Implant Explosives as the Future of Terrorism

Implant Explosives as the Future of Terrorism

Appeared in the US media that the US Department of National Security sent out a newsletter on new methods of aerial terrorists to American airlines, is commented rather calmly. According to reports, American intelligence obtained information that al Qaeda plans to use explosives implanted in the body of a suicide bomber ...

The “father” of the new technique is said to be 28-year-old Ibrahim Ashiri, a citizen of Saudi Arabia, who has long been known to the American special services. It was he who came to the conclusion that it was possible to implant explosives in the stomach, buttocks, and female breasts in a surgical way. He also selected the appropriate type of explosive PENT (pentaerythritoltetranitrate), which can be indefinitely long inside the body. The explosive is activated by injecting a liquid detonator with a syringe.

Apparently, the structures fueling terrorism are trying to make a technical breakthrough in order to make the world helpless in front of their plans. And the world reacts awkwardly, untimely and catastrophically behind.

Once it all began with hijacking aircraft for political purposes. The destruction of the aircraft themselves, along with the passengers, was then not an end in itself, but a means of blackmail in order to force the crew to take the right route or to force the government to fulfill certain conditions. Soviet terrorists were the first, although at that time they were called "political fighters" in the West.

15 of October 1970, the father and son of the Brazinkas hijacked the An-24 to Turkey with the 46 passengers on board, traveling from Batumi to Sukhumi. The hijacking was associated with the murder of a stewardess and injuries to the crew. There was no agreement on the extradition of criminals between the USSR and Turkey, and the terrorists remained in Turkey, having received the entire 8 years in prison. Through 4 of the year, they released freedom under an amnesty.

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1972 year. 8 May - capture of the flight Sabena 572. Four Palestinian Black September terrorists are hijacking a Boeing 707 plane following a flight Vienna-Tel Aviv, the Belgian airline Sabena. The plane landed at Lod airport. On May 9, a special unit of Sayeret Matkal under the command of Ehud Barak conducted an operation to free the hostages. During the operation, two terrorists were killed, two others were captured; one hostage also died, two more hostages and special forces soldier Benjamin Netanyahu were injured.

Then, the epidemic began to spread rapidly, and to combat it, measures of an international scale were required, including an international convention on the free extradition of terrorists to the country of origin. However, narrow political interests prevented this. After all, even the Brazinskas murderers were declared in the West by political opponents of the Soviet regime and, eventually, settled in the USA.

Many states have chosen the dubious way of suppressing terrorist acts by counter-terrorism, which led not only to the glorification of terrorists in their midst, but also to the death of innocent hostages. From the point of view of anti-terror specialists, the most effective way at that time was to give up to terrorists (if possible) up to their capture, and then - severe judicial punishment with the maximum involvement of the media. However, this method was rejected, and special purpose units became the heroes of the media. Special Forces officers confused the terrorists a little with the motivation of suicide bombers. Accordingly, the seizure epidemic continued to spread.

Finally, in 1997, the UN adopts the “International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings”, which in practice has done little, as it left articles on the priority right to punish terrorists by the authorities of the countries that detained them, and not by the authorities of their countries of origin. The lack of a consolidated position of the world community in the fight against terrorism has opened up the possibility of further development. Even against the background of the increased cooperation of the special services in this area, the problem has not been solved yet. Suffice it to mention the futile attempts of Russia to obtain A. Zakayev's extradition from England, although a lengthy dossier on his crimes was long ago transferred to the British authorities.

As a result, the international community allowed terrorism in the 90s to grow into an even more terrible form - into mass terror by destroying air liners. One of the first acts of terrorism was the explosion of an American passenger plane over the Scottish village of Lockerbie in 1988. As it turned out later, it was arranged by the Libyan special services in response to the bombing of Tripoli in 1986, during which the daughter of Muammar Gaddafi died. So far this is the only known case of air terrorism organized by the official structures of the state - unless, of course, we discard the most serious suspicions that the 11 September 2001 terrorist act of the year was also organized on the initiative and with the active participation of secret structures that permeated the US special services (there are many evidence).

The real flowering of air terrorism falls on the period after 9 / 11, for many enemies of the West saw the “benefits” of such actions. After 9 / 11, al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations sharply increased their fame rating and firmly taken their place in the main world news. Air routes became one of the main objects of terror, which entered into competition with the Western security system, in an attempt to beat it.

A typical example of the same Ibrahim Ashiri, who is hiding in Yemen. This man, apparently, assumed the role of not just an ideologue, but also the head of an air terrorism program. It is with his submission conducted all the new experiments in this area. He, for example, is credited with the invention of "boot terrorism", which created problems for the security systems of the whole world.

In December, British citizen Richard Reid, aboard American Airlines Paris-Miami, tried to set fire to the fuse sticking out of his boot. The cord ignited badly, the stench arose, they paid attention to Reid, and he was caught by vigilant passengers. As it turned out later, explosives were hidden in the heels of his shoes, but experts had doubts that in such quantities she was capable of causing a catastrophe. Raid received a life sentence, and all over the world, passengers are now forced to take off their shoes before going through the control framework.

Another “invention” of Ibrahim Ashiri is considered to be “underwear terrorism” (underwear terrorism), which got its name after the failed explosion of the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 25 December 2009 flight of the year by Umar Faruk Abdulmutalab. This Nigerian placed a bag of PETN explosives under his causal place in underwear. It must be said that Ashiri’s calculation was justified. Control at the airport did not reveal the explosives, and the misfire occurred later. When the suicide bomber tried to power the device with a chemical detonator, his underwear caught fire, and he was immediately disarmed by the passengers and crew. True, the investigation again showed that even if the explosion had occurred, he would not have had enough strength to destroy the aircraft’s fuselage. In the worst case, the suicide bomber and his closest neighbor would die.

Ibragim Ashiri approached the idea of ​​using implants gradually and without loss. In August, 2009, his brother Abdul Hassan attempted to kill the Saudi Deputy Minister of the Interior with a rectal bomb. He himself died, and the minister survived.

Ashiri faced the problem of the amount of explosives. Those volumes that he learned to send in planes to the death of innocent people, bypassing the control system, were clearly insufficient. And here is a new find - implants in the body of suicide bombers.

Americans are not alarmed by the incoming information. The cost-saving flight safety system is again lagging behind. So far there are only two conceivable methods for identifying implants - inspecting an absolutely naked passenger to identify surgically sutures (and who doesn't have such sutures?) And careful palpation of the abdomen, buttocks and female breasts without a guarantee that the charge will be detected, and, for example, not the consequences of poor peristalsis.

The bulletin of the US Department of National Security has so far caused only confusion. And in fact: how to deal with the new trouble? In the spirit of American tradition, the following will likely occur. Until the thunder breaks out, nothing will be done. And when the first such terrorist act is committed, the safety car will start working at full speed, and not only in the US, but throughout the world, passengers, including you and I, will have to control what the mother has given birth to. And at the same time it is sad to guess whether endoscopy is also waiting for us after the new invention of terrorists.
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