From the army run recruits

From the army run recruitsRecruits flee military units of the Western Military District. Run on the way to the unit. Run, not having stayed and days in the territory of the part. Run, not taking the oath. Accomplice in the shoots are often parents who are recruited by phone recruits by suicide by phone. According to Fontanka, in the last two weeks alone, five have voluntarily left their part.

A week later, the spring draft campaign is over in Russia. The Western Military District speaks about the implementation of the plan for more than 90%. However, spring-2011 shows that it is not enough to simply recruit the required number of recruits: according to statistics, from the draft population 1 / 3 is sick, 1 / 3 has the right to postpone - they still need to be kept within the boundaries of the unit. And not everyone is fleeing from the army because of non-statutory relations, there are cases when a recruit gives a fight, even before reaching the unit.

Unauthorized abandonment of part (absence of more than 3 days) and even desertion (absence of more than 10 days in order to evade service) is not at all uncommon for the armed forces. They were, are and will be at all times. But recent events are alarmingly massive. Moreover, this phenomenon is mainly characteristic of the western part of the country. In Siberia, Transbaikalia, and in the Far East, military personnel, as a rule, calmly serve. But those called up from Moscow, St. Petersburg and nearby cities suddenly staged a massive run. Unrelated to each other, called up from different places and serving in separate units, 6 recruits from the Western Military District, as if by agreement, left the territory of military units almost at the same time.

June 30 from the 67679 military unit - this is the 221 military training ground near the village of Kirillovskoye in the Leningrad Region - 20-year-old Viktor Leshukov left. As Svetlana Utkina from the Fontanka told from the human rights organization Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg, the parents came from the Vologda Oblast, who literally stole him from the territory of the unit. On July 5, the fugitive, along with his mother and Mothers, appealed to the commandant's office of the St. Petersburg garrison. Here they said that ordinary Leshukov during his short-term service (May 23 was called in) was humiliated by fellow servicemen. Now this information is verified. The serviceman himself is at the assembly point for servicemen who left the part without permission, created on the basis of the Military Engineering and Technical University.

Another soldier - Valery Furaev - also 30 June left the location of the 02511 military unit in the village of Sapernoye, Priozersky District. The soldier appeared first to human rights activists, then to the military prosecutor's office. Furaev was sent to the military support battalion of the Military Medical Academy for medical examination, but from there he also fled. As the military officer’s aunt, Elena, told “Fontanka”, the first escape of Valery was forced by non-statutory relations, and the second by insidious military medics, who instead of the medical commission summoned officers from Kamenka. According to Elena, her nephew is now on the run, she does not get in touch with relatives, he is depressed, confused and does not trust anyone. He told them about how 30 Jun, his colleague, jumped out of the window of the 3 floor. Furaev himself associates this case with “hazing,” however, according to Fontanka, a drug was found in the blood of that rank and file. The young man was still alive, currently with a brain contusion in 442-m military hospital. On this fact is also being checked. The soldier himself explained what happened to the investigators by saying that he wanted to fly with a swallow, and someone allegedly poured the drug on him during his way to the unit - he arrived in the 02511 29 military unit in June.

Episodes of flight from the ranks of the armed forces a lot. It is possible that “Fontanka” owns information only about some of them. 13 May Private Kirill Rodchev fled the army without even reaching it. He was taken to the Kamenka by train, and at one of the stops, he jumped onto the platform at the last second. He was detained on the same day in Petrogradka. It turned out that on the way to the army he realized that he had been called on illegally, so he decided to flee. Currently, he is also undergoing a military medical commission at the VITU assembly point. In parallel, Rodchev filed an application to the court challenging his appeal.

July 1 Private Alexander left the 90450 military unit, stationed in the village of Ozernoye, Lomonosov district. He expects the results of the inspection in connection with his report about the bullying at the assembly point of the Military Academy of Logistics and Transport. According to human rights activist Svetlana Utkina, during the service he was dealt more than 100 blows to the head. 25 Jun conscript did not get to the part, because at the station he suddenly became ill with a heart. From the military hospital the young man was taken by the mother, who considered that her son was not being treated, and transferred him to a civilian hospital. At the request of the military to return the ordinary woman responds negatively.

In Pskov, the mother of private Alexei Kvasov took her son from the unit after he was in hospital with purulent pneumonia. According to Utkina, physicians strongly recommended leave after discharge to the patient, but the command of the unit refused to provide it due to the fact that at that time, the branch of the dismissal and leave was canceled. 24 June mother Kvasova took away her son.

Currently, all cases are being checked by military investigative agencies. An administrative commission was created by the command of the ZVO. The fugitives are also united by the fact that they all left part before taking the oath, and therefore did not have access to arms, and the responsibility for escaping them faces less than it could be if they had given an oath of allegiance to the motherland. Each case of the unauthorized abandonment of a part should be considered separately - someone is running because of “unsettlement,” someone psychologically is not ready for an abrupt change in lifestyle. The latter category, by the way, was previously successfully managed by the political leaders, then the deputies for educational work, who monitored the mental state of the servicemen and took action in time. Now that this post has been eliminated, and civilian psychologists (as a rule, young college graduates) have appeared in the new look of the armed forces, the soldier simply has no one to ask for help. It is planned that contract sergeants will take on the educational role, but they are not there yet - they are just being recruited for training. The soldiers are running now. And, unable to cope with the difficulties, adult men write SMS messages to their mothers, threatening to commit suicide if they do not take them from the army. As human rights activists say, in a week, five women in tears arrive, who have received such messages.
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