ages God-blessed Europe three times almost died out from epidemics almost to zero. So it is necessary to treat medication. If you hush up social problems and not respond to the changing world, then society is doomed, examples in history are enough from the Indians to the USSR
  13. esaul
    14 July 2011 19: 30
    IGORISHCHE, wrapped it up tricky! But what have the Indians got to do with it, buddy? Did you not react to the changing world around and did not rush to the reservation in a herd to stay alive? Or are they to blame for the fact that, due to poverty, they gladly covered themselves with smallpox-infected blankets, which were thrown at them by gringos in order to free the original Indian lands for themselves - loved ones? With CCCRom everything is clear, I do not argue. There was no one at the top to "react" - to get to the bed and not choke on the senile cough, but put an enema as soon as possible. And Europe throughout its history has lived with hypocrisy and meanness. This is their mentality and it cannot even be corroded with sulfuric acid ...
  14. +2
    17 July 2011 17: 27
    All of us know how Pindos imagine our country (from the films), just as S. Korea is incorrectly represented.
  15. 0
    April 5 2013 19: 02
    It is curious if North Korea conquers South and lasts there for five conditional years, saying that the poor will receive apartments, food, and the rich will not (except for the leadership naturally) and do it. What part of the population of South Korea will this be welcomed?
  16. The old man
    April 15 2013 01: 47
    I admire the courage of these people. It is difficult for them to live, they survived the famine, but they are ready with their old weapons to resist the Americans with all their henchmen. But it was we who dragged them into our worldwide fight, and we faded ourselves. Over the next 100 years, Russia will not be able to find allies on this planet. Betrayal is not forgotten. But North Korea will find allies, be sure. Anyone will consider it an honor, the same Americans. Yes, Americans do not despise them, like us. Because in difficult times they remained in position, and did not run as after their big brother behind McDonald's buns.
    They will be remembered, but we are not.
    1. 0
      19 September 2017 20: 17
      suitcase, station, sowing Korea. Just leave your details. I solemnly promise, I will admire you that despite hunger, you will be an example to the whole world, and someday you will find allies for yourself)) I will remember you, but there are no neighbors in the house))))
  17. yur20100
    23 July 2013 17: 28
    they are great not like ours :( they withstand UN sanctions and the information war
  18. +1
    22 September 2017 16: 21
    the author does not know what he is writing about and what kind of photo he is uploading. most of the material learned mantras from bourgeois yellowness .... well, at least I did not write about the marshal of the person shot from the anti-aircraft gun in the school yard. and yet, don’t measure everything with your arshin - Koreans live as they see fit and right for themselves, and we should learn from them in order not to serve the numerous “partners” in the status of a raw materials appendage.
    1. +4
      26 September 2017 22: 23
      I completely agree. We really have a lot to learn from these guys. At least how to love your country. And then, they are almost the only small country that did not fall under the amers.
  19. +1
    23 September 2017 10: 38
    The author has no real idea of ​​life in the USSR. And then, it should be noted, it has changed over the years.
  20. 0
    21 October 2017 19: 43
    Happy is not the one who has everything, but that one does not need anything. And the Koreans are quite happy. It is necessary to visit North Korea in order to at least somehow understand this country.