In Cyprus, the arsenal is burning. Explosions are heard

The explosions thundered at the naval base in the south of Cyprus after the fire that occurred at the ammunition depot, ITAR-TASS reported. According to reports from the scene, at the base of the destroyed part of the buildings.

Police representatives confirmed the incident, however, no additional comments have yet been given. Eyewitnesses also saw ambulances that were heading to a military base.

According to the latest data, as a result of the fire and the series of explosions that followed it, 8 people died. The number of victims may increase, according to Cypriot media.
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  1. figwam 11 July 2011 16: 18 New
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    So it’s not only that they are burning with us.
  2. datur 11 July 2011 18: 54 New
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    apparently the Turks got there.
  3. Max79 12 July 2011 11: 04 New
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    Yes, it’s our sleep quietly .. if ammunition and now they are sweeping tracks! lol
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