In Italy, reflect on military assistance to the army of Iraq

The Italian Ministry of Defense said that the official Rome does not exclude the provision of military assistance to the Iraqi army. At the same time, the Italian Defense Ministry noted that they are ready to join in resolving the Iraqi crisis after all the countries of the European Union agree on options for possible assistance. This is with reference to Italian sources reports RIA News.

In Italy, reflect on military assistance to the army of Iraq

In the main military department of Italy add that it is not about the direct armed intervention of the Italian army in the Iraqi conflict.
The position of Italy explained in the Foreign Ministry of the country:

We are currently developing a series of other initiatives that affect not only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but may also concern the Italian Ministry of Defense. The Italian Defense Ministry can join in the search for ways out of the crisis in Iraq, where a number of provinces came under the control of the Islamic State militants.

At the time, Italy was also not going to use its army to participate in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the American "friends" got Rome to ensure that Italian soldiers (as soldiers of the NATO bloc) take the most direct part in the "democratization" of these states. There is an opinion that the United States can now "urge" the Europeans to send their troops into Iraq to "defend democracy".

For reference: during the previous war in Iraq, the army of Italy lost 33 people killed and 36 wounded. A few more dozens of Italian soldiers died in Afghanistan, more than two hundred were injured.
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    1. +2
      11 August 2014 12: 55
      Too late negative , ISIS had to be beaten with an embryo and not when its "tentacles" reached such size. No.
      And now let the West itself try to kill those whom it itself has generated!
      1. +1
        11 August 2014 13: 09
        Geyropeytsy did care about strengthening the power of Islamic radicalism.
      2. +1
        11 August 2014 13: 23
        Quote: supertiger21
        Too late, ISIS should have been beaten with an embryo and not when its "tentacles" reached such size.
        And now let the West itself try to kill those whom it itself has generated!

        And they don’t need to kill anyone, it's all a show ... everything is going according to their plan, unfortunately ((
    2. +2
      11 August 2014 12: 57
      Eh, America brewed this porridge, now do you want to disentangle it?! ...
      Better think about how to build relations between your EU and Russia.
      1. +1
        11 August 2014 13: 18
        Those who make porridge prefer that others dissolve it.
    3. +2
      11 August 2014 12: 57
      Where are these? The City Hall of Rome has no money to take the garbage out of the city to the landfill! The economy is on fire. Do nothing? Or for them the principle: "... Mother War"? They dance like crazy to Uncle Sam's tune ...
      1. +1
        11 August 2014 13: 10
        Quote: boozer
        Do nothing?

        But this is a good reason to distract people from the economy!
    4. +1
      11 August 2014 12: 57
      Quote: supertiger21
      Too late negative , ISIS had to be beaten with an embryo and not when its "tentacles" reached such dimensions. No.

      it’s never too late to beat terror, but ...
      What can Italians do?
      Maybe I'm not enlightened, but IMHO nothing shines there.
      In general, about nothing ... "when everyone thinks and agrees, then we will pull ourselves up, otherwise we are FOR!"
    5. Bombardier
      11 August 2014 13: 00
      What is heard about our Pinocchio?
      1. Bombardier
        11 August 2014 13: 28
        What is it minus? (I don’t give a damn about minus) Ours sent TOS-1 to Iraq, so the question is what’s wrong with them?
    6. +2
      11 August 2014 13: 03
      In Italy, reflect on military assistance to the army of Iraq

      Pasta? wink
    7. Dart_Veyder
      11 August 2014 13: 04
      After the United States threw the essence of its allies in Iraq, the rest of the allies should ponder, and they will come to the rescue when a hairy hand with a grenade pounds at their door or say you are already a democracy, decide for yourself. In my opinion, in addition to air strikes, the Kurds need to supply heavy weapons, namely to the Kurds, as the most combat-ready compounds (Kurds are in no way worse than a moderate Syrian opposition).
    8. Bombardier
      11 August 2014 13: 04
      Here is an addition to the article:

      MOSCOW, August 11 - RIA Novosti. The United States began direct supplies of weapons to the Iraqi Kurds, who are fighting Islamic State militants, the Associated Press reported on Monday, citing sources in the US government.
      Previously, the United States sold weapons only to the central authorities of Iraq. Sources did not specify which structures sell weapons to the Kurds and what types of weapons are in question. One of the agency's interlocutors said that the Pentagon was not engaged in deliveries. The agency notes that usually the CIA conducts such operations.
      The day before, the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masood Barzani, turned to the international community with a request to provide weapons to fight IS fighters.
      Islamist militants killed at least 500 Yezidi Kurds in Iraq. There is evidence of their brutal reprisals against women and children. The militants also captured about 300 women who are used as slaves.

      RIA Novosti
      1. Dart_Veyder
        11 August 2014 13: 09
        While the Iraqi authorities are pulling troops into the capital so that nothing happens to them, the Kurds seize the moment (as long as the aircraft maintains, FIG knows what will happen next) and the counters attack, it seems that the further they flee, the more Kurdistan will be.
        1. Bombardier
          11 August 2014 13: 44
          MOSCOW, August 11 - RIA Novosti. Militants of the Sunni Islamic State group have seized the Iraqi city of Jalaul, 115 kilometers from the country's capital Baghdad, Reuters reported on Monday, citing Iraqi police.
          Islamist militants kill 500 Yezidi Kurds in Iraq
          In order to take the city in the Iraqi province of Diyala, the militants fought for several weeks with Kurdish armed formations - Peshmerga. Also under the control of the Islamists passed two villages in the vicinity of the city.
          The capture of Jalauly occurred the day after the Kurdish military, as a result of fierce battles with the Islamic State, managed to liberate Makmur and Gwer, two cities in northern Iraq.
          In early June, due to the activation of the Sunni Islamic State group in Iraq, the threat to security increased. The militants, who fought in Syria until recently, led an offensive in the northern and western regions of Iraq. They were joined by Iraqi Sunnis, military personnel from Saddam Hussein's army and small terrorist groups. At the end of June, the group announced the creation of an "Islamic Caliphate" in the territories under its control in Iraq and Syria.

          RIA Novosti
    9. +1
      11 August 2014 13: 08
      So I’m sure that the European Union will take an active part in the elimination of ISIS, and will transfer to its oil producing companies deposits that previously belonged to the Kurds.
    10. Dart_Veyder
      11 August 2014 13: 11
      And by the temma of the Iraqi army, only detachments will help.
    11. +1
      11 August 2014 13: 12
      In case of problems in the economy, Italy wants to help Iraq, which it got into at the time at the "request" of the United States. Forward Italy, for the acquisition of new problems for its people. The Italians will take this into account.
    12. +1
      11 August 2014 13: 25
      Uh-huh, the US bombed the country by building their "democracy" there, and now, please, Europe, help in rebuilding the state.
    13. +1
      11 August 2014 13: 29
      Not funny. That there is Italy. Gin released from the bottle striped? Now let him be driven back. Here, in Libya, Italy has been "fancy". And what should she catch in Iraq, with all her army?
    14. 0
      11 August 2014 13: 49
      Sets of white flags for the Iraqi army have already taken off ...
    15. 0
      11 August 2014 22: 07
      continuous verbiage from the Italian Foreign Ministry and no specifics.

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