August 1 marks Day of the RF Armed Forces

Annually 1 August in our country celebrates the Day of the rear of the armed forces of the Russian Federation - a professional holiday not only for all military personnel, but also for civilian personnel, which is related to units and parts of the rear of the Russian Armed Forces. This holiday was approved by the order of the Ministry of Defense of 7 May 1998. The choice of this particular date is not accidental. In fact, self-determination of the rear forces occurred during World War II, when 1 August 1941 of the year, Stalin signed a decree establishing the Main Directorate of the rear of the Red Army. At the same time, Russian rear troops have more than a 300-year-old history. This anniversary date was celebrated in our country 1 August 2000.

Rear services play a huge role in military life. It is no coincidence that logistic support arose simultaneously with the birth of the first armies of the then slave-owning states. Already in the armies of ancient Rome, the first rear services appeared that resolved the supply of troops weapons, clothes, gave soldiers a salary. For repair and production of weapons and other items of military equipment in the Roman military camps were special workshops. Food was either purchased from the population, or levied as a tribute from the peoples conquered by Rome.

Small stocks of food, weapons, shoes and clothing were transported in special carts. For these purposes, vehicles allocated by the population at the request of the commanders, pack animals, and waterborne vehicles. At the same time, great importance was attached to the construction of roads, bridges, as well as the search for sources of water in the path of troop movement. It was also at that time that the quartermaster and treasurers, the persons who were involved in fortification and road works, the quartering of troops and the construction of camps first appeared.

In Russia, the rear service originated in the 1700 year. At the very beginning of the 18th century, together with the creation of a regular army in the country, Emperor Peter I created two services: the commissariat — for financing, providing handguns, clothing, transports, and food — to provide troops with fodder and food. Permanent business units appeared in the Russian army regiments — permanent carts with stocks of various material resources: meat was procured, crackers were dried, bread was baked, repairs and tailoring of uniforms and footwear were done. Also in the XVIII century in Russia there were hospitals and hospitals.

The decree of the emperor “On the management of all grain reserves of military people to Okolnichy Yazykov, with the name of this general-Proviant” was signed 18 February 1700 of the year. At the same time, the first independent body in charge of supplying the army, the Proviantsky order, appeared in our country. This order was in charge of the supply of cereals, bread and grain fodder. A food order provided a centralized food supply, which, as is well known, is still one of the main types of material support for army units, soldiers will not fight on an empty stomach.

In the future, the rear service has been continuously developed. As an independent species or branch of the armed forces, it stood out 1 August 1941 of the year. It was on this day that the Supreme Commander Joseph Stalin signed the order of the USSR Non-Profit Organization under the number 0257 “On the organization of the Main Logistics Department of the Red Army”. The Logistics Directorate united in itself the headquarters of the Logistics Chief, the inspection of the Chief of Logistics of the Red Army, the road administration and the VOSO administration. A new post also appeared in the army - the head of the rear of the Red Army, to whom, in addition to the General Directorate of the Rear of the Red Army, the Fuel Supply Directorate, the Central Directorate Directorate, and the Sanitary and Veterinary Directorate were also subordinate.

The unification of the whole set of medical, supply and transport structures under one roof made it possible to bring the very difficult logistics process to the current army to a new level. The posts of the rear commanders were also introduced on all fronts and in all armies. The first head of the rear of the Red Army was appointed Lieutenant-General of the quartermaster service A. V. Khrulev, Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR. The chief of his staff was appointed Major General P. V. Utkin.

Currently, the rear of the Russian Armed Forces plays the role of an integral part of the defense potential of our country, and also serves as a link between the Russian economy and military units that consume the products they produce. This is a fairly well-coordinated and well-functioning mechanism. It includes the rear headquarters, 9 central and main directorates, 3 individual services, as well as command and control bodies, troops and organizations of central subordination, rear structures of various types and branches of the armed forces, military districts and fleets, associations, separate formations and military units.

Today, the rear structures of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation provide with everything necessary not only soldiers and officers of the Russian army, but also the entire range of military equipment, organize the life support of military garrisons and carry out other activities in accordance with their tasks. More than 300 years have passed since the establishment in Russia of structures responsible for centralized logistical support for troops. During this time, the rear services of the army and fleet continuously developed and improved in parallel with how improved methods and means of warfare. Today, the rear services is a reliable structure that ensures the combat readiness of the Russian armed forces.

August 1 marks Day of the RF Armed Forces

The Great Patriotic War was one of the most glorious pages in the history of the rear of the Armed Forces. During the war years, the rear service made a worthy and tangible contribution to the common victory. The soldiers of the Red Army in the short term in a difficult time for the whole country were able to deploy a clear system of comprehensive supply of the army and navy, to compensate for the losses of the first months of the war, which contributed to the conduct of dozens of strategic and more than a thousand army operations during the war. For the exemplary performance of command assignments, initiative, personal courage, many workers in the rear were awarded high government awards. More than a hundred of them were awarded the highest title - Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor.

Without strong rears it is impossible to imagine a single victory. History knows many examples of this. Sometimes even won battles and a whole scattering of brilliant tactical operations could not lead to a long-awaited victory due to poor organization of rear support. When the troops suffered from interruptions in the supply of ammunition, food, fuel, lack of replenishment.

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  1. +27
    1 August 2014 05: 21
    The soldier should be shod, dressed, well fed and have a full cartridge pouch. This is the holy duty of the rear services. Congratulations to the rear and do not forget the soldier!
    1. +6
      1 August 2014 05: 41
      As far as I remember, it was Suvorov who increased the speed of movement of troops, having reduced the meal time by introducing a centralized kitchen, thereby contributing to the victory in the battles !!
      1. SVT
        1 August 2014 06: 36
        Without the rear - the service is crooked!
    2. +14
      1 August 2014 06: 39
      Quote: Weniamin
      The soldier should be shod, dressed, well fed and have a full cartridge pouch.
      At the same time, rear personnel should not fasten their harness to the last holes, wear a Vacheron Constantin watch, call Vertu and drive new Kruzaks. laughing And together with all, pass the standards for physical training, soldier and do not take off referring to the audit of warehouses. Happy holiday of honest officers and rear support soldiers !!! drinks
      1. nvv
        1 August 2014 07: 02
        Almost no mention is made of the rear after the victory. Some kind of green men. But war is war, and lunch is scheduled. soldier HOLIDAY !!!!
        1. +11
          1 August 2014 07: 49
          Given the specifics of the last time, we are all the rear for the Donbass.

          So with the holiday of us all!
          1. 0
            1 August 2014 08: 55
            August 1 marks Day of the RF Armed Forces

            A second Day of the Airborne Forces soldier
            1. +1
              1 August 2014 15: 30
              Lucky in the beginning of the DShB, today and tomorrow laughing
          2. +2
            1 August 2014 10: 28
            I am joining. After reading the article, I wanted to write like that.
    3. +1
      1 August 2014 16: 02
      "We've been in hundreds of battles!
      The main thing in wars is SUPPLY "
      from the movie "Three in the boat, not counting the dog"
  2. +9
    1 August 2014 05: 25
    Happy holiday rear! drinks
    1. +8
      1 August 2014 06: 32
      Hmm ... What can you say ... A hungry soldier ... It won’t take a long time !!! Happy holiday rear!
  3. Mishanya 84
    1 August 2014 05: 45
    Happy Holidays !!! drinks
  4. VICTOR-61
    1 August 2014 06: 02
    Happy holiday, dear rear
    1. 0
      1 August 2014 21: 03
    2. +1
      1 August 2014 22: 38
      Once again, with a holiday ... but that they would always remember who died in the war RUSSIAN SOLDIERS !!!
  5. +5
    1 August 2014 06: 04
    It is impossible to achieve Victory without a reliable rear! EVERYTHING FOR THE FRONT EVERYTHING FOR THE VICTORY! The only way we broke the ridge of fascism .. On the occasion of the rear rear!
  6. +2
    1 August 2014 06: 05
    Happy Holidays!
    1. 0
      2 August 2014 20: 49
      Thank you from the 23rd separate repair and restoration battalion .. In the common people, Rembatta ..
  7. shitovmg
    1 August 2014 06: 11
    The rear guards are different. I served in the 68th separate communications company of the rear of the Odessa military district! Happy holiday rear!
  8. +1
    1 August 2014 06: 32
    Without a reliable, strong rear, any army is not capable of military operations, a strong rear is the guarantee of victory. On holiday, you are friends, without you there is no army.
  9. +1
    1 August 2014 06: 41
    Happy Holidays! Without the rear, there is no front line.
  10. padonok.71
    1 August 2014 06: 44
    From the bottom of my heart - Happy holiday to you! For, it has long been known, it’s fighting - one, provide - seven. Good luck !, in your hard and at first glance, inconspicuous business.
  11. +1
    1 August 2014 07: 01
    WITH HOLIDAY OUR OUR DARK PART OF THE ARMY !!! More precisely, the rear-all the same, with a holiday.
  12. +4
    1 August 2014 07: 20
    No wonder a good wife is called "strong rear". HAPPY home front workers! A strong rear, a modern army!
  13. +2
    1 August 2014 07: 28
    Strong rear, the basis of historical victories. Happy Holiday is the other side of the front.
  14. +1
    1 August 2014 07: 34
    Happy holiday colleagues rear drinks
    Rear, strong rear, you are the support of a great power !!!
  15. +2
    1 August 2014 07: 44
    Happy Holidays! Despite all the irony and humor addressed to you, not a single military operation is carried out without your work, even the ancestors said: "Woe to you if you do not know how to eat"
  16. +4
    1 August 2014 07: 50
    Quote: Gray 43
    even the ancestors said: "Woe to you if you do not know how to eat"

    "As you burst, you will sink."
  17. +2
    1 August 2014 07: 55
    Happy Holiday !!!
  18. wanderer_032
    1 August 2014 08: 07
    Everyone with a holiday who is involved. soldier drinks

  19. Iero
    1 August 2014 08: 11
    Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov was a quartermaster by education. In the first years of his service, he was in the rear of the active army with the rank of chief provisions master, then major and prime-major, where he introduced a number of innovations and brought the order of supply, support and standing of the army to the ideal. Only 4 years later he was transferred to the active army, but to the "rear" position he was appointed commandant of Memel, from 1759 - an officer of the main apartment of the Russian active army. But Alexander Vasilyevich's brilliant career as a logistician did not suit him, and he managed to "break through" with a demotion to a combat unit.
    1. 0
      3 August 2014 08: 19
      Quote: iero
      Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov by education was the quartermaster
      I heard it all, but such a Pearl ... for the first time. WHAT EDUCATION? Which academy or school did he graduate from?
      In 1742, according to the custom of the time, he was recorded as a private soldier in the Life Guards Semyonovsky Regiment. He began active service at the age of seventeen as a corporal.
      He began the service and held in the OLD GUARD, in the combat unit. But since his health was not BOGATYRSKY’s mind, therefore, the tasks were assigned to him DISCONTINUED ... Protection and service at the infirmary ... But HOW it came in handy later on, in no army in the world there were as small sanitary losses as in troops of Suvorov.
  20. +5
    1 August 2014 09: 03
    The fucking wretched reformer Serdyukov, during the interruptions of the orgy with his female battalions, apparently in euphoria from his male health, dealt a furious blow to the Rear of the RF Armed Forces, practically disbanding it and for some reason draining it with the armed men!
    A sustainable and comprehensive life support of the troops is the most important guarantee of victory!

    Happy holidays, you, the rear!
  21. +3
    1 August 2014 09: 11
    Happy holiday to all the rear teammates and classmates from VVVUT! drinks
  22. avt
    1 August 2014 09: 31
    Without a rear, there is no front. You can't take everything in “sidor. Happy Holidays !!!
  23. +6
    1 August 2014 09: 40
    my father was five years old at the regiment. He left for service when I was still sleeping, came when I was already sleeping. There were simply no days out. The soldiers were afraid of him and respected. They always found work for loafers, and they were always fed and washed. the rear!
  24. wanderer
    1 August 2014 09: 42
    WITH HOLIDAY OF THE MILITARY !!! .... GRADUATES OF JAVAFU ALSO RELEVANT TO THE REAR ... Objections are not accepted. drinks
  25. Silvio
    1 August 2014 09: 56
    Quote: eugene
    I always found a job for loafers

    It costs a lot! good
  26. +3
    1 August 2014 09: 57
    Happy Holiday Service of the rear !!!
  27. +8
    1 August 2014 10: 30
    Honor 30 years served in the rear of the Air Force. He went the way from the deputy. company commander to unit commander. Who served knows why a separate battalion of aerodrome-technical support of the aviation regiment (OBATO) in aviation EBATO is called. And if the weather scout flies out at 6.00, then my airdrome in forty-degree frost (the Jida garrison, the old regiment) got up at 2.00 and DAY on the icy wind plowed. And so in a day. And on Sunday, fill the seams on the runway. So the rear is different, and it is not at all necessary to associate it with a diligent cook or a thieving zavsklad, although not without it.
    Congratulations on the holiday to everyone who worked without fanfare and extra talking for the good of our army and navy, whether he is a military man or a civilian, officer, warrant officer or soldier. Happy Rear Day brothers !!!! drinks
  28. +2
    1 August 2014 10: 33
    Happy Holidays!
    Oh, how they hated / envied us, called us by the rear rats BUT the door to the office was opened with our feet, because our hands were busy.

    On August 1, our KECh and the garrison deputy on the rear went into a large-scale binge on the banks of the Amur, oh, as if yesterday it was ...

    Huge greetings from the 9th faculty!
  29. +4
    1 August 2014 10: 35
    Happy holiday, rear!
  30. nachprod
    1 August 2014 12: 03
    You can congratulate me! Professional holiday today!

    Heavy rear work! Shoe and dress everyone, feed!
  31. +3
    1 August 2014 12: 32
    Yes, familiar logisticians just say "Serving is certainly difficult, but satisfying" Happy holiday!
  32. +3
    1 August 2014 14: 05
    In the ranks are brave tankers: beginning prod, beginning thing, chief of fuel and lubricants)))
  33. +1
    1 August 2014 15: 32
    17 calendar, of which 11 in the rear 16 of the Road Commandant Brigade KDVO.
  34. +1
    1 August 2014 16: 30
    There is no army without the rear! Happy holiday! drinks
  35. +1
    1 August 2014 16: 35
    I wish you on your holiday, to be a strong rear of your troops, namely, that those whom you provide are always dressed, fed and armed on time, and I wish you, under no circumstances, were not "rear rats"! Happy Holidays!
  36. +1
    1 August 2014 17: 49
    Happy holiday rear! you have a difficult and inconspicuous service, but without it the army is not operational!
  37. +1
    1 August 2014 18: 45
    Happy Holidays guys.
    The rear is the main thing. And that’s how it goes, without a good rear, the pants fall off.
    And how to fight without pants ???? Not like that. Our beauty and support. In you is the whole strength of our army.
    Good luck.
  38. blackberry
    1 August 2014 19: 02
    Logistics service - Happy Holiday!
  39. +1
    1 August 2014 20: 07
    Airborne .. Forward ....
    Question? who in the subject .. I myself am from Estonia, I want to transfer money to Donbass, but there is a problem - international accounts have codes ... I can not send without codes.
    I can through other systems.
    Who helped? can you help? which is better.
    write in PM
  40. 0
    1 August 2014 20: 35
    here ... real guys
    and everything else ... people said, take off the flag and go .... Margelov brought up people, not freaks.
  41. 0
    3 August 2014 00: 54
    Meanwhile ...

    Since August 1, the Rosselkhoznadzor has introduced restrictions on the import into the territory of the Russian Federation of vegetables and fruits from Poland.
    The Minister of Agriculture of Poland believes that the problem with the supply of agricultural products to the Russian Federation can be solved at the EU level. "Minister Savitsky appealed to the European Commission with a request for financial compensation for the loss of the Russian market," the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture said. At the same time, it is noted that we are talking about "Polish fruits and vegetables, including apples."
    "The total expected losses for the Polish fruit and vegetable sector associated with the introduction of the Russian embrago could amount to 500 million euros," the Polish ministry said in a statement.

    RIA Novosti

    Paraphrasing famous words:
    Whoever comes to us with sanctions ... is the one from sanctions and ...!
  42. kerim-beck72
    3 August 2014 18: 14
    Quote: STALGRAD76
    Lucky in the beginning of the DShB, today and tomorrow laughing

    and everyone will be provided by the GSM operator

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