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New exoskeleton gives soldiers extra strength and speed

In the United States, we began testing the development of HULC (Human Universal Load Carrie) in the field. We are talking about power frames made of metal and composite materials - exoskeletons.

They can reward any extraordinary power. A special on-board microcomputer with a sensory system tracks the movements of a soldier and transmits information to the exoskeleton, which increases human capabilities with the help of motors. The military becomes incredibly resilient, turning almost into cyborgs. For example, the device will help to transfer in hands up to 90 kilograms of cargo over a distance of 20 kilometers.

While the novelty is not used in combat, and is used in test mode. Tests will allow you to understand how HULC affects the state of the fighters, according to a press release from the company LockheedMartin, which is engaged in this project. (The video on YouTube was uploaded by the user LockheedMartinVideos.)

The development of exoskeletons has long been conducted not only in the United States, but also in other countries, including Russia. As the program "Review" on NTV, in Russia, the production of frameworks for supermen is conducted in strict secrecy, the developers do not report on the detailed design and adaptation capabilities.

New exoskeleton gives soldiers extra strength and speed

There is even an acceleration mode in which you can run for a short time at a speed of 10 miles per hour (~ 17 km / h)

"On-board" computers control the movement of the exoskeleton in accordance with the movement of the soldier

The suit maintains its own weight so that the owner does not experience additional load.

On one charge, the suit allows you to carry up to 200 pounds over a distance of 12.4 miles (90 kg per 20 km).

The suit is designed so that parts can be replaced in the field

Commanders assess whether HULC helps soldiers use less energy than without it.

If the tests are successful, the next step will be testing under conditions simulating combat conditions.

Having a titanium frame, heavy weight is transmitted directly to the body of the exoskeleton

The ability to carry cargo remains even when the costume runs out of energy.

Lockheed engineers made an image of the suit, which is suitable for police special forces

Perhaps the exoskeleton will be used for civilian loading loads, as well as to help paralyzed walk again
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  1. datur
    datur 12 July 2011 11: 15 New
    amusing device --- but what is the cost?
  2. Professor
    Professor 12 July 2011 11: 24 New
    What kind of battery is there?
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 12 July 2011 12: 18 New
      Did you notice a diesel generator on a 3-axle tractor behind? wink
  3. mishan
    mishan 12 July 2011 13: 15 New
    Some Asian created an exo for the Americans? No brains
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 12 July 2011 13: 28 New
      As well as there was no "ourselves" ever.
  4. Rico1977
    Rico1977 12 July 2011 21: 33 New
    And how long does the battery last? So I see - this is a miracle, and behind it a truck with extension cords ... Lyapota ...
    1. roninas
      roninas 17 July 2011 22: 49 New
      With generator wink
  5. petor41
    petor41 12 July 2011 21: 56 New
    Great reluctant prototype of the future soldier of the American army! Soon the exoskeletons will unzip their fly and shake for them! wink
  6. MaxArt
    MaxArt 12 July 2011 23: 48 New
    It seems to me, comrades are lying. If there is such a battery, then we are clearly in the distant future and electric cars ride around in the streets. They lie and do not blush, it would be interesting to calculate the ampere-hours of a battery of such an exo, but there is not enough data.
  7. spirit
    spirit 13 July 2011 00: 05 New
    such a cottage winked with such crap, you can now grieve Microgun (the younger brother of Minigun) who lit up in the second terminator !!!!
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 13 July 2011 11: 26 New
      Yes, otherwise you won’t cope with the Colorado potato beetle :-)
  8. Draz
    Draz 13 July 2011 03: 25 New
    In the pictures of the second generation of HULC, several years ago on TV I saw a program about exoskeletons, with amers, some local old man began to do this at an old age, for fun, so to speak. So that.......

    Of course, questions remain about energy, and it seems to me that it is noisy - removed - like, so it’s not an option to use it for covert operations.
  9. Sergei
    Sergei 13 July 2011 11: 52 New
    I’m driven by these Americans in the photos the costumes differ on one photo where there could be no battery so they again throw dust in our eyes to appear ahead of the rest because our exoskeleton fighter 21 will be released only in 2015 and the developers claim that it will be better than at the Americans. So it is our custom that the Americans have an idea, but it’s not enough to realize it normally, and we will learn how to realize it, we will realize it better at times.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 15 July 2011 22: 53 New
    Too many questions! How to remove the wounded? Or how to deal with shell-shock, he is so shocked with such force! How will this machine behave when a box with shells from the body falls on you?
    I present this dialogue:
    -We will go to battle today?
    - Another batch of batteries from China is late!
  11. roninas
    roninas 17 July 2011 22: 54 New
    In fact, a thing is useful for carrying out autonomous sabotage operations. A larger load, respectively, more ammunition, food, etc. A lot of questions, of course, also arise. Noisiness? Energy intensity?
  12. - = 999 = -
    - = 999 = - 6 August 2011 01: 44 New
    I think the nonsense is too complicated a development path in the American style in 20 years yes, but now. It’s easier to make a lighter machine, put food in tablets. Instead of boots, the boots are resistant Czechs and forward, so that the old man runs faster on stones as a source of inexhaustible energy.
  13. almost demobil
    almost demobil 16 September 2011 08: 20 New
    A hefty mandula hangs on the pendos behind, there are batteries, but where to shove ammunition?
  14. ars_pro
    ars_pro 16 September 2011 14: 50 New
    +1 здесь подробнее
  15. Motherland
    Motherland 7 October 2011 15: 06 New
    So I see how the pendos lifts something heavy and this "super" technique breaks down and everything is goodbye to the soldier
  16. kosmos84
    kosmos84 7 October 2011 15: 13 New
    an e-mage explosion will turn it into an unbearable broom and make an honest fight (as in 2 mv) but they drove me on this subject to * - *
  17. Rosg
    Rosg 22 October 2011 21: 17 New
    In the army, I ran all the iron-hung with P-105 in the "module" and "sphere" armor on my head, plus an Ax-74 with full ammunition, a duffel bag and other shit with a weight of 65 kg. A man is able to carry his weight on himself, if everything on it is correctly fixed and, most importantly, evenly. Of course, you do not run very fast, and even more so you do not jump.
  18. dred
    dred 29 November 2011 17: 45 New
    I wonder if we have developments or our gloomy geniuses do not want to show another masterpiece?
    1. Maroder
      Maroder 13 December 2011 22: 04 New
      But why?
      We don’t need to carry anything.
      We will fight, not drag. Let the Pindos try to lie down in it quickly and roll back to the nearest shelter.
  19. General_Nogay
    General_Nogay April 25 2012 13: 05 New
    War with the terminator is inevitable)))!
  20. Gonoriy
    Gonoriy 27 November 2012 14: 36 New
    It seems to me that this contraption is useless. It’s really good on the march. Provided that they don’t lie about the battery. By the way, 20 km is not so much for the soldier. And what should I do in isolation from the base. Throw both the load and the device? In my opinion the technology is too raw.