So, sanctions, sanctions, sanctions ...

Not only on the sectors of the economy, institutions, officials - already on the Head of State.

Most of all, our bureaucracy and intelligentsia - starting with 1991, and even before that - were afraid of just that. And so…
Russia can only please the owners of the world by self-liquidation.

Therefore, today we have only one way. In political and economic theory, it is called autarky. By the way, in Korean, this is “Juche”.

Of course, Russia absolutely does not need to take North Korea as a model. The “Korean Way” is for a small, peninsular, “extremely Asian” country that does not bear world responsibility. For a huge, multi-structured, multi-climatic, multicultural, very diverse in the manifestations of Russia, of course, it is not suitable. Our autarky is of a completely different order. "Autarky large spaces." In fact, the continental, imperial autarky is authoritarian, but not totalitarian.

For the first time the word “autarky” appears in Thucydides, in the sense of both self-sufficiency of a person and political-economic independence of a state. In medieval Russia, the term “autocracy” or “autocracy” was originally close to this concept, appearing in the XIV – XV centuries. Autocracy - external political independence, and the "white king" - the king, free from paying tribute to another state - if you talk about it in terms of law. Of course, there are other meanings, but this is what is important for us now.

Autarky in a sense, "closeness" and "stillness".

The hermetic confrontation between solid and volatile, sulphur and mercury - “land and sea” - today is already a common place, without an understanding of which nothing can be understood at all.

With regard to politics and public life, this is about the economy of production and the economy of exchange (in Aristotle, the “economy” and “chrematistics” proper), as well as two types of state and law.

Most modern political scientists, brought up on the ideas of "European enlightenment", have a negative content in the concept of autarky. Attitude to autarkic economy is determined on the basis of civilization or formational approach to stories. But the real reasons for the negative attitude towards autarky lie in the field of metaphysics. Criticizing autarky, they deny space and choose time, they choose the ephemeral nature of the volatile - these are the “socio-economic formations” that replace each other. The civilization approach is based on the possibility of an autarkic economy at any time and in any place, and it is mainly associated with the continental geopolitical position of the country. Autarky is also an important feature of a traditional society dominated by a religious or other non-materialistic worldview. It is characteristic of this that the Soviet (post-Lenin, more precisely, the Post-Elen) and the Chinese economic models, with their formal materialism, were associated with autarkic approaches. In any case, they dominate in cases where political factor in thinking is preferred over economic (the so-called "Eastern type of state and law"), when spiritual, religious (or anti-religious), in general, intangible prevails - "invisible takes precedence" . Paradoxically, but, for example, in the USSR “scientific atheism” appeared as a religious principle. God was called "God-no." Enough to see the great film by Alexander Dovzhenko "Earth".

The Soviet Union held - as an ideal, invisible - “affirmation of denial”. But it killed him. "It will kill that."

The spatial paradigm is opposed to the temporal, and the "synchronic approach" to reality - to historicism (another circumstance disastrous for the USSR is the militant historicism of ideology in the tasks of "retaining space"). It is the synchronic approach that is characteristic of the principle of autarky or “autarky of large spaces” (the expression of Friedrich List). It is wrong to associate autarky with pre-capitalist formations. If we talk about "formations", then about non-capitalist. By the way, their diversity is not necessarily associated with socialism, especially in the Marxist sense. But it is important to remember that in itself the uniqueness and unconditionality of the global capitalist model is also completely unnecessary. Moreover, it is a trap into which humanity has been driven. Globalism is not predetermined. This is the same purely existential choice as autarky.

Contrary to today's “new red”, the USSR could not but disintegrate. One sixth of the world’s land, located in the form of a “bowl” between the mountains and oceans — and the oceans not of the West, but of the Northeast — with its enormous, incredible riches and natural diversity predetermined autarkic development, self-sufficiency, and Marxist progressive attitudes still predetermined elites for Euro-American models. The Soviet elites could not fail to sacrifice a country for the sake of an “economy” - such as Western models see it. China managed to get out of this situation more mildly because Mao Zedong - no, in fact, not a Marxist, but a Taoist who called himself "a lonely monk with a leaky umbrella" - saw in communism ("gunchan" - "jointly generate) manifestation "Dao", and not at all the Marxist "formation". He only “used Marxism as a language” (A. F. Losev said the same about himself). But China did not know its focus on time, and not on space, of the “Greco-Jewish world” (J. Attali), and Russia yet historically implicated. Therefore, the "Chinese way" was impossible. You can love the USSR and regret it. But it is impossible to return what originally existed "on a break."

Focusing on time, and not on space, is associated with the domination of the originally “Greek-Jewish”, Atlantic models in the twentieth century, from liberalism to Euro-Marxism and social democracy. But, oddly at first glance, not anarchism, in which, like in monarchy, space dominates time (“Walk-field”, in which the “father” himself is the archetype of “long-haired king”). “A Russian is either a monarchist or anarchist, but never a liberal,” wrote Lev Tikhomirov. Before his death, he was echoed by Nestor Ivanovich Makhno himself: “In Russia there can be either a monarchy or anarchy, but the second is always for a short while.”

Monarchy is antinomic. That is, “illegal”, more precisely, “supra-legal”. “It is necessary that one person be above all, even above the law” (A.S. Pushkin) Anarchy is autocratic. But neither one nor the other is a “stagnation”, about which one can speak only in terms of time. Like autarky, not stagnation. Autarky models are considered, on the contrary, as an element of development. Most clearly in modern political theory, the principle of autarky and the associated “law of spatial progression” formed in Europe — and for Europe, Jean Tiriar: “from city-states through state-territories to continental states”. In Russia - and for Russia - Alexander Dugin. In his “Foundations of Geopolitics” it says: “Autarchy is self-sufficiency, the possibility of a sustainable existence of the economic, social, environmental and other systems only at the expense of domestic resources. The history of civilizations shows that the minimum level necessary for the realization of autarky of social systems is constantly increasing. ”

Both Tiriar and Dugin eventually follow the already mentioned outstanding German economist of the nineteenth century. Frederick Liszt - it was he who, in fact, created an economic theory that opposes both liberalism and Marxism. According to Liszt, the “autarky of large spaces” connects economic development with a territorial and demographic factor. The Eurasians (Prince N. Trubetskoy and P. Savitsky) supplemented all this with an even broader notion of “development”. The spatial paradigm is opposed to the temporal, and the "synchronic approach" to reality - to historicism.

Alexander Zinoviev generally wrote about the fundamental "non-reformability" of the Soviet system and in general Russia. This is so and not so. If we understand by reformability the change of the historical paradigm - yes, but if the actions within the paradigm framework are not. But this applies to any living state, both autarkic and liberal.

Alexander Yakovlev, the “foreman of perestroika”, spoke of the “thousand-year Russian paradigm” and the need for its “smashing”. The restructuring failed - only because we are still alive. In fact, everything remains, as it was and is, the pressure and power of space, the "autocracy of space", acting under different names.

Were the reforms of the Soviet political and economic system necessary? Of course. But completely different - on the ways not to break the “thousand-year paradigm”, but on the ways of clearing debris - from the 1917 year, and, in fact, from the XVII century, at least. Actually, this path, although in the framework of the “Soviet Newspeak” was proposed, and it was called not “perestroika”, but “acceleration”, that is, not a change in the historical paradigm, but its maximum concentration. "Russia is focusing." This is actually autarky. Autocracy, when the ruling subject "keeps himself". The primacy of power in relation to property, and not vice versa. The domination of space over time. But if power is primary, then it cannot but have roots that do not grow from here. It is not rooted in itself, it is external. That power which professes the primacy of property is godless. It is godless, for it is not autocratic. It relies - or rather, does not rely - on "pure nothing." She does not hold herself. Therefore, it is not. When we talk about autarky, we cannot fail to think according to Heidegger - “why is there any existence at all, and, on the contrary, nothing?” There is simply no liberalism or democracy. In politics, there is only autocracy. And all thinking about politics is always only thinking about autocracy. Or about surrender, which is simply surrender in time and before time.

Even when Russia tries to get away from autarky, it does not leave it anywhere. She did not leave her either in 1861, in 1917, or in 1991. “Despotism of the inner idea” (KN Leontiev) is irreversible, and if we try to “think it out”, the enemy will impose it. The restoration of Russia through autarky did not begin now. It passed through Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech, but began even under Yeltsin — from about 1998, from the second Chechen and from the Balkans. Just today, we - God forbid, forever - spoke to the outside world in Russian. And, yes, they didn’t start talking themselves, and not of their own free will. The West itself forces us to do this, isolating Russia, the West itself is creating a new “iron curtain”. But we must make it completely different than the “iron curtain” of the early fifties and beyond. That one is not needed. The border, in our opinion, should be open, but only in one direction. - "there." And no “returns.” Moreover, it is quite possible to restore to the Criminal Code an article on deprivation of citizenship (if the notorious 282 is abolished). Deprive citizenship, among other things, for separatism, And do not need any gulags. Moreover, it is possible and decisively to reduce the number of places of deprivation of liberty in general - they, as a rule, do not correct, but further decompose. Crimes of minor and moderate severity can be punished with correctional labor, restriction of movement or fines (including in installments).

And there will be no more camps and prisons -

All the enemies of Russia will be executed - sings Zhanna Bichevskaya.

Regardless of the predictions about the last times (the singer sings about them), we still have to create opportunities in which only outright enemies and bad people will be executed - military spies, traitors, direct agents - well, serial killers, child molesters ... Dissenters just let them go where it is easier for them to think the way they want. They are coming to not return. Their fate does not bother us, and let them not care about ours. “There was love without joy, separation would be without sadness.”

The achievement of self-sufficiency of development will provide an opportunity to finally start living and working for yourself Get off the needle of "Euro-Atlantic dependence." Including primarily in the field of hydrocarbons. In the end, we are left behind - the BRICS countries, the SCO organization, etc. Not in Europe the world has come together.

We - more precisely, those who came to power after 1991 of the year - did not want Russia to return from the “Marxist captivity” to itself, to the Russian “affinity”. This will entail the “ascent” of deep-seated archetypes and meanings, including social and political ones.

Ideally, the social structure of Russia should be like this. The whole nation is divided into “those who protect the state and those who feed those who protect it” (V. Klyuchevsky). Well, and still a small layer of monks, ascetics, servants of God - "sovereign pilgrims." Land, finance and large property are transferred entirely to Stainless. Small and medium, as well as any labor property - saved. Sale of land and mineral resources is terminated. Products, fruits, products - please. But not the earth itself. Free education and medicine (despite the fact that those who want frills can pay, and this will be provided). "Blooming complexity" in the culture - with the prohibition of the industry of glamor and defilement. Yes, it is socialism. But not the Marxist, not Leninist, but the primordial Tsarist-national socialism, a “cumbersome state” (again, Klyuchevsky’s expression). Social monarchism of Lev Tikhomirov, Konstantin Leontyev, General A.D. Nechvolodova. Of course, this is ideal. Transitional and temporal options can be many. But without “Euro-Atlantic dependence”.

"New Iron Curtain" will bring the country cleansing. LI error Brezhnev had obstacles to leaving the USSR the Jews (to Israel) and the liberal intelligentsia (to the West). Thus, the “fifth” was created, and then the “sixth column” (the last - in the depths of both the Soviet and the present authorities). Created entire generations oriented to the West, not knowing and not wanting to know and understand the country in which they live.

And now - the West does everything by itself, for us ...

Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions ...

Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation ...
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  1. +16
    12 August 2014 14: 39
    Without Russia, there will be no PEACE, in the literal and figurative sense, so relax your foes, or pile in your pants ...
    1. +11
      12 August 2014 14: 40
      If they relax, they will pile faster smile
      1. +11
        12 August 2014 14: 53
        So our sanctions (neat) take effect ....
        1. +1
          12 August 2014 14: 59
          and what today is February 17th! here sanctions?
        2. +3
          12 August 2014 17: 27
          This harsh Hungarian radical right-wing Yobik party will still show itself! When it comes to the dismemberment of the Outskirts, they will take up this exciting business with enthusiasm. It would be better if they threw out the patched mattress rag from the window.
          1. 0
            12 August 2014 22: 26
            Quote: Naum
            It would be better if they threw out a latin-mattress rag from the window.

            Probably more correct - along with the euro rag, would throw a latan-mattress rag. The latter probably was simply not in the Hungarian parliament. Glad for the Hungarians, they are zombified to a much lesser extent than their geyropeiskie neighbors. It’s just a shame for the Dutch, even the real killers of their citizens are not important to them - just to let the amers ass.
        3. +2
          12 August 2014 17: 33
          it was in February.
          and where does the sanction of the Russian Federation?
          he said that from May Hungarian land will become the prey of foreigners and the European Union is to blame for this and that parliamentary methods of struggle are already insufficient - and it is time to take the path of resistance.
          And in the end he said that finding a flag - as a symbol of colonization in parliament is intolerable, that it is unacceptable that the symbols of colonization - the flags of the European Union - were in the meeting room when the laws (of Hungary) do not require it
        4. WKS
          12 August 2014 17: 50
          Actually, an article about is being discussed here ... (For some reason, will be corrected for authorship)
      2. predator.3
        12 August 2014 15: 02
        The New Iron Curtain will bring purification to the country. Mistake L.I. Brezhnev had obstacles to the departure of Jews from the USSR (to Israel) and the liberal intelligentsia (to the West). This created the “fifth”, and then the “sixth column” (the latter - in the bowels of both the Soviet and the current authorities)

        But the country needs purification, especially the state apparatus, it is also necessary to raise industry, I’m not saying that devastation is everywhere - a lot is changing, a lot of new enterprises are being built, only there are few local ones, and more Gaster and agriculture should be removed from the custody of the district administrations, on the site of the former collective farms to create large agricultural holdings (with a full cycle of production, processing, storage and sale) and their own equipment, so as not worse than Western ones, especially the industrial base is available.
    2. +11
      12 August 2014 14: 50
      Guys, won’t give their not received to others ....
      Brussels expressed concern about the plans of Brazil and Chile to replace exports to the Russian agricultural market of European producers, a ban on which Moscow imposed from last week. European officials expect that Latin America will refuse to extract "unfair profit»Due to the embargo on imports from Western countries.
      Do the Ukrainians add "chtonizgimtopokusaniya" hormones to the gas? recourse
    3. +8
      12 August 2014 14: 56
      author, so author, acceptor! There is Russia and the rest of the world. To paraphrase a classic - if Russia cannot be understood by the mind, it remains only to believe in it and it is extremely dangerous to undertake something else in its relation;)

      New Russia is also Russia, but it’s too late for Ukrainians to explain something!

      Morning report from the militia Prokhorov
      today • 14:15

      "As everyone can see from the messages, the main shock power of dill is a gang, which they use massively, but stupidly.

      Therefore, the last days the main emphasis was placed on the counter-battery struggle and the attacks of the positions of the Ukrope artillerymen - near Lugansk Grad LC and mortar gunners destroyed a whole battery (dill recognize the loss of 2 SAU).

      With a. Uspenka (near the occupied city of Lutugino) from the artel covered the ZSU column.

      The DNI is also actively attacking the invaders. Those announced the shelling of their positions in the village. Ilyinka (west of Donetsk) is the rear of the 93rd mechanized and PiSi that attack Donetsk from the west

      At night, the area around Saur-Mogily was actively cultivated and the s. Stepanovka - judging by the reaction of ukrov, coverings were repeated.

      In Andreevka, a checkpoint of occupants was shot at from mortars.

      Between Miusinsky and Torez, parts of the 30 and 51 brigades are actually clamped - more than once or twice the command of the dill was asked to provide them with food.

      As for the allegedly captured Ivanovka, Panfilovka, Kruglik, Krinichek, the Ukrainians fled from there, announcing it as a "raid on the rear." They did not do any real damage, but it was unpleasant.

      Active partisan raids continue — in Starobeshevo (a small town in the rear of the invaders, south of Mospino), an ATO supply convoy was attacked, the convoy was completely destroyed. This is recognized as an adversary.

      Guerrilla warfare continues in the occupied territories. The day before yesterday-yesterday, the attacks on the ukropsky roadblocks were in the area of ​​the Blue Lakes (Slavyansk-Krasny Liman). "
    4. +5
      12 August 2014 15: 20
      I remembered:

      "Even now, people far and near can sense: their tsar will rise from the Russian land, and there will be no power in the world that would not obey him!"
      N.V. Gogol "Taras Bulba"
      1. +2
        12 August 2014 17: 19
        Russia can only please the owners of the world by self-liquidation.

        winked well, let them wait ....... dumkoy richer ..... Although ..... it will be possible to "reorganize". To the Russian Empire, for example ...
    5. +2
      12 August 2014 15: 48
      Russia is a non-subjugated country with an unconquered people that will exist while life on Earth will exist.
      1. +1
        12 August 2014 19: 03
        Quote: Giant thought
        Russia is a non-subjugated country with an unconquered people that will exist while life on Earth will exist.

        And thanks to Russia, this life on earth will last much longer than "Western civilization through efforts." An article about Russian identity and its future. Whether someone likes it or not.
    6. +4
      12 August 2014 16: 37
      Russia gravitates more to a conservative beginning than to liberal, democratic values ​​- this is a fact! In all its glory, democracy has always brought Russia blood and devastation! The February coup - the collapse of the empire and the civil war, perestroika - the collapse of the USSR, and without a small, but focal intra-civil conflict! And now Western agents of influence are acting through the sale layer of pseudo-intelligentsia in order to instill in our society the historically unacceptable European values ​​of liberalism and consumer society!
      1. +3
        12 August 2014 16: 57
        Russia is a priori hostile to the consumer society, for the whole of its history the Russians have built a society of a diametrically opposite type - the production society.
        1. +1
          12 August 2014 18: 09
          "Ideally, the social structure of Russia should be as follows .... Well, and there is also a small layer of monks, ascetics, servants of God -" sovereign pilgrims. "

          Surprisingly, the spiritual component - the Orthodox Faith, what Russia lived for centuries and was the basis of its victories, the author defined as a small layer, so by the way.
          autocracy is not an escape from reality, not national pride and not obscurantist utopia, but a necessary state defense based on the Orthodox doctrine of resistance to evil.

          The apostle Paul paints such a picture of the spiritual state of mankind in recent times: “People will be proud, silver-loving, proud, arrogant, malicious, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, ungodly, unfriendly, non-reconciliatory, slanderers, restless, cruel, not loving kindnesses, traitors, impudent, pompous, more voluptuous than God-loving, having the appearance of piety, but his strength was denied. SUCH ARE REMOVED "
          Is it not in this advice of the apostle that the salvation of authorship consists: removal from sinful suicidal world development, exit from the system of globally imposed "immutable laws". This is the maximum possible self-sufficiency and self-isolation from dangerous external influences while relying on one's own strengths and means - without prejudice to the development of all useful relationships with the outside world.

          Without authorship of the Spiritual, based on the only possible support for the Orthodox Faith for Russia, economic authorship is hardly possible.
          1. +1
            12 August 2014 20: 00
            "Spiritual authorization", immediately SAME, BY DEFAULT, means segregation, and there it is not too long before all sorts of genocides with civil wars (Look at the same Iraq). God - God, for men - human. It is not necessary to emphasize and put in the first place something that has become obsolete for a hundred years - clericalism. And in general, retrograde thinking will not lead to SPIRITUAL breakthroughs. Think forward, not backward.

            Like that...
            1. 0
              12 August 2014 20: 08
              Quote: de_monSher
              Think ahead, not backward

              So a hint of an article about Orthodox capitalism :-)
              1. 0
                12 August 2014 21: 42
                Orthodox capitalism

                A terrible combination. For some time they tried to introduce into SF, or rather still in fantasy = religion, full-fledged futurism does not give = the so-called "Orthodox fantasy". It was a nightmare multiplied by horror. "Orthodox capitalism" is something from the same series. Well, think for yourself, what can the crossing of these two concepts give: Orthodoxy - "hit on the right cheek, substitute the left" + capitalism, the basic law - "from each as possible, to each according to cunning"? Nu, nu ... I wonder what kind of mackerel it can turn out ... *) Heh ...
    7. +2
      12 August 2014 18: 59
      Quote: mig31
      Without Russia, there will be no PEACE, in the literal and figurative sense, so relax your foes, or pile in your pants ...

      For this, Russia must be Russia, and not a branch of Western civilization.
  2. +2
    12 August 2014 14: 40
    Yes, it seems that in the West, really all the authorities are all agents of the FSB.
  3. +12
    12 August 2014 14: 48
    Thanks to the author!
    Sanction is an expensive gift for Russia. God himself helps us.
    Someone is feeling bad - the gates to the West and anywhere are open ...
    1. +2
      12 August 2014 17: 54
      Right! Can office plankton plant potatoes to learn. It is a shame, we import from Israel. The country is smaller than the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. Moreover, the desert.
      1. 0
        13 August 2014 07: 27
        it’s just cheaper to grow there. That is imported. At the same
  4. dmb
    12 August 2014 14: 50
    It would be nice for the author to read the book "The Nuremberg Epilogue" and watch the film "Ordinary Fascism", maybe it will help.
  5. +10
    12 August 2014 14: 52
    RUSSIA is a separate world, it is a world of Slavs! Other nations have historically joined this world and from that the world of the Slavs has become more GREAT and MULTI-FULLED! This is the world in which GOOD and MERCY are cultivated! OUR world is self-sufficient! But don’t say correctly that we don’t need anyone! We help those in need!

    I just really want to warn the rest of us on this planet - HEX..Y CAME TO US WITH ITS SAMAROVAR!

    1. +2
      12 August 2014 19: 56
      One thing I don’t understand - If SOME citizens and citizens are so bad in RUSSIA, if they are not satisfied with the power and the existing regime, WHAT these hitmen do on the RUSSIAN LAND! FELL TO THOSE WHO HAVE LIKE!
  6. Marine One
    12 August 2014 14: 53
    In his thoughts, the author would not refer to Klyuchevsky, but to Plato.
    The entire nation is divided into those who defend the state and those who feed those who defend it. " "Well, and a small layer of monks, ascetics, servants of God - sovereign pilgrims. Land, finances and large property are transferred entirely to the State ...
    Plato is pure water, the first theoretician of the slave state in history. However, nothing else was expected from the newspaper Zavtra.
    1. +9
      12 August 2014 15: 00
      Marine One
      Madame, are you closer to publications such as the Novaya Gazeta? SNOB and other liberal nonsense?
      Something about the processes in your brain is clearly broken, since you cried out about some kind of slavery-liberal, always a slave, bad ideas, stupid things, unpleasant consequences — Koch and Chubais, Gaidar and Yasin ... it’s enough to understand that behind all this stands ..
      1. Marine One
        12 August 2014 19: 26
        Quote: vladkavkaz

        Well hello, "a stump chair with a high seating position in Vladikavkaz, buy wholesale, from a warehouse" laughing

  7. DMB-88
    12 August 2014 14: 56
    Russia is an absolutely self-sufficient country! It is always better to talk with the rest of the world from the position of the strong, otherwise the Western world does not want to understand anything, and any assurances of friendship and the affectionate faces of the "partners" are just a mask with a knife in the back on the quiet!
    Only the development of industry, science, education can bring Russia to a competitive level. It is a pity that the ruling elite did not do anything in this direction for 25 years and against the backdrop of blah blah blah-patriotic verbiage and verbal promises, it continued with its treacherous reforms to systematically destroy the economic power left after the USSR and stubbornly increase the export of hydrocarbons and other strategic raw materials ! Under the show and the fir trees from the zombies, the same wild politics continues! Only united by the same idea of ​​development with its leadership can the people raise the greatness and significance of Russia in the international arena.
    But how to unite the incompatible oligarchs and ordinary workers, the embezzlers of officials and rural workers, office loafers and production engineers?
    All the same, this can be done by changing the political and economic (liberal) vector, to creation and social justice!
    And the time of those who hold power is less and less!
    1. 0
      12 August 2014 17: 45
      Why didn’t she do anything? She stuffed her pockets and her relatives.
      If we take, for example, the measures of Moscow last for 20 years, then I hope this will be a christomatical example - how should officials in Russia act.
    2. 0
      13 August 2014 01: 38
      Read или
      There is 101 doing nothing page ...
  8. Password
    12 August 2014 14: 57
    Somehow everything is twisted, a lot of verbal balancing, hard to read ... Therefore, no comments
    1. +3
      12 August 2014 15: 01
      What is the unified education?
      What articles do you think should be? 2 lines? 1?
  9. -2
    12 August 2014 15: 00
    Author, rash, be affectionate.
    Mao Taoist)).
  10. +6
    12 August 2014 15: 02
    Here's another interesting documentary about sanctions .. The West has quieted down recently (remember what kind of barking was in the media), like Russia was pressed to the nail ..))) Glory to the sanctions, glory to Obama!
  11. +9
    12 August 2014 15: 09
    Don't scare people. There will be no isolation of Russia. There will be a collapse of the EU, I hope to see how the US collapses, But the EU will leave earlier. Russia has changed, we were afraid of Western influence only during the Soviet era. Now everything is different, the West is afraid of the influence of Russia. That is why the ban on broadcasting, kormann-opoliticheskie TV channels, newspapers, setting up a single Russophobic opinion. We have already gone through this. As in the USSR they jammed the Air Force and Radio Liberty, as in the newspaper Pravda, just soar and develop, the battles for the harvest, and wheat was bought over the hill. So we are not in danger of isolation, because we are not afraid. Afraid of the West, to hysterics.
    1. +11
      12 August 2014 15: 21
      Quote: Wend
      There will be no isolation of Russia. There will be a collapse of the EU, I hope to see how the USA collapses,

      Russia seems to be striving for this .. All these "double standards" sycophancy, robbery and destruction of weak countries, the majority of normal people understand all this perfectly and look with hope at Russia (we try and it seems to work out a little)))) Well, to the topic too ..
      1. 0
        12 August 2014 15: 35
        Quote: MIKHAN
        Russia seems to be striving for this.

        MIKHAN, and on that site are you under what nickname?
        1. 0
          12 August 2014 15: 58
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Russia seems to be striving for this.

          MIKHAN, and on that site are you under what nickname?

          Not registered .. just reading)))
      2. +3
        12 August 2014 15: 48
        I do not like the Germans, such as in blood, but I am pleased that the lessons of the past were not in vain. Yes, and this suggests that in Europe there are competent and adequate people. this does not apply to the Balts and Poles !!!
      3. +1
        12 August 2014 16: 57
        Quote: MIKHAN
        Quote: Wend
        There will be no isolation of Russia. There will be a collapse of the EU, I hope to see how the USA collapses,

        Russia seems to be striving for this .. All these "double standards" sycophancy, robbery and destruction of weak countries, the majority of normal people understand all this perfectly and look with hope at Russia (we try and it seems to work out a little)))) Well, to the topic too ..

        Exactly, they look with hope, both in the West and in Russia. So we are not striving for isolation, on the contrary, we are exporting Russian values ​​to the world. Against gameparades, against same-sex marriage, against double standards, etc. This is a strong support for people who value real values ​​- family, homeland, faith.
        1. +1
          12 August 2014 17: 07
          Quote: Wend
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Quote: Wend
          There will be no isolation of Russia. There will be a collapse of the EU, I hope to see how the USA collapses,

          Russia seems to be striving for this .. All these "double standards" sycophancy, robbery and destruction of weak countries, the majority of normal people understand all this perfectly and look with hope at Russia (we try and it seems to work out a little)))) Well, to the topic too ..

          Exactly, they look with hope, both in the West and in Russia. So we are not striving for isolation, on the contrary, we are exporting Russian values ​​to the world. Against gameparades, against same-sex marriage, against double standards, etc. This is a strong support for people who value real values ​​- family, homeland, faith.

          I think so too .. But temporary isolation (sanctions) allows us to concentrate and gather our strength (they try to destroy us from the inside, this is the most dangerous when you do not see the enemy)
          1. +1
            12 August 2014 17: 17
            Quote: MIKHAN
            But temporary isolation (sanctions) allows us to concentrate and gather our strength (they try to destroy us from the inside, this is the most dangerous thing when you do not see the enemy)

            Try, oh, how they try. But we are with you and Koloradovatnik, and hundreds of thousands of adequate people fight back. They’ll get horseradish and butter, and even over the teeth. We live in the largest country in terms of territory and the greatest in spirit. As one of the Ossetian militias said, he did not remember his name, the Russians are the greatest warriors, you look at what a huge country they have conquered and continue to hold. We have something to be proud of. And let the fifth column drown in its poison. I will not buy their bullshit. Yes, and you and others think too. Still fight. wink
    2. +5
      12 August 2014 15: 25
      That’s why we don’t close such offices as phonington’s echo, rain, profile, statements, etc. etc. A strong system has nothing to fear. The one who barks at her becomes even funnier because he does not encounter any resistance, barks at this system even more and reaches such a degree of insanity that the question arises of self-liquidation, and not only the barkers and creepers of the system, but also those who these caretakers and caretakers worth it.
      1. 0
        12 August 2014 17: 54
        Quote: Colorado
        That’s why we don’t close such offices as phonington’s echo, rain, profile, statements, etc. etc. A strong system has nothing to fear. The one who barks at her becomes even funnier

        That's right .. I love reading, listening to vrazhin when they bark and screech (I calm down somehow) bully ! Here our modders are on guard clearly (they ban all mongrels at once) and sometimes I would read them here .. (usually on the censor of their pack) it’s not interesting .. you manage to shoot a couple of times and everyone attacks with the pack and the admin control shot .. ))) laughing
  12. -2
    12 August 2014 15: 12
    And I think that close ties with many countries of the world just stop to some extent drive Russia into complete isolation. And as for the author, let the author think about it for several reasons:
    1) What kind of stench will rise in society when the borders are closed (and this is undoubtedly one of the accompanying elements) when crowds of apple-suckers and lovers of a good German car will understand what awaits them (and, at best, Chinese awaits them).
    2) What will happen to the high-tech industry. Whatever patriots scream there, we still cannot produce good machines to this day, or if we take the military industry, we can, but expensive.
    3) Computer and microprocessor technology. The most powerful of the processors is Elbrus 4x nuclear, made using technologies already 10 a year ago, not to mention the cost.
    4) How will the budget be replenished? The share of the Russian budget from exports is approximately 50%. Can you imagine what will happen if the budget is reduced by 2 times? I do not, but I know that no one will like it.
    5) Software. There are many programmers in Russia, but the vast majority work in firms that somehow make software for Western markets. With authoring, the faucet will be twisted and we will observe flocks of programmers migrating to foreign lands.
    6) Oil and gas production also also mostly relies on western equipment.

    For those who dream of restoring the USSR, I can say that in today's life it is a utopia - all countries are too tied to each other. Closing the economy for a country would be like stopping breathing for a person. However, I do not argue that it is necessary to develop mechanisms to protect the country's economy from sanctions and other obscurantism generated by "our Western partners", to make it more self-sufficient and stable. And it would also be nice to create direct instruments of influence in the West.
    1. +2
      12 August 2014 15: 40
      Come on, everywhere they howl and whine, but we had everything, machine-tool building and powerful instrument-making, and we produced and produce good computers, they didn’t do bad TVs either, they all collapsed with crap, the cars were bad, but a dozen were a good car for their time , it’s just that Russia is not lucky with rulers and officials, there are always slow-witted people in power
    2. -1
      12 August 2014 16: 03
      Well ... basically, I agree with you. we cannot be closed from the west. it is clear that gentlemen have gone too far, but in general, European politics is dependent on the usa, so the poor are hanging around. Indeed, we are not able to replace much of the import now. and close ties with the Western world will not allow hostile countries to influence us.
      I will paraphrase the proverb “war is the engine of progress” into “Market” is the engine of progress.

      P.S. I don’t want to seem like a patriot, but I bought a couple of bottles of champagne-martini ice tea in reserve yesterday for the holiday. Well, they don’t know how to do something similar with us.
      1. 0
        12 August 2014 19: 46
        Quote: tolyasik0577
        champagne martini ice

        Yes, cool thing, I drank it after sovshampanya, the difference is amazing :-)
    3. Past_ Crocodile
      12 August 2014 17: 33
      Reasonable thoughts. It seems to put a minus without delving into the brain.
    4. +2
      12 August 2014 18: 02
      We do have (had) a decline in certain areas of the industry. Unfortunately, these are the consequences of the activities of those of our "friends" with whom you suggest not to break off relations. I will only say that under the USSR there was a lot of things for free, which they could not afford either in Europe or in the USA. As for the programmers, you yourself said that ours are not in the last ranks here. Well, we have really weak industries at the moment, the same computers, but you see, Korea got into this not so long ago and now you can't say that they are in last place in the world. As for the machines, you shouldn't be. For your information, even Japan bought beds for high-precision machine tools from the USSR. The technology of holding metal in high mountains for 30-40 years in the open air ... Do you know? Google doesn't know exactly. smile
  13. +2
    12 August 2014 15: 25
    Authorship in a certain sense of “closeness” and “stillness”

    (from Greek. autarkeia - self-satisfaction)
    independence from things of the outside world or other people (Plato, Aristotle), the vital ideal of the Cyrenaics and Stoics. The stoic sage is "enough of himself." Authorship in the national economy is the economic independence of a country, freeing it from the import of the most important consumer goods.
  14. +7
    12 August 2014 15: 26
    and to me as a layman with a secondary education and many of my friends and acquaintances from my circle of friends (Svidomo people usually call these quilted jackets and colorads) it’s very clear without many wise words - RUSSIA WILL TAKE OUT ANY PRESSURE AND SANCTIONS! the nation will only come together, it can tighten its belts, but knees will not get up .. we have almost everything that is needed in order to live and not exist! soldier and it’s not cheers-patriotism, it’s just that it really is ... there isn’t enough strength to bend us .. yes, and the return to the answer will be not weak! angry while RUSSIA is just beginning to defend its interests in the world .. GIVE GOD UNCLE HEALTH!
    1. 0
      12 August 2014 16: 07
      Many political scientists and others criticized the GDP for joining the WTO ..
      Peskov ... we read ...

      .. "I sit high, I look far away. Don't sit on a tree stump. Don't eat a pie" "
  15. +6
    12 August 2014 15: 30
  16. +4
    12 August 2014 15: 32
    As the unforgettable Professor Preobrazhensky said: "The devastation does not begin in the closets. The devastation begins in the heads !!!"
    In GQ - the wonderful responses of the creative editorial team to yesterday's outrageous grin of food Putinism.
    I can not help but save it in the annals, everything is wonderful and very clear here.
    So, what will the sublime and subtle-sensing metropolitan class not miss?
    A word to editors, producers and other creators of gloss for the office midclass.

    Full version

    1. +2
      12 August 2014 15: 42
      read everything on the original source, spat for a long time, deshovki
      1. +1
        12 August 2014 15: 51
        And here is t_vari
        "Today, August 12, musician Andrei Makarevich will visit Semyonovka, Slavyansk and Svyatogorsk on a humanitarian mission at the invitation of the President of the Volunteer Fund of Ukraine Timofey Nagorny, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

        "Andrey Makarevich will come to see the consequences of the hostilities in Semyonovka and Slavyansk. Together with the Volunteers Fund of Ukraine at 17:00 he will provide humanitarian assistance to people who have left the places of hostilities, and will speak to the children and IDPs of Donbass who are in Svyatogorsk at 19:00 at regional children's and youth sanatorium and health complex "Perlina Donetchini" in Svyatogorka ", - the Volunteer Fund informs.

        As already reported by IA "Amitel", a month earlier Makarevich called the Donbass militias "terrorists" and suggested that the residents of Novorossiya, dissatisfied with the policy of the Kiev junta, leave for Russia. "

        or here:
        Actor Dmitry Dyuzhev apologized to Ukraine for the actions of the Russian authorities and noted that he did not want a war like many people in Russia.
        “I do not want war as many people in our country do, but I am ashamed of what our government is doing! - Dyuzhev writes on his official VK page. (Ed. Note: spelling and punctuation of the author saved). - I have always loved and respected Ukraine as a strong country!

        1. 0
          12 August 2014 16: 06
          frankly speaking, it is still doubtful, I would like to look at the source, otherwise everything is on some icteric reprint sites.
          although if true it’s a shame
        2. +2
          12 August 2014 16: 36
          About Dyuzheva three months was this info. Bullshit, the page is not his, everything has already been figured out, do not escalate in a new way. And pay less attention to any trash ...
          1. +1
            12 August 2014 16: 57
            If so, I’m ready to apologize, but so far I have a little different information. Of course, I understand that ukram believe not to respect yourself, but for now, dill on the Censor praises Dyuzhev for this position.

            By the way, Anatoly Pashinin from "Stormy Gates", and in person

            By the way, here they are "handsome"
      2. 0
        12 August 2014 17: 03
        What are you, it's a banter. They joke so, at least in those posts that are given here.
        1. +1
          12 August 2014 20: 44
          Banter is not banter! They and Selling their homeland, joking, lyceum sucks!
          It is necessary, it is necessary to dig out Joseph Vissarionovich and Lavrentiy Palych! Good jokes appreciated the same ....
  17. +2
    12 August 2014 15: 35
    The text is not read soberly. And after 200 grams, all do not care. But I don’t want to drink so much.
  18. 0
    12 August 2014 15: 44
    a lot of beechs are not strong asyl ...
  19. +1
    12 August 2014 16: 17
    The USSR is not a memory or regret; the USSR is the future of both Russia and all other union republics; a return to the USSR is inevitable; and the money that Jews spent on sabotage and the collapse of the USSR will go to dust
  20. -1
    12 August 2014 16: 17
    (from Greek. autarkeia - self-satisfaction)

    Some kind of strange association with me ...
  21. -1
    12 August 2014 16: 46
    It was already so, but not quite so. The USSR before the war and after was a closed country, but built industry on the basis of Western technology. Juche suits the Koreans, living with the help of the Chinese and Russia. Juche is not about us, we can do more for defense. hi
  22. 0
    12 August 2014 17: 08
    first they started with the author, then moved on to the absolute monarchy, is this a trial balloon in the revival of a new type of monarchy, anointing for the kingdom of GDP? I anticipate that in this development scenario, many officials will suddenly become princes and counts, the poem "Petrel" will become more relevant than ever
  23. Maxpotan
    12 August 2014 17: 10
    The feeling that the author no longer thought of WHAT to write, but HOW to write. Put the stamp of authorship on the forehead of Russia and feel so vuumny. Authorship proper, as the existence of a closed society, was invented by the ancient Greeks. And this definition belonged to small formations, isolated often due to wartime. It is not clear why to get this dusty term as a direction of development of Russia.
    1. +3
      12 August 2014 17: 26
      Maxim, I think that you have marked the essence of the article. Narcissism. It seems that the content of the article by the author himself is of little concern. The style of university teachers, divorced from life. A smart man, but to convey his thoughts to the audience is a special art.
  24. +3
    12 August 2014 17: 12
    Quote: sgazeev
    Juche is suitable for Koreans living on the help of the Chinese and Russia. Juche is not about us, we can do more for defense.

    In general, the Juche ideas are not as primitive as you think. The main thesis of the Juche is that the country lives in a hostile environment and one must rely on one's own strength, selfless labor for the good of society, combined with moderation and accuracy in consumption. The question is that the limited mineral resources of Korea do not allow its industrial sector to develop, but Mao Tse-tung in the 70s proclaimed the slogan "Jousi jan wu" - "Grabbing four, fight for five." The CCP caught the essence of the global changes taking place in the world, in contrast to the CPSU, now China, what kind of world economy is there, the second? So eat less, but work harder and not let the various anal-bull-makarevichs muddle their heads and will everything is fine. I think no one will die if there is no door-blue for breakfast and a new iPhone tomorrow, because the phone is designed to keep in touch and for this it is enough to call or send SMS, and everything else is for idlers from offices who are ... do not produce, and during working hours on social networks they discuss the merits of the same dor-blue over parmesan instead of working. A pick, a shovel, a crowbar and generally TFT in the fresh air quickly bring such people to life and they will be glad to see a hump of lard, onions and potatoes.
    1. -1
      12 August 2014 17: 24
      Quote: Captain45
      A pickaxe, a shovel, a crowbar, and TFT in general in the open air quickly bring these to life.

      with these devices, a computer similar to the one on which you printed your post cannot be made, my deceased grandmother reasoned as much as you
  25. Past_ Crocodile
    12 August 2014 17: 17
    Quote: DMB-88
    it is always better from the position of the strong, otherwise the Western world does not want to understand anything and any assurances of friendship and the gentle faces of the "partners" are just a mask with a knife in the back on the quiet!

    Speaking of the "Western world", do you think that, say, Turkey or S. Arabia understand the language of honor?
  26. +3
    12 August 2014 17: 48
    Quote: saag
    with these devices, a computer similar to the one on which you printed your post cannot be made, my deceased grandmother reasoned as much as you

    If you read the comment carefully, you could understand that I did not say anything about those who do business, including computers. My comment was about those who, hiding behind a beautiful incomprehensible name of their profession, such as senior manager of a cleaning company , which means the foreman of the janitors or cleaners, as the main values ​​in life, put blunt stuffing of mammon with ham and is proud of this, emphasizing, so to speak, his kind of chosenness. Previously, they emphasized their chosenness by the fact that they are fighting the regime, a kind of elite, now they have fenced off by devouring delicacies so as not to interfere with the "gray mass"
  27. Ivan 63
    12 August 2014 17: 56
    And I like it: a "one-way ticket" for the liberal public of all kinds, slanderers of Russia, and a watchtower for treason.
  28. +1
    12 August 2014 18: 14
    On the whole, it is true, but the author is clearly from the "Magi", and it is hard for the "soldiers" to read them;) Geopolitically: Russia - NORTH. We have a personal relationship ("Do you respect me?") Above the law and even above money. NO BUSINESS - PERSONAL ONLY (Nothing Business - personal only!). The authorities will have to write RUSSIAN laws; and it was so good to quietly steal according to Roman law. We'll have to remove usury (Commercial banks), shares and other "paper" from the economy. For the economy, 3 State banks are quite enough: Investment (for business), Savings (Piggy bank) and Foreign trade (VED) - the rest are superfluous. Reviving the State Planning Commission on supercomputers is an absolutely realizable thing with modern computing power. I would not talk about the "curtain", rather it would be worthwhile to define Russia as an INDEPENDENT, self-sufficient Kingdom and calmly openly declare this to the "partners".
  29. 0
    12 August 2014 19: 03
    Authorship in a certain sense of “closeness” and “stillness”

    Autarky (from other Greek. αὐτάρκεια - self-sufficiency (self-sufficiency) - a system of closed reproduction of the community, with minimal dependence on exchange with the external environment; the economic self-sufficiency regime of a country in which foreign commodity circulation is minimized. , on itself, on development without ties with other countries.In this regard, authorship is a closed economy, an economy that assumes absolute sovereignty.
    Author - More precisely, it is necessary to translate, or even so, in the article a lot of concepts and names that are incomprehensible to a simple inhabitant, not all savvy in political science and political economy, as well as ... in a bunch of special knowledge
  30. 0
    12 August 2014 19: 19
    Even when Russia tries to get away from authorship, it does not leave anywhere.

    In my opinion, the article contains a significant amount of truth. As they say, "whatever the Russians do, it turns out a Kalashnikov assault rifle." So here, no matter what system we have, at the head of us is always, in a sense, the king. In principle, I do not mind, I will not be a king anyway. But if the government cares about its existence in the future, and realizes itself precisely as the government and not running errands for someone, it will really care about the development of its (subordinate) assets. And economic, and military, and
    (externally) political. So far, this has always helped the Russians. The only danger is if the enemies of the country or their protégé are in power, as in the 90s. But the Jews, for example, strive to lead the process, also helps them.
  31. 0
    12 August 2014 19: 20
    It can be supplemented by Chayanov's program.
    1. Deurbanization. The mass exodus to the suburbs stretched for tens and hundreds of kilometers, to the city-villages, where life will be possible for large families.
    2. Creation of rural infrastructure not inferior to urban. Establishment of high-speed communications connecting the social nodes of the city-village.
    3. Reliance on family-cooperative production, where everyone is interested in the results of their work and does not work for the “alien uncle”, but for the family.
    4. Peasant family life, without interruption from sources of high culture.
    5. Deepening the content of human life, the implementation of an integral human personality.
  32. 0
    12 August 2014 20: 00
    Judging by how the shares of Western airlines collapsed, after the announcement of a possible ban on transit flights through Russia, the West could lose a lot more from sanctions. But only if we understand this.
  33. Ilyas
    12 August 2014 20: 29
    What is the meaning of the article? What sanctions need to rejoice ?!
    But do we need it - Russia ?, Europe? Yes, they don’t need anyone! Yes, and there are no real sanctions by and large, it is all too unprofitable for everyone.

    But the United States has clearly and clearly defined its position, they are ready to fight with Russia to the last Ukrainian, then to the last European, so everything became very clear. I sense that in 3 years, instead of the Kalashnikov, there will be a new super-brand S-300 in the world, and then we will immediately see how the United States will beg us not to sell these defense weapons to everyone. Still, if everyone has S-300, then how will the United States bring democracy to the world?
  34. 0
    12 August 2014 20: 32
    An interesting article, it makes you wiggle the convolutions, regardless of whether you agree with some theses or not, so immediately "+".
  35. Tanechka-clever
    12 August 2014 20: 52
    "So the sanctions .... Most of all, our bureaucracy and the intelligentsia - since 1991, and even earlier - were afraid of this very thing."

    The intelligentsia is the best part of society, which is endowed with the best human qualities and is an example to follow. They are at the forefront of the spiritual development of society and determine the ways of its development and its enlightenment .. Russian classics of the 19th century are an example and gave birth to worthy sons of their Fatherland. And today I do not see intellectuals - there are too few of them and for this we need to take a magnifying glass. For example, Solzhenitsyn cannot be ranked among the Russian intelligentsia in any way if he worked to please American people and ink his people. After all, they say, if you yourself do not know how, then study. And in the world today only Russian classics is full of masterpieces forever .. And only for this many learn the Russian language to read our classics. And the success of Solzhenitsyn’s works is more the result of his wife’s public relations campaign and paid advertising campaigns by Western experts on anti-Soviet and nothing more. In general, Solzhenitsyn is an amateur.
    And I also can’t rank Nikita Mikhalkov and Fedor Bondarchuk as an intelligentsia - they are businessmen and nothing more. And so today they are white, and tomorrow red - a question of PRICES and more.
    Or our Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky - which minister is such a culture - well, no, he is not an intellectual. Indeed, it was with his filing that the film "Stalingrad" directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk came out widespread. And while no one has shot a decent film for state money - glorifying the power and spirit of Russia. And it’s a pity - TIME.
  36. 0
    12 August 2014 20: 56
    All that Zhanna Bichevskaya sings about, as the author writes, is not truth at all. Nor is truth what the author himself utters without leaning on authority. That’s all (the article, I mean) was written only to be noted (what if they don’t really burn?). We continue to think and reflect only with our head (and now it also has a word in it - authorship, they’ll come up with it!).
  37. 0
    12 August 2014 21: 17
    Quote: Wend
    Exactly, they look with hope, both in the West and in Russia. So we are not striving for isolation, on the contrary, we are exporting Russian values ​​to the world. Against game parades, against same-sex marriage, against double standards, etc.
    Everything is good if the information reaches the consumer .. The experience of the outskirts shows that in half a year you can extract some kind of mosquito and shit the inhabitants of the territory into a skull.
  38. Tanechka-clever
    12 August 2014 21: 55
    "author's models are considered, on the contrary, as an element of development"

    Personally, I don't like such articles. It seems that the question is serious and the direction is chosen correctly - only the author does not know which "instrument to take" is better for him. And actually everything is simpler.
    The people are smarter than any theorist and have already told everything in folklore. And the great philosophers of the Ancient World revealed the structure of social relations. And the role of the individual in the management of the state is known from world history.
    And there are only a few tools and not many. This is the struggle of the private as a form of selfishness with public consciousness. This is a bunch of man-woman-child, in which a man is responsible for a woman and a child, and a woman only for a child.
    And therefore, the "author" is already incorporated by the nature of social relations into family relations, and any state is a family, albeit a large one. Today the problem in the world is violence against women, which is taking on threatening proportions in the world to change the quality of public consciousness - and not for the better. But women no longer want to fight and have faced off.
    In any society, there has always been and is a struggle for public property, and this requires power, and therefore repressive organs. But the law works - "The tops cannot, but the lower classes do not want" - and then the destruction of the old formation sets in.
    But in any case, such articles carry information for reflection and the search for truth.
  39. 0
    12 August 2014 22: 17
  40. GDV
    12 August 2014 23: 26
    The situation in the city of N, a comrade left to work, accidentally got to the factory, there I encountered a complete lack of personnel, I started to customize the robots, from my friends, I did not believe when I heard from him that for each recruit the company pays him 40 tr
    Sn decent from 50.
    In the city of shitty cloud interested in well-paid work who do not know where to go. The task has ripened a lot of patriots in the country who are not averse to plowing in their native country for a good salary.
    But the fact is that somehow everything is not organized, a cry in the country or something to shout, restore the people’s defense. The only good news is that if you get settled, you have to go through a rigorous check, but are you a bad boy? koros organs rustle and it pleases.
  41. 0
    12 August 2014 23: 33
    Quote: ansons
    About Dyuzheva three months was this info. Bullshit, the page is not his, everything has already been figured out, do not escalate in a new way. And pay less attention to any trash ...

    Its this page, see posts from April 28, 16.45. It was later that he already tried to otmazatsya, but could not (
  42. 0
    13 August 2014 02: 11
    Delirium is rare. Religiousness is equated with atheism. Atheism, respected, is not the worship of "no god", but the denial of the divine principle. Comparison of Russia and China as "powers between the seas" is far-fetched. What seas is China between? The most typical eastern power with Islam, Taoism. Moa - Taoist - this is certainly cool. Drawn to schizophrenia.
    Distortion everywhere: "Monarchy is antinomical. That is, it is" illegal ", more precisely," above the law "" It is necessary for one person to be above everything, even above the law. "
    In general, "Antinomy (ancient Greek .ντι- - against [1] and νόμος - law; contradiction in the law or contradiction of the law to itself) is a situation in which contradictory statements about the same object have logically equal justification [2], and their truth or falsity cannot be justified within the framework of the accepted paradigm, that is, a contradiction between two provisions, recognized as equally true, or, in other words, a contradiction between two laws. The term "antinomy" was proposed by Goklenius. " (Wikipedia)
    What does "Above the law" have to do with it?
    And so the whole article.
    Wherever you spit, or a substitution of concepts, or wishful thinking, or geographical incidents.
  43. reg_edit
    13 August 2014 02: 29
    How Dugin is tired ...
    Well, let's start with the fact that all this was relevant 15-17 years ago, when it was necessary to equalize the tilt not in the direction of Autonomous Republic, but in the direction of necessary and sufficient guarantees for the independent survival of the population (in case of something). The author's pathos in this direction would have been appropriate in the mid-late 90s, but now for Russia it is a knock on an open door. Yes, everything is terribly slow, we do not have time. But the trick is that Russia is "not allowed to be in time." Remember the naive Stolypin ("Give us 20 calm years and you won't recognize Russia" - but who will give you something?)
    Second. There is a world system of division of labor. The concept of "division of labor" has been forgotten, but so far humanity has not come up with anything better. Someone does one thing, someone else - as a result, productivity increases and it is easier to buy than to do it yourself. Interestingly, author Vladimir Karpets grows potatoes for himself, feeds pigs, forges axes, chops trees and writes articles in his free time? Or does he still write articles and buy the rest in the store? Juche, Jamahiriya, Chinese and Japanese isolationism have always led to the same thing - ships appear on the coast (or planes in the sky) and they tell you - I'm sorry, friend, but we are stronger, and therefore ... they are trying to push Russia out of the international system of division labor. Consciously and purposefully. And “patriots” like the author support this line with enthusiasm. What is the liberal intelligentsia, what is the author's one.
    The third. About time, space and other philosophy of history. There is such a mess in the article that it is very difficult to catch the idea (I’m probably a little dumb). Can this article be moved to a special philosophical resource?
    PS For some reason, the site's auto-editor changes "A" to "O" in the word "Auto". As a result, all comments look illiterate.
  44. 0
    13 August 2014 07: 56
    He started for health and in places strongly and convincingly, and ended with a ridiculous appeal to the singer: “All enemies of Russia will be executed - Zhanna Bichevskaya sings.”
    In essence, of course, the search for a state idea, that is, an answer at the state level, why and for what a person lives is extremely important! So such reflections can be welcomed, but the author in this case managed to sit between Marx and Christ, and to cover himself with a copper basin of Dugin conspiracy theories from above.
    It is difficult to exhale the kernel of the undoubted truth about the self-sufficiency of the states of large spaces, but where to put the energy of passionaries? The earth is small and everything is settled into it. This was written by NASA theorist Zarubin.
    The problem is this.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"