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In 1993, Kalashnikov and Dragunov (junior) made the first version of the new submachine gun called the Bison PP-19. It was designed for the cartridge 9х18 (both standard and high-pulse, upgraded). Its distinguishing feature is the presence of a screw (from it. -) grenade shop 64 capacity cartridge. In the process of further refinement of the design, based on unification with a Kalashnikov assault rifle (60% of the details of "Bison" borrowed from AK), two modifications appeared - "Bizon-2" and "Bison-2B".


PP-19 "Bison"

The range of cartridges used has expanded - the cartridges of 9x17 Kurz and 9x19 Raga have been added.

The latest modification "Bison-PP-27" was developed in 1997 year under the cartridge 7,62x25 TT, which has a high bullet speed and high penetrating power. The capacity of the screw shop - 45 cartridges.

On the original PP-19 model, aiming devices are installed, identical to those on the AKS74U machine gun. The muzzle cut is equipped with a compact flame arrester with two wide rectangular windows. Butt metal, folding to the left. It has some distinctive features, which were caused not so much by functional considerations, as by the desire to maximally unify the product with the current production of Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, which ensures minimal changeovers in the manufacturing process. This is how the front sighting device of the AK-100 series appeared. The aiming strip with the clamp is also a detail of the AK design. The store of the new modification is made of aluminum alloy (the polyamide store is in development) and has four holes on the right side with 4, 24, 44 and 64 markings. The shooter determines the amount of ammunition in the store through these holes.

PP-19 "Bison" with a silencer

As for the modification "Bison-2B" (index "B" means silent), it is distinguished by the original design solution of the butt. Hard metal butt folded and fixed in the upper position above the receiver cover. Undoubtedly, this is a more ergonomic solution, while the strength characteristics are not inferior to the automaton variant, and the fighter, if necessary, can use the butt in hand-to-hand combat. The rear sighting device has also undergone significant changes. Instead of an open sight, a diopter appeared. "Bison-2B" is designed to work only with a silencer.

"Bison-2B" with a butt in combat (above) and marching positions

During the tests, all products of the PP-19 series showed a high degree of reliability and dependability of operation in the most severe operating conditions. Weapon has excellent martial qualities.

Performance characteristics

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  1. il grand casino
    il grand casino 7 September 2013 09: 44
    Guys, if anyone used it, I always wondered how long it would take to reload the store?
    P.S. Thank you for the article!
    1. duke
      duke 7 September 2013 10: 18
      I suppose as much as PPSh yes Seriously, in battle, you need a large reserve of already equipped stores conveniently located on the harness, at least 6 pieces, 64 rounds x 6 stores = 384 rounds, and preferably 10 stores.
      1. il grand casino
        il grand casino 7 September 2013 10: 47
        Didn’t the PPSh take off the lid and the cartridges didn’t tighten like that? Or am I confused ...
        1. Ezhaak
          Ezhaak 7 September 2013 11: 21
          Quote: il grand casino
          Didn’t the PPSh take off the lid and the cartridges didn’t tighten like that?

          Initially, a PPSh submachine gun received a drum magazine with a capacity of 71 rounds. The store consists of a store box with a lid, a drum with a spring and a feeder, and a rotating disk with a spiral crest - a snail. On the side of the store’s case there is an eyelet, which serves to carry shops on the belt in the absence of bags. The cartridges in the store are placed in two streams, on the outer and inner sides of the spiral snail crest. When feeding cartridges from an external stream, the snail rotates with the cartridges under the action of a spring-loaded feeder. In this case, the cartridges are removed by bending the box, located at the receiver, and displayed in the receiver, on the line of sending. After the cartridges of the outer stream are exhausted, the rotation of the cochlea is stopped by the stopper, while the output of the inner stream is aligned with the receiver window, and the cartridges are squeezed out of the inner stream by the feeder, which, without stopping its movement, now begins to move relative to the stationary cochlea.
          To fill the drum magazine with cartridges, it was necessary to remove the magazine cover, start the drum with the feeder two turns and fill the snail with cartridges - 32 rounds in the inner stream and 39 in the outer. Then release the locked drum and close the magazine with a lid. There was also a simple device to accelerate the equipment of the store. But all the same, as can be seen from the description, the equipment of the store, in itself not difficult, was a long and complicated matter in comparison with the equipment of the now box-shaped stores. In addition, with a drum magazine, the weapon was quite heavy and bulky. Therefore, during the war, the PPSh was adopted, along with the drum, a much simpler and more compact box-shaped sector magazine with a capacity of 35 rounds.
          1. il grand casino
            il grand casino 7 September 2013 11: 23
            hi Thank you!
            1. Ezhaak
              Ezhaak 7 September 2013 11: 26
              I was looking for an open store from PPSh and got a PM with a drum-type store, an amusing device.
              1. il grand casino
                il grand casino 7 September 2013 11: 29
                here from thomson.
              2. Sirozha
                Sirozha 9 September 2013 12: 48
                There was an article on the site about this store. This is a makeshift, moreover, from a drum from PPSh.
      2. MKALEKSEY
        MKALEKSEY 7 September 2013 12: 33
        This will not work with Bison - his shops from one pp may not fit another ((
        1. bunta
          bunta 7 September 2013 23: 02
          Quote: MKALEKSEY
          - at it shops from one pp can not approach another ((

          Whistling no bags to grumble ...
        2. fennekRUS
          fennekRUS 8 September 2013 15: 19
          You do not confuse with PPSh?
    2. Colonel
      Colonel 7 September 2013 22: 41
      If you pour cartridges into a hat, then manage in three minutes (after a short workout). If you equip together (one manipulates the magazine latch and handle, the other inserts cartridges) then in a minute. As of 2009, PP 19 was produced under three types of cartridges: 9x18 mm (Bison 2), 9x19 mm (Bison 2-01) and 9x17 mm (Bison 2-02), the latest version being unable to fire automatically.
      1. papik09
        papik09 8 September 2013 02: 39
        And where is such a rush needed? Cartridges must be inserted into the screw magazine very carefully so that there are no delays in firing. Therefore, only flea catchers can set speed records.
    3. papik09
      papik09 8 September 2013 02: 34
      About 5 minutes. But the soldier has up to 10 stores of ammunition, so he does not think about equipment in combat conditions.
      1. Colonel
        Colonel 8 September 2013 12: 06
        The software package includes only two stores. I do not know about fleas, time from personal experience.
  2. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 7 September 2013 11: 38
    Found a small fragment.
    1. il grand casino
      il grand casino 7 September 2013 11: 42
      Thanks for the video. Charging I suspect is not very convenient ... and not very fast. All the same, a carob store is more convenient. Yes, and easier.
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 7 September 2013 11: 58
        Quote: il grand casino
        All the same, a carob store is more convenient.

        Needless to say. So the amers are in no hurry to make stores for 30-45 rounds. It is difficult for their warriors to carry ten stores and place them at unloading. It’s easier to do with 20-charge stores.
        1. Cyber7
          Cyber7 7 September 2013 20: 31
          As has been said more than once, a rifle with a submachine gun is usually compared only by those who looked at them only in the pictures.
          It's like comparing a fork to a knife. Or an anti-aircraft gun with a Shilka.
          This is a different weapon. By range, rate of fire, by caliber, by field of application, by even a lot of parameters.
          To begin with (at least) take an interest in how the 9 mm caliber cartridge differs from the 5.56 mm caliber cartridge.
          And yet, mind you, the M-16, when firing automatically, gets terribly hot, wedges and burns hands.
          And PPSh - no.
          Quote: Hedgehog
          Needless to say.

          By itself. Of course.
      2. Cyber7
        Cyber7 7 September 2013 20: 25
        Quote: il grand casino
        Charging I suspect is not very convenient ... and not very fast.

        And in battle, no one carries zinc with cartridges with them, so that, hiding behind the wall, they calmly charge empty stores.
        Quote: il grand casino
        All the same, a carob store is more convenient.

        And what, interesting?
        Quote: il grand casino
        Yes, and easier.

        And 41 rounds less.
  3. georg737577
    georg737577 7 September 2013 18: 55
    According to the reviews of those who fired from this miracle - not very ... The high spread, the supply of cartridges is a miracle - they periodically wedge the store, the layout for the PP is not the best. The shape of the store makes it difficult to carry it at unloading. Definitely loses to the H&K MP-5 in accuracy, scatter and ergonomics. Reliability - the same. This is an option for the cartridge 9 X 19 Para.
    1. Colonel
      Colonel 7 September 2013 23: 18
      As for the scatter, I do not agree with you, it threshes quite decently. When shooting from an emphasis, you can gnaw a decent hole in the target. But the store is actually moody.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 8 September 2013 00: 35
    The equipment of the store, the wear of the PP itself in various forms, is really not the most successful and convenient.
    A comparison with the MP-5, as it is not even quite right. And the principle of the equipment of the store is different; one screw on the other store.
    Invalid comparison.
  5. Pavel. 199615
    Pavel. 199615 8 September 2013 09: 50
  6. Aleks21
    Aleks21 8 September 2013 10: 09
    Generally an interesting concept, but not for our technological base. I think somewhere in Switzerland, master watchmakers would have made candy with it - accurate, reliable and astronomically expensive ...
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 8 September 2013 20: 44
      Quote: Alex21
      I think somewhere in Switzerland, watchmakers would have made candy with him.

      Not, in the USA, CALICO software under the screw store invented by Warren Stockton and Mike Miller in 1985. Only on CALICO the screw magazine was located on top.
  7. D_L
    D_L 8 September 2013 15: 26
    Good car! 4, 95 out of 5,00
  8. Per se.
    Per se. 8 September 2013 18: 36
    It was high time to make such a submachine gun, but, together with an auger magazine, it would probably be worth having a sector cartridge for 35-40 cartridges.
    1. Ytfluunu
      Ytfluunu 8 September 2013 22: 21
      there is a sector -
  9. Agent 008
    Agent 008 8 September 2013 23: 22
    It is necessary to calculate how many terrorists have FILLED from the "Bizon", and then it will be clear whether the weapon is good or not ...
  10. the47th
    the47th 9 September 2013 08: 07
    It seems to me that paired box stores are almost as good as auger in capacity, and the convenience of equipment and carrying is much more convenient. That, in general, is done in PP-19-01.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 9 September 2013 10: 45
      If there is no time for reloading, it doesn’t matter anymore, in the pouch there is a replaceable magazine or twin, upsetting the balance and weighting down the weapon. Rather, the spark is more often self-deception, less often - an urgent need, when you really need an assault store, with a larger capacity of ammunition. It is wiser to have two types of magazines, sectorial constants on 30-40 cartridges, and assault, on 60-70 cartridges (screw or disk).
  11. Ilya Mikhalych
    Ilya Mikhalych 9 September 2013 16: 17
    Article +, although I already read about this paragraph on this site.
    Yeah, what just did not redo the good old AK. For a PP, a bullpup lineup is still better than a classic. An example of this is PP-2000.