New army armored car XC2V

New army armored car XC2V

The design community of the US Local Motors, presented its new creation - the conceptual army armored XC2V FLYPMode, created in close cooperation with the agency DARPA.

History the creation of the project is quite ordinary: the US military decided to compare the results of research of well-known defense companies and the so-called "collective intelligence". With the help of Local Motors in February of this year, an open tender was launched, all participants of which had the opportunity to offer their own high-speed vehicle project for transporting people and oversized cargo in real combat conditions. The winner of the announced competition was V.Garsia, a graduate of Art Center College of Design in California. He received an award in the amount of 7500 $ for his work, and specialists from the company Local Motors set about the technical implementation of the project. It took just 2 weeks to build the first working XC14V prototype. The car is designed to carry four people, including the driver, under the hood XC2V - the most powerful engine from the company Chevrolet Corvette.

The prototype is an example of a universal military vehicle that is capable of participating in real combat operations, as well as taking wounded soldiers from the battlefield. The basic model involves the installation of various types of weapons. DARPA reported far from all the details about the created XC2V car, hiding the most interesting from possible competitors - its main technical characteristics, as well as the approximate cost of one copy.

DARPA is predicting a cloudless future for the XCNNXXV SUV, indicating that its conceptual qualities can be used both in the defense industry and in the civilian automotive industry. Its versatility provides an opportunity to perfectly adapt to modern requirements for military equipment. According to official information, the serial version of the DARPA XC2V armored car will be produced under the name - FANG, which stands for Fast Adaptable Next-Generation Ground Combat Vehicle. The developers noted that their prototype XC2V, was created without the slightest government intervention, which ultimately cost the customer less than other vehicles that are being developed by order of the government. In addition, DARPA XC2V was created by people who have nothing to do with government structures - it was just a separate group of enthusiasts united by a common idea.

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