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KRET at the II International Exhibition of Armament, Technology and Innovation “Oboronexpo-2014” for the first time will present a comprehensive UAV board project

In the framework of the III International Forum "Technologies in Mechanical Engineering-2014" and the II International Exhibition of Armament, Technology and Innovations "Oboronexpo-2014" Concern "Radioelectronic Technologies" (KRET) of Rostec State Corporation for the first time will present proposals for integrated equipment with unified avionics systems (RREA) perspective unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). KRET will demonstrate a comprehensive project of the drone board, which is being developed in an initiative manner. This is a universal board for any type of UAV - military and civilian, aircraft or helicopter circuits.

“KRET, on its own initiative, is engaged in promising development of all systems for military and civilian UAV avionics,” said Andrei Tyulin, Deputy Director General of KRET, for strategic planning and enforcement of the state defense order. “For the first time, we will present more than 20 of the latest solutions, including flight, fuel, and cable systems for UAVs of any type.”

As part of the UAV exposition, the Concern will present the modern 15 developments of its enterprises, which have all the competencies in the field of creating unified systems (flight and navigation complex, fuel and computing systems, etc.) for unmanned aerial vehicles.

In particular, the Concern will demonstrate a unique digital multifunctional radar station developed by Fazotron-NIIR Corporation. It is intended for detecting and tracking air, ground and surface targets, issuing target indications to other UAV systems, solving navigation tasks and forming a radar image of a surface with a given resolution.

The exhibition will show the integrated control system (CSU) developed by the Industrial Automation Design Bureau (KBPA) for helicopter-type UAVs, as well as flight test information recorders and cabin indicators.

Another novelty will be a sample calculator of air signals of the Air Force B3-2. It was developed by the Ulyanovsk Instrument Engineering Design Bureau (UKBP) and provides the navigation and piloting systems (PS) of the UAV with information on the altitude-speed parameters necessary for controlling the flight of the aircraft.

KRET will also present a strapless inertial system created by the Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation. It is designed to determine the location of the aircraft, integrated processing and issuance of navigation, flight information.

Enterprise KRET "Aviaavtomatika" named after V.V. Tarasova will present a management system weapons.

The UAV exposition will occupy a separate thematic area of ​​the KRET multi-media pavilion, which will be one of the largest at the exhibition, housed on the site in 1,8 thousand square meters. m

The open exhibition of the Concern will be located on the square in 660 square. For the first time, full-scale samples of the newest types of electronic reconnaissance and electronic warfare systems (EW) will be presented here. Concern's enterprise 41 takes part in the joint exposition. For the first time, it will be possible to get background information about KRET and get acquainted with the presented exhibits simply by downloading a special application for a smartphone or by touching the “smart” multi-touch display in the KRET pavilion.

Take advantage of the KRET mobile tour and you will receive a battery for charging your mobile phone as a gift. The newest technologies will provide comprehensive information on KRET exhibits.
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  1. alekc73
    alekc73 11 August 2014 16: 33 New
    Russian drone-domestic stuffing.
    1. nikrandel
      nikrandel 11 August 2014 16: 39 New
      Well, Americans, in what industry will the following sanctions be?
      We are not waiting for where the LIFT will be !!!
      1. Stalevar
        Stalevar 11 August 2014 16: 41 New
        We must fight for our brains! How many talented young people fell in the USA in 90's. But these people could work for the good of Russia. But Russia was indifferent to them. Now we need to change the guidelines. Our brains are our safety and a headache for the alleged adversary. We will interest young people - we will receive three times from them.
        1. nikrandel
          nikrandel 11 August 2014 16: 45 New
          Let them introduce an embargo on the "import" of Russian scientists, and expel the existing ones to their homeland! repeat
          1. Ezhaak
            Ezhaak 11 August 2014 17: 17 New
            Quote: nikrandel
            Let them introduce an embargo on the "import" of Russian scientists, and expel the existing ones to their homeland!

            I am sorry for the amendment. Worthless "scientists" Let them stay there, in the west. And let them take the Dumb with a diploma from here. And then they took it into a habit, they run away, and then screaming: I have dual citizenship, they are torn back. For work was not found there. Pacifiers, panima!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Imperial
      Imperial 11 August 2014 16: 44 New
      It is more expensive to buy imports, which one manufacturer knows is wired there. Over several years ago, there was kipish at the expense of avionics, up to 70% of the Meidinch, as they calculated how much the re-equipment would get, the hair stood on end.
    4. Giant thought
      Giant thought 11 August 2014 16: 50 New
      We are now diligently developing all sectors of the national economy in order to be self-sufficient, thanks to Obama and his sanctions.
      1. Rostislav
        Rostislav 11 August 2014 19: 19 New
        Everything is as usual: "The thunder will not break out, the man will not cross himself" and "There was no happiness, but misfortune helped." Thank you Obamushka!
    5. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 11 August 2014 16: 50 New
      For the first time we will present more than 20 latest solutions, including flight, fuel, cable systems for any type of drones. ”

      Every day it’s joy. The design idea, brought to life by our designers in action. It’s gratifying ..., do not slow down, keep it up. Our sworn "friends" should not even think to question our sovereignty.
    6. opus
      opus 12 August 2014 05: 10 New
      Quote: alekc73
      Russian drone-domestic stuffing.

      And foreign targets ... wink
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 11 August 2014 16: 36 New
    Our response to sanctions. I’ll tell you a secret. Some microelectronic plants have increased the plan at times! (Electronic filling avionics and not only).
  3. Mooh
    Mooh 11 August 2014 16: 41 New
    Is there artificial intelligence? Now they say nothing without him :)
  4. zoomIZH
    zoomIZH 11 August 2014 16: 42 New
    Keep it up! We did not want to develop our science and economy in a good way, we will develop under the influence of external factors. Business, including state business, in general, a lazy thing - why create? if you can buy and not bother. Somewhere already they wrote about business patriotism, when focusing on one’s resources and potential strengthens defense ability faster and better than the number of tanks.
  5. nvn_co
    nvn_co 11 August 2014 16: 43 New
    Probably an interesting exhibition will be ...
  6. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 11 August 2014 16: 43 New
    Nice for their.
  7. P-38
    P-38 11 August 2014 16: 44 New
    The main thing is that the electronics should at least not be inferior to the western one, so that this is not a show. If so, then GREAT
    1. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 11 August 2014 18: 31 New
      Quote: P-38
      The main thing is that the electronics should at least not be inferior to the western one, so that this is not a show. If so, then GREAT

      The video, in my opinion there are several interesting points, a helmet, for example, a racket with a Su-35
  8. el.krokodil
    el.krokodil 11 August 2014 16: 48 New
    Luminaries-scientists who created domestic military electronics transfer experience and train young ones .. our youth in electronics thinks well and pay young people normally now, that’s the fruit! Soon, according to the good SOVIET-RUSSIAN tradition, we will be unpleasant to surprise the adversary .. and now there is something to disappoint! laughing laughing
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Venier
    Venier 11 August 2014 18: 08 New
    The Russians recovered, straightened their crown, and again went ahead!
  11. rpek32
    rpek32 11 August 2014 19: 39 New
    I would not hastily rejoice. The project is not a demonstration model after all.
  12. TOR2
    TOR2 11 August 2014 20: 35 New
    Well done! But do not forget about dual-use technologies! The civil sector also needs to be promoted.
  13. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 11 August 2014 22: 55 New
    Good news, joyful! good It remains the case for the introduction and industrial production!