Do the peoples of Russia have a future?

"Keep the power of the Russian -
The only threat to enemies! "

Book Veles. Fierce years.

"Without knowing your past,
You risk getting lost in the present,
And also lose your future "
"Love Knowledge
And they will help you find,
Among other great nations,
Its worthy place "
V.I. Zhiglov

In this chapter I want to make a retrospective forecast about the future of the descendants of the legendary Slavs-Ants, who are the modern Russian people, who have enriched themselves with the ethnos of numerous fraternal peoples. Therefore, the future of the Russian people cannot be considered in isolation from other fraternal peoples inhabiting the endless expanses of our Motherland Russia.

As stated in the book of the prophet Isaiah: "In order to see your future, you have to look back."

If we turn to stories the Russian state, we will see that from the moment of its inception and to the present, our homeland has gone through a series of severe tests. And in all these difficult trials, the Great Russian people was the link of our fraternal peoples. We will not dwell on the distant past, which we considered in the previous chapters of this book, but consider in more detail the time we see.

After the October Revolution and a long civil war, our country was beset by desolation, famine and devastation, accompanied by a sharp decline in the population of Russia. But the country was able to overcome the challenges it faced and began to re-create a new Power.

However, a new ordeal followed, called in our people the Great Patriotic War, which befell our people and claimed about twenty million human lives.

And again, our mighty Motherland rose from the ashes, restored the destroyed economy, mastered virgin lands and made an unprecedented breakthrough in scientific and technical progress, bringing the first artificial satellite of the Earth and the first cosmonaut of our planet Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin to near-earth orbit!

I remember this heroic time well and with some of my memories I want to share with you.

After the death of Joseph Stalin, Khrushchev came to power, and the so-called "political thaw" came to the country. People have ceased, they are afraid to have sharp discussions on political topics. But the most important achievement of that time was the solution of the housing issue. The country began to build in a large number of prefabricated houses, later called "Khrushchev", as well as by analogy, the houses built during the reign of Stalin later became known as "Stalinist".

Got a new apartment and our family. My father, as a stock officer, was given a spacious three-room apartment in the city of Alma-Ata with a garden plot of 5 acres, the harvest from which was a good help to our table. The convenience of our apartment consisted in the fact that it was located just 20 minutes from the city center.

A year later, my sister was born in our family, and we lived very harmoniously with her, although the difference in years between us was 8 years. There were numerous children and our neighbors and our entire blooming "Khrushchev village" was filled with their cheerful joyful shout and children's games.

Only in our nearest district, three new kindergartens and two spacious high school buildings were built. Thus, the demographic crisis was overcome through the successful implementation of the housing program.

New housing was erected everywhere in the time of Leonid Brezhnev. And when in the seventies there was some reduction in state construction, the resulting housing shortage was filled by housing and construction cooperatives, which gained a broad social movement in our country, which also contributed to the solution of the demographic issue.

The first years of perestroika were also marked by a new housing program. A new slogan was put forward: “Each family has a separate apartment by 2000 year”. Many of my acquaintances received new apartments in the second half of 80.

But soon the collapse of a single camp of the socialist states began, followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union, and at the same time the Great Migration of Peoples began. Millions of our compatriots found themselves on different sides of the newly formed borders of the new sovereign states. I was also forced to leave my scientific work in Kazakhstan in the city of Alma-Ata and go to Russia.

In 1995, the St. Petersburg Branch of the International Academy of MAISU was formed, and I was elected its full member, received the title of academician. In the spring of 1996, I was elected Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Branch of MAISU and I headed the scientific department of Social Medicine and Biotechnology. In recent years, I have been awarded the International Order "Polar Star" (Pole Star) "For personal contribution to world science and popularization of scientific knowledge", the Medal of Honor named after I. Mechnikov of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences "For practical contribution to strengthening the health of the nation", and the Federation of Cosmonautics of Russia "For merits to the national astronautics" awarded three medals: named after KE Tsiolkovsky, named after academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences M. Keldysh and a medal named after the USSR pilot-cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin. In total, over the years of scientific activity, I have published over 100 scientific papers.

However, in my historic homeland, I faced the same difficulties and problems as the millions of our compatriots who arrived in Russia. For more than 10 years, I have been renting a room in a communal apartment, and therefore I was forced to quit my research activities and go to another job, hoping to solve my housing problems.

But it is especially hard for young people with their housing disorder.

Under these conditions, there is no question of any demographic population growth. According to demographic forecasts, if the population of Russia will decline at the same pace, then in the most coming decades it will decrease to less than 100 million people. I'd like to hope that this will not happen.

The media are sometimes terrifying data. So for the 2005 year in the territory of our country, over 70 thousands of citizens of Russia disappeared without a trace It is obvious that most of their disappearances are connected with serious unsolved crimes, before the disclosure of which the police remain impotent.

And here, in order to restore public order, we need to again refer to the experience of past years. So at the end of 50 and at the beginning of 60 of the last century, when a wave of criminality swept our country, the government turned to citizens with the proposal to create voluntary national teams. It was the voluntary people's squads, together with the police, who were able in a short time to establish public order in our country and significantly reduce crime.

In addition, in Russia a huge number of people die in road traffic accidents every year. But there are many other demographic problems, which should be discussed in more detail.

Ponder the following facts. So, according to the statistics of the latest All-Russian population census, in our country there are about 27% of incomplete families. This is a tragedy not only for the younger generation of children deprived of maternal warmth and fatherly attention, but also for our entire society as a whole. Therefore, the strengthening of State foundations must begin with the strengthening of family ties between individual spouses. I, too, for more than 10 years raised my son alone and I know firsthand what loneliness is. But without spiritual unity, a lasting Family Union cannot be created.

As popular wisdom says: "A man in a house without a woman is like a rider in a steppe without a horse, and a woman in a house without a man is like a flower without light." Let us always remember this and be wiser in dealing with each other. We should not forget that God is Love embodied in life, and without Divine Love we lose the most valuable possession in our life - the road to the Heavenly Temple.

In the past ten years alone, from 1995 to 2005 a year, according to official figures, the population of Russia has declined by 10 million people. If we consider that over the same years, the population of other CIS countries also declined by more than 10 million people, then the human losses of the population of the former republics of the Soviet Union, during this period of time, are comparable to the human losses during the Great Patriotic War, which took away during Hitler’s occupation of about 20 millions of human lives, and it is possible that in their numbers, even surpass them!

What was the reason for such a sharp decline in the population of our country?

According to medical statistics, Russians in life expectancy are at the level of the so-called underdeveloped countries. Several dozens of large and medium-sized cities in our country are classified as ecologically unfavorable, in which people die prematurely, not usually from natural aging, but from severe pathological ailments associated with environmental pollution by toxins of anthropogenic origin. With each breath of air, we fill our lungs with a poisonous gas mixture, which is carried through our blood and accumulates in our body. With each sip of tap water, we absorb the explosive cocktail of various toxic chemical compounds and a numerous spectrum of opportunistic bacteria. In turn, it has been established that chlorine compounds used to fight bacteria have an oncogenic effect, therefore, in many civilized countries, other alternative methods are used to disinfect drinking water, including ultraviolet radiation. Fruits, vegetables and other food products sold contain threatening concentrations of pesticides and “conditionally safe” food additives, including preservatives, flavors and colors, and other man-made chemical compounds.

And this is typical for almost all megacities of our country. St. Petersburg in this list is also no exception. The degree of its pollution can be clearly seen firsthand when climbing on a clear day to Pulkovo Heights, from which you will well see a thick layer of black smog hanging over the city. Therefore, it is not surprising that the average life expectancy in the city on the Neva for men is only about 56 years, and for women a little more than 64 years. There is a manifestation of the syndrome of premature aging associated with environmental pollution and poor unbalanced nutrition.

Compare similar figures in economically developed countries, where the average life expectancy for men is 76 years, and for women is close to 80 years. That is, those Petersburgers do not live to the threshold of natural aging for about two decades! And at the same time, more and more often, among our legislators, there are calls to increase the retirement age for Russians! But is it possible in this way to solve the demographic question?

But the most important scourge of the country's population is widespread poverty, depriving people of the most elementary life-support standards.

There was a sharp division of our society into poor and rich, while the richest natural resources that make up for certain types of minerals from 40 to 70% of natural resources Planets that were previously the property of the entire population of Russia, were controlled by a handful of newly minted billionaires oligarchs.

In these conditions, it is necessary for the state to effectively manage the profit, redistributing it for social needs, while first of all it is necessary to take care of the elderly and children, as well as to pay attention to the practical implementation of the social program of affordable housing and higher financing of medicine, education and science.

It is also necessary to create appropriate economic conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, stimulating the increase in the employment of the population and the increase in its income. This can be achieved only by drastic tax cuts in this economic sector and ensuring its affordable lending, while reducing the rate of inflation.

If we turn to the problems of natural population growth, we will see very disappointing indicators here. With a general decrease in the birth rate of children, a simultaneous decrease in the indicators characterizing the level of health of the younger generation also occurs. So, in the mass media, medical information about the examination of adolescents was repeatedly reported, with which various pathological abnormalities were detected in more than 70% of children of school age. About 15 - 20% of children can only be considered conditionally healthy.

But even worse is the case with newborn children. Thus, according to statistical data, in some regions of Russia 18 - 24% of newborns refuses to breastfeed, while in pre-revolutionary Tsarist Russia this figure did not exceed 1,5 - 2,6%. The main reason for the failure of newborn babies to breastfeed is environmental pollution by various toxic compounds, primarily pesticides, which accumulate cumulatively in the human body and are detected, including in the milk of a nursing woman.

At the same time, the rejection of breast maternal feeding deprives the entry into the infant of many important biological compounds, including the secretory immunoglobulins of group A, which are responsible for the formation of immunity in the first months of life. It should also be noted that breastfeeding is more often refused by children whose mothers use alcohol or are smokers.

Mothers drinking coffee are also at a high risk of rejection of newborn babies from breastfeeding. The fact is that the caffeine in its composition is produced by tropical coffee plants as a biological defense against insect pests, in relation to which it is a poison of nerve paralytic action. Small doses of caffeine affect the human nervous system excitingly, but with an increase in its concentration in the blood, it causes depression. The situation is aggravated by the fact that with its regular use a person becomes caffeine-dependent.

Therefore, caffeine compounds, as well as nicotine and alcohol, by their biological effects can be attributed to light narcotic drugs, causing their persistence of biochemical dependence, manifested by the type of substance abuse.

Caffeine is also found in tea, but in it is in much lower concentration. However, if you use a thick tea brew "chifir", then there are pronounced symptoms of caffeine intoxication of the body, accompanied by: heartbeat, a sharp increase in blood pressure, sweating, dizziness and sleep disturbance. To neutralize the negative effects of caffeine in tea, you must add milk or milk cream.

At the end of the 80 of the last century, scientific research was conducted at the Institute of Nutrition of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR and its branches, during which it was established that various types of lactic acid bacteria are natural antagonists destroying pesticides and other toxic organic chemical compounds. On the basis of these studies, new children's fermented milk mixtures, adapted to the child's body, were developed, which were obtained using lactic acid bacteria isolated directly from the body of nursing mothers.

However, at the beginning of the 90-s, these studies, due to the underfunding of scientific research in our country, were almost completely suspended everywhere along with other important studies in pediatrics. At the same time, the medical audience is well aware of the statement, which states that "The child’s health must be taken care of six months before the birth ... of his mother!"

But what depressing medical statistics has recently been published on the radio by one of our country's leading specialists in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. So in some regions of Russia, the surgical use of cesarean section during childbirth increased to 27-30%, while even 10-15 years ago, this indicator did not exceed 1% in certain regions! What is the reason for the nearly thirtyfold increase in the use of the most difficult surgical operation under anesthesia during childbirth, which can cause numerous complications in the female body and place the second child in great doubt?

There is no doubt that the increased number of pathological labors is associated with a significant weakening of the female body as a result of poor uniform and unbalanced nutrition due to low material support. However, as the obstetrician-gynecologist, speaking on radio, noted for many years studying this problem, the main reason for the significant increase in the use of cesarean section during childbirth is still the translation of modern Russian medicine into market relations.

As the people say: "Make a fool pray to God, so he will break his forehead to himself!"

For example, the cost of routine childbirth paid for a medical insurance policy is 2000 rubles for a medical institution, and delivery of a cesarean section is 3000 rubles, respectively. And here, according to a specialist, there is a direct material interest of medical personnel to more extensively use expensive obstetric care with surgical intervention, instead of the less paid, hours-long procedure of ordinary birth.

And this imbalance in “market medicine” cannot be eradicated by any punitive measures until the cost of medical services provided at obstetric aid is averaged, for example, making them in the amount of 2350 rubles, and also does not introduce additional material incentives for medical personnel to increase the relative number of patients giving birth to natural by simultaneously with a significant reduction in the use during childbirth of surgical interventions dangerous to the health of women in childbirth.

Therefore, in a resurgent Russia, which is paying increasing attention to social issues every year, special attention should be paid to the issues of motherhood and childhood, without which a positive solution to the demographic problem is impossible at the expense of the indigenous population of our country.

So what needs to be further taken to correct this demographic situation?

In recent years, our country's economy began to develop dynamically. High prices for exported raw materials, especially gas, oil and oil products, also contribute to this. There have been positive changes in other sectors of the economy. There is a need for additional labor resources. At the same time, calls to open the borders of Russia for the influx of emigrants from the near and far abroad have intensified.

But what about the indigenous people of Russia from time immemorial living in these territories? How to create the necessary conditions for the population of our country to solve the most pressing housing issue?

What new legislation would help solve this urgent problem?

If we turn to the new housing code, we will find in it a number of disappointing examples that directly impede the resolution of this complex task.

So throughout the civilized world, along with the mortgage, which is in every way lobbied by our government, the cooperative movement is widely developed. In the new housing code, a number of laws have been enacted that essentially promote the elimination of housing cooperatives.

Thus, in one of the articles of this law, strict deadlines are set for waiting for housing for members of a cooperative, which after a year of its activity cannot be less than two years! And all this is being done supposedly in order to increase the reliability of the cooperative movement. That is, those housing cooperatives, the queue in which is less than two years, will now be considered outside the law! It also looks absurd, if you write a law prescribing each hen to bear no more than one egg in two days, while stating that if it exceeds this rate, it is subject to "reorganization."

And what about those housing cooperatives that provide housing loans to their shareholders on average for only 3 - 4 of the year? Naturally, the queue in them should be much less than in those housing cooperatives in which these loans are issued on 10 - 15, and sometimes on 25 years. Our legislators, as always, did not think about it.

But they provided another restrictive article in the housing code, on the basis of which the number of members of the housing cooperative can not be less than 50 people! Such strict requirements were not envisaged for housing cooperatives and in the authoritarian Soviet state now criticized, seeking to interfere in everything, even in the new cake recipe being created. But our legislators have surpassed, as we see, by these indicators the party nomenclature of past years.

It should also indicate a new article in the housing code, which provides for the mandatory registration of new members of the cooperative in state bodies. For what purpose was this article written to say very difficult: either with the aim of creating new jobs for our bureaucracy for the subsequent infinite swelling of the bureaucratic apparatus, or with the aim of further groundless, so-called "state regulation"? Similar draconian laws have been adopted in the primary market for housing under construction in order to “under the guise of” the fight against unfinished construction — to monopolize this market and even more raise prices for housing. After all, as the President of Russia has repeatedly stated, the cost of one square meter of housing for developers does not exceed 300 US dollars, why then housing prices in some regions of our country have already surpassed the specified monetary value by more than 10 times (!) And continue to grow rapidly ?
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